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Date: Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014 04:00

FlashOfLight1From the beaches of Montauk and the streets of NYC to the boat docks of Austin, glistening, jewelry-like, temporary ‘flash’ tattoos were the stars of summer 2014. We saw them slipping out subtly around wrists and ankles, but like Oscar Wilde we believe nothing succeeds like excess. The more the merrier (especially when served with a dash of Issey Miyake).FlashOfLight2 FlashOfLight3 FlashOfLight4 FlashOfLight5 FlashOfLight6 FlashOfLight7 FlashOfLight8 FlashOfLight9 FlashOfLight10|BODY JEWELRY| by Flash Tattoos |CLOTHING| by Issey Miyake Pleats Please |HINGED RING + EAR CUFF| by Ippolita |NAIL RINGS| by Bijules |TALON EARRINGS| by Campbell

|FLASH OF LIGHT| starring Sofia Reynal |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck |TATTOOS + STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Ido Raphael Zadok

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Date: Tuesday, 19 Aug 2014 04:00

WontStopI’ve done it before and I’ll do it again! |WEARING| Ray-Ban sunnies, Ippolita and Monica Rich Kosann necklaces, custom made top and pants, Cosabella bodysuitPrimary clutch, Joie shoes |PHOTOS| by Austin PhelpsWontStop2Want to get in on that harem life? The two best-designed pairs currently online come courtesy of Eileen Fisher and Oak ~ and yes, I’ve got multiples of each. A girl can never be too careful when it comes to her favorite things.

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Outfit Inspiration"
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Date: Friday, 15 Aug 2014 04:00

ReeceAndMaxIn fashion, it’s not enough to be incredibly creative. It’s a brutal industry, so a good head for business is equally crucial. Many great designers have faltered or failed from too much of one and too little of the other ~ but the really lucky ones know to team up with a partner who compliments their talents with serious business savvy.

It’s a formula that worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy ~ and it’s working for Reece Solomon and Max Stein. We introduced you to the Reece Hudson designer earlier this week and showed you how I wear my favorite of her bags. But we saved the best for last! Below, her business partner Max Stein gives us a frank and fascinating peek into how the two have built their business, one evil daydream at a time…

How did you guys meet?
I went to college with one of Reece’s best childhood friends.  We met in New York in the summer of 2006.

What were you doing before founding Reece Hudson?
I had recently graduated from college and moved to New York.  I spent some time interning at Men’s Vogue, and then doing some freelance work for a few other publications and brands, while trying to figure out a career.

Whose idea was it to launch the collection?
Reece had designed and produced a few sample bags as part of an accessories class at Parsons.  I remember going with her to coffee and she told me that a store in LA had seen the samples and wanted to make a small order.  From there we sat and put together a very informal business plan – a loose structure of how we saw the company on the inside and the brand on the outside.
ReeceHudson2What was the biggest challenge in initially getting it off the ground?
There are obviously one million challenges in any business.  I think our hardest was finding the right production resources. Reece always has great ideas, but finding factories that can realize those ideas correctly, timely, with quality, and in the quantities and price points that work is not easy.  We started with production in New York, as that was where our business was founded and located, but fairly quickly we were forced to obsessively research alternate options, which ultimately landed our production in Italy.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known then?
I wish I understood the business behind the business more.  Fashion is certainly creative, but I think from the consumer level it seems less business-obsessive than it really is.  I would recommend to anyone thinking of starting a brand – step one is a subscription to WWD.  Also read all the books – the Ralph Lauren book, the Gucci book, the Versace book, Terri Agin’s The End of Fashion.ReeceHudson3|ABOVE| Reece Hudson fringed Rider bag, Siren backpacks and mini bags

How do you divide responsibilities?
Reece oversees all the design, creative, and production.  I handle business development, including press and sales.  From the beginning we were very clear about outlining responsibilities.  One of the first things we ever put on paper was a list of every imaginable responsibility, and which one of us was responsible for taking the lead for each thing.  I think that was incredibly important and helpful.

