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Date: Sunday, 12 Jul 2009 07:00
  • Adair County 9-10 All Stars District 5 Championship Game 3
    Adair is now 3 - 0, securing a spot in next week's battle for the District title: "Shortstop McGregor Scott laid out for a nice diving catch, chasing the ball backwards into short left field, for the second out and preserving Burton's no-hitter through two innings."
  • The Fed Under Increasing Fire
    A must watch 8-minute clip summarizing the "current push to unmask the inner workings of the Federal Reserve, the urgency of increasing transparency and the groundbreaking nature of Ron Paul's HR 1207 bill." We all just want to know where our trillion dollars went, eh?
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Date: Friday, 10 Jul 2009 07:00
  • The Reinvention of Motherhood (by Mrs. G.)
    I missed this piece when it ran: "Is there anyone on God's green earth who doesn't realize that parenting is a difficult and tricky business? Anyone who doesn't realize that children turn your life upside down? Mrs. G. asks this because she caught Oprah's Secrets of Motherhood show on Monday and she has to tell you that she found so much of it wearisome, trite and interminable."
  • Craig Roberts, Former Assistant Treasury Secretary has interesting comments on the bailouts, the dollar, and Goldman Sachs
    It's not just the crazies who are saying that this government is perpetuating outright fraud, Goldman Sachs owns the country, and the unelite are hosed. The question is: It's true, so what does this mean for you in the next two years?
  • Adair Co. 9/10 All Stars District 5 Championship Game 2
    Greg's very detailed recount of the game: "In what could best be described as a less than perfect showing, the Adair County 9/10 All Stars secured their second District 5 Tournament win, 8-7 over the team from Marion County, after squandering a comfortable four run lead on a rash of errors in the top of the sixth inning on Wednesday night." McGregor ended up going a fantastic 3 for 3 as the lead off batter, picking up one RBI, with one defensive shortstop error on the hard bounce.
  • Obama's hyperspending: The National Debt Road Trip
    Here is a nice visual in easy to understand terms. An aside, I like the idea that actual taxpayers (as opposed to voters who elect representatives) should approve the budget. Almost all taxpayers are voters, but less than 50% of voters are taxpayers. Now that over 50% don't pay federal taxes, you can understand why there is no outcry.
  • From Porn to Purity: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken By Porn
    Since 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to porn, this website may be a valuable starting place to many.
  • Funny Cartoon
    Much to their surprise, the Virgins awaiting Muslims in Heaven weren't quite what they had expected...
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Date: Thursday, 09 Jul 2009 07:00
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Date: Tuesday, 07 Jul 2009 14:55

My baseball friends will appreciate this game. I posted Greg’s write up for our local Adair County magazine below. What’s missing is the miscellaneous cell phone You Tube video making rounds of the emotions running high as our Adair County team got robbed (in a game that counts to advance for the District Title), came from behind, and pulled out an unlikely victory in the last inning at 11:30 p.m., well past official game time ending.

Years ago, we had a game where the ump called an infield fly after play had ended, calling the batter out after the fact but letting the ensuing plays stand. You deal with stuff like that, but during tournament pool play where one game could mean elimination, these sort of calls are a little harder to take.

The umpire, based on a recommendation of the official scorekeeper, threw out our runner who was already on base, saying that he really struck out before he made his hit. (But he let him bat again and get on base? I know that’s what you’re thinking and we’re confused too.) Mind you, the next batter had already batted, runners advanced, and myself and another unofficial scorekeeper (who wasn’t sitting near me) had the count as 2-2 with him reaching base on a non-played fielder’s choice.

When we were down 6-3 going into the last inning and after all the bad feelings, I was hoping for a win, if only to help the kids realize that the good guys still win sometimes. The game is rigged but we can still beat it.

Here’s what happened. To quote an anonymous coach, “I almost cussed.” I love baseball.

Despite a controversial call by the umpire in the top of the fourth inning that cost the team at least one run and took the power out of a mounting fourth inning offensive surge, the Adair County 9/10 All Stars Team put together a big sixth inning and went on to win 7-6 in a thrilling, late-night, come from behind victory over the Washington County All Stars on Monday night.

Washington County got off to a quick 2-0 lead on a single and a home run in the first. After a scoreless second inning, which saw Washington County strand three runners on base, Adair got on the board with three runs on two hits in the top of the third. Starting pitcher Bret Burton drove in shortstop McGregor Scott, after Scott and first baseman Will Myers reached on back-to-back walks. Right fielder Miller Young later picked up two RBIs by driving in Myers and Burton with a line shot to right center field, leaving the score at 3-2 Adair going into the bottom of the third.

Washington County answered in their half of the third with two runs, but Burton fanned three batters to get Adair out of a tight inning and once again strand three Washington County runners on base, bringing the score to 4-3, Washington County after three.

A controversial ruling by the home plate umpire in the top of the fourth initiated a 45 minute delay in play while League officials from the 5th district decided how to untangle the mess. Shane Martin led off the inning reaching first on an error by the third baseman. Jameson Miller followed up with a single hit down the third base line, advancing Martin to second. Following a fly out to left field by the number one batter Dean, the umpire halted play, called Miller out at first, and sent Martin back from second to first, reversing the previous play. The call pulled a runner from scoring position, and marked two outs against Adair.

The umpire, based on prompting from the official scorer, ruled that Miller had actually struck out and that his hit was therefore invalid. Following the shuffle, Adair shortstop Scott hit a double up the middle which drove Martin, who would have scored as the tying run if he were still on second, to third. During a lull in the action while Washington County changed pitchers, Adair Coach Chad Myers lodged an official protest with the umpires over the ruling, initiating the lengthy delay in action.

