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Date: Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 05:23

Post image for What is More Important … Belief or Action?

This is a question that continues to pop up … especially in the Law of Attraction arena …

Here is what I see many say  “Belief  is important  …. BUT …. You can have all the belief in the world and if you don’t take action … Nothing Happens.”

Hmmm – I actually don’t 100% disagree …. But ….   (See More)

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Date: Wednesday, 09 Jul 2014 21:12

Post image for Confessions of a Burnt Out Life Coach

Are you a life coach, health coach, career coach, spiritual coach …  and hitting that burn out phase?

Oh – I know … if you are how could you ever admit that?!!

Here you are coaching people how to change their lives, get fit for life, step into their full potential … and on the other end of the phone or computer … you are pulling your hair out!

It’s OK – You don’t have to publicly admit … just know I understand!

You’ve been doing this all on your own. You setup your website (which means you learned how to work with wordpress, themes and plugins) – You have a facebook page, you are writing articles, writing facebook posts.

You also should be on twitter and pinterest, Instagram and google+ … Holy Crap they tell you not to use the same password … and now you don’t remember which password is for which account!!

You have an email list, which means you know how to use Aweber, Getresponse or Mailchimp – You have to be careful with mailchimps TOS … if you are really savy you freakin know what TOS is!!

Here is a trade secret TOS=Terms Of Service  ;)

Geez – do you really need to know this to be a Life Coach?!

Your posting here, over there and in-between there!

Some days you don’t remember what the f*#ck you posted anywhere!!

But … it must be working … your email list is growing and people are starting to communicate with you. Some people even bought your ebook, workshop, one-on-one coaching … Surely this is working!

You manage your email list, update your wordpress blog, create sign in and sign up forms – deal with technical mumbo jumbo … And run your workshop, show up on time for your personal coaching clients, and of course write another ebook.

It is working isn’t it?!

You’ve been sitting at your computer for the last 12hrs … OK that was not totally true – you are truly sitting there for the last 16-18hrs!!

And You are Teaching People How to Be Free and True to Themselves!! WTF is wrong with that picture??!

Now … I suspect if you’ve read this far – you have indeed been here and done that. I get it – you are not going to shout it from the rooftop … and quite possibly you are not even ready to admit it to yourself ….


I will admit for me!! Yes – I’ve Been Here – Done That!
Preparer, Chef, Cook, Waiter, Server, Janitor & Bottle Washer … That was me!

Teaching people how to be free …. And … And … I have helped many, many people step into the greatness that they are … Yet – what the freak happened to my life?!

I was done … burnt out ….

I know … you are told to outsource the preparing, cooking, waiting, serving and cleaning to someone else … and you just be the chief. Have you heard that before? Well I don’t disagree with that … except you better have some extra $$ sitting around to do that … AND … you better know who the heck you are hiring.

Yes – I tried it! I hired people who screwed up my website and made mush out of my email list! (I hope it has worked better for you) … And Yes – Yes – Yes – I know somehow I attracted that – which actually pissed me off even more!

Still not ready to quit on my dream, my passion – which was having my own business that helped others step into the greatness and trueness of who they are … (Oh in that vision of having my own business … I was only working 2-4 hrs per day)

Within all this craziness … that I never talked about and really never let myself think about .. I would start to think about ditching it all … and then I would get that email …

The email that profusely thanked me for my workshop, ebook, or article I just wrote. The person would tell me how their life had changed … how they shifted their mindset and could see and feel so clearly now.

Ahhhh – This is why I am here!

Which is true – that is why I am here! I believe we are here to step into our full potential and we will do so by being aware of how connected we all are.

So there I was teaching others how to step into their full potential (and doing a great job at that) …. Teaching others how to envision their lives so distinctly that they would indeed be living it … AND I wasn’t doing what I was teaching!

While it was and is my passion to help others — my vision did not have me sitting at the computer for hours and hours and hours on end!!

And for a while that truth had eluded me … I was making believe all was OK with Ellie … and it was not. When I finally admitted to that truth … it was hard … and it was sad!

WTF?! I am teaching others how to live their dream lives and I am not living mine!!


I sought out help … I enrolled in a 1 year program with other business women … we were going to take our businesses to the 6 figure level…. But it wasn’t far down the road that I realized I was not in alignment with this group!

I’m not naming the program because these people are fabulous. They truly are! There were many loving, caring women in this group… the courses they taught were great …

But … the truth is …. I did not belong there!

Not an easy realization to come to – I had just spent $8,000 and realized while I liked and respected these people … what they were teaching did not jive with me!

Well the good news was … at least I was in touch enough with me to know where I did and didn’t belong … The bad news was I just spent $8,000 and I still didn’t have an answer to my dilemma!

And then … when I felt like I was at the bottom … it came to me ….
(Isn’t it amazing how so many times we need to go to the bottom before we allow the answer)

See – most of the clients I encountered where people who were running on an old limiting mindset … So of course most of them were in limiting jobs. They were not happy with the jobs they had and they were barely getting by financially.

The group I had belonged to was telling me to change my market … to market to people who could afford to pay me more … but my heart kept calling me back to the so-called average, everyday person. The person who gets stuck in a job and lifestyle because they were stuck in an old mindset map!

I was called back to them …. because 30+ years ago I was them!

These are the people I relate to.

Some will tell you … if you charge more money you will get more engagement because people will value your time more.

Hmmmm – That is and isn’t true! I’ve seen it go both ways … people who pay more money give you their attention … but I’ve also had the ones that paid mega bucks and put it all to the side and not do anything with it. And then I’ve had the people who grabbed onto my free trainings … devour them and transform their lives!

So – for me – it isn’t about how much someone pays or doesn’t pay. It is about putting out my message and connecting…. Some will hear my message  – - others will hear it from someone else – - – and others… well they might not yet be ready to hear it from anyone.

As I was truly contemplating giving it all up …. I reconnected with a friend who I met on the internet … We started talking and she told me what she was doing. I was liking what I was hearing!

This business model gives me the platform to be in business for myself …. but not by myself!

Special News A platform that when I have a challenge – techy or otherwise – there are people available 24/7 – (that’s because we are global so when it is the PM on one side of the globe it is the AM on the other side)

Special News This global community is all about personal development! All about uplifting each other to our highest good.

Special News A mastermind team where we meet at least once a week – to brainstorm and support each other.

I jumped in and have been smiling ever since!  :D

One of the biggest challenges I saw with past clients was they did not have a supporting community around them. And that was also true for me… The best coaches/mentors all have a coach/mentor for themselves! Now I have a team of them!

This model has me teaching others how to change their mindset … how to truly live the law of attraction …. AND …. I am able to supply a vehicle for people to also achieve their financial goals.

This once burnt out life coach is now a happy, energized mindset & marketing mentor! What felt so heavy and repressive turned into the best opportunity of my life.

Everything truly is an opportunity … I also know, from experience, the biggest opportunities are usually disguised as a very difficult situation.

If you’ve read this far – I’m guessing some or all of this has resonated with you. If you want to know what I am doing now that has rejuvenated my life – Click Here or the button below.

… And please leave your comments.

I Believe in You .… I Appreciate You!



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Date: Sunday, 18 Aug 2013 18:45

Wealthy Mindset Map

Do you know what your money mindset map is? Is it wealthy or poor?

You just have to look at your finances. How is money flowing into your life?

Are You….

  1. Wealthy
  2. Kinda doing OK
  3. Just making ends meet
  4. Not making end meet

The answer depends on your money mindset map. That map reveals the beliefs you have about money and the beliefs you have about your self worth.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that people who are wealthy think differently than people who are not. And… many times those people don’t even realize that … They were brought up to have a wealthy mindset. They were around people who cultivated that wealthy mindset map.

What does law of attraction have to do with that? Everything! Your mindset map is the beliefs that you have rolling around in your head. If you have beliefs/thoughts that say “you should settle for less” / “you’ll never amount to much” / “you aren’t smart enough” … etc … etc …. Those are the vibrations you are putting out to the Universe … and the Universe, through law of attraction, is mirroring that right back to you.

The good news is … You can create a Wealthy Mindset Map. A mindset map that honors and supports you!

Here is a video I did that explains this all a little more:

Leave a comment here or at the facebook page:

You can watch all the teaching videos I did about shifting your mindset map on youtube:


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Sunday, 11 Aug 2013 19:37

Do you sometimes feel like that?  This is the same thing … just different people and scenery!

Or …  you don’t catch it – till you look back! I’ve worked with clients who will be going over situations in their life … they got this puzzled look on their face – and then proclaim – OMG – I’ve been living the same story over and over and over again!

Yup! It’s true … And that is the way the majority of people live their lives … day after day after day.