You two just graduated from the CFDA Incubator program. What was the greatest lesson that experience gave you?
The most important challenge for young brands is to know your identity inside and out, be able to communicate that clearly to the people you work with and your consumers.  Not only product, but everything you put out into the world – websites, printed materials, the way you package your goods, the florist you use.  It does not happen overnight, and it is a constant evolution, but it is something that deserves a lot of energy.
ReeceHudson4|ABOVE| Rider mini fringe crossbody bags

How is life different post-Incubator?
Our time in the Incubator program is definitely over, but the great thing about the CFDA is that that relationship is never really over.  Also, we are so lucky to have found a much larger and gorgeous light-filled studio in Soho.

Career highlight (so far)?
Hosting Linda Evangelista at our studio, and then dressing her for events including the CFDA Awards.

How has the industry changed since you’ve been in it?
It feels that each year the industry moves faster and faster.  The pre-collections have become formal presentations, more deliveries, not only campaigns, but also corresponding ‘films’, new social media channels everyday, e-commerce… When you are small, you have limited resources.  I think it is important to figure out what is right for you, and do that incredibly well, rather than trying to have a hand in everything.ReeceHudson5This morning I woke up early

My favorite artist is Donald Judd

My business mentor is Kyle Andrew, of Kate Spade Saturday

My style icon is Mordechai Rubinstein

My favorite daydream is evil

My greatest fashion moment was when I wore Baby Dior pale blue tuxedo, age 3ReeceHudson6To be a good designer, it’s crucial to understand the customer

The thing that would surprise people most about my job is how many different things I do everyday

I’d like to steal a Tesla

Every woman should own a Reece Hudson bag

Every man should own cologneReeceHudson7My top beauty essential is Into The Gloss

My fashion pet peeve is hybrid clothing ~ sneaker heels, sweatshirt blazers, and the like.

I’d love to have a chance to work with Graydon Carter

My favorite place to shop is Prada

The key to life is work hard, relax hard

Right now, I’m obsessed with my new TempurPedic mattress

Vintage is for denim and flannel

Being a glamourai means leaving the house without a look in the mirrorReeceHudson8

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Fashion, Designer Discourse, studio tour..."
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Date: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2014 04:00

Change1My everyday style is fairly streamlined: lots of slouchy pants and draped button-downs. It’s a uniform that works for my body, style, and busy life, but for special occasions I still love a LOOK. Fashion is fun because it allows us to be a little daring when we feel inclined, and I plan to never stop experimenting entirely. Life is change! Change your clothes, change your day. And always be game to give a feather skirt a spin.

Refinery29 and Nicole Miller invited me to contribute to a feature on fearless fashion, and it’s a mindset toward style that I obsessively encourage. Fashion is not to be feared! There’s always room to try something new; you can pull off a lot more than you think. So I offered up my favorite stylistic dares for Fall ~ from the best statement bra to the coolest new nose rings. Check it out RIGHT HERE!Change2Fashionable flirtations aside, there’s always a place for perennial favorites. Reece Hudson’s Bowery pouchette has proven to be my most-used bag for the past few years (you may have noticed from yesterday’s post). The pattern pressed into the leather is so genius; it renders the thing implausibly more dressed-up and more casual in one fell swoop. Incredible. It’s the perfect day-to-night size, goes with everything, saves lives ~ you get the drift.Change3So there you have it: something treasured and something feathered. That’s the way I do me, fearlessly.

|KELLY WEARS| Ray-Ban sunnies, Ippolita necklace, Nicole Miller blouse and skirt (coming soon!), Phillips House bracelet, Reece Hudson clutch |PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Outfit Inspiration"
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Date: Monday, 11 Aug 2014 04:00

ReeceHudson_1|ABOVE| Reece Hudson bondage minaudières and Bowery oversized clutch

Having lived in New York and worked in fashion for nearly 10 years now, I’ve gotten to see many of my friends blossom from students and interns to tastemakers and brands. It’s why we come to this city, to join the pulse of culture, the quick of its current.

Coming of age and accelerating headfirst into dreams with your peers is endlessly exciting, especially when your friends dazzle and challenge you with their brilliance and determination. Reece Solomon, the designer behind Reece Hudson, is one such friend. When we met, I was designing eveningwear at Naeem Khan and she was finishing her degree at Parsons with classmate Cleo Schroeder (now the designer of Primary), who assisted in our design studio for a spell. We were all young and hungry and so it was an era of endless possibilities; we were revving up to take this town by storm.

