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Date: Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010 11:50

The national finnish broadcaster YLE  will be Bambusers  first commercial partner in 2010. Tuija Aalto, Head of New Media Development at YLE made this clip to explain why the finnish broadcaster are teaming up with Bambuser.

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Date: Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 07:08

Usually I think all those unboxing videos on the tube is pretty stupid. I can’t see what’s so interesting about unpacking a cell phone or any other technical equipment. But this video about the Google Nexus One is pretty cool. It’s a smart and entertaining way of marketing the phone.

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Date: Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009 10:54

A couple of days ago, Apple allowed Ustream to launch an app that streams live from your iPhone. The Ustream app also gives you the choice to link your account to Facebook and YouTube.  I’m still testing the app but I think both Bambuser and Qik provides better video and audio. You still have to jailbreak your phone to download the apps for Bambuser and Qik on Cydia. You can also find an app from Flixwagon on Cydia, but I haven’t had a chance to test it since my phone goes black every time I try.

If you want higher quality from Ustream, they also have an app for recording in higher quality. It is not live stream, but will connect to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Date: Thursday, 03 Dec 2009 01:01

Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

Thanks a lot to Dr. David Nordfors from Stanford University for showing me this during a meet up about innovation journalism. Have to digest what he told me, but I will post something about it later. But you can check out his blog on Innovation Journalism.

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Date: Wednesday, 02 Dec 2009 03:09
Bhaskar Roy - co-founder of Qik. (Foto: Frank Barth-Nilsen)

Bhaskar Roy – co-founder of Qik. (Foto: Frank Barth-Nilsen)

Qik is one of my all time favorite mobile applications. Today I met co-founder Bhaskar Roy in their headquarters in Redwood City outside San Francisco.
Qik offers live streaming from different cell phones. About 80 percent of their user base is regular people, streaming live from weddings and other sort of events affecting their lives. The other 20 percent are various sorts of broadcasters or journalists, making up for about 80 percent of the traffic. According to Bhaskar Roy, more and more broadcasters are getting their eyes up for this way of communicating with raw authentic content. But many of them also find ways to use Qik streams on ordinary TV. Using solutions like SDI cards for moving the web streaming to main stream TV. Some of the larger companies using Qik is CBS and BBC.
Qik welcomes major broadcasters and will try to help them integrating it into the content flow.


But you will also see that other organizations find this type of direct streaming on the mobile platform useful. Congressman John Culberson use Qik to stream from various meetings and events to promote transparency in Congress.

The biggest suprise for Bhaskar Roy was when the Vatican started using Qik. It wasn’t the pope, but people working in the Vatican. The World Economic Forum has also started using Qik for press conferences, to let people outside of the forum asking questions.

HD is growing

Mobile phones is getting better and better. Screens have higher resolution, CPUs are faster and more and more phones have high definition cameras. Qik will support this. Some of the best phones for making high quality streams today is Nokia N-series, Samsung Omnia HD and the new Motorola Droid. But Bhaskar thinks new phones from Sony Ericcson will provide some of the best quality. Just monitor my blog and I will try to give you some insight when they arrive. I may also add that Loic Le Meur from Seesmic mentioned that he has high hopes from new phones from both SE and Nokia. Maybe the two major manufactures haven’t gone in hibernation when it comes to development after all?

Going freemium?

Qik is a young company, but has some long term investors. They still really haven’t come up with a way to make money, but some sort of freemium model seems to be imminent. I’m hoping this will ad some new functions to the service, and not only limit existing users if they don’t pay.

Not live on the iPhone

As you may have read – the iPhone app released in the Apple App Store will not let you stream live from Qik. For some reason, the guys at Apple don’t think that’s a good idea and will not allow it. Feel free to let Apple know what you think about this in the comment field. If anyone from Apple would care to elaborate on this, it would be nice.

Like Bambuser, Qik has also got a client on Cydia which is capable of streaming live. But then you have to jailbreak your phone. If you are not at technical user, don’t try to do it. If you are, search for “blackrain”.

The next thing for Qik is opening up for streaming from gaming platforms. Several of the gaming consoles have support for web cams and Qik expand their service to these platforms.

A big thanks to Bhaskar Roy and Qik for welcoming and meeting up with our group of Norwegian journalist on a study trip to San Francisco.

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Date: Wednesday, 02 Dec 2009 02:09

Loic Le Meur

I met up with Loic Le Meur today, founder of both Seesmic and LeWeb. He talked about the new Seesmic Desktop for Windows and the gathering in Paris next week. Loic is passionate about the social web. As journalists we could probably learn a lot about what people expect from us today and in the future.

Loic Le Meur doesn’t read news on paper. He uses Kindel to read traditional news. For the most part thou, he gets his news from links on Twitter and Facebook.

