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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2008 20:51

This is what I’ll be presenting on Sept. 18th in Rotterdam for eday.

How to build the Open Mesh

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Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2008 00:54

There’s a moment in the Snag Films’ documentary “Africa Unite” where Ziggy Marley is talking about his father Bob’s efforts when Zimbabwe was freed.  Ziggy talks about a father listening to his son’s pleas, and they showed footage of a 9 year old Ziggy dancing on stage at the Zimbabwe liberated concert.  Classic footage.  Lots of great Haile Sellasie footage, including his speeches at the League of Nations and the UN. Conquering Lion, Lion of Judah - direct descendant from the Queen of Sheeba.  Great Rastafarian history and the loop is closed when a 70 year old rasta comes back to Ethiopia - and visit’s Haile Sellasie’s church. Wonderful documentary - highly recommended.

Congrats to Eran Hammer-Lahav and the rest of the oAuth team. Their standard has now received full indemnified clearance (called ’sanctioned for release) so no BigCo or contributor need fear of adopting said standard - in case somebody tries to sue. This is a crucial step towards uptake and the reason why the OWF (OpenWeb Foundation) was formed. Eran is one of the leaders of the oAuth effort as well as a founder of the OWF.

Natural language has always been a holey grail of our industry. 25 years ago HAL tried to bring it to Lotus 1-2-3.  Ubiquity is trying to do it - now.  Its a brilliant move on Mozilla’s behalf to extend what the browser is - and differentiate from IE! Scoble’s right, no one but a passionate user would ever bother with the steep learning curve.

Angus Logan points to an answer to my question “How will Microsoft Live Mesh connect to our Open Mesh?”

Mark Cuban cuts through the bullshit and asks why there are no decent debates over technology nowadays

I don’t go to voting contests or things like TechCrunch50 - but I’ll be at the party!

Not sure if anyone cares about WidgetLaboratory and Ning - but it’s sure fun for me to watch.

Morph’s Outpost republished

Android Market is coming

Great collected tips for Flickr

Best wishes to Ton and his birthday BBQ I should be at.

Core Performance, Africa Unite, Redux, Dizzywood, Xiha, Husbands&Dads, GMDEsk

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 18:11

I’ve been finalizing my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and I wanted to post the four Appendices that conclude the book.

Here they are:

Appendix - A =

“What does Google’s Open Mesh look like?”

Most of the infrastructure, services and applications that Google offers work all by themselves and are not dependent upon anything else.  Google has launched OpenSocial and built Google Friend Connect.

Appendix - B =

“How is Yahoo building the open mesh?

Yahoo probably has the most comprehensive, well architected approach towards building their own open mesh.  They’ve left lots of room for us without getting in our way.  Now they just have to execute those plans!

Appendix - C =

“Will Microsoft connect their Live Mesh to our Open Mesh? …[and what about the rest of Microsoft?]

Live Mesh totally rocks and it’ll probably become  a key element of our open mesh.  It’ll gateway us to mobile, car, living room, game machines.

Appendix - D =

“Aren’t Facebook and MySpace really Closed Meshes?” … [ and how can we connect to them?]

Sending out tentacles or satellites isn’t the same as being open.

Watch for the full book - soon.

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 17:43

I’m finalizing my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and Mary Hodder suggested that I add some Appendices on how various BigCos are building THEIR versions of the open mesh.  The full title of this Appendix is “Aren’t Facebook and MySpace really Closed Meshes and how can we connect to them?”

So here is Appendix - D

Sending out tentacles or satellites isn’t the same as being open.

The tentacles of Facebook and the satellites of MySpace don’t fool us. They don’t REALLY want to mesh in with us, but they have to.  So they put limitations and control over their user’s data, keeping them locked into their platforms.  That’s their business model.

Both Facebook and MySpace have come up with architectures to allow for tight coupling of their user’s profile data, social graphs and content to the outside world.  That will have to be good enough for us to mesh into - for now.  Hopefully by the time this book is read - things will be better and we’ll be able to gain access to their user’s emails - which is the holey grail.

