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Date: Wednesday, 30 Jul 2014 09:34
Our robot-bartender competition, The DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge, is only a month and a half away. We have ten robots enrolled in the competition so far!

But we've gotten only a little bit of press about this so far, so please help us spread the word, ok? (Here's the Facebook invite.)

Meanwhile, let's meet our early-bird contestants! You can look forward to being served drinks by these fine robots, and more:

The Cocktail Engine:

    "The Cocktail Engine makes drinks the old fashioned way -- with punch cards. No fancy microcontrollers here! Pure analog might will deliver the ingredients you've punched on your card into your cup within seconds."


    "Shaped like a 1950's style rocket ship, the Cosmobot makes three types of drinks: Cosmopolitan, Cape Cod and Kamikaze. It uses old-school knobs and dials to add to the retro-flavor, combined with the latest in Arduino programming to make a fun and exciting drink adventure."

Bar-Letta Bot:

    "Bar-Letta Bot makes my favorite martini-style drink called a Saturn and many yummy fruity beverages. It cleans itself between drinks, and can make 5 drinks in a series. Yeah. You should see it go. It could be blinky and multicolored, we don't know yet."


    "ANT Product Data (TS//SI//REL.)
    PREDATOR-class intoxicant drone designed to passively distribute mind-controlling liquids in form of legal intoxicants. In-field operational reprogrammability allows for selective target capability. Architecture provides for a robust, drinking platform resulting in a dramatic performance improvement over obsolete human operatives."

N. E. BREE-8:

    "Our robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to sobriety.

    Our robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would prevent a human from getting funky.

    Our robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law or prevent it from setting itself on fire."


    "Tikibot makes the original Trader Vic Mai Tai with exacting measurements from peristaltic pumps. The mixture is auto shaken, chilled and poured. Do NOT taunt Tikibot or you will end up like Bobby Brady."

The Manhattan Project:

    "The Manhattan Project puts together an explosive combination of whiskey, vermouth and bitters for your post-apocalyptic pallet."


    "Come experience the miracle of transmogrification. Featuring Manischewitz."


    "Bartendro makes really tasty cocktails...a lot of them, and we've sacrificed our livers to make sure each and every one of them is delicious. Drinks are selected with a smartphone and are poured in seconds. But be careful, because Bartendro loves you drunk!"

P.A.C. 2.0:

    "'Aight, new drink: one part Alizé, one part Cristal.' With these iconic words, rapper Tupac Shakur launched 1,000 booze-filled ships. In one master-stroke of this genius's pen, a drink designed for and marketed to 45- to 55- year old white women changed forever into a staple of the modern hiphop-inspired alcoholic diet.

    With our Personal Alcohol Companion 2.0 (P.A.C. 2.0, for short) we have once more turned the tables, defining anew what it means to be a discerning consumer of mid-range champagne. No more shall we wonder, exactly what constitutes a Thug? How best should we summon his Passion? The answer is here: P.A.C. 2.0. "

And here are a few glamour shots:

So, do you think your robot can take these guys, and win you a thousand bucks?

Meat-sacks can buy their spectator tickets here. Robots and their caretakers can sign up here.

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Date: Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 19:31
Today is July 13th, which means it's the thirteenth anniversary of the current incarnation of DNA Lounge.

A while back, we stopped really celebrating the July 13th anniversary and switched to the anniversary of the club itself, which is coming up on DNA Lounge Day, November 22, but you should come out to the Star Wars party we're having tonight and ponder with me how god damned long we've been at this.

Since Friday the 13th, July 2001:

Total events:   3,077
Total live shows:   943
Total bands:   3,115
Total djs:   2,672
Events per month, this year:   33.9
Live shows per month, this year:   16.1
Events per week, this year:   7.9
Live shows per week, this year:   3.8
21+ events this year:     47.3%
21+ events since 2001:   65.4%

Let's see if we can get that "events per month" number up to around 60.

We still have some of those 25th Anniversary posters for sale, by the way. Hint hint.

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Date: Thursday, 10 Jul 2014 21:28
Hayden is trying to leave us again, so we're looking for a new general manager for DNA Pizza. Please pass along our Craigslist ad to anyone you think might be interested!

