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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 11:38

Pope Francis Slams Extremists For 'Perverting' Religion

Pope Francis arrived in Albania early Sunday, amidst threats of potentially being targeted by ISIS, and used his opening speech to criticize and shed light on the growing issue of religious extremism.

Francis began his arrival speech by commenting on the peace and harmony that is present between people of various religions in Albania, saying that it is an “inspiring example” for other nations. Albania, a nation once known for its brutal communist oppression of Christian and Muslims in particular, is now predominantly a Muslim country, and the Pope chose to visit in order to promote coexistence between religions throughout the world, something that Francis feels is imperative to a country’s development.

“The climate of respect and mutual trust between Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims is a precious gift to the country”, Pope Francis said. “This is especially the case in these times in which authentic religious spirit is being perverted by extremist groups, and where religious differences are being distorted.”

Using the country as an example of what religious coexistence can look like, the Pope stressed the importance of other nations implementing the same level of interfaith acceptance, and said that violence in the name of God should not be tolerated. “Let no one consider themselves to be the ‘armor’ of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression!”

Albanian president Bujar Nishani spoke on behalf of the country during Francis’ trip, thanking the leader for choosing his country and acknowledging the significance of the visit. “There is no intolerance, extremism among us but reciprocal respect inherited from generation to generation. From an atheist country, we have turned into a country of religious freedom”, Nishani said.

The Pope’s comments come following the intense crackdown on Iraqi Christians by ISIS, who have also said that Francis was indeed a target. Despite the threats, it was reported that there were no extra security measures implemented by the Vatican for Pope Francis’ visit to Albania. Vatican spokesperson Rev. Frederico Lombardi maintained that Pope Francis had rejected the call for extra security during his visit and stated that Francis would even use his open-topped Jeep as initially planned, saying that there was “no reason to change the pope’s itinerary.”

“We are obviously paying attention”, Lombardi assured, “but there is no need for concern or a change to his program in Albania.”

While security was up to normal standards in Albania, the Vatican has apparently intensified security measures in Rome, with police presence increasing and more barricades being utilized during the Pope’s most recent weekly audience.

Pope Francis in Albania: Extremists Are ‘Perverting’ Religion is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Sean Kelly" Tags: "News, albania, coexistence, extremists, ..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 11:18

Powerball jackpot

The Powerball lottery jackpot soared past the $200 million mark for only the third time this year, after Saturday night’s drawing turned up no match with all six numbers — for the 12th drawing in row. The winnerless streak is also the third-longest of 2014.

In fact, the $196 million jackpot at stake in Saturday’s drawing has now swelled to a staggering $225 million top prize for the Wednesday Powerball game.

Powerball went 15 straight drawings with no winner starting December 28 of last year, culminating in a whopping $425 million jackpot on February 19. Then, between April 26 and June 7, the lottery saw 13 drawings go by with no jackpot winner, until a $257 million prize was won on June 11.

With Powerball now well into the $200 million range, statisticians have predicted an approximately one-in-four chance that someone will win the jackpot on Wednesday. Of course, the chance that any one ticket will hit all six numbers remains fixed at one in 175,223,510. But with the expected surge in ticket sales as the jackpot reaches stratospheric levels, the chances that someone will win the big prize get better and better.

What if that someone is you?

The first thing lottery officials recommend is that you sign the back of your ticket. Lottery tickets are “bearer” documents. That means that anyone who owns the ticket can collect a prize, regardless of whether that person is the original ticket buyer or not. Your signature provides an additional layer of proof that the winning Powerball ticket rightfully belongs to you.

Let’s say you went in on the lottery ticket purchase with a friend, or spouse, or group of co-workers. You know — 10 people pitch in 10 bucks each to buy 50 $2 Powerball tickets.

In that case, the multiple ticket buyers must submit a legal affidavit of joint ownership to the state lottery commission before one or all of the group shows up to claim the prize. And make no mistake — lottery jackpot prizes must be claimed in person at a state lottery office.

Once you claim the jackpot, well, what you do with the money is of course up to you. But be aware, as Forbes Magazine wrote in a recent article about lottery winners, “from the moment that you claim that prize, you will be descended upon by vultures who want a hefty helping of those winnings.”

Before you even collect the prize — and most states allow six months to one year before lottery tickets expire — hire a lawyer and a trusted financial advisor.

With that said, here are the Powerball numbers drawn Saturday at 10:59 pm in Tallahassee, Florida.

22 23303739 Power Ball 16

The cash value of Wednesday’s jackpot, if you win and want the money all at once rather than in 30 annual installments, is estimated at $134.1 million.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot Leaps To Staggering $225 Million — What Happens If You Win? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Jonathan Vankin" Tags: "News, $225 million, lottery, lottery num..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 11:13

General Motors recall affects over 200,000 vehicles.

General Motors has not had the greatest track record in 2014. The company has recalled approximately 30 million vehicles since the start of the year and more are constantly being added to that list.

The Impala seems to be at the heart of General Motors’ problems. The 2014 Impala was recalled in February because of a transmission problem that would allow a parked car to roll away. In June, some versions of the car had to be recalled because of ignition problems or a joint fastener not torqued to specification.

Recalls continued in July when other Impalas exhibited a problem with power steering and earlier models had the potential for air bag failure.

Now, General Motors is recalling over 220,000 Cadillac XTS and Impala sedans due to an issue with the brake pads.

The newest recall involves 2013-2015 model Cadillacs and 2014-2015 model Impala’s. Roughly 200,000 of the General Motors vehicles are in the U.S.; the rest can be found in other countries.

According to the Detroit-based automaker, the electronic parking brake arm doesn’t always fully retract after use. The purpose of the electronic parking brake arm is to apply pressure to the back of the brake pads. When it doesn’t fully retract while the car is in motion, the friction could cause excessive heat that might lead to a serious, or even deadly, fire.

The recalled cars “may experience poor vehicle acceleration, undesired deceleration, excessive brake heat, and premature wear to some brake components. If the brake drag is significant or if the vehicle is operated for an extended period of time in this condition, there is a potential for the rear brakes to generate significant heat, smoke, and sparks,” General Motors stated.

