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Date: Sunday, 18 May 2014 02:24

Hello guys, today I wanna share a great website where you could earn good money. If you like to make video and have a lot of great moment to share, this website is the best for you. The website I’m going to share is a website which pays you for uploading video. The great news is, they will pay you up to $50 and even $100 for one video you upload! Amazing!! If you think this is Fake or SCAM, then you are totally wrong. Because they pay!! :D

Another great news is, this website already has great partnership with some huge companies. Here are some companies which already become partner.

So, this is a great website guys. Not a SCAM!

Now, how it works? As I said before, this website pays you for uploading your video. But, they will check you video first after you upload it. If your video got approved, then you will earn money! :D Don’t worry, it usually takes about 4 days until your video got approved. Why they pay you? Because there are so many companies or Video/Movie director which looking for video, and they will buy it with high price. This website will share 60% of their earnings to their members.

Some tips for you to get your video got approved:

1.       Film in landscape mode (hold your phone sideways)

2.       Upload the highest quality video you can.

3.       Cut any lead up / part of the clip that is not needed.   

This website also has a referral system, and you could earn 10% of your referral earnings. If your referral earns $10,000 then you will get $1000. Great!!

They pay via PayPal and pay weekly. Do you need Payment proof? Here you go:

Here is a screenshot from my profile page:

You could find more information about this website in their page. If you are interested, you could register here:


So, what you are waiting for? Let’s join us and earn easy money in fun way. :D See you.

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Date: Thursday, 08 May 2014 16:06

There are number of reasons for having a YouTube channel but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are wondering as to whether or not they really need to have one. Personally, I believe that anyone doing anything business related on the Internet should have their own channel.

YouTube is a great way for companies that do online business to introduce their products to the world. Having videos that spotlight those products can be a great sales tool. Now you might be thinking that as long as you put those videos on your own site, you won’t need to post them on YouTube. Wrong! Think again! Anything you post on YouTube will have a higher level of visibility than anything you will post on your own site, unless you already get loads of traffic. Secondly, even if you do get a lot of traffic on your own site, YouTube gets millions of visitors, and if someone runs a search on the subject related to your product, your video can show up in the search results.

Oh, by the way, any video you post in YouTube has a good chance of showing up in a Google search as well. I’ve Googled my name to see what comes up and I have over 4,000 pages on the Internet. Some of the pages that come out on top are the videos I have posted on YouTube. If you already have videos on YouTube, Google yourself and see if they come up. That’s if you’re curious about where you stand.

Another thing to think about is bandwidth. Why use up your own bandwidth allowance on your web hosting account when you can insert YouTube’s embed code and use their bandwidth instead? It could save you a couple of bucks if you get a lot of traffic on your own site.

Okay, so maybe you don’t do any of your own videos. That doesn’t matter. You can still insert the YouTube video embed code on Your site. Let’s say that you have an R/C plane site. You can paste the embed code from videos on YouTube that are related to R/C planes. Since the code is embedded on your site, it’s almost like having them on your site. Then you could provide a link to your YouTube channel, where you have them all posted as your favorites. On your YouTube channel, you could always provide links to your own website. That way anybody who discovers you through YouTube can also find a way to your site.

One little fact that a lot of people overlook regarding YouTube is that it is also a social networking site. You can have friends and subscribers. It’s yet one more way to meet people. What’s great about that is the fact that most people find you through the videos that you post. If they are interested in those videos, they’ll do a friend request or subscribe to your channel. If they subscribe to your channel, they get notified every time you post a new video. That will help you to get your videos more views. After all, the whole point of creating a video is to have it viewed. What good is posting a video if nobody sees it?

If you have an e-mail list or e-mail newsletter, you can always post links to your recent videos. That will help you to get more views of your videos as well. It’s also a great way to market new products to those on your e-mail list or newsletter subscriber list. Having interesting videos posted in your newsletters might also make them more interesting. That might be the difference between some wanting to remain on your e-mail list or not.

YouTube makes it easy to post your videos on other social networks too. It is so easy to post a YouTube video on Facebook and Twitter. Once posted on your Facebook page, some people may decide to share it as well. That will also get you more views. Simply put, if you make videos, you NEED to have a YouTube channel. There are so many benefits to doing so, that it virtually makes it a necessity. Even if you don’t do your own videos, you can still use it as an extension of your own site. I use the same background image on my YouTube page as I do for my own website. That way, it’s more like an extension of my own site. I also use the same background image on my Twitter profile page and my Myspace profile page as well. It’s all part of my own branding.

Anyway, I think I may have made my case at this point. If not, I don’t think it was as a result of a lack of effort on my part. Maybe just a lack of the ability of persuasion. I still think I’m right though. I think you need to have your own YouTube channel.

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Date: Thursday, 08 May 2014 09:42

Hello guys, how are you? Are you using link shortener to earn money online? How much dollars you earned in one month with your link shortener? Not much?

There are two factors that make you earn less money with link shortener.

First, what URL shortener do you use and the second is the method you use. Most of people only know Adf.ly as the url  shortener with highest payout, but actually there is one url  shortener with higher payout rates than Adf.ly. They pay via PayPal and Payoneer. What site? Click here to register : JOIN/REGISTER

How does it work? Click here to see the example on how does it work: CLICK HERE

See? So, now, how to earn much or how to maximize our earnings? I have some tips that you could use to increase your earnings on that shortener site. You may download it for free here: DOWNLOAD GUIDE

Read carefully after you downloaded it and do it right. Okay, that’s all for this time. See you and happy earning! ^_^

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Date: Saturday, 03 May 2014 19:37

(BPT) – Every day, more than 1 million people become victims of cybercrime, according to the 2013 Norton Cyber Crime Report. The Heartbleed bug, which attacked vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, put even more people at risk of hackers accessing their personal information shared on many websites. In 2013, the Target Corporation data breach affected 110 million customers. Yet, according to Norton, nearly 50 percent of tablet and smartphone users continue to neglect basic precautions such as passwords, security software or back-up files to secure their mobile devices.

It is only a matter of time until the next digital bug or retailer data breach. To protect yourself, cyber security experts recommend “spring cleaning” your cyber footprint.  

“Many people don’t realize that everything they do is being tracked online,” says Ed Hill, Web application consultant and professor in the College of Engineering and Information Sciences at DeVry University. “Consumers should take precautionary steps to clean up their cyber footprint for their own cyber safety.”

Hill offers tips for consumers to clear or secure their cyber footprint and avoid a cyber crime:

1. Delete abandoned accounts and review your apps. If you’re no longer active on a website, delete your account – and the personal data it holds – to prevent your information from being used or sold. Additionally, there is no reason for apps on your phone to have access to your information.

2. Use the “Do Not Track” feature of your browser. The feature informs websites you visit that you wish to opt-out of tracking. Think of this as a digital “do not call” list. This is not a perfect solution because it is up to the website managers to decide if they will honor this request. However, it can help reduce the number of websites tracking your information. For information on how to configure your browser in this way, visit donottrack.us.

3. Use your browser’s “private mode.” This makes it more difficult for sites to track your movement around the Web. Using private mode can help keep tracking cookies off your computer. Visit howtogeek.com for additional details.

4. For the safest browsing, use the Tor network. Originally sponsored by the U.S. Navy for the primary purpose of protecting government communications, Tor is currently developed by a not-for-profit organization and supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. State Department. Tor is used to keep websites from tracking users. Visit www.torproject.org to download Tor for free.

“Taking proactive steps to manage the information available and tracked about you online is the best way to protect against cyber crime,” says Hill.

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Date: Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 14:48

Adults are embracing digital learning at steady rates, which is not surprising when you look at mobile connectivity statistics. As of January 2014, 58 percent of American adults have a smartphone, 32 percent own an e-reader and 42 percent own a tablet computer, according to the Pew Research Internet Project. These digital devices mean that adults have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips 24 hours a day.

Video views skyrocket

The explosive growth of video has played a key role in the increase of digital learning. Research shows that 183.8 million Americans watched 48.7 billion online content videos in January 2014 alone, according to comScore.com. Furthermore, 85.1 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video, meaning a lot of people are actively viewing video on the Internet.

Adults who prefer to learn through visual media are turning to online videos at increasing rates to understand a wide range of topics. From how to cook the perfect rice, to helping your teenager complete his algebra homework, video is a simple way to learn about a topic in a matter of minutes.

Growth of curated community learning

Adults are demanding that credible knowledge be available at their fingertips and are turning to online communities with trustworthy content and interactive opportunities. For example, Learnist is a vibrant community of 12-million users who learn from each other and share what they know. Beyond Wikipedia, this online think tank lets users access expertly curated content, ask questions and add to boards (known as Learnboards). From learning Mandarin to researching the finer points of gluten-free living, users can access video, images, articles and more in mere seconds.

