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Date: Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 00:33
When I skid into the last tri race of the season last year with major burn out I knew I needed to switch things up so I set my sights on reaching a new Half Marathon PR.  It was nice to focus on something fresh and really put some life back into my drive.

Fast forward to race day.....

I toed the line of the Charleston Half Marathon.  Perfect race day temps of 45 degrees. The wind would be a factor later in the race but not so much at the start.

Mile 1-3
I was very mindful not to start out to fast.  The 1:45 pace group slowly paced me and for a second I thought about trying to hang.  No...stick with the plan.

Mile 4 - 7
Taking my nutrition as planned I plugged away. At mile 6 my music crapped out and for a minute I panicked.  I knew the demons would come out to play and I would have to drown them out.

Mile 8 - 11
I realized at this point that if I could stay on target I would pass my original target.  Focus... spit... nutrition... keep moving forward.

Mile 12 - 13.1
As the 19mph wind gust bacame a factor I knew that I was entering the pain cave.  I would be deep in this the last mile and even questioned how my legs were moving forward.

Finish line - 1:48:56!!!!!

Only my Rev3 Teammates know my SECRECT to how you guarantee a race PR!!  #YUMYUM

BIG REV3 Team and Racing line up coming up next.  This year has started off with a BANG!

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Date: Monday, 07 Jan 2013 23:10
Last October I slid into a huge case of BURN OUT!  I stretched my race season way too long and even though I thought I could push through it I could not.  So as a result I took some time off, mixed things up, and began a new focus on reaching a new Half Marathon PR.  Race if a week from this Saturday (1/19).  

So for two months I ran and did continue to ride some.  Skipped some ride days here and there but did not swim one single stroke.  The time away from the pool was enjoyed and somewhat missed.  As January arrived I dove right back in and was pleasantly surprised at how excited I was to be moving in the water again.

So far I have hit an 1800, 2400, and 2800 meter swim.  Not bad for jumping right back in.  I am not at all focused on the time of my sets.  There is plenty of time for that. :)

On the food front.... my new obsession...KALE CHIPS!  *note - your body will let you know when you have eaten too much. LOL!

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Date: Tuesday, 01 Jan 2013 14:26
One thing we can all count on is constant change in our lives.  Some of it is welcomed and some is not. Anyone that knows me would know that I like to focus on the positive change.  Why waste energy on the bad...right?

Some good change in my life is the fact that I am kicking off 2013 with a cleaner plate palate.  I am now moving into my fourth week and with each day I can see the benefits of this change in my body.  More restful sleep, a lot less of a bloated feeling (woman will understand this), and ... well just a better balance in my body overall.  Much more to come about this but for now I am thrilled to have broken the cycle that I was spinning around in.

Another positive change is setting new race goals for 2013.  I actually thought this would be my return year to Ironman but by fate it will not.  Instead I will take a journey this year and enjoy lots of different races venues with my hubby and some amazing friends.  How could this be bad?

First up this year will be setting a new PR at a Half Marathon on January 19th.  Not wasting anytime diving into a very exciting year.

As I set out for my last long run of 2012 I decided what a better way to finish the year off than to run each mile for someone I am thankful to have in my life.  How is that for focus?

So what is your focus?  Don't waste a minute looking back!

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Date: Sunday, 25 Mar 2012 22:57
 Always love a ride with Scott!

I know...I know....where have I been?  New job has my social media access VERY restricted.:(  THANK YOU all for the messages nagging me... I mean asking me to post.  How awesome!

Quick Update - 

Proof that I LOVE my trainer sessions.  100% solid sweatfest!

Training for my first Half Iron of the year is finally starting to feel like it is coming together.  Only 5 more weeks to go.  Since this is not my "A" race of the year I have tried to keep things in check.  Long season ahead with TWO Half Irons in October. :)

Team Rev3 is absolutely blowing my mind with the teammates and how well we are taken care of by the amazing line up of sponsors.  Every time UPS/FedEx drives through the neighborhood I think there may be a surprise delivery for me. :) Thank you PowerBar and SBR Sports for my recent delivers!!

Starting tomorrow, March 26th, I will be taking part in a 21 day virtual run with Rev3 to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Foundation.  I will run everyday in memory/honor of those touched by cancer.  I am 100% behind this mission to find a cure!

Relentless Forward Motion!
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Date: Wednesday, 22 Feb 2012 00:11
Training last year is 100% different now that Scott and I are both on the Iron train moving forward together this year.  I love that he decided to join me!  The balance is something we are paying very close attention to.  At the end of the day our marriage and relationship is the most important thing...but that does not stop of from pushing each other during our training sessions.  We are pros when it comes to TRASH TALKING with each other!