The brake issue was investigated by General Motors after NHTSA opened an investigation in April. The investigation was opened to “investigate allegations of inappropriate autonomous braking while driving.”

“In response, General Motors reviewed its warranty records for cases of autonomous braking. This review revealed a potential condition relating to parking brake drag,” GM said.

The troubled company bought a defective car from one of its dealers in May, “after analyzing the vehicle, General Motors determined that the parking brake software was defective. General Motors continued to investigate the potential safety and compliance implications of the software defect.”

As far as General Motors knows, there have been no reports of accidents or death as a result of the defect. General Motors has also reported that they will repair the affected vehicle at no cost to the owners or their insurance companies.

NHTSA is currently investigating the various recalled cars.

[ Image courtesy of CBS News ]

General Motors Recall: Could Your Car Be Affected? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Selina Leavitt" Tags: "News, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet, Detroit, ..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 10:51


Cats may be the master of space manipulation and be able to fit into any tiny crevice with ease, but the same can’t be said about dogs. Dogs are rather clumsy and awkward with man-made things, be it containers or furniture. They have been designed by nature to roam free and run amok, not be cooped up in homes, that’s the job for cats. However, more-often-than-not, dogs too get curious about their surroundings and decided to explore and investigate. These photos of dogs getting stuck in furniture will prove that dogs just can’t ape cats.

The Rather Unergonomic Neck Pillow

The Rather Unergonomic Neck Pillow

Image Credit | Imgur

Can't Find The Damn Remote

Can’t Find The Damn Remote

Image Credit | Blonde Ponytail

Must. Clean. Dishes

Must. Clean. Dishes

Image Credit | Sucedioenpolonia

I Am Not Stuck, I Am Comfortable

I Am Not Stuck, I Am Comfortable

Image Credit | Cats Mob

Ever Seen A Dog In Meditation? Now You Have

Ever Seen A Dog In Meditation? Now You Have

Image Credit | Imgur

That's An Odd Way To Fill The Gap

That’s An Odd Way To Fill The Gap

Image Credit | Pics To Pin

Too Tired To Exercise

Too Tired To Exercise

Image Credit | Reddit

That's A Weird Way To Use A Stool

That’s A Weird Way To Use A Stool

Image Credit | Modernica

Gives A New Meaning To 'Stuffed' Furniture

Gives A New Meaning To ‘Stuffed’ Furniture

Image Credit | Reddit

That Is Not How You Use The Stool

That Is Not How You Use The Stool

Image Credit | Flickr

Wonder What Show The Dog Is Watching

Wonder What Show The Dog Is Watching

Image Credit | Onedio

Well, The Master Said Sit

Well, The Master Said Sit

Image Credit | Imgur

Actually It Was Very Cold And The Couch Was Toasty

Actually It Was Very Cold And The Couch Was Toasty

Image Credit | Imgur

How Did Get Stuck Like That?

How Did He Get Stuck Like That?

Image Credit | Imgur

Foot In Mouth. This Dog Literally Has One

Foot In Mouth. This Dog Literally Has One

Image Credit | City Dogs

Admit It. You Have Done This When Trying To Grab Something, While Relaxing On The Couch

Admit It. You Have Done This When Trying To Grab Something, While Relaxing On The Couch

Image Credit | Imgur

The Couch Seats Had An Uncomfortable Gap. But Now Its Fixed

The Couch Seats Had An Uncomfortable Gap. But Now Its Fixed

Image Credit | Image Shack

Dogs and furniture clearly do not mix. They shed a lot, take up a lot of space & overall leave the place in a mess. Is that why men love dogs?

Featured Image Credit | Acid Cow

These Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Stuck In Furniture Prove Only Cats Are Flexible is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Alap Naik Desai" Tags: "Pics, canine, cute animals, dogs, funny ..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 10:47

Xena The Abused Pit Bull Female, Turned The Life Of An Autistic Around

Dogs have time and again proven to be one of the best companions for kids and adults alike. These lovable creatures more often than not, offer unconditional love to their owners and anyone who is willing to offer them any affection. However, the same isn’t normally said about pit bulls. This breed is often feared and hated for their alleged aggressive nature. But not all pit bulls are hungry for throats.

Pit bull activists have for long tried to educate the masses that any breed can become aggressive. They have been crying hoarse not to single out the pit bull breed only because the media constantly reports grievous injuries that are reportedly caused by this hefty looking breed. Pit bull advocates stress that it is the treatment meted out to the dogs, which make them aggressive. However, despite the inhuman suffering that many pit bulls undergo, as reported by The Inquisitr, some still offer nothing but love in return. None could be a better example than Xena.

Xena Was Nothing More Than A Bag Of Bones When Rescued, But Proved She Was A Fighter

Xena Was Nothing More Than A Bag Of Bones When Rescued, But Proved She Was A Fighter

As a pup, Xena was brutally abused and when rescued was little more than a bag of bones. Her rescuers were astonished not by her condition, but by her strong will to survive. Despite being barely able to stand, Xena managed to survive right till the moment rescuers from Dekalb Animal Services found the poor female pit bull passed out in the yard of a home in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Though the rescuers were skeptical about Xena making it through the night, she started showing signs of improvement. Encouraged by her response, the rescuers put up a Facebook page and soon they received thousands of wishes and hundreds of request to adopt Xena, The Warrior Puppy, as she was being referred to.

The adoption center finally landed on the Hickeys. Grant and Linda Hickey had just received a distressing prognosis about their baby boy’s poor pace of development. Young Jonny Hickey was diagnosed with autism, a condition that inhibits normal growth and as a result, stunts social functions too.

Jonny displayed almost all the major signs of autism; from limiting external contact to regular outbursts of anger. Though the Hickeys claimed to have spent thousands of dollars, they said little Jonny didn’t show much signs of improvement, till the time Xena walked into his life, on all fours.

With Xena Helping Little Jonny, We Wonder Exactly 'Who Rescued Who'?

With Xena Helping Little Jonny, We Wonder Exactly ‘Who Rescued Who’?

