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Date: Friday, 18 Apr 2014 14:47

CamillaDietzBergeron1This week was one that seemingly ended before it began. Time flies when you’re having fun! We styled another cool shoot with Sarah Sophie Flicker, for which we pulled a plethora of vintage jewels from Camilla Dietz Bergeron ~ one of my favorite secret spots in New York City. I was introduced to them over the course of several collaborations with LoveGold (shooting their pieces on Ali Michael, Hannah Bronfman and the sisters Kosann) and discovered they are THE source for ultra-special antique, period and estate jewelry. They specialize in Edwardian and Art Deco, and I could just spend all day nestled in their elegant uptown salon, trying on their endless treasures… CamillaDietzBergeron2This weekend, I will instead be happily ensconced out in Amagansett, cooking big dinners with friends. We’ll light roaring fires and these candles, put this playlist on repeat and drive out to Montauk for walks along its cliffed-in coastline. We’ve been working tirelessly on the apartment in the city (the to-do list never ends!) and it will be lovely to escape all that mayhem for a few days. There was a decorating misadventure this week involving a reupholstered headboard that turned out maybe a bit too green, so late at night I’m guaranteed to be lost in an endless online rabbit hole, hunting for the perfect over-dyed rug to make the strong color make sense in our space. I’ve just realized how cheap these rugs are on eBay and now I’m obsessed with finding just the right one!

Speaking of obsessions, I’ve been pinning up a storm lately, cataloguing all my interior inspirations. How did people decorate their houses before Pinterest?! On the fashion front, this scarf has changed my life and is my all-purpose spring accessory. It makes every outfit immediately cooler. And I’m just so happy the weather is slowly warming and it’s almost appropriate to rock daytime pajamas again. Soon enough, my little red Midget will be out of hibernation! I can almost feel the comforting warmth of sun on my skin again…

|#FOLLOWITFINDIT| so many more hopes, dreams, and pretty things right this way…

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Date: Thursday, 17 Apr 2014 04:00

MoonshineMoodIt’s been way too long since we gave you a new playlist to groove to, and we’ve been listening to some far-out tunes over at The Glamourai HQ that are seriously overdue for a share! MoonshineMood2

|CLICK HERE| for the rest of this story |CLICK HERE| for more playlists |CLICK HERE| to get weird!

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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 04:00

WhiteLightning_1LIFTED // SHIFTED// In these strange days we coast between seasons, feeling the moonshine chill of barren winter wrestling against the white lightning heat of the coming summer. One day delirious sun, the next soggy rain. Underneath the low grey skies of a still-abandoned seaside, we once again team up with Shae DeTar to starkly strip our bleaker dreams off a stony beach.WhiteLightning2|ABOVE| Satya Twena hat, Ellery dress |BELOW| Sally LaPointe top, BB Dakota dress WhiteLightning3 WhiteLightning4 WhiteLightning5|ABOVE| Kisua dress |BELOW| Derek Lam bandana, Issa caftan WhiteLightning6 WhiteLightning7 WhiteLightning8|ABOVE| Sally LaPointe vest, Tibi dress |BELOW| Derek Lam bandana, Issa caftan, Pink + Pepper sandals WhiteLightning10|MOONSHINE + WHITE LIGHTNING| starring Emily Cross |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Shae DeTar |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Ana Sicat

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Date: Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014 14:47

DieselBackstage1Celebrating one year as Creative Director of Diesel, Nicola Formichetti (above, being interviewed by Dani Stahl for Nylon TV) debuted his first full collection for the brand in Venice less than two weeks ago. Speaking with both Nicola and Diesel founder Renzo Rosso prior to the show, it was clear that each had finally met their match.

I sat down with Renzo in his light, leather, and memory-filled office just hours before the big event, where he intimated that to him, it has always been more important to be cool than to be big. Diesel has undoubtedly grown huge ~ into a massive international juggernaut ~ over the last 35 years, and the hiring of Nicola reaffirms their cool factor. The collection pulsed with the energy of the street, and the show starred “all the beautiful little tattooed, gum-chewing freaks” (as an angry music store owner put it so famously in Empire Records).