There have been a lot of changes since I took the last one, so I re-took the panorama that is on the DNA Pizza site. Check it out! The old one predated the connecting doors, and we had about half as many posters on the walls back then.

Have you noticed anything different about the pizza place in the last few days? You probably didn't. We removed the front doors entirely to widen the entrance. BTW, if you want to buy the old doors, let us know. They're big glass doors with wood frames and in pretty good shape.

Some recent photos:

Mega Ran
Terminator Too
Point Break Live
Armen Ra
Thrill Kill Kult
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Date: Thursday, 26 Jun 2014 18:55
Some recent photo galleries have surfaced:

Peelander Z
Battle of the Bands
Alone In The Universe
So Stoked
Aesthetic Perfection
Hubba Hubba Revue
Verizon Commercial
White Guild

Verizon shot a TV commercial here, and it was an impressively large production. Their trucks lined all of 11th Street and half a block of Folsom. It looked like they had hundreds of costumes on the rack. They set up the club to look like a runway fashion show, and then like a rock concert.

Anamanaguchi were fun, and that show contained more crowd-surfing than I've seen in quite some time, and a surprising amount of it occurred in furry onesies. Also, the "crowd-surfing selfie" is now a thing.

We have six contestants entered in the Cocktail Robotics Competition already! We need more, though. Tell your robot-building friends to get off their butts and register, ok?

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Date: Friday, 20 Jun 2014 05:34
For the second time, we've needed to flush a camera down the toilet. Sometimes it's not enough to just spit on your hand and feel what's gurgling around in there. Sometimes you need to really get right up in its business and see it up close and personal.

There's a little lie-down in the middle, but I recommend you just leave this on in the background with the sound up. It's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to.

If you can't get enough of this, you can compare and contrast it to the last time we did this, in 2001. That's the same sewer. Look at how far this technology has advanced in only 13 years! Now it's... color. And it has sound.

You're welcome.

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 18:28
So, Skynet walks into a bar...

We're super exited about this event we're putting together:

Do you have a drink-serving robotic contraption whose powers of automated intoxication must be shared with the world? Have you created a pulsing, apocalyptic juggernaut of booze and steel?

Can it go the distance? Do you think your cocktail robot has a chance at winning the title of Best Robot Bartender?

Judging will be based on:

  • Style and Grace: How clever, how dapper is that robot of yours?
  • Efficiency of Intoxication: Are the drinks it makes good?

  • Full-Assery: The opposite of halfassery. Does the infernal device actually work, or do you have to stand there tweaking it constantly?

  • This Will End Badly: Extra consideration will be given for terrible ideas and Mad Science.

Please pass the Facebook invite along to your robot-enthusiast friends, especially anyone you know who might want to enter. Or, you know, people who like robots and drinking. Which is everybody, right?

Meat-sacks can buy their spectator tickets here. Robots and their caretakers can sign up here.

We have some feelers out already, but if you have any awesome ideas for people we should hit up to be on our panel of celebrity judges, or suggestions for a flyer artist who gives good robot, please send them along!

You may recall that we hosted a robot-bartender event here back in 2010. It was a lot of fun, but is now sadly defunct. One key difference between that event and this new one is that our event is a contest rather than an exhibition. My hope is that competition will bring us robots that are a little more... rugged... than most of what I've seen before.

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Date: Friday, 30 May 2014 04:23
On Monday, some crackhead lingered around outside of Death Guild all night trying to sell a coffin. Eventually the goths took up a collection and paid him $300 for it. He was asking $500. It wasn't even a cool coffin. And no, it did not appear to have been used.

You people. I can't even.

Apparently the Bar Rescue people have been sniffing around town. They called us, too. I'm sure that will go every bit as well as the Real World invasion did.

And here's some great news: apparently ABC has been bragging for months about how they're about to bring drug charges against "five large SF clubs", so we're all waiting for the shoe to drop on that one and find out who they're running their sting on.

In the past, the way these operations have gone is like this: an undercover ABC agent says to the bartender, "Hey man, do you know where I can buy THE DRUGS?" and the bartender says, "I dunno, go ask someone else." Then he goes and asks someone else and is eventually able to buy something, and testifies in court, "The bartender directed me where to buy drugs." And who's the judge going to believe, the cop or the bartender?