A healthy Xena, a pit bull that had been severely abused as a puppy, didn’t show any signs of aggression. Instead, she brought out the best in Jonny. Now two-years-old, Xena and Jonny are inseparable and needless to say, both are doing very well, reported SFG. While Jonny’s autism is well within control, Xena’s just immensely happy to have found a loving home, one that adores her.

[Image Credit | YouTube Screen Grabs, Facebook]

Who Rescued Who? How Xena The Abused Pit Bull, Turned Life Around For An Autistic Kid is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Alap Naik Desai" Tags: "Animal News, Autism, bully breed, danger..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 10:36

Sharon Stone 56

Sharon Stone is apparently a lot more high maintenance than you might imagine, a whole lot more, if movie director Pupi Avati’s comments, made recently to the Hollywood Reporter, are anything to go by.

When Stone was cast for the movie, entitled Golden Boy, Pupi and his brother-producer Antonio were thrilled to be working with one of Hollywood’s finest. But when the shooting of the movie started Stone was apparently anything but easy to work with.

Talking in the interview about the casting, Avati said,

The idea of having her in the role of an actress from the 90s who becomes a book editor was mine. I knew there are American actresses more capable than her, but I wanted a film icon. Everyday on the set I was telling her: ‘But do you realize that you are Sharon Stone because of that day when you crossed your legs?’

He continued to speak about how painstaking the negotiations to secure Sharon Stone for the movie were, suggesting that her high-maintenance demands “bordered on ridiculousness,”

My brother asked me if I was crazy. Rai [Cinema] told me you will never ever get her. Then a correspondence started, enough to write a book, between her agents and our lawyers. It was a negotiation that bordered on ridiculousness, concerning embarrassing details, as if Italy was a third world country. By the way, we do have electricity in Italy.

Antonio Avati added, “Then she arrived in Italy, and we went to pick her up in Florence with a train from Italo that we rented just for her. She was there to visit [Andrea] Bocelli. We had our first meeting with her: she was on the wrong railway track, sitting on her luggage and no one around recognized her.”

But it wasn’t until the final scene for the movie was shot when Sharon Stone’s real diva-like behavior began, “It was the last scene in the day and we had to do the last shot where Sharon kisses Scamarcio,” he said,

Suddenly, she realized that together with all the photographers there was also a TV cameraman who was filming. She immediately disappeared. We looked for her everywhere, but nothing! Then my brother received a phone call from Los Angeles from her manager: she wouldn’t come back on the set until the photographers and especially that damned TV cameramen had gone away. Obviously we did so and she, like nothing happened, shot the scene. The thing that I found most absurd is that she had to call to the States and to close herself in a car, instead of coming to ask us directly.

According to Sharon Stone‘s rep, Cindi Berger, the allegations made by the Avati brothers are wholly false as she told the publication, “None of this is true. Ms. Stone is the consummate professional.”

Sharon Stone’s ‘Golden Boy’ Shooting Demands ‘Bordered On Ridiculousness’ Claims Director is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Addam Corré" Tags: "Celebrity News, Antonio Avati, golden bo..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 10:35

Russian Cat

This Russian cat video proves that everything is crazier in Russia — even the adorable kitties. Case in point — when have you ever seen your cat get this friendly with a vacuum cleaner?

The answer: never. See, civilized cats are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, as any cat owner knows all too well. Cats see the vacuum as a terrifying monster who makes a terrible noise and then, to make matters worse, follows him from room to room.

Cats have far more sensitive hearing than humans, so if your vacuum cleaner sounds loud to you, imagine how it must sound to your cat.

But the Russian cat in this video doesn’t care about any of that. To him, the vacuum cleaner is just another playmate — or perhaps a source of food, judging by the cat tongue action you’ll see here.

On the other hand, maybe this cat has simply been trained by his owners not to fear the vacuum. There are some simple steps you can take to let your cat get used to the fearsome vacuum cleaner.

Start off by leaving the vacuum cleaner, in its “off” mode, in the same room as your cat. Once the cat becomes accustomed to the site of the machine, try taking the vacuum cleaner to another room and turning it on. Eventually — you hope — the cat will grow so accustomed to the sight and sound of the vacuum, that he’ll learn to at least tolerate it — if not actually love it, like the crazy Russian cat in this video.

Russian Cat Has No Fear Of Vacuum Cleaner — Cute, Crazy Or Both? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Jonathan Vankin" Tags: "BuzzWorthy, cat, funny animal videos, ru..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 10:21

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom may have split up last year but the couple never finalized their divorce, leaving the door open for what inside sources say could be a reunion.

The pair split last year after very well publicized issues, including allegations of infidelity and an apparent refusal on Odom’s part to go to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. But while they separated, Khloe and Lamar apparently never went through the legal steps necessary to finalize their divorce.

“It’s been nine months since Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar – yet the couple remains officially married,” a source told Star magazine. “Why? According to certified family and divorce attorney Kelly Chang Rickert, Lamar never responded, which could have been easily rectified had Khloe filed a default judgment. That basically means Khloe doesn’t need a response to get a divorce. Yet she hasn’t filed, Khloe could be letting the divorce sit in hopes of reconciliation.”

The source added that Khloe Kardashian still has feelings for Lamar Odom, leaving open the possibility of a reconciliation.

If Kris Jenner can do anything about it, Khoe and Lamar will remain apart. Sources say Khloe’s mother has been trying to keep her from getting back with the former NBA player.

“Kris always feared this would happen because she knew, as Khloe’s mother, that her daughter wasn’t over Lamar,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Kris feels that Khloe needs to stay single and just heal, something she never really did because she got so hot and heavy with French Montana, which Kris thinks was a total distraction. She always liked French but knew it was a rebound relationship that wouldn’t last.”

But Lamar Odom may already be making his move. This weekend Khloe Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram of a bouquet of roses she had received, though did not say who they were from. But signs could point to Lamar, who sent Khloe roses back on Valentine’s Day.

Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Never Finalized Divorce, Could Be Close To Reconciling is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Nathan Francis" Tags: "Famous Relationships, Khloe and Lamar, k..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 09:53

Kate Hudson And Goldie Hawn

On Friday, actress Kate Hudson, 35, guested on the Chatty Man Show hosted by Alan Carr with her Wish I Was Here co-star Zach Braff where she revealed an interesting fact about herself and her mother, Academy Award Winner Goldie Hawn.

Hudson said that she and her mother “can see dead people,” E Online reports. However, she clarified that she does not actually see them, but more of feel their presence.

“It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.”

Kate Hudson also had a few tips for those who encounter the same type of energies.

“When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there. When your brain is freaking out on you, you may have to remind it. Why is it being dead funny?”

She also revealed that she one had the experience of seeing the ghost of a woman who had no face saying, “That was really creepy,” Daily Mail UK reports.

Kate Hudson is not the first celebrity to admit experiencing ghosts. Actor Matthew McConaughey also revealed that he was visited by an old woman named Madame Blue when he first moved into his home in Hollywood. He describes her as being a “cool ghost” and they get along. In 2003, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan also revealed that she met a polite spirit in her Los Angeles home. Nicholas Cage is another actor who claims to have seen ghosts several times, but his favorite was the ghost at Francis Ford Coppola’s Napa Valley home.

The blonde bombshell also admitted that she has a potty mouth, and that her 10-year-old son Ryder is getting a few bucks because of it.

“Well I have three brothers – I’m getting better with language. My son now is just collecting so much, because we do have a swear jar – if I throw out an F-bomb, it’s $5… if it’s like s**t or damn.”

Kate Hudson and Zach Braff’s movie, Wish I Was Here, is a dramedy film. Braff directed the movie and co-wrote it with his brother Adam Braff. It tells the story of a father and husband who is a struggling actor who tries to find himself and his purpose for living. The film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2014, and had a limited release on July 18, 2014.

I See Dead People: Kate Hudson Reveals She And Mother Goldie Hawn Feel Spirits is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Bingo Ventura" Tags: "Celebrity News, Goldie Hawn, kate hudson..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 09:45

Malika Mezzane

Malika Mezzane. the outspoken Moroccan poet who rose to infamously recently by offering mock sexual services to Jihadists, has spoken out once again, expressing some controversial views, this time about Arabs in Israel.

Mezzane, who is an ethnic Amazigh, made her latest round of comments in an interview with Med Radio last week, in which she said it was absurd to accuse “tiny Israel” of being expansionist, while ignoring the fact that it is in fact the Arab Muslim nations who are, be definition, themselves expansionist and Imperialist.

Moroccan World News reported that in the interview, the well-known Moroccan poet added that, if anything, “Arabs are more Zionists than the Jews,” due to their belief that Arabs are the “chosen people of God”, saying that, as such, they “have the right to extend their territory, at the expense of other nations.”

Mezzane makes a good point especially as her own Amazigh people, who are one of the indigenous non-Arab nations of northern Africa, were conquered and subjugated by the invading Arab armies during the Muslim conquest in the seventh century.

And since that time the Amazigh people have been subjected to persecution and periodic campaigns of cultural and physical ethnic-cleansing at the hands of Arab rulers in the region.

Some Amazigh people even called for self-determination in the past, having been rejected by Arab states as somehow representative of “western imperialism.”

Mezzane went even further in the interview and added that, in her opinion, Jews were justified in establishing “their state in Palestine, since it’s their homeland,” she continued, “We have never heard that Alaska or Australia was the homeland of the Jewish people. It’s the Arab people who exceeded their borders in order to establish the so-called Islamic Arab World, at the expense of the Jewish nation.”

Obviously her comments were not welcomed by most of the listeners on the radio show, who are mainly Muslim, and many took to Facebook to denounce Mezzane, as they have in the past for he calls of support for Kurds and other indigenous non-Arabs.

Moroccan Poet’s Controversial Comments Cause Outrage Suggesting ‘Arabs Are More Zionist Than Jews’ is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Addam Corré" Tags: "News, Malika Mezzane, Malika Mezzane com..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 09:42

Rob Bironas Dies: Former NFL Kicker Killed In Nashville Car Crash

Rob Bironas has died after the former Tennessee Titans kicker was involved in a car crash in the early morning hours on Saturday.

News of Bironas’ death came via NC5, which reported that he was involved in a single-car accident in Nashville.

Nashville police said Bironas was traveling at a high rate of speed in the 800 block of Battery Lane when he lost control of his SUV and went off the road. The car hit several trees and flipped at least one time before coming to rest in a drainage culvert, upside down.

Bironas was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center but pronounced dead on arrival.

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said it appeared that Rob Bironas was just turning onto Battery Lane shortly before the crash and headed to his home, which was nearby. Police added that there were no immediate signs of alcohol on the scene.

Bironas had just gotten married in June, wedding Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.

Rob’s family announced his passing on Twitter through Bironas’ official Twitter account, which bears a picture of him kicking for the Titans.

After spending nine seasons kicking for the Tennessee Titans, Bironas had been released in March. He had 1,032 career points and was 28 points behind Al Del Greco for the most points in the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans organization.

Before joining the Titans, Bironas had stints on the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers and also spent time in the Arena Football League.

Rob Bironas was 36 when he died.

[Image via Zimbio]

Rob Bironas Dies: Former NFL Kicker Killed In Nashville Car Crash is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Author: "Nathan Francis" Tags: "Football, Rob Bironas, Rob Bironas dead,..."
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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 09:29

Democratic Women Voters

Once women voters were considered to be a sure thing for Democratic candidates, but the tide appears to be turning, according to last week’s poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. That news has top Democrats out in full force, stumping for the votes that they thought they had in the bag. It comes as no surprise to the PolitiChicks, authors of the bestselling book, What Women Really Want.

The times, they are a’changing. Concerns over the President’s response to national security and foreign policy issues may be connected to turning the tide away from the Democrats, according to the WSJ. Often, the issues that women care most about are those that affect the family directly, such as the economy. But pollsters have found that women are paying much more attention than usual to recent events such as the ISIS beheadings and the Ferguson riots. The threat level from groups like ISIS has become a concern of many who ordinarily don’t pay much attention to world events.

