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Date: Monday, 28 Feb 2011 06:22

Free Mind Machine EP - Mixtape Download

(Right Click and Save As to Download)


Sugarpill - Supperclub (forthcoming on Simplify Records)

Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill - Level Attack (feat. Naada) (Muti Records)

Sugarpill - TehSlideBass (forthcoming on Simplify Records)

Sugarpill - Peeing on the Seat (forthcoming on Simplify Records)

Sugarpill - Nhambar Sheet (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Flow Goggles (Daly City Records)

Sugarpill - Escape (unreleased)

Sugarpill - BK (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Martian Thimble (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Stoopid (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Doebd (forthcoming on Simplify Records)

Sugarpill - Malefic Planet (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Hustling Like Raindrops (unreleased)

Sugarpill - Charros (unreleased)

Jillian Ann and Love and Light - Know Us (Sugarpill Remix)

Sugarpill - Some Say The (Daly City Records)

Jupit3r - Zipperumpao (Sugarpill Remix) (forthcoming on Vermin Street)

Sugarpill - Verderbo

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Date: Thursday, 22 Apr 2010 00:56

Here is my mix of all artists performing at lightning in a bottle 2010

This spans as many genres as possible and I tried to include more than just the artists who will be performing that I already know and love to play and listen to.

Im pretty stoked though because this turned out to be one of my favorite mixes that I've done. I couldn't wait to share it any longer so here it is.

http://sugarpillmusic.com/mp3/sets/Sugarpill%20-%20Lightning%20in%20a%20Bottle%20artists%202010.mp3 [right click to download]

R/D - RDs Emo Mashup Remix
Marty Party - Gangsteppin
Mimosa - Keys to the city
Jupit3r & Stephan Jacobs - You Know Day Love Dat
Rena Jones - Ordinary Day
Auditory Canvas - Snow Fall
The Album Leaf - There is a Wind
Random Rab - Aoeda
BLVD - Rose Petals
Daddy Kev - Ultra Bap
Fishtank Ensemble - Extremely Large Congenial Romanian
Emancipator - Old Devil
Beats Antique - Les Enfants Perdus
An-ten-nae - Bang That
Kraddy - Android Porn
Vagabond Opera - Russian Jazz Waltz
Vibesquad - Clown College
Vokab Kompany - Look At Me Feat the Original Radioactive
Eliot Lipp - Best Friends
Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
OTT - Billy the Kid Strikes Back
Apparat - Arcadia
Timonkey - Wet Noodle
Adam Freeland - Rock On (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl
Evan Marc (Bluetech) - Ekoshok
Saqqi - Contact feat. Rena Jones
Krazy Baldhead - 3rd Movement Pt. 2
Govinda - Dit Moi
Daedelus - Order of The Golden Dawn
Peter Goetz & Outside Observer - My Hands
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Date: Wednesday, 03 Mar 2010 00:18


Snark Spaks on a Curved Table (right click - save as to download) or (go to itunes and subscribe to podcast by searching for sugarpill

Sugarpill - Snark Spaks on a Curved Table by sugarpill

Kraddy - Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
E40 - Grapes (SPECTRE edit)
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
dynas - the apartment
Knowa Knowone - Drake/Lil Wayne - Forever (Thugstep Remix)
Amon Tobin - Sister, You Have Got To Listen (Eskmo Remix)
Freddy Todd - Can't Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop
Qua - Circles (Deru Remix)
Slugabed - Quantum Leap
+verb - Cough
(glitchapella by sugarpill)
Sugarpil - hungry (glitchapella by Jantsen)
Nosaj Thing - Heart Entire
Beats Antique - Les Enfants Perdus
EPROM - Hendt
Mimosa - Julias Labyrinth
Prefuse73 - Desks Pencils Bottles
Aesop Rock - Jumper Cables (Phokus Beatdown mix)
Mono/Poly - Atomic Smash
Sugarpill and Knozark - Post a damn Thing
Lorn - Wake up fucked up
Mux Mool - Death 9000 (Prof & P.O.S. Broadcasting Version)
MusSck - The Town Made of Clouds
Siren - What A LIfe
Robot Koch vs. Body Language - New Day
Chip Chop - Solid Gold Nunchucks
Subvert - Pump et Up
Omega - Vengeance
Raffertie - Pumpin' Like Reeboks
Flying Lotus - I feel like dying INST
(thanks to all the artists who made the music in this mix and thanks to my brother (maxpressman.com) for making the art and naming it.)
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Date: Saturday, 14 Nov 2009 05:49