For the on-the-go adult learner, the new Learnist app brings digital learning to Android and Apple devices. Additionally, the new iOS app offers premium content from celebrities and knowledge experts for 99 cents. Some examples of premium content include film-editing tips from legendary director Gus Van Sant, science experiment ideas for kids from Mythbusters’ Kari Byron, as well as women’s history topics from actress Olivia Wilde.

Digital technology is truly changing the way adults live and learn. Discovering new topics and finding answers to questions have never been easier thanks to mobile devices, expanded Internet access and new educational tools like Learnist.

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Date: Monday, 21 Apr 2014 21:43

(BPT) – Every day, millions of Americans turn to the Internet for news and entertainment and to shop. Over the years, Americans have come to trust the Internet so much, that they regularly share information about their daily lives through social media sites and with online retailers.

But what many may not realize is that within just a few clicks, there’s an unregulated digital frontier where people, including criminals, buy and sell illegal drugs, guns and pornography, as well as personal and financial details about ordinary individuals. Fueled by software that conceals the identity of people, and digital currency, it’s a world that people can’t ignore.

That’s one of the takeaways from a new report, “Digital Economy: Potentials, Perils and Promises” recently released by the Digital Economy Task Force (DETF). Comprised of experts representing law enforcement, the digital economy and government policy, this task force, brought together by Thomson Reuters and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children, explored the risks of the digital economy and the rise of online illegal activity.

Many Americans are familiar with what experts call the Surface Web – the typical retail and company websites, social media pages, blogs and bulletin boards that people routinely visit every day.  But underneath the Surface Web is the Deep Web, which consists of networks of content, databases and websites that cannot be reached through common web portals or found by search engines. What makes these networks possible – and untouchable by most Americans – is anonymizing technology that conceals the identity of users.

Within the Deep Web, many websites have become havens of criminal activity such as the trafficking of drugs, guns, humans and child pornography. These illegal sites are known as the Darknet by law enforcement experts. Because people reach these sites anonymously, it makes it very difficult for law enforcement to track the illegal transactions of criminals within the Darknet.

“There’s good news and bad news to this story,” says Steve Rubley, managing director of the Government Segment of Thomson Reuters and DETF co-chair. “All Americans should know that the rise in the global digital economy offers incredible opportunity. For example, in the case of journalists or dissidents in oppressive countries, anonymizing technology and digital currencies enable a safe link to the outside world.

“But, there’s also a dark side to the story,” Rubley adds. “Parents should know that some pretty bad people are trying to entice children to send compromising photos of themselves so they can buy and sell those images with other pedophiles. Parents should know that drug dealers are using the Internet to bring drugs to your front door – just like a traditional online retailer.”

To foster the growth of the positive aspects of the digital economy while confronting illegal activity on the Internet, the DETF recommends that state and federal lawmakers consider policies and action that will increase law enforcement training, foster more cooperation between law enforcement agencies, promote a national dialogue and education about illegal Internet activity, and more.

“There is a difference between privacy and anonymity,” says Ernie Allen, president and CEO of ICMEC and DETF co-chair. “We simply cannot create an environment in which traffickers and child exploiters can operate on the Internet with no risk of being identified unless they make a mistake.”

The best defense to prevent criminals and other unsavory characters from violating your privacy online and potentially exploit youth is to implement all privacy settings on social media sites, never friend people you don’t know and never respond to emails and text messages you don’t recognize. Thomson Reuters offers some additional tips, which include:

* Parents should work with local law enforcement officials to educate their community about the perils of illegal activity occurring on the Internet, and how local citizens of all ages, can avoid becoming victims of online criminals.

* Local citizens should encourage state and local law enforcement officials to invest in the training needed to detect and investigate illegal activity on the Internet that may harm the citizens they represent.

* Parents should monitor online and mobile use by their young children and watch for messages from people that can’t be identified or seem out of the ordinary.

* Parents should speak with their children about Internet use and set clear parameters on acceptable use and appropriate websites that can be visited. Set the family computer in a common area to discourage private use. Use parental controls when appropriate to help block access to inappropriate content.

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Date: Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 21:28

The internet is a great place to play fun games to pass the time, but what’s even better is playing free fun games to win cool hard cash.


This website rewards its players cool hard cash simply by spinning the “Spin and Win” Cash Wheel each day. The potential cash prizes range from 15 cents to $300.00 with the added bonus of potentially winning the progressive jackpot currently $4160.94 and growing each day. New players receive 1 free spin of the Cash Wheel each day, just simply by logging into their account and spinning the wheel, but players can earn additional spins of the Cash Wheel by visiting sponsors, filling out surveys and responding to advertiser’s special offers. Players can cash out their cool hard cash once their CashDazzle account has reached $20.00.


This website hosts a wide selection of Bingo games, Card games, Puzzle games and Casino style games that are all 100% free to play. This is not an online casino website, but a free game website where players can win two different types of rewards either GV Tokens or Cool Hard Cash depending on the type of game that the player chooses to play. The GV Tokens can be used to enter daily, weekly and monthly cash prize sweepstakes or enter special tournaments offered on the site. Membership is Free and the games are free to play.


Remember the good old days of the internet’s beginnings; when AOL hosted not only a way to access the internet, but also introduced the world to Slingo? Spending countless hours marking numbers, avoiding devils that attempt to steal half the score already won, and banking Slingo Gold Coins to increase the total score — those were the days. Now Slingo has returned in a BIG WAY! The game has its own website loaded with dozens of cool fun games to play. Players can earn Slingo GOLD to spend for the chance to win cold hard cash in daily, weekly and monthly cash sweepstakes or to enter tournaments for the chance to win a treasure chest of more Slingo GOLD. Membership is Free and the games are Fun and the Cold Hard Cash is real.


This website is the host of free lotto games that give its players the chance to win real cash prizes ranging from $50.00 to $1,000,000 (USD) simply by picking 5 to 6 numbers depending on the type of lotto being played. Drawings are held on a daily basis and are completely free to play on a daily basis. Membership is free and the games are free and the Cold Hard Cash is Real.


SwagBucks is an absolutely awesome website that offers its members so many ways to earn cold hard cash and great opportunities to win fantastic prizes in contests and sweepstakes that this site offers daily. Members can play games, watch videos, participate in daily polls, take surveys, clip coupons, shop and save money at their favorite online stores, and so much more. The part about it is that everything that members do using SwagBucks can earn them additional SwagBucks to use in daily Swagstakes and contests or save to redeem later for Cold Hard Cash paid directly into the member’s Papal account. The membership is Free and the Cold Hard Cash is Real. The sooner you join SwagBucks, the sooner you can begin earning SwagBucks to redeem for Cold Hard Cash and entries in the SwagBucks Daily Sweepstakes for the opportunity to win great prizes.

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Date: Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 21:23

Dealing with a worsening economy, paying higher prices for nearly everything and getting paid less for the hard work that we do at our jobs; it has become more important than ever before to find new ways to save more money and still be able to buy the things that we need when it is needed the most. The internet itself is an excellent tool to use to help in this effort to save more money on the things that we buy and use.

Most of us when shopping at our favorite online retailers use some form of credit card, debit card or online payment system like PayPal to pay for our online purchases. Each of these payment methods often do offer us some form of cash back savings opportunities each time we use their product to make a purchase or payment for the goods and services that we need. Debit cards is recommended to use for online purchases unless they are backed up by a major credit card processing company, because debit cards attached to an offline checking account this form of payment option could in theory make us targets of identity thief. Using a major credit card or an online payment processor such as PayPal is recommended for online transactions.

OK, so we understand that most major credit card companies offer its users some form of Cash-Back savings opportunity when we use their products to complete online transactions when shopping on the internet, but what if there is another great way to earn an additional reward during those same transactions — Would you be interested?

There is another way or should it be called a service – a free service at that, called SwagBucks. This online service has been around for a while, but still there are tens of millions of online shoppers whom have never heard of it or was afraid to give it a try, because maybe they thought it was some kind of scam. In truth, I am one of those people who had never gave SwagBucks a try for the same exact reasons, until I decided to stop listening to other people and to give it a try for myself and it has been one of the best decisions that I have made in quite some time.

How SwagBucks Works:

First, join SwagBucks — It’s 100% Free!

Second, take an hour or two to explore the website and to learn about all of the things that members have access to and see all of the savings that members can save when shopping online from the hundreds of SwagBucks sponsors.

Earn SwagBucks every time you take advantage of a sponsor’s offer, clip and use a coupon, watch a video, play a game, participate in a survey or a poll and find and log in a SwagBucks code. Earning SwagBucks is very easy and can rapidly add up quick when you log into SwagBucks before doing any shopping at your favorite online retailers, because not only can SwagBuck members earn Cash Back rewards from using their major credit cards, but they can also earn SwagBucks on each of their online shopping transactions.

Most of the major online retailers are represented at SwagBucks such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, Staples, eBay,  Lowes, Hotels.com, FTD, Kmart, Walmart, Walgreens, Advance Auto parts, Priceline, etc… Well you get the idea.