Job approval for President Obama among women has reached new lows, especially when it comes to foreign policy. While more women polled would still like to see a Democrat controlled Congress, the gap between those who prefer Democrat control and those who prefer Republican is shrinking fast, causing some to take notice. Last month, there was a 14 point gap, 51 to 37 percent. The gap is half that this month, at 47 to 40 percent.

Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt says, “The results among women in this poll should be a cautionary tale for Democrats.”

Among white women, the data is even more jarring. Mr. Obama’s approval rating among white women is only 32%, with a disapproval rating of 62 percent, a 30 point spread. Just last month, the gap was 24 points. Last month, that demographic hoped to see a Democrat controlled Congress, by a margin of four points. Now, 48 percent want to see the Republicans control Congress, while only 40 percent want the Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

The top three Democrats were all on hand Friday to speak to the Democratic Party’s Women’s Leadership Forum, in hopes of swaying that all-important women’s block of voters. Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Barack Obama each spoke of the importance of women voting in the midterm elections. Par for the course, Biden made an unfortunate gaffe while discussing the War on Women, as reported by The Inquisitr.

According to WDSU, “Without strong turnout and support from women, Democrats stand little chance of keeping control of the Senate — the party’s top priority this year.”

Clinton Addresses Democratic Women

At the same time that Hillary Clinton was making her case that women need to vote for Democratic candidates, PolitiChicks Dr. Gina Loudon, Ann-Marie Murrell, and Morgan Brittany have been traveling around the country telling people that the media and the culture have misinterpreted, or even lied about, what is truly important to women.

Morgan Brittany says that “this year has been a turning point.” The PolitiChicks shared on the Mike Huckabee Show that they believe that the “War on Women” message has limited the focus of the conversation to a few issues, but there are many more issues that matter to women. The economy matters to women. The effect of “undocumented immigrants” coming into the schools with their children matters to women. The threat of ISIS and the lack of treatment for vets at the VA is concerning to families. Limiting the conversation to birth control and “reproductive rights” is actually offensive, they said, because women are far more complex than that.

PolitiChicks On Women, Democrats

While Hillary Clinton praised her audience for women candidates who keep issues like workplace equality and equal pay at the forefront, Dr. Gina Loudon wrote for WND that a recent study by Forbes shows that almost 90 percent of working women would like the opportunity to stay home and not have to work. She asks, “how many things have you ever heard that 90 percent of women agree about? This must really matter to women. Does it matter to their elected officials?”

The growing perception of a lack of leadership in Washington is taking a toll on the President’s approval ratings, and could play a major role in the midterm elections. Brenda Casson is a 52-year-old participant in the WSJ poll who voted for Barack Obama in 2012. She told the pollsters that the lack of leadership frustrates her, and that the U.S. needs to act decisively against ISIS, because,”if they don’t handle it now, it will be something that will become bigger and more of a problem for America.”

When the issues hit close to home, that is when women pay attention. Recent events may be waking up a sleeping lioness. When women get passionate about something, they can make a huge difference. Which party do you believe has the best hope of capturing the passions of women voters this fall? Will the Democrats benefit, or are women moving on?

[images via Hill Street Studios/Getty Images, Still4Hill, and screenshot from the Huckabee Show]

Democrats Losing Their Grip On Women Voters is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 09:08

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts with her debut single, “All About That Bass” for the second week in a row.

A few months ago, most people did not even know Meghan Trainor existed at all. Over the summer, though, Meghan seemed to skyrocket to a stardom as a singer/songwriter with this addictive and catchy single.

“All About That Bass” has been covered and parodied by talented singers and hilarious comedians on YouTube for months now.

Regardless of your age, gender or musical taste, you might find it exceptionally difficult to turn away from this song when it plays on the radio. Chances are that you even have this Meghan Trainor song on your iTunes playlist. What exactly makes “All About That Bass” such a massive hit?

Here are five reasons why you can’t stop listening to “All About That Bass” and should consider joining the Meghan Trainor fan club.

1. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

It is very easy to get addicted to something that repeats itself over and over again, because eventually (like anything else) it will get stuck in your head. There are plenty of songs on the radio that you hate to hear all of the time but inadvertently know all of the words to – whether you would like to admit it or not. Why? That is the beauty of repetition!

In addition to naming the song, “All About That Bass,” Meghan Trainor actually repeats this phrase 20 times verbatim throughout the 3-minute song. In addition, the follow-up phrase “bout that bass” is also mentioned 20 times. This means that you are reminded “bout that bass” at least 40 times just by hearing the song once.

2. Location, Location, Location!

Everywhere you look, Meghan Trainor and “All About That Bass” is right there looking at you – waiting for you to listen to it in one form or another.

As mentioned, it has already been covered thousands of times on YouTube. Jimmy Fallon has already featured this song twice on The Tonight Show — once with the Black Simon and Garfunkel and the other time by covering the song himself along with Meghan Trainor using classroom instruments.

Keep in mind that it is the #1 song on the Billboard charts primarily because of radio play – so it’s waiting for you in your car as well. Like many other addictive songs that have come before it, “All About That Bass” is everywhere!

3. The Theme is Based on Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Who doesn’t love a feel-good song that makes you feel better about yourself just by listening to it? Those are the types of songs that have made Katy Perry and Taylor Swift successful, right?

That’s exactly what Meghan Trainor has done with this inspirational song as well.

It is true that “All About That Bass” talks a lot about booties (i.e. holding booties at night, shaking booties, etc.) More importantly, however, it has an underlying theme of self-confidence and self-esteem – loving yourself just the way you are and not being ashamed of it.

The line, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top” has basically turned into its own affirmation, hasn’t it? Thank you, Meghan Trainor!

4. There Are Clever References to Other Popular Songs

Another reason why this Meghan Trainor song is such an addictive hit is because of the clever references to other popular songs that are mentioned in the lyrics.