In the ensuing years, I’ve been proud to watch Reece join forces with Max Stein, another longtime friend, to build Reece Hudson, a New York-based, Italian-made collection of handbags and accessories that bridges the gap between luxury and street style. The two have just graduated from the second class of the CFDA {Fashion Incubator} program (alongside so many other friends of ours, like Timo Weiland and Daniel Vosovic), and are thus on the cusp of an exciting new precipice of creativity and business crystallization. What better time could there be to subject an old friend to our 20-questions interrogation, and to take a walk down memory lane, revisiting a few of the ways that Reece Hudson handbags have popped up on this site over the ages…

ReeceSolomon|ABOVE| Reece Solomon, designer for Reece Hudson, by Citizen Couture

Before launching Reece Hudson, I was studying fashion design at Parsons, interning for Proenza Schouler and Rag & Bone.

The biggest challenge in getting the line off the ground was figuring out how to manufacture.

Since entering the industry, the biggest change I’ve witnessed is social media becoming a huge area of focus, and thus the notion of direct-to-consumer becoming increasingly important and valid.

This morning, I woke up, took a shower, got a large cup of coffee to go, and had my first meeting of the day (at 8:30 am).

My favorite artist is my good friend Gordon Stevenson, aka Baron von Fancy (who we just collaborated with on a print for our Resort collection).

My business mentor gives me a lot of perspective on reality.

My style icons are Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jane Birkin, and Talitha Getty

My favorite daydream is a secret.
ReeceHudson_2|ABOVE| Reece Hudson appearances from the archives, to name a few: numbers one, two, three, four and five (below)

My greatest fashion moment was when I wore a beautiful floor-length white satin gown with a train by Katie Ermilio with huge Irene Neuwirth earrings and Pamela Love fine jewelry to the CFDA Awards this past June (my first time ever going!). Pam was my unofficial date, which made it even more fun.

My greatest style regret is high heeled Sketchers in elementary school. I still cringe. Oh, and midriff tops with extra low rise pants.

To be a good designer, it’s crucial to stay true to what you believe in.

The thing that would surprise people most about my job is how unglamorous it is, which I know is a cliché to even say about the fashion industry at this point.ReeceHudson_3I’d like to steal the entire lot of vintage Levi’s from What Comes Around Goes Around

Every woman should own jeans that make their ass look amazing

Every man should own a perfect leather jacket

My top beauty essential is Argan oil

My fashion pet peeve is high-heeled sneakers

I’d love to have a chance to work with Carine Roitfeld

Right now, I’m obsessed with turquoise jewelry

Being a glamourai means having a killer, unique sense of personal style

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Date: Monday, 04 Aug 2014 04:00

CitySafariThis cotton top (with its great lace-up neckline), paired with these reworked army pants (turned shorts) felt like the modern day, casual answer to this iconic look. Perfect for my own city safari: a day spent running around town sourcing accessories for a magazine shoot and fixtures for a new restaurant Zach is building. Our days are so full and frenetic lately, best to keep the outfits easy.CitySafari1|KELLY WEARS| vintage Stetson hat (similar), Ray-Ban sunnies, JCrew top (on sale!), Urban Outfitters shorts (also on sale!! similar alternative in brown HERE), Everlane tote, Joie shoes (similar)|PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Outfit Inspiration"
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Date: Friday, 01 Aug 2014 04:00

ParadiseLounge1August is suddenly, too-quickly upon us and with it, a new mood from our friends at Primary. They’ve just expanded into a multi-brand boutique (which will still carry their great in-house collection of better-than-basics), to offer a broader application of the Primary lifestyle. Unified by their minimal, downtown aesthetic, the first crop to drop is exactly the sort of stuff we want to be wearing for this late summer slip-slide into fall.

|ABOVE| Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Primary silk trench, Lucy Paris appliqué tee, Primary skirt, Luxury Rebel broguesParadiseLounge2|ABOVE| Primary sleeveless trench in olive and khaki, Schutz shoes (at left), Tibi shoes (at right, styled with Audra ankle covers) |BELOW| Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Primary top (coming soon!), Dance + Marvel skirt, Luxury Rebel shoesParadiseLounge3 ParadiseLounge4|ABOVE| Primary crop top, scuba skirt and dress |BELOW LEFT| Nevis crop top, Luau short, Jerome C. Rousseau shoes |BELOW RIGHT| Maya dress, Ash shoesParadiseLounge5|PARADISE LOUNGE| starring Laura Kargulewicz & Lydia Hunt |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Greg Swales |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Ido Raphael Zadok

|CLICK HERE| to revisit our most recent collaboration with photographer Greg Swales |CLICK HERE| to check out the all-new Primary experience!