But our relentless pressure and insistance upon full freedom of our data - will win the day!

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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 17:36

I’m finalizing my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and Mary Hodder suggested that I add some Appendices on how various BigCos are building THEIR versions of the open mesh.  The full title of this Appendix is “Will Microsoft connect their Live Mesh to our Open Mesh and what about the rest of Microsoft?”

So here is Appendix - C

Live Mesh totally rocks and it’ll probably become  a key element of our open mesh.  It’ll gateway us to mobile, car, living room, game machines.

Dare Obasanjo and Angus Logan are proving that a smart, focused MS can play open just as good as the rest of them.  From the Live.com world MS is setting standards for what mainstream open will look like.  Game kids, parents in cars, kiosks in malls, churches, local government and the family in the living room are MS’s users.  We need to mesh into them.

Kim Cameron delivered what he promised and Ray Ozzie is five years out ahead.

Live Mesh’s greatest dangers are MS itself.  What’s not clear is how the Live Mesh will connect into Facebook, but the power of a $50B warchest will keep MS in this game.

Watching MS play open is fun - cause it’s been a long time coming.

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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 17:21

I’m finalizing my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and Mary Hodder suggested that I add some Appendices on how various BigCos are building THEIR versions of the open mesh.

So here is Appendix - B.

Yahoo probably has the most comprehensive, well architected approach towards building their own open mesh.  They’ve left lots of room for us without getting in our way.  Now they just have to execute those plans!

Enabling OpenSocial gadgets (or any other kind of widget) inside of any Yahoo property and providing a rich set of APIs into an underlying ID layer  is pretty dam coolio. Any ID system, social networking platform or web app should be able to  seamlesslly mesh into the 150M Yahoo strong.  What Flickr did for photos, so will Y! OS do for the open mesh.

As a modern day media entity Yahoo can show the world how  content + technology + open can mean monetization for all.  What I especially like is their leadership in supporting structured content and making sure that its all standards based.

Yahoo is poised to come back in a big way if they can execute this architecture correctly.

Author: "Marc Canter" Tags: "open mesh, underlying ID, Yahoo"
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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 17:13

I’m finalizing my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and Mary Hodder suggested that I add some Appendices on how various BigCos are building THEIR versions of the open mesh.

So here is Appendix - A.

Most of the infrastructure, services and applications that Google offers work all by themselves and are not dependent upon anything else.  Google has launched OpenSocial and built Google Friend Connect.

Google is a leader in OpenAPIs and keeping the data to themselves.  So they have been very careful when providing APIs into social graphs or their Friend Connect service.  We have a long way to go before OpenSocial’s APIs are done.  They will eventually enable any software product to embed ’social features’ into any container,  legacy app or content.

Imagine maps that know where your friends are, search that knows what your friends are  searching for, Calendar, Reader and Gmail that use social features to organize your life.

Google’s grid, apps platform, iGoogle, YouTube and many other elements of it’s ‘platform’ will all become important pieces of the open mesh.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing that they don’t have some over arching approach, as long as all the elements work fine by themselves.

Author: "Marc Canter" Tags: "Google, open mesh, underlying ID layer"
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Date: Friday, 22 Aug 2008 20:16

We spent time at Lopez Lake - where I caught this hawk.

Does the blog get social or do we blog inside our social networks? Or both?  That is certainly the question.  each to his/her own I guess.  Wordpress buying BuddyPress and SixApart expanding Moveable Type’s social features - combined with the DiSO project - is advancing the notion that the blog is #1 - and that “bringing social to software” is the next wave.  But I believe that commenting on Twitter, commenting on Facebook NewsFeeds and other new forms of expressions have expanded the blogosphere in a good way.  But ultimately - it’s gonna be different for each user.

I’ll be diving into deeper this issue of the BBC opening up, Eric Huggers and open standards and codecs - in another separate post.

The Guardian continues to beef up on techies.

The best thing about web platforms - is that there are so many of them -a nd there will continue to be more. That’s a major basis of the open mesh. That between the BigCos and all these OTHER platforms  - new kinds of UI environments, tools, standards and shared constructs will energe which will enable users to ‘mesh in’ - in their own way.