Besides exploring the possibilities of denim ~ painting, coating, slashing, fraying and layering the fabric ~ the show featured a four-act film series by Nick Knight flickering on massive triptych screens and celebrated androgyny, individuality, Pussy Riot and gay rights. It was a seminal moment within a movement; it said: she’s the woman / she’s the man. I hung around backstage during the fittings and rehearsals beforehand to ogle all the cool kids and soak in the fantastic fashion tensions… DieselBackstage2 DieselBackstage3 DieselBackstage4 DieselBackstage5 DieselBackstage6 DieselBackstage7 DieselBackstage8 DieselBackstage9 DieselBackstage10 DieselBackstage11 DieselBackstage12 DieselBackstage13 DieselBackstage14 DieselBackstage15 DieselBackstage16 DieselBackstage17 DieselBackstage18 DieselBackstage19 DieselBackstage20 DieselBackstage21|PHOTOS| by Kelly

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Date: Friday, 11 Apr 2014 13:36

DieselHQ1The impetus behind my trip to Venice was to witness the reboot of the Diesel brand. A figurehead in the luxury denim arena for 35 years, Diesel recently determined it was ready for a refresh. Founder Renzo Rosso tapped Nicola Formichetti ~ longtime collaborator of Lady Gaga and former creative director of Mugler ~ for the job of injecting fresh energy into his already well-oiled machine. Nicola brought in his motley crew of happy fashion bandits, and the resulting debut collection left no doubts as to Diesel’s reclaimed relevance.

Hours before that spectacle took on the runway, however, I had a chance to tour Diesel’s massive headquarters (one hour outside Venice) ~ after which I was already more than sold on the idea of living in a Diesel-run reality.DieselHQ2THE LOBBY of Diesel HQ boasts Europe’s largest ‘living wall’ DieselHQ4THE MASSIVE CAMPUS includes a multilevel archive of past Diesel designs and vintage reference collections DieselHQ5 DieselHQ6 DieselHQ7THE DOUBLE STORY offices of Renzo Rosso are a light- and art-filled ode to 35 years of writing denim history DieselHQ8 DieselHQ9 DieselHQ10ALL THAT RUGGED LEATHER and wood had me dreaming up ideas for our Amagansett getaway DieselHQ11 DieselHQ12 DieselHQ13 DieselHQ14 DieselHQ15 DieselHQ16EVEN THE COMPANY CAFETERIA is exploding with style DieselHQ17|PHOTOS| by Kelly |#FOLLOWITFINDIT| we’ve got lots more decor inspiration HERE, HERE and HERE!

|CLICK HERE| for more studio tours

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Date: Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014 04:00

Venice1Have you ever been to Venice? I’ve long dreamed of this infamously romantic place ~ the city of water, canals, florid glass and festival masks. It always seemed so wonderfully unreal, and last week I was afforded an opportunity to visit it for the first time, for a fashion show and epic celebration (more on that coming soon!). My adventures in Venice were short-lasting but legendary, only reinforcing my fantasies. I flew both in and out with the rhythmic rocking of Adriatic waves and the twinkling lights of rococo Italian chandeliers dancing happily in my head… Venice2 Venice3VENICE is a city of tiny islands ~ 118 to be exact ~ each so small that it seems as if the buildings and sidewalks are simply floating on water. Instead of car, one must get around by boat! Venice4 Venice5 Venice6 Venice7 Venice8 Venice9I BOATED ABOUT in black Ray-Ban Clubmasters, my favorite earring, necklaces by Phillips House and Monica Rich Kosann, an oversized trench from DKNY, and a black blouse I’d had made in VietnamVenice10 Venice11 Venice12 Venice13 Venice14 Venice15 Venice16 Venice17 Venice18WE STAYED at the Hotel Danieli, a triumvirate of majestic palazzos with sweeping views of the sparkling green Venice lagoon. Every room, every corner drips with Old World Italian opulence. Venice19 Venice20 Venice21 Venice22PHOTOS by Kelly

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Date: Friday, 04 Apr 2014 04:00

AnnTaylorLBD1We’ve been yammering on and on about timeless, classic, fail-safe basics around here lately, and few things fit that bill better than the LBD. It’s the sexy staple, the standby showstopper ~ the sort of thing we all need.

Ann Taylor has just launched a 5-piece design collaboration with actress Kate Hudson ~ all lovely black dresses, each more fantastic than the last. I’m thrilled to be hosting the line’s New York City launch event next Thursday (April 10th), and I hope you’ll pop by 645 Madison Avenue between 6-8PM to party with us! AnnTaylorLBD2 AnnTaylorLBD3 AnnTaylorLBD4|MORE SOIRÉE DETAILS HERE!|

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Date: Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 11:55

CarolineVenturaCaroline Ventura and I met late on the evening of her birthday. I’d spent the day at Ann Street Studio, styling this fashion story, and she’d arranged to pop by afterward for a spot of tequila and a shedding of clothes ~ what better way to commemorate another year older?! Cocktails + nudity are a tried and true combination for bonding, and indeed we made instant friends. I was so impressed by her lack of inhibitions, her devil-may-care zeal for celebrating her body and the life well-lived within it. Not that I was surprised by her candor; I’ve long been a fan of BRVTVS, her artfully minimal jewelry line, every piece of which reflects the guileless charm of their free-spirited maker.CarolineVentura2Where are you from?
I grew up on the beach in Southern California, but I am a New Yorker through and through.