- I read what my friends read. That’s the most interesting for me. We can exchange interesting links and stories. I don’t think an editor is fit to understand what I want to read. But I do follow some smart journalists. I think it’s much more important that journalists can tell me what they are doing on Twitter or Facebook. I rather be following a smart journalist, than a big news outlet. Journalists have to adapt their work to the new ways communicating, says Le Meur.

He could also tell us that within two weeks, Seesmic will release an Twitter app for iPhone, with the possibility to read list.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to meet us Loic :-)

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Date: Friday, 27 Nov 2009 17:48

I’m organizing a trip with Norwegian journalist, editors and developers to San Francisco. Next week we are visiting excellent companies like Wikimedia, YouTube, Qik and Seesmic. The head of Bambuser will even join us on Skype from Sweden. A lot of interesting people will visit us to talk about trends and development in social media and journalism. I will update my blog all week. If you are a Norwegian reader, check out the new blog where all the participants will produce content – stup.mojoevolution.com . The entire group uses the hashtag #stupsf during the next week on Twitter. Feel free to give us some input.

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Date: Friday, 20 Nov 2009 23:45

Got a new iPhone and wonder about what apps you need as a mobile journalist? Here is my top ten list.

Tweetie 2

The best app for Twitter I’ve found so far. Handles multiple accounts and is very intuitive to use. Features an offline mode with the possibility to save to Instapaper. Also offers possibility to post photos and videos. Will shorten URLs. It doesn’t support the list function in Twitter. Has a geo-function which shows you other Twitter users nearby.

A free alternative is Twitterific.



Facebook app
This free app let’s you connect to Facebook and basically almost do everything you can do in a normal web browser.

Some support for video and plugins is missing. But that is mainly an iPhone problem, not a problem in the app.

Since I installed this app I’ve almost stopped login into Facebook on my computer.


This is a handy free utility for storing files in the cloud. For some months I’ve been using this to insure that I have access to important files anywhere. On my computer I can mount my Dropbox account as a virtual disk. On my iPhone I can only read the files or display photos or videos.

Google mobile app
Google mobile apps
A collection of the most used services from Google. This app gives me a quick access to things like search, Google Reader and Google Documents. It basically loads the different services from Google into your Safari browser, but I find this much more handy than storing the different URLs in favorites in the browser.

I tend read more and more news and blog via the Google Reader. If haven’t already tried it, please do – it will change your way of using the net forever.



One of the things I missed on iPhone was the ability to show my calendar and unread mails in the standby screen. I searched long and hard to find an app that could do this. And due to one of many limitations on what Apple allows program developers to make, you won’t find any apps with these possibilities in the app store. If you take the chance and jailbreak you iPhone you will find this app repository in the Rock Your Phone App Store.

Qik app
As a journalist this is a must have application. (Edit after comment) Qik is probably the best provider of live streams for Symbian phones at the moment. But not on the iPhone. As you can see in the comment from the founder og Bambuser, Apple dont’ allow live streaming!!!!

The quality of live streams from an iPhone is not as good as streams from phones like Nokia N-series. The camera is simply not good enough. I simply prefer to use my N82.


One of the biggest competitors for Qik is Bambuser from Sweden. They have choosen to releas their client in the Cydia App Store, since  Apple don’t allow live streaming. You will have to jailbreak your phone and download the client from Cydia repository. If you are not a technical person, don’t jailbreak. Be aware that Apple consider jailbreaking to be a violation of copyright. If anything happens with a jailbroken iPhone, Apple will not stand by their guarantee.

(Edit: As you can read in the comment from Måns Adler at Bambuser, they have launched Bambuser on Cydia because Apple don’t allow live streaming. Smart choice, but it makes it hard for low-tech users.)

Poddio appPoddio is the first serious attempt to make an app for recording and editing sound files. For simple recording and editing it works remarkably well. You can use soundblocks from different recordings to make one project.

This is one of the most expensive apps in the App Store, and I think it’s highly overprized. With a much lower prize, this could have been a must-have app for all journalists. With Vericorders current prize strategy I fear that this promising app will die because of low sale. Or at least, won’t be developed with the speed it deserves. So this is plea for Vericorder to rethink their pricing strategy. I think you will earn on it in the long run.

The biggest problem with Poddio is that you can’t really send your finished audio files back home from the field. You have to transfer it to your Mac or PC. And why fiddle with editing on a small screen if you can do it with brilliant software like Audacity on your PC? Well, I found a solution in the next app on my list. Vericorder also sells a microphone for iPhone. They won’t sell me one in Norway, so I really can’t say much about the quality. But I will soon be testing Mikey’s Blue Mic, and will post a review on this blog.