I’ll be speaking at eDay in Rotterdam - Sept. 18th

I actually really like the way TechCrunch links to it’s own CruchBase. And they provide APIs to it - as well. I think that Tim OP’Reilly is pissed cause TechCrunch ain’t using wikipedia - which is part of O’Reilly’s insider’s mafia.

I’ve been doing all sorts of Gillmor Gang shows

Congrats and good luck to Mike Jones and his new venture

Yah - I’ve been ignoring Friendfeed - and Twitter.

Coolio - the idiot/liar/crooked VCs who funded Pixelon (the streaming media company headed by an escaped felon) are going public.

Yahoo and Intel are bringing widgets to the living room. I wonder if it’s compatible or competitive with Windows Home Media Center.

Whither Pandora? Ouch

OpenSocial is getting allot of tractionIncluding Friendster

Dare forgot XML-RPC

The reason I’m not at Gnomedex is that I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Chris Pirillo anywhere else. He’s got to get out and participate in OTHER communities then himself.

ma.gnolia goes open source

Tribler, SportsFanLive, Verizon PIP, Open Sim, CrowdSound, Storrz, 12seconds, digital nomads, RoyaltyShare, Nesting, LivePlace, Open Salon, UserVoice, SocialGo, Ipoki,

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Friday, 15 Aug 2008 03:54

Les get the important stuff out of the way:

Who cares about PR firms?  The PR firms themselves and the people who have to listen to them. Not me.

Blue screen of death makes an appearance at the Olympics

Facebook Friend Connect is starting to appear

I went to the MySpace Lunch today, meet some peeps, talked about it with Steve Gillmor and got home in time to take a swim.

I’ve been working on the book version of “How to build the open mesh” using Blurb’s BookSmart. It only crashes once in a while.

“Hey Mitch, the next time you want to sink $5M into something - let me know.”

Is this the last we’ll hear of DataPortability.org or a new beginning? Thank God we’re not hearing about APML anymore.  I would caution Marshall Kirkpatrick to even compare DP.org to OWS - as they really do completely different things.

Its all coming together into one thing. Social Networks plus blogging platforms.  Its about time!

Don’t count out NVidia - just yet. Come to the NVision show - Aug 24-26 to find out why.

Mopar hot spot in Chrysler cars! now THAT’s a reason to buy a car!

I’m digging on the new features of Disqus. Now what we need to do is aggregate comments from different places.

Now what Facebok has to do is bring in ALL feeds/activity streams from all over the web - to equal friendFeed.

I’m making a transition off of Outlook onto GMail - finally.

I just updated our Broadband Mechanics Facebook page

HTC will build the first Google GPhone

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Monday, 04 Aug 2008 23:21

Lifestreaming - blogging - feh! Who cares what it’s called.  Chav funn, dat’s vat I say……. chav fun boobble-uhs, chav fun.

Tag Clouds R.I.P. I completely disagree with Rob Cottingham here.  Paolo’s Nova100 site has an excellent two-level tag cloud. Tagging is a ball which our industry collectively dropped.  Technorati and delicious made great strides early on, and Flickr has been inspiring people since then, but what else?  What’s next? That doesn’t mean it’s dead - it means that VCs aren’t funding anyone you’ve heard of.  When was the last time you were in Singapore or Dubai? I know of an innovative stickies platform right now - coming out of Singapore - that I’m an advisor to.  And it’s competing with a stickies platform from Amsterdam.  Nowhere in this equation does Silicon Valley enter - except they BOTH think they need to be here.  Josh Lowensohn groks tags.

Like Dare says “

I strongly believe in the idea behind the mantra “Change the World or Go Home“.
Unlike anything that has come before it, the combination of software
and the World Wide Web has the potential to connect people and empower
them in more ways than humanity has never seen. And it is possible to
become immensely rich while moving humanity forward with the software
that you create.

News of LinkedIn limiting the number of groups someone can be a member of. I wonder what that means?