What brought you to New York?
A combination of work and love.  Thankfully, I ditched the old job, but kept the man.

How did BRVTVS begin?
I was really unhappy with the direction my previous career was going and was looking for something creative to keep me sane.  What started out as a sort of hobby eventually turned into a huge passion for design and simplicity.

Who are your favorite designers?
I always love looking to the Swedes for their approach on minimalism. Hope and Acne are two of my favorites.  Also really love what the girls from Apiece Apart are doing right now, and there will always be room in my closet for things vintage and thrifted.

Whose style do you admire?
Jane Birkin, Patti Smith, Lauren Hutton.  A lot of women throw these names out as style references, and for good reason.  These ladies always stick to what’s true to them.  I also really love Joe Strummer.  The man had total style, on stage and off, and always had the greatest boots.

Career highlight (so far):
Besides running around naked with two lovely ladies?  Creating a few different ear cuff styles for Jason Wu’s SS/13 collection.

How has the industry changed since you’ve been in it?
Metalsmithing has been around for centuries, and was always a bit of a boy’s club.  There are so many new female additions to the field ~ women who are really getting their hands dirty and learning how to saw and solder right along with the men. CarolineVentura3My #1 social media addiction is Instagram

New York’s best hidden gem is The Cloisters ~ a few minutes on the train and you’re a world away

I’d like to steal all my husband’s perfectly worn chambray shirts

Modern art is “I could do that” + “Yeah, but you didn’t”

Romance is never underrated

I’ll never be exactly who you want me to be

I want to be always true to myself, first

When I get dressed in the morning, I think can I get one more wear out of this before I have to wash it?

The thing that would surprise people most about my job is how difficult it is to design something that looks so simple

My greatest style regret is those super low rise jeans from the early 00s ~ the ones where the zipper was like an inch and a half long

My top beauty essential is this

Every woman should own a fragrance that is uniquely her own

Every man should own a real wallet and a nice belt

The key to life is pie.

When I’m feeling stressed I play my favorite music really loud and pour myself a drink

These days, the thing I wear most often is high-waisted vintage Levi’s and a worn-in button down.

The coolest place I’ve ever been is Morocco

Vintage is telling a new story with something old

Being a glamourai means being the best version of yourself that you have to offer ~ even if you’re in sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt

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Date: Tuesday, 01 Apr 2014 04:49

CarolineAs I’ve been thinking about a return to simplicity and focusing my energies on what really matters in life, it’s been inspiring to hear that so many of you feel the same way too. Technology and social media afford us such wonderful possibilities of expression and connection, but if we are not careful, it can all become a lot of senesless noise. It’s crucial that we balance the mania of life with moments of quiet contemplation ~ the art of nothingness. Human existence is simple, animal, beautiful, basic, pure. May today’s images inspire a moment of meditation, may they remind you to always stop and smell the roses.Caroline2 Caroline3 Caroline4

Caroline5 Caroline6 Caroline7|STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES| starring Caroline Ventura |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck |CINEMAGRAPH| by Kevin Burg |STYLING| by Kelly Framel

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Date: Monday, 31 Mar 2014 04:00

BackToBasics1|ABOVE| The Row does the best extra-long blazers I’ve ever found (I wear my khaki one constantly) and I’m collecting these men’s Comme des Garçons pants in every color (Dover Street Market has them in stock in a fantastic olive-y khaki right now!)

LAST WEEK we took a look into the modus operandi of three influential Brooklyn artists ~ Ghost of a Dream, Nick van Woert and Courtney Smith ~ all of whom are using their work to make thoughtful statements about our current state of culture and our relationships with things. These are subjects I’m keenly interested in lately, as I go through the process of purging my life of a whole lot of excess.

