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Date: Friday, 16 Apr 2010 20:33

bill maher blog4brains dot com uploads 2007 2008One of the reasons I look forward to Fridays in general is that they herald the upcoming weekend, and also because Bill Maher is on HBO at 10 PM. I recorded his last show and finally got time to sit down to watch it a few days ago. His second guest of the night was Chef & Restaurateur Alice Waters.

While I have been around many, many chefs during my lifetime, there are some who catch my attention with their boisterous personalities, kitchen tricks and other look-at-me attitudes. Chefs have big egos, whether they show them or not. As soon as Alice Waters sat down I was taken with her soft voice. Her subtle air of command captured both my and Bill’s attention. I could tell by his body language and excited voice that he was very pleased she was sitting across the table from him.

I love her demeanor, her self-possessed assurance that every word she spoke would sink in and be heard. She also has such a delightfully feminine way of speaking with her hands, embellishing and emphasizing her poetic, yet determined stand against the poor nutrition of our children. Even though she appeared gracefully relaxed, she wears her dignity as would a noblewoman of old, and we her audience, were hooked as fish in a fisherman’s net.

There are certain people I like on the spot, and many of whom I would enjoy sitting down to eat a meal and enjoy conversation with, over candles burning low in their holders. Alice and Bill are two of these people and I could tell they felt the same way that night. Bill was lit up like a sparkler. Because of his interest I didn’t take my eyes off the television screen. I learned a lot about this woman. She is determined to help bring about this revolution against poor nutrition and obesity in our school children.

Chef Alice Waters Random House authphoto 75571_waters_aliceThis icon has won so many awards over the last two decades. She has been a pioneer in supporting her community and farmers by purchasing locally grown organic foods, supporting the farmers, eating properly and in doing so, reducing her carbon footprint. She journeyed to France when she was nineteen and learned about the simplicity of natural foods. Slow Food is a phrase she coined and when Bill leaned in to inquire about it, she replied it is the opposite of fast food.

Both Alice and Bill grew up in New Jersey. They touched on this fact by mentioning all of the farms that once were there. Bill quipped in the motto: “New Jersey The Garden State”, but where are all of the farms now they wondered aloud.

Bill Maher usually holds the majority of the audience’s attention while interviewing his guests, but Alice outshone him without ever trying to do so. She is on a mission and the truth of her goal is something every American should hear. She wants to feed every school child a slow food breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack everyday. Plus she wants it to be free, no charge. She pointed out that the children need to experience the goodness of fresh food, and for parents to stop feeding them food with little or no nutritive value. To this end she has written a book just for school children and its title is “The Edible Schoolyard. For the adults she has written “The Green Kitchen”, where she teaches that all of us can get back to the basics of good sound nutrition.

There is something really very special about this lady and the message she is sending is quite clear. Do something positive to eat real food, support your local farmers and buy direct, or in your grocer’s organic food section. Bill asked “Do you remember when you would bite into a peach and it was plump and fruity and full of flavor? Take tomatoes … they don’t taste like they did when we were growing up. Well nowadays, whenever I try a pretty peach I have to throw it away after tasting one bite.” I’m really with him on this point! I sat there nodding my head up and down in agreement. French Legion Of Honor Medal

I could tell the interview was getting ready to come to an end and besides all of Alice Waters’ awards up to this point, there is one which by now, she may have already been presented. It is the French Legion Of Honor Award. It is one of the highest awards anyone can ever receive. Her vision of our school children’s future in their attitudes toward food is a grand one, but very realistic and achievable. She is lovely and someone I really want to meet. Alice Waters is entirely fashionable and trendy, and romantically … The Lady Robin Hood of today.

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Date: Friday, 16 Apr 2010 17:10

pile of polished stones stacked in a very zenlike column on a wet beachEveryday stresses can build up and hang around in the back of our minds so that even when we have free time to relax and unwind, we find ourselves stressed out about all the little things that are bugging us. So today I would like to invite everyone to let go of all their frustrations and, as part of the cleansing process, tell us about the stuff that’s been driving you crazy. By simply leaving it all behind us, we can enter a calmer state and enjoy a worry-free weekend! Here’s my rant:

My frustration this week was provided courtesy of the City of San Antonio. I got a $25.00 ticket because my car was blocking the sidewalk. A $25.00 ticket is definitely not the end of the world, but there are a few reasons why it ticks me off:

  • The code enforcement officer came around a few weeks ago and banged (not knocked, but banged) on my door continuously until I got out of bed and answered…just before 7 a.m. This was just so he could give us a warning. I mean, can’t you just leave a note on the car?
  • Since our obnoxious warning, we have been really good about squeezing our two cars next to each other in our 1 car driveway so as not to block the sidewalk even though it makes getting ourselves and our toddler in and out of the car a pain in the ass.
  • When we received the ticket for “blocking” the sidewalk, the bumper of our car was blocking a 6-8 inch section of the sidewalk, there was still plenty of room to walk without having to step out into the street.
  • There are numerous mailboxes on our street that completely block the entire sidewalk forcing the people walking, or little kids riding their bikes, down the street to walk or ride out into the street.

Here are a few picks of the mailboxes that block the sidewalk in my neighborhood:

IMG_0740 IMG_0738 IMG_0741

So my question to the good ‘ol City of San Antonio is why I’m being ticketed $25.00 for blocking a sidewalk with my car that is already impassable in many spots throughout the neighborhood? I kind of already know the answer–they want my money. That kind of sucks though because I am not a rich man and $25.00 would have bought diapers for my kid, or the co-pay for his next round of immunizations. Oh well, now the City of San Antonio has my $25.00 and I’m sure they’ll put it to good use doing…actually, what do they do? They don’t seem to ever remove the graffiti that appears weekly on all of our street signs, fences and utility boxes. They rarely respond to the calls I and my neighbors make about loose dogs that roam the neighborhood from time to time. Oh, but they do send Dick to my house at 7 a.m. to rudely wake me and my family up with incessant banging on our front door.

Here’s a tip for all you code enforcement officers out there. If you do need to come to my house again in the future, or anyone’s house really, you can knock politely and deal with me politely too. I’m sure you encounter some a-holes in the course of your day, but I bet you’re more likely to get treated badly when you go around banging on people’s doors like the world is about to end and then talk to them condescendingly about their bumper sticking out over the sidewalk, their hedges being planted to close to a utility box, or some other highly noncritical matter. Based on my first encounter with you, I will surely be an a-hole to you the next time you show up at my door! The City of San Antonio has earned a big FAIL in my book when it comes to their priorities and their community relations skills.

So, that’s my frustration for the week! I feel so much better for having let that out, and now I can just pay my ticket and enter the weekend free of this stress. Now it’s your turn. Unleash your frustrations upon the comment section so you too can move into your weekend unburdened and free to have fun! You’ll feel better afterwards; believe me. I do!

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Date: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 22:02

000_0293What is the meaning of life?  Why are we here?  What is the answer to life, the universe, everything?  Have you ever asked yourself these questions?  Quite probably you have.  Whether you were having some kind of crises in your life, or you just like exploring your own inner existentialism, the need to know, or at least feel better, about our existence is one that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time.  At least, I assume it has.  It sure as hell messes with my mind.  You might be thinking that I am going through a crises, since I am obviously thinking about my existence.  Well, I actually do enjoy thinking about my existence, and how it fits in with the big scheme of things.  Do I have any answers?  Of course not.  I don’t believe in definite answers, at least where existence and the meaning of life are concerned.

First off I would like to say that, in the big scheme of things, we are nothing.  We are next to nothing.  We aren’t even dust in the wind.  Think about it.  Think about the immensity of the universe, of everything.  Supposedly, in our galaxy, there are two hundred billion stars.  Just in our galaxy.  And speaking of our galaxy, scientists estimate it is about thirty kiloparsecs in diameter and about one kiloparsec thick.  Now one parsec is about 3.262 light years, or 19 trillion miles.  So that would make our galaxy approximately ninety-seven thousand, eight hundred and sixty light years across.  Ok, now, supposedly there are one hundred and twenty-five billion galaxies in the universe.  These numbers are, to me, almost completely unimaginable.  These are expanses that I can scarcely even conceive.

And here we are.  On one little planet in one little, microscopic solar system.  To believe that we are all along in the universe, as far as sentient life goes, seems kind of ridiculous when imagining the awesome size of existence.  But unlike other believers in aliens and what not, I don’t really think it has any bearing on us whether there is life out there or not.  If there were aliens and they had the ability to cross vast reaches of space, then they would most likely have technology far in advance of ours that it might as well be magic.  So why would they be interested in the strange, primitive, and mostly harmless creatures that rule over one little tiny speck in a vast vast ocean?  The answer is: they wouldn’t.  They wouldn’t care.  They wouldn’t even slow down to dump their alien trash, assuming they were traveling in a manner where speed is actually relative.  So for all intents and purposes, we are alone.  Left to our own devices.  When we reach a technological level where we have achieved faster-than-light travel, well, then maybe the aliens will stop by, but only to vaporize humanity and leave the earth a lifeless rock.