Now folks are starting to see how much power Apple and Facebook haveIts all about the apps and the  stack/card system for dispensing those apps.  Those who appear upfront and first - win.

Congrats to all those Facebookers - who are now officially rich - at a measly $4B valuation.

Coolio - we can store our recorded TV shows “in the cloud” - now we just need COMCAST to support this.

Dennis Haarsager continues to kick ass - using some of that NPR trust fund money to make strategic acquisitions.  Thsi is teh guy who brought us APIs for NPR.

Dan Farber has a great post on Rearden Commerce’s plans for consumer assistance service. This is the mother load of web services.  I’ve been involved in several startups who vied for this kind of consumer based service.  Once everything is online, it’s all gonna be about integration, aggregation and customizaton.  Good luck to  Reardon Commerce!

Google sites to replace Google Page Creator

Loic discovers Social Engine. Sounds like our company.

Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes - thanks Brian for the pointer!

Om Malik interviewed Kevin Lynch. What he didn’t ask him was “how can you call it on-line Photoshop when there are no pencils or brushes and you can’t tweak bits?” Cause I don’t see that in the on-line version of Photoshop. Now maybe they only give you the brushes and pencils when you PAY FOR IT- now THAT would be coolio (and fairly visionary I may say) - but I suspect it was just too hard to do - so after waiting 10 years they gave us an on-line photoshop that gets rid of red eye, crops and changes sizes and resolution.  That’s not Photoshop.  Now Om COULD have asked him that question, maybe he did, I just don’t see it anywhere.  :-)  [NOTE: That's what's known as a "I'm so bored I'm getting pretty snarky today" post remark.] :-)

Arrington launches Teens in Tech - for a teen - who thinks he’s launching Teens in Tech (which is just a placeholder page) - but is really just a shill for - Arrington.   But it makes for good copy on a boring summer day.

Jeremy Zawodny is starting to realize he has his work cut out for him

JPEG patent single claim rejected. The patent is under review.

Social network virus worm

Social dimensions of P2P and the semantic web

David Weinberger fesss up to some thefts he’s done


Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Sunday, 03 Aug 2008 18:07

Around here - when it’s summer time - I BBQ basically everyday.

Sometimes it’s sausages, dogs and peppers.

Sometimes it’s Ribs and Scallops (like last night’s open mesh BBQ#5)

But I captured a nice shot of one of my lunches.

This is what I call “living”.

FYI those are Oyster mushrooms for those of you who don’t recognize them.

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Friday, 01 Aug 2008 17:47

Delicious both gave birth and killed social bookmarking. You can’t leave a product alone for what was it - four years? - without an update!

One simple questions, if Jon Miller is so smart, or as Ted Leonsis says “a new case study in courageous and visionary leadership“- then why did AOL end up like it has? Who’s to blame?  Isn’t that  CEOs fault?  I’m confused.  I credit Jon Miller with bringing us TMZ, but that’s about it.  Transitioning the company from a loser to a REAL loser.  This is a MAJOR problem with our culture. It rewards mediocrity and failure.  Just cause he walks and talks like a CEO and has a resume (of failures) - why does that make him good fodder for MORE CEO positions? And more failures?  Miller as CEO of Yahoo would tube it.  This advancement through failure has been endemic for years.

You’re right Chris: “Sometimes things are too personal to share, and sometimes experiences cannot, or should not, be generalized.” Welcome to the Aquarium we call “our industry”.

Scrabulous reborn as Wordscraper - well done!

Poor Robert - no startups for all of August.

Congrats to Marshall Kirkpatrick and Read/Write web

BTW speaking of Jason Calacanis and failure - this is what happens when someone sells a company - and then dumps it - and walks away from the employees.

Structured Data is getting hip. That’s area #3 in the “How to build the Open Mesh” treatise. :-) I’m hard at work on the book - BTW.  And tying in Yelp and LinkedIn into their search results is TOTALLy the right thing to do. Differentiate yourself - that’s gonna be KEY for Yahoo moving forward.

The selling out of MommyBloggers. Oh goodey - time to be monetized!