I will always love beautiful stuff ~ well-executed aesthetics are among my chief joys in life ~ I just don’t want so much of it anymore. I’m inspired by better-ness and less-ness. In my recent move, I downsized from several closets to one small clothes rack, slimming my wardrobe’s contents by at least 80%. I’ve whittled it to a few favorite pairs of tailored and draped pants, some gorgeous shirts, two great jeans, a denim jacket, and a duo of exceptional blazers from The Row. It may not be as extreme as an all-out uniform, but it ain’t far from it. There’s such freedom in simplicity, and that’s exciting for me at this moment.BackToBasics2|ABOVE| at Fashion Week in pants I had custom made in Vietnam, a pattern I’m still working to perfect BackToBasics3|ABOVE| one dark denim jacket (I like to wear the collar up and close only the top two buttons) and an atypical khaki trench are de rigueur BackToBasics4|ABOVE| variations on a theme ~ I’m interested in adopting a streamlined visual vocabulary with diversity in its details (see more of my looks on Facebook!) BackToBasics5|ABOVE| Maiyet gets my mood: it’s all about marrying classic tailoring with hammock-like ease BackToBasics6 BackToBasics7|#FOLLOWITFINDIT| In short, I’m all about investing in those versatile, well made, key pieces that offer me optimal optionality and also stand the test of time. Pieces like THESE!

|DON’T FORGET| today is the final day to Curate For A Cause! Some things are more important than fashion, and for every #ImBornTo Collection you make, eBay will donate $1 to March Of Dimes.

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Date: Friday, 28 Mar 2014 04:00

CourtneySmith1Courtney Smith and I connected over a shared love of Brazil. This Brooklyn-based artist (the third in this week’s series) was born in Paris, France but began her artistic career in earnest in Rio de Janeiro, where she moved after graduating from Yale. Brazil is teeming with abundant varietals of exotic wood, and in Rio, Smith was regularly finding incredible, affordable, early 20th-century furniture made from it ~ baroque, hand-carved interpretations of classical European styles. CourtneySmith2She’d begun her artistic journey as a painter but these fantastic hybridizations quickly shifted her interests. Furniture became a fixation, luring her imagination away from the painted surface to the essence of the surface itself. CourtneySmith3Like Nick van Woert, Smith’s work has always been informed by materials. Especially inspired by the surrealist possibilities of vanities and armoires, she began collecting and dissecting these traditionally feminine furnishings ~ reassembling them with elaborate systems of hinges, transforming them into puzzle-like sets of possibilities. The resulting sculptures are essentially three-dimensional collages, combining deconstruction and reconstruction to inspire a dialogue about our assumptions of masculinity and femininity. CourtneySmith4 CourtneySmith5I knew little about her work before our visit, but these frictions immediately struck me. I could instantly sense the personification of the furnishings, the way they started to feel ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ based on how they’d been reconfigured and composed. Furniture is a symbol for both the body and the home, and can carry nostalgia for a bygone era, speak of class, gender, taste, craftsmanship or mass production. It is understandable that an artist like Smith could find such limitless expressions within the medium. Indeed, she’s made it her life’s work. CourtneySmith6|ABOVE| a more ‘ladylike’ hinged chair sits atop a shelf in Smith’s workroom. Its restructuring has rendered it both more lifelike and lifeless than ever ~ knocked-kneed like a fragile fawn but drooping and useless as a forgotten marionette.

Eventually, Courtney Smith moved to New York from Rio. In the US ~ due to the lower quality of furniture she found accessibly available ~ her work became about digging into the objects rather than adding onto them. She plunged into a new series, carving rococo filigrees into plain wood furniture. At first glance, the work resembled ornamentation; at closer inspection it revealed itself as corrosion. CourtneySmith7Her more recent work has been focused on fabricating (as opposed to deconstructing), building totally new structures that resemble familiar furnishings but have largely been stripped of their function. For the artist, this seems to represent a shifting in interest from the intimacy of hand crafting to the anonymity of mass manufacture. Though every sculpture remains one of a kind, their industrial materials reference serial production. CourtneySmith8A turmoil over manufacturing, materials, mass consumption and dated gender assumptions rages on in every creative subset of our culture. We hear about them in Hollywood and have these conversations constantly in the fashion world, but not often enough that the issues are yet eradicated. We rely on art to help us see what’s already in front of our eyes, and over time (if we’re lucky) we begin to evolve.