Moving along then.  So here we are, alone and left to our own devices.  What else is there for me?  Now, I’m not a religious or spiritual man.  What happens after I die…well, I guess I’ll worry about that when it happens.  If my life ends, then my memories end, and therefore, I end.  Is this a bleak outlook?  Some might think so.  But like I said, I’m not too worried.  There are so many other things that I feel are more important and more pressing.  Like filling my taxes, or checking out the latest piece of technology that I can’t afford.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m glossing over the whole religion thing.  Maybe some other time.  Moving along once again.

So then what is the point of my life?  If the universe is unimaginably vast, and I am some small insignificant piece of it, and I’m not worried about the afterlife, what is there to live for?  What is the point of my meaningless, insignificant existence?  My answer: there isn’t one…at least, not one that an uncaring universe deigns to give me.  So I have to make one up.  My point, my meaning, is defined by me, since their does not seem to be anything else, at least for me, to base my existence on.  Therefore, my reason for being is living and experiencing.  Why?  Because those are the things that I have, the things that are real to me.  Ninety-seven thousand light years is not real to me.  It’s just a concept, an abstraction.  The things that are real to me are the things I can see, touch, hear, feel, interact with.  The people I know and the lives I have touched.  These give me meaning and importance.  The things I experience, the food I taste, the sights I see, the sounds I hear.  I am the sum of my experience, and my experience defines who I am.  It’s the little things that matter most.  Holding my girlfriend’s hand, driving my car, writing this blog.  All parts of the interweaving, unimaginably complex system that makes up my life.  So what if I am less than the dust that dust particles have on their furniture.  So what if existence is so large that I might possibly go insane trying to conceive it.  It’s my life, possibly the only one I will be given.  I might as well revel in it.

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Date: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010 21:41

Painting of girl with surf board on cliff looking at ocean below. by Rob Kaz.For some unexplainable reason, surfing keeps finding its way into my life lately. I dreamt of surfing the other night. The following day, I sat down on the couch after straightening up our kitchen and the show Parenthood was ending by showing one of the show’s fathers sitting on a surfboard and smiling contently as he looked out to sea. Then today, as I was browsing around BC for a new art blog to check out, I came across Club Of The Waves–a surf art blog. I am not a surfer, but I’m getting the feeling the universe is telling me to start. Too bad I live in the middle of Texas!

Even though I have never surfed, I find the sport–as well as the community, the fashion and the art that surround it–beautiful and intriguing. So, I was very excited when I stumbled across Club of the Waves. The art is just plain awesome. The style of the pieces shared on the blog range from what I’d call classic surf art to retro 70’s style to 60’s style psychedelic stuff too. There are also some amazing portraits and of course some very vivid and beautiful photos. (Painting, above, is featured on COTW and is by artist Rob Kaz, http://www.robkazart.com/)

In addition to the art, there are some great videos there. Some are surfing videos, but I also found an amazing and beautifully done PSA about the destructive effects of plastics in our oceans and a really interesting one about the lifeguards on Hawaii’s North Shore. The one video I really liked was one showing surfer and artist Robb Havassy creating a piece of art from start to finish. Here it is in case you feel like checking it out too:

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Date: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 21:38

the blogpaperKarl Jo Seilern and Anton Waldburg, managing partners of theblogpaper.co.uk, seem to be swimming against the currents in the ever turbulent waters that are the publishing industry. While most print publications are moving more and more content online in order to reach an increasingly tech-savvy, internet-based and mobile readership, Seilern and Waldburg are taking blog content offline in the blogpaper–the UK’s first completely user-generated, free newspaper.

When I asked the duo what the rationale was behind taking blog content offline and into print form, Waldburg told me it is simply a way to “fully satisfy the needs of a young readership.” Readers can access the blogpaper’s content online, but having a print edition gives readers another format choice and extends the reach of the blogger past online consumers to those who prefer a more traditional reader experience. They may have a good point here. Even I–someone who reads most everything online–prefer reading a magazine or a newspaper when traveling rather than browsing content via my iPhone. And, as I think many other guys might attest to, there’s something about the tactile and olfactory experience of holding a paper or magazine in your hands while enjoying some alone time in the bathroom that a mobile device just can’t replace.

The next question in my mind is what would draw a reader to pick up the blogpaper instead of a traditional paper. Seilern and Waldburg told me that it is because the blogpaper provides completely different content than a daily news publication and is targeted at a different demographic. The readers who visit theblogpaper.co.uk are mainly young readers who are looking for posts about what Waldburg calls “hip and trendy” topics. So, they deliver “timeless, editorial content” to their target audience by distributing the paper in sections of London that are most likely to have hip, young readers with interests similar to their online community. Also, because the blogpaper’s community is the group responsible for deciding what makes the print edition, the reader is being provided with content recommended by approximately 10,000 likeminded readers.

Seilern and Waldburg informed me that in their current beta phase, during which they have worked in conjunction with the Evening Standard to publish 10,000 copies per issue, there has been a corresponding spike in their site’s traffic after each release.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “OK, but what’s in it for me, the blogger?” The first things that come to my mind are increased exposure for your content, increased interaction with readers and other writers, the opportunity to be published, and maybe some bragging rights. Like I mentioned earlier, the articles that make it to print do so because they are rated the highest by the community. So, making it to print means people are reading your post, people like your post, and in print form your post becomes available to a segment of the population you could not reach through your own blog.

Seilern told me that any time a post is shared on their site or printed in the blogpaper a link to the original source is always included. He said some of the bloggers who have been included in the paper have reported increased traffic after being published. Seilern said he hopes those numbers will increase after their official launch at the end of May–when the beta phase will end and circulation will expand to 50,000 copies. He said, interestingly, published bloggers seem unconcerned with increases in traffic. Instead, they seem more interested in the reactions their posts are getting from readers who see them in print. Some bloggers, he said, have even “gone to distribution points to see if anyone reads their posts and how they respond to it.” He explained that overall most bloggers are just generally excited about the fact that their content has been printed.

For bloggers looking for paying gigs, the chance to show your work published somewhere other than your own blog is a big plus. Depending on where you’re looking, the fact that your content was chosen by a community of 10,000 users as opposed to a few editors may also be a good selling point. For those bloggers just blogging for the love of it, you still benefit from another source of feedback and interaction. And, regardless of your goals, getting published is always a bit fun.

Being somewhat young, but admittedly not hip, I was wondering what type of content a young, hip readership seems to like best. Seilern and Waldburg said that the topic is seemingly unimportant; it’s more about “how well you write, how smart, how funny, how witty or inspirational you are.” They said humorous posts do the best and readers really love posts where bloggers recount funny situations in which they have found themselves.

On a final note, Seilern informed me that the blogpaper will be working with various companies to provide bloggers with products, event tickets and other goods & services in return for blogger reviews. This is something he said they have had success with in the past and will be doing more of in the future. So, if you’re into writing reviews, check the site in the near future to see what opportunities they are providing.

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Date: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 16:22

ghostbusters logoGoing it alone really doesn’t work for most of us. We need help and encouragement from others. We need someone to let us know when we’ve strayed over the edge. Feedback from trusted advisers and establishing effective mentor relationships is key to moving us forward to achieving our goals. Plus, it just feels good to be part of a group of people who are protective and “who’ve got your back”.

Here’s Avil Beckford with her thoughts on developing effective support networks – Cheryl Ragsdale

Who’s Watching Your Back? Support Networks Key to Success

by Avil Beckford

When you need advice, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

Oh man, I couldn’t help myself.

On a more serious note, when you hear the phrase support network, what images come to mind?

Who do you have in your support network to advise and mentor you whenever you need a helping hand? The people who watch your back?

This may not be something that you have thought about, but support networks are critical for success, as most accomplished people will attest to.

One such person, Linda Hollander also known as the The Wealthy Bag Lady, had two failed businesses before she attained professional success in a spectacular way. Hollander attributes her success to having an advisory team on her third try.

“Have a group of people you can always call on. Always ask for help and never go it alone. Your advisory group should consist of individuals who will assist you in holding fast to your vision. These people are your mentors, so surround yourself with mentors that you can learn from,” says Linda Hollander.

Your support network should consist of about four to six people who are committed to helping you achieve your goals, people who will hold you accountable.

To select the people for your Network, think about what you’d like to accomplish and why it’s important to you.

How to Find Members for your Support Network

  1. Conduct research to identify people who have done what you are trying to do, or are further along the path you are traveling
  2. Tap into your diverse networks to identify people whose goals, personal mission and values align with yours, and who would be willing to advise and mentor you. Before you contact them, think about what you could offer them in return
  3. Get together one-on-one or as a group to talk about what is important to you, and where you see yourself in five years
  4. Brainstorm various ways to fill the gap between where you are, to where you want to be
  5. Take members of your support network for a test drive to discover if real chemistry is there
  6. Clearly decide on the parameters of the support

Having a support network doesn’t guarantee success, but what it does is increases the likelihood for you to succeed.

Never go it alone, because no one ever succeeds alone.

Avil Beckford is President of Ambeck Enterprise: Better Business Results Through Information, Ideas & Insight. Her blog is called theInvisibleMentor. Learn more secrets of successful people by reading her informative books.  Follow Avil on twitter.

My name is Cheryl Ragsdale. For more blogging tips from expert bloggers, visit my blogging tips page or catch up with my mad adventures in my efforts to live a healthy, juicy life.  Drop by and say hello! You can find me at ThatGirlisFunny.  On Twitter – Tweet me!