File2mail appThe iPhone is really in the dark ages when it comes to attachments. From the mail app you can’t attach anything. You have to start the correct app to send pictures and videos. But what if you want to send different media formats in the same mail? Or if you want to send your finished sound file from Poddio? Apple won’t let you do that.

This again is a solution which is only doable with a jailbroken phone. File2Mail lets you navigate the file structure of your phone and send whatever files your heart desires. Since the file structure is very complex, you will find it somewhat frustrating the first time you try to do this.

With some patience I found my sound projects from Poddio and was able to send them with my Gmail account. You can send multiple files and different file types in the same mail. I hope Apple soon comes to their senses and makes this possible from the mail app.

ReelDirctor app
My final app on the top ten list is ReelDirector. It features easy editing of video. Or more precise, it makes it possible to join several video clips into one large one. You can also trim the beginning and end of each clip.

The workflow isn’t optimal, but it’s better than nothing. If you plan your takes, it should be possible to make a reportage out in the field. ReelDirector also offers the the possibility to add opening credits and different sorts of transitions. Unlike Poddio, ReelDirector offers the service of mailing your final clip as an email attachment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t store the final clip along with the other iPhone clips.

You will find all the different apps in the Apple App Store, Cydia or Rock. If you are unfamiliar with jailbreaking, you can read more about it at Wikipedia.

Whats your favorite iPhone app? Feel free to help others by submitting a comment with suggestions :-)

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009 16:01


(Photo: Ed Shipul – Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 )

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you could be in big trouble. A vulnerability in whats called the SSH gives hackers free access to your phone. Open SSH is supposed to encrypt your traffic on Internet, but the version installed in the jailbroken version has the same password for root users. A Dutch hacker recently hijacked several iPhones, forcing the owners to pay him to open up their phones again. If this SSH-talk is all jibberish to you, just follow this link to Redmond Pie to secure your phone. It’s pretty easy, even for low tech users.

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Date: Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009 11:19

Freelance journalist Guy Degen has written a great blog post  about field reporting with mobile devices. It includes tips and tricks about apps and hacks. You can find it on his blog Notes From The Field. The post is  called “Better get your mojo working“.

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Date: Thursday, 08 Oct 2009 07:31

I found this 40 minutes clip from the Online News Association 2009 with Leo Laporte.  I think his speech is well worth listening too. His thoughts are that live view on the internet is the way of the future. I think he got some good points. Working with today’s mobile phones, you also could have all the tools you need in your pocket.

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Date: Thursday, 17 Sep 2009 22:18

Over at The Online Journalism Review, Kathlyn Clore has written a piece about the need for a real-time municipal traffic and transport reports mobile app. She interviewed me about my opinions, but it’s really not my area of expertise. Maybe you can add some extra value to her post? Head over to OJR and check out the article.

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Date: Wednesday, 05 Aug 2009 13:18

This review of the Samsung Omnia HD (i8910) is not about your experience as a user. It’s a review for creators of content. The i8910 as it’s also called, offers recording and playback of HD movies, an 8 megapixels camera, a blistering screen and a CPU on 600 MHz. When it comes to specifications, the Omnia HD beats all other phones suitable for mobile journalists. But how does it perform?

Let’s start by looking at the phone and menus. I’ve made this clip to show you the different functions and menus. The main focus is on the menus for the still image and video camera. (To watch it in HD – you got to visit YouTube).


As you can see – Omnia HD offers a touch screen with very high quality. The resolution is 360×640. And since the screen uses AMOLED, the picture quality is much brighter and with stronger colors than you’re used to. AMOLED also uses less power, compared to usual LED screens. When it comes to the screen – I don’t know about any phone offering a better quality.

Still image camera

As you could see in the video, the menu for the still image camera offers a lot of choices when it comes to scenes and manual overrides. 8 MP is a very high resolution when you think of how small the image sensor really is. In good lighting conditions, the Omnia HD delivers sharp pictures with good colors. But if you zoom into the pictures, you will see that the pixels look “unsharp” or “dirty”. With a very small image sensor – this is only to be expected. The quality is good enough for small prints and use on the web. Quality wise it dosen’t beat my current phone – the Nokia N82.
The problem with the camera on the Omnia HD starts when you try to shoot images in low light conditions. While the Nokia N82 is equipped with a xenon flash, the Omnia HD only offers one single LED. And as we have seen on all other phones with one LED as a flash – it’s simply not good enough. For producing stilling images for web I would almost be tempted to say that the quality on images taken with the flash is useless.
Making a good smartphone is all about making some compromises. And they’ve got to be the right one for your target group. When it comes to the flash issue, it’s obvious that Samsung has prioritized the video quality in low light conditions, and not the still images.

I have taken some test shoots. Just click on the Image to wath full resolution on my Flickr page.