Saturday we turned our legs INSIDE OUT with a 2 hour non-stop suffer session on the bike and toped it off with a solid swim.  Sunday is where the true MENTAL test would take place.  COLD, WINDY, and steady RAIN would join us for our entire 10 mile run.  It really was brutal as far as the conditions but neither would give in and bag the run so we just sucked it up.  As we arrived home we both immediately went on to share that the legs felt amazing the entire run.  SPOT ON FANTASTIC!!

This weekend we are completely unplugging from training so that we can just connect and decompress from of daily packed filled schedules.  A short two day mental vacation that will leave us fresh and ready to rock and roll next week.

Until then....we are sweating it out and having fun!

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Date: Friday, 17 Feb 2012 00:47

Is may not make me Chrissie fast but I AM IN LOVE!!!

This arrived just in time for the build week that begins next week.  Now if only Spring would arrive.

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Date: Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 00:27
The pool this time of year is FREAKING freezing...unless you are an Eskimo...which I am not.  While I am swimming I use the thought of a 15 minute sauna as my reward for a solid swim session.  Following a swim I cuss all the way back to the ladies locker room freezing and join a lady already sweating it out in the sauna.  I don't know how the conversation came up but the next thing I know I was BEGGING her not to take diet supplement pills in order to lose weight.

She was hungry and eager for information.  She was heavy.  She feels like she has tried everything.  I was thrilled to be in the right spot at the right moment and for the next 20 minutes I sweat my a$$ off convincing her that sticking with exercise and balanced eating was the ONLY WAY to make a lasting change.  She thanked me as we left the YMCA that night and I truly hope that she is sweating it out WITHOUT the pills!

Inspire anyone lately??  :)

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Date: Thursday, 09 Feb 2012 22:33
You read it right....

Seems I am going through a cycle where just about every time I head out for a run I end up coming home with one less sock.  Take the other day... I "did my normal business" during the day but about 4 miles into my run....here it comes....

Working it out in my head:
  • hmmm...that feeling in my stomach...yep...I know what that means
  • I think I can make it home (2 miles way)
  • maybe I just need to fart
  • NOPE...not it
  • if I just sprint I will get home faster
  • NOPE...now I am walking
  • Neighborhood if full of wooded areas
  • Why does everyone have a freaking fence 
  • Wore my "good" socks so I will borrow some newspaper from someones driveway
  • newspaper in hand...check
  • running again
  • I can see the woods
  • reaching new levels of panic
  • singing a calming song to trick the body (not working)
  • so many fences
  • why don't I know someone in this neighborhood
  • finally make it to the woods and am completely unaware of the brier bush I just ran through in my last very second I had to spare
  • pooping
  • HR reads 113bph.... great I am recovering
  • AHHH..... now I feel like I could run forever
In other news.....

Scott and I are rocking and rolling as we complete the build phase of our training.  We have decided to work with a swim coach starting Monday and Wednesday for a few weeks just for some extra tweaking.

I have SUPER EXCITING NEWS to share next week about a NEW TRI ride for me.

Off to go to swim and bike.

Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Gotta Run..Gotta Ride)"
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Date: Monday, 30 Jan 2012 21:58
It happens to all of us.... you are balanced in life/training and just like that..... it all tumbles down.  I am in the middle of company and job change which is effecting my life/training these days.  When too much happens all at once I shutdown.  Brain could not take one more thing so I did only what was needed to get through the days and weeks and I am starting to find the balance once again.

On the Training Front:
Lots of rinse and repeats during the base phase.  I am seriously ready for the build phase to begin.  B-O-R-E-D...and ready to mix it up a bit.

I am continuously reminded of what a mental game training is.  One day I curse myself at the horrible run and the next day my heart flies like a Kenyan.  My swim session on Saturday was one-of-my-best and I was actually in a crappy mood.  Go figure.

Team Rev3:
So many things are happening with Rev3 that I can barely keep up.  This is a good thing!!!  If you have a minute visit their website at www.rev3tri.com .

  • Event and Training now offered all on ONE PLACE
  • Run Across America to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Foundation
  • Added event destinations
They are seriously turning it up this year.

Just today I arrived home and had this goodie package that arrived from SBR Sports.  Can hardly wait to put all of this product to use!!!

Has anyone used this product?  Would love to know your thoughts.

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Date: Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012 18:37

Hubby and I joined some friends for a local Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  We arrived early and chatted while we waited for the start.  Because Scott and I were just running this as a training day run we had no big expectation on a finishing time.  We had not really planned to stick together but after the race began it just worked out.  Mile after mile we ran and suffered the beating of the hills.  At one point I decided to walk up a small portion of one hill and actually was able to keep up with the person running just in front of me.  CRAZY!!