Oh Goodey - a new version of Twine. Remind me what it DOES?

Some web apps work better together

Me too - I have also recently “broken free” of Outlook. Goodbye spam, Goodbye Norton/Symantec.  Good riddance if you ask me.

Brian Alvey et al are building a platform for ‘vertical destinatioin sites’ and got some money from Jon Miller and Marc Andreessen. What’s not clear is if this platform has anything to do with Ning.  If so, coolio.  If not, then what are they building that Ning doesn’t have? Isn’t Ning a ‘vertical destination platform?  Is this Andreessen’s model for using his money? Get others to build OUTSIDE of Ning and then acquire then?  That’s what Alvey did with Weblogs and AOL.  Same team, same scenario.  But congrats ot Judith Meskill!

Ah Kara was visiting, no wonder the Mozilla people haven’t returned my email inquiry.

Oh Goodey - two groups of analysts are now clustered. I’m sure that will make them smarter.

Kris Krug will be photoblogging the Olympics

Yahoo is hiring

Getting ready to BBQ - been checking out to cook stuff on How2Heroes

I love the notion of braided journalism - sort of like a a yin, yang balancing act

Social media in the Military

I have no hunch about Hunch.

Yahoo BrowserPlus, MyArtSpace, Socialmedian, Tapulous, Balsamiq, Zorap

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Friday, 01 Aug 2008 05:39

July 31st is both my wife’s (Lisa) and my eldest son’s (Aryeh) birthday.

When I first found out that this woman I was dating was born on July 31st it made we think we could live together forever.

Aryeh was at the birth of his sister Lucy. He just graduated high school and now he’s in Israel for a year.  I just hope he doesn’t enlist in the Army (like a few of his classmates at the Jewish High Schoool of SF did (be careful Steve and Tina!)

Meanwhile Lisa is in Michigan at her mom’s cottage with Mimi and Lucy (where they go every summer.)

So this is a shoutout to 2 of the people I love most in the world.

Happy Birthday you two.

July 31st is always special to me.

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 18:58

Been getting my family out of the house on vacation so I can drill down.  More BBQs,  More clients to make happy.

Robert Scoble provides insight into Silicon Valley VC disease - and then points to another problem - biforcated conversations. Though his post was published on his blog, the comments and conversation were happening on FriendFeed,  Hmmmm - what’s wrong with this picture?

Robert’s digital life is sliced around all parts of the web. That’s good for page churn and his web persona - but what he reaqlly needs is a - People Aggregator.  An Our Data server.  IMHO

Microsoft Data Center Monitoring uses ZigBee ’swarm’ devices to track humidity and temperature changes

In other ZigBee news - Tendril deploys ZigBee into Home Networks

Microsoft is a serious, very mature technology company. I’d be paying attention ot what they’re up to - if I were you.

Yahoo, HP and Intel join to form Cloud Computing Test Bed - this is important. It shows that they’re not gonna let IBM, Google, Microsoft and Amazon rule the clouds.  This is also big for Hadoop - as it gets it into the enterprise and supported by HP and Intel.

Listening, Respect and Teamwork

APIs for ’send to GPS’ on MSN. Look for MORE and all sorts of interesting APIs to come out of Microsoft in the  next few months.

Speaking of APIs - NPR’s APIs are another example of persistent ubiquitous content. That’s area #2 in my open mesh treatise - for those of you who care.

Beyond REST?  Building data services using XMPP

EA is dong package deals with PCs. You’ll see more and more of this soup-to-nuts marketing solutions - as profit pressures force companies to both consolidate and offer solutions - across the entire stack. That’s what HP is doing and Cisco - for sure.  Even Intel has been getting into this game.

Facebook is now 2/3 International and growing

Mobile Web Standards

San Francisco Music Tech Summit - Oct. 20

I’ll be moderating a panel at ‘Building Blocks - at the San Jose Marriott on Aug. 5th.  Open Social Networking is the topic.

MySpace is growing, trimming and looking more and more like a REAL player.  It was great to meet Allen Hurff and Chris xxx at f8.  Now we nee dot get them to help us ‘extend the Attribute Exchange’.