When you hear Meghan sing,”I got that boom boom” you might think of the same line when it was sung by the Black Eyed Peas in their chart-topping single, “Boom Boom Pow” from 2009. A reference that is a little more obvious is when Meghan Trainor sings, “I’m bringing booty back!” and you can’t help but to think about the Justin Timberlake hit “Sexy Back” when he sings, “I’m bringing sexy back,” right?

Being able to reminisce about those hit songs by singing this new hit and watching its popular music video makes it that much more addictive.

5. Meghan Trainor is a Talented Singer with a Lot of Potential

To say that Meghan Trainor has talent is a major understatement.

This 20-year old singer underestimated her own talent at first – especially since she originally recorded “All About That Bass” as a demo track to sell to other artists.

Fortunately, LA Reid is known for finding a diamond in the rough – something that he clearly has done yet again with Meghan Trainor.

If you think that Meghan is going to be another one-hit wonder, you’re wrong. All you need to do is listen to her cover of Taylor Swift’s hit single, “Shake It Off” and see that her talent will lead her to a commercially and critically successful career.

That, in addition to the massive amount of fans that she has acquired in a relatively short period of time.

What do you think about Meghan Trainor? Are you in a love/hate relationship with “All About That Bass?”

[Image Credit: So Faking News]

Meghan Trainor: Five Reasons You Can’t Stop Listening To ‘All About That Bass’ is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 08:40

Mick Jagger and One Direction's Harry Styles are friends

Mick Jagger has some years on Harry Styles — 50, in fact — but that hasn’t stopped the Rolling Stones frontman from becoming close friends with the One Direction singer. The physical resemblance between the two and their similar reputations for being ladies’ men has led to many comparisons in the media. Sugarscape even noticed the similarities back in 2011.

Now it seems Jagger and Styles have taken it upon themselves to get to know one another, and have developed a sincere mutual admiration.

Back in May, Jagger tweeted a message to Harry about the Stones’ Portugal tour. Thinking One Direction was due to hit Lisbon soon, Jagger quipped: “we are here now, keeping it hot for you!” Styles’ response: “Hope you have a good show tonight.. I’ll always welcome warmth. We’ll be in Porto but I’ll wave… Hi Elizabeth!”

That was a particularly special night in Lisbon because The Rolling Stones were joined onstage by another legendary rocker, Bruce Springsteen. The Stones tour was interrupted earlier this year after the death of Mick Jagger’s partner L’Wren Scott.

In July, Sugarscape reported the pair met for drinks in Stockholm after Harry took in a Stones show.

According to the Belfast Telegraph today, a source told The Sun newspaper that Mick and Harry have become close friends in recent months. Contrary to expectations, this is not a case of a seasoned rock ‘n roller passing on his wisdom to the younger generation.

“Mick’s not a massive fan of their music because he’s a rocker to the core, but he thinks they’re lovely young lads and took a shine to Harry. He invited him to a special party during the Stones’ tour and they instantly hit it off.

They swapped numbers and now regularly phone each other just to chat. Harry can’t believe it.

It’s very much a friendship. Mick isn’t trying to be a mentor or anything like that, which is why Harry likes him so much.

Harry made it clear he was a big fan of Mick but never expected he’d take any notice. But people kept telling Mick how much Harry looked like a younger version of him so he started to investigate One Direction.”

The Mirror mused that Styles and Jagger would not have much opportunity to socialize in the coming months, as One Direction tours the U.S. and the Stones perform shows in Australia. However, since they are both globe-trotting musicians, one never knows when their paths might meet again.

[Mick Jagger: Getty Images; Harry Styles: Pacific Coast News]

Mick Jagger And Harry Styles Good Friends is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Sunday, 21 Sep 2014 08:31


Alibaba (NYSE: baba) opened Friday to explosive numbers in the stock market, and the future is only going to be brighter.

Money Morning is reporting that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) stock closed at $93.89, a 38% gain from the company’s offer price of $68 per share. BABA shares closed up 1.2% from their opening price of $92.70.

When BABA Stock opened at $92.70, early shareholders had an immediate return of 36.3% from the offer price.

Shortly after hitting the market at 11:53 a.m., BABA stock hit a high of $99.25, a 46% jump from the $68 offer price.

Demand for the stock was almost overwhelming. Over 100 million stocks changed hands in the first ten minutes of its opening, and over 271 million BABA stocks traded for the day.

The biggest winners in the historic IPO (initial public opening) were institutional investors. 50 percent of Alibaba shares was offered to just 25 institutional accounts. At the end of that portion, 40 institutional accounts had 80% of all Alibaba shares.

Alibaba finished the first day with a valuation of $231 billion, far surpassing the valuations of Facebook ($200 billion), Amazon ($153 billion) and eBay ($65 billion).

“We want to be bigger than Wal-Mart,” Alibaba Founder Jack Ma said this morning. “We hope in 15 years people say this is a company like Microsoft, IBM, Wal-Mart; they changed, shaped the world.”

At the offer price, the Alibaba IPO raised $21.8 billion. That price could climb much higher – possibly to $25 billion – depending on how many shares the deal’s underwriters purchase following the IPO.

With the Chinese online market expected to triple in just three years, it’s a safe bet Alibaba will do quite well.

One potential drawback to Alibaba stock is their corporate sturcture. Alibaba’s decision making is done by Alibaba’s board. Stockholders don’t have many voting rights. Then again, tech giants Google and Facebook run similarly. This will not be an issue with future stock sales.

Insider Monkey is already predicting that Alibaba stock will open at $93 a share and close at over $100 a share. NYSE’s Scott Cutler now says current indications show that Alibaba stock will open between $92 and $93. These indications have been creeping up over the last couple of hours from first $80-83, then $84-87, and then $86-$88, and then $87-$89, then $91-$92, and now to $92-$93. He also indicated that they are getting closer but they aren’t there yet. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to predict that Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE:BABA) will open at $93.

We also know that they wouldn’t want Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE:BABA) shares decline after the open, so they will try to set the price at a point where there are still tons of buyers out there. This tells us that Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE:BABA) shares will probably close above $100 at 4 pm today.

Scott Cutler predicts that Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (NYSE:BABA) shares will start trading at around 11:35-11:40.