There is hundreds of ways members can earn SwagBucks each and everyday and these SwagBucks can be redeemed for awesome gift cards to be used at their favorite retailers or best of all, SwagBucks can even be redeemed for CASH via a PayPal CASH Card. SwagBucks can be used to enter fantastic Swagstakes on SwagBucks for a chance to win top of the line Electronics, Video Game Consoles, Kitchen Appliances, Flat Screen TVs, Laptops, Gift Cards and even have the chance to win additional SwagBucks.

As a member and user of SwagBucks myself; I am here to tell the world about the exciting offers and money saving opportunities that SwagBucks has to offer to its members. I would not have ever believed that I could have saved so much more money just by belonging to and using SwagBucks until I tried it for myself. Every penny saved is a penny earned, and pennies do add up fast, so I can save them or use them on my next purchase.

Besides, just having the opportunity to save money shopping online; I have found SwagBucks to be a fun place to play online games, which I do enjoy doing to relax. Watching videos is another activity that I enjoy doing while on the internet, so the idea that I can actually earn rewards just by doing something that I already enjoy doing on SwagBucks is a major plus.

Just think about it for one minute, who doesn’t need to make every penny count in these tough economic times that we are living through today, and what do you have to lose just by giving SwagBucks a try? The way that I see it, there isn’t anything to lose, but everything to gain by using SwagBucks as another online tool to earn and to save more money on the things that we buy everyday on the internet.

Give SwagBucks a Test Drive and start earning and saving more money today! Joining SwagBucks is 100% Free!!

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Date: Saturday, 01 Mar 2014 22:53

Fact #1 

The name Wikipedia comes from a combination of the words “wiki”, meaning shared website, and “pedia”, which is a shortened form of encyclopedia.

Fact #2 

As of January 7, 2009, Wikipedia currently has more than 2.68 million English articles in its database.

Fact #3 

Wikipedia currently supports content in 260 different languages.

Fact #4 

There are over 75,000 “hot authors” on Wikipedia, responsible for constantly maintaining and adding to the site’s database.

Fact #5 

Due to the fact that Wikipedia is solely maintained by volunteers, anyone can sign up and start adding or editing pages right off the bat. There’s no ranking system which lets certain authors edit some pages and not others.

Fact #6

When Wikipedia first started up in 2001, the original URL was to be Wikipedia.com, however, it was changed to Wikipedia.org when the site’s parent company Wikimedia transformed into a not-for-profit organization. In general, domains ending with “org” are non-commercial websites.

Fact #7 

The pages of Wikipedia are under constant supervision by over 1,500 administrators. The problem with this is that when a person edits a page’s content with new information that has yet to be released to the public, said information is removed. For example, when searching for an “Episode Guide” for your favorite television show, you’ll often find 10 to 20 future episodes and their descriptions; however, the administrators will remove all of the future episodes except for the one that airs the following week.

Fact #8 

Wikipedia obtains approximately 684 million viewers every year.

Fact #9 

Some members of the community classify January 15 as “Wikipedia Day” due to the fact that the first Wikipedia domain was launched on that day.

Fact #10 

Most of the articles on Wikipedia can be edited by users that haven’t even registered an account on the site.

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Date: Thursday, 02 Jan 2014 21:39

Facebook has this annoying little feature of limiting you to 5,000 friends. It’s a bummer too, ain’t it? The thing is though, that it has it’s advantages too. That’s if you learn how to use it to your benefit. One way of using it to your benefit is to have more than one profile.

Having multiple Facebook profiles actually has a number of advantages. The first one being the removal of that 5,000 friend limit. With 2 Facebook profiles, you would now have a 10,000 friend limit, so you could reach more people. That would obviously be a good thing. Another advantage is that you could target a different demographic with each profile.

Let’s say that you are both a musician and a writer. One profile could be devoted to the demographic of musicians. The posts that you put on that profile page could be related primarily to music related stuff. The other profile could be devoted to the writing aspect of your life. Your posts on that page could be primarily concerned with literature, writing, poetry, etc. The bulk of your friends attached to that profile could be gathered from writers’ forums and groups, whereas the musicians attached to the other profile could be gathered from musicians’ forums and groups.

Another good reason to have multiple Facebook profiles is to separate business from personal. Use a profile page for your business and one for your personal stuff. You, as a person, probably have a number of opinions on a variety of subjects. Subjects like religion and politics. Unfortunately, those subjects can be quite controversial and some people can become easily offended by something you post. If you do that on a business related profile, you could offend someone who may have been willing to do business with you but is now turned off by one of your political posts.

The same could probably be said regarding business related posts all of the time on your personal page. Some people will regard it as spam and may delete you from their friends list, as a result. It could take a while to build up a lengthy friends list and the last thing you need is to lose them almost as fast or faster than your are adding them. It kind of defeats the purpose of trying to add to your friends list.

I have a couple of Facebook profiles myself. I use one where I put an emphasis on people in the local area and musicians. My other profile deals with some of the more controversial subjects. I avoid offending people by just adding friends to each profile that fit in with the chosen demographic for each. I gathered the friends from the forums related to the target demographic. I found the musicians in the music forums and sent friend requests to them.

You have to be careful of trying to add too many friends all at once. Facebook will freeze your account and make it so that you can’t send out any friend requests for a certain amount of time. I had that happen to me. They locked my account so that I couldn’t send a friend request out for about three days or so. No big deal, but if you do it repeatedly, they will delete your account altogether. Then you’re back to square one.

I also have a few different fan pages as well. I have one for a local website that covers the local scene, one for my music and one for my humor website. Then I take the RSS feeds from the notes section of each profile and put them on three different websites. It works rather nicely. I put the RSS from the humor profile on a page within the humor website. Any time I make an update in the notes section of the Facebook profile, it appears on the website without me having to do any additional work. I did the same with the local site.

Another thing you can do is have your Facebook posts automatically show up on your Twitter account. So I might add something to the notes section of one of my fan pages and it automatically gets tweeted out on Twitter and shows up on my website. It’s three posts for the effort of making only one. I do this with each fan page I have.

Anything that allows you to post an RSS feed will allow you to post your Facebook notes on it. I use widgets from a website called Blastcasta.com. All you have to do is give the address of the RSS feed and they will give you code to put in your web page. They have a free and paid version of the service. I use the free one. The paid version removes their branding. I don’t mind seeing their name at the bottom of the widget, so I never opted for the paid version.

So, I hope some of you have found this information to be useful or at least interesting. I’m sure there are more advantages than the ones I touched on but at least you have a few to think about that I have provided. Give it a try, it just might work for you.

Bob Craypoe is a web developer, 3D artist, cartoonist, writer, musician and entrepreneur. His websites and his work can be accessed from his personal website http://craypoe.com/bob and his main website http://craypoe.com

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Date: Thursday, 02 Jan 2014 21:38

When starting out on the social networking sites, it can take a while to accumulate friends, fans or Twitter followers. Even if you do have a lot of fans, friends or followers, it would still be nice to be able to access more.

You can achieve a lot more in any scenario if there are a number of people working together as opposed to one person working by himself. Let’s say that you have 1,000 twitter followers and you have a friend with 1,000 followers as well. Now let’s say that you would like to have access to his followers, just as he would like to have access to yours. Well, a simple agreement could be struck. You could retweet his tweets in exchange for him retweeting yours.

The thing is that you have to agree on the number of tweets you plan on retweeting for each other. You have to remember that if you tweet too much, you will annoy some people to the point where they won’t want to follow you anymore. Make sure the other party is aware of that fact. You have to remember that your tweets and the retweets you plan on doing for the other person will increase the total number of tweets that you will be sending out.

Another matter for consideration is making sure that the other person’s tweets are somewhat related in subject matter to what you will be tweeting yourself. In other words, he should have a similar demographic to you. Remember too, that I’m obviously referring to doing these things in a business related capacity.

Now you can add maybe one or two more people. Let’s say two. We’ll also use the same example of 1,000 followers each. So that will now be a total of 4,000 people you will have access to. You tweet out to 1,000 of your followers and the other three retweet to their cumulative number of followers, which is 3,000 more people. You have effectively reached a total of 4,000 people. Not too bad, huh?

You can also do these sort of collaborations on other social networks. You can do a Myspace bulletin to your 5,000 Myspace friends and have your collaborator send out the same bulletin to his 5,000 friends. You have just effectively reached 10,000 people. You can do this on Facebook too. Facebook has a 5,000 friend limit anyway. The only way you can reach more is if you have a fan page. Unfortunately, it is hard to try to get your friends to go over to your fan page. Usually, you might get around 10 percent of them to do so on the first time you ask. If you ask too many times, you just might be annoying the hell out of people.

You can have the same problem with Myspace bulletins as you would Twitter tweets. So you don’t want to do too many of those Myspace bulletins either. Again, you would also want to try to reach the same type of people. Make sure the other person’s demographic is similar to yours.