Picture taken with the panorama function


Picture taken with the macro function


Picture taken in full auto



Video camera

Samsung Omnia HD is the first phone offering video recording in 720p (1280×720) with 24 frames a second. This isn’t full HD, but with a good quality – it should be more than enough for producing high quality videos for web. And maybe TV?

As with most advanced phones today, Samsung has started selling the Omnia HD a little bit too early. The audio codec used in my firmware is AMR, and the sound quality is really crappy. In a new firmware they have changed to the much better codec AAC. They have launched the new firmware in Italy, but not in Scandinavia. Therefore I can’t really tell you by my own experience how the sound quality is with the new firmware, but on different forums I can see that others are happy with the change and say that the sound is now much better. On my firmware it only record in 8 Khz when I record in 720p and that is really not enough.

Another thing that’s missing on my firmware is the option to turn on “anti-shake”. It simply won’t start in any recording mode.
As for the still images function, the challenge with the small image sensor is the same when it comes to video. Video is recorded in MP4. It is very compressed and this poses a lot of challenges when you want to record high quality. The phone also drops a lot of frames. So it’s really not 24 frames. More like 21 or 20. The dropping of frames also gives you lip sync problems.

My first test clip is a demonstration of changing conditions. I’m recording myself moving from inside my house, out in the garden and around my house. You will see different lighting conditions and since there is a lot of motion, the codec will have to work hard to keep everything in sync. Since I’m only borrowing this phone for å short periode I’m not used to recording myself with it.  Hope you will excuse that. The video is simply uploaded “as-is” from the phone to YouTube in the phones web browser. If you got a WIFI network nearby, this works like a charm. Uploading this video on 78 MB was done in three minutes through my home network.


A common problem shooting video on mobile phones are “wobbling”. The codec struggles to produce an even result on the background and the result is a sort of “waves”. In high resolutions this phenomena is even more visible. Shooting in sequence with less pan and motion will give a better result. The Samsung Omnia HD is not better or worse than its competitors.

So, what about Samsungs choice to use a single LED flash and not a xenon flash? Since you can actually use the LED as a video light, it can come in handy interviewing people in dark places or out in the dark. If you work as a journalist, bringing exclusive interviews and pictures back home is important. I’ve worked as a news editor for some years. And even though things could be better, I would definitely have shown videos shoot with the Omnia HD both on TV and web. It all depends on what sort of story we are talking about or how it’s told. My next example is talking in a completely dark room. No windows, no light. I think the lightning is better than I expected. What’s not good is that the phone is dropping frames like crazy. This result in major lip-sync problems. Since the problem actually is a large number of frames missing, it is difficult to resolve this problem with a quick fix in editing applications.


My interest is MOJOs and citizen journalist. Often recording in a “point-of-view” style. This is probably the most challenging recording environment for this phone. I’m not recording in a way that will show you how beautiful the pictures can be. Matthew Bennet from US Mobile Industry has also made a test of it. He has focused more on buildings, items and colors. It’s a smashing example on how good the picture quality can be. Since he’s not interview anyone, you will not see the lip-sync problem.


Samsung i8910 video sample from US Mobile Industry on Vimeo.

Samsung Omnia HD is supported by Qik and Bambuser, but not in HD. In the application from Qik there is an option for 720p, but it’s not possible to enable that resolution. Probably still in beta-mode. I guess the Omnia HD will be the first phone which can stream live in HD resolution on the net.

Other features

The Samsung Omnia HD features Flash Light 3.0 – making it possible to surf most web pages as if it was a normal computer. For instance – playing videos on YouTube works well, I can also upload and edit video on the tube.

The QWERTY keyboard on this touch screen works great if your fingers are of a normal size and your nails are short. My wife tried it, but had to give up because of her long nails. It takes some time getting used to, but with some practice you will write pretty quick using both hands (or actually both thumbs). I found myself writing longer answers on e-mails than I would on my Nokia N82.

My favorite feature besides the video recording is the smart reader application. Start it up, take a picture of a business card – and the phone automatically scans the information and converts it into a new contact, with all the information in the right places.

One thing I haven’t been able to test, but that I think is an exciting feature is the possibility to connect the phone to an external disk via HTTPS. In theory your newsroom can have a common storing space on the net, and then you can store pictures and video directly in this space from the phone. You could also connect your phone via HTTPS to a NAS for easy upload of images and video in your home network.