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Date: Thursday, 27 Mar 2014 14:30

NickVanWoert1Nick van Woert’s artwork is all about informed anarchy. To visit the former architecture student’s Brooklyn studio is to enter into a massive playscape for destruction, a place dreamt up by little boys who love to blow stuff up. Van Woert’s message is anything but juvenile, however. To put it simply, he believes we are what we eat. NickVanWoert2|ABOVE| Nick van Woert at work NickVanWoert3 NickVanWoert4Ghost of a Dream ~ the artists we visited with yesterday ~ explore the emptiness of our society’s opulent ideals. Nick van Woert is interested in the materials we use to manufacture all that faux fortune. The world we build for ourselves is only as good as the materials used to build it, and modern society has found a way to substitute really bad ones (plastics, chemical compounds, plaster) for pretty much all the good ones. Architecture has moved from stone to styrofoam, and it’s a disease that has spread to every fiber of our daily lives ~ from how our clothing is made to how we consume a cup of coffee. NickVanWoert5|ABOVE| an assistant paints the surface of van Woert’s faux bois siding. Fake bark and stone are recurring themes in the artist’s work. NickVanWoert6 NickVanWoert7On a planet made of stone, van Woert wonders why we keep making fake rocks. Much of his work uses mass manufactured, artificial neoclassical statues ~ aka ‘the world’s worst sculptures’ ~ as canvasses. He hollows out their insides with chemicals and gunshots, or baths them in waterfalls of colored resin. To him, these fiberglass gods represent the vacuity of our values, our willingness to keep the past alive visually but not materially. He has said, “Stone sculptures represented a very monolithic understanding of the human body, in spirit and material. You could go a thousand ways with that idea ~ one god, one way of living ~ it’s one material, solid, permanent. Now we make them hollow, with a chemical concoction that mimics that way of looking at the body, and it’s a superficial understanding… That’s just who we are now. We’re not interested in anything else.” NickVanWoert8The most influential artists have always made works that reflect their times, and van Woert’s message ~ grim as it may be ~ comes not a minute too soon. He’s incredibly thoughtful about his work, in trying to understand “what this material shift is, and why it’s happening.” It’s a question especially pertinent in the fashion world, where new products are churned out at a dizzying daily rate, while we rarely stop to ask how, where or why they were made. When we do participate in some sort conscientious consumption, it’s too often part of some marketing gimmick, some feel-good greenwashing that doesn’t truly do much to change the machinery of the system.

That humans may one day render the earth uninhabitable is a terrifying reality. Like Nick van Woert, I don’t know what the answer to this issue is, or when we will hit a collective breaking point ~ but like him, I’m looking around and within, asking hard questions, choosing more carefully ~ and I hope you will too. NickVanWoert9 NickVanWoert10 NickVanWoert11|CLICK HERE| to explore ‘Beauty + Truth‘ ~ our multipart story on one brand who’s tackling this problem responsibly in the fashion sphere |CLICK HERE| to buy tickets to this year’s Brooklyn Artists Ball and support the work of fresh, vibrant talents like this. Art is essential!

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Date: Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014 04:00