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Date: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 22:05

Earth from Clementine Space Shuttle 653839640_164d1a0e48_m

I have a theory about how we ended up here on Mother-Ship Earth. After all, isn’t almost everything about our precarious futures just a tad too ominous, seemingly set into a pattern of continuous lucid movement? What if every one of us had originally decided to jump onto this moving planet we call Earth? Wouldn’t this information change your attitude or preconceived notions? Even a little bit?

For years now, I have borne the certainty that I chose my family, the circumstances of my upbringing, and was thrilled that I had the deciding factor of free will. The freedom to choose either this or that, and chiseling out my destiny. But what if I am only partially correct? What if my previous thinking was being influenced just a wee bit? What if I am not so in charge as I might believe?

Everyday we have a series of good events and a series of bad events. I am forever being impressed and made aware of the bad ones, as they are constantly being forced upon me, via news media, Internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, and those horrid solicitations envelopes that end up in my mailbox, not to mention people’s opinions. On the other hand, there are those enlightened individuals telling me to stay focused on higher thinking, to mind my thoughts, to meditate, watch uplifting videos and listen only to those speaking about the power each of us has deep inside. Which voice would you rather listen to, or be impressed by? I know what I choose.

So let’s say you agree with me that we have each of us chosen to descend to Earth via our parents, and to dwell within these sets of circumstances as our journey through life. Once here we had to acclimate to our human body and while it grew, our minds were taught the basics. Soon enough we were graduating from school and deciding on what we were going to do for the remainder of our time. Remember that to be human means we are all on a time schedule of some sort or other, and that what really matters in the end, is how we lived our lives or contributed to saving this moving planet.  This planet we are riding through space, within the solar system community and moving rapidly toward what, we know not, but in slow motion. I say slow, because it takes 24 hours for the Earth to rotate, and after a while, I believe we forget the reason we came here at all. Could it be that the slow whirling of Earth’s rotation has hypnotized us into believing all of this is real? Or … was it orchestrated for us beforehand?

After I ponder this for a long while, I am reminded to stay focused on the higher planes of thought and to empower my thinking and future by employing vivid visualization. I remind myself to continue moving forward as if I have already reached my goal and shun the negative thinking and the bombardment of the news media. I understand that by doing this, I am channeling my direction by the internal guidance I have been granted, just for listening to my inner voice, that familiar voice that shields me and loves me.

None of this is an accident and I know for certain that I decided to jump onto this moving planet even after I saw where she was headed, with the confidence that somehow I, and you, have the power to change Earth’s direction. That by our positive affirmations and thinking and acting upon our faith, we can save this world for the next set of souls who long for a ride on Mother-Ship Earth.

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Date: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 19:41

Who is SteveFantastic? Why he is the most fantastic new addition to the BlogCatalog family. He is so damn fantastic that I hear this song every time I see him…

He’s just freaking fantastic!


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Date: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 18:14

eric schmidt, in black suit and yellow tie looking left and holding book on lap.Yesterday, I read a post on freelancewritinggigs.com titled Google CEO Eric Schmidt not on board with bloggers. A major theme of the post was that while “writers” are respected “bloggers” are not. A more minor point in the post, but the one which I found quite interesting was that editors are a vital part of the publishing industry who ensure only quality material makes it to print….something that the blog world lacks:

And if you’re ever confused as to the value of newspaper editors, look at the blog world. That’s all you need to see. -Eric Schmidt

So, intrigued by this quote, I began thinking about editors. I believe the way Mr. Schmidt meant this quote to be taken was that editors are a vital part of the publications for which they work, there is an art to what they do and that without them we’d be overrun by useless lackluster content. I, however, read something entirely different into his words.

The age of blogging has brought with it the freedom for anyone around the world to publish their thoughts on any subject they wish to write about. This has led to a dramatic change in the amount of content available to readers and also a shift in the sources from which they get their content. When I look at the blog world I, unlike Mr. Schmidt, do not see a sea of boring, artless content unworthy of my attention and in desperate need of an editor’s touch. Instead I see an unprecedented amount of unique, original content produced by a broader and more diverse collection of writers from all corners of the globe. I see the raw–and thankfully unedited–voice of the people. Maybe most importantly, I see the opportunity to become my own editor because blogging not only gives all of us a voice, but also gives each of us the opportunity to choose for ourselves what to read, to watch, and to share. To suggest that I, or anyone else, needs an editorial staff to determine what is worthy of our attention is not only a bit insulting, but a bit archaic too.

I think the blog world can be compared to the world of American beer. It used to be that the American beer market was almost completely made up of a few large breweries. If you wanted a beer in America, you had a very limited choice. Then, over the course of the last couple of decades, there was a resurgence of home brewers and craft brewers in this country. Many of these brewers eventually started their own microbreweries and started selling beers that appealed to the segment of American beer drinkers who were bored by the comparatively flavorless beer being produced by the large beer makers. These microbreweries didn’t have the large quality assurance teams that the large breweries had, many of them probably didn’t even have a certified braumeister, or brew master. They were, however, still able to produce beers that people loved and this has led to thriving microbrewery, nanobrewery and home brew supply industries in the U.S.

The point here is that whether we are talking about beer or blogs, people want more choices and people are capable of deciding what they like and don’t like. People are also more than capable of producing their own products–or in the case of bloggers, content–when the usual outlets aren’t giving them what they want. Just as the emergence of craft beers in the American market is a sure sign that many beer drinkers were tired of the same old macrobrews and wanted something new and different, the emergence and growth of the blog world is indicative of a population bored and unwilling to trust the content published by the largest news sources and searching for a fresh perspective.

I think if we edit Mr. Schmidt’s quote down a bit, it is a bit more on point: Look at the blog world. That’s all you need to see. The Blog World is the closest thing we have ever seen to a truly free press that provides people of all nationalities, races, classes and religions with a platform to share their voice with the world. It is the only place where you can get the collective raw, unedited voice of the people and that’s an amazing thing. It is also the only place where truly free consumers are allowed the freedom to be their own editors and decide what gets read.

Editors provide an important service for the publications they serve. There is value in what they do and there is definitely still a place in this world for editors. Yet, with their ties to advertisers, parent corporations and/or governments there is just no place for them in the blog world. We like our media agenda-free, thanks.

Post Photo provided by Charles Haynes under an Attribution ShareAlike License. Mr. Haynes in no way endorses this post.

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Date: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 17:13

battlefield-bad-company-2gpI go with Recon.  M-95, extra ammo, binoculars, and that cool revolver I unlocked yesterday.  Let’s do this.

I drop down through the air, my parachute billowing and slowing my descent.  I look down and notice a vacant tank, something Russian, like a T-90 or something, just waiting for someone to drive it.  Unfortunately, another soldier, SuperPhat420 by his blue name hanging over his head, also notices it and starts steering his parachute towards it.  Since he was quite a bit lower than me he gets there first.  As he enters the tank its engine rumbles to life and he guns it.  The big machine lurches forward, but I had timed it correctly and make it in just in time.  I don’t mind not driving though.  Gunning is preferable since, when the tank is inevitably destroyed, you can always blame it on the driver.

I scope around. zooming in and out, on the lookout for bad guys.  In the distance shots start banging off with more and more regularity.   Contact with the enemy.  Game on.  As we rumble down the hill shouts and questions fill the air from the radio.  It’s in Russian so I ignore most of it.  Suddenly the snow-covered evergreens part and I see the gate to the enemy base appear in front of us.  Almost simultaneously the alarm sounds in the tank, warning of an eminent rocket attack, as I see two flashes from the building up ahead.  Contrails crawl by as the hastily aimed RPGs miss their mark.  The battle cannon roars at SuperPhat420’s urging, and as a large portion of the building explodes I zoom in, savagely pulling the trigger.  One of the Engineer that I had spotted, still frantically trying to reload his launcher, goes down in a hail of bullets as my crosshairs buck wildly.  I ease off the trigger and hold of from firing again, as the predictable enemy Medic runs out from cover and uses his defibrillator to bring back his downed teammate.  Of course, as often happens, the Medic does not think about what had killed his teammate, and more importantly, whether it was still around.  In a streak of cruelty I wait ’til he brings back his buddy, then I take both of them down.  Stupid Medics.

Suddenly the alarms in the tank scream again.  I have enough time to realize that we had not moved since the first rocket attack as we get hit with three rockets in succession.  The tank explodes and I am treated to an enemy Engineer reloading his rocket launcher and running for cover.  Damn killcam.  And stupid, stupid SuperPhat420.  You can’t just stop moving in a tank unless you got someone to cover you ass.  Way too many Engineers on the other team waiting for that giant moving target to stop.  Oh well.  Perhaps a different approach.

I parachute in again, but this time I avoid vehicles and my teammates and start running down the hill towards the enemy base.  About half way down I stop and crouch, using a small ridge as cover.  I scope in and am immediately tracking an unsuspecting enemy as he lines up a shot.  Before he can pull the trigger I take him, sending a large round from my M-95 into his face.  Headshot, baby.  I don’t have much time to celebrate as I am suddenly counter-sniped.  The world hazes red and I fall down.  Once again I am treated to a view of my killer, dressed in a ghillie suit much like mine, but with an m-24 instead.  As I watch him work the bolt on his rifle he also falls dead, counter-counter sniped from the looks of it.