One thing I won’t dig deep into, but that I think is worth mentioning is the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance Digital Living Network Alliance). This is a way of communicating with other digital devices in your home network. For instance, if you got a Sony PS3 (which support DLNA) you can in theory play your videos, images and music directly on that device from your phone. The phone will simply stream the data file, but will not process the data. It will leave it to the PS3 to process a HD video, image or music. I say in theory, because there are some problems with the DLNA on the Omnia HD. Because of the AMR sound codec, my DLNA server won’t play the videos. But I guess this will be fixed in the new firmware. Samsung are shipping out a lot of different types of units with DLNA or Medi@ 2.0 as they call it.

Even though this review is focused on producing content, I must say that playing video files and streaming video is really where it stands out. The screen is so amazing; you got to see it to believe it. During the time I’ve tested it, I’ve watched several movies and long webcast on it. And the size and quality of the screen makes that a pleasant experience.

The Samsung Omnia HD features a large battery. With a capacity of 1500 mAh it’s 450 mAh bigger than the one on my Nokia. Because of the large CPU on 600 MHz it will use more power on tasks like video recording and playing HD video. I still have to charge it almost daily. In standby it will last a week.

On my Nokia N82 I can connect an external microphone via the Nokia AV cabel. I haven’t been able to do this on the Omnia HD.

Since it’s actually a phone, it though I’ll put in a couple of lines about that to. The phone features is really the weakest point for the Omnia HD. The coverage is really bad. It loses signal long before my Nokia. I travel a lot up in the mountains with poor coverage. On my last trip, my Nokia had coverage for most of the time, while the Samsung struggled for most of the time. The audio quality of the phone is also poor. On about half of the calls I’ve made with the phone, people have been complaining about the sound the quality. It never happens on my Nokia. I’m uncertain if there is a fix for this on the new firmware. It could also be that the phone I’ve tested have some errors, but I can see that a lot of people complain about this.


At present, this is the most innovative and high performing smart phone on the market. Apple iPhone is easier to use, but performance wise, the Samsung Omnia HD is far ahead. Its strongest feature is an unbelievable clear and bright screen with a high resolution. It plays a lot of video formats and shows no lagging or other artifacts playing HD video. Recording in 720p is a giant leap for smart phones. Since this is the first generation of 720p phones, it has some weak points – but all in all it’s pretty impressing. Samsungs choice to use one LED lamp makes this a better phone for video than for still images. With the easy upload to communities I think they have made the right choice.

The touch screen is responsive and pleasant to use. With each finger print, you get a small vibration to confirm that you touched a button. The phone does collect dirty finger prints and Samsung should work to reduce this effect on new models.

The high performing CPU makes every menu fast and smooth, but will also drain the battery fast when surfing, recording or playing video. The large battery secures long standby time. If you dig into communities about this phone, you will find a lot of advice on how to tweak the setup for better battery performance. Samsung should have set this straight from the beginning.

For MOJOs – I think this is a very good phone. If you only want a phone for calling people – this is not a good choice. The phone part is to weak.

I you own a Omnia HD, please share your views in the comment field. I also wish to thank Samsung Electronic in Scandinavia for lending me the phone.

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Date: Friday, 24 Jul 2009 13:25

Check out this cool graph I found on Trendrr. It shows the number of times people mentions Nokia or Samsung on Twitter. To be fair, Samsung produces a lot of other things than phones, but when I search for Samsung on Twitter, I find that people mainly discusses the new phones from Samsung.  And these numbers should be a concern for Nokia. It shows that Samsung are gaining on the Finnish company. It confirms one of my one thesis that Samsung at present is a much more innovative company then Nokia when it comes to making mobile phone.


But even though Samsung are releasing a lot of new models these days, neither Nokia or Samsung can compare themselves to the “king of ring” – iPhone. People are tweeting like mad about the upgraded firmware and the new version. It seems like rocket science that Apple actually now can deliver MSS and have the “insane” video quality of 640*480. As you can see by the graph, around the time of the release of the new firmware – there where about 150.000 tweets an hour about iPhone on Twitter.



(Edit 09.07.24 – I had to remove the embedded javascript from Trendrr since it messed up my blog. I have replaced it with screendumps.)

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Date: Friday, 24 Jul 2009 13:06

ifra-reportWorld Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) has published a special report: “The mobile journalist – from backpack to pocket journalism“. The author is Prof. Dr. Stephen Quinn.

In the report you will find a lot of material from Mojo Evolution and also some statements from an interview the author did with me some time ago. You have to be an WAN-IFRA member to get the report, and it costs about 270 EUR.  The report sums up a lot of experience world wide and puts the evolution of mobile journalism in perspective. If you can’t afford it, you still will find a lot of useful stuff on my site for free. You could also visit Stephen Quinn’s blog – Global Mojo.