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Editorials, Fashion, Exclusive Editorial..."
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Hothouse   New window
Date: Thursday, 31 Jul 2014 04:00

Hothouse1Breezy, oversized hothouse florals for hot-as-heck summer nights: what could make more sense?! Been returning to this combo a lot lately. When it works, you work it.
|WEARING| Ray-Ban sunnies, Roberto Cavalli blouse, Chanel bag, Joie pants (similar) and shoesHothouse3|PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps |MORE OUTFIT INSPO HERE!|

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Outfit Inspiration"
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Date: Tuesday, 29 Jul 2014 04:00

ArielGordon1For the past few years, we’ve only had eyes for the daintiest of jewels ~ sweet, stackable rings and wear-everyday lariats. It’s a fantastic trend that has made fine jewelry more accessible and personal than ever, for these are the types of pieces you can put on once and never again take off. One designer who’s mastered this métier especially well is Ariel Gordon, with whom we recently caught up over rosé and the setting sun amidst the sprawling gardens of Gallow Green, an airy dreamscape perched atop Manhattan’s McKittrick Hotel.

Ariel’s a busy lady these days. She’s just rebranded her jewelry collection, launched an exclusive three-piece collaboration with Shopbop (a pretty pearl ring, necklace and pair of earrings) ~ plus she and her husband are expecting the imminent arrival of their first child. What better time to cozy up with the designer (pictured below) for a few canapés and questions?!ArielGordon21. Where are you from?
San Diego, CA

2. How did you get your start in fashion?
I majored in English and Italian at UCLA. After graduating, I worked in PR producing celeb red carpet events.  During this time, I took some jewelry classes at a local jewelry school to escape the hectic pace of the industry. This led me to the Revere Academy in San Francisco, where I learned metalsmithing and stone setting. Once I moved back to LA, I blindly sent my resume to every jewelry designer in the area and ended up working as the assistant to Maya Brenner for 5 years. She taught me everything I need to know about how to run a small business – from making line sheets to sourcing materials to accounting and everything in between.  It was a great partnership and we are still very close.

3. Which characters or moments in your life illuminated your calling as a designer?
During my PR days, I worked on an event with a jewelry designer named Page Sargisson. Meeting Page was a revelation for me. I was so inspired by the life she had created for herself… She owned her own company. She was the one who benefited financially from all her hard work. She was doing something creative. She had time to be with her kids. I knew those were all things that I wanted in my own life. I had literally never made a piece of jewelry before I met her. She inspired me to start my own business.

4. Why jewelry?
It is so satisfying to design and make something that is tangible that will become a part of a someone’s daily life. I know a lot of girls that don’t change their jewelry everyday and I’m definitely one of them.  I like jewelry that I can put on and never take off.  Because all of my jewelry is real metal and stones, I love the idea that the pieces I make could be handed down as family heirlooms.ArielGordon35. You’ve just embarked on two intensely personal new journeys: impending motherhood and the rebranding of Ariel Gordon Jewelry. Do the two feel related?
Absolutely.  I had been toying around with the idea of rebranding for a while. Finding out I was pregnant was the catalyst that made me finally take the plunge (since I knew that I’d be otherwise occupied very soon). Coincidentally, the whole rebrand process took me a long and exhausting 9 months to complete so I feel as if I’ll be giving birth twice this year.