Some recent photo galleries:

Farewell, My Love
Terminator Too
Point Break Live
Point Break Live
Mammoth Life
Hubba Hubba
Bootie: Britney Night
Black Star Riders
Anti-Nowhere League
Bootie Prom
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Date: Wednesday, 07 May 2014 23:55
SF Weekly's Best of SF is out, and...

Best Futuristic Nightclub: DNA Lounge

DNA Lounge evokes a sense of the future in its iconic interior design. Step through the door, and you'll swear you've been transported to some battle-scarred spaceship traversing an obscure corner of a resource-depleted universe. That aesthetic also manifests itself in the club's tech savvy, which includes interesting touches like hacked ATMs (bearing ironic and strangely dystopian slogans like, "This machine dispenses your god!"), a 24-hour online webcast, and free, high-speed WiFi throughout the club. Next door, DNA also runs a pizza place that serves slices 24 hours a day -- along with coffee and booze (when it's allowed). If that's not the future, we don't know what is.

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Date: Friday, 02 May 2014 19:39
Pictured to the right is our finest drink special of all time: I think it's even better than the Pedopear and the Horse Pop. Submitted for your consideration: The Blood and Body of Christ: Sangria with a Communion Wafer. This was our drink special for the Godflesh show on Easter. (I had to walk a couple of friends all the way through that joke. Come on, people.) We also had a DNA Pizza special, The Sacralicious, made with a base layer of godflesh crackers underneath the cheese.


We've finally solved the Blurb Problem! It's always been tough for us to get blurbs written for our events that actually do ay good. The point of those blurbs is to convince someone to come to the show: to move them from "I've never heard of these guys" to "oh, that sounds relevant to my interests." I've complained about how hard this is before.

Anyway, back when we did that Limousines show in February, that we co-promoted with Noisepop, I noticed that the Noisepop site actually had a great blurb for the show! And for their other shows. So I said to Barry, "Find out who wrote these and hire them." And what do you know, he did! May I introduce you to Lauren Rosenthal, who has been writing all of our calendar blurbs ever since! She's awesome.

Limes, man.

So the limes thing is still ongoing. Currently our limes cost us more than our beer. I've heard a lot of people buying the line that this is because of a "storm" or vague "shortage" but no, it's because of the Maltese Falcon. Let's set the record straight, here:

LA RUANA, Mexico (AP) -- The farm state of Michoacan is burning.

A drug cartel that takes its name from an ancient monastic order has set fire to lumber yards, packing plants and passenger buses in a medieval-like reign of terror. The Knights Templar cartel is extorting protection payments from cattlemen, lime growers and businesses such as butchers, prompting some communities to fight back, taking up arms in vigilante patrols. [...]

By late last year, the cartel wasn't just extorting money from lime growers and packers. It had started charging per-box payments from lime pickers, who make only $10 to $15 per day laboring under the scorching sun.

With officials doing nothing to help, self-defense groups started to spring up in February to fight back. Heavily armed men in masks and baseball caps began manning barricades along highways and patrolling the countryside, sometimes openly battling the cartel.

Then the cartel shut the warehouses, forbidding brokers to buy limes and cutting off work for the pickers who had revolted. [...]

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, the federal government recently declared a lime emergency because prices had doubled to about 70 cents a pound. For a fruit so central to Mexican cuisine, it was a crisis.

The government announced last week it would tackle the shortage by importing limes from Brazil. The government attributed the local scarcity to crop pests and "seasonal fluctuations" in production.

Please join me in falling down the Knights Templar wiki hole.

Also, you look like you could stand to learn a little bit more about scurvy, and how its cure was discovered, lost, then found again.

Band Saga
So Stoked
Dillinger Escape Plan
Bootie: Aprilween
Bare Chest Calendar Contest

That DJ transformer thingy that they build at So Stoked really is a marvel of foamcore engineering. They start building that thing at like 2pm. The projection-mapping works out pretty nicely too.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 19:28
It's that time again -- please vote for DNA Lounge, DNA Pizza and our various alumni in this year's SF Weekly Best of San Francisco poll!

