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Date: Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012 15:56
True Romance By Taylor K. Long This Valentine’s Day, enjoy this collection of a handful of my favorite “love songs” and songs about love. Whether you are part of a duo or flying solo–remember this piece of advice: I kept asking Clarence why our world seemed to be collapsing and things seemed to be getting so shitty. And he’d say,”That’s the way it goes, but don’t forget, it goes the other way too.” That’s the way romance is… Usually, that’s the way it goes, but every once in awhile, it goes the other way too. You can download the entire mix, here, or the individual songs, below. 1. The Blow, “Hey Boy” (download) 2. Hayes Carll and Cary Ann Hearst, “Another Like You” (download) 3. The Everly Brothers, “When Will I Be Loved” (download) 4. Eli “Paperboy” Reed, “Take My Love With You” (download) 5. The Rolling Stones, “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” (download) 6. Linda Ronstadt, “Love Is A Rose” (download) 7. Alan Jackson, “Tall, Tall Trees” (download) 8. TV On The Radio, “Lover’s Day” (download) 9. The Cardigans, “Lovefool” (download) 10. Hall & Oates, “You Make My Dreams” (download) 11. Jimi Hendrix, “May This Be Love” (download) 12. Otis Redding, “Good [...]
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Date: Monday, 13 Feb 2012 14:46
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For By Taylor K. Long The following is a list of amusing search terms that, according to Google Analytics, have led people to this site: morrissey naked things related to music song lyrics about turning 24 80′s rap song video by the pool booty shaking brands related to music congeniality means delivery routes turned horny initmate scene from the movie the wedding date 2011 most enjoyable movies sexually naked morrissey sexuality man and woman teenage hormones my impressions of a concert i attended baseball team goes boy band sex families the melody at the beginning of tightrope top angry women songs why does sufjan stevens wear wings ‘clean toilets in baltimore’ lyrics “coitus scene” “marina abramovic” armpit hair” a letter of purpose about culture and arts a old song with a male singer with lyrics we’ve been best friends since the first day i met ya alison mosshart makes me wanna touch myself are hindu men horny baseball manager kicking dirt beautiful women who are neurotic best material sides of pools billy corgan wearing a skirt break up songs from musicals creepy laugh project runway cuties “hashing” detaching from friends with a [...]
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Date: Thursday, 09 Feb 2012 15:30
Love Me Now, When I'm Gone, Love Me None By Taylor K. Long For an emotional R&B singing moniker, Christopher Breaux aka Frank Ocean couldn’t have done much better. Writers often use water metaphors – an ocean, in particular – to represent feelings, emotions, and hidden...
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Date: Thursday, 09 Feb 2012 15:27
In No Particular Order, 18 More Great Albums From 2011: By Taylor K. Long 9 Types of Light consists of love songs and apocalyptic spaz-outs--so are we more free to love...
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Date: Thursday, 12 Jan 2012 20:22
I’m visiting my family in Washington. I’ve only been at my mother’s house for about four hours, but I’m already reaching for a couple of beers. I take them from the outside fridge, and speed past barking dogs and bickering relatives to my mother’s deck. I close the sliding glass door and suddenly it’s quiet....
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Date: Thursday, 05 Jan 2012 14:04
All My Life I Will Wait To Attain It By Taylor K. Long At some point in our 20s, we inevitably feel what can best be described as a burden of proof. We begin noticing milestones, the age of achievements. How Michelangelo was 29 when he finished “David.” How Franz Liszt was famous and touring Europe by the age of 30. The stream of brilliant young minds is endless; every generation will have its Mark Zuckerbergs and Beyoncés and Téa Obrehts to compare themselves to. This feeling causes us to scratch at the walls, imagined or otherwise, desperate to push things out into the world, to keep pace, to claim our stake in front of the eyes of our peers. Robin Pecknold, primary Fleet Foxes scribe, was 22 when their self-titled debut was released, an album that has since reached Platinum-level (1,000,000+) sales in the UK and very nearly Gold (408,000+) in the US. What do you do when you’re 23 and you know your next work will be devoured by the judgmental ears of over a million people? If you’re Pecknold, you take three years and you write an album, scrap it, then write another one, moving to a [...]