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Date: Friday, 24 Jul 2009 12:43

If you’re a regular reader of Mojo Evolution, you will have noticed that I’ve been away for a long time. After enjoying some flyfishing on Iceland (see picture) and the rainy summer in Norway. But now  I’m back. Among the stuff I’m working on is a review of the Samsung Omnia HD aka. i8910. Samsung have lent me a phone and I’m currently recording video and still images to test what it can do for you as a journalist. Hope to have the review out in a couple of days.

Flyfishing on Iceland

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 11:25

If you have checked out Twitter, YouTube or other social media sites today - you will discover that there is a lot of activity about Iran. For Twitter, simply search for the hastag #IranElection and you will be able to follow all sorts of opinions and information. The government has tried to stop media coverage of the protests, but that only seems to agitate the people questioning the results from the election.

It’s not surprising that a lot of people makes tweets. But a lot of video streams are also put out on the web. What sort of “aid” the producers have had, I’m not sure about. Neither who actually produces the videos, but you can watch a sample from LiveStream (former Mogulus) on Persianq. It’s a bit on and off with live streams and recorded streams. The quality from a lot of the streams seems to be from mobile phones. The new democrotatizers.

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 11:13
  • 11:19 AM askBilal - RT - Protest in 7 Tir ما مردم امریکا شمارا حمایت میکنیم We support you!!! #iranelection
  • 11:19 AM Rou7_beh - Fake photos of ahmadinejad rallies published in Keyhan : ur1.ca #iranElection
  • 11:20 AM CalamityK - RT Ahmadinejad’s ‘massive’ photoshopped rally bit.ly Keyhan gov newspaper! #iranelection
  • 11:20 AM athena2824 - RT #Iranelection - GO BACK & DELETE ALL PAST TWEETS that may have iran usernames . Arrests have been made. Please RT & ENSURE ALL SEE THIS
  • 11:20 AM lotta0815 - Check out http://torir.org for anonymous surfing #IranElection #GR88
  • 11:21 AM jilevin - Images of massive protests & beaten students in the streets of Tehran forced #Obama to speak out #iranelection #p2 #http://bit.ly/1bjZep
  • 11:21 AM IranUpdate - THANK YOU SO MUCH, ur supports have brought us to tears #iranelection
  • 11:25 AM BrianCharlonis - I don’t think anyone is ‘worshiping’ the color green. It’s about spreading the word, showing support and growing change. @twazzup
  • 11:26 AM Rawzdawg - #IranElection this bloodshed could all be avoided if the military would do what they care bound by duty to do, and protect the people of Iran
  • 11:27 AM CalamityK - RT @StopAhmadi Recap: Internal fights in Iranian parliament, Rafsanjani gone (!), protests 2day in Tehran 5PM #gr88 #iranelection
  • 11:27 AM IranUpdate - today 7tir - 5 cover ur faces and wear black or green, KEEP SILENT #iranelection
  • 11:27 AM Rawzdawg - RT @celection: RT the pirate bay has set up an anonymous forum for all iranians. spread the word! bit.ly #iranelection #gr88
  • 11:28 AM Cally8 - RT From Iran confirmed by MOUSAVI - Thursday march - in memory of those killed - location tbc - sea of green - #Iranelection
  • 11:28 AM sophiekitt - RT from Iran: Tehran march TODAY 5pm - 7Tir Sq - Meydan 7 Tir - silent - sea of green - #Iranelection #gr88 http://bit.ly/1afH8
  • 11:28 AM DavidOAtkins - RT @rdrake98: The crowds gather for Ahmadinejad is a remarkable way! http://bit.ly/NpibJ #IranElection (via @polymath22)
  • 11:28 AM BrianCharlonis - I don’t think anyone is ‘worshiping’ the color green. It’s about spreading the word, showing support and growing change. @iranelection
  • 11:29 AM arbinde - You , the people , are in control of this channel …ignore and / or block any hate-full or miss-leading remarks #iranelection (via @AnuAmun
  • 11:29 AM JKPangan - #iranelection #Tehran #Iranians I can’t access the #iranelection anymore! (battle goes on) Prayers, peace, love and non-violence for Iran!!
  • 11:30 AM parasympathic - “pirate bay” turned *persian bay* in green !!!!! thank you!!!! keep up the good work #iranelection
  • 11:31 AM brianwelburn - RT @valerie2776: RT Ahmadinejad’s ‘massive’ photoshopped rally http://bit.ly/NpibJ Keyhan gov newspaper! #iranelection
  • 11:31 AM askBilal - میدان ۷ تیر امروز ساعت ۵ Protest today 7 Tir Square, 5 oclcok #iranelection
  • 11:32 AM IranUpdate - cant access mails or other sites via ineternet but stranegly a page for me to post here works! #iranelection
  • 11:33 AM ayoobbooya - Please DO NOT Repeat, DO NOT RT Names of Iranian Twitters. #IranElection » Ensure All See This!
  • 11:33 AM IranUpdate - Great news! yesterday polise protected ppl from basijis for the first time #iranelection
  • 11:35 AM IranUpdate - in some small towns over a 100 percent of qualified ppl have been reported to vote!! #iranelection
  • 11:36 AM uli_b - Iran’s Disputed Election. Photo-blog. Protest in Teheran.com http://www.firsturl.de/0NPoHlP #iranelection #please RT
  • 11:36 AM EmpiresCrumble - RT from Iran: confirmed by MOUSAVI - Thursday march - in memory of those killed - location tbc - sea of green - #Iranelection #gr88
  • 11:36 AM olkeskustelut - RT @IsabellaSnow: RT @StopAhmadi: News: 150 students at Mazanderan University arrested last night #gr88 #iranelection
