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Date: Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 21:28

Well that was a fast! Today Nvidia has announced the eagerly awaited follow up for their SHIELD portable Android gaming device. Instead of ditching the old SHIELD, the company has decided to expand the product line. The original will live on as the SHIELD Portable while the new flagship device will be titled SHIELD Tablet. Nvidia is also announcing the companion Wifi SHIELD Wireless Controller to be used with either the Tablet or the Portable and beyond.

It’s not the most memorable name. Yet, despite the uninspired nomenclature, SHIELD Tablet will hit the scene toward the end of July with a slew of new features. Most, if not all of the newness address the specific issues we had with the device, such as size, the clicky-clackety controller feel and the dearth of network service beyond the confining WiFi. So lets get down to it. Here are the 5 major changes brought to the table with the SHIELD Tablet.

1. No Way… It’s A Tablet!

Shield Tablet

Oh my stars and garters… It’s a tablet! This new SHIELD device enjoys a far more travel-friendly form factor. Lugging around a giant controller presented a real hassle for the original SHIELD’s portability. Opting for a more traditional tablet style makes the device more accessible to non-gaming users. It’s less than 0.5-inches thick and weighs less than 1lb.