GhostOfADreamTo say I’m enamored with the artwork of husband and wife team Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was ~ aka Ghost of a Dream ~ would be putting it terribly mildly. Their enormous, highly detailed sculptures and installations tackle concepts of opulence and aspiration, but are constructed from materials that typically end up in the trash ~ be it a paperback romance novel (intended to transport the reader into a dream reality), a religious track (promising eternal life) or marble slabs taken from the base of old trophies (those totemic celebrations of negligible accomplishments). GhostOfADream2It all began with a study on lotto tickets. In the artists’ own words. “We kept finding these lost lottery tickets littered all over the ground and we started picking them up, thinking they were someone’s lost wish; that they were this hope and dream that they had and then they tossed it away. We started thinking about what those dreams actually meant and what happens if you collected enough of those to make that dream into a reality.” GhostOfADream3|ABOVE| art show debris, Ghost of a Dream’s most recent source of inspiration |BELOW| a dizzying piece formed from playing cards recycled from Vegas casinos; its frenetic energy is meant to simulate the feeling inside your brain upon hitting a winning hand GhostOfADream4And so they embarked on a trilogy of sculptures, assembled entirely out of scratched and discarded lotto tickets, carefully cut and 3-dimensionally collaged into the shape and image of the three products most lottery winners buy ~ a dream vacation, a dream home, and a dream car (specifically a Hummer H3, built to scale!). This initial collaboration resonated powerfully in our current cultural moment (obsessed as we are with overnight success stories and the alluring fame of reality TV), and evolved into an all-encompassing life and creative partnership for the two artists. GhostOfADream5 GhostOfADream6Beyond those lotto tickets, they’ve since expanded their palette of materials to shed light on other corners of the global fantasy factory, brightly but brutally debunking the illusions of our collective culture’s ‘get rich quick’ idealism. Whether they’re working with playing cards recycled from Vegas casinos or forgotten collections of baseball cards, Ghost of a Dream use prosaic objects to shine a mirror on our own dreams of rich decadence. GhostOfADream7Their work really speaks to me, as more and more I crave a life with less: less stuff, less noise, less distracting, meaningless things. They never make you happy; making art, making change, making love, making friends, making memories are all that really matter. GhostOfADream8In keeping with that ethos, I’m supporting the Brooklyn Artists Ball for the second year in a row, and will be bringing you a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives and studios of some of the artists contributing works to this year’s show. As especial favorites of mine, Ghost of a Dream are up first! The sculpture they are working on for this year’s event and exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum will take a hard look at the art world itself; specifically the uniquely counterintuitive pathos surrounding art fairs. These fairs are democratic in that more people attend and see art at them today than they do in museums, while at the same time they turn art buying into such an unattainable activity that only the super-rich can even dream to play. GhostOfADream9Art shows also produce an extreme amount of waste: huge structures, walls, carpets and experiences are built to display works of art for maybe a week at most ~ afterward it’s all thrown away. Well, the wasted ephemera of our material dreams is Ghost of a Dream’s chief currency, and they let me tag along with them as they raided the debris left behind after this month’s Armory Art Fair in New York City. GhostOfADream10 GhostOfADream11One man’s trash truly is another’s treasure, and as Adam and Lauren packed as much as they could into their little yellow car, I thought about the beautiful irony of taking the refuse from a two-day art fair back into a museum environment, reformed and redefined as sculpture ~ and thus rendering it more resonant than ever. I can’t wait to see what they make of it all, when the work that results from this day of excavation debuts at this year’s ball.GhostOfADream12|CLICK HERE| to purchase tickets to the fourth annual Brooklyn Artists Ball. I’ll see you there! |CLICK HERE| to watch a truly great video on these two artists’ collaborative work

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Date: Tuesday, 25 Mar 2014 04:00

DoverStreetMarket1I rarely find myself in the city on a Saturday, so this past weekend’s in-town adventure was the first chance I’ve had to check out the three-month-old NY outpost of Dover Street Market (on the corner of 30th Street & Lexington Ave). A concept shop with preexisting locations in Tokyo and London, DSM is curated by Rei Kawakubo and stocks otherwise hard to find indie labels out of Europe and Japan, alongside exclusive collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Alaia and a whole lotta Comme des Garçons (my favorite of late!).

It’s a seven-story, treehouse-like space filled with playful, childlike interior touches, plus stacks of serious, advanced fashion. It makes shopping feel like an artistic experience, renders luxury unintimidating and big-brand-browsing feel refreshingly fun.DoverStreetMarket2|ABOVE| a playground for fashion-minded grownups! DoverStreetMarket3 DoverStreetMarket4 DoverStreetMarket5 DoverStreetMarket6|ABOVE| Prada, hot off the runway DoverStreetMarket7|ABOVE + BELOW| where else can you find Balinesian crowns sharing space with the epic headdresses from Marc Jacobs’ last collection for Louis Vuitton?! DoverStreetMarket8 DoverStreetMarket9 DoverStreetMarket10|ABOVE| I see something I like headed my way! DoverStreetMarket11 DoverStreetMarket12

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Date: Monday, 24 Mar 2014 04:00

NYCSaturdays1This past Saturday was one of those glorious New York moments when endless weeks of unrelenting winter weather give way to one perfectly spring-like day, and all the city’s denizens came out to play. We spent it walking uptown and down, hitting a few flea markets and popping into pretty stores and restaurants. Spring is New York City’s shiny season, when everyday life feels like a holiday and even running errands becomes an adventure. NYCSaturdays2 NYCSaturdays3|ABOVE| piles of beads at the West 25th Street Market (between Broadway & 6th Ave) |BELOW| the scene inside Chelsea Antiques Garage (112 W 25th St)NYCSaturdays4 NYCSaturdays5|ABOVE| I wore a Catbird beanie, Westward\\Leaning sunnies, vintage scarf, Elizabeth + James blazer, custom shirt, Commes des Garçons SHIRT harem pants (literally my favorite thing ever) and Valentino sneakers NYCSaturdays6 NYCSaturdays7|ABOVE| Zach wore cheerful Commes des Garçons PLAY x Converse shoes and chivalrously toted my Everlane bag as it became heavy with treasures NYCSaturdays8 NYCSaturdays9 NYCSaturdays10 NYCSaturdays11 NYCSaturdays12 NYCSaturdays13 NYCSaturdays14 NYCSaturdays15