This is a dope mix I made and I gave it a stupid name, but who cares. more to come. (right click here to download)

Hudson Mohawke - FUSE
Mimosa - Flux For Life
Raffertie - Wobble Horror
501 - Get Back
Eskmo - Angus Dei
Excision / Datsik - Swagga
Sugarpill - Coke and Wet
Gemmy - Supligen
Bar 9 - Shaolin Style
Kromestar - Bassbin
Bassnectar - Boombox
EPROM - 64 Bytes (EPROM Remix)
Daedelus - Get Off Your Hihats
Dorian Concept - Color Sexist
Two Fingers - What You Know (Instrumental)
Beats Antique - Break Me
Flying Lotus - Disco Balls
Slugabed - Let's Go Swimming
R/D - Cricket
An-ten-nae - Get Low
Bill Bless - Punchin Holes
Mochipet - Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
Lazer Sword - Koopa Boss Mode
Audiovoid - Twitch Throb
St. Andrew - Snap
+verb - Whomp Sucker
Clavviq - Gangsta Shit
Nanda - Unknown
Samples - Portal
K-Lab feat MC Analog - Wreckked (Opiou Remix)
bartlomein - disneyland
Nailer - One Hundred
Mono Poly - Distant Form
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (sugarpillmusic.com)" Tags: "sets"
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Date: Sunday, 12 Jul 2009 21:16
This picture is pretty much unrelated to the first half of my radio show on glitch.fm from Thursday night. But check out the show live every Thursday night from 9-11EST. http://glitch.fm/glitchfm.pls Sugarpill- Sugarcast Episode- 7-9-09.mp3 (right click this link and select save as to download) Tracklisting Nosajthing- Heart Entire Daddy Kev- Dabrye- Bus Malcom Kipe- Dying for the Night Tipper- Filtch Mimosa- Kinetic Ras G- Eunica in White Chip Chop- Untitled #2 Opiuo- nun cha ka ill gates- heads n tails Dorian Concept- Clap Beep Boom Tom Burbank- Juno Rhapsody Chris De Luca- I Gonna Give it to you Kraddy- Conscious Ferilla Clark- Growls Garden LazerSword- Mix Cutsugarpillmusic.com
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Date: Saturday, 27 Jun 2009 02:17

Ok, I know I'm leaving a couple of weeks worth of shows out here, but I think this one gets to move right up to the top of my podcast. Technical issues have been preventing me from posting the last couple of weeks shows at glitch.fm. I've got it straightened out now and just in time to post this. Enjoy.

The Sugarcast- Episode 6 (right click to download and save forever)
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Date: Friday, 29 May 2009 22:02
Tune in every Thursday from 9PM-11PM EST for more of this hotness @ glitch.fm

Sugarcast Episode 1.mp3 (Right-Click and 'save as' to Download)