The Facebook format is really simple for sharing things. You could post something on your profile page and the people that you are collaborating with could click on the share link. It’s really easy. This works with any link too. Links to articles you may write, the videos you upload on YouTube, your websites or pretty much anything you want to share.

Before you start working with someone in the above mentioned capacity, everything should be clear. If you don’t intend to tweet or post anything political, religious or pornographic, you need to make sure that those you are working with don’t either. The last thing you need is for the other guy to expect you to retweet a link to his porn site. So be careful who you team up with and make sure that anyone you team up with is aware of what type of tweets or posts you are not willing to make. You could avoid a lot of misunderstandings if every detail has been clarified prior to even starting. The best scenario is one where the partnership is mutually beneficial. Those sort of business relations usually end up being long term and successful as well. You can achieve so much more when you work together with others to achieve an objective. As for myself: I get by with a little help from my friends, your friends and our friends.

Bob Craypoe is a web developer, 3D artist, cartoonist, writer, musician and entrepreneur. His websites and his work can be accessed from his personal website http://craypoe.com/bob and his main website http://craypoe.com

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 00:54

There have been a number of occasions in my life where it seemed that certain opportunities sort of dried up on me. Then I was left with this feeling like “Oh no, what do I do now?” It’s almost like you think that since those certain opportunities are no longer available that all hope is lost. But in reality, not all hope is lost because sometimes new opportunities will arise. So the important thing is to always be ready for them when they do come your way.

In my music “career” I have had a number of dry spells where I wasn’t getting any gigs. Then all of a sudden things would pick up and I would get one break after another with very little effort. At the same time those opportunities were sort of drying up, other ones would arise like someone would want me to do a website for them or someone would pay me to post advertising on my websites. There always seemed to be something. When one thing was slow, another would pick up.

Just when other things were getting slow, my online articles started getting a lot of views. So I started to concentrate on them and the number of views skyrocketed. Now, did I completely stop doing the other things? No, I didn’t. And the reason is because always being ready to go back to them allows me to take advantage of more opportunities in the future. All I have to do is keep an eye out for them and be ready when I find them.

One thing that has worked to my advantage is the fact that I do have somewhat of a high profile. I get thousands of article views a day, tens of thousands of visitors on my websites and I am active on a number of social media sites. I have noticed that with the higher my visibility, the more opportunities come my way. A lot of times, I don’t even have to look for them, I am often lucky enough to have them come my way, with someone else initiating the contact. Occasionally, I will contact someone else but it’s always nicer when they call you.

I try to diversify my activities. Sometimes it is very difficult, from a time management aspect since there are just so many hours in a day. If you are persistent, though, and keep at it, you can learn to become somewhat of an effective juggler.

I juggle a lot of things on a weekly basis. Even when I am not playing out a lot as a musician, I try to stay up on my practice. Then, should an opportunity arise regarding a live performance, I will be ready. I have had a number of times where I was asked by someone right out of the blue to do a live performance. Sometimes it would be as a result of a cancellation or some other musician passed my name on to a new venue owner who was looking for musicians to play his establishment. I was ready to accept on those occasions because I was always prepared. I have to admit that it’s not always easy to motivate yourself when things are slow but you just have to find a way to do it.

As a web developer, I try to add new content to my sites from time to time. I do this for a couple of reasons. One reason is to have more pages that I could post advertising on and get more ad revenues and the other reason is to once again increase my level of visibility, which will also lead to more opportunities. I have had people discover me on the Internet through one of my websites contact me about an opportunity for something else like doing a live musical performance, writing opportunity, or a web development opportunity.

Now let’s say that I wasn’t still practicing my music and I had forgotten a lot of my repertoire and someone contacts me to do a live performance. Well, I wouldn’t be able to accept the offer if I wasn’t ready. So the basic idea is to always be ready for the opportunities and they will come your way. Just try to do things to raise your level of visibility and the offers will eventually come. Most importantly, be persistent. That’s what you have to do to be ready for new opportunities.

Bob Craypoe is a musician, writer, cartoonist, webmaster, 3D artist and entrepreneur.to learn more about him, go to http://craypoe.com/bob

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Date: Tuesday, 03 Dec 2013 03:08

(Family Features) As you rush from store to store this holiday season, making your list and checking it twice, you may not be giving careful attention to safeguarding your cellphone. Distracted shoppers make easy targets for mischief and even simple careless losses.

Each year, the percentage of claims filed for lost or stolen cellphones increases in November, December and January, according to claims data from Asurion, a mobile protection and solutions company that partners with wireless providers around the globe. New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous holiday for phones, with an 83 percent increase in claims.

“The risk of theft increases during the holidays, and consumers need to consider a more comprehensive approach to protecting their smartphones and the valuable information on them,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “Purchasing cellphone protection can save customers hundreds of dollars on a replacement device and reconnect them quickly to friends, family and coworkers during the holiday season.”

Technology-based tools are available that can perform a wide range of functions. These include location-based services that help you find a missing device, remotely lock it and even erase the data should a device land in the wrong hands.

To help keep your smartphone and the personal, irreplaceable information it contains safe this holiday season, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Back up your content regularly, whether to your computer or through a reputable cloud service.

  • Update your phone’s software regularly to ensure you are protected from the latest security vulnerabilities.

  • Enable password protection, especially if your phone provides access to banking or credit accounts.

  • If your phone and provider offer them, enable location-based services that will let you track down your phone if it gets lost.

  • Insure your phone. The best buys are comprehensive policies that safeguard you from loss, theft, damage and malfunction.

  • Avoid using your phone to log into personal accounts, such as online banking, while using an unsecured public wireless network.

  • Carry your phone in a deep pocket or in a purse with a zipper or other secure closure to prevent it from slipping out while you’re busy perusing gift ideas.

  • Make a habit of checking for your phone as you leave a store or location. While this won’t prevent it from getting stolen, it will narrow the search field if it goes missing.

Visit www.asurion.com for additional information on smartphone insurance and technologies to protect your information and device.


Source: Asurion

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Date: Monday, 02 Dec 2013 22:08

Are Branded Games Right For Your Business at All?

Using branded games for marketing is really gaining some momentum. Forward thinking marketers are really starting to see the potential to promote brands, products and services in a genuinely new and engaging way. The problem is, they rarely stop to think about target audience. Video games have mass market appeal, so are only really good for promoting mass market products. If you want to promote a tight niche market product, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. All you’re likely to end up with is people playing your game who are completely outside your target market and have no interest whatsoever in what you have to offer.

Have Realistic Expectations

Unless you have a near endless budget, you’re not going to create the next Farmville. These types of games have full time teams working on development and maintenance and an ongoing budget to match. With costs way above and beyond what any business would spend on this type of marketing, it’s just not realistic. This is all without taking into consideration the huge technological demands of such a game.

Be Aware of Hosting Requirements

Many people seem to think Facebook games are hosted on the Facebook site. This is not the case. Facebook provide the platform, but hosting is solely the responsibility of the publisher.

Provision must be made by the developer for storage and processing of all application data, backend databases, etc. If your Facebook game really takes off, this can be a massive technological as well as financial overhead in itself. So it’s absolutely imperative that hosting is in place to cope with the expected load, both in terms of processing power and data transfer for content delivery. Without this, your game will quickly break down and end up offline.

Viral Spread Should be a Bonus, Not a Necessity

This is where most branded Facebook games fail. Expecting that viral spread created by the Facebook social platform will automatically generate massive exposure from nothing is a mistake. The Facebook platform encourages passing on of your game by players to their friends, but without an initial user base, your game link can’t be passed on.

The reality is, successfully launching a Facebook game isn’t easy. You can’t rely on the magic of viral marketing to make your game a success. Any viral spread should be treated as a bonus, not a necessity. A game should be treated as a way to increase engagement with your brand and social media presence, not a magic traffic generator. Integration with the rest of your marketing campaign to drive initial players to your game is essential.

There will always be a certain amount of viral spread, but without the players to begin with, a Facebook game will die pretty quickly.

Is Your Business Capable of Successfully Launching a Facebook Game?

Don’t underestimate just how much work will be involved in successfully launching your Facebook game. Using your existing marketing and PR channels to promote the game in the first instance, along with a bit of creative thinking, is essential. Use everything at your disposal, including mailing lists, social media and press releases sent out to key media contacts in your industry.

If you’re not confident of being able to drive the required number of players to the game, to make it a success, then think twice about using a Facebook game.

Still Interested?

If you haven’t been put off yet and none of the above worries you, then there’s a good chance that a Facebook game will work for you. If you’re confident you have a reasonable budget to fulfil your needs and your business has the marketing muscle to launch the game effectively, then there’s a good chance a branded Facebook game will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


Simon Walklate is co-founder of game developers The Motion Monkey, offering a full bespoke design service.

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Date: Monday, 02 Dec 2013 14:15

Search trends, found at www.BingTrends.com, indicate what most captivated people in 2013, including celebrities, music, movies, technology, fashion, sports, travel and more.