We live our lives according to our “mindset map” – If you don’t update that map … you are living the same thing over and over and over!

I did a video about this – let me know your thoughts….


PS: Some people have been asking where I’ve been – I’ve been making daily videos – You can see the full list here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUrJ4k8qP9R9t_08Sj76J35YH-WrtE1f5

Please … share these videos and come visit me at the facebook page: http://facebook.com/EllieWalshUplifts


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Tuesday, 26 Mar 2013 22:12

Post image for Will it Really Happen When it is Supposed To?!

Do you believe these statements?

  • “It will happen when it is supposed to”
  • “It wasn’t supposed to happen right now”

Let me tell you what I think about those statements … They are BS BS – Bull Shit Belief Systems! They are totally dis-empowering statements!   8O

Where did we come up with these? People say them when something they wanted didn’t go they way they wanted it to.

We use those statements to soothe ourselves … but is it really soothing?! I’ve just claimed … that … I … I … really don’t have the power in my life! I just claimed that my life is like a leaf being tossed around by the wind! Does that really soothe you?!

Let me tell you when it is going to happen … it is going to happen when you line up with it! When you allow it into your experience! When you stop whatever BS belief system you have running around in your head! That is when it is going to happen!

And… many times if you had just hung on to your dream of it …. instead of rushing in with that judgment of “it wasn’t supposed to happen” … If you had just stayed with your dream …. instead of letting circumstances dictate your judgement! Who said it wasn’t in the process of happening? At what point is the “right” time to consider it gone?

The minute you utter either one of those statements …. you make a huge statement to the universe. You have given up on your dream … you have turned away from it! You are blowing in the wind … allowing the wind to take you where it wants … And know this … the wind will take you! Where? Wherever those BS Belief Systems point you!

Am I being too Harsh?

Harsh? … I am handing you back your power! I know you have the power to Have, Be or Do whatever you choose … And I know it takes self awareness to get you there. It takes self responsibility to get you there.

  When something happens that you wanted – Do the Happy Dance and exclaim “I created that!”

  When something happens that you didn’t want – Do the Happy Dance and exclaim “I created that!”

Now you are on the right track …  Now you are stopping the BS! Look at the situation as an opportunity …. Not because that is the gallant or so-called right way to be …  because – it is an opportunity! Now you know that you have some more self awareness to do in this area. That is good information to know!

That is not defeat … that is success!

If you succumb to those statements … you are feeding those BS Belief Systems. Those limiting old stories that have been holding you back. You are giving your power away.

Take a stand … Take a stand for You! You are a totally power-filled, magnificent creator … filled with dreams and desires that you absolutely deserve to live!

I’m not being Harsh …. I am honoring You!

Don’t you think it is time to bust out of the BS?   ;)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



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Date: Wednesday, 20 Mar 2013 07:57

Post image for Breaking News: Procrastination Obliterated Forever!


Gone… Finished… Done… Kaput…

Erased… Deleted… Canceled… Obliterated…

Trashed… Destroyed…


Does Not Exist…

Did I just hear a sigh of relief from you? ….

So why are you still here? It’s gone, finished …. You can relax – enjoy your day – enjoy your life….

Ohhh I get it … I know why you are still here… You are waiting for me to tell you how to obliterate procrastination! But I don’t have to tell you how …. because It Is Gone!

Still here?

I understand … Your not too sure that this procrastination stuff could really be gone forever… After all it has always felt so heavy … so big … How could it just be gone?

Let’s look at – What is Procrastination?

The dictionary says “to delay” / “to defer action” / “to put off till another day or time”

That doesn’t sound so big and heavy ….

Ohhh – you say it is big and heavy …. “because you don’t do things that you should be doing… when you should be doing them.”

Why would we put things off?

  • Busy right now … don’t have the time
  • If you are busy doing other things – are you really procrastinating?
  • Not too sure how to do this task at hand
  • If you are unsure about how to accomplish a task – is that procrastination or uncertainty?
  • I don’t like doing this task – so I wait until it absolutely needs to be done
  • If you don’t like doing something – is that procrastination or preference?
  • I’m uncomfortable/uneasy with this task…
  • Again … is this procrastination or preference?

If you are uncomfortable, unsure or you downright don’t like the task at hand…. why not call it what it is – instead of calling it procrastination?!

Ohhh I know why … and I know how the idea of procrastination started… At some point in your life someone wanted you to do something… Something you were uncomfortable with or unsure of or you just didn’t want to do … And they told you – you should be doing it … and when you didn’t do it – they called it procrastination!

Instead of finding out what was going on with you … instead of making peace with the situation … you now had a new label – a new heavy – Procrastinator!   8O

Here is what I say “Stop shoulding on yourself!” If there is a task you absolutely dislike … instead of labeling you — take the time to find out why!

I hate to file papers! OK – why? I’m not too sure where they need to be filed, I then start to feel overwhelmed … instead of just looking at this pile of papers … I look around my entire office … then I think – It all needs to be more organized …. I’m so unorganized …. this will take way too long to pull together …. I’m not good at this …. I’m lazy …. yada – yada – yada

Well no wonder you don’t like this task …. You went on an “old story” rant with it and beat yourself up! Those insults that you just threw all over yourself … they are a re-action – a regurgitation of old programming that you have installed in your mind!

When those old stories start … you need to stop them! Ask yourself this question – “How can I feel different about this?” or “How can I experience this differently?” or “How can I see this situation differently?”

Then let it go… Some of you will get the answer right away. For others your answer will come in a feeling … or you will notice – Gee I just filed those papers today and didn’t even think twice about it.

You are not a procrastinator … or unorganized … or lazy!
You just have a bunch of “old stories” running in your head!

Dump the Labels – Ask the Questions
Shift the Stories 


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Monday, 31 Dec 2012 20:33

Happy New Year 2013

2013 Will It Be Different?

I’ll answer that question if you answer this one first…

Are you going to BE different in 2013? If your answer is Yes … then my answer is Yes!

How do I BE different?

Well you have to “DO” something. I know… not everyone likes that word! And truth is I agree …. most of the time!  ;)  Many have been taught Do – Have – Be. It goes like this: If you Do   this job    then you’ll Have   money   then you will Be   happy  

I’ve been there – done that … didn’t work for me …. Has it worked for you?

I’m not telling you to Do something to BE … But if you are truly ready to Be Happy .. to Be the person you dream of …. you have to be aware of your doing! Because … You are automatically doing when you don’t even realize it!


You go through most of your day on auto-pilot … you react to life from the old stories you have stored in your subconscious. I’m not even going to try to prove that one anymore as scientists are finally saying this is true! Go watch the movie People v the State of Illusion and the movie The Cure Is … So you are automatically “doing” when you let those old stories dominate your day.

You’ve got to Tell the New Story before you live the new story! You have to Be the new story… That happens when you raise your awareness, become aware of how you feel and deliberately talk more about what you want.

This is not rocket science nor is it difficult … BUT it can feel difficult until you create that new habit!

If you just sit around this new year dreaming of the life you want to live…. You might – you just might be able to saturate yourself enough in the dream …. but this is the longer road. I’ve tried it this way also ….

If you have made the decision to BE who you know you really are… Then you are ready to DO … but you don’t really know what to do … because your old stories are not providing that answer!

Go right now and get this Free ebook – Out with the Old … In with the New. It will explain all of this and give you some exercises that will help you create the new story that you want to live! AND … come join us in the facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/thenewstory/   I’ll be in there through the month of January answering questions and guiding you with your new story.  :D

I’m going to be telling some awesome new stories in 2013!!
How about you?!



Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh





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Date: Thursday, 13 Dec 2012 04:36

Go with the flow.....

What if the flow is thrashing you about…
Do you really want to go with it?!

“Let go” …. “Go with the flow” … I get it – don’t resist what is going on. If I am resisting … I am giving it my attention … If I’m giving it my attention … then I am actually calling it to me!

I’m pretty good with going with the flow… even when it isn’t going where I want it to.

  • This isn’t a big deal….
  • Things always work out for me…
  • Even if I’m not seeing it right now … I know there is an opportunity here for me…
  • What can I appreciate right now?
  • How can I experience this differently?

These are all great statements, questions that help me readjust within the flow.


Last week we were in San Francisco … While we had a fantastic time there were a few very interesting scenarios we had to deal with! And I was going with the flow ….

And then the day we were leaving our flight got delayed because of fog and we were informed we were going to miss our connecting flight back to NY. OK … I’m flowing  ;)  Then they tell us there are no more connecting flights back to Albany NY!  The best they could do was get us into Philadelphia at 10:30pm and the connecting flight was at 7:35am. OK … I’m struggling a bit with this flow!  8O

We got on the flight to Philly. On the flight they had online wifi! See things are getting better! We hook in – it was $6 for 1 hour … this is so cool to be able to get on the internet while flying about!