1. Prefuse73 - DEC. Machine Funk All ERA's
2. EPROM - 64 Bytes (ill.gates Remix feat Meesha and Mat the Alien)
3. Subvert - Dance Revolution
4. TV on the Radio - Red Dress (THE GLITCH MOB Remix)
5. Eliot Lipp - 3-Sentinel
6. Heyoka - The Way Of The Blue Towel
7. Machinedrum - Jelly Jelly
8. nosajthing - Coat of Arms
9. Ghislain Poirier - CloseTheNews
10. Graintable - Lost Frost
11. Glitchy & Scratchy - Brain Saw-1
12. THE NEW LAW - An Old Acqu
13. Eprom - Sqratchedizzle
14. Mr. Oizo - Monday Massacre
15. Cepia - Ithaca
16. crackwhore - LDN (South Rakkas Crack Whore Ri
17. rustie - cafe de phresh instrumental
18. Kraddy - Android Porn
19. Metaphor - One Pulse
20. Vibesquad - Blaze them Trees
21. NastyNasty - totalshortage
22. Mochipet - Spring (feat. Daedelus)
23. An-ten-nae - Excursions In Acid
24. siriusimo - minirock
25. Wake - a and an
26. elektrik blanket - a trip through the ghost woods
27. Chris Clark - See See
28. Truckasauras - Fak!!!
29. Spank Rock - Bump (Liver Remix)
30. Bassnectar - Art of Revolution (6Blocc Remix)
31. Sugarpill & Knozark - Post a Damn Thang
32. Lean Wit It (Lazer Sword Turbo Taxin Remix)
33. Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
34. Mimosa - Lullabyte
35. knozark - TANLGE 3
36. PG-13 is Panther God_ Filmix
37. Cyrusrex - Wibble_Caps (Cevin Key 420 Wibblr Mix)
38. mochipet - slimm_thug-boss_hog_on_candy 2
39. Squarepusher- Do You Know Squarepusher
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (sugarpillmusic.com)" Tags: "glitch.fm, sets"
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Date: Sunday, 10 May 2009 11:14
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (sugarpillmusic.com)" Tags: "events"
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Date: Thursday, 05 Mar 2009 18:26
Mochipet- Turbo Thizz Petnation
Missy Eliot- Get Ur Freak On (edIT RMX)
Biggie- Big Poppa (JD Remix)
West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Jimmy Edgar- 18th Sheet Reflections
Shake it to the ground acapella
Doomtree- Game Over
Rustie- Cafe de Phresh Instrumental
JayZ- Hey Papi (acapella)
Owen Vallis- Again
Tom Burbank- Juno Rhapsody
Jerk It (Megasoid Remix)
Cyrusrex- AnnoyAnts
Mimosa- Collie Buddz Come Around
Si Begg- Can't Take It (Bassnectar Loves Si Begg Remix)
NastyNasty- Pony
Kelpe- Grappling Hook
Otto Von Schirach- Subatomic Disco Divas
Michna- Raw Paw
Vibesquad- Whelmed
Freak Nasty- Da Dip
Junc Ops- 2013
Biggie- Spit Your Game (acapella)
Eprom- Throbbin hood (no house)
Ill Gates- Irma Vep (Original Mix)
Breakbeat Buddah- Sleezy Geeza
Pg-13 and Wake- Lyrical Soda Paper
edIT- The Perscription
Bubba Sparxx- New Booty Acapella (sugarpill chop)
JayZ Feat Jermaine Dupri- Money Ain't A Thang (acapella)
Slumdog Millionaire- Liquid Dance
Ooah- Crunk Down Where Ya At
Eliot Lipp- 3-Sentinel
Wake- Neighborhood Specialist
Thoephilius London- Leader of the new school
Daddy Kev- Do Not Disturb
I Got Grapes (Lazer Sword Fuck Yes Treemix)
Cepia- Ithica
Pigeon Funk- Bacchanal
Wisp- Hall of Kings
Ol' Dirty Bastard- Got Yo Money (acapella)

(photo credit glimmer)
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Date: Saturday, 27 Dec 2008 03:10

This is my end of the year whaampy glitch set... these are some of my favorite tracks right now. This mix is a little longer than the last two mixes i posted and it should be a little more spaced out to feature some of these tracks instead of smashing them with other samples.  Thanks to all of the artists, and to especially to ill Gates for some of the newer fx that i have added to my trigger finger.