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Date: Friday, 21 Mar 2014 04:00

ThoughtsOfHome1I’ve just moved into a new apartment, and it is entirely unlike my prior place. It’s a tiny little prewar, fifth floor walk-up in Chelsea; it’s worn-in, wonky, and I love it madly. Spending so much time on the road or out east means all I need in NYC is a little pied-à-terre stocked with a few favorite things. I’m decluttering and cleansing my entire lifestyle while working on making it home, and am inspired by whimsical wallpapers (like THIS and THIS), weathered wood, buttery old leathers, hand hewn ceramics and textiles collected from our travels. ThoughtsOfHome2|ABOVE| I’ve painted the kitchen this exact shade of grey, am building open shelves out of old scaffolding and have been scouring eBay for the perfect butcher block prep table (image via)ThoughtsOfHome3|ABOVE| this wallpaper mural has already been installed in the bedroom, and I’m stocking up on linens from Les Indiennes and Matteo (to feel like I’m forever sleeping in an Amazon hammock)ThoughtsOfHome4|ABOVE| talk about good vibes; I just want to live in this kitchen!

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Date: Thursday, 20 Mar 2014 12:37

HowToTieATurbanWe’ve been rocking a fantastical array of head wraps around here lately ~ from the simple to the insanely sculptural ~ so here is our favorite way to wear them in everyday life. Below, a step-by-step guide to tying the perfect turban using a lightweight scarf. HowToTieATurban1Begin by folding your scarf in half lengthwise. HowToTieATurban2Line up the center of the fold with the base of your head. HowToTieATurban3Pull the ends up toward the front of your head and cross them over each other at the forehead. HowToTieATurban4Wrap them around to the back again… HowToTieATurban5…and tie them into a knot. Tuck those loose ends either under this back knot or around the head and up into the front sections (depending on how long your scarf is). HowToTieATurban6Tuck the excess on top into the front folds. HowToTieATurban7And that’s all there is to it! HowToTieATurban8|#FOLLOWITFINDIT| step right this way to recreate the look with our favorite vintage scarves from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermes!

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Date: Wednesday, 19 Mar 2014 13:07

QueenSelita_BTS1A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of Queen Selita

|ABOVE| getting every detail just right in my favorite Valentino sneakers (they’re the perfect on-set shoe! I couldn’t have gotten through THIS SHOOT without them either.) QueenSelita_BTS2 QueenSelita_BTS3 QueenSelita_BTS4 QueenSelita_BTS5|ABOVE| jewelry for days! QueenSelita_BTS6 QueenSelita_BTS7 QueenSelita_BTS8|ABOVE| Bunny worries why she’s not getting more screen time, as Bethany braids Selita’s hair QueenSelita_BTS9 QueenSelita_BTS10 QueenSelita_BTS11|ABOVE + BELOW| Erin stepped up as Selita’s stand-in as I sculpted each Gele used in our story. I watched YouTube videos for weeks leading up to the shoot to learn how to properly make them! QueenSelita_BTS12 QueenSelita_BTS13 QueenSelita_BTS14|ABOVE + BELOW| Selita rocks the finished green Gele QueenSelita_BTS15 QueenSelita_BTS16|ABOVE + BELOW| one of my favorite looks of the shoot, from Oscar de la Renta QueenSelita_BTS17 QueenSelita_BTS18 QueenSelita_BTS19|ABOVE| reviewing footage with Chloe |BELOW| nobody gives face quite like Porsche! QueenSelita_BTS20 QueenSelita_BTS21 QueenSelita_BTS22 QueenSelita_BTS23|ABOVE| never too many bags! #putabagonitQueenSelita_BTS24 QueenSelita_BTS25 QueenSelita_BTS26 QueenSelita_BTS27|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd

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Date: Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 04:00

QueenSelita1|ABOVE| A Peace Treaty scarf, Pia Pauro caftan, Lela Rose gown

Danielle and Jodie Snyder’s Dannijo jewelry line has always been colorful, layered and irreverent, but for their Spring 2014 collection ~ which has just launched and coincides with the brand’s fifth anniversary (and first-ever bag line!) ~ the sisters updated those signatures with a darker-tinted twist. Employing onyx metal bases and a toughed-up, repeating railroad motif, the pieces have a refreshed strength and sophistication. Black and white themes lend a tribalistic bent, as if each item had been carved from dark horn and sun-bleached bone.