First I searched for a flight leaving Philly to Albany … but that wasn’t going to happen. So I did the next best thing I looked and booked a hotel that was close by and had free airport shuttle 24/7! Yes … flowing a bit better.

When we got back to the airport in the morning … our flight to Albany was delayed. No I am not kidding!! But luckily it was only for about 35 minutes. This flow keeps bumping about.

Commander of the Flow…

As the plane took off and we were on our way home I started thinking about all this “going with the flow” … and then I thought “I don’t want to go with the flow – I want to be the Commander of the flow!” …. And immediately I got back this info: “You are the Commander of the flow …. so tell it where to go

I got truthbumps (goosebumps)! It’s true isn’t it … We are indeed the commander of the flow. Our vibration commands the flow we attract to us. For me I realized while I was using the above tools … I was getting a bit exasperated – I was really feeling like the flow was taking me where ever it wanted to!

How often do we say we are going with the flow and then feel like a victim in that flow?!

Feeling like a victim is going to keep me in victim-flow! This was a great experience for me (see I knew there were opportunities in there somewhere)  …. I was able to up my awareness level.

Going with the flow is not about giving up… it is not about getting bashed about … it is not about being a victim! It is about using those tools above and being aware that you are indeed the Commander of Your Flow … So Tell it Where to Go!   :D

I’m always excited to hear your thoughts, comments, questions …. So please join the conversation below!  :)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Thursday, 22 Nov 2012 23:36

Post image for Are You Giving It?

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States. A day that many families come together and give thanks for all the blessings in their lives. I think it is a great tradition … gather together – have a delicious meal together … and enjoy each others and the blessings in your lives.

I know there is some controversial ‘history’ about Thanksgiving … I personally don’t go there. I know some will say I am shallow … I say I’m staying in the NOW! Remember I’m the person who teaches to get out of your old stories that do not serve or honor you! So … I am certainly not going to get involved in the old stories of years past. Hopefully those old stories have served us … as the human race is a bit more refined now!  ;)

I’m also the person who teaches … If you want a life that you appreciate … focus on the things you appreciate … and the Universe will continually supply you with more to appreciate! That is the Law of Attraction at work!

I belong to an appreciation group on facebook. As I was writing my appreciation yesterday in this group and talking about Thanksgiving … I started thinking … we should also have an Appreciation Giving Day! :D  I write out 3-5 things I appreciate every day … and many times those things are about other people….  but I don’t always tell those people … I just tell the Universe.

How do we let others know we appreciate them?  Well we can outright tell them so! That is easy with your family and close friends… But what about the person who just held the door for you? Many of us say “thank you” in a robotic way … Do you look straight into their eyes when you say “thank you”?

I’ve seen with my own eyes what a difference when you can catch that person’s eye and say “Thank You” with a big smile on your face. I have actually seen people’s expression first look a bit confused …. we are all used to those robotic thank you’s … and then see a big smile take over their face. Makes my day to see this – truth is I’m the one that ends up with even more appreciation!  :D

So instead of just an Appreciation Giving day here and there… I am going to purposely be more aware of how I can let someone know I appreciate them. This is a Win/Win … They feel good … and I feel even gooder!  ;)

So ….What are some good ways you let people know you appreciate them? Please share …    ;)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh




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Date: Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012 14:10

Manifest Now!

“Abra Cadabra…
Manifest Now!”

Wouldn’t you love it? To say those magical words and …. Poof – there is that thing you wanted!

So… How come it doesn’t work like that?

Well … actually it can and does …. And you don’t even need to say the magical words to have it happen… But…. You do have to do a magic act .

Magic? I don’t know how to do magic…

Sure you do … and it comes so easy to you – you aren’t even aware that you do it! What about the time you were thinking about a person … maybe you were thinking I haven’t spoken to so-n-so in awhile – I wonder how they are? And then Poof – the phone rings and it is that person on the phone. Magic!

I just had this happen twice last week with 2 different people. It happens often and we call it a coincidence and we don’t think much about it.

OK … so it’s not really magic but it is indeed instant manifestation. I talk about this in a recent post – the frog on the lilly pad … and in the comments area I told the story about a swan.

“I had no ties to this manifestation. It was not important to me …. I was not worried about not seeing a frog on a lilly pad …. I didn’t have any old stories attached to seeing a frog on a lilly pad – Nothing in my belief system said it was not possible for me to see this frog. I didn’t have any fear or doubt or worry attached to this outcome. It was kinda like – Wouldn’t it be nice to see a frog on a lilly pad …. And then I let it go … “

There is the Magic

I wasn’t attached to the outcome … No fear or worry attached to it … I didn’t have any “old stories” in my beliefs that said I could or couldn’t see that frog — I also didn’t have any “old stories” attached to the outcome of the people I was thinking about…..  and Poof – Instant Manifestation!

The Magic is not have any attachment to the outcome and just letting it all go. Having a desire – feeling the joy of that desire and not getting caught up in the ‘I have to have this’ – ‘if this doesn’t happen I will be devastated’ – ‘I’m worried that this might not happen’… Or the most blatant killer of magic …. ‘This could never happen for me’.

Easier Said Than Done

I agree … it sure feels easy to say “let it go” than if feels to do it! Some will even tell you your brain is wired to not let it go. Well that isn’t 100% true. Children let it go all the time … they daydream – they talk about big ideas – grand adventures – and you see the pleasure they derive from it in their eyes! …And sure enough there is those adults starting to tell them — to settle – to find something that will make them money… Many adults will eventually tell these kids to not dream so big!

You were wired to Dream BIG! And you have been taught, actually programmed away from doing that! Those are the “old stories” I talk so much about! No – I’m not beating up on the adults … they too, have been programmed away from their natural state of dreaming big!

How does this all work:

The Universe is set up to bring to you what your vibration is calling for. That is the Law of Attraction at work. Your brain is set up to keep you within your belief systems. If you have a desire to be wildly successful in your career … but you have a belief (an old story) that tells you that will never happen for you. You have a conflict going on!

You need to get your vibration and your brain on the same path!

Let me show you how powerful your vibration and your brain working together is. Watch this short video and follow along with me:

Did you go beyond the first spot? I’m going to say you did … (let me know in the comments). Why is that? Didn’t you go as far as you could the first time?

Here is what happened:

  • You set out an intention… which created a vibration….
  • You visualized that intention happening… which told your brain what you wanted
  • And in less than 3 minutes it manifested!

You didn’t have any “old stories” that told you – you couldn’t do this. So this intention was not in conflict with your beliefs. Your vibration (Law of Attraction) and your brain were on the same path … and you quickly and easily manifested what you wanted!

You ought to be doing the Happy Dance right now… realizing how powerful you are … how easily you can indeed create what you want!

The Magic:

The magic happens when your vibration and beliefs are on the same path. If you aren’t seeing what you want manifest in your life … You need to start checking your beliefs. Start telling new stories about your life! In the video I asked you to see what you wanted … know it … feel it. Bring those qualities to the desires you want to manifest.

Talk more about what works then what doesn’t work…. The more you make a big deal about what works in your life … the more you shift those old stories … you rewire your brain to believe that things always work out for you!

Use your magic – Abra Cadabra! ;)

Let me know if you did this exercise and any questions or comments you have in the comment section below!



Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh




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Date: Monday, 20 Feb 2012 19:41

Post image for Question and Answer Time – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet with the question in its entirety …. you can read it here: http://livingthelawofattraction.com/loa-blog/question-and-answer-time/

Let’s get back to the third paragraph of our question:

“I know I am capable of some of the greatest things the world has ever seen, I just don’t know what they are yet. What I have been searching for is guidance to become more disciplined and focused on the things I want. With me it is so easy to get sidetracked from what I want by the thought of how to get there…I know I’m supposed to disregard the how and when, and just know that it’s going to happen, but I still get stuck at that part every time. It’s almost as if only the majority of me really wants to be successful, and the other part could really care less. I want to rid myself of that negative, lazy, skeptical personality trait completely.”

Tj makes an excellent point that I am sure we have all lived …. “How do I get there?” In essence, he/she is asking – “How do I get there if I’m not supposed to figure out how to do it?”

This is one of those areas that many people learning the law of attraction get confused with. So let’s clear it up – No one is saying not to make a plan … no one is telling you not to envision how this is going to happen. (OK maybe some have told you these exact things … well they are wrong!) Visualizing, planning and making intentions is good … it is creative …. as long as it Feels Good!!

Does it Feel Good?