Sugarpill- Glitch Wamp Mix.mp3 (right click and select save target as to direct download)

Build 128- Snowdrift
Young Joc- Going Down (acapella)
Kraddy- Android Porn
ill Gates- Heads n Tails (ill gates remix)- Myagi
Busta Rhymes- Dangerous
Bassnectar- Roustabout
Lazer Sword- A Milli (Blapfuture Megamix)
Radioactive Man- See You Next Tuesday
Outkast- Rosa Parks (acapella)
Thomas Fehlman- Alice Springs
Spank Rock- Crunk and Wet (Mochipet Remix)
Kid Sister- Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
Sugarpill- BustaStep
Baby J ft Alex Blood-
Mr. Oizo- Monday Massacre
Ghislain Poirier- Juelz Santana
Mimosa- Lullabyte
Dem Franchize Boyz- Lean Wit It (acapella)
Sugarpill- Tricked Loved The Kids
Antannea & Ghislain Poirier- Citoyen Du Monde
Vibesquad- Custom Stuff
Jay-z- Encore (acapella)
Breakbeat Buddah ft. Jantsen- The Wrecka Track
Clipse ft. Slim Thug- Wamp Wamp (acapella)
Kilowatts- Dub Serious
Jackson 5 ft. Black Rob- I Want You Back (remix) (acapella)
Archie- For the Club
Chrome Kids- Chrome Plated Elbow
Kanye West- Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)
edIT- 4am in 4 Parts

UPDATE: ok, that last copy was the avant garde version... im on vacation... i got confused its fixed now... sorry about that. it should work now please give it another try
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Date: Monday, 01 Dec 2008 03:33

Mashtastic Part 2.mp3


1. Mickey Factz- Talk yo Ish

2. Janet Jackson- What have you done for me lately

3. The Original Gangsters of Freestyle- Get The Hoe (Brooklyn Breakdown)
4. Janet Jackson- If (Acapella)

5. Toni Tony Tone- Feels Good (Breakdown Remix)
6. AC Slater- Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)

7. Earth, Wind, and Fire- Let's Groove

8. My Lyte- Cold Rock A Party (Acapella)

9. Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer

10. Johnny Hates Jazz- Shattered Dreams

11. I'm Serious

12. Technotronic- Pump Up The Jam

13. What You Want- Siriusmo Remix

14. UGK ft. Outkast- International Players Anthem (Acapella)
15. Lil Wayne- Stuntin Like My Daddy (Acapella)
16. ?- 3AM

17. Kool & The GluGet Down On It

18. ?- Whats Up
19. Thomas Fehlman- Alice Springs
20. Juvenille- Back That Ass Up
21. The Tuss- Rushup I Bank

22. Aesop Rock- Coffee (Acapella)
23. Bassnectar- Heads Up (California Style)

24. The Game- My Life (Acapella)

25. LilWayne- Im Ill

26. Cool Kids- Gold and a Pager

27. Jaylib- Pillz
photo: Dawn Yukus
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (sugarpillmusic.com)" Tags: "sets"
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Date: Monday, 01 Dec 2008 03:07

mashtastic part 1.mp3


1. Mark Mothersbaugh- The Life Aquatic Ping Island Lightning Strike Rescue Op
2. Nebulla & Dj Dore- Crank Dat
3. Jamie Lidell- When I Come Back Around
4. Color Me Badd- All 4 Love
5. Jahcoozi- BLN
6. Skee Lo- I Wish (Sugarpill Cutup)