According to Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, Beyonce, Tim Tebow, Iron Man 3, the royal baby and the Harlem Shake were among the top Internet searches that mark the most interesting people, places and moments in 2013.

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most searched people

Queen Bey not only secured her reign as the queen of pop but landed a spot as the most-searched person on Bing in 2013. Beyonce bumped Kim Kardashian out of the top spot this year, making her the second most-searched person of the year. But Kim is still the number one most-searched reality TV star with her sisters, Khloe (fifth) and Kourtney (eighth) not far behind.

Women ruled 2013. The top five most-searched people of the year were all women, and only two men made it into the top 10 – Justin Bieber (sixth) and Barack Obama (10th).

Image via CrunchBase

Taylor Swift also had a busy year in the public eye, which is evidenced by her jump from 10th in 2012 to fourth this year.

Falling out of the top 10 this year were Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry.

More notable number ones

Most searched news story: Excitement and anticipation around the birth of the royal baby took America by storm this summer, making this the most-searched news story in 2013.

Most searched athlete: When it comes to the sports world, sometimes a little controversy goes further than actual on-field excellence, as Tim Tebow was the most-searched athlete for 2013, even though he’s no longer playing in the NFL.

Most searched sports team: American football favorite, the Dallas Cowboys, was the most-searched sports team of 2013. The Cowboys are the second-highest valued sports franchise in U.S. history (behind the third most-searched team, the New York Yankees) with an estimated value of approximately $2.1 billion.

Most searched fashion designer: The fashion industry was as competitive as ever in 2013 but fashion icon and designer Victoria Beckham took the crown.

Most searched movie: Anticipation and buzz around the final installment in the Iron Man trilogy propelled Iron Man III to the number one spot this year.

Most searched song: The money-saving ways of rapper Macklemore took America by storm, making “Thrift Shop” the most-searched song.

Most searched TV show: The Big Bang Theory made a splash in 2013, knocking off American Idol for the top spot.

Most searched talk show: Ellen DeGeneres continues her reign for the most-searched talk show on Bing this year, with Bethanny Frankel skyrocketing to second place.

Most searched morning shows: Good Morning America may have taken over the television ratings, but the Today Show is still king in most-searched morning show.

Most searched social network: What’s on our mind, Facebook? Oh, just that our friends still “like” you the most. Facebook came in as the most-searched social media platform for the second year in a row.

Most searched streaming sites: With new original series and more viewers than ever before, Netflix was the king of entertainment. Netflix beat out Hulu and Project Free TV this year, which were second and third, respectively.

Most searched entertainment electronic: With the release of the much-anticipated Xbox One, Xbox came in as the most-searched entertainment electronic over iPhone and Android.

Harlem Shake (Photo credit: greyloch)

Most searched Internet meme: Let the beat drop, the Harlem Shake spread like wild fire, becoming the most-searched meme/viral video of 2013. In the height of its popularity, thousands of people across the nation were uploading their own viral video versions of the Harlem Shake.

These top Bing searches in 2013 provide a quick walk down memory lane. For more of this year’s online search trends, visit www.BingTrends.com.

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Date: Monday, 25 Nov 2013 23:30

I have had an online presence since late 1999. in the beginning it was just a small website with only a few pages. My presence has grown steadily throughout the years and my level of visibility has increased significantly as a result. The higher level of visibility has helped me to get more opportunities offered to m and has led to some income.

I have my own personal websites that can all be reached through craypoe.com. I had at first started out with just one website but now have a number of them and they total over 4,000 pages. It took a number of years to get to that number but it was slow and steady and still growing. My traffic has increased significantly over the years as well. That has led to more opportunities.

There are some search strings where some pages on my sites rank high in the search engines. Because of that, I get requests from search engine optimization companies, who are contacting me on the behalf of a client, offering me money to post links to a website. The reason they do so is not the traffic that could be gained from clicking on a link from my site but for the purpose of search engine optimization. If my page has a high search engine ranking for a certain search string a text link from my page to a site with similar content, their search engine ranking will improve. If their search engine ranking improves, they get more traffic through the search engines. They will get far more traffic from the search engine than they would get directly from my site.

After a while I got into article and e-book writing. I have written for a few different sites but currently do most of my article writing through Triond.com. Over time, I have started to receive a lot of article views. So between my websites and the writing, I have begun to reach a lot of people online.

I use the Internet to publicize my music to try to reach as many people as I can worldwide. I have accounts with ReverbNation.com and SoundCloud.com. I link to those accounts from my websites and my social networking profile pages. I reach other people who have accounts on those sites and try to direct them to my own websites. I also direct traffic to those pages from my websites. It’s really a cross promotional thing where they each promote each other.

I sell music through Amazon.com both in MP3 format and on CD. I also have done some product reviews on amazon. That helps to get my name out there to even more people. I also link to the products I sell through Amazon from my own websites. That’s another form of cross promotion.

I have been doing 3D artwork for a while now. I have online galleries on a couple of websites which link to my websites and my websites also link to my online galleries. I meet other artists who have galleries on those sites and other people who are just interested in art.

I am also highly involved with social networking websites. I do Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and others. They all link to my websites and my websites link to them. They even link to each other. My Triond account has a few thousand fans as well. Between all of them, I have the ability to reach a a lot of people from all over the world.

So how can you diversify your online presence? First of all, what all do you do? If you write, join writing websites. If you do art, join up on some art websites that have galleries. Do you do photography? Join sites that do that as well. Are you a musician, join up on the social networking websites they have for musicians. That will increase your online visibility. If you do a number of those things, consider yourself diversified. All you have to do now is diversify your online presence. You will then be abe to reach more people. You should also be able to increase opportunities offered to you because more people will be able to discover you online. So basically you have to sit down and take stock of everything you can do. Then find a places online where you can promote those things and network with others who do those same sorts of things. Then, soon enough, you will see the benefits of diversifying your online presence. You’ll basically have everything covered.

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Date: Monday, 18 Nov 2013 23:17

(BPT) – The holiday season is all about celebrating with family and friends, which means more merry-making, staying organized and enjoying the time spent shopping for the perfect gifts. A smart shopper is able to access and keep organized great deals and discounts, reduce time with online shopping and check for last-minute opinions if absolutely necessary.

To help be a smarter shopper this holiday season, consider putting these tips to use:

* Keep the deals and discounts organized – At this time of year, everyone’s inbox is flooded with promotions with varying expiration dates. Holiday-themed emails began filling inboxes across the country starting mid-October, and will continue to increase over the next two months, according to an Experian study. Being able to train your inbox to manage these promotions for you will help save time while online shopping. Outlook.com has a sweep feature that allows users to move everything from a particular sender to a single folder with a quick push of a button, and then delete everything except the most recent communications. In a matter of seconds, the hundreds of holiday deals clogging your inbox are sorted and deleted except for the deals you need in order to receive a discount on your online purchase. More than half of holiday shoppers will shop online this season, according to the National Retail Federation, but you’ll be ahead of the game with your promotions organized for quick access.

* Make certain your online shopping is secure – Identity theft is a big concern during the holiday season, and keeping your credit card and account information secure should be a priority, especially when shopping online. Start first with the Internet browser you’re using. Internet Explorer 11 is the most secure browser among its competitors, according to NSS Labs. By keeping your browser and other software updated you’ll have the most up-to-date security protection on your computer. Also, when shopping, make certain you’re on a secure site. The SmartScreen Filter on Internet Explorer 11 helps warn you about unsafe sites before you share your account information with people who could misuse it.

* Share your wish lists - Many families create wish lists to help in finding the perfect gift for each recipient – you wouldn’t want anyone receiving another fruit cake! But sometimes a typed list doesn’t convey the full idea of exactly what you’re looking for. Use visuals to remove any confusion about what you really want by uploading and sharing a photo wish list on SkyDrive. That way, you know the wish list will always be with you through the cloud.

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* Get a last-minute opinion - Sometimes the shopping list fails or you’re in need of an urgent gift, and find yourself in a crowded store faced with a gift dilemma. Grab a second opinion with a friend or family member using Skype on your phone. You can use both video calls and messages to communicate your quandary, and quickly arrive at a mutual agreement, allowing you to finish your shopping and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

Smart shopping helps remove stress from the holiday season, and you can accomplish your shopping to-do list much more efficiently. You’ll soon discover you have free time to hang out with friends and family more often and really enjoy the holiday season.

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Date: Monday, 18 Nov 2013 11:28

There is some truth to the saying “Slow and steady wins the race.” This is especially true when it is over an extended period of time. Even progress at the slowest possible pace can add up after a while.

Quite often, I will start a small project and don’t think much of it at the time when I start it. When I first put guitar chords on my website, I just started out with the first few keys. Then a few months later I did the remaining keys. That meant that I have 12 pages for the 12 major keys and the main page that linked to them all. A whopping total of 13 pages in that section of the website. Not too impressive though. Not yet anyway.