That is the sticking point! If you are trying to figure out how to get what you want with worry and anxiety … Well you are going down the wrong road!

Being specific is great … IF it Feels Good! But many go down the “figure it out road” with angst … that is absolutely not going to get you what you want. Why? Because your vibration is all about worry…which brings more things to worry about!

Tj talks about how easy it is to get sidetracked … and that is because of those habitual reactions we have. This is why it is imperative to start changing those habits of thought – those old stories that run around in your head!

If you have some old beliefs that tell you – you really aren’t able to get to your greatness… If you have old stories that tell you – you are lazy and negative …. Well look what is running your show!

Your so-called laziness, negativity, procrastination … is nothing more than that old programming that you have been living. Your brain is doing its job … it is bringing you to the belief that is anchored within your subconscious.

Well that sounds scary … cause it sounds permanent. How can I create the life I desire if I am anchored in this old story?

Pull Up the Anchor!

You pull up the anchor and sail … by first being aware that you have not been doing anything wrong. Acknowledge that you have these old beliefs … ( we all do) and now you are going to create new beliefs that you can anchor. Yes your brain will then bring you to that new destination!

Your inner voice / inner being knows, without a doubt, your greatness. Your brain … knows the programmed stories within you. So yes … at times it feels like there are two of you. Which feels better to believe? – The part that says you are great and you are here to accomplish great things … or the part that says you really can’t do that ….

I already know the answer…. So follow that feel good greatness and write new stories that says you can indeed do that.

TIP: I put out an ebook early this year that gives you steps to re-write those old stories. The link for that free ebook is in this article: http://livingthelawofattraction.com/loa-blog/tell-a-new-story-for-2012/

You, every person reading this, are a Magnificent Being. Your inner wisdom knows this … which is why you feel yourself being called to your greatness! The saying “If you can dream it – you can achieve it” is indeed the truth!

There is nothing wrong with you – you are not broken! You just have been trained away from your inner wisdom. Stop beating yourself up … stop trying to push yourself into greatness… instead create the stories that will easily line you up with it.

What do think? Let me know your thoughts, comments, questions….


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 23:10

Post image for Question and Answer Time ….

Let’s look at a question I recently received … I picked this question to share because it contains several questions within it … and hits upon many of the same thoughts I receive from readers.

“I have always been able to call upon things as I imagine them into existence…at least for small things (i.e. hearing a song when I want to hear it, running into a person I wanted to see that day, having someone bring up one of my pre-conceived thoughts for that particular day, etc.) But as far as Long-term goals, I feel as if I lack in areas.

I believe I need to better learn the visualization factor. I can truly see myself doing and/or achieving the things I want at certain times…I just have a really hard time getting in the mood to visualize them every day. You could say it’s a lack of discipline.

I know I am capable of some of the greatest things the world has ever seen, I just don’t know what they are yet. What I have been searching for is guidance to become more disciplined and focused on the things I want. With me it is so easy to get sidetracked from what I want by the thought of how to get there…I know I’m supposed to disregard the how and when, and just know that it’s going to happen, but I still get stuck at that part every time. It’s almost as if only the majority of me really wants to be successful, and the other part could really care less. I want to rid myself of that negative, lazy, skeptical personality trait completely.

I’m not asking anyone to have the answers for me. Alas, if there is any prudent advice out there that I may attain from someone, I would be most grateful to hear any comments or suggestions.”
Thank you for your time,

This question came in a few days ago… I didn’t answer it right away … because I was vacationing in Puerto Rico and the internet connection had been a bit slow…. Well OK – the connection was slow but also the temps were warm, the sun was shining and I was on the beach!   ;)

But … even with that wonderful weather this question had been calling me since I read it. The reason it calls me is … I believe it sums up many questions I receive …. Many people “get it” – they see the connection of being able to call to themselves certain situations. Mostly they can look back and see there were many times they wanted to hear a song … and poof it is on the radio – or they were just talking about a certain type of car … and whoosh it passes by.

We used to call that “coincidence” but … once you have learned about the Law of Attraction, Universal laws, you realize what these so-called coincidences really are.

Let’s take this question bit by bit … as it holds so many questions and answers within it …

In the first paragraph Tj is aware that those so-called coincidences are really his vibration and the Law of Attraction at work. And in this paragraph he is also aware these coincidences are “not working” for his Long Term Goals….

This is the piece many don’t understand “how we work” …

One time Carol and  I were kayaking on a lake .. we were in an area covered with lilly pads – I said to Carol “Gee I’ve seen frogs on lilly pads on the tv and pictures… but I’ve never personally seen a frog sitting on a lilly pad .. and then we both turned our heads and poof there was a frog sitting pretty on  a lilly pad!

That was truly instant manifestation! Why did it happen so effortlessly and quickly?

Here is where the “how we work” comes in …

I had no ties to this manifestation. It was not important to me …. I was not worried about not seeing a frog on a lilly pad …. I didn’t have any old stories attached to seeing a frog on a lilly pad – Nothing in my belief system said it was not possible for me to see this frog. I didn’t have any fear or doubt or worry attached to this outcome. It was kinda like – Wouldn’t it be nice to see a frog on a lilly pad …. And then I let it go ….

I let it go … because it did not rate vitally important in my brain … and I had no old stories attached to it. When we can look at all of our life situations like that … they will indeed manifest quickly!

But we humans have a tendency …no actually it is a programming of what is and isn’t vitally important. We rate seeing the frog as not important … but making a million dollars or finding our mate as very important. And within that “importance” we have belief systems (what I call old stories) running around that attach worry, fear and doubt on the outcome.

In the second paragraph Tj says:I believe I need to better learn the visualization factor. I can truly see myself doing and/or achieving the things I want at certain times…I just have a really hard time getting in the mood to visualize them every day. You could say it’s a lack of discipline.”

He is absolutely onto something here …. Though I would not say “lack of discipline” because, for me, those words are too strong..  This discipline he thinks we lack is actually a habit …. We have those “old stories” of fear, worry, doubt and self esteem attached to the things we deem important … And we don’t even realize it. In essence we have attached beliefs, of what can and cannot happen for us, to situations that show up in our lives.

This lack of discipline is indeed a consistency problem.  It isn’t that we aren’t consistent … it is that we are consistently reliving those old stories – old habits of reaction to life. We go through much of our day on auto-pilot – a situation happens – in microseconds our brain scans for a reaction … and we habitually repeat this reaction.

It is a reaction – an action that we do over and over again.

We don’t change those reactions until we become aware that we do indeed have old stories that are running in the background. It’s like background music you aren’t paying much attention … but you are probably humming in your head. We don’t necessarily need to know the old stories .. we just need to pay attention to how we feel and create new stories that feel good! We need to consistently have more awareness in our daily lives … so we can act on the now instead of reacting from the past.

In the third paragraph… my heart sings when Tj acknowledgesI am capable of some of the greatest things the world has ever seen” Indeed you are! We all are … and that thought/feeling comes straight from your inner voice … your inner wisdom! Well actually what your inner being says is “You are the greatest thing the world has ever seen!” – Our programmed brain added in the words that make it sound like it has not yet already happened!

When you can connect with your inner wisdom and make the proclamation that you are already the greatest … you will then be able to show that greatness to the world!

Tip: If you aren’t yet totally comfortable with proclaiming your greatness … use the 3 magic words ‘in the process’ – “I am the greatest the world has ever seen and I am in the process of letting it out into the world”

There is much more in this question … but I will end here for now….and will do a Part 2 in a few days.

Please share if you identify with Tj and his questions … and your comments, questions about this.

Part 2 is now posted: http://livingthelawofattraction.com/loa-blog/question-and-answer-time-part-2/


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Wednesday, 28 Dec 2011 22:23

Post image for Tell A New Story for 2012

Tell A New Story…. Change Your Life

Sounds simple doesn’t it?
I’ll just “talk” new stories and my life will change… Well it is that simple… but… we aren’t usually aware of the “old stories” that are running around in our heads …  If they are in your head – you are “telling” them!

We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts running through our heads on a daily basis – Phew….  8O   The majority of those thoughts are self-limiting and repetitive (which means we are telling that story over and over and over!)

Where do those self-limiting, repetitive thoughts come from?
Most of them come from our childhood… We stored these thoughts as beliefs …. These were the things people told us we couldn’t do … things we weren’t good at …. things that were impossible to do … etc… etc…

Every thought carries a vibration …. Yup – even those repetitive, limiting thoughts that we are not quite aware of ….

Law of attraction responds to our vibrations… It’s definition is “match vibrations”

So what are we calling to ourselves that we aren’t even aware of?