I respawn with the same kit and run down the hill again, this time taking up a position behind a pile of rocks where one of my teammates, DeathJoker89, has also taken up sniping.  I manage to wound several bad guys, scoring assist points when they are eventually brought down.  One of our tanks pulls up next to us on the road and begins firing on the base.  On the opposite side of the road further down the hill I notice some red arrows, denoting enemy infantry that I cannot see because of the slope but my teammates can.  I don’t worry too much about them, even though they seem to be getting closer.  I also notice on my mini-map that a friendly squad now holds the hill opposite the road from me, with the tank in between us.  With assault rifles barking, they engage the enemy rushing their hill.  I concentrate on my scope and we  hold for a few seconds, pouring fire down on the enemy base.  I pull out my binoculars and zoom in, focusing on a building where an enemy squad has taken cover.  I squeeze and hold the trigger, letting the little timer run down.  I get an acknowledging beeping noise and suddenly the mortars I called in rain down on the building.  I get a kill for one of the mortars and manage to snipe one other bad guy as he tried to make a run for better cover.  I take down another sniper, from a good distance too, when the tank goes up.  Suddenly shots are peppering the ground around me as DeathJester89 buys the farm.  There on the opposite hill: an enemy squad now holds the hilltop and are raining lead down on me.  I manage to run two strides before I go down.  I see xxRaPiDsMoKeRxx, my killer, reloading his F2000 but I smile suddenly when he is also taken down.  Gotta get back in there.

By this time my team has managed to push into the enemy base from a different direction and destroy one of two objectives.  I go Recon again, this time packing a Type 88 marksman rifle with an ACOG scope.  Since it’s semi-automatic, I stand a better chance of surviving a firefight than with something bolt-action.  That’s right, I’m going in.  Not super close quarters, but close enough.  Screw this skulking shit.  I move down the hill again, this time making it to the gate without incident.  I slowly slide out and look at the house next to the one containing our second objective.  A muzzle flashes from a second story window.  I aim, pointing the red glowing arrow of my targeting reticule slightly above the strobing flash of the mounted machine gun as it sprays bullets at something I can’t see to my right.  I fire three shots total, pausing just long enough for the barrel of my gun to go back down from the recoil.  I drop the shooter with a headshot.  As I zoom out I notice, to my left, two enemy soldiers emerging from behind a small shed.  The one in the lead sees me and stops running, opening fire with his silenced Scar-L.  I drop him first with four frantic shots that somehow find their mark as his bullets patter in the snow around me.  His buddy, a Medic from the look of the M60 he is lugging around, runs forward with his defibs already out.  I laugh out loud as I wait a single second, long enough for him to bring back his buddy.  I let off the remaining three shots in my clip, dropping the medic and injuring the Engineer.  He must not have been expecting to be revived because he stands their for a second doing nothing.  Not hesitating I pull my 1911 and let off a couple of well aimed shots.  I breath a sigh of relief as he drops.  That was a long way for a pistol kill.  As always, my celebration is short-lived as I am once again dropped by a sniper’s bullet.  As the kill cam plays I am relieved to see it is not the same guy who go me last time.

The sound of my cell phone suddenly intrudes.  I hit start and answer.  My girlfriend.  Meet her at Starbucks.  Fifteen minutes.

I hang up and slip my phone into my pocket.  With a sigh I hold the center button for a second, and when able, I shut down my XBox 360 console.  I slowly put down my red controller.  With one last look and another sigh for good measure, I reluctantly leave the room.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  I miss you already.

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Date: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 15:36

Last night, when I should have been asleep, I was up reading some random blog posts and checking out my friends posts on Facebook and friedeggs.com.  During my late night browsing session, I came across a post by SelinaJane–one of my new best buddies–about 60 Cool & Creative 404 Error Pages.

If you have a chance, take a look at the post because, as the title promises, there are some really cool and creative page designs. They were so cool and creative, in fact, that they inspired me to write this post. I am not just writing the post to share that link with you though. I am writing this post because scrolling through these 404 pages made me realize that there are opportunities to be creative no matter what task we have been given. Furthermore, when we seize the opportunity to be creative and add value to a user experience by taking that extra effort, we truly impact people.

Think about it. In my experience designing a website or collaborating with a design team, the 404 page is one that is rarely discussed. It is not considered an essential page and it is easy enough to just throw up a generic page like this:


This page totally serves its purpose and when I get there I realize that the page I was looking for could not be found. I go on my merry way and keep searching for the content I wish to find. What if, however, I came across this 404 page?

the geeksquad 404 page. A Man in shirt and tie with a paper bag over his head and a sad face drawn on it standing next to text reading; you broke teh interwebs!

This page, in addition to letting me know I am looking for a page that doesn’t exist, also gives me a laugh. If I ended up on this page, I may actually take the time to share the URL with my friends. At the very least, I would remember this page and the positive experience I had on their site–regardless of the fact I didn’t find the information I was seeking. A little bit of creativity injected into a formerly boring and often overlooked page makes it a memorable experience for the user who ends up there.

To relate this to something other than the interweb, let’s talk about pancakes. My mom made my sister and I pancakes hundreds of times when I was a kid. It was pretty much the featured breakfast item every Saturday morning. There were so many pancake breakfasts that it is hard to recall a single pancake. All of those light brown, doughy circles looked and tasted about the same. I do, however, remember the days when my mom would make pancakes in the shape of my initials or mickey mouse. Those days that she got a little creative stick out in my mind. Sure these pancakes served the same purpose as their circular counterparts, but the little bit of creativity she applied to the process made the breakfast more enjoyable and more memorable.

So, what we can learn from 404 pages and pancakes is that there is always an opportunity to be creative, no matter what the task. Seize the opportunity and you will create positive and memorable experiences for the people you touch.

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Date: Monday, 12 Apr 2010 15:23

We have a new Lightweight Champion!  Frankie Edgar defeated BJ Penn with a unanimous decision victory over the former 155lb Champion.

What? Unanimous decision?  Hearing the scorecards after the fight, it was hard to believe that one of the judges didn’t give any rounds to BJ.  The three judges scored the bout 50-45, 49-46, and 48-47.  Frankie is an excellent wrestler.  Those two take-downs definitely influenced the judges in Frankie’s favor.

But, I’m not a BJ Penn fan, so don’t expect me to argue in his defense.

Well done, Frankie!

frankie edgar and BJ Penn UFC 112Frankie executed his game plan relentlessly. He stayed busy for 5 rounds, moving back and forth, and then, with a reminder from his cornerman, UFC Fighter, Ricardo Almeida, he focused on moving side to side too.

I watched the fight with UFC Trainer, Keith Florian and some of the fellas from FloMAC.

Everyone had something to say about which rounds they thought each fighter had won. We all agreed that the match was difficult to score. But no one thought it was unanimous.

Keith Florian said that ‘movement” won that fight for Frankie Edgar.

Judging by the state of BJ’s face after the fight, movement made a complete mess of BJ forcing him to wear dark sunglasses to cover his eyes during his post-fight video on his BJPenn.com blog.  Find more videos like this on BJPENN.COM

Movement.  We’ll have to keep that in mind.  UFC Fighter, Kenny Florian, still wants that belt.  I wonder what game plan Kenny will come up with, when he’s given the opportunity to thwart Frankie’s title defense?

We won’t get the chance to see Kenny Florian take BJ’s Lightweight Championship belt.  That’s too bad.

I’ll have to console myself watching Kenny take Frankie’s Lightweight Championship belt :D

People are wondering whether Kenny’s next fight will be with Gray “the Bully” Maynard.

I say, forget about Maynard. Let’s go straight to the Champion! And while I’m making my wishes known, let’s have that fight take place this summer in Boston, Mass!  We want that belt in Massachusetts!

In my last post on BlogCatalog, UFC 112 Invincible – Top Dogs vs Underdog, I wondered if the Frankie Edgar – Kenny Florian match-up would come as a result of Frankie losing to BJ. I like the sound of things better now that Frankie holds the Lightweight crown.

UFC: First Shot At Frankie ? BleacherReport Fan Poll has 54 people voting for who should get the first shot at Frankie Edgar with the following result so far:

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia

Demian Maia throws a jab at Anderson Silva who stands facing his opponent with his hands down at his sides at UFC 112

In photo: Forrest Griffin throws a jab at Anderson Silva who stands facing his opponent with his hands down at his sides at UFC 101.

After last night’s antics, I’m starting to think that Anderson Silva is a buffoon. Yes, he retained his Championship belt.  Congratulations to the Champion.

I watch Anderson fight because I expect to see one of the best “pound for pound” fighters in the world execute world class fighting skills against worthy opponents. I’m not interested in watching Anderson “running circles” around Demian Maia.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in 10 years of being in this business. It’s the first time I’ve ever walked out of a main event,” said Dana White, UFC President (see video UFC 112: “Absolutely” Dana White’s Lowest Moment As UFC President (bleacherreport.com).

Dana left during the fourth round leaving the job of wrapping the belt around Anderson’s waist to someone else.

I think Anderson’s bored.  So far, no one can beat him.

Maybe he needs a new job – like being a SuperHero! Perhaps fighting off deadly villains would keep him respectful.

According to MarvelNews, Anderson collects Spiderman comic books.  Fightin’ Fanboys: Anderson Silva Silva reveals how Spider-Man’s life lessons influence him to this very day

During the 5th round, Dan Mirraglotta, the Ref, warned Anderson that he would take a point for not forwarding the action.  Joe Rogan, color commentator, said he wished that we could use an old Pride fighting rule and penalize Anderson by throwing in a “yellow card”.