  • 11:36 AM nunoroby - French embassy in Tehran has been attacked : f*cking idiots ! http://bit.ly/9qWco #IranElection From @Resiwest
  • 11:37 AM lphil1289 - amazed to see that there has been absolutely NOTHING on the Indonesian news about the riots in Iran. #Iranelection
  • 11:37 AM CalamityK - if your #iranelection feed is gone, search for an iran election related tweet which has that hashtag, and click it. worked for me.
  • 11:39 AM Darkflower59 - RT Iran: !! FIRST AID INFO NOW IN FARSI !! http://gr88.tumblr.com/ !! PLEASE RT !! #iranelection #gr88
  • 11:42 AM invisiblemonkey - #iranelection Mohammad Asgari who leaked the real election results was killed in a suspicious car-accident yesterday. http://bit.ly/12kqL4
  • 11:42 AM thorswitch - YahooNews “Commanding the attention of the world in 140 characters or less, that’s power to the people.” #IranElection http://tinyurl.co
  • 11:42 AM rohinkallat - RT @Sznq: #iranelection: the revolution will be Twitterised. New blog from Amnesty: http://bit.ly/WqSSq (via @growthy src @NewsFromAmnesty)
  • 11:43 AM adobecity - IF u know anybody in Seoul then tell them 2 wear green when they go2 watch football match against Iran today #iranelection. SPREAD IT
  • 11:43 AM DeathonaSlide - RT @AnuAmun: RT Riot Police Attacked brutally to the students in front of Tehran University #iranelection http://bit.ly/Dtzmu
  • 11:43 AM sauj - “Before you have a recount, surely you have to have a count” - Jon Stewart, The Daily Show on the 2009 Iran Elections #iranelection
  • 11:43 AM autom8 - Iran Military Warns Online Media http://bit.ly/yVIhU (@cbsnews) #iranelection
  • 11:46 AM ahkomopzeg - Simple ways to help Iranian free speech: http://is.gd/13U0V #IranElection #gr88 Pls RT
  • 11:48 AM mixmediaart - RT @cnndotcomlive State Dept. is working with Twitter and other social media to ensure Iranians can continue to communicate. #IranElection
  • 11:49 AM marcuslewish - From cnn: Iran Rev Guard upset they cannot control the truth. http://tinyurl.com/n85ek4 #iranelection
  • 11:50 AM apakula - Pictures from Iran that will touch your heart… #IranElection http://twurl.nl/h2jtw2
  • 11:51 AM ez01 - RT Rezaie sent letter to the gov saying if he doesn’t get the detail of votes today, he will officially ask for a re-election. #IranElection
  • 11:53 AM mbhulo - Watch out for Fake Iran Twitters http://tr.im/oM47 #Iranelection and set up a proxy, already http://tr.im/oM5x OSX: http://tr.im/oM5I
  • 11:54 AM tattood1 - RT @dtizzle: Tweet from Tehran: “The American media may not care, but the American people do.” http://is.gd/14iO3 #iranelection
  • 11:55 AM stevebridger - RT @blogherald Clay Shirky on #iranelection: “This Is The Big One” http://tinyurl.com/lcyjg5
  • 11:59 AM BarthNilsen - Be careful about changing your location and timezone to Iran. It will make it uncertain if the tweet is real or false. #iranelection
  • 12:00 PM kishorekumar62 - How do we know if Tweets on #IranElection are trustworthy? They are so one-sided. Does Ahmadi have any supporters? What do they think?
  • 12:03 PM vinod407 - RT from Iran: reliable sources are main attention of censors PLEASE DON’T NAME IRANIAN SOURCES, use ‘RT from Iran’. Please RT #Iranelection
  • 12:05 PM ernestina - ernestinaHeros are being born every minute! Look at those brave guys! http://tinyurl.com/klu7ws #iranelection #iran09 #gr88
  • 12:05 PM Kon_Ioannidis - Twitter, #iranelection and citizen journalism http://tr.im/oM4a (via @leslieforman)
  • 12:05 PM Rawzdawg - #iranelection Iranian military, I knw u read thse posts. How cn u live wth yourselves? You r thre to protct the PEOPLE! NOT THE DICTATOR!
  • 12:06 PM Rawzdawg - #iranelection Iranian military, do what you are bound by honor to do. PROTECT THE PEOPLE! NOT THE DICTATOR!
  • 12:07 PM TwitPersia - confirmed: censorship of Aftab Yazd newspaper before printing for printing Mousavi’s message to people #iranelection tehran
  • 12:07 PM KDSarge - Scary stuff in the US–this is the third time I’ve read something similar today, and I wasn’t looking for it. bit.ly
  • 12:08 PM djcarlosf - RT If twitting from inside #Iran use proxi or via cellphone Post & remove battery and be on the move #iranelection #tehran #gr88
  • 12:09 PM Rawzdawg - #iranelection @MoonMagician is an Iranian government traitor! He is a plant!
  • 12:09 PM mohaiemen - http://unheardvoice.net/blog/2009/06/17/iran-filters/ From today’s Daily Star (Bangladesh) #iranelection #gr88
  • 12:09 PM W7VOA - Iran’s Revolutionary Guards says it has ID’ed websites causing ‘tension’ which are backed by CIA, MI6. #IranElection
  • 12:10 PM UnknownYouser - persianq24/7 live stream of #IranElection http://persianq.com Please RT this. #persianq #tcot
  • 12:11 PM CalamityK - RT @mediamadam hotline24/7 for journalists in danger (33) 1 4777-7414 Reporters Without Borders #gr88 #iranelection
  • 12:11 PM Rawzdawg - #iranelection the Basij will be out today, tonight, killing more people. Iranian military, where are you? I know you are watching!
  • 12:12 PM jilevin - Must-See YouTube Video: Blogging from the streets of Tehran. #IranElection #politics #p2 #topprog #tlot #tcot http://bit.ly/xbXcv
  • 12:12 PM persianpaddy - Iranian football team players are wearing green wristbands in support of Mousavi in their qualifier match against korea #iranelection