What are “Old Stories”
“Old Stories” … are nothing more than beliefs … Some people call them “core” beliefs … That sounds a bit scary as it sounds like we are hard-wired and can’t change those.

Let’s get rid of some misconceptions…

#1 - You can’t change your core beliefs.

You can indeed change those stories …. we are not hard-wired to them forever… Even science now agrees with this – they call it neuroplasticity.

All a belief is … is a thought that has been thought over and over again. The more we think it (hear it, live it) we anchor it …. It becomes a part of our belief system.

The more you anchor (hear it, say it, think it, been told it) the bigger the anchor … Those are the ones people refer to as “core” beliefs.

Don’t get me wrong … some of those beliefs you anchored are uplifting and benefit you. And yes those are also part of the 50-70 thousands thoughts that go through your head every day.

But … lots of them aren’t uplifting ….

#2 – I will just make myself focus on the uplifting ones!

I absolutely agree with that statement…. But … Most people don’t understand how our brains work! Our subconscious brain (where all those “old stories” are stored) controls most of our day. That is why we aren’t 100% aware of the thoughts that are rolling around.

Don’t believe me?
When you learned how to drive a car – you had to pay attention… lots of attention! Get in the car – put the key in – check that the seat is at the right angle for you … check your mirrors – turn the key – check your gauges, gas, battery, engine temp … etc…. Now going to pull out – check the oncoming traffic – put the car in drive – put your signal on … look ahead, check the oncoming traffic again …. put your foot on the gas … easy … check the traffic … look where you are going … the traffic and where you are going.. OK you are now on the road.

Do you do all of that now when you drive? Well you probably do, I hope!  ;)   But you don’t think about it do you? You are programmed …. driving has become a part of your subconscious … and you go on auto-pilot and off you go!

  • What other kind of programming do you have in your subconscious?
  • Are you reacting to situations in your life from auto-pilot?
  • And …. Are those re-actions based on limiting “old stories”?

If you aren’t 100% living the life that you’ve always wanted … the answer is Yes. You have “old stories” that are limiting you!

So – how is it possible to change these stories?
I thought you’d never ask!  ;)    Trying to will away your old stories – doesn’t usually work. First off – because what you resist will persist (that’s LOA at work!) …. So if you are aware of an old limiting belief and you are determined to get rid of it … that determination will actually hold it to you!

And… Secondly … Many times we aren’t even aware of the old stories that are running around … If we aren’t aware of them – how could we will it away?

There is an easy way…. :)
Every year at this time … I give away a free ebook “Out With the Old ~ In With the New”. The information and process in that book was originally written for my private clients to guide them on to “new stories” that uplift them, honor them and keep them on the pathway to creating the life they desire. And… it Works!

I will gladly give that book to you again this year…. And…. Take it a step further!

Earlier this month I gave that ebook to people at my new website – Create Your Life Academy … We also had a webinar talking about it. I then received several emails asking me why don’t I create a class, workshop for working with this process.

Great idea! I could just set it up at the membership site …. I could certainly charge for it … as it will take a considerable amount of my time….  Then I realized – setting it up at the membership site was not going to be as easy as I would like … as the site is currently undergoing some under-the-hood changes … I was going to put this idea on the shelf….

But – today I thought about it again … I could do this as a private group on facebook! And… Since today is my birthday and I am receiving lots of love and wonder-filled wishes … I thought – Put it on facebook and make it Free!

So that is what I am going to do!
I’ve created a closed facebook group “Tell A New Story for 2012″ – I will be in there for the month of January guiding you through that ebook and way beyond!

I’m not going to write a whole big sales page of what the benefits are for you …. this is getting long enough… If you know me – you know there will be many benefits! If you don’t know me … well you can join us and see for yourself!

I will say one thing: This is not a get-fixed-quick-scheme! The information and processes I will bring to you at the group will absolutely change your life ….. IF ….. you are willing to take the time to do them and take the time to bring your questions and comments to the group!

If you just want the ebook you can get it here: “Out with the Old – In with the New

If you are ready to go on a journey for the month of January …. and start your New Year with the stories/beliefs that support you and honor you – then join me at the group “Tell A New Story for 2012″ here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/270851036305728/

You need to be signed into facebook … and when you get to the page on the top right click the button – Ask to Join Group. It is a closed group – I will respond and let you in … the group is closed so you can feel free to talk and ask questions and only the members will see it.

We officially start on January 1st, 2012 — but come in before – download the ebook – and introduce yourself. I am really very excited about this!  I know this is life-changing and I love to hear people tell me all their great results …. so this is a great birthday present to me!  :)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Sunday, 14 Aug 2011 23:09

Post image for Searching for Limiting Beliefs….

Q) “If a person is not experiencing wealth and they believe they may have limiting beliefs towards money but do not know what those beliefs are, how do they, uncover those beliefs so that they can be cleared?

I see so many “experts” offering a million different ways to “get clear” but nobody talks about finding out what our limiting beliefs are.”

This is a great question posted over at my facebook page and while I started to answer it there… I knew this is a “topic” that many think about … and it is worth going into some depth about…

A) Lets look at the foundation of the question — ‘I believe I have limiting beliefs’ and ‘I believe I don’t know what these are … and … I need to know what they are in order to clear them’

The belief/vibration of the above — is actually what is limiting me!!

How could that be? I want to have wealth … and I am not experiencing it! So…. apparently I have a “limiting belief” that is holding me away from what I want!

Yes … that is true … If I am not experiencing what I want …. I have some beliefs/thoughts that are creating the vibration that is holding it away from me… Or better said – I am experiencing the outcome of the vibration I am putting out to the Universe.

We absolutely have beliefs that limit us … You will hear me refer to them as “old stories” … Usually we have picked these up when we were young … from parents, teachers, peers … the people around us. We “believe them” hence we live them hence we anchor them … on and on.

So… wouldn’t it be easy if I could just pinpoint the belief and then change it?!

There is probably not one specific belief … and it has morphed through the years … it becomes integrated with other beliefs … so trying to find that specific or even group of beliefs … really isn’t very productive … And that search will keep us in that unwanted limiting vibration!

“I attract to myself whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to”

  • If my focus is on – “I don’t have wealth” — What am I attracting?
  • If my focus in on - “I have limiting beliefs” — What am I attracting?
  • If my focus in on – “I have limiting beliefs that I want to clear …. because I need to clear them in order to live the life I desire … but I don’t know what those limiting beliefs are…. “ — What am I attracting?

The quick and easy answer is ….

Stop putting your attention on what is not working in your life! Hmmm …. I hear many of you mumble … “Been there – done that … and that ain’t working either!”

Now I could spout what many LOA teachers would … which is — “And what is that vibration?”  And then we could go off on that merry-go-round. Sound familiar?

And while that truly is a Law of Attraction answer….

There can be merry-go-round here… a Catch 22 … It is essential to understand how the Law of Attraction works…. And – it is equally essential to understand How You Work – How Your Brain Works! — that is what I teach.


When you understand that you do indeed have these beliefs (old stories) that were programmed from when you were young….  Do you need to clear these beliefs?

Sometimes you do know a belief … I was raised with a belief that people with money were not nice people. Obviously a belief like that is certainly not helpful towards having abundance!  8O

How did I discover that belief? Well actually that was my interpretation…. nobody ever outright told me people with money weren’t nice …. In my immediate family we didn’t have much money …. In essence the vibration about money was … it was a struggle … And there were some, not so nice, remarks said about people who had money.

As I have been on this self-discovery path … I did take time to look at my vibrations (beliefs) around varying topics.. Money was a big one for me… And this belief showed itself rather quickly … It just made sense when I looked at my childhood… and at my adulthood on how well I was living this belief! Why would I bring money to me if it was only for not nice people?!

I absolutely advocate taking the time to discover your vibration around the topics of your life. I teach this because it is about raising your awareness of what vibrations you are sending out to the Universe…. It is about your awareness of you!

It’s a simple process — and can be done with any topic in your life.

For this example we are using money … but you can substitute relationships, career, health … etc

  • What am I experiencing regarding money?
    • Well we know there is a feeling of lack of money
  • How was I brought up around this topic?
    • For me – there was lack of money in my house
  • What are my beliefs about money?
    • People who have money are not nice
    • Money is hard to come by
    • There is not enough to go around
    • You have to work very hard to get by
    • Money goes to money
    • etc… etc…

This simple exercise gives you an awareness of what you are putting out to the Universe and of the “old stories” that are stored within your beliefs.

OK – Got it — Now I can clear these – right?!

Maybe this is semantics … but I don’t teach clearing. You really can’t clear anything – the thought/belief is part of your experience … and while you may believe you would benefit from amnesia …   ;)   you would lose an integral part of you!