Watching Anderson’s antics during UFC 112 caused my admiration to diminish.

Fight Picks!

UFC 112 Invincible – Top Dogs vs Underdogs

Click the above link for the original fight picks

@WolverineTim picked 7 of the 10 fights (the Paul Taylor – Gunderson fight was cancelled). He missed Edgar, Story and Dos Anjos.

@thatgirlisfunny picked 8 of the 10 fights.  I missed Edgar and Madsen.

My name is Cheryl Ragsdale. If you’d like to submit something to be published on this page, send it to me:  cheryl@thatgirlisfunny.com  You can find out more about me and my adventures on my blog called ThatGirlisFunny.  For more mixed martial arts action from my point of view, visit my Fight! page – more MMA info will be added on a regular basis.

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Date: Monday, 12 Apr 2010 05:00

RRBlogIn the United States when a child is born with a disability and is not wanted by their own parents, the child is sent to a foster home where the family is given training on how to care for the child. There are strict requirements and the children are generally well cared for.

In other countries, Haiti, Turkey and Ukraine, for example, many times when a child is born with a disability (sometimes even a minor defect such as stunted growth to an extremity) the parents are counseled to institutionalize the child, often being told that they will not be able to care for the child, or that the child will die regardless of care.

Those disabled children are then sent to orphanages where they will live until their 4th birthday. Their life has then become a race against the clock to be adopted before that 4th birthday, for once they are four they are sent to live out the remainder of their bleak existence in a mental institution. Once there, they will be relegated to a metal crib where most of their time is spent. They do not go outside, they do not play, they are rarely, if ever, given a hug or comforted in any way. Many times their only human contact comes when a worker is forced to change their urine and feces soaked sheets. They are tied to their cribs or bound in straight-jackets fastened from sheets to keep them from injuring themselves out of boredom or frustration.

This crib is not temporary until they outgrow it, they live in this crib until they die. Many times they are denied basic nutrition or water simply by neglect. The workers are few and the children and needs are many. The most important fact here is that these children are human beings.

Reece’s Rainbow, begun by parents of a Down Syndrome boy, is one organization that helps to free these children, specifically Down Syndrome and other special needs kids in other countries, by providing funding to families willing to open their arms and hearts to adopt one of them. They work from donations to help provide grants to adoptive families as often times the costs to bring the children home is exorbitant.

One family, dear friends of mine – the Parkers, are adopting not just one, but two beautiful baby girls with Down Syndrome from The Ukraine through Reece’s Rainbow. They are not strangers to special needs children, and have big hearts and wide open arms waiting for these babies. They will have no trouble caring for them once they are home, but the real hurdle is in getting them here. Even though there is some help available for the adoption and transport of the girls, much of the burden falls to the adoptive family to raise the funds.

Here is part of Kate Parker’s story on why they are adopting:

As the mother of several children with special needs, I was very disturbed by the realization that children in eastern Europe who are born with disabilities are not welcome in society and ultimately, if they are not adopted, they get transferred to mental institutions.

My husband & I looked into adopting through the foster care system, but inquiries about several children were met with closed doors… A short time later, another online friend announced she was adopting a girl with Down syndrome from Ukraine. She introduced me to Reece’s Rainbow (www.reecesrainbow.org), a fantastic organization that facilitates the adoption of orphans with special needs. My family felt led by God to commit to two little girls who both have Down syndrome & other medical conditions and we began the adoption process to adopt internationally.

Adopting privately or internationally is incredibly expensive – the cost in eastern Europe average $24,000 for one child. Most families who choose to adopt an orphan with special needs do not have that kind of money laying around and thus must rely on grants, loans & donations to raise the funds necessary to rescue their child(ren) from orphanages & mental institutions.

I think that when people hear the term “adoption,” they picture a family deciding they want a(nother) child and that’s it. They do not realize that for many children, adoption is a matter of life or death. Literally. If the orphans who have special needs in eastern Europe do not get adopted, they get moved to a mental institution… an insane asylum… and they spend the rest of their life in a crib. For orphans with special needs, this is a death sentence because they will not get medical care when they are in a mental institution, and with inadequate food & inadequate interaction with other human beings, they don’t often have a long life after being transferred.

The Parker’s full adoption story can be found at Room for More and their fund at Reece’s Rainbow is here: Sponsor Parker’s

For more information on adopting special needs kids from other countries, or to donate to the Parkers or any other adoptive family, please visit Reece’s Rainbow.

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Date: Sunday, 11 Apr 2010 03:21

trailer-2012As I sit here in a comfy chair at Starbucks, typing away on my laptop, I think it odd that my thoughts drift to visions of destruction and desolation.  Odd because my imaginings entail the loss of pretty much everything I enjoy as I sit here: my iced mocha, the wireless internet I am using, my car outside, even the sense of safety and security that I feel.  Odd also because, while I entertain notions of what it would be like, a part of me is sure that I really have no concept of what I contemplate.  No frame of reference.  I could assume that since I have played numerous games, seen numerous movies, and read numerous books centered on the theme of the post apocalypse that I do indeed have plenty of vicarious experience to draw upon.  But how much do I really know about something if what I know is solely based on things fed to me through popular culture.  Just because I have watched as many war movies as I possibly could, and read as much as I could about military engagements and what not, does not mean that I have any idea of what it truly means to be in a war.  An idea, maybe, but nothing more.  Something tells me that if I were really and truly there, I would not be quite so into it.  And yet, this idea of the end times fascinates me.  Why?  What is it about the end of everything that is so alluring?  Is it some kind of species awareness that makes us afraid that something may happen to wipe us from history completely?  Or, is it because Hollywood just wanted to make another bad disaster movie?

There are so many ways we have envisioned the demise of our species.  The pole shift that will occur in 2012, that was supposedly foretold by the Mayans is a good example.  It sounds really exciting.  But when you really research the whole 2012 thing, you get all bogged down in Mesoamerican Long Counts, and previous worlds that have been destroyed, or were they destroyed, some say no, and after a while, you don’t even care anymore.  Did you know that the Aztecs believed that there were four “Suns,” or worlds previous to this one, all of which were ultimately destroyed?  Then again, the Aztecs themselves were, for the most part, destroyed by European invaders, so maybe they were on to something after all.  Let’s not forget the vikings.  According to Norse mythology there were a series of events, called Ragnarok, that signaled the end of the world.  A great battle between the gods, followed by a bunch of natural disasters, and eventually the submersion of the world under water.  Then again, of course a sea-faring people would predict that eventually the oceans would cover there lands.  It just makes sense.  Even Christianity has its own doomsday predictions.  The rise of the Anti-Christ, followed by the return of Jesus Christ, and ultimately, Judgment Day.  Or something along those lines.  I’m not quite sure about the particulars, but if you are really interested you could read the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye.  I think there was even a movie starring Kirk Cameron.

In addition to all of these example of the end of the world, we have managed to come up with a few new ones that are not religion based.  Like a meteor impact or an ecological disaster.  Some scientists believe a global pandemic is a real possibility (zombie apocalypse anyone?).  How about a mega tsunami or a super volcano?  There is evidence that it has happened before, and it could happen again.  From there the possibilities of our extinction devolve into the fantastical.  Alien invasions and rebellious robots and what not.  Anyway you look at it, it pretty much ends the same way.  Death, destruction, and the end of life as we know it.

So how likely is it that any of these things could happen?  I guess that depends on who you ask.  As with so many things in our modern society, it’s all a matter of perspective.  And, as any post-modernist worth their salt knows, the only important perspective is your own.  So then what’s my perspective?  In all honesty, I think it’s all bullshit.  It is just as likely that aliens will invade and enslave mankind as it is likely that the poles will shift in 2012.  Think about it.  How many predictions about the end of the world have come and gone, and here we are.  Just like the millennium.  People were so certain that things were gonna end.  The computers were all gonna crash, or something bad in general was gonna happen, cause, haven’t you heard, Nostradamus himself predicted it!  I say again bullshit!

As my Apocalypse week comes to a close, I would just like to say to you one thing: don’t worry!  There are more important things to devote your time to.  Like living.  Eating good food.  Enjoying fulfilling, lasting relationships.  Having lots of sex.  So if things do end tomorrow, at least you can say you enjoyed it while you could.  And if I’m wrong, well, we’ll all be dead.  No one will remember some stupid little blog when blazing meteors bring fiery death from the sky.

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Date: Saturday, 10 Apr 2010 23:06

To me, “business is life and life is business.”   Business has become the primary vehicle for my growth and contribution.  It’s the vehicle that has taught me more about human psychology, myself,  connection, people, values,  courage, creativity, meaning, self-empowerment and even sexuality than anything else.

My parents were the reason I went into business.  And I am forever grateful to them for not scaring the crap out of me about business or life.   Instead they gave me the most valuable gift, the gift of feeling free to to make mistakes, take risks,  fall down and get back up.  My mother  who is 76 continues, to this day,  to inspire me with her love for life and giving to others.   She is the most amazing,  positive role model that I could have.

A business,   a relationship, a marriage,   or  anything else that you and I decide to give major value to, can either be a vehicle for our growth and learning  or a vehicle for our  destruction.     The choice of whether these vehicles empower you and I to grow or destroy ourselves is solely ours.