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Date: Friday, 30 Dec 2011 20:09
By Howard Lee Lyon Best Philosophically Poignant Fox: Antichrist Best Movie That I Will Probably Never Watch Again: Enter the Void Best Violent Australian Mob Family: Animal Kingdom Best Movie That Came Out Before My Mother Was Born: Out of the Past Best Herzog: My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done Best Proof That The US is Run By Self-Interested, Crony-Capitalistic Cheats, That Will Ultimately Lead to The Fall of Western Civilization: Inside Job Best Movie That I’ve Always Heard Of And Finally Watched: Basic Instinct Most Tolerable ‘Rom-Com’: I Love You, Phillip Morris Strangest Intersection of Plot Lines: Targets Best Life Lesson: Sullivan’s Travels Best Home Challenged Individual with a Pump Action Weapon: Hobo With a Shotgun Strangest Reason to Kidnap, Torture and Skin A Person: Martyrs Best Movie That Came Out in 2011 That I Saw That Wasn’t Melancholia or Tree Of Life: X- Men: First Class
Author: "Howard Lee Lyon" Tags: "Film, Howard Lee Lyon, T-Sides B-Sides, ..."
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Date: Thursday, 29 Dec 2011 20:47
By Davis McGraw I suck at keeping up with new releases, but I’m a sucker for show & tell. Here are five records that I heard in 2011 and deserve a good listen. 5. Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes: Havin’ A Party With Southside Johnny (1979) [Goodwill in Laconia, August] Johnny found his way into my collection near the end of a brief serendipitous streak, and for that I thank him. Much like the Boss, these boardwalk boys know their escapism back & forth. 4. Ry Cooder: Paris, Texas (1985) [Burlington Records, September] I remember watching Paris, Texas for the first time while anxiously communicating with two women via text, and even then the soundtrack demanded most of my attention. Has there ever been a truly bad Ry Cooder album? Once you’ve been in The Magic Band, I don’t think it’s allowed. Rest in Beef, Mr. van Vliet. 3. Frank & Jesse: Let It Come Down (2011) [USPS, June] Frank & Jesse are fronted by a guy named John Salvage who happened to play a pretty notable role in getting me out of my skull and onto the stage, so I’m fortunate enough to have great memories to accompany [...]
Author: "Davis McGraw" Tags: "00s, 70s, 80s, Davis McGraw, Music, T-Si..."
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Date: Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011 14:40
By Davis McGraw In addition to unskilled labor, songwriting and looking for pre-1979 Fleetwood Mac records at yard sales, my human experience has been defined, for better or worse, by days and nights spent in cheap diners. This column is about all those times, tracks, faces, plates and places. While growing up in Vermont, a hallmark of the summertime was the after-dinner walk my family took once or twice a week. We’d leave with the sun still peeking over the treetops, casting long shadows on the warm pavement as we strolled down the hill from our quiet neighborhood cluster into the modest downtown. More than any other edifice from the mean streets of the early ‘90s, I remember the Windsor Diner’s chrome and red plastic shine, abandoned in the quiet stretch between the Cumby’s parking lot stoners and Pizza Chef’s hazy pool sharks and rat-tailed Ninja Turtle wastoids. As I peeked through the foyer at the wooden booths and the dark, empty glass cases behind the counter, I’d ask my Dad if we could go there when it re-opened. He’d shrug and assure me that we’d go someday, if it ever opened, and continue down the cracked sidewalk, leaving me [...]
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Date: Thursday, 09 Jun 2011 22:58
By Aaron Dubanevich I am not a writer. I’m descended from a writer, but it’s not something I aspire to. I’m writing this out of desperation, hoping that putting it on paper will make it easier to put it away. There will be times when I skip details, or I don’t remember exactly what someone said or precise sequences of events, but that doesn’t matter. The important parts are already in the historical record. I guess you could call this a confession, though I’m not sure what I’m confessing. No philosophical preamble, no foreshadowing. I’ll just start where it started: when we moved to Vermont. I was fine with it, no abrupt uprooting trauma, no important friendships or affairs to break. My brother wasn’t quite as chill, but didn’t protest too much either. I think a part of him liked the idea of starting over, just to see what would happen. It was dusk when we arrived. Our parents had been there before, but it was the first time Miles and I had seen our new home: a narrow, three-story house, painted pink of all colors, with a porch looking out on the street. Beyond that the land sloped down [...]
