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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 23:14

We are living in a mobile world and the future will be more wireless than ever, we are working with technology all the time using our smartphones and tablets, the demand is increasing every day and this is what led open source software specialist Red Hat fill the gap in its mobile portfolio and to acquire Irish software firm FeedHenry, the company specialized in mobile enterprise application platform technologies.

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Author: "Paola Cornacchiola" Tags: "acquisition, FeedHenry, Red Hat"
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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 10:49

Citrix yesterday announced that it has acquired Virtual. Virtual provides a virtualization platform for iOS and Android which is cloud based. Virtual provides a solution for testing applications without the need of physical devices in many combinations of devices, operating systems and networks.

Citrix plans to integrate the assets of Virtual into its mobile workspace delivery platform solutions. Citrix states:

The technology and team, including founder and CEO Chris Wade, will accelerate innovation across the Citrix mobile workspace apps and delivery infrastructure to help simplify IT security management for applications, data, endpoints and networks, and support the core Citrix vision for providing people with new ways to work.

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Author: "Kenneth van Surksum" Tags: "acquisition, Citrix, Virtual"
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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 14:28

Last week the New York times published an article titled: “EMC explores selling stake in VMware“. While the news that EMC is exploring selling VMware is not new though. Paul Singer, CEO of Elliot Management Corporation who has a stake in EMC has been pressuring EMC to exit the 80% stake it has in VMware.

The option that HP might be interested in buying VMware is quite interesting though, even though the New York times doesn’t name its source. HP Both EMC and HP decline to comment as expected.

EMC acquired VMware in 2004.

Labels: acquisition, EMC, Speculation, VMware
Author: "Kenneth van Surksum" Tags: "acquisition, EMC, Speculation, VMware"
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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 13:59

After raising $15 million in Series B funding in January this year, Docker has announced that it has raised $40 million in Series C funding. Docker states that it will use the funds to drive adoption of its platform in the enterprise and to broaden its rapidly growing ecosystem of application developers, system administrators, platform providers, and technology partners.

In order to raise the $40 million Docker partnered with Sequoia and existing investors: Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Insight Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Jerry Yang.

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Author: "Kenneth van Surksum" Tags: "Docker, Funding"
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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 10:13

VMware has released version 5.1 of its centralized image management for Windows desktops: Mirage.

VMware Mirage is also part of the Horizon Suite, VMware’s end user computing suite that includes View, the company’s VDI product.

The main new features introduced in this release can be resumed as follows:

  • Bandwidth Control – Managing desktops and PCs across many remote branch sites is difficult. With that in mind, Mirage was designed to help IT manage devices across distributed environments. And in these distributed environments, bandwidth is usually a concern. Image management solutions like Mirage require at least some bandwidth to deploy operating systems and applications. In Mirage 5.1, IT can control the amount of bandwidth Mirage clients consume directly from the Mirage management console. IT can set bandwidth limitation based on categories like per subnet, or per Active Directory site. Setup is simple and allows IT to not have to rely on QoS tools on their network when working with Mirage client to server communication.
  • API Extensibility – As part of Mirage 5.1, we’ve started formalizing and publishing APIs. Customers and partners can use the data that Mirage collects to integrate their own systems with Mirage. If you have a tool that requires plugging into data and services provided by Mirage, now you can connect through with our documented API set. This is the beginning of our journey to make Mirage more extensible.
  • Reporting Framework – We’ve enhanced our reporting framework in Mirage 5.1. IT can create and run reports that are output into HTML or CSV format. Scheduling automatic generation and email of reports helps give IT better analytics and visibility into the different Mirage operations that are being performed. Overall support time can be reduced with easier to consume reports based off of this new framework.
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program – We’re always looking for feedback from customers using Mirage. With 5.1, Mirage now includes the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). This an optional, encrypted and anonymous method to send technical data from the Mirage database and log files back to VMware. This helps us improve the Mirage solution.

For the full set of the new features please refer to the Release Notes.

Due to the acquisition of CloudVolumes, announced this August, we would have expected some news about its integration into the Horizon Suite but nothing has yet come from that side.

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Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Mirage, Release, VMware"
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Date: Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014 14:30

Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) is an open source virtualization management solution that leverages KVM technologies.

Yesterday Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH announced the release of version 3.3 of its product that is mostly focused on providing security features like the Proxmox VE Firewall and two-factor authentication.

The new features could be resumed as follows:

  • HTML5 (noVNC) console
  • Proxmox VE Firewall
  • Two-factor authentication
  • ZFS storage plugin
  • Proxmox VE Mobile
  • QEMU 2.1

You can download and try Proxmox VE at this link.