Pandora is kicking some serious ass

Live Mesh is almost on the Mac - but at least they’re getting there!

As Rafe says: “its hard to stand out in an orgy”

MySpace partners with Amazon on Music

Now that we have the Wired Celebirty Widget, lets aggregate that with CrunchBase, Wikipedia, Facebook pages and wrap it all inside of a Our Data server.  With support for Portable Contacts.  Thank goodness I’m not in the top 50.

Live streaming NFL games

Delicious is about to lose a bunch of users

How Yahoo killed MyBlogLog

Home Network Technologies will coexist, not compete

Interesting comments on XMPP from Alf Eaton

Dennis Haarsager - a blogger I’ve been reading for years, is now interim CEO of NPR and has a post on the closing of the Bryant Park Project.

Bye Chad - now who’s gonna run Brickhouse - Tom Coates?

What a joke. First Mark Pincus brags that he doesn’t need his $10M series A round, then he does a $29M series B.  I guess they don’t need to ever be profitable either and they’re battening down the hatches and gettign ready to ride out the nuclear winter - too - huh?  Mark Pincus and Kleiner Perkins are perfect for each other.

More details than you’d ever want to know about Tara and Chris.

There were all SORTS of hookers, pimps and whores at the TechCrunch party last week - and even more

Browzmi, WireShark, Blippr, Moondo, LabMeeting, Goober, WidgetBucks, KickFire (I love that name!), OpenRemote, Clearstep,

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2008 20:30

Now that Facebook and MySpace have truly opened up and will allow their users to move their profile data, social graph and content to other systems (under certain access controls) its time to talk about these behemoths connecting together via the OpenID Attribute Exchange.

Initially developed by Dick Hardt and Sxip Networks - the Attribute Exchange specification as it exists today was contributed to OpenID2 - as it became clear that OpenID was the winning solution for identity management.

First off I want to thank Dick for his enlightened approach and understanding of the politics and nuances surrounding evolving open standards and I’m excited as hell by something Allen Hurff (SVP of MySpace) said to me at the recent Facebook f8 conference:

“We looked at Attribute Exchange and we like it, but we need to do some extensions to it to match our solution.”

So this blog post is a plea to Allen, Dave Morin (Facebook), Kevin Marks (Google), Eran Hammer-Lahav (Yahoo), Angus Logan (Microsoft), Joseph Smarr (Plaxo) and of course David “get it done” Recordon (SixApart) to work together and extend the Attribute Exchange - so that we (the industry) can ALSO mesh into this compatibility ‘river’ of data and deliver to ALL our users and customers the ability to freely and easily flow their data - wherever the hell they want.

And let’s not forget Chris Messina and Will Norris (Vidoop and DiSO), Stephen Paul Weber, Leah Culver, Ben Laurie, Brad Nueberg, Simon Phipps, Scott Kveton, Tantek Celik and Brian Oberkirch - and all the other independents who are working on open social networking - in their various guises and scenarios.  Or Dave Winer.

I know I’ve been ranting about this for a while (my wife actually complained to me that she’s sick and tired of hearing the same dam thing over and over again) but I hope you all agree that this idea’s time has come.

The key ascept to these extensions (from my POV) is matching, mapping and normalizing the various techniques of access controls.  This will facilitate the smooth movement of user’s data between systems - with concise privacy and access controls over that data.

If one sets up their controls - in say Facebook (and utilizes their recently announced ‘dynamic privacy‘ system) then it HAS to match up to whatever MySpace and Google are doing.  And vice versa.

And Microsoft is gonna have to play along with us - as well.  We need to put the user’s best interests first and let that dictate what happens.  But it seems to me that Facebook’s DRM bits for people sort of sets a standard level of behavior here - so the trick will be how others can get compatible with Facebook (utilizng other techniques.)

The goal is that (let’s say by Thanksgiving) we all have a normalized set of access controls with which we can interop between.  It’s not just about enabling Facebooks apps to work outside of Facebook. Its about moving MySpace data into Facebook, then moving it to Orkut or Microsoft’s world - and back to Yahoo or Plaxo.