Author: "Aaron Dubanevich" Tags: "Aaron Dubanevich, Books/Writing, aaron d..."
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Date: Friday, 20 May 2011 16:30
Last episode, Taylor K. Brown and I, Taylor K. Long, took you through the wild world of Katy Perry, Kanye West, sci-fi, sex metaphors, R. Kelly, Fleet Foxes and Starbucks. If you missed it, you can relive the glory here. This time, the Taylors go through an in-depth personality analysis of David Lynch, and explore demographic requirements for Kid Cudi music videos, daring to ask the question: Why the hell is Drake here? Go forth, listen! Taylor on Taylor (A Podcast): Episode 2 (download/listen)    
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Author: "Taylor K. Long" Tags: "00s, 80s, 90s, Film, Music, Taylor Brown..."
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Date: Thursday, 12 May 2011 15:45
By Delia Paunescu Like many events in New York, the Tribeca Film Festival is the biggest deal for those participating. For everyone else, it’s another week or two of red carpets, guest lists and in-cab commercials. So it went for me the last few years – avoiding the crowds and escalated ticket prices – until I scored an all-day pass for the last day of the festival. As my first time there, and my first time at any film festival, I jumped into the madness feet first and saw five films in nine hours. Overall, the features I saw highlighted the general loveliness of the human condition. Themes of generosity and congeniality came to the forefront as characters both real and imagined faced failure and success with a charm that made audiences “aww” in unison. Bombay Beach The first feature from music video director Alma Har’el, this unusual documentary tells the story of a deserted area in Imperial County, California, miles away from any proper civilization. Its closest neighbor is a make-shift trailer park known as “Slab City,” where the residents of Bombay Beach live in a squalorous limbo. The characters seem to be waiting for salvation or damnation: the [...]
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Date: Monday, 09 May 2011 17:26
By Taylor K. Long While record browsing with a friend at Greenpoint’s Permanent Records last week, I found a copy of the Long Winters album, When I Pretend To Fall in the .99 section and realized that though I love it, I don’t own it in any physical form. The kind clerk informed me that .99 CDs were three for $1, so essentially I could pick out two more CDs for free. When deciding which CDs to get, I wondered, Should I pick something random and hope it’s good? What are the odds of something in the .99 section being good? There are things here that I like, should I go with something safe that I already know I like? Should I get something I might not otherwise want to pay full price for? There are many forces influencing the albums, films and books we choose, so here is a snapshot of the forces that drove me to buy the albums I bought that day (both for .99 and otherwise). The Long Winters, When I Pretend To Fall As mentioned, found in the .99 section, but the price certainly doesn’t reflect quality. This is my favorite album from the Seattle [...]
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Date: Wednesday, 27 Apr 2011 19:21
Mr. Tie-Me-Up-Tie-Me-Down By Taylor K. Long Hollywood movies are seldom gracious to womankind, but romantic comedies in particular are terrible – designed to appeal to women while painting them with the widest, most unflattering brush possible, crafting tales of beautiful women who are neurotic, insecure, desperate and one-track-minded in their quest to meet a man and get married. Any time I enjoy a romantic comedy on any level, I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt for falling into a trap that Hollywood has so obviously set for me. But as a result, I am particularly intrigued about why I’m drawn to those that I am. My DVD collection contains a curious offender – The Wedding Date, which I found for a paltry $5 in a used bin at a Blockbuster one summer. But still. I own it. While watching The Wedding Date recently, I realized that what makes it interesting as a romantic comedy, and as a movie, period, is that the main male character is a sex object, subjected to the same one-dimensional, bare skin treatment so many women are reduced to. This might happen in smaller doses, with men oozing sex flitting in and out of [...]
Author: "Taylor K. Long" Tags: "00s, Film, Taylor K. Long, bechdel test,..."
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Date: Friday, 22 Apr 2011 15:03
What do you do when your name is Taylor and your friend’s name is Taylor and you’re both writers? You make a Podcast, of course! Inspired by our shared names and our mutual interest in dissecting the cultural world around us, Taylor K. Brown, T-Sides contributor, and your Editrix in Chief, Taylor K. Long have teamed together for a podcast. Episode 1 finds us talking about Katy Perry, Kanye West, Sci-Fi, sex metaphors, R. Kelly, Fleet Foxes, hipsters, Starbucks, and beyond. It’s a mere 30 minutes, so it fits perfectly into your lunch break. Convenient, no? Taylor on Taylor (A Podcast): Episode 1 (listen/download) Also, fittingly enough, today is Miss Taylor K. Brown’s birthday, so let’s all wish her a happy one!