What a great day spent with some pretty awesome friends.  I cannot say enough how lucky we are! 

Who does like a like hardware bling to kick off 2012?

Although our quads were still talking a small bit of trash on Sunday we were still able to do our hour spin and swim.  Actually was just perfect a mix to flush the legs out. 

Onto another week and lots more training ahead.

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Date: Friday, 06 Jan 2012 19:46

I recently went OFF GRIDE so that I could completely dive into some true family time over the holidays….. but now I am back!

The New Year has started off like a rocket.  Some updates and pictures…..

·         Received this rocking new running hat and immediately headed out with hubby to knock out an 11 mile run.  I felt so much faster. :)))   Thanks VINCE!!  Last year I had the honor of being coached by him and he continues to mentor me along the way through all of this Iron madness. 
·         Our oldest son was home for Christmas this year.  He is currently serving in the Marine Corp and we are just so proud of the man he has become.  I went into full on cooking and baking mode while he was home.  Both of our boys/men ate…and ate…and ate.  I loved every minute of it.
·         I had a brief spell where I thought I would go “DRY” but my new Team Rev3 helped me realize what a hasty decision that I was making so I decided to embrace it again with my first 32oz beer.  (about an hour later I was sleeping like a baby).

Lots more updates to come..... I am just getting started!! :)

First up is a "fun" run Half Marathon with some great friends in the morning.  Just something to get us all through the winter.YES...I will be wearing my new hat!

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It FITS!   New window
Date: Thursday, 15 Dec 2011 18:28
  • To say I am excited about being added to an already stellar Team Rev3 would be an understatement!  Talking with some of them last night made it all “real” for me.  Too much fun!  I am even more thrilled that this baby fit when I tried it on yesterday.  Looks like I can keep drinking some adult beverages through the holidays. LOL!
  • I am making big changes in January with my job.  New company. New location. New everything.  So very thankful to have a job…PERIOD! 
  • Hubby and I are tackling our first official week back in training like champs.  Spoiled by the night runs and Christmas lights, swimming in 75 freaking degree water is COLD, and digging the trainer sessions. 
  • I watched a cute video of a kitten on YouTube this morning and for a split second I was thinking of how cute it would be to have another cat.  Yes I lost my mind but I am good now!  That was CLOSE!

Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Gotta Run..Gotta Ride)"
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20 Weeks   New window
Date: Monday, 12 Dec 2011 15:23
Our Holiday-Run-Repeat last Thursday was absoluetly amazing. Hubby and I managed to stick together and just let the 8.5 miles speed past us while taking in all of the holiday lights around us.  Head lamps, cold air, and lots of talking (on my part..lol).  A new holiday favorite for me!!

This week begins our journey in 20 weeks of training for our first race of next year.  We are both particiapting in the White Lake Half Iron on May 7th along with a large group of our friends.  Crazy, fun times!  I am thrilled to once again have a structured program in front of me.  This is just how I like to roll. 

Good bye to the large volumes of beer, wine, and yummy sugary foods.  Now going back to a more limited consumption once again.  This comes just in time!  My scale was really starting to piss me off... ;)

Happy Holidays!

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Date: Tuesday, 06 Dec 2011 17:44

I am currently working out of a temporary office site so it took me all of a second to get excited about the new running route options that I have while I am here.  Isn’t that just the way we think? Rain or shine I could hardly wait until I was off of work on Monday so I could just run… relax…and enjoy the miles.  With a light mist I took off, no music, and just ran.... and what a great run it was!

Hubby arrived home at 6pm and since it was already dark he grabbed a head lamp and off he went for his run.  I must admit I wanted to head back out with him after hearing how amazing his run was.  With all the houses decorated and shinning with festive lights we are already planning a holiday-run-repeat for Wednesday. 

So where have you ventured new lately?

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Date: Friday, 02 Dec 2011 16:06
We all like to do good things for others…BUT what if YOU did something good for another and told NO ONE about it. 

This is my challenge to all of you.  Every day until Christmas do something good for another person and tell no one about it…not a single person.

  • It could be someone you know or a complete stranger.
  • Thoughtfully think out your good deed.
  • If it is something you normally do everyday than it does not count.
  • Keep it simple. You do not need money to make someone feel special.
Sound simple?  I started yesterday and must say that it is pretty exciting to keep the secret!

So….ARE YOU IN????

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Date: Monday, 28 Nov 2011 19:30
I am thrilled to share the news of being selected to be part of Team Rev3 for 2012. 

In truth I was not so sure I should even apply.  After learning that over 600 applicants applied I was even more blown away when I received the news that I indeed was picked to be a part of this great new team.  So many details are still to come but I already know that I cannot wait to meet and share in the all that this sport has to offer with my new teammates.  Hoping to also meet some of you bloggers at Rev3 event.