About a year or two later, I decided to put guitar scales up on the site. I just started with the major, and minor pure scales for each key, which meant 24 more pages. Now the guitar lessons portion of the site was up to 37 pages. Of course that wasn’t good enough, so then I went back a few months later and added even more guitar scales. That portion of the site eventually went over 100 pages. The traffic to the website increased dramatically as all of the content was being added. The new content would start showing up in the search engines and the increasing number of visitors reflected that.

I then decided to add more instruments. I decided to add mandolin chords. Once again, the traffic increased significantly. As soon as I saw that there was a significant increase generated by adding the mandolin chords,I decided to add the scales for the mandolin too. Then I added banjo chords, keyboard chords and other music related features to the website. With each addition to the website in content, the more visitors I received, as a result.

Not only was I adding music related features to the site but I had also been adding classic poetry. Originally, I had a goal of 200 poems. Over time, though, I added more and more. Now, there are over 2,000. It took a while, but they add up over time.

The same is true regarding other things I have been working on throughout the years. I had joined a few social networking sites and started to add friends. My Myspace friend count currently stands at almost 31,000. I have over 5,000 Facebook friends and a couple of thousand Twitter followers. It took a while to compile them but now I use the social networking sites to help drive traffic to my sites. That with what I get from the search engines gets me a couple of million page views a year on my websites.

I also started to develop my own product line. When I first started to do my websites, I had no product line. Now I have a handful of products but, slowly, over time, I will continue to add more. I use the websites to pull people in and then promote my products from within the sites. Cumulatively, the tasks of creating the content for the sites, creating and uploading the pages, creating the products, writing articles, working with social networking sites and all of the other things take up a lot of time. Much of that time is divided between the various tasks. So progress is quite slow for each of those tasks. However, over time, much progress is made.

Over a period of just over ten years, I have accumulated about 4,000 pages on the Internet, accumulated all of those friends, I mentioned above, on the social networking sites, started to compile articles, recorded my own music, made the music available for download and have done a number of other things. Now, it sounds like I did a lot, but it took ten years to get to that point. Ten years is a significant amount of time in my book.

If you break the 4,000 pages on the Internet down by year, it averages 400 pages a year. Well, there are 365 days in the year. That means, on average, I created 1.1 pages per day. Doesn’t really sound like that much now, does it? It’s that slow and steady thing creeping up on you. The idea is not to lose your enthusiasm. The idea is to maintain enough determination, long enough, to actually be able to create something big. They say that quitters never win and winners never quit. Maybe that idea combined with the fact that slow and steady wins the race, is what really makes the difference.

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Date: Sunday, 17 Nov 2013 09:25

It seems that every day it gets harder and harder to make money on the Internet. There is a reason for getting that feeling. It’s because it’s true. Sorry to burst your bubble if that bothers you, but it is most definitely the case. The one reason is because of the level of competition is constantly increasing. Once a new website goes online, it becomes yet another site out there competing for traffic. It’s not much of a threat if you’re already established. In fact, if you’re already established and doing well, you don’t have much to fear from new sites unless they have a lot of money to spend promoting themselves. The bad news is, though, that if you aren’t really pulling in a lot of traffic, it gets harder to increase the number of visitors you are already receiving.

Even if you are getting a lot of visitors, it’s still hard to make a buck. Many sites offer things for free to pull in traffic. Web surfers are always looking for free stuff and you can’t get any cheaper than free. So how do you compete? If a competing website offers something for free that you charge for on your site, whose site do you think people will want to go to? The fact is that nobody wants to pay for anything anymore. They certainly won’t pay for anything if they find out that they can get it somewhere else for free.

It has now gotten to the point where the only way many sites make money is from the advertising they barrage you with on their site. You may have noticed an increase in the number of pop-up ads and other forms of advertising on the Internet. You will also see the underlined text in articles that will display and ad if you roll your cursor over it. Then there are banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, video ads that play without prompting you and so on. Do you know why you are getting barraged with all of those various forms of advertising? It’s because it’s hard for a website to make money by other methods.

It has even gotten to the point where you will see highly popular sites barrage you with advertisements of every type. I went to FoxNews.com and saw the underlined text ads or what is more technically referred to as inline text ads. But media companies generally make the bulk of their money through advertising, so I guess that should be expected to some degree.

Companies that pay for advertising through Google Adwords or other contextual ads will bid on certain keywords. One may say that he’s willing to pay 23 cents a click for an ad to be displayed to match a certain keyword. Someone else may say that they are willing to pay 30 cents a click. The one that’s willing to pay 30 cents will have his ads displayed first. So, if your bid is too low, your ads won’t be displayed because of the competition. If you plan to advertise your site through these companies that do the contextual ads, it can be pretty hard to get a decent return for you investment.

If you are a publisher of the contextual ads (website that displays them), you are competing against other sites that display them. The more sites that display contextual ads, the lower the amount per click you will make. So the whole thing on both sides are driven by supply and demand. If there are a lot of sites publishing the ads, then the higher paying ads will be divided between a large number of sites, they will run out and then the lower paying one will be displayed.

In the early days of the Net, there was a lot less competition. As a result, it was much easier to make a buck on the Internet. Less publishers for contextual ads to compete against and you could make money on pay per impression ads, where you would get money for each time an ad was displayed. Now most ads are pay-per-click, which means that you only get paid when someone clicks on the ad. Affiliate programs are even worse. You will only get paid if someone clicks on the ad displayed on your site and then makes a purchase from the advertiser’s site.

Now the point of this article is not to discourage anyone. The point behind this article is to help people realize that making money on the Internet is no walk in the park. It will take time, effort and money on your part to generate traffic to your site and getting people to by something once they get there is a bit of a challenge too. Just remember that you’re not alone, because everybody has to fight to make a buck on the Web. You just have to work harder at it than the next guy, and if you do, you will prevail in the end. You can be the one that’s rising to the top while the others descend down that downward spiral.

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Date: Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013 10:44

Executive Summary

Mark Schaefer has given us a book that is amazing at getting the most out of your Twitter. By following his guide, you will enjoy the benefits of applying his concept and make connections that were just not possible before. You can connect with people all over the world instantly, and you can use that as feedback, brainstorming and many other things. Twitter is not just for personal use but also for professionals. If used correctly, it can be a great marketing tool for any type of business you may have; you just need to be persistent and patient because building a group of followers is not an easy task. It is also important to remember that the biggest long term benefit you are going to get out of Twitter are the personal connections you will make with wonderful people around the world.

To follow the Tao of Twitter, Schaefer has three aspects you must first tackle. The first one is making meaningful connections. This is about making connections and attracting people to your Twitter. This is a critical step of the process because without followers you will not be able to do the two other aspects. Having more followers also means that you will be able to make more interactions and get more opportunities to create business benefits. If you are a beginner on Twitter, Schaefer recommends that you start with twenty minutes a day, posting relevant content and trying to find followers on your same interest and industry. Also by following people that are influential to you, you can learn new things from them, adding benefits to yourself and/or business.

The second aspect of the Tao is to provide meaningful content.  Providing content that is interesting will attract people, and they can also refer you to more followers. For this Schaefer recommends that you try tweeting three times a day at different times, so you can reach a variety of audience that might be on at different times. Also make sure you stay active with your followers and quickly respond any messages and mentions you may have. “Tweet regularly, tweet often, but only if you have something of value to say” is a great advice from Schaefer. Share interesting links you read through the day, share posts from your blog, and also re-tweet posts from influential people.

The final aspect is to be authentically helpful. Help your followers out! People are tired of being sold to. By being genuine you can build great relationships. Any business relationship is based on trust, and just like Schaefer states, this must be earned. You need to help your followers without expecting anything back in return. Most people post questions or problems on Twitter, answer it for them if you can, if not try to point them to someone who is able to do so. Re-tweet content from followers, they appreciate their content being spread.  Make sure if someone helps you out, show them gratitude. But most importantly – just stay honest! People will see you are genuine and they will come to you as well as refer you to other people.

By applying these steps you will surely surround yourself with great people that will lead you to great opportunities. However, it is crucial to remember that gaining these benefits take time, nevertheless, follow the Tao of Twitter and you will reach your goals!

The Ten Things Managers Need to Know from The Tao of Twitter  

1. To attract more followers in Twitter you need be genuine and honest. Business relationships are built online and offline this way. By doing this you will connect with people and you can gain a lot of opportunities you did not have before. Show people that you care and they will reciprocate it to you.

2. Have the right attitude to use Twitter. You cannot be mean and expect to be in a social media website, it will back fire on you. You need to have a positive attitude and the persistence to get a great community, and soon you will be surrounded with some great followers.

3. Twitter might not be for everyone. Evaluate your business and see if most of your customers are online. Also make sure you like being part of the social media, you cannot force it. However, if you decided not to use Twitter, at least follow influential people and gain some more knowledge.

4. Make sure you are prepared on what are the basics of Twitter. It will help a great deal if you already know your way around Twitter and what everything means. This will help you get your profile set up the right way and you can start connecting with people easier.