7. Bondage Fairies- Gay Wedding (instrumental)
8. UGK ft. Outkast- International Players Anthem (Acapella)

9. Boreta- ?

10. Taylor Dayne- Tell it To my Heart

11. Tipper- Unlock the Geometry

12. 36 Mafia- Fly

13. A-trak- Get on My Pony

14. Jamteh Foundation ft. Busy Signal- Pounds of Dro

15. Toni! Tony! Tone!- Feels Good (Breakdown Remix)

16. Spank Rock- Put That Pussy on Me (Acapella)

17. Rodman- Wobble Break

18. Cut Copy- Saturdays

19. Ghislain Poirier- Spank Rock

20. Dead Prez- Hip Hop (Acapella)
photo by: Kt Glimmer
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (sugarpillmusic.com)" Tags: "sets"
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Date: Thursday, 20 Nov 2008 23:52
This just happened... and it was awesome.mp3
The Pixies- The Happening
Wobbly- Your Bird Last year
Otherwize- How you Been
Biggie Smalls- Players Anthem
Color Me Bad- All 4 Love
Olivia Newton John- Physical
Paul Wall
I Cant Wait
Juvenile- Back that Azz up
Johnny Cash- Straight A's in Love [Troublemaker Remix]
Shwayze- Buzzin (AC Slater Remix)
Prefuse73- Desks Pencils Bottles
Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer
Kris Kross- Da Streets Aint Right
Earth, Wind, Fire- Lets Groove
Squarepusher- My Red Hot Car
Nappy Roots- awnaw (acapella)
Wipe it Down
Plies- I am the Club
Whats up
Busta Rhymes- Head Banger
?- Bounce
Otto Von Schirach- Gelatin Fixation
Daedelus- For Withered Friends (Mumdance & High Rankin Remix)
Floops- Nah
Dj Hanway- These are the Brakes
Jay-Z I just Wanna Love You
Zomby- Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)
Bobby Brown- Humpin Around
T.I.- Live your Life
Poizonus Dart
Jam on it
Lil Wayne- A Milli
Kris Kross- Da Bomb
Dj Print- One Step Closer
Cluekid- Shamrock
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Date: Thursday, 30 Oct 2008 03:08
actually, this has nothing to do with halloween... but i still really like these tracks

Halloween Set 2008.mp3

The Seedling Escape- Intro
Trick Daddy- Dro in the Wind (acapella)
Sebastian- H.A.L.
Tag Team- Whoop There It Is (acapella)
edIT- Sunshine
eprom- 64 Bytes the Dust
Busta Rhymes- Dangerous (acapella)
Thomas Fehlman- Alice Springs
Fine Cut Bodies- Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix)
Jay-z- Ignorant Shit (acapella)
Modeselektor- The Dark Side of the Sun
Skeetaz- Toad Ya
T.I.- What you know (acapella)
Lazer Sword- Hood Figga
Tipper- Jibber Jabber
Birdman and Lil Wayne- Stuntin Like My Daddy (acapella)
Sub Swara- Hi Fidelity (Shambhala Riddim)
Funkstorun- Whispering Streets
Machinedrum- Trvsltsmltply (Wake Remix)
Mr. Oizo- Monday Massacre
Spank Rock- Put that Pussy on Me (acapella)
Bassnectar- Heads Up (California Remix)
Clipse- Wamp Wamp (acapella)
Kraddy- Android Porn
Khia- My Neck (acapella)
Vibesquad- Kaleidascope
Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass (acapella)
Boreta- Lobegrinder
Soundboy Bass
Modeselektor- Riddim
Ghislain Poirier- Close the News
Aesop Rock- Daylight
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Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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Date: Friday, 03 Oct 2008 13:51
Response Micks.mp3

Wake sent me this set he made and it inspired me to make this ten minute mash.

liljohn ying yang twins "skeet skeet" acapella
Mr Scruff
Prefuse73 Desks pencils bottles
afrika bambaataa
Chris Clark- See see
Biggie Smalls
Sammy Bananas
Rodman- ??
Kraddy Next episode drum loop
Silikon Siriusmo mix
Ninjasonik- tight pants (cut from promoset)
Trick Daddy (sugarpill whomp remix)
ace of bass
tainted love
Break Battle
Akufen- Pelican Remix
Aesop Rock None Shall Pass Acapella
Fido Dido Vs Simon Mayo
The dark side of the sun- modeselektor (i think)
Daedelus- My Beau
Otto Von Schirach- Sliced Doves on Codeine

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Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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Date: Sunday, 07 Sep 2008 23:11

This set is pretty much like a personal mixtape. i cant really stick to a genre at this point if im working on a set. i bore quickly and easily. all i hope is that this makes you shake your ass, at least once or twice.