I’ll leave the technical details to you folks as to what exactly needs to get extended and mapped.  But certainly upcoming efforts on portable contactswill supply us with a standardized schema and set of APIs to interconnect the PUT and GET of profile info.

Now we need to just all agree upon some common notions of media, messages, events and places, and of course the 800 lb. gorilla of them all - social graph.  Both FOAF and XFN provide ways of doing that.

So let’s have at it.

BTW here are Dave Morin Allen Hurff and Kevin Marks (and me) at f8:

Final note - Allen says to me: “we’re trying to decide between FOAF and XFN” and I immediately say BOTH dude BOTH!  We need them BOTH!

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2008 12:36

We went to a great party yesterday and Mimi learned how to DJ.  Thanks to Peter Rothman and family and friends for a great time!

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Date: Saturday, 26 Jul 2008 00:54

Author: "Marc Canter" Tags: "glass tower, venezia, venice"
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2008 09:43

Yesterday was quite a day - but the world moves on.  We did a Gillmor Gang show today on Open Web Foundation, MySpace/facebook/Microsoft with David Recordon and Chris Messina.

I agree with Arrington that a payment system, better message client and reconciliation with Google should have been announced at f8 yesterday, but this is a company that’s achieved a whole lot (in a very short period of time) and they’re pushing the  innovation boundaries - like no one else - IMHO.  Eric in the comments left on my post on “DRM bits for people” asked “are you sure you can leave the data on the destination site?” and he says he couldn’t find it written down anywhere.  Eric also points to the TOS where they say they are ‘reveiwing the current TOS. So  perhaps that’s one thing Dave Morin can do - clarify that!

Today the OpenWeb foundation was announced.  It will provide a clearing house and single point of support for new specs that ‘could‘ turn into standards, but have all these requirements to meet - before large BigCos can adopt them.  Patents and non-assertion is one set of issues.  There are others.

Here’s an article on Ning in the Christian Science Monitor - with a quote from me asking for two-way APIs in Ning.

Dan Farber explains “Facebook is the next generation portal”

Kara Swisher has a fascinating anlysis of Ballmer’s memo on strategy. What jumps out at me is this Balllmer line: “We’ll introduce new approaches that move beyond a white page with 10 blue links to provide customers with a customized view of their world. “  As a former multimedia guru I can’t tell how sweet that sounds to me.   The world, indeed is more than just blue text on a page!

Om Malik groks a unique aspect of Facebook’s strategy. They’re publishing and sharing tools encourage external content to flow through Facebook - thereby giving them an even BETTER idea of who these people are and what they like. Next step - Facebook Ads.

Meanwhile - speaking of revenues, Microsoft exerts it’s equity shareholder exclusive global rights terms and annunces an advertising deal with Facebook. Why do they have to buy Yahoo when they can get ads rolling on Facebook?

Congrats to Chris “hardest working man in open social networking” Messina - in being named ‘Best Community Amplifier” of the year at OSCON.

Getting social software more [to be] human

So goodbye to another $100M AOL shuts down XDrive. What a legacy.  I could have SWORN I heard that deal was for upwards of $100M. Maybe I’m wrong, but either way AOL never did ANYTHING with it.  What do people like Kevin Conroy DO when they go to work?  I was actually hired to come up with an open strategy for Xdrive.  Small world.

We’re still waiting for a GPL test case.

Now hear this - Loic will not be at Arrington’s party.

This complex social world

The social media landscape

Dick Hardt is a bit off kilter thinking that Facebook Connect and OpenID don’t live in the same world. Facebook will support OpenID - by year’s end - I predict.

Corporate social media


I’m gonna pour some energy into Knol - once my family leaves for Michigan and I have the house to myself.

Congrats to Om Malik on making an acquisition - jkOnTheRun


I just love this photo - I’m re-running it.