I feel like I have grown so much as a designer and as a woman since I started my business. It was a natural progression as I grew from my early 20s to my early 30s. My tastes have evolved and became more refined and I wanted the branding to better reflect this evolution. I also feel like I have a better sense of who my customer is and how I should be marketing to her.  The new AGJ logo is meant to evoke both the sparkle off of a new piece of jewelry as well as the excitement that bubbles up when you see that jewelry for the first time. I incorporated this element in both the new custom packaging and a new sleek website.  I’m so happy with how it turned out. The new look book was shot in NYC by my friend James Dimmock and he nailed it.  I think it really helps set the cozy and intimate mood I was looking for.ArielGordon4|ABOVE| James Dimmock photography |BELOW| Shopbop’s Fashion Director Elle Strauss wears Ariel Gordon’s pearl earrings and lariat necklaceArielGordon56. In redefining your brand after 6 years in business, what have you discovered about yourself?
I feel like I am a funny mix of aesthetics.  In my clothing and jewelry, I like things to be very simple and minimal.  However in my décor and environment I like a lot of vibrant color and pattern.  Because I wanted the new branding to be more chic and understated, I had to practice a lot of self-restraint and I had to constantly edit myself so I wouldn’t junk it up too much.  It was an ongoing joke with my graphic designer, Wendy Polish.  She helped me walk the line of keeping things simple but still expressing my playful personality.ArielGordon67. Which piece of jewelry in your own personal collection means the most to you?
My engagement ring. I love the man who gave it to me (after I designed it) and what it symbolizes.ArielGordon7|ABOVE + BELOW| pearl-drop necklace and earrings, two Ariel Gordon x Shopbop exclusivesArielGordon8This morning, I woke up and made some sourdough toast and green tea (my pregnant morning routine).

My greatest fashion moment was when I wore the Monique Lhuillier wedding dress that I scored at her infamous LA sample sale.  It was originally a size 10 and had to be totally rebuilt to fit me but it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

My greatest style regret is having bangs in the 80s. Curly bangs are never a good look.ArielGordon9Living in LA is full of sunshine and traffic. One of those things I love. The other, not so much.

I am happiest when I’m traveling to a new exotic place with my husband. I love an adventure.

Becoming a mom is exciting and terrifying.

Maternity clothes are better when they show off the bump. Because I’m only 5’2”, if I wear a loose caftan I look like I am wearing a tent.  So I wear a lot of dresses and shirts that cling close to my belly.  I’d rather look super pregnant than like I’m swimming in fabric.

Jewelry on men should be limited to a wedding ring and a nice watch.ArielGordon10The thing that would surprise people most about my job is it’s 90% running a small business and only 10% creative.

To be a good designer, it’s crucial to also have a good head for business.

My favorite place to shop is Amazon prime.  Makes my life so much easier.

My fashion pet peeve is knockoffs.

My top beauty essential is coconut oil.ArielGordon11Every woman should own a luxe handbag (No one will know if your clothes are from Zara or H&M if you’re wearing good jewels and fancy purse. The right accessories always elevate an outfit).

Every man should own a properly tailored suit.

The key to life is surrendering.

When I’m feeling stressed I make lists and cross things off (sometimes I’ll even write down things I’ve already done that day because I love the satisfaction of checking off another to-do).

These days, the thing I wear most often is summer dresses and Birkenstocks.

The coolest place I’ve ever been is a traditional Japanese ryokan in the forested mountains outside of Kyoto.

Right now, I’m obsessed with finding the right wallpaper for the nursery. Nothing too baby. Nothing too gender specific.

Vintage is a fun treasure hunt. I love early mornings at the Rose Bowl flea digging for treasure.

Being a glamourai means being comfortable in your own skin.

|CLICK HERE| to shop all the Ariel Gordon goodness!

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Fashion, Designer Discourse"
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:00

ReadingList1Growing up, I was one of those nerds who got really excited about being assigned a summer reading list, and to this day I kick off each summer by stocking up on stacks of paperbacks to pour through. Now that we find ourselves about halfway through the season, three favorites have so far crept to the top of the heap. Check them out and let us know what books you recommend in the comments! We’re always in the mood for a well-told tale. ReadingList2TENDER IS THE NIGHT: So you’ve read The Great Gatsby, seen the movie (both the 1974 & 2013 versions!), ogled the fashion story and still you’re craving more F. Scott Fitzgerald? Enter Tender Is The Night. As in Gatsby, we oscillate here between the intrinsic attitudes of the idle rich and the upwardly mobile ~ but with even more intrigue between party lines. If Daisy Buchanan represented the author’s wife Zelda’s better years, Nicole Diver (one of this story’s leads) imitates her historically infamous, darker turns. In typical Fitzgerald fashion, theres a lot of living and little salvation in these pages ~ and the storyline is all the more compelling for it.ReadingList3THE INTERESTINGS: What starts as a summer camp camaraderie flourishes into a 30-year journey laced with friendship, romance, family, crime, betrayal, massive success, crushing failures and an endless, delicious litany of pop culture references that spans the Moonies to the Simpsons. My social life stopped from the moment I picked this book up till I reached its final page ~ I literally could not put it down.ReadingList4THE FLAMETHROWERS: A floridly-written story set between the 1970′s New York City art scene and the gilded palazzos of old-money Italy, this true-to-life portrait traces one young artist’s adventures in following her instincts. Throughout this compellingly written saga, this intuition takes her from the salt flats of Utah to the lofts of Soho to riots on the streets of Italy ~ and somehow also nowhere at all.