5. Learn the more advanced technical jargon of Twitter. Be aware of the shortcuts you can take with third party software to save your time or just to track your followers better. There are third party software that can help you know when your followers are online, this way you can best choose when to post content for your followers.

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6. Benefits multiply. Once you start to make connections and offering authentic help to people, they will want to help you out, too. Once it gets rolling, everyone will look out for each other and the opportunities will be endless.

7. Follow the first aspect of the Tao, make targeted connections. Be active on your Twitter and find influential people. Also conduct searches based on what your interests are and follow those people. Connect with your contacts that are on other platforms like on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

8. Post meaningful content to your followers. You need to relate to your followers, post links, re-tweets and just be yourself. This will make your Twitter feed interesting and followers will come.

9. Focus on quality, not quantity. In the long run it is not about how many followers you have, but with how many you have made a connection. It will not be useful to have ten thousand inactive followers. Also make sure you block and report spammers so you do not end up with noise on your feed.

10. Be mindful that the most important long term benefit that you will get out of Twitter are the relationship you will have with people all over the world. It is the personal friendships that you will make through your journey that will matter the most.

Full Summary of The Tao of Twitter


The introduction of the Tao of Twitter claims that at least sixty percent of the people who try Twitter quit after the first week. Mark Schaefer states that he believes this is caused by the lack of instructions. Yes, there are instructions on how to set up your profile, but after that you need to figure it out on your own. This book will provide instructions which will help you gain the benefits of the most powerful business networking system that has ever existed!

To get you motivated in further reading this book, Mark Schaefer provides seven reasons on how Twitter can help your business:

  • Attract new audiences, potential customers, partners, and suppliers

  • Follow news on your industry, market, competition and customers

  • Solve problems quickly

  • Be up to date with the latest research, opinion, insights, and competitive intelligence

  • Learn new skills

  • Strengthen new and existing business relationships

  • Open up low-cost marketing opportunities

Chapter One: Discovering the Tao of Twitter

Twitter at first glance is not easy to understand, but it is a great powerful tool to use. The first tweet Mark Schaefer received was “It’s 4 a.m.” – this made him think Twitter was just going to be useless. He was ready to quit Twitter, but being a consultant and a marketing educator, he was determined to figure it out.

Schaefer had his first eureka moment when a trending topic about the swine flu caught his eye. The pork industry was having trouble because it was hurting sales of the “other white meat” and asked people on Twitter to call it something else. When Schaefer saw all the responses, he realized that people all over the world can have a “real-time global brainstorming session”. Schaefer thought on how Twitter can really connect the whole world, and how it can be used for business, networking, solving problems, learning, and other things.

Over the next weeks Schaefer started looking at Twitter more closely, he then explains a little of his journey while he started to understand the power of Twitter. One time when his region had a bad storm and the wind took all the power and communication down, the only resource he had was Twitter. There he could read tweets from friends as well as reports on flooding and damage on the area. He also got a tip from a friend that he could listen to local broadcast news through an iPhone app.  The list of Schaefer examples goes on, but it is important to note the potential and the benefit of Twitter that goes beyond simple tweets of people updating their status saying they are at the mall.

Chapter Two: The Tao of Twitter in Action

To better understand the immense potential of Twitter, Schaefer shows us how two words tweeted changed his life and the life of a follower of his. Schaefer was watching a football game when he tweeted “Go Steelers”; he then received a reply from Michelle, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, about the game. She was also a blogger like Schaefer except doing video blogs, and when Schaefer saw her work, he was impressed. In fact, he was impressed so much, he asked her to make a video for his new company. The friendship continued on and Michelle offered different jobs to Schaefer to work with her, but Schaefer being so busy suggested another friend for Michelle which he had met through Twitter as well.

After graduation Michelle moved to France. Schaefer on his trip to Europe made sure to stop and meet Michelle one night, which happened to be on a night she was throwing a party next to Notre Dame for bloggers around the world. There Schaefer networked with other bloggers and he became friends with Gregory Pouy – exceptional marketing blogger from France. Gregory translated his eBook to English so Schaeffer could put them exclusively on his blog.

This random event that happened to Schaefer was not out of luck, it was Tao of Twitter, which is the little thing that the professional web networkers and marketers sense but is unexplainable. The power of networking on Twitter is huge and just two words Schaefer tweeted opened a world of opportunities for him and his Twitter friend.

Chapter Three: The Tao Explained

There is only one common formula that can be applied to success stories involving Twitter and the social web. Schaefer claims this formula has three aspects:

  • Targeted Connections: You should surround yourself with people that have your same interests and businesses similar to yours. Following people on Twitter with your same interest will create connections that can expand your business.

  • Meaningful Content: The posts you create should be related to what you do, so people that follow you have interest on what you are trying to do. These posts can be in any form, like tweets, blogs, links and anything that will help connect your business with the rest of the world.

  • Authentic Helpfulness: Help your followers. Do not try to sell them products, people are tired of being advertised things they do not want. Just by helping and caring about people you will make meaningful connections. Those connections will lead to awareness and trust of people, which will help your business expand and profit.

Chapter Four: The Business Benefits of Twitter

Using Twitter can lead to many business benefits; most of those benefits are intangible. You can use the Return on Investment to calculate the benefit of Twitter, but as Schaefer says you will be missing the big picture. Small businesses will have a gain on the social media platform, because they do not need to calculate the ROI like big corporations. They will just see the benefit by their self gain that they get by learning from current followers or reading about competitors.

The faster you start using Twitter, the faster you will enjoy the benefits, which include: using Twitter as promotional tool, keeping customers happy by having a customer service relation, getting information from tweets that will help you build a new product line, subscribing to people that will help you gain more knowledge and solve problems better.

Chapter Five: Tao 1: Making Targeted Connections

The initial step to take in achieving the Tao of Twitter is to make connections. Schaefer claims if you have less than two hundred followers, Twitter is going to be boring. He recommends to spend time building your profile and working your Twitter twenty minutes a day. There are five basics things you need to do when setting up your profile. First, add a picture, include a link to your website, create a biography with your business interests, use a short name that will be easy to remember and add a few tweets. The next step is to find followers; the best way to do this is by following people with your same interest. Schaefer suggests using the rule of thumb that about seventy percent of the people you follow will follow you back. Schaefer provides a list with twenty-two ways to help you get started with your journey on building your “tribe” (followers).

Chapter Six: Tao 2: Providing Meaningful Content

The second step in the Tao is to provide meaningful content for your “tribe”. After you build your followers, you should just be yourself and provide things that you like and are interested. This can also be in a form of links, blogs, and the easy one – re-tweets. Re-tweets are the tweets of other people that you choose to post on your Twitter, it helps you take some weight off your shoulders so you do not have to provide all the content yourself. Schaefer advises to post regularly – up to three times a day on different times. However, as you tweet regularly, he suggests having something of value to say and not just random things. Additionally, Schaefer gives you more information of what to tweet and when to tweet. By doing all these things you can ensure that you will build human connections, and create potential business benefits that otherwise would have never happened.

Chapter Seven: Tao 3: Offering Authentic Helpfulness

The last step in the Tao is to provide authentic helpfulness. It is crucial to create trust between business relationships. It is the same on the social web – it must be earned. By providing help to your followers without expecting something in return, you will earn their respect and trust. This creates relationship that can lead to something great that will benefit your business. Schaefer also points out that the key is to take the relationship offline. You can connect in other more meaningful ways, like a phone call, e-mail, a live meeting on Skype, or even if they are in your same area – go have a cup of coffee. Being genuine and helpful is a great advice that Schafer provides and when applied, it will help you on anything you do.

Chapter Eight: Immersion

Twitter has its own language, and anyone starting off can get confused with its terminology, just like being in a foreign country. Schaefer gives some of the most common terms in Twitter, but next will be stated just a few important ones:

  • @: the @ sign is used to reply to a certain user.

  • Direct messages or DM: these are your messages, that are equivalent to e-mail, but they are also capped at 140 characters, just like tweets.

  • Feed: this is where your post on Twitter goes to; it is also referred as a timeline.

  • Hashtags: these are used by using the # sign first followed by a word, or various words without a space. Hashtags are great for discussions, trending topics (most popular topics in real time).

Schaefer goes deeper into explaining the language of Twitter which will help a great deal if you are a beginner. Additionally, he also states that it is important to keep the quality of the tweets high, because that is more than the quantity of tweets. Since tweets are limited to 140 characters, you should also make sure that your first words are eye catching. But the most important advice that Schaefer gives on this chapter is to be patient. Building a “tribe” with a lot of people takes time, it will probably take months, do not be impatient and quit, just follow the three aspects of the Tao of Twitter.