Look at those thoughts … decide if they still benefit you (I say still … as at one time they did benefit you – even if that benefit was that you fit in within your family) – If the answer is “no benefit today” — Make peace with it - knowing that at one time it did serve you….. Now you can start telling a new story!

New Story…

The original LOA answer of “Stop putting your attention on what you don’t want” still applies. But without first addressing and making peace with the “old story habits” that run through our brains on a daily basis …. you are fighting against a thought/belief … instead of creating new thoughts/beliefs!

It’s time to take your attention away from what is not happening in your life… and – place your attention on what is happening!

Start a Happy Happenings Journal ….

Everyday you have abundance in your life… start recording it! Write down things you appreciate …. A cup of coffee – a butterfly – the sunset – a friend in your life …

Record the abundance… if you have a job – every payday you need to journal … “I got money today”. Did you win $2 with a scratchy lottery ticket? Write it down … Did someone buy you a cup of coffee today? It’s abundance – write it down. Found a nickel on the street? Abundance – write it down! Did you save .75 cents with a coupon? That is abundance – write it down!

I know … your brain will start to tell you “.75 is not what I was looking for!” — But… now you know these are “old stories” – Now you can dismiss them … Tell them … you aren’t listening anymore because your attention, focus and energy is on the abundance and wonder of your life! You are creating new stories … new habits of thought!

I also know your brain will tell you this process is much too easy…. That is an “old story” too …

You can be a deliberate creator … or go through life allowing the “old stories” to dictate how you live … It is totally up to you!  ;)

So… Your work is to get to know you … We usually know much more about other people in our lives than we do about ourselves…

I’m not saying to analyze you — we have done that much too often! Take time to pay attention to how you are feeling – honor and make peace with it! “I do feel like this … today I am aware this is an “old story” some old programming – I don’t have to follow this … instead I can put my attention on the abundance in my life right now!”

When you deliberately acknowledge the “old story” and deliberately choose not to follow it …. You create new habits of thought – “new stories” -

Searching for what is wrong with you … what is wrong in your life … Is a vibration that keeps you in the “what is wrong” arena!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You are a blessed, magnificent creator … and you have been powerfully creating your life according to your beliefs! Those beliefs aren’t “wrong” — they just might not serve you anymore … And… at anytime, powerful creator, — you can shift those beliefs, which will shift the direction of your life, by deliberately choosing where you will put your attention, energy and focus!

Revel in your power .. and have fun with this!   ;)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011 17:47

Post image for I Don’t Know My Passion!

  • “I don’t know my passion!”
  • “What is my life’s purpose?”
  • “I’m not sure what I want…”

People will tell me — “I’m not happy in my job … but I’m not sure what I want to do. How can I create the life I desire? …. When I am not sure of those desires!”

There is frustration in this … Here you are wanting to create the life you desire … Excited about realizing you absolutely have the power to create the life you desire… And then realizing … “Gee I don’t even know what I really want to do!”

I work with many people … they first come to me either because they are uncomfortable in the life they are living and are hoping there is a way to change it … or … they have an idea of what they want to do – but have no idea how to live it!

And … many jump from book to book, seminar to seminar, process to process …. trying to find the answer… I guess they are thinking this book, seminar or process is going to supply the answer …. It Isn’t!!

I tell all my clients “I do not have your answers! … You Do! … and it is going to take some work to uncover them!”

I teach all about how the Law of Attraction works in our lives…. AND … how we work … how our brains work …

There is a critical piece that many are not teaching … and I believe it is imperative to understand. When you understand how we are living life from old programming – what I call “old stories” ….You are then empowered…

It is because of these “old stories” that most people really don’t know who they truly are…. They don’t know their passions because they are not in-tune with their own inner voice … they are running on those “old stories”.

When I ask my clients that question – “What is your passion?” …. many, many times I get a blank stare…. It makes perfect sense because in our society we have not been taught to gather information about ourselves…

We have been taught to gather lots of information about many things around us as well as about other people … But not about us! Pretty silly isn’t it? We have lots of knowledge about many things …. and little knowledge about what makes each of us, as a unique individual, tick!

The Inner Work:

The “work” that will guide you to knowing who you are … is about a discovery of who you are. This is not a long, difficult task …. Actually it is rather pleasant to uncover these things about you … When you take these steps ….  many have said they “felt like they were coming home” — Indeed that is what you are doing …. as you are finally recognizing, acknowledging and honoring your own specialness!

  • What Are Your Fulfillment Needs?
  • My good friend and mentor, Michael Losier has written a new book – “Fulfillment Needs – How to uncover what fulfills you so you can live your life’s purpose”. (book is due to be published late 2011/early 2012)

Several months ago Michael did a training call, on this process he has developed, with his inner circle member which I attended and participated in.  And while I felt I knew all about me … I did uncover a bit more about me – which has given me another level of clarity on my path!

I then knew… this is a very important process for people to gain insight into their own unique desires.

I just recently taught this process at one of my LOA Focus Group meetings and each of the 22 participants at that meeting had “Ah Hah” moments!

Many of those people have been telling me how helpful this has been for them. They have new clarity and feel they are now more aligned with the things they want in their lives.

Since that class… I’ve had people on and off line asking me to do this class again! So… I went to the expert himself – Michael Losier!

I am excited to tell you … Michael has agreed to do a Free Training Call on this process! “How to Uncover Your Fulfillment Needs So You Can Live Your Life’s Purpose”

The call is on Thursday, July 28th – 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Don’t Miss This! I believe this process is the doorway for you to gain the clarity you need to create the life you desire!

I don’t know when or if Michael will be doing a free class like this again!

To get all the information and to sign up for the call … Visit this website – http://EllieWalshEvents.com

The call will be recorded … but you need to sign up to receive that recording….

Mark you Calendar! July 28th — A call with Michael is always insightful and fun!

*See* you there!   :D



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"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Monday, 23 May 2011 16:53

What does a toothbrush have in common with meditation?

Do you brush your teeth everyday?

I know… this is a personal question. ;)

And… I am guessing I know the answer ….

It is “YES” – You do not leave your house until you have brushed your teeth…

Well maybe if it is an emergency … but if you are older than 10 I am going to guess you brush your teeth before you leave the house everyday.

So what does brushing your teeth and meditation have to do with each other?

First let’s look at the reasons you would brush your teeth:

  1. Health …. A clean mouth promotes health throughout your body.
  2. Feel Good …. That fresh feeling in your mouth
  3. Look Good …. Something about that just brushed smile….
  4. Happier Friends …. If your breath is fresh – I promise you… your friends are happier! ;)

Now let me ask you a question …. Do you meditate everyday?

I know there are some of you reading this that are answering “Yes! Yes!” …. But some of you are saying “Well almost everyday” or “Every few days” or “Every now and then” And at this point some are saying “Get to the point!”

Let’s look at the reasons you would meditate everyday:

  1. Health …. A “clean” mind promotes health throughout your body.
  2. Feel Good …. That refreshed feeling throughout your being.
  3. Look Good …. When you are lighter and feeling good … you absolutely look good.
  4. Happier Friends …. When you are in that feel good place … the people around you feel good … it is contagious!
    And More……
  5. Centered …. Taking this time to quiet your mind leaves you feeling more centered.
  6. Clarity …. When you are centered …. clarity instead of confusion is the order of your day.
  7. Connection …. Feeling centered and clear – you gain a feeling of connection … connection with who you are in this world.
  8. Balance …. Our brains are running thoughts all day long. Taking just 15 minutes a day of quiet time will give you the benefits of a quieter mind.

Scientists are now (finally) starting to look at the benefits of meditation – http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/28/how-meditation-may-change-the-brain/

Why do we sometimes meditate and always brush our teeth?

Habits …. We are all taught to brush our teeth at a young age… My mother did not tell me to brush my teeth if I wanted to … she just told me to Do It! And … I don’t remember her giving me much explanation of why I should brush my teeth … Again she told me to Do It!

I do remember rebelling against brushing my teeth…. My mother would ask “Did you brush your teeth?” — I wouldn’t answer (that’s because the answer was No). She knew I hadn’t so told me “Go brush your teeth” … And I would be huffing and puffing, doing other things… I just didn’t want to brush my teeth!

Maybe it’s because I hadn’t yet realized all the benefits … and I thought this was a frivolous thing for me to spend my time on.

Years later… brushing my teeth was now a habit for me and I did indeed realize all the benefits from cultivating this habit… But meditation …. I wasn’t quite there yet.

Meditate everyday…

I heard people talking about the benefits … but I had not yet lived them… I thought this meditation stuff was “Woo Woo” – I also thought it was hard and very time consuming. I believed I was going to have to sit in a particular way (that I did not find comfortable) and I was going to have to have absolutely no thoughts running in my head (which was totally impossible for me!)