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 04:00

Della1We are always on the lookout for cool people who are making fashion in forward-thinking, sustainable ways: companies like Maiyet and John Hardy, and tastemakers like Greta Eagan. So when we heard about Della ~ an LA-based, women-run clothing line handcrafted in Ghana ~ our interest was piqued.

We did a little digging, and it turns out they run a genuine and effective program to educate and employ Ghanaian tradeswomen, and to preserve the traditional Dutch wax printing techniques indigenous to that region. Their materials are 100% vegan, and their production is as green as it gets. We were thrilled to learn that they’ve recently joined forces with Urban Outfitters, making the collection more accessible than ever, so we teamed up with photographer Reid Rolls (with whom we also shot THIS and THIS) and his lovely fiancée Linda Holm to showcase our favorite looks from that collaboration. The best part of it all is that they are exactly the sort of easy pieces we all want to wear this time of year.Della2|ABOVE| Della tie-back romper (it also comes in black!) |BELOW| Della button-up tank dress Della3 Della4 Della5 Della6|DISCOVERING DELLA| starring Linda Holm |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Reid Rolls |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Ido Raphael Zadok |CLOTHING| by Della

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Date: Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 04:00

My summertime style is all about beachy ease: free-fitting frocks, simple swimsuits and surf-inspired separates. My bags are made of straw and my sandals are always sandy. So committed am I to the look (and lifestyle!) that the good folks at Harper’s Bazaar took notice and asked me to put together a guest edit of all the summery yummies that fit my Montauk mood over at ShopBazaar ~ click through the images to investigate, or check out the full feature RIGHT HERE!

|CLICK ANY IMAGE| to shop |SURF PHOTOGRAPHY| by James Katsipis, our favorite East End photographer

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Lifestyle, Shopping, Out East"
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Date: Friday, 18 Jul 2014 04:00

For us, movie nights are a way to bring friends together without a lot of fuss, to open up our home in the comfiest and most casual of ways. Besides a white sheet and a projector, you really only need a few cozy accoutrement to make the evening complete: rugs and blankets to lounge on, poufs, pillows, citronella candles, a roaring fire, big bowls of popcorn, and some good wine. Find these accessories around your house and drag them out into the yard (or up to an apartment rooftop), or click through these images to shop our favorite party picks!

|CLICK WITHIN THE COLLAGES| to shop whatever catches your eye // and don’t miss the matinée RIGHT HERE!

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Author: "Kelly Framel" Tags: "Home Decor, Lifestyle"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014 04:00

MovieNight1Around here, we fervently believe in the power and importance of upgrading the everyday: making every meal an occasion, applauding a sunset, opening our home to friends and filling it with a lot of love and fun. It’s this ethos that inspired us to collaborate with Ecco Domani Wines on some summer entertaining ideas; their brand is built on the same tenets we ourselves live by. For us, living every day like it’s your last means celebrating life in the moment: putting your best foot forward, wearing a pretty dress just because, using the good plates, living in harmony with nature, and taking care of the ones you love.