In fact, you  and I have 100% control over whether something is going to empower us to  grow or cause us to die.    Don’t believe me?  Examine the lives of  Nelson Mandela and  Victor Frankl,  and then compare their lives  to the lives of John Belushi and Elvis Presley.   Why did 2  men faced with some of the worst conditions and fates that we can imagine turn into people of character  who have shaped the lives of billions of people, yet  2 men who seemed to have everything, ended up destroying themselves?

The difference between these men, and the difference in the quality of our own lives,  is determined by the meanings we give to both seemingly ordinary moments in our lives and the major challenges that we face.    For many of us though,  myself included,  more than often it takes a large challenge or series of challenges to occur before we start to  consciously decide what something means.

At BlogCatalog,  the last 2 months have been especially rich with these bigger moments.     As Tony Robbins,  a man, who I am forever grateful to,  likes to say,  ”it is in our moments of decision that our destinies are shaped.”

During the last 2 months the BlogCatalog team has experienced a number of major challenges that have resulted in decisions being made.   The following challenges, caused Angie and I to make certain decisions,  and some of our team members to make decisions,  that will have  a major impact on the future of BlogCatalog.

-  BlogCatalog experienced the loss of a substantial portion of our google traffic & revenue,

- Oscar (aka. Nine) has left the BC  team –  yesterday Oscar,  our lead designer,  since day 1 of BlogCatalog, told us he is moving on.    Certainly, I will miss having Oscar here yet this decision is a gift.   Oscar possesses potential that has yet to be unleashed.   The BlogCatalog environment had become too comfortable for him and he needs a new challenge in his life.   Oscar’s departure is a gift to another person.  Steven Doyle, “aka SteveFantastic,  who recently joined our team, and now has an amazing opportunity to step up and shine.  I have had the privilege of working with Steven for a couple of weeks and know that he is made for this challenge,

- Daniel (aka. thegoodknife) has left the BC team -    Dan, like his brother Oscar, has decided to pursue other possibilities.  Dan not programming, nor using his wry sense of humor on BlogCatalog, is a loss to us, yet a gift to wherever he goes.   His departure, though, holds the magic of another gift.  This gift has been more ellusive and is one I have not had the courage to accept for 2 years.  Dan’s leaving BlogCatalog has forced AngieA, my partner in BC,  and I to make a series of tough decisions, decisions that we have delayed making,  in part because of Dan’s brilliance;  as Dan is one of those guys who can do the work of 10 people.

“All my failures in leadership have been due to a lack of courage.” – Keith Cunningham

As an owner of BC — perhaps the most active, blogger community in the world –   the loss of  a large amount of revenue and 2 top employees  at first glance feels like  a “perfect storm, one that can sink a boat.”     Like all challenges, though,  we have the opportunity to decide anew.  And in these moments of  decision we get to shape our future.   Fortunately,  we have an experienced team, that has weathered storms before and grown from challenges to become better, stronger and more.

My personal belief,  one that I learned from  Tony Robbins,  and that is now an essential part of who I am, is that I see, “every problem as a challenge and every challenge as a gift.” I rarely use the word problem anymore, as my mind automatically switches to challenge and then to gift.     I do this because I know that it is only when you and I are  faced with uncertainty and challenges do we have an opportunity to grow and that within this opportunity to grow lies the gift.

“Everything you or I want lies outside our comfort zones.  Meaning, the quality of  your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can handle. ” – Tony Robbins

Or as Rocky Balbaoa says in his inspirational speech to his son:

“Life is hard and it will knock you down, but it is not about how hard you get knocked down, its about how far you keep going forward after you get knocked down that matters.”  - Rocky Balboa

This blog post came out of these challenges.   It’s a gift for me to be able to share the inside view of what is  going on at BlogCatalog.    My real hope, and in fact privilege, especially if you have stayed reading this post,  is that perhaps what I write inspires your, or someone else,   to view  life’s challenges in a slightly different and more empowering way.

BlogCatalog is the vehicle I am riding for growth and contribution.  Unlike employees,  I cannot, nor do I want to get off this vehicle.   It has been a most amazing company to be part of. I feel truly grateful to have this opportunity.     And, from the deepest part of me,  to my conscious mind, I have a knowingness that the best is yet to come at BlogCatalog.

I know this in part because of  the amazing team we have assembled.   Kris Smith, formerly of BlogTalkRadio has joined us. He is a brilliant internet visionary and amazing at getting projects executed.

We have also hired Ross G to do some of Dan’s work and manage what will be a much larger number of servers.   Ross has been in business for himself and is a team member who can always be counted on to deliver.     Angie, as I like to say, “is the glue that holds everything together.”  If it weren’t for Angie, there would be no BlogCatalog.

With this new team,  we will become more and deliver more value to bloggers and readers than ever before.    The gap between what BlogCatalog is today and what the site is about to become will be so massive that, it will be difficult to tell that we are the same company.

Rocky, my dog,  got his name because of his “rocky start in life.”   When born he was unable to absorb nutrients from the food he ate.   He barely held onto life, yet you could see in every ounce (and he practically weighed an ounce) there was a spirit to not only live but to thrive.     Today,  you would not recognize Rocky as that same dog.

The team we have in place now,  including Jason (he’s the social community evangelist – that’s if we had  titles here but we don’t) has the drive to create something remarkable.   Ordinary is commonplace.  It’s remarkable that adds value to life.     In tech-speak,  BlogCatalog’s reboot is long overdue.    Changes have already been made to the home page and the way blogs are explored.   These changes are simple tweaks and do not reflect,  the dramatic overhaul that is taking place.

If you are a blogger or just like finding great content,  from non-traditional media outlets,  BlogCatalog 2010 is designed to deliver more value to you than ever before.     With over 300,000 members and far more blogs,   plus 10,000 weekly blog submissions,   our mission is to  ”showcase” the work of bloggers.    It is our  core belief that bloggers,  real bloggers with their own blogs,  are the source for the most inspiring, creative writing,  photography and podcasts in the world.   We know that traditional media outlets are either dead or dying and we see it as our mission to unleash your content to the world.   The new BlogCatalog will be a place for you, if you desire, to be the curator of how your work is displayed.

While the future is exciting at the BC offices,     I want to wish  Dan and Oscar all the best in their future adventures.   Dam will still be in our offices working on friedeggs.com, a side-project of ours – until he finds another opportunity.   Oscar,  will be doing what I believe he needs to and that is to find a new environment  that challenges him so that he can grow and contribute at the extremely high level at which he is capable.    BlogCatalog at its heart is run by a “family.”   Oscar and Dan’s presence on BC will be missed, however the true connection and value is that they will remain friends of ours forever.      And as Angie said to Oscar, “promise me that you  will continue to  stop by and bring your son Holden to the office to play.”

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Date: Friday, 09 Apr 2010 00:03

O3Today, in continuation of my impromptu celebration of the end of all things, I want to discuss the many different images of the end portrayed in movies.  So many times over the years a new movie is released that *gasp* is about the end of the world as we know it.  And I gotta tell you, I fall for it ever time.  I guess there is just something fascinating about the idea of the destruction of our many accomplishments.  Well, fascinating enough to make movies about it.  Many, many movies in fact.

The first post-apocalyptic movie I remember seeing was The Road Warrior staring a very young Mel Gibson.  I know technically Mad Max was first but, lets be honest, that movie was pretty boring.  I can hear people disagreeing with me already on that point, but I am gonna stick with it.  Anyway, for me the post-apocalypse meant long desert roads, punks with mohawks and football armor, a sawed-off shotgun, and Mel Gibson looking like a freaking badass, even when he gets all messed and limps around with one eye swollen shut.  And the car!  A modified 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe (an Australian car) complete with a blower and side pipes.  My blood starts pumping just thinking about it.  I even had a Matchbox car that I used to pretend was Max’s, although it was actually a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a huge and unrealistic blower sprouting from the hood.  I can’t tell you how many times I recreated (with Matchbox cars) the many different scenes from The Road Warrior.  Yeah, I loved it that much.

The next movie that comes to mind dealing with the end of the world is The Terminator, with my all-time favorite action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As everyone knows (if you have never seen this movie, or any of the sequels, shame on you) the end of the world in The Terminator is brought about by mankind itself.  In what would become a very popular storyline, mankind creates artificial intelligence which then gains sentience and immediately begins the eradication of humanity.  I mean, it really is the only logical thing to do.  And sentient robots are, of course, completely logical beings.  In The Terminator, and all of the sequels (except the last one), my favorite parts were always the flashbacks (or flash-forwards…time travel makes my head hurt) where the fight against the machines were depicted.  For years I wished for a movie about the actual war with the machines, not the war between two machines that were sent back in time to the present.  Well, I got my wish finally with Terminator Salvation.  Unfortunately, as often happens with big budget, over-hyped movies, I thought it kinda sucked.  I mean, after watching the trailers I thought the movie was gonna be mostly about John Connor, not some other guy who, surprise surprise, turns out to be a machine himself.  If I were to judge on acting skills, I would have said that Christian Bale was the robot.  I did think that the CG Arnold that appears near the end of the movie was pretty cool, especially since he seemed so much bigger than Arnold ever was.  My favorite part of the entire series, however, was at the end of Terminator 3 when the nuclear war actually happens.  In my mind that made all three movies up to that point kind of pointless since the nuclear holocaust they were trying to prevent happened anyway.