… And I was going to have to do this for at least 1 hour a day …. That is what all the books I was reading said! I certainly could not justify using my time for this frivolous thing! Hmmm sounds kinda like my excuses about brushing my teeth.  ;)

Through the years I heard others talk about the benefits …. and finally it started to sink in my head. I threw the meditation books away… Sat as I wanted to … put my attention on my breath … and when those thoughts ran in (which they did and still do) I didn’t freak out… I just put my focus back onto my breath.

I didn’t do this for hours … truthfully I started out with about 3 minutes … That was how long I could sit still and I let that be AOK! By allowing myself this freedom …. I did indeed start to do this everyday.

Today meditating is a habit for me ….I meditate before I brush my teeth … anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes … and I am absolutely reaping the benefits!

Would have been a lot simpler if my mother would have told me “Meditate and brush your teeth everyday – just Do It!” ;)

Do you meditate everyday? If Yes … Why? if No … Why?


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Monday, 04 Apr 2011 17:27

Post image for The “New Normal”….

A week ago … We returned from a 10 day Abraham-Hicks Panama Canal Cruise. It was a wonder-filled experience… There we were in this warm tropical climate being treated like royalty on the Holland America cruise line…. surrounded by many like-minded people … and to top it off we had 12-13 hours of Abraham workshops.

I would call it Spectacular! Should I call it “Normal”?

Early in the workshops a gentleman who was in the hot seat started to describe a process he does with a group and he said the results were miraculous. Abraham picked right up on that word *Miraculous* …. I am not quoting them here … as I am coming from my memory …  from my perception of the conversation …. They were questioning why we would label things a *miracle* — in essence they said calling something a *miracle* is saying it should have never happened… Yet we say we believe we can create anything….

Immediately I had the Ah Hah … the Ah Hah of how we lower our expectations …. we don’t expect super duper things to happen … Yet we say we do….

We say things like:

  • “I want my friend to be cured of cancer” and when she is … we call it a “miracle”
  • “I want that job” … and when we get it … we call it a miracle! “There were so many applicants it was a miracle I got that job!”

Abraham always says:

“You can Be, Do or Have Anything You Desire”

Do we really believe that? Can we believe that and at the same time call something a miracle?

Today I went onto my facebook page and asked the question “What is a Miracle?” – You can see all the responses at the page – http://www.facebook.com/EllieWalshpage

There are no right or wrong answers as each person is sharing their own unique perspective…

These last few years I don’t usually call things a miracle anymore… just because I am aware that anything… anything is possible… But I do still call things “spectacular, awesome, glorious” … Abraham also poked at these types of words during our days together….

No Abraham wasn’t beating up on our vocabulary … for me, they were making a Big point … The point being that we have a tendency Not to expect Miraculous, Spectacular, Awesome, Glorious things happening in our lives… we have a tendency to lower our expectations….


Well what if I expect these Glorious things to happen … and they don’t… then I would be devastated… So I will lower my expectations and avoid being hurt… But aren’t you really disappointed anyways … and what if by lowering my expectations I lowered my vibration??!!

So did that Glorious thing not happen because it would have been a Miracle …. or did it not happen because I didn’t vibrate it…. I didn’t expect it??!  (You will always get what you expect)

Little children expect what we adults would call *miracles* …. yet if they do not see that exact thing happening they are not devastated… they don’t feel unworthy… and their next wish is another one of those *miracles* ….

I’m not saying they don’t protest when they don’t get what they want … but when they are young (before we have taught them other reactions) – they recover quickly…

Why aren’t they devastated like we adults are? … Because they are not tied to the details of the desire….

Stay with me here … cause this is Big ….
They are not stuck on how this *miraculous* thing has to look … They are not attached to the details…. they are attached to the feeling of *miraculous* … they are attached to their belief that life is supposed to be Spectacular, Miraculous, Awesome & Glorious!

Children have higher expectations of life than adults do. I know… I can hear some of you saying … “Well they can believe it all they want but many still do not get it.” I would question that … Have you ever seen the absolute thrill in a child’s face the first time they ride a bike? … or when a puppy kisses their face? …. or the first time they go to the zoo? … or even when they are happily off in the room playing by themselves? …. Glorious, Spectacular………

What Abraham finally said was how we should start seeing these *miraculous* things as normal … the new normal!

Think of it … If we can Be, Do or Have anything we want… then that is normal …

We call the birth of babies a *miracle* … Here is this miraculous moment…. one in thousands when you are conceived…. We call that a miracle…. Then there is a gestation period… And then there is this *miracle* birth… The *miracle* of life ….

Life is a *Miracle* …. yet it happens throughout the day …. all day every day …. so we also consider it *Normal*

A Miracle is Normal!

I’m not suggesting you change your vocabulary …. because we use these words to describe our excitement about a situation …. we use them to display how happy we are …

I am suggesting you look at your expectations about your life … and start to upgrade your expectations! Start to expect these *miracles* in your life…. That is the New Normal! ;)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011 06:49

Change your beliefs to change your life

Are you looking at your life through “old stories” … things that have happened in the past?

This topic came up today because I received a question….

So I wonder what it means that I have had pneumonia for 6 weeks….  Right now I have energy to go to work and then crash.  I tend to get pretty sick in the winter.  I wonder what that means about the law of attraction.  I mean saying I tend to get really sick is about acceptance, rather than denial.  But why do I get so sick?  It really upsets me.

OK — So I do indeed teach … “make peace with what is” and I’m sure that is what my friend is referring to when she states that she has accepted this…. There is a bit of confusion here… and I am soooo glad she emailed … This is why a community of like-minded people can be so important … to help you with this fine tuning…

If this person was in a group with me … I would absolutely tell her to make peace with the illness she was now feeling… I would absolutely say “what is-is” …. You have this thing called pneumonia and making believe it isn’t there (being in denial) does not change the fact that you feel sick …. you feel lack of energy….

When you accept what is …. you open the doorway to re-create.

  • Accepting what is — means you are no longer questioning it…
  • What does this mean?
  • What was I doing wrong that got me here?
  • What did I do?
  • What does this mean about the law of attraction?

As long as you are trying to figure out what is wrong …. You are in the vibration of “the wrong”!

What is – is …. is making peace with the situation ….
“OK I got this going on … it isn’t going to change in this very moment … but I can start my new path by turning my attention to the moments I do feel better.”

Notice I did not call this pneumonia — I, personally, do not use the doctor’s diagnosis terms … diagnosis come with all sorts of baggage that I don’t want… If I need to go to a doctor …. to get medicine to help ease my symptoms … I will absolutely do that …. And let them call it whatever they choose… I will not personalize any diagnosis.

I hear some people not only use the diagnosis but they totally personalize it …. They say “My cold”  — Do you really want to own a cold?….Or any other diagnosis?

“Old Story” Glasses….

There is a big red flag in this question … and actually within the question is this person’s answer to this “But why do I get so sick?

“I tend to get pretty sick in the winter.”

And …. you have been living that winter after winter after winter! So the law of attraction is absolutely working …. as it is bringing you this belief that you hold onto.

For me….I used to get bronchitis every winter and indeed I did … winter after winter after winter!

This was years ago…. then I started learning about – your thoughts create your life – (we didn’t call it LOA then) … So I started to look at this a bit different …. started to changing my thinking about it.

When I started to feel it coming on I took the herb echinacea and I changed my thinking to “the echinacea was boosting my immune system”  — Lo and behold it worked!!

Was it the echinacea? Well for a long time I believed it was! As I learned more about our thoughts, our brains and how the law of attraction works in our lives… I realized … it was my belief in the echinacea that was boosting my immune system!

I am very happy to say I have not had bronchitis since!

Just 2 weeks ago … I started to feel something in this body…. So I took echinacea! Now I laugh as I do it … as I truly know about the power of my thoughts…. For me it is now a ritual …. it is part of my making peace process and claiming my wellness as I swallow those pills! ;)

99.9% of the time that is all I usually need to do … but last week … there were a few days there…. even taking those pills I was not 100% …. I didn’t have an out right cold (not that I would have claimed that anyways) but I certainly have had days that I had felt a lot better….

What did I do? …. I went out of my way not to claim the illness! I did what I could do …. I rested when I needed to rest and kept my mindset in a good place… I made sure I told myself … “I’m feeling better than I was yesterday … this is on it’s way out … it is not a big deal”

I didn’t try to figure out why this has happened… what is this about…. I just let it be … and let it go…

Let It Be … And Let It Go….