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2008 01:27

I’ve finally found some time to write up my reaction to yesterday’s Facebook Connect announcements.  We’ve been waiting since May for details on what Facebook calls “dynamic privacy” - and we found out yesterday that indeed - Facebook has implemented a methodology of making sure that if anyone ever changes their mind, and wishes to retract permission for someone to use their profile data (and presumably media and content as well) then all software systems tying into Facebook Connect have to flush that person’s profile (and/or data) out of their system.

This methodology requires that any vendor who ingests any Facebook profile data or media or content must (periodically) respect the status of the privacy settings set by the Facebook user and if those privacy settings ever CHANGE, then they have to react accordingly and respect the current privacy settings.

The most important thing is that as long as you respect those privacy settings (the DRM bits for people) then you (the software vendor) are free to store that data in your system.

This is big news.

I hope you heard what I just said, we can now STORE FACEBOOK DATA in our system!  That means our customers who wish to easily migrate Facebook users into their networks - can do so.  And they can migrate those user’s friends as well. So theoretically the viral effect that we’ve seen in Facebook apps (with this incredible swarming effect) can now happen OUTSIDE of Facebook as well!

So lets say we’ve built a social network for a sports team - and we launch the network right at the beginning of the team’s season.  And the team does really well that season, and footage of their winning games is posted on the social network.

Then fans of the team would link to this footage and discover this new place and go “Hey - I’d like to JOIN this network!”

All they’d have to do is hit this one button and their Facebook profile data, image, and set of friends - could automatically be imported into this coolio new sports network.  Then the fan could go through their list of friends and decide which ones they want to invite into this new sports network.

Now this is big news for us vertical niche social network vendors.  Our customers don’t EXPECT 1,000,000s of users on their networks.  They’d be happy with 50,000 or even 5,000 of the RIGHT people, than gobs of inappropriate people.  That’s what niche networks are all about.  Selective marginal-ism.

So by us providing a way for our customer’s customers to easily move into a new network, a viral effect can happen and ALL the most appropriate people can get into a new network - as fast as possible - which then greatly increases the likelihood of this new network succeeding and establishing critical mass for generating hits, conversations and traffic.

This push-me, pull-you conflicting set of factors is what makes launching and sustaining vertical niche network so difficult. You can’t base your business model on 100,000,000s of hits and banner ads, yet you need a critical mass of people and activity in a network to solve the “ghost town” effect.  Nobody wants to be on a network that has nobody there.

That’s what happened to Second Life.

So Facebook Connect helps us solve that problem. We have customers who have 100% of their potential customers on Facebook. We can now provide them with a mechanism of importing in those customer’s profile records and friend’s lists so they can sign them up - in one click.

Thank you Facebook, Dave Morin and Mark Zuckerberg.  In fact my whole family thanks you.

Great party too - Theivary Corporation shook the house.

Author: "Marc Canter"
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Date: Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 15:06

Facebook definitely improved their UI - more on that later.

MySpace supports OpenID - the same week of Facebook’s f8 conference - gee what a coincidence.

3,000 women

Amazon IS providing 99.9% uptime, it’s just that pesky .1 that’s the problem.

$20k a day?  Hmm - maybe I DO need to be talking ot Dave Ulevitch!

Mixi is still rocking!

What Loic should know is that FastCompany advertising on Techmeme is not about Robert, but someone named Ed Sussman.

This sounds like a coolio show - with Evan (of Identi.ca) and Loic (of Sessmic). Steve Gillmor keeps cranking out the hot content.

And the beat goes on

Got my new Wordpress 2.6 up and running and for the first time - there’s a media library - where I can actually see my images from the past.  Here’s one of the old relics.  This was from a dinner we had at Max’s at the airport.  Note that Michael Arrington was nowhere as famous as he is today andneither was Jeff Clavier, Richard MacManus - and this groupie (Jennifer) - who was there (not for me) but for Mr. Arrington.  I also love the % of reduction controls!

Its still not clear what Jeremy Zawodny will DO at Craigslist - but it’s better than the nothing - that we’ve been seeing from them - for the past 10 years. How ’bout APIs?  Does Craig own all that data?

Bank Implode-o-Meter

Edopter, PagesPlus,

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