Labels: Proxmox Server Solutions, Release
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Proxmox Server Solutions, Release"
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Date: Monday, 15 Sep 2014 11:10

Convirture the company, founded in 2006 that provides an open source management console to manage virtualization platforms,  announced to have opened a UK- based office which will help the company to widen its presence in the EMEA market. The new UK team will be leaded by Martyn Richards, a veteran technology executive.

According to Convirture press release published in CNBC, its virtualization and cloud management software ConVirt offers management capabilities for virtual and cloud platforms, including KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, VMware and Amazon EC2 with a better cost of the dedicated solutions available for each technology.

Arsalan Farooq, CEO of Convirture, declared:

We’re seeing growing demand globally as more and more enterprises realize the need for consolidated management of their virtualization and cloud computing resources, Convirture EMEA will help us better serve existing customers while developing new business in the UK and throughout Europe the Middle East and Africa.

Labels: Convirture, EMEA, Platform Management
Author: "Paola Cornacchiola" Tags: "Convirture, EMEA, Platform Management"
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Date: Friday, 12 Sep 2014 16:29

VMware has released version 5.1 of its application virtualization product ThinApp. Version 5.1 is the follow up of version 5.0 which was released in November last year. The update provides new features and provides a number of fixes as well.

Version 5.1 provides the following new features as described in the release notes:

  • ThinApp Package Management, allowing to dynamically reconfigure the attributes of deployed ThinApp packages at runtime
  • Group Policy Administrative Templates
  • Reconfiguring Attributes of Deployed ThinApp Packages
  • ThinDirect enhancements
  • Extracting an existing ThinApp project to a system
  • MAPI Support
  • Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11
  • Support for Windows 8.1

Labels: Release, VMware
Author: "Kenneth van Surksum" Tags: "Release, VMware"
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Date: Friday, 12 Sep 2014 16:18

Two weeks ago we were wondering about Brian Stevens, who resigned as Red Hat’s CTO, asking ourselves if this could be seen as a “tremendous opportunity” for both.

Red Hat has not yet released any official news about its CTO office, on the other side, according to his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, Stevens has joined Google as VP of Cloud Platforms.

Labels: Google, Leadership, Red Hat
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Google, Leadership, Red Hat"
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Date: Friday, 12 Sep 2014 14:18

Yesterday HP announced to have reached a definitive agreement to acquire Eucalyptus, provider of an open source Cloud Solution competing with OpenStack, CloudStack and OpenNebula.

This acquisition will put the Eucalyptus CEO, Marten Mickos, in charge of the company’s cloud business unit, based on HP Helion portfolio that leverages OpenStack technology.

The economic terms of the acquisition were not disclosed and the press release only stresses how Eucalyptus will provide a valuable experience with private clouds deployments that also interoperate with Amazon AWS, where actually Eucalyptus products have always demonstrated a good maturity degree.

Labels: acquisition, Eucalyptus, HP
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "acquisition, Eucalyptus, HP"
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Date: Friday, 12 Sep 2014 13:30

This week VMware released version 5.5 Update 2 of two of its flagship products, ESXi and vCenter Server, updates that were announced at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco.

Among the things to consider updating to this release we noticed that the vSphere Web Client, based on Adobe Flash, no longer supports Linux OSes (because the lack of support from Flash itself), Windows XP and Windows Vista and that vCenter Server removes the support for IBM DB2 as the vCenter Server database.

VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 introduces in this release the following new features:

  • Support for hosts with 6TB of RAM – vSphere 5.5 Update 2 starts to support hosts with 6TB of RAM.
  • VMware vShield Endpoint Thin Agent is renamed as VMware Tools Guest Introspection plugin – The vShield Endpoint driver bundled with VMware Tools is now called Guest Introspection.
  • Resolved Issues – This release delivers a number of bug fixes that have been documented in the Resolved Issues section.

VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2 introduces in this release the following new features:

  • vCenter Server database support: vCenter Server now supports the following external databases:
    • Oracle 12c. Important: For pre-requisite requirements, see KB 2079443.
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • vCloud Hybrid Service: The vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) introduces a new container, Hybrid Cloud Service, on the vSphere Web Client home page. The Hybrid Cloud Service container contains the vCHS installer and the new vCloud Connector installer.
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program: The vSphere customer experience improvement program is introduced to collect configuration data for vSphere and transmit weekly to VMware for analysis in understanding the usage and improving the product. For more details, see the vSphere Documentation Center.
  • Resolved Issues – This release of vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2 addresses issues that have been documented in the Resolved Issues section.

Labels: Releases, vCenter, VMware, vSphere
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Releases, vCenter, VMware, vSphere"
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Date: Thursday, 11 Sep 2014 10:52

Satellite is Red Hat’s server life-cycle management based on the community project Spacewalk, it basically provides provision, patch, configuration and subscription management across Red Hat’s ecosystem.

Yesterday the Raleigh company announced the general availability of Red Hat Satellite 6 with an extended support for both Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and a new integration with Puppet Forge and GIT.