Trying to figure it out …. is keeping it right there with you …. Make peace with it … Let it be… and let it go. Don’t fight it – rest when you need to rest… and focus your attention on when you are feeling better… Talk more about when you are feeling better than when you are not.

6 weeks has a bit of momentum … so be easy about this… Muster up the feelings of feeling better… Focus on the thought that spring is coming and you will be filled with energy to greet it! Keep your thoughts happy … find lots of things to appreciate….

Soften up that statement “I tend to get pretty sick in the winter” ….

Try something like:
“well I do have a history of getting sick in the winter… but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Even though this has happened this year… I am actually seeing the belief I have held onto that is bringing it to me…. Now that I know this …  I can let go of this belief. I can start to say – I used to get sick in the winter but that is not going to happen anymore as I am changing that old story!”

When I teach the “Making Peace Process” – part of that process is to be willing to experience the opportunity from the situation …. In this situation … there is indeed a big opportunity … which is uncovering that belief you have held onto that you did not even realize was bringing you the absolute result … just as it was supposed to!

See … law of attraction has indeed been working perfectly … you just didn’t realize that your belief was the vibration that was bringing this to you!

Time to get New Glasses!

We all have things that have happened in our past that have developed into beliefs … These beliefs are vibrations … if you find yourself living something over and over again …. it is because you have a belief … an expectation that this is going to happen in your life.

Change the belief … and you change your now and your future! :)


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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Date: Saturday, 19 Feb 2011 17:14

Post image for You Will ALWAYS Get What You Expect!

So…. I’ve received a few emails from folks who were upset about this article…. “You Can’t EVER Get What You Want“  They were upset…. “What do you mean I can’t get my dreams?” “You are the person who says we can live our desires” …

Hmmm – I’m guessing they only read the headline and not the entire post… Or they were so upset by the headline – it stayed with them even when they read the article…

I also heard from a few who said …

  • “I am getting what I want… so does that mean I am expecting what I want?”

If you are getting what you want… If you are seeing the manifestation of your dreams… If you are seeing the pathway to your dreams being laid out in front of you…. Then you have a belief in your desires… You have an expectation for things to go well for you…

Another person said …

  • “I am hearing what you are saying… and I need help in formulating these dreams into expectations”

Why does one person have a belief their desires will work out for them and another person doesn’t?

We could probably go into hours and hours of conversation … analyzing each person’s life story … their upbringing… the circumstances they were brought up in …. the situations they observed other people living… etc… etc… We would then be able to *see* the foundation of their beliefs…

Or …. We could keep this very simple, which is what I do …. and realize it doesn’t really matter what got you here… what matters is what you are doing thinking right now.

Even if we figure out … this first happened when you were 3 … then it was anchored when you were 4 … all through your school years …. etc.. etc… So what? You can’t change what has happened already….

You can’t change history…. you can change, right now, where your focus is….

If you are not seeing the results of the dreams and desires you have in your life today….

It Does Not Mean…

  • You aren’t smart enough…
  • You haven’t worked hard enough…
  • This isn’t going to happen for you…

All it means is ….

  • You have not yet turned those dreams into expectations… You have some beliefs, “old stories”, that are clouding your focus…

I Think I Believe….

Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection to realize —  “You want to believe that you believe these things will happen for you” - I have spoken about my own personal experience of this… wanting so badly to believe that I believed! I was not paying attention to “how I felt” instead I was trying to plow through and make this dream a reality.

That plowing through … actually anchored those “old stories”, again, that I had about success… as the outcome I wanted – didn’t turn out!

If your desires haven’t shown up in your life… it is time to look at them…and feel them…

If your dream is to be a millionaire next year … and you have an income of 26,000 per year with very little, if any, money in the bank … My question to you is – What do you FEEL when you say “I will be a millionaire next year?” Do you really feel that is true? Or do you soooo wish that would be / could be true?!

I’m guessing it is the latter…. Don’t be upset by that… You need to be very honest about how you feel about these desires. When you know how you truly feel … then you can shift your way into your dreams…

Shift Into Expectation…

Play with the desire – how does it feel to say I will double my income by next year? Find a level that you feel you can believe….

Now you might be thinking… “Well I just went from wanting to be a millionaire to settling for 52,000 a year! – I don’t want to settle for that!”

I agree… I don’t want you to settle either…. I want you to start to change those “old stories” – those beliefs that have been holding you back…  The only way to do that – is to start telling new stories… and those stories have to be believable to your brain!

I talk about how your brain works… how it is it’s job to keep your life within your beliefs in the free video series http://YouCanCreateTheLifeYouDesire.com

Then you keep shifting …. “Well…. I could double my income this year… and I know people who have even tripled their income in a year… I know there are lots of opportunities out there for me and I am open and ready for them. I know there have been people who were poor and became rich … This is not impossible … I am in the process of having these changes in my life… I am in the process of becoming a millionaire…”

Those are the kind of dialogues you want to have with you! You want to create and anchor new stories about your life. As you do… you absolutely will see movement … As you see the evidence of these things happening … you are now anchoring the new stories.

“In the Process”

Notice how I used those words “in the process”  in the above example… They are crucial words in creating your new beliefs. They soften your “old stories” … They can make it so much easier for your brain to believe…

  • “I have the job of my dreams”
    If you don’t have that job….your brain is kicking up a storm … and you know by how you feel when you say that….
  • “I’m in the process of having the job of my dreams”
    Ahhh – that feels better… much easier for your brain to accept

Think – Feel – Shift …. Think – Feel – Shift

Whatever is going on in your life today … is, in essence, an expectation. You now can look at these situations and start to shift your dreams into expectations….

There are lots of processes to help you make those shifts…. Abraham Hicks lists 22 processes in the book Ask And It Is Given

I have created and fine-tuned several process for my groups and clients which I will be talking about in great detail at – http://ReTrainYourBrainForSuccess.com

If you have any questions or thoughts to share… Please leave a comment! :)

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Date: Sunday, 23 Jan 2011 06:09

Post image for You Can’t EVER Get What You Want….

  • You can’t get what you Want…
  • You can’t get what you Desire…
  • You can’t get your Dreams!

OK … some of you might be thinking that I have totally lost my mind! Aren’t I the one who says you can get what you want? I even have a website and program called “You Can Create the Life You Desire” ….

Hey… even the song says “you can’t always get what you want… but if you try real hard… you get what you need”

And… that song is probably close to what you believe…

  • You can’t always get what you want
  • You have to try real hard
  • And hopefully you’ll get what you need… and maybe you’ll get a bit more than that!

And if that is what you believe… that is exactly what you are living…. because…. that is what you expect…

You Will Always Get What You Expect!

Your expectations are your beliefs…. And your brain is programmed to follow your beliefs…

Most of us don’t really understand how we work…. how our brains work….

We don’t understand that we have developed habits of reactions, habits of thought processes, habits of beliefs. And most of us are not even aware of these habits.

These beliefs mostly come from when we are young… but we are still anchoring them stronger and stronger into our subconscious today! We have a belief…. we then live it …. that anchors it …. we believe it stronger…. live it again…. anchor in deeper…. yada… yada… yada…

It is now known that we live our lives mostly from our subconscious (that is where those habits and beliefs are stored) – about 90 – 95% of our day we are on auto-pilot … Doing things … thinking thoughts and making decisions based on old stories that were handed to us when we were younger.

Your brain’s job is to keep you within those limits of your beliefs!

That is it’s job! And it does it very well! If you were taught it is hard to achieve the things you want…. well then you are living it is hard!

If you want to expand your life …. live your desires, your dreams… You have to change those habits of thoughts!You have to turn those wants …. into expectations….

So how do you change your wants into expectations?

  • Pay attention to how you feel — if you are wanting something … and you find you feel frustrated when you think about it – you have to step back a bit and reformulate it ….
  • Visualizing is a good way …. seeing yourself accomplishing or living your dreams
  • Meditation – taking 15 minutes a day to calm those thoughts that rush around in our heads
  • Affirmations – Affirmations work — IF you know how to formulate them for you.
  • Being aware of the old stories…. and Creating New Healthy Stories – ReTraining Your Brain

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works and learning how to utilize it in your life can be life-changing! But… I am seeing many people still stumbling a bit … and that is because the other important piece is missing … which is understanding and learning how our brains work!

When you put these two pieces together…. the puzzle comes together…

At ReTrain Your Brain For Success we finished a 12 week private workshop where we went deeply into the Law of Attraction and How our Brains Work…. Information on those habits and old stories, processes on how to change them, specific meditations for connecting within and building self esteem, examples and a private forum.

Coming in February I will be opening the doors to a limited number of people…. If you want more information and get notified when the doors are opening … Visit me at http://ReTrainYourBrainForSuccess.com


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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