Another movie that comes to mind when thinking about the end of the world is Deep Impact.  Also Armageddon.  If I remember correctly those movies were released about three months apart.  I guess somebody really had a thing for the old asteroid-destroys-all-life-on-earth thing.  In Deep Impact a piece of the asteroid actually hits earth and the viewer is treated to the wholesale destruction of New York City.  More on the destruction of New York Later.  In Armageddon nothing majorly bad happens to the earth, except maybe the devastating asteroid strikes that hit NYC (there it is again), Paris, and some place I don’t remember in Asia.  In the end, Ben Affleck And Liv Tyler get married, Elijah Wood and Lee Lee Sowbieski escape the flood, and everyone lives happily ever after…unless they were killed by the minor meteor strikes, that is.

Let’s not forget the cult hit Escape From New York, and the popular sequel Escape from L.A.  A snarling Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell) takes on the post apocalyptic world with his two revolvers.  I really don’t have much to say about these movies except that, once again, New York is in shambles.  And speaking of New York, how many times have we seen it destroyed?  It’s as if the destruction of NYC, not to mention the Statue of Liberty, signifies that things have definitely been flushed down the toilet.  Godzilla comes to mind.  Not the real Godzilla of course, but the American version…just a giant Iguana cross-bred with a T-Rex.  Well he trashes the City pretty good.  And Cloverfield, which was, to me, a kind of Godzilla movie from the perspective of the unlucky individuals stuck in the City.  What about The Day After Tomorrow?  An Eco-browbeating disater movie starring a super blizzard and Spider Man.  Oh, and Dennis Quaid in his gruff tough-guy persona.  Quite obviuosly, Hollywood has it in for NYC.

Let’s not forget the plethora of zombie movies from over the years.  Each one a bonafide end of the world scenario.  Day of the Dead, Night of the Living, Dawn of the Dead, and so many others featuring slow, shambling zombies.  Then there’s 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, not to mention the remake of Dawn of the Dead, all featuring the new, scarier fast zombies.  There’s alos the Resident Evil series that were based on the video games, although rather loosely in my opinion.  I think they share the same name and some character names as well, but that’s it mostly.  Although when I think about it, the second one was as close as they got, what with Nemesis and all.  Anyone who played Resident Evil 3: Nemesis know what I’m talking about.  I remember nearly soiling myself in fear everytime I heard his thumping footsteps.  Anyway, I’ve already written a post on zombies, but they do need mentioning.

Kevin Costner has starred in two post-apocalyptic movies that you might have seen and, like me, were bored to tears by the end.  You know which ones I’m talking about.  Waterworld and The Postman.  I still shudder when I think of those movies.  Maybe it’s something about Kevin Costner.  I’ve never been a fan (notice how this is the shortest paragraph of the blog).

I now realize that I have taken on an impossible task.  The more I think about it, the more movies keep popping into my head that are either about the end of the world, or shortly thereafter.  Does anybody remember Solar Babies?  That hunky guy from The Lost Boys…and let’s not forget Jamie Gertz.  She was pretty hot…although it was the eighties.  Anyway, the litany of movies continues.  Logan’s Run.   Soylent Green.  The Omega Man.  I Am Legend.  The Book of Eli.  I’m sure there are quite a few I forgot.  Clearly the end of the world is a popular theme in movies.  And we all know how much Hollywood likes to milk the cash cow.  Just look at the Saw movies.  Well, however interesting the end of the world is, I for one hope that is a long time in coming.

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Date: Thursday, 08 Apr 2010 23:47

facebook-emoticonsFacebook now has been estimated as having upwards of 400 million users.  There are so many people on Facebook literally every person I know is on Facebook including my 50 year old mother (albeit against her will..).  As a blogger and frequent Facebooker, I’ve taken note of some faux pas to avoid when using Facebook.  Avoiding these no-no’s may help you steer clear of Faceboook stalkers, gain more friends, expand your social network and avoid identity theft.

Avoid the Single Photo Stalkers

You may receive friend requests from people who you don’t know at all, and who aren’t friends of anyone you know either.  Upon further investigation you may notice that these impending “friends” also only bare one photo on their profile and have minimal details filled in about themselves.  This is basically the equivalent to email spammers claiming to be Nigerian princes who need you to pick up money from Western Union.  If you add them, you’ll notice they never speak to you, or comment on your photos.  They are simply trying to rack up friends on Facebook.  You might even notice on their profile a whole string of wall comments like, “Who is this?” or “I can’t place you, where do I know you from?”.  This is sign to deny.

The Problem With TMI

Ok, so you basically just have your close friends and family on your Facebook.  Maybe even some people you went to school with.  You know all of them on some level and trust that they aren’t attempting diabolical schemes to ruin your life.  So perhaps you feel comfortable to divulge certain facts on your Facebook status.  Be careful.  Letting the whole world know that your boyfriend just dumped you for his sister, might be informative for your best friend but the rest of the world, really doesn’t need to know this.  Even further, remember that possible employers now consider social network sites as part of their screening process.  So try and be tactful the next time you tell the world about what’s going on in your life.  Stick to updating everyone on what you had for dinner and how funny your kids are.  Anything beyond that is just in bad taste.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Thanks to media share services like Thwapr and Vemo people all over the world can upload photos and videos from their mobile phone to Facebook, Twitter, Twatter, and whatever other social network they might be a part of.  Tempting as it may be to post the latest photo of you stepping out of the shower or giving your significant other a lap dance, these are not appropriate ops to be featured as your default profile photo.  Lets keep it PG when exposing our little worlds to the masses…

First…and Then…

This is something I personally have to gripe about for both Facebook and Twitter.  Why the detailed grocery list of your pending tasks?  Why do I need to know that you are now cooking dinner for your “hubby” and will then be watching a movie followed by bath time for the kids then “off to” bed?  (Seriously…”off to”??)  These things don’t need to be shared.  Keep it simple, “Spending the evening with my family at home…”  No need to turn Facebook into your Google calendar agenda page.

Oh, So That’s What Its For

Believe it or not Facebook is actually for more than just posting pictures and telling everyone what you had for dinner.  You can start a cause like Breast Cancer Awareness or Fighting HIV/AIDS.  You can support an artist you like and keep up to date with their show dates.  You can post articles and videos that interest you and might interest other people who follow your feed.  You can even mirror your blog to the Notes page and share your content with even more people.  This social networking phenomenon is here and probably to stay, so why not take full advantage?

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For more ramblings from Lotus B.  check out the blog: www.blambloozers.wordpress.com

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Date: Thursday, 08 Apr 2010 23:32

UFC_112_PosterI just reviewed the line – up for UFC 112 on April 10th.  I’m excited again! As usual, the UFC has delivered another great night of stellar athletes to entertain us in the octagon.

This event takes place in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  This is the first event that will take place out in the open.  Will sandstorms or stifling heat interfere with the fighter’s cardio or focus?

At first, I thought I’d seen enough UFC with 3 major events already since March 21st, but then I remembered that Anderson Silva and BJ Penn are showing up on the same card.

UFC 112 Invincible

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Direct from UFC.com

Two titles. One night. On April 10th, Fans of The Ultimate Fighting Championship® will witness one of the organization’s greatest events ever, as middleweight titleholder Anderson “The Spider” Silva faces the extraordinary BJJ of Demian Maia.

Lightweight champion BJ Penn looks to continue his dominant reign when he takes on Frankie Edgar in the double main event of UFC® 112.

Also, two legends meet for the first time when future UFC® Hall of Famer™ Matt Hughes battles ground fighting master Renzo Gracie.

UFC® 112 INVINCIBLE – Saturday, April 10, only on Pay-Per-View at 10p ET/7p PT.

Information on each fighter is available on the UFC.com fightcard

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia

This will be a great night for the fans, but a tough night for Demian Maia who is preparing to battle Anderson “the Spider” Silva in a 5 round fight for the Middleweight Championship belt.

From my point of view, only a miracle would have black belt Jiu Jitsu ace, Demian Maia winning this fight. Last time we saw Demian, his stand up was, well, better than mine – but not good enough to wrangle with Anderson.

No doubt Maia has been focusing on Muay Thai and boxing.  Given the weakness in his stand-up game, I’m eager to see if his coaches have helped him come up with a game plan that will break through Anderson’s defenses to allow him to take Anderson to the ground.

Demian is no stranger to heavy handed opponents. He defeated Chael Sonnen – who is tough as nails – halfway through the first round with a submission (choke) at UFC 95.

To win, Anderson would have to make a mistake that Demian capitalizes on immediately.

Will that happen? I don’t think so.

Prediction: As much as I enjoy watching championship matches go the distance, I say Anderson Silva knocks out Demian Maia in the first round.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar

I’m interested to see how Frankie Edgar tackles this 5 round Lightweight Championship fight with BJ Penn.  What will his game plan be?  How is he going to throw BJ off his game?

I’m most curious to see because I’ve been following Kenny Florian’s progress intently since Kenny lost his bid to defeat BJ and become the new Lightweight Champion at UFC 101.

As we witnessed during Fight Night 21 on March 31st, Kenny has changed his game. He is not the same fighter we saw challenging BJ Penn back in August of 2009 at UFC 101.