For the past year and a half, we’ve divided time between New York City and Amagansett, a quiet little hamlet nestled between The Hamptons and Montauk on the easternmost tip of Long Island. Our time in the city is filled with momentum: industry, appointments, takeout and crowded restaurants ~ everything in inverse of the languorous days we spend in Amagansett. It’s a life with distinct yin and yang ~ a fantastic balance. Out East, happily ensconced in our little cabin in the woods, the rest of the world really fades away. In every direction, we’re surrounded by trees; we wake up under a canopy of leaves, glistening through the skylight above bed. You can almost hear their branches sing. The retreat feels endless, and it’s a cathedral we’re always loathe to leave. So we entertain at home, make every day festive, and lure friends into our little dreamworld so that we rarely have to abandon it.MovieNight2We’re surrounded by fisherman and farmland, fresh produce only a bike ride away. If you pop by at lunchtime you’ll likely find seared tuna tacos served alongside heirloom tomatoes and watermelon salad, for dinner, ceviche. The afternoons in between are spent poolside, and we rarely go inside again until it’s time for bed. Why should we? In lieu of lawn furniture, our grassy backyard is littered with sun-faded rugs, oversized pillows, Moroccan poufs and a random assortment of stuffed jungle animals. Friday night is movie night. We pin a white sheet to the clothesline and pull a few rugs and a projector up around it. Word has spread quickly that if you mosey over to our place at sunset, you’ll be just in time for the evening show.MovieNight3It’s the easiest, most impromptu of parties. We never know who exactly will drop by or how many friends they’ll bring, but it really doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of room around the fire. Popcorn is constantly exploding from our stovetop (it’s the simplest thing to make endless quantities of, then elevate with a sprinkling of herbed salt), and as long as we have plenty of wine and fixings for s’mores, then we’re pretty much in business ~ whether 2 or 20 roll up for the flick!MovieNight4|ABOVE| the menu is simple, and as easy to prep for 2 people or 20: stovetop popcorn, DIY s’mores, and great wine (usually red wines are more of a wintertime thing around our house, but I make an exception for this particular Merlot by Ecco Domani because of its bright, fruit-filled flavor; it’s an ideal summer red).MovieNight5 MovieNight6|ABOVE| stemless wine glasses are key to outdoor entertaining |BELOW| incense coils from Vietnam are forever burning around our house and yardMovieNight7 MovieNight8 MovieNight9|ABOVE| the secret to the perfect s’more? Patience! Take your time and let the marshmallows slowly puff up and soften, rather than burn. I also like to perch my chocolate-stuffed graham cracker on the side of the fire pit while roasting my marshmallow, to let the bar get nice and gooey.MovieNight10 MovieNight11|ABOVE| the key to life is to make it fun, to raise a glass to the everyday and to make small moments the most memorable. MovieNight12Hungry for more of that summertime good life? We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
|SHOP| our favorite party-making picks RIGHT HERE

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Date: Friday, 11 Jul 2014 04:00

WhatIYam1Since the day I broke out of school uniforms, I’ve been furiously experimenting with the possibilities of style. I’ve played all sorts of characters, tried on every costume under the sun. I’ve died my hair platinum, black, burgundy, blue (and once all four at the same time ~ no lie). I’ve used clothing as one of many mixed media in the crafting and discovery of self. Through it all, I’ve found personal style to be an incredibly powerful tool, and I’ve learned a lot about who I am and the kind of woman I want to be. WhatIYam2It’s still a work in progress ~ I’m forever evolving as life experiences continuously remold me. And clothes are far from the most important thing in life, but they do matter. A good outfit is one I can put on in the morning and then forget about the rest of the day, because it feels so seamlessly me. I like classic colors, I like tailoring that drapes, I like elegant silk separates cut to feel like pajamas. I like bodysuits under everything and loose, low-cut tops. I love a good harem pant, a smokey eye and gold jewelry. To quote Popeye, “I yam what I yam.”WhatIYam3The moral of the story? I want to look cool and feel good without thinking too much about it. I spent all those years fighting my way out of one uniform just to wrap myself up in another ~ and I couldn’t be happier.WhatIYam4Anyone else see a theme? If you’re in the mood for a parade of fashion déjà vu, click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!WhatIYam5|WEARING| Ray-Ban sunnies, John Hardy hoop earrings, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner, Ippolita and Monica Rich Kosann, Vince blouse (similar), Calvin Klein bodysuit (similar), Chanel bag, shorts custom made in Vietnam (similar), Tibi shoes (similar) |PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps

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Date: Wednesday, 09 Jul 2014 04:00

As the summer heat escalates, clothes become increasingly unappealing. ~ but still we must wear them. Compromise by choosing featherlight dresses that float off the body, softly-draped pants, white cotton dresses, filmy t-shirts, lacy shorts, pretty fringed jewelry and sturdy, sole-supporting sandals. Click around inside these images to get your shop on, or cool off with this visual dreamsicle.

|CLICK HERE| to shop all our seasonal favorites ~ and revisit some our our coolest summer swim stories HERE, HERE and HERE! |IMAGES| via Pinterest

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Date: Tuesday, 08 Jul 2014 04:00

CircleOfLife1Mandalas are circles train-tracked through with geometric pattern, hypnotic wheels designed to give a break to our busy minds and allow our creative pathways to run free. Mandalas represent the Self, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon ~ the wholeness and circularity of the universe. Buddhist monks draw mandalas in the sand, finish them, erase them, begin again. The urge to make mandalas indicates a re-balancing process is underway in our psyches, for they represent reordering, stabilizing.