[Image courtesy of Stock Wise Daily]

Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) Will Be First-Ever Trillion Dollar Company? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 19:11

Joan Rivers

Melissa Rivers is planning to sue Yorkville Endoscopy over her mother’s death. According to Food World News, Mel will be holding the clinic accountable for her mom’s death, which could have been prevented according to several sources. Melissa is waiting to get all of the details from the coroner before she files a lawsuit against the clinic.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the procedure that Joan had done wasn’t something that was life-threatening in any way. Rumor has it that Joan’s doctor did a biopsy — without the comedienne’s consent, mind you — and that’s when things went terribly wrong.

“It’s become very clear to Melissa and experts she has spoken to that her mother didn’t have to die. This was a routine endoscopy that went wrong. Melissa has also been told that staff members at Yorkville Endcoscopy revealed a shocking detail to medical investigators looking into Joan’s death — something occurred during the procedure that wasn’t medically related.”

Melissa Rivers has every right to sue Yorkville Endoscopy if she has proof that doctors botched this routine procedure. Not many people go into cardiac arrest during an endoscopy, so Melissa needs to find out what exactly happened to her mom so that she can make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Sources say that this is Melissa’s ultimate goal. She is not doing it for the money — she’s doing it to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

According to Design & Trend, the lawsuit will have something to do with Joan’s personal doctor (the one rumored to have taken a selfie with Joan while she was under anesthesia — this has since been denied). Sources claim that there’s a lot more going on than what the public knows about.

“It was something related to Joan’s personal ear, nose and throat doctor and it wasn’t about the unplanned biopsy she did. Melissa will await the outcome of the official medical investigation and then absolutely file the lawsuits.”

However, Joan Rivers died because she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest, so it’s hard to imagine that there was something else that actually caused her heart to stop beating. You see, upon doing the unscheduled biopsy, Joan’s vocal cords seized — the result was a blocked passageway.

Melissa Rivers is expected to sue the clinic very soon. Many hope that the outcome of the lawsuit will bring Mel some closure and make her feel as though she’s done something good in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

[Photo courtesy of Stephen Lovekin/NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment]

Melissa Rivers Sue: Joan Rivers’ Daughter Plans To Sue Yorkville Endoscopy is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 19:10

Sobibor Gas Chambers

When it comes to the history of the Jewish people, one of the most saddening events to happen to them is the Holocaust. Their plight was so dreadful, that after the end of World War II, the United Nations – as a show of condolence for their suffering – reformed the Jewish state of Israel and gave it back to its people. Today, there is news that seems to show the world has a disdain for the same people who suffered back during the horrific Holocaust.

The Inquisitr reported on such news which includes the possibility of common core – the new educational standards in the United States – removing the Holocaust from history as if it never existed along with numerous people around the world calling for the extermination of the Jews. A student representing the Muslim Student Association, or MSA, is an example when she agreed with Hezbollah’s desire to get all Jews to Israel just so they can eradicate them all easily.

Though today’s antisemitism is becoming a popular view, during the Nazi regime, they tried their hardest to hide their atrocities against the Jews. We all know the truth has been uncovered but there are still shadows of one of the darkest times for the Jewish people still hidden. Recent news now has uncovered one of those shadows as archaeologists uncover a secret in Poland that Nazis never wanted found: gas chambers.

The road that was covering the gas chambers at the Sobibor Death Camp is now being removed.

The road that was covering the gas chambers at the Sobibor Death Camp is now being removed.

First, we must report that by now, people who have taken social studies in the American school system (public or private) know about concentration camps and we know that gas chambers were utilized too. However, details of the Sobibor Death Camp in Poland are limited. According to Huffington Post, Germans tried to erase all traces of the death camp when it closed down following the uprising it had on Octobery 14, 1943. One of their methods of erasing the camp’s existence was demolishing the gas chambers and building an asphalt road right on top of them.

Now that the gas chambers have been uncovered, they are able to establish from the lines of bricks, laid four deep, to determine a precise picture of how many people were murdered at the camp as stated by one of the archaeologists, Yoram Haimi.

“Finally, we have reached our goal – the discovery of the gas chambers. We were amazed at the size of the building and the well-preserved condition of the chamber walls.”

This ring was one of the artifacts found at the Sobibor Death Camp.

This ring was one of the artifacts found at the Sobibor Death Camp.

The Blaze also reported on the discovery in which they state that Yoram Haimi has a personal connection to the girly discovery. Two of his uncles were reportedly captured by Germans and later killed at the Sobibor Death Camp. Also, a very dismal description of how the camp operated was given by another archaeologist, Wojciech Mazurek.

“The extermination of people took place there; murder by smoke from an engine that killed everyone within 15 minutes in these gas chambers, in torment, shouting. It is said that … the Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out these shouts so that prisoners could not have heard these shouts, these torments.”

More research is being done at the camp but the discovery of the gas chambers is surely a step forward. Because the camp was destroyed and only fifty prisoners were able to escape, very little is known about the Sobibor Death Camp.

[Images via Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research]

Nazis Never Wanted This Secret Found, Archaeologist Unearth Horrendous Discovery In Poland is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 18:49


A total of 40 American ISIS fighters have already traveled back home to the United States, according to Representative Tim Bishop, a Democrat from New York. The lawmaker stated during a recent speech that up to 40 radicalized American citizens that left the country to fight for the Islamic State have returned and could likely poses a deadly or terrorist threat to the nation.

Tim Bishop’s ISIS speech went viral after being posted on YouTube late last week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, approximately 100 to 200 Americans have flown to the Middle East to join ISIS. “One of the concerns is the number of U.S. citizens who have left our country to go join up with ISIS. It is believed there have been some number up to 100 that have done that,” Representative Bishop said.