Might we recommend:

    15. Best Dance Party
    18. Best Gay Friendly Bar/Club
    21. Best Live Music Venue
    47. Best Late Night Bite
    49. Best Pizza
    51. Best Sandwich
    64. Best Event Producers

Recent photos:

Point Break Live
Hubba Hubba
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 00:54
Broke-Ass Stuart writes on The Bold Italic:

    DNA Pizza is a very strange place to get any work done. Loud, angsty music videos flash at you from TV screens, while a staff that looks like members of the Sex Gang Children serves up slices, salads, and sandwiches. Which is to say -- it's actually an awesome place to work from. I go through phases of doing my writing here. Connected to the DNA Lounge, DNA pizza is a 24-hour joint, but it's pretty empty during the day. At night it fills up with people attending whatever weird shit is happening next door. My favorite is to get a slice and people-watch on Monday nights when Death Guild is going on. There are enough goths to make the Roman Empire tremble.
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Date: Saturday, 12 Apr 2014 00:40
Three events tonight! Fun for the entire family. Mortified, followed by Hubba Hubba Revue, and upstairs, La Femme, Vela Eyes and Here Come The Saviours, which is looking like it might sell out!

Rabbit Quinn
Trap & Bass
Terminator Too: Judgement Play
Point Break Live
Point Break Live

Have you had our Turkinator Judgement Sandwich?

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Date: Friday, 04 Apr 2014 18:20
So this happened:

are my tickets standing room?
Do you have a confirmation code? Where did you get your tickets?
It should be at Will
Ok. I can check that for you if you give me the confirmation code.
I don't have the confirmation code cause of yesterday I want them on the bone 1077 & R they just said can you show up tomorrow and I said are you know I'll be t
here they said okay do you have a tubal call and that's what I was waiting for a cold or something to my AOL or text me but I never got nothing I didn't get any
thing and it's too hard to get ahold of the radio station so I might just try and show up and see if its there alright thank you bye.
look a lot better oh I just ripped the side effects of still there damn I'm all f***** up well you know you know what the harder I drink the more I'm tripping a
nd falling need a great girl I can tell you don't drink do I don't think so not good to meet people at 315 taking a bucket 05 or 6 people within the year more e
very week from somebody yeah but I'll let you know what he's keeping on keeping on track video yearbook yearbook he will let me have more than one one every hou
r and 20 minutes alright insecure
Hi I didn't get accomplished call just because I thought wanna come help for the sickest thought yesterday in so so they just told me to show up at work all the
time happening 8 in the show starts at 9 so I'd still like to call the radio station good you can the hell up I guess I'll just show up and see what up thank y
Yes you have standing room tickets

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Date: Thursday, 03 Apr 2014 20:13
At midnight on Monday, a girl was falling down and vomiting in the parklet. This young lady had previously been discovered in the women's room chugging from a liter bottle of Jack Daniel's. She was also wearing a DNA Lounge t-shirt that was two sizes too big. It won't surprise you to learn that both of these items had, until recently, been behind one of our bars.

While being cuffed, "the customer stated that she had no idea what I was talking about and that she had no recollection of how the t-shirt had gotten on her body."

The cops asked if we would just drop it if she paid for what she had stolen, so we charged her for what we charge for shots times how many shots are in a bottle. Plus the shirt. And the pin on the shirt. Oh, and also our ATM charged her a service fee on top of that.

"The customer began to remove the t-shirt, at which point I informed her that her boyfriend had purchased it and that it was now her property."

Wear it with pride, klassy lady.

Tonight is Terminator Too: Judgement Play! It's very nearly sold out, so get your tickets now. Next month's show is also selling fast...

And of course tomorrow is Point Break Live.

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Date: Thursday, 27 Mar 2014 02:05
I was sitting at the DNA Pizza bar this afternoon when one of my employees walked by and said, "Ok, I'm headed next door to get a tattoo."

"What are you getting?"

"I'm gonna get the Odd Salon logo!"

"What? Not the DNA logo?"

"You buying?"

"I'm in for $5, here."

Pretty soon everyone in the room piled on: "Sure, I'm in for $5." "Me too." "Here's $2." And suddenly he had $50 and couldn't say no.

"Business before pleasure," the tattooist said, and did the DNA logo first.

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Date: Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014 02:02
Next Thursday's performance of Terminator Too: Judgement Play is almost sold out! Get your tickets now...