In other news:
  • In an effort to burn off the BIG BIRD calories hubby and I joined others for a ride in the mountains on Friday.  28 degrees when we rolled!!  That is COLD PEOPLE!!! 

  • Hubby swam his first 800 meters this past weekend.  The bug has bitten him for sure.  I loved watching the excitement he had in his accomplishment.
  • Sunday morning we wrapped up our holiday with a 7 mile trail run.  Heaven…simply heaven.  Casual, enjoyable pace with some great friends.
Onto a new week!
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Date: Monday, 21 Nov 2011 13:24
 Give me another weekend just like this last one please..........

I pretty much planted myself right in front of the fire for hours....

We left the cabin just long enough to join our incredible cycling family for an epic climb back to the top of the mountain for more time infront of the fire....

How do you end the perfect weekend?... Trail running of course :).  This leaf was a sweet find.

My legs may be a bit tired today, I may have mountains of clothes to wash, but having the time we had with some of the most amazing peeps around makes for a truly wonderful weekend of fun!

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Date: Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 19:29
Example ONE:
A few weeks ago a friend shared a phone app called LOSE IT that he is using to track his daily calories.  Hubby and I both uploaded it and immediately began logging our food daily.  All of it…including adult beverages.  So after using it for two weeks I step on the scale and you guessed it… UP 2LBS (so was hubby)!!!  This app is making me fat.
Happy TeDD? :)
Example TWO:
Here is conversation between hubby and me the other night following our workouts as I came down stairs in my "new" hot pink pajama pants....
Scott: Do those new pajama pants fit you right?
Me: what do you mean? Do they look too small?
Scott: No they look fine.
Me: Why in the hell did you even ask me that?
Scott: Just wondering what you thought?

Of course now I think I am fat.  Happy Scott???

Truth is I have gained a total of 4 lbs since the Ironman in August.  Not a big deal and I am definitely not sweating it.  What I do have concerns with is the upcoming holidays.  I LOVE FOOD so I guess I need to either get bigger pajama pants or increase my workouts by 110%.

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Date: Friday, 11 Nov 2011 19:10

When David, at The Sufferfest, tweeted the offer of reviewing the new Hell Hath No Fury video (click to watch preview) on Wednesday it took all of a second to take him up on the offer and call an emergency session with the normal suspects on Thursday night.  Having had a group suffering on Tuesday our legs were still trash talking but this group quickly gathered and we were ready for another beating.   

As the video begins it has the normal witty smack talk about what we are about to get into.  Picture 1 girl (me) in a cold garage with 5 guys as the screen fills with hardcore cycling woman.  In a nutshell these guys were in heaven and the talk was quit entertaining.  One could even say that for a moment some may have forgotten what we had all even gathered for.  As the warm up finished a silence filled the garage and the torture began.  It was relentless and seemed to never end.  The 2 x 20 minute stages were insane!  Seriously one of my favorite sessions yet! The girls are some badass bitches… yes you read this correctly and if you have not checked out any of these videos yet you should be shot you need to now.  Worth every penny and then some ($11.99 each to download).  Each training video provides a solid quad crushing beating that is sure to make even the weak stronger.

Snap shot of Hell Hath No Fury
  • 3:30 Warm-up
  • 5:30 Stage 1: Easy, flat terrain at effort level of 6/10 with a few accelerations
  • 20:00 Stage 2: Rolling terrain with a series of attacks as the pack tries to take the lead from you
  • 6:00 Recovery
  • 20:00 Stage 3: More rolling, attacking racing in which you try to break away to get the lead back
  • 4:00 Recovery
  • 3:30 Stage 4: Team Time Trial in which you have to crush yourself in order to take the lead, and the Tour of Sufferlandria victory
  • 6:00 Recovery, featuring Mental Training Reflection from Athlete’s Audio
If the videos were not enough you can even purchase some kick ass KIT (wish he had a female hot pink version).

So what are you waiting for?  Up for a beating?  IWBMATTKYT!

Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Gotta Run..Gotta Ride)"
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Date: Wednesday, 09 Nov 2011 18:53
What drives you to the point of changing your mind from "I WANT" to "I WILL?"  When you begin the dream of reaching for things once thought impossible.  When one day you decided that it is time to travel that journey and head into the unknown. 

What I have learned along the way in endurance sports is that it truly strips me down to nothing.  There is not one single hiding spot, no easy way out, no excuses.  Where you are left with two choices...to quit or to be more than you were before.  

Need some INSPIRATION to get you started?..... (click on the link) 

I WILL - Matt Long

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