The ISIS fighters from America are under the surveillance of the FBI, according to Representative Bishop. The New Yorker’s peers from both sides of the political aisle have also voiced concerns that “radicalized ISIS fighters” could enter the United States via the porous southern border. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been complaining about a lack of federal attention to the Mexican border for several years. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, illegal immigrants from more than 75 countries are believed to have crossed into Texas during the past two years.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other federal agencies tasked with protecting the nation and its citizens, admit that the southern border does pose a risk, but feel that lone wolf attacks by ISIS believers is a more prominent threat. “It is a very, very complex and very, very dangerous threat and I think the plan that the president outlined the other night is a good plan,” Representative Bishop added. “It is not yet a threat to the homeland, but there is a concern that it could metastasize in such a way that it could become a threat to the homeland,” the New York Democrat added.

While some politicians feel that ISIS does not pose a clear and present danger to the United States, many Americans disagree. The porous southern border could offer easy access for small groups of ISIS terrorists to enter the country and carryout a terrorist attack on soft targets like Dr. William R. Forstchen outlined in his most recent bestseller, Day of Wrath.

Do you think the 40 American ISIS fighters could endanger lives in the United States? Should President Obama consider Texas border security a matter of national security?

[Image via: MTV]

ISIS In America: 40 Islamic State Fighters May Have Returned To U.S. is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 18:36

Shonda Rhimres angry about being called angry

Be careful insinuating that Shonda Rhimes is an angry black woman, because she is going to call you out on it. Ditto for referring to her as a romance writer, as anybody following the Grey’s Anatomy creator could tell you after some Twitter posts on Friday. Rhimes has a new show called How to Get Away With Murder premiering this fall and one critic’s take on Shonda and the show ruffled a lot of feathers.

Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times wrote a piece about how Shonda has brought strong, black female characters in key roles to television over the past few years. However, noting that Rhimes should title her autobiography How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman perhaps was a poor choice of words. Stanley also noted that Shonda had embraced the “Angry Black Woman” caricature and recast it in her own image on her shows.

Rhimes did not care for this, not at all. Now people actually would see Shonda Rhimes angry. First Shonda pointed out via Twitter that she’s not the creator of How to Get Away With Murder. She is the executive producer, whereas Peter Nowalk, a writer who has worked with Shonda, is the show’s creator. As it happens, Nowalk is a white man, and Rhimes joked on Twitter that they could be angry black women together.

As Shonda poured through the piece she then picked up on the reference that she is a romance writer. Probably the last thing any fan would say is that Rhimes is a romance writer. Shonda even said she would need to go dance that one out, clearly a tribute to the many dances shared by Cristina and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy.

While yes, Rhimes has created some truly powerful black female characters in her shows, viewers would argue that what she creates is much more than that. Grey’s Anatomy is more than Dr. Miranda Bailey, Private Practice was more than Naomi Bennett and Scandal is certainly more than Olivia Pope. It would surely be fair to say that How to Get Away With Murder will most definitely be about more than just the character of Annalise Keating.

As Scandal star Josh Malina noted, the NYT piece seemingly “reduced my brilliant, creative, compassionate, thoughtful, bada** bos to an ‘angry black woman.'” Luckily those who follow or work with this “bada** boss” know that calling Shonda Rhimes an angry black woman is flat-out missing the mark.

How is Stanley responding to the backlash? Buzzfeed notes that Stanley told them that the point of the article was to praise Rhimes for working against the stereotype. Some would say that message is getting a bit lost given the Shonda Rhimes as angry black woman premise seemingly put forth at the beginning. Rhimes’ latest offering, How to Get Away With Murder starring Viola Davis, premieres on ABC on September 25 after the premieres of Grey’s Anatomy and season 4 of Scandal.

[Image via Huffington Post]

Shonda Rhimes Angry Over ‘Angry Black Woman’ Reference: New York Times Piece Stirs Up Trouble is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 18:19

Save Us NXT

On June 7, 2010, the professional wrestling landscape changed forever. Wade Barrett and his group of NXT rookies tore apart John Cena, Justin Roberts, the ring, and everything WWE owned on the floor. It was truly one of the most shocking segments in WWE history. It’s amazing to think that a bunch of rookies had that much of an impact on wrestling. This goes to show that rookies are not just rookies in wrestling.

Cena was the perfect protagonist for a bunch of misfits to wreak havoc on Monday Night Raw. After that historic night, the WWE was never the same, and a multitude of different creative directions occurred that evening. Barrett became the perfect leader; he was destined to be a main event-player. One thing led to another, and it imploded. Let’s hope that never happens again.

On to today’s news, which will surprise every last member of the Internet Wrestling Community. WWE teased on their Twitter page that something new was coming this week on Raw.

Now, there are no indications as to what will be coming in a few days, but with NXT booming these days, it is only a matter of time before the NXT 5 debut on WWE programming. For those who aren’t familiar, the NXT 5 were dubbed as Sami Zayn, Fergal Devitt, Kevin Steen, Hideo Itami, and Adrian Neville. Those five men are the future of World Wrestling Entertainment. Collectively, these men will change the wrestling industry forever.

A few of the NXT 5, as well as Tyler Breeze, will be traveling with the main roster for the next few weeks. It is a great thing to get these guys acclimated to the travel schedule, Raw and SmackDown locker rooms, and the overall atmosphere. NXT and Raw are two different things, as far as level of talent and attitudes go.

For NXT, they want to steal the show every single night. They are fighting for a spot on that main card. As for the main roster, some are simply satisfied with collecting a paycheck each month. That’s another article for another day.

New Wolf Pack

NXT’s moniker is “The Future Is Now,” and they are backed it up with the debut of Itami yesterday on NXT. Their big shows, such as NXT Takeover and NXT Arrival, are often times better than WWE pay-per-views. Whatever Triple H is doing down in Full Sail, it is working, and he should not stop until his product is better than Vince McMahon’s.

Itami, Devitt, Zayn, Neville, and Steen, if they should arrive on Raw next week, will provide a huge impact by simply showing up. Their reputations alone will cause the fans to erupt in joy. WWE marks begged for the signings of those five guys. Now that they are here, it is time to start showing them off. Don’t recreate the Nexus — just make it better.

[Images via dailyddt.com and dailywrestlingnews.com]

WWE News: WWE Teases Next Generation For Raw, Will It Be The NXT 5? is an article from: The Inquisitr News

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