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Author: "Frank Barth-Nilsen" Tags: "Uncategorized"
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Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2009 10:59

My site is now a year old. The statistics show that more and more people are interested in stuff about mobile journalism. About 55.000 unique vistors have read my blog and there are about 2,5 million page views.  The month of April was an all time high with 11.045 unique visitors and 70.121 page views.

Author: "Frank Barth-Nilsen" Tags: "Uncategorized, statistics"
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Date: Friday, 15 May 2009 06:41


Increased pictures sensors, higher resolution, faster Cpu’s and faster network. Mobile phones are getting more and more interesting as a tool for journalist. In the second half of 2009 you will find faster and better phones - making your mobile phone a good recording machine, even for breaking news on television.

One of the first really interesting phones are the Samsung Omnia HD. It delivers video in 1280×720 - 24 frames per second. Still images will be on 3264×2448 pixels. Combined with 7.2 mbps network capabilities. There are some confusion if the Omnia HD is delivered with a 600 Mhz or 800 Mhz processor. Anyhow, which that sort of processing capability - it’s basically a very small laptop. It will run on SymbianS60 v5, but it is theoreticly strong enough to run Linux. Since the screen is touch sensitive and there are no keyboard it’s not really an office phone, but others will come… The thing to notice is that mobile phone are increasing processing power rapidly. My guess is that within three to four years you will be able to edit recorded HD material on the phone. And if you can record HD quality out in the field, do an easy edit in the field or stream HD live, this will change the ballgame for television. Unfortunately the Samsung only comes with a single LED flash. I’m also uncertain if it will support external microphone. I guess not.

Qik is already experimenting with HD streaming from phones and I guess we will see Bambuser and Flixwagon do the same pretty soon.

I hope to test the new Omnia HD as soon as it arrives Norway, in the end of June.

So far I’ve found Nokia to be the best producer of phones for mobile journalist. With the specs from Samsung, I believe Nokia will find themselves in trouble. The mobile phone maker LG are also expected to deliver interesting phones the next year. The next big phone from Nokia is the Nokia N97. It delivers wide-screen format, but not HD. Basically Nokia has just taken an ordinary 4×3 sensor and chopped away some of picture. This produces wide-screen, but the picture quality will be reduced. I’m amazed that Nokia isn’t more innovative in this field. To be fair - they have announced new phones with bigger picture sensor. I agree that the megapixel count is stupid. Lens quality is far more important.

You can check out a brief review of the Samsung Omnia HD at A Bugged Life.

Author: "Frank Barth-Nilsen" Tags: "Cell phone, Hardware, Streaming, 720p, H..."
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