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Date: Friday, 15 Apr 2011 20:09
I fell down the rabbit hole of the Internet a few weeks ago, while catching up with A Bright Wall In A Dark Room, a brilliant film blog. I was reading Bebe Ballroom’s essay on Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know....
Author: "Taylor K. Long" Tags: "00s, 60s, 70s, Art/Photography, Books/Wr..."
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Date: Wednesday, 13 Apr 2011 15:48
“Love is a Rose.” Written in a car on my way to La Havana Maui from the airport. Recorded at the ranch during rehearsals for the CSNY ’74 reunion tour. Later done up well by Linda Ronstadt, a soulful girl with big brown eyes.
Author: "Davis McGraw" Tags: "70s, Davis McGraw, MP3s, Music, T-Sides ..."
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Date: Tuesday, 05 Apr 2011 16:53
Love is a battley by Howard Lee Lyon By Howard Lee Lyon Some acquaintance (friend) was at the bar the other night pontificating freely, wrickedly raging upset and morbosed-out about some era-bygone classmate’s commit to suicide. They found him that morning, bored a hole in his face with a piece of metal on metal quick-action, probably something semi-automatic. (One’s gotta question that phrase, “semi-automatic.” For us literate-brained querists, how is something “somewhat automatic”? Automatic sounds like a term dealing with absolutes and when you start adding prefixes to it, that means we got variants and degrees hidden in “automatics.” Thus, absolutes are just another aspect of tragi-comic modern life as warfare, nothing is intrinsic and nothing has meaning, parody we slowly see setting in, which of course is microcosmic of suicide in itself, and the questions raised around suicide. Is it a semi-automatic reaction, I would guess not, I would say a thorough assessment and assertion of the facts at hand. I’ve gone too far.) As this dear friend continued his lament of the one-finite-decision made individual, he became visually irked with this idea, which I have propagated mindfully in past times, that suicide is selfish, a rash quick-fix decision [...]
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Date: Monday, 04 Apr 2011 14:11
If I Had An Orchard, I’d Work ‘Til I’m Raw By Taylor K. Long Sometimes it feels like a song has been written with a piece of you. Like someone invaded your house when you weren’t there, sat on your bed with a cup of tea, and looked at your old photos, read all your e-mails, and all of your notebooks. This is what it feels like every time I hear “Helplessness Blues,” the first single and title track from the Fleet Foxes’ second album. It feels like Robin Pecknold found a portal into my head, Being John Malkovich style. Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues (download) I was raised up believing I was somehow unique Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes Unique in each way you can see Most of us have aspirations of doing wonderful, special things. We want to live our own individual stories, in which we create or do something never done before. In the spinning of our tales, we do and have it all, and we get it in the most magnificent fashion. We have a legacy. And now after some thinking I’d say I’d rather be A functioning cog in some great machinery Serving something beyond [...]
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Date: Monday, 04 Apr 2011 14:04
Phagwah Parade, by Taylor K. Long By Taylor K. Long My obsession with India could take up its own essay, its own series of essays, even, but it’s not nearly as complex or compelling as the country itself. My first exposure to the Hindu holiday of Holi (also known as Phagwa(h), or “Festival of Colors”) came via the Boston Globe’s photojournalism blog The Big Picture. Visions of India always conjure an array of bright colors, but none so much as Holi, in short a celebration welcoming the beginning of spring, where people cover eachother in colored powders and liquid dyes. In New York City, the biggest Holi celebration is the Phagwah Parade, which takes place in Richmond Hill, Queens. Richmond Hill boasts a big South Asian and Caribbean population, as well as the largest Sikh population in the city. My ultimate goal would be to go to Holi in India, but after learning about the Phagwah Parade, it seemed a decent (and less costly) substitute. Somehow, I found another friend interested in waking up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday. Mita and I took the listed time of 10am rather seriously and, armed with a waterproof disposable camera and [...]
Author: "Taylor K. Long" Tags: "Miscellaneous, Taylor K. Long, colors, d..."
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