The designing duo asked me to art direct and style the campaign for this anniversary collection, and it got me thinking on all sorts of ideas about jewelry as talisman, as armor, as a badge of fierce femininity. The colors of the collection may have been inspired by film noir, but the imposing, sculptural elegance of their execution ~ coupled with Dannijo’s signature attitude toward unrestrained layering ~ reminded me of an array of African cultures, and the way so many of the women there have traditionally worn heavily-layered jewelry for aesthetic, societal and religious reasons. QueenSelita2|ABOVE| Anya Caliendo hat, Maiyet gown |BELOW| A Peace Treaty scarf, Alice + Olivia gown QueenSelita3When I started this project, I’d not yet been introduced to Candomblé (or Yoruba, the African culture from which that Brazilian religion descended), but I was already heavily familiar with the work of Malian photographer Seydou Keita, and deeply entranced by the confident style of the women in his pictures. QueenSelita4|ABOVE| vintage hat, Rebecca Taylor tunic, Maiyet skirt |BELOW| Anya Caliendo hat, Oscar de la Renta tiered coatdress and sleeveless dress QueenSelita5Visually, I’m delighted by the way that Keita’s subjects paired audaciously patterned, silk taffeta gowns with Kente cloth turbans, finishing their looks with a mash-up of Malian and Western accessories (Keita always kept European props and adornments in his studio, to mix into shoots). This subtle melding is part of what makes his pictures so special; they tell an underlying story of a culture in transition. To me, they’re beautiful but bittersweet, riddled with visual hints of the early ripples of industrialization and the homogenization of the modern world. QueenSelita6|ABOVE| Cynthia Rowley top, Carolina Herrera skirt |BELOW| A Peace Treaty scarf, Honor gown QueenSelita7The more I see of our earth, the more desperately I wish that its ancient tribes and customs could be preserved a little longer ~ not for the sake of some sort of quaint colloquial ideal, but because we lose a little wisdom, a bit of our shared soul, stories, specializations and secrets with each degree of modernization.QueenSelita8|ABOVE + BELOW| Rebecca Minkoff dress, BCBG skirt QueenSelita9I find inspiration in so many things: from great literature to North American suburbia to 1930′s cabaret, from Egyptian mythology to European fairy tales to the suffragette movement to West Coast sport culture. Fashion is about so much more than aesthetics; it’s about people ~ the customs they observe, the symbols they prize, and the moments in time they are both unwittingly trapped in and also actively shaping. QueenSelita10|ABOVE| vintage hat, Cynthia Rowley dress, Nanette Lepore sandals |BELOW| A Peace Treaty scarf, Lela Rose jacket, Zuhair Murad dress QueenSelita11Equality must be the greatest gift modernity has brought. It’s still a work in progress, but I was proud to look around the set of this shoot and see a diverse array of female entrepreneurs collaborating creatively. I was proud to be shooting bold jewelry designed by and for daring women, and proud to work with Selita Ebanks, a bighearted, hardworking model, actress and philanthropist whose beauty is only enriched by her age and experience. She truly became a queen in these images ~ not merely because of Chloe Crespi’s celebratory lens or due to my styling, but because of the innate confidence she herself brought to set. In that way, she honored the memory of Seydou Keita’s heroines more honestly than I could ever have planned. QueenSelita12|ABOVE + BELOW| Suno top, CH Carolina Herrera skirt QueenSelita13|QUEEN SELITA| starring Selita Ebanks + Dannijo jewelry and bags |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Chloe Crespi |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Bethany Brill |MAKEUP| by Porsche Cooper |NAILS| by Jackie Saulsbery

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Date: Monday, 17 Mar 2014 13:38

SeydouKeita1I’ve long idolized the work of African portraitist Seydou Keita, a self-taught photographer who opened his first studio in 1948 behind the prison in Bamako, Mali. Discovered by the West in 1990 (he died in Paris in 2001), Keita is universally recognized as the father of African photography and one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. I especially adore his portraits of women, the way he shot them with an invariable air of casual elegance ~ how he always saw them in their colorfully patterned, bejeweled Sunday best, yet the clothes never obscured the person. He showed them as real but regal; his subjects always possessed great dignity in his lens.

Seydou Keita’s photographs were the inspiration behind this week’s fashion story, but before we share that with you (tomorrow!), I give you the original vision of this unmatched master… SeydouKeita2 SeydouKeita3 SeydouKeita4 SeydouKeita5 SeydouKeita6 SeydouKeita7 SeydouKeita8 SeydouKeita9 SeydouKeita10|IMAGES VIA|

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