Get Silly.mp3

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Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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Date: Monday, 14 Jul 2008 01:29

here's a short glitch-hop style mix that basically consists of a couple of nice tracks cut, crunked, and screwed at about 105bpm
10min Glitch Hop Mix.mp3

1. Snoop Dogg- Doggfather (Remix) 2. Tipper- Razor Back 3. Elliot Lipp- Digital Disko (Make Moves) 4. Modeselektor- Siriusimo 5. Girl Talk- Keeping the Beat

Attached Media: audio/mpeg (10 209 ko)
Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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Date: Tuesday, 08 Jul 2008 03:46

Sugarpill- Brooklyn Mix.JPG

This set was born in Brooklyn... but its not one of those ugly little chubby children that make good foot rests. its one of those born to be a star children that sings loudly like they were in a horrible musical. or something. (this is guaranteed to be moist)

Ero Johannes- Lipton Service Boy
Mr. Oizo- Sucubuz
Lux- Unknown Track 5
Living Legends- She Wants me
Marc Adamo- Vicious Exit Volum Remix
Machinedrum- Sandcastles Remix
Jamtech Foundation feat. Busy Sugnal- Pounds of Dro
Justice- DVNO (Sunshine Brothers Remix)
Osborne- Wait a Minute
Dj Mehdi- Signatune
Bassnectar- Verbal (Bushdoctor'z Pirate Edit)
Busy P and Merz- To Protect and Entertain (Crookers RMX)
Peaches- Set it Off (DJ Assault)
Modeselektor- Die Club Die
Girl Talk- Keeping the Beat
A-Trak- Nike Plus

Brooklyn Hip Mix .mp3 Download

Attached Media: audio/mpeg (56 110 ko)
Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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Date: Thursday, 12 Jun 2008 23:27

I have a bad tendency to play some excessively crappy music from time to time its something I've been working on. I just think stupid people are really, really stupid, and I try to give them what they want so they give me enough attention to cover a bar tab. To my astonishment I was checking boing boing today and they had a post up about a case where a woman would be sent into convulsions, and suffered from musicogenic epilepsy, or seizures caused by music. It seems that Rhianna's "Umbrella" and Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girl" also sent this woman into convulsions. I always assumed that this would be something to coincide with playing breakcore really loud, but Ive been to several breakcore shows and to my surprise have never seen a seizure.

My guess is that a combination of high levels of repetition of intellectually under stimulating lyrics and music activates a low frequency brain wave that works something like the brown sound, in that it is so low that it parallels brain wave impulses and causes central nervous function to shut down. But FEAR not epileptics, i promise to only play crappy pop music mashed and remixed with breakcore in front of a strobe light so you can hear the catchiest new tunes with out the increased risk of seizure.

And with that I give you a 20minute breakcore set guaranteed to prevent pop-music induced seizures.

Attached Media: audio/mpeg (39 833 ko)
Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "rants, sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,gli..."
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Date: Friday, 06 Jun 2008 14:41

Took my time with this one, not just down time, mostly up time, and time wasted. Ive smoothed out the glitch, thickened the bass, and kept it in the right mindset for way longer than i usually tend to. Cop this new Progressive Breaks set, it drops some raunchy breaks, mashups, refixes, remixes, and my own originals. Kick it to this.

Come get you some breaks.mp3
Attached Media: audio/mpeg (57 601 ko)
Author: "sugarpillmusic.com (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sets, breaks,midtempo,dubstep,glitch,hop..."
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