So here's a weird little ritual we've found we need to go through: when we have a show in Above DNA, even if there's nothing going on in the big room, we can't let our staff ever go through the connecting door during load-in and sound-check, even though that would make things like stocking the bars and re-filling the ice wells easier. They have to go down and around.

This is because we've found that we need to basically hide the fact that the big room exists from most bands who are playing up there. That's the 250-capacity room, and if they get a look at the fact that we have an 800-capacity room, they tend to say, "Aw, man, what are you putting us in here for! That's bullshit!" and then they're cranky and hard to deal with all day.

As alegedly-professional performers, they should know better: they should realize that they're only going to get 50 people, and 50 people in the big room would be throwing a hot dog down a hallway. But they don't typically like to think of themselves as bands who only get 50 people, so we can't say to them, "Dude, you can play in that room when you're more popular", or they'd just be even crankier.

So we keep the doors closed and hope they don't notice it's there. So silly.

Hey look, photos:

God Module
Scarlett Fever
Pow Pow Pow
Eyes Set To Kill
Death Guild 21st Anniversary
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Date: Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 19:12
Bootie: Hubba Hubba
Hubba Hubba: Valentine's Day
Bootie: Valentine's Hangover
Flip and the European Mutts
Turbo Drive
Bootie: Sacred Silversexual
B Sides
Camo & Krooked
Death Guild
The Limousines
Bootie: Mardi Gras
Point Break Live
Bootie: DJ BC
Hubba Hubba: Kingfish's Birthday
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Date: Sunday, 02 Mar 2014 02:32
Last night, someone set a trash can on fire in the men's restroom, then a few minutes later, set a second trash can on fire in the women's restroom.

Thank you, thoughtful Trap & Bass customer. Your antics are hilarious, and I'll bet your mom's real proud of you.

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Date: Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 03:13
The new pizza boxes are here! The new pizza boxes are here! The new pizza boxes are here!

I am unreasonably excited about this. They're so awesome you guys. I don't even.

It will be a few days before they start going out with deliveries, because we have a stack of plain white boxes to burn through first, but HOLY CRAP BLACK BOXES YOU GUYS! We've only been trying to make this happen since 2010.

You have probably heard that Red Devil Lounge recently closed. That makes me sad, because I saw a lot of great shows there, and it's always a bummer when we lose another live venue. But, I'm happy to report that these fine Red Devil Chairs now live on at DNA Pizza. They're much more comfortable than the chairs we had before.

It's a live music butt legacy or something.

Also: Sadly, our DNA Pizza restaurant manager has decided to move on, so we're looking for a new manager again. Please see our new CraigsList ad and pass it along to anyone you think might be interested!

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Date: Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014 20:50
Here are a few of our upcoming events that you should be excited about:

Tue Feb 11
Thu Feb 13
Fri Feb 14
Thu Feb 27
Thu Apr 3

Odd Salon is the new version of last year's Atlas Obscura lecture series. There's been an organizational change, but it's the same basic format. It's tonight! (Along with / following Tap Turnover in DNA Pizza, part of SF Beer Week.)

The Limousines are great, and that show is likely to sell out, so get your tickets early! It's a part of the Noisepop festival.

I saw Go Chic at SXSW a few years ago, and they're really fun! Electro-pop from Taiwan.

And finally, we've just announced Terminator Too: Judgement Play, from the maniacs behind Point Break Live! It's the same principle: audience members get to audition for the Arnold role. Very effects. Such budget. Many squirt gun. Wow.

Some recent photo galleries:

Bootie: Earworm
Cip & Okan's Wedding
So Stoked
Bootie: 80s vs. 90s
Mt. Hammer
Love on Wheels
Point Break Live

The Love on Wheels thing was a fundraiser for the SF Bike Coalition. It was really cute! I was also impressed that they managed to load out their set and all of their props and merch on a couple of bike trailers. I guess in hindsight they are morally obliged to do it that way, but it was still impressive. Also it was raining. Check out all those bikes! The other side of the street was completely full of them too.

I think Cip & Okan's Wedding was our fifth wedding here? If my records are right, that brings us to five actual weddings, plus five wedding receptions. It was our first gay wedding, though. And definitely our first gay metal wedding.

Also, mixtape 137 is out.

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