With this release Red Hat is obviously trying to better integrate Satellite in its Open Hybrid Cloud portfolio, stressing, for example, the ability to provision on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure, and on public or private clouds.

Some on the new features directly from the press release:

  • Provisioning on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure and on public or private clouds, all from one place and with one simple process, including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, VMware, and Amazon EC2.
  • System discovery, enabling users to discover and search across non-provisioned hosts for rapid deployment.
  • Drift remediation that enables users to automatically correct system state with reporting, auditing, and history of changes.
  • Subscription management that enables you to easily report and map your purchased products to registered systems for end-to-end subscription consumption visibility.

Labels: Lifecycle Management, Red Hat, Satellite
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Lifecycle Management, Red Hat, Satellite"
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Date: Thursday, 11 Sep 2014 09:39

Oracle has released a new version of its virtualization platform VM Virtualbox. Version 4.3.16 is considered a maintenance release which can be installed on top of version 4.3. The update improves stability and fixes regressions.

Some of the changes as detailed in the changelog:

  • Fixed restoring 32-bit FPU state on 64-bit capable VMs and restoring guest FPU in raw-mode VMs
  • Fixed a rare crash for certain VHD images from other products
  • Improved IPv6 support when bridging to a wireless interface

Labels: Oracle, Release
Author: "Kenneth van Surksum" Tags: "Oracle, Release"
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Date: Monday, 08 Sep 2014 21:57

Microsoft last week announced a limited preview of Migration Accelerator (MA) for Azure. MA can seamlessly migrate physical, VMware, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hyper-V workloads into Azure, automating discovery of source workloads, remote agent installation, network adaptation and endpoint configuration. MA is based on the technology which Microsoft received when it acquired InMage in July this year. CONTINUE READING ON CLOUDCOMPUTING.INFO…

Author: "Kenneth van Surksum"
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Date: Friday, 05 Sep 2014 20:12

On September 3, Amazon announced that Chief Financial Officer Thomas Szkutak plans to retire in June 2015 after about 13 years in the business, beginning in October 2002, where he was and still is in charge of treasury, investor relations, tax, internal audit and facilities functions as well as financial management of the company’s business units.

The manager will be replaced by Brian Olsavsky, which currently is Vice President of Finance of Amazon responsible of the global consumer business, reporting to Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.

Labels: Amazon, CFO, Leadership
Author: "Paola Cornacchiola" Tags: "Amazon, CFO, Leadership"
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Date: Wednesday, 03 Sep 2014 18:37

Following the technology preview announced in May VMware has released version 7 of its desktop virtualization platform for OS X: Fusion.

This new release, that comes in the normal and Pro flavours, introduces the extended support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite that will be released this fall, in order to natively leverage all its new features alongside with an all new set of optimizations for the last generation of Macs computer.

Among the new features introduced from this release we can list:

  • Advanced Haswell processor features, including AVX2 inside a virtual machine
  • A new virtual webcam, making it easier than ever to use your webcam with Windows applications
  • An updated, virtual USB controller with support for XHCI 1.0
  • A new approach to video memory that enables the VRAM limit to be specified per virtual machine
    The amount of VRAM configured is not limited by the VRAM available to the host.
  • The ability to specify a preference for the integrated or discrete GPU
    On recent Mac Book Pros that contain both GPUs, this can result in increased battery life for lightly used virtual machines.
  • VMware Fusion Pro is more efficient than ever with wake-ups reduced by over 60% for lightly used virtual machines.
  • OS X Yosemite can now be used inside a virtual machine.
  • VMware Fusion Pro now shows the status of each virtual machine in the library list view. This is particularly useful for power-users working with many virtual machines.
  • Improved support for Retina displays, including changes to Unity mode and the ability to control how Fusion scales when moving between Retina-class and standard density displays.
  • Direct sounds from virtual machines to a specific audio device on your Mac.
  • Per-virtual machine shortcut keys make jumping quickly between operating systems a breeze.
  • Improved support for Ubuntu 14.xx etc < New Linuxes here.

The ability to access virtual machines running on VMware vSphere, VMware ESXi, and VMware Workstation directly from VMware Fusion Pro including:

  • Remote display, keyboard, and mouse control
  • Ability to select media for CD, DVD, floppy devices, including files on your Mac
  • Ability to power virtual machines on and off and configure the network they connect to
  • Ability to move virtual machines from your Mac to a remote location by dragging and dropping
  • Ability to move virtual machines from a remote location to your Mac by dragging and dropping
  • See the state of your remote server with at-a-glance health summary based on Activity Monitor

VMware Fusion 7 is available for download and purchase starting from today, you can read the Release Notes here.

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Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "Fusion, Release, VMware"
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Date: Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014 17:06

As we mentioned last week, VMware used the stage of VMworld 2014 to “remind” its audience how deeply the company is involved in the open source community.