The cycles of nature form their own perfect circle. Summer is a treasured time of human renewal, a chance to live outdoors, to be barefoot in the sand, roll in the grass and ground ourselves to the earth. To feel feral and free. The days are long and hot and inside those hours life’s beautiful possibilities are amplified ~ like ice, we melt into liquid, heat to a boil, then find ourselves floating, as free as the wind…CircleOfLife2|ABOVE| Anne Fontaine dress |BELOW| TOME tunic and skirt CircleOfLife3 CircleOfLife4CircleOfLife5|2 ABOVE|Laynea silk gown |BELOW + HEADER| Ellery top, TOME skirtCircleOfLife6|THE CIRCLE OF LIFE| starring Cosima Schelfhout |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Chloe Crespi |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |FLORAL DESIGN| by Bess Wyrick

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Date: Thursday, 03 Jul 2014 12:33

AmericanWoman1In honor of this weekend’s Independence Day celebrations in the states, we are delighted to present you with pictures from our latest sitting with Sarah Sophie Flicker, shot this past spring for Brooklyn Magazine. Sarah is one of our favorite muses around here; she represents the best of what it can mean to be a woman in America today.AmericanWoman2|ABOVE| vintage headdress and necklace, Sally LaPointe gown |AT TOP| Honor shrug and gown

She’s a wife and mother obsessed with making the world a better place for her children and grandchildren, a loving leader, an artist and an activist. In a country founded on freedom, essential liberties are still being snatched away (pun intended) from women today. Sarah has been very vocal in her dissent of it all, but chooses performance, music, humor and art over accusatory rhetoric in her pursuit of reform.AmericanWoman3|ABOVE| DVF dress over Zuhair Murad gown |BELOW| Naeem Khan gown

Incensed, she’s a torch-carrier for Lady Parts Justice, a movement intent on keeping politicians out of our pants that aims to improve the welfare of womankind today, from V to shining V. And that’s why we salute her ~ and each and every one of you ~ this 4th of July! Let freedom ring.AmericanWoman4|AMERICAN WOMAN| starring Sarah Sophie Flicker |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Shae DeTar |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Travis Speck |MAKEUP| by James Boehmer

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Date: Wednesday, 02 Jul 2014 04:00

HotTipAfter much market-testing and tears (ok no tears, but plenty of unfortunate flavor combinations), we have finally found the perfect nude nailpolish: Essie’s Brooch the Subject. Boom. There’s a holiday weekend approaching, so why don’t you turn up the fan, put on our newest playlist, and paint your nails all afternoon! It’s all the bluesy tunes we’ve been grooving out to as we cruise ~ convertible top down ~ to the beach this summer:

|CLICK HERE| for more playlists |CLICK HERE| for more shopping + beauty tips!

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Date: Tuesday, 01 Jul 2014 04:00

Just last week we were kiki-ing about how it can be really difficult to dress elegantly and professionally these steamy summer days. As if in answer to the dilemna at hand, Erin showed up that same day for meetings in what seemed to be the epitome of how best to marry both workplace-appropriate and swelter-resistant.

The recipe? Graphic gold jewelry (extra-gorgeous with a tan), a loosely-draped black top (colored so as to hide the inevitable sweat), vibrant watercolor-print pencil skirt (office-approved but still summery), and laser-cut pumps (too much toe remains a tricky proposal in most professional settings; these are a nice compromise). It’s fairly fail-safe and frankly, fun. CLICK PRODUCT IMAGES to shop!

|ERIN WEARS| Alexis Bittar necklace, Kora Rae top (worn backwards), Lela Rose skirt (available online as a dress or pants), Emporio Armani bag, Zara shoes |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Austin Phelps

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