I was an accountant at Columbia/HCA when Rick Scott was CEO. I uncovered two sets of books: one that showed the company ripping off taxpayers, and one that didn't. And I watched as the company that Rick Scott led turned in fraudulent books to the federal government. He hurt seniors, taxpayers -- everyone.

Fraud is in his DNA. And now, as our governor, he's been defrauding Floridians. It made me sick to see Scott regularly put profits over patients and prioritize the bottom line over the care of folks who needed help the most. He says he wasn't aware of it -- but that's just not true. He knew. He had to know.

That's why I worked with the FBI to help get Scott out of the health care business.  But today, he's at it again -- this time, from Tallahassee. He used the money he made from ripping off seniors to promote himself -- and, arguably, to buy the governor's mansion.

And if we don't stop him now, Scott will stay in there.
Let's get him out. Donate to Charlie Crist today:
Thank you, John Schilling