The company took this opportunity to announce its OpenStack distribution, named VMware Integrated OpenStack, alongside with the new Gold Level Membership in the Open Compute Project.

To quickly recall, the Open Compute Project was launched by Facebook in 2011 and its mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing and rely on a foundation that believes in openly sharing ideas, specifications and all the other intellectual properties.

Generally speaking, this new open source involvement has been received with a bit of suspicion from the community, a reasonable reaction considering that VMware’s general perception has always been of a company with its finger on the “vendor lock-in trigger”.

If we look at VIO (VMware Integrated OpenStack), for example, is hard to imagine the coexistence, within the same vendor, of an open source not-so-enterprise-ready cloud orchestration solutions, that implies a low entry cost versus high running costs, and a proprietary not-so-integrated suite that has been sold until yesterday as an higher price, enterprise, comprehensive solution.

We just have to look at VMware’s short-term strategy, for which, in my opinion has only two alternatives: run after other vendors, like Red Hat, and bring OpenStack inside its enterprise customers or use OpenStack as a lockpick to enter open source-oriented companies and colonize them from the inside.

Labels: OpenStack, VMware, VMworld
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "OpenStack, VMware, VMworld"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 18:34

Nutanix, provider of web-scale IT infrastructure to medium and large enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, announced to have raised $140 million in a Series E funding over a $2 billion valuation, the funding round was lead by two Boston-based public market investors with over $3 trillion in combined assets under management.

This round brings the company’s total venture capital investment to $312 millions.

Nutanix also announced that the capital will be used to invest in sales, research and development, customer support and marketing and enable the Company to accelerate its vision of making web-scale infrastructure ubiquitous in enterprise datacenters.

Nutanix declared that had secured more than 800 customers, including names such as Airbus, China Merchant Bank, Honda, ConocoPhillips, Total SA, Toyota, US Navy and Yahoo! Japan. Nutanix announced back in June a OEM agreement with Dell to build the XC Web-scale Converged Appliance, and the joint venture solution is going to be available in Q4 2014.

Dheeraj Pandey, co-founder and CEO, Nutanix, said:

The convergence of servers, storage and networking in the datacenter has created one of the largest business opportunities in enterprise technology, and Nutanix is at the epicenter of this transformation, we are proud of the progress we have made, and are confident in capitalizing on the enormous opportunity that lies ahead of us. We recognize the importance of building relationships with leading public market investors, and are honored to welcome them as partners in driving the long-term success of our Company.

Labels: Funding, Nutanix
Author: "Paola Cornacchiola" Tags: "Funding, Nutanix"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 18:30

The first day at VMworld 2014 was all about the new vCloud Air catalog and VMware’s “we are all open source folks” strategy but progressing in the event has also emerged some room for the End User Computing BU to make some announcements.

  • VMware Workspace Suite: A new integrated platform that aims to unify the management of mobile devices, desktops, applications and data. In other words this suite combines Horizon 6 Enterprise, Workspace Portal and the newly acquired AirWatch Mobility Management Suite and Secure Content Locker in order to provide a comprehensive and (we hope) integrated enterprise BYOD solution. The suite is available immediately
  • VMware Horizon DaaS: The following new services are expected for Q3 2014:
    • Expansion in Europe: The service will be available in Europe through the vCloud Air U.K. datacenter in Slough
    • High performance desktop: A new Horizon DaaS Enterprise service options will be available featuring desktops with 4 vCPU, 8GB vRAM and 120 GB HD
    • Apps as a Service: Horizon DaaS will allow the publication of applications and shared desktops using RDS infrastructure directly within the service
    • Cloud bursting with monthly terms: All DaaS services will support monthly terms
  • CloudVolumes: VMware promised the ability to combine Horizon 6 with the newly acquired CloudVolumes technology in order to provide real-time delivery of applications, user settings and data to virtual desktops. The solution is available immediately
  • VMware BLAST Performance technology: Combining NVIDIA GRID vGPU and NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered Google Chromebooks VMware aims to greatly improve the consumption of graphically demanding applications like Adobe and AutoCAD suites. The technology will be available for selected customers in Q4 2014
  • VMware will integrate the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management Platform with Mobile App Management from SAP Mobile Secure

Labels: End User Computing, VMware, VMworld
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "End User Computing, VMware, VMworld"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 13:45

Just before the beginning of VMworld 2014 VMware announced the rebranding of its owned and operated public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) into the more friendly and Apple-like VMware vCloud Air.

This announcement prepared the ground for a couple of new services and features unveiled on-stage last week and summarized as follows:

Labels: vCloud Air, VMware, VMworld
Author: "Massimo Ferrari" Tags: "vCloud Air, VMware, VMworld"
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