During his fight with Takanori Gomi, Kenny focused on effectively sticking his jab.  He showcased – beautifully – the work he’s been doing with his Boston based boxing trainer, Peter Welch.

For me, I’ll be watching to see how Frankie approaches the fight with BJ. What will he try that works?  Where’s the chink in BJ’s armor that Frankie can capitalize on that will allow him to win?

Other than that, the fight will be good to watch, but it’s unlikely that Frankie will win.

If Frankie loses to BJ, will his next battle be against Kenny Florian? We’ll find out soon enough.  Dana White is planning an upcoming UFC event in Boston, MA – Kenny’s hometown.

Prediction:  BJ retains his Lightweight Championship belt by submitting Frankie in the 3rd (out of 5) round.

On a side note: if you’re a Kenny Florian fan like me, follow along with our Kenny Florian trivia games. They’re just for fun and you might win a TapouT t-shirt courtesy of Kenny’s brother, Keith Florian and Florian Mixed Martial Arts.

Speaking of fun…

Let’s have a caption contest!  Here’s Dana White, UFC President, blending in with the Abu Dhabi crowd

Dana White with friend in Abu Dhabi“I am soooo fuckin pumped! Wait until you see this show!

The arena is amazing! U r gonna be blown away 2 morrow”

Dana White, UFC President on Twitter


What about you?

Who are you picking to win Saturday night’s fights?

My friend @wolverineTim’s Fight Picks

Silva over Maia

Penn over Edgar

Hughes over Gracie

Etim over Dos Anjos

Munoz over Grove

Phil Davis over Gustafsson

Paul Taylor over Gunderson

Nick Osipczak over Rick Story

DeMarques Johnson over Brad Blackburn

Paul Kelly over Matt Veach

Jon Madsen over Mostapha Al Turk

@thatgirlisfunny  Fight Picks (opposite picks from Tim are in bold print)

Silva over Maia

Penn over Edgar

Hughes over Gracie

Dos Anjos over Etim

Munoz over Grove

Phil Davis over Gustafsson

Paul Taylor over Gunderson

Rick Story over Nick Osipczak

DeMarques Johnson over Brad Blackburn

Paul Kelly over Matt Veach

Mostapha Al Turk over Jon Madsen

photo credit UFC 112 poster

My name is Cheryl Ragsdale. If you’d like to submit something to be published on this page, send it to me:  cheryl@thatgirlisfunny.com  You can find out more about me and my adventures on my blog called ThatGirlisFunny.  For more mixed martial arts action from my point of view, visit my Fight! page – more MMA info will be added on a regular basis.

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Date: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 16:58

Semen is a subject  that everyone can relate to or at some point has thought about it.   This post is all about semen and the source is a wonderful website called onlineschools.org.  Perhaps an alternative name for this terrific site could be, “Things they should have taught you in school but didn’t.”  With the subtext being,  ”learning in an interesting and exciting way.”

What I learned  about semen after visiting onlineshools.org:

1.  3 HOURS :  the number of hours sperm can live on a toilet seat

2.  A human male ejaculates an average of 7 to 10 inches

3.   The average speed of semen at time of ejaculation is 31 mph

4.  1 teaspoon is the average volume of semen per ejaculation

5.  A teaspoon of seamen can contain between 200 and 500 million sperm.  And you came from 1?

Want to learn more about this life or death topic.   Click on the image below to view, hear and think about more these and other fascinating, life altering facts.

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Date: Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010 23:54

33746All these thoughts about a Zombie Apocalypse have got me thinking.  Of course, the fact that the mini-series The Stand was on the other day might also have something to do with it.  Plus I watched a teaser trailer for the up and coming Fallout game New Vegas.  Ah, the end of the world.  There’s nothing better to dedicate my thoughts to on a lazy day off than the end of the world.

After writing my last blog, I have been thinking a lot about the apocalypse.  Therefore, to fully purge my mind of all this nonsense I have decided to declare an unofficial Apocalypse week for my blogs.  So, as the title implies, I am going to try and figure out the top ten things  we would need to survive after the fall of man.

First, a word on the end of the world.  There are so many ways the world could end, some real and some not so real.  Alien invasion, for example, would be a not so serious threat, whereas a nuclear holocaust has been a very real possibility for some time now.  There could be a plague that wipes out most of humanity and the survivors will have to band together to fight the anti-christ (or insert whatever kind of ultimate evil that suits your sensibilities).  Wait, I think that was a storyline in a book.  It sounds familiar.  What else?  Zombies of course.  With all the genetic manipulation that is going, the zombie thing seems like it could become an all too real possibility.  There could even be an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), which is one of the side effects of a nuclear blast.  That would knock everything electronic, for all intents and purposes regressing human kind, technologically speaking.

So basically, there are many ways the world could end.  For the purpose of this blog, lets just assume that the world has ended, we have somehow managed to survive, and we are attempting to find our way to some kind of sanctuary where humanity still has some sway.  There are hostile threats, of course, and danger everywhere.  Yes, it’s vague, but on purpose.  You couldn’t possibly plan for all eventualities.  Think about the typical post-apocalyptic setting.  Destroyed cities.  Rabid, hungry, mutant dogs on the loose.  So.  What would we need to survive.

1. A knife.  A simple tool, really.  A Swiss Army knife would be a good choice, mostly because of all the fun little implements it comes with which could turn out to be very useful.  Specifically, the can opener, scissors, and even the little tweezers.  If nothing else, some kind of military combat knife would suffice.  With a little ingenuity you could do most thing of the things a Swiss Army knife doe with a combat knife.  Sort of.  The important part is the blade itself.  Not only would it make a good personal back-up weapon, it would also be useful because there are always things you would need to cut.  Like butchering a deer or something.  And you never know when you gonna need to cut some fool.  Ya know?  For me, some kind of Rambo knife.  How manly would you look opening a can with a freaking Rambo knife.

2. A sword, axe, or some kind of melee weapon.  This may seem strange, but some kind of weapon with more range than a knife would always be useful.  Unlike a firearm of some kind, a melee weapon doesn’t need ammo, so you could use it all you wanted.  Of course, that means you would have to get in close to whatever it is you had in mind to fight, but I would most likely be avoiding any kind of violent encounter unless absolutely necessary.  But just because fighting should be avoided doesn’t mean you should not have any kind of personal defense.  Well, something a little more threatening than a knife at least.  An axe of some kind would be preferable.  Not only can you cut down potential bad guys, you could also cut down a tree.  Personally, I would chose a katana.  Why?  Cause I’d look like a badass wandering the wasteland with a katana strapped to my back.

3. A rifle.  Bolt-action, preferably.  Why, because bolt-action rifles are easier to take care of.  A rifle would be primarily used for hunting, or engaging an unfriendlies at extreme distances.  You could opt for an assault rifle of some kind, but I wouldn’t.  Since ammo would be finite, it would be all too easy to start spraying down the area and next thing you know, you are out of bullets.  I would instead go with something like an old German Kar98.  Powerful, accurate, and it could be used as a bludgeon if necessary, whereas you don’t really want to go around hitting people with an assault rifle.  They are a little too delicate for that.  Some would claim that ammo would have to occupy another slot on the list, but since it’s my list, well, it goes with the rifle.  Besides, if it didn’t have any bullets why would I even care?

4. Flint.  This one is pretty obvious.  So you can build a fire.

5. Body armor of some kind.  Whether it is a leather jacket, a flak vest, or even a shirt of chain mail, protecting your body is of utmost importance.  For me, some kind of ballistic vest would do, although if I could find a full chain mail shirt I would go with that.  Chain mail is pretty easy to repair, while I wouldn’t know the first thing about repairing kevlar.  Plus, once again taking into account the badass factor, chain mail would look freaking cool!

6. A good pair of shoes.  Obviously, there would be a lot of walking involved so you would want something comfortable.  In this scenario, your mobility would be one of your greatest assets, so you gotta protect your feet.  Some kind of combat boot would be ideal.  Plus plenty of socks, although that would probably have to take up another slot.  I would pick something with steel toes and I would refer to them as my “mutie-stompers.”

7. A coil of fishing line.  There are many things you could use this for.  Fishing, obviously.  You could also set snares for rabbits and such, floss your teeth, or even garrote somebody.  Never underestimate a coil of fishing line.

8. A Camelbak.  You would need something to carry water in.  This seems like the best option because you can carry water without it impeding your movement.  Plus, you wear it, so no worries about leaving it behind.  How much would that suck.  You just walked ten miles and you realize you left you canteen on the rock you were sitting on the last time you stopped.

9. Eye Protection.  Sunglasses, goggles, just something to protect your eyes.

10. Binoculars.  Since the name of the game is avoiding trouble, binoculars would be invaluable.  Imagine coming across what seems to be a deserted town.  All you have to do is bust out your binocs and check it out without even getting close.  It would be even better if they were night vision equipped, although the battery would probably die eventually.

I realize that others might have some different criteria to fulfil.  But as you might have noticed, I not only want to survive in the post-apocalypse, I want to look like a badass while doing it.  Hell, i’d probably even grow a mohawk or something, like on The Road Warrior with Mel Gibson.  For some reason, probably because I watched that movie many times, when I think of the post-apocalypse I think mohawks.  Weird, huh.  Of course, then I would have to use up one of my ten slots for hair gel.  Maybe I could do without the flint.

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