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Chapter Nine: Lists-They to Twitter Sanity

When you follow more than a few hundred people, your feed will get a little messy and it will be hard to read through everything. Twitter solved this problem by creating something called lists. Lists let you categorize people and put them in a list. For example, if you have a few personal people you would like to follow more closely, you would put them all in one list. You can also share these lists, and also look at your followers’ lists. This is great because you can target your audience more closely. So naming your lists appropriately will help your followers get interest on your list. Also add yourself to the lists, because if someone follows the list, they will follow everyone in there.

Chapter Ten: 20 Ideas to Toast your Competition

Schaefer provides us with twenty different ways to gain advantage over your competition.  A few of these advantages will be noted next. Businesses should try to use Twitter to listen what the customer has to say about the company. Try to provide customer service over it, the information is public and other people can see how you are helping your customers out. Run promotions so you can attract more traffic. Use Twitter as your center of business intelligence by collecting information from your competitor feed and watching their customer’s interaction as well.

Although all these advices should be followed, Schaefer reminds us that the most important part for the Tao of Twitter is connecting with people, and that the businesses are built on relationships.

Chapter Eleven: Twitter Time Savers

When receiving a lot of information on your Twitter feed, it is easy to get carried away and start clicking link after link. Even though every business will require different amount of time spent on social media, on this chapter Schaefer provides time saver tips for both – beginners and pros.

For beginners he recommends to use Twitter for twenty minutes a day. Half of the time should be spent on the first aspect of the Tao – making new connections and building your “tribe”. The other half of your time should be spent reading tweets and responding to tweets.

For pros, since you are already going to be using Twitter a lot, Schaefer recommends a few time saving functions. Sharing things you read on the Internet and Twitter, using re-tweets, as well as using Ping.fm which is a platform to post information at the same time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

There is also an option to outsource your Twitter, but Schaefer does not recommend outsourcing, since Twitter is about personal connections. If you are a big corporation and need to outsource, you should keep your Twitter as genuine as possible, and give guidelines to the outsourcing company to make sure your Twitter will stay aligned with your company.

Chapter Twelve: Balancing the Personal and the Professional

Schaefer proposes the question if we should separate personal and business Twitter accounts. Big corporations use Twitter teams to make their Twitter more personal. In this case the Twitter team has access to the corporation profile; they reply to customers and at the end of the tweet they add their initial so the customer can go check their Bio and see the information about who replied to them. Twitter can be for both – personal and professional use. Schaefer proposes that Twitter should have a balance of both. Let’s not forget that Twitter is about relationships, and what better ways to increase trust than by letting them know a little more about you.

Chapter Thirteen: Secrets of Influence on Twitter

Improving social influence is important on Twitter. Schaefer leads us back to the three aspects of Tao of Twitter to improve our influence. It is necessary to first get your “tribe” going and block spammers so you filter out followers that are not important to your business. “You need both quality engagement and quantity of followers to ultimately be successful”. Next is to provide that meaningful content to your “tribe”. That way you are targeting followers that are relevant to what you do. If you have followers that have interests in your content, they are more likely to try to contact you and share your tweets or blogs that you may have. The most important though is the authentic helpfulness. Engage with your followers and try to help them out without expecting anything back. Re-tweet their content or say hello to them. By being genuine and helpful people will come to you.

Chapter Fourteen: Advanced Twitter Concepts

On this chapter Schaefer gets more in depth on how to work Twitter. He suggests that after getting a lot of followers, you should do some “audience maintenance” which means to clean out people that do not follow you back or that are inactive.  He also talks about promoted tweets, accounts, and trends. These are paid advertising content that is displayed on top of lists. Schaefer also gives tips on how to do more specific searches on Twitter and also gives advice to watch out for spammers and hackers that are increasingly getting into Twitter. Twitter is always changing and improving so to get updates on the new information, they have set up a blog you can follow, which will help you stay on track on new features.

Chapter Fifteen: Becoming a Top Cat on Twitter Chats

Chats are when a group of people get together at a specific time and use hashtags to talk about a subject or just share ideas. Chats are really popular nowadays, especially because TV shows do them as well so you can talk to artists as the show airs. You can set up your own Twitter chat by selecting unique hashtags that no one else is using. If a lot of people join the tag, it can be confusing to follow all the posts, but Schaefer points out that there is third party software that can help you with that. Chats are beneficial because you make new connections and expand your personal influence. It is also beneficial as a business because you can get instant customer feedback.

Chapter Sixteen: Is Twitter for Everybody

Social media can be difficult for a lot of people and Schaefer claims that Twitter is not for everyone. Sometimes your business can be a perfect candidate to be involved with social media, but if your personality is not the type to interact with people online then you are likely going to quit Twitter.  If you are not going to use Twitter for your business, Schaefer recommends that you at least, connect with other leaders and businesses so you stay on track on what is going on in your industry.

Chapter Seventeen: Tao Power: Putting It All Together

In the last chapter Schaefer focuses on the authentic helpfulness. The Tao of Twitter is about building relationships and connecting with people. You should provide the meaningful content so your “tribe” gets bigger with people of your same interest. Then you should help out without expecting anything in return and more people will join you. It will create incredible benefits that Schaefer shares throughout his entire book. But in the long term the most important thing will be the relationship you will build with amazing people you will encounter. Follow the Tao of Twitter and with persistence and patience all these benefits can happen to you too.

The Video Lounge

On this video from Likeable Media, the author talks about the Tao of Twitter, and how he self published the book in 2010. He encourages you to write your own book, because he had no marketing, no advertising, and his book went viral. Twitter is not easy to grasp, it took the author six months to get it. Also, the author was asked about what is the biggest myth of Twitter, he replied that people think that the amount of followers you have do not matter, but it is very important, without the people you cannot advance further and make meaningful connections.

Personal Insights

Why I think:

  • With business conditions today what the author wrote is true because:

With the market changing so fast, everyone is moving to social media. By using the tips the author gives you, Twitter can be one of the most powerful tools to market your business, and it does not cost you anything to use it. It allows you to communicate with customers instantly, look at what your competitors are doing, and so many other things that the author explains on his book.

  • If I were the author of the book, I would have done these three things differently:

1. The book is great to get you started, but I feel it is missing more information about third party software. Reading the book made me realize that Twitter becomes a much more powerful with the third party software mentioned by the author, but there is not lot information about them.

2. The book needs more technical information about Twitter hashtags on how to read them and how to use them. People use millions of hashtags a day, but how many are enough on a tweet? When exactly should I use them? Use them on every tweet or just for “FollowFriday?” Also there are millions of hashtags out there, and I think that kind of foreign language scares people a lot. The author should have given more advice on how to decipher and use them.

3. The book needs more examples on what works. For example, what are big corporations doing with their Twitter; how are they reaching people through tweets. Then how can we incorporate what they are doing on the Twitter for small companies.

  • Reading this book made me think differently about the topic in these ways:

1. This book showed me how powerful are the connections made online. Social media being global, the opportunities are endless and it can take you anywhere in the world. It is good to keep Twitter even for personal purposes; you do not know what new friendships you will make.

2. It showed me how important is the roll of social media in a business. Twitter can really make your business take off; it can attract huge amounts of people that are not even in your region.  As well as finding out what your competitors are doing and analyze their followers.

3. It made me think that it is not exactly about how many followers you have, but more about how much they engage with you. A lot of people buy Twitter handles because they have already thousands of followers. This is the wrong way to go about this issue because almost no one of those followers are real or even if they are, most will not engage with you. The author advices to never buy a Twitter handle.

  • I will apply what I have learned in this book in my career by:

1. I will apply it by using my Twitter handle more and creating my “tribe” that share the same interests. I will also be open to help people out without expecting anything back, like the author said – it is about the people to people relationship.

2. Try not to outsource. If working on a company that has a Twitter handle, I will take the authors advice to not outsource the Twitter handle, because it will lose authenticity and this is what customers look for.

3. I will follow more influential people that I can learn from. Twitter is full of people who share the same interests with you, it is good to take some time and read what they share to gain more knowledge and apply it to my business.

  • Here is a sampling of what others have said about the book and its author:

This book has stellar reviews. Marcy Long says that this book does what it promises. And it is completely true, I believe if you follow the guidelines the author has stated, you will too be successful. Another great review comes from Barrick, who says “The book I wish I had before I wrote my first tweet”. It goes to show how Mark did a great job on breaking down the steps to successfully use Twitter and gain benefits. Edwin Dearborn has a great review – he explains how he reached a “plateau” on Twitter and could not advance until he read the Tao of Twitter. Marisa Peacock has a great point about the book “Even if the Twitter empire falls to pieces, the book’s insights will live on as a guide to approaching the social web with the intent of finding truth and meaning through authenticity”. This is completely true, Mark shows us how not to be selfish and just help people out. Great things will come out of those friendships that we will make just by offering help. This book is also for people that have been on Twitter for a while and Paul from his YouTube account TheExperiateChannel confirms that for us. He has used Twitter for years and he said that he has found the book to be “hugely valuable”. Paul used the advice of Mark about lists. He added his Twitter handle to the lists he makes, and as people subscribe to your lists, they will see your tweets too.


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