In the end, 5th district officials ruled that the protest was not lodged before the next pitch after the ruling and since it was not, the ruling by the plate umpire stands. Officials declined to comment on whether the reversal ruling by the plate umpire was correct or not. In the end, Adair stranded both Martin and Scott on base and ended the inning with no runs. Washington County racked up another two runs in the bottom of the fourth to extend their lead to 6-3.

Following a scoreless fifth inning, Adair went in to the final inning facing a three run deficit against a tough Washington County defense. Staten led off the inning for Adair with a walk which was quickly followed by a strikeout and a fly out to left on the next two batters to give Adair two outs. Scott came to the plate and took the count to a nail biting 3 balls and 2 strikes. On the sixth pitch Scott drilled the ball at the third baseman who had a tough time recovering the hard hit ball and he threw wide of the first baseman allowing Scott to reach second and Martin, pinch running for Staten, to reach third on the error. Adair first baseman Will Myers stepped up to the plate and drilled a nice single to right center field driving Martin and Scott home and bringing the score to 6-5. A passed ball brought the tying run Myers to second base and the Adair fans to their feet. With a 1-1 count, Adair County’s Bret Burton laced a line shot over the right field fence for a two run home run and put Adair up 7-6 going in to the bottom of the last inning.

With the Adair fans on their feet in anticipation and the Adair All Stars pumped up on their exciting come back, closing pitcher Miller Young struck out the side to cement the win for Adair in their first of four games this week in the District 5 tournament.

Adair 9/10 All Stars play their second game of the tournament on Wednesday night at 7PM Central in Campbellsville.

Pictures misc 086

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Date: Tuesday, 07 Jul 2009 07:00
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Date: Saturday, 04 Jul 2009 07:00
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Date: Friday, 03 Jul 2009 15:54

This post brought to you courtesy of Google Maps.

I could tell that the road didn’t look right, even for Kentucky. At any minute I just knew the creek would turn back into a road. Or like the Wizard of Oz, everything would blast into Technicolor if I could just go a little further. I checked my directions by backtracking in my mind, and sure enough, I was still on course.

I was doing what the paper told me to do. Have you ever talked to a customer service rep who couldn’t understand the situation but could only follow the directions on the paper? Did you ever shout, “Could you stop reading your script and just THINK?” I was that stupid.

I realized there was going to be a problem about five miles in when I came across green branches hanging across the “road” and realized that we’d been where no man had gone before. At least, since this spring. There were no power lines, fencing, driveways, or any other forms of life. I was hoping for a beer can, but noooo. The reason I pressed on was because there was no way to turn around.

When I saw the mud, I swung for the left and punched it, hoping to bump over the worst of it like the Dukes of Hazard. I thought we had a decent chance because it hadn’t rained in a week.

We were stuck. Apparently, that flying stuff only works in the movies. I concede the 12-passenger van probably wasn’t the best vehicle to try this in. Our navy blue 4 x 4 that plays country music, which is what I would’ve been driving had the situation been normal, is in the shop because that’s the way my life works.

The lady at AAA wanted to know if there was pavement nearby because she didn’t want the tow truck to get stuck.

Oh boy.

That’s when I understood this wasn’t going to go well: “You do know I’m in Kentucky, right? There are stories about Kentucky. Let me tell you some.”

“Well, what ROAD are you on?”

This is complicated.

“What’s your cell number?”

OK, this is really complicated. I have a trac-phone about to die and/or run out of minutes, and I just got it, and I lost my real cell phone with my real phone numbers, and I don’t know my (!) phone number, and DON’T YOU PEOPLE HAVE CALLER ID?!

“Well, ma’am, what road are you on again?”

I need a professional. I need a local who knows how to take a left at the old oak tree and cross the creek where it’s low. I really tried to explain to her how I got here, but like the FBI, she wanted names, people, names. Just Google map it, and you’ll get here just like me, but do not look for nice little street signs before you attempt a rescue. You just gotta go for it, you know?

From the back seat, my girls want to know what we’re going to do. I used to watch Survivor Man so I took inventory of the situation. In the deep recesses of my brain, I kind of remember seeing Carri Peterson’s cell number before. I count cards when I play Rook and poker, so this wasn’t a huge stretch. Pulling this number out now could be an asset along with the stale french fries in the bench seats.

“Are you praying?” the girls want to know.

“No. I’m trying to hypnotize myself to remember Carri’s phone number. I mean, yes! Praying!”

Ring, ring. Ba-da-bing. It wasn’t an Indian who fixes computers; it was Carri! Don’t hang up or have to go! Carri assured me that guys in these ridges live for these moments, which would be great so long as we could find a guy. I’m sexist. Please don’t send me a lady.

And just like that, after a chain of phone calls by someone who knows someone whose cousin…. some guy in a Polaris Ranger pulls up out of nowhere. Awesome.

Let’s pause to thank the Lord and give it up for beer cans and bass.

His name was Chris and I almost married him on the spot. Hey ohhh.

He didn’t understand, “Aw shucks. I do this all the time.”

“Yeah, me and the 14 other people who got stuck out here today had a tailgate party. Man, it’s crowded out here. You should put down some gravel. Just saying.”

When the chain broke off and the Polaris Ranger spun out, he told me that I was lucky to have got stuck right here and not up the hill. It’s waist-deep up there and I wouldn’t be a gettin’ out of that. Three cheers for this spot!

So before he left to upgrade to a real truck, we struck a double pinky swear and picked a scab to become blood brothers for-ev-ah that he’d come back. Please. You don’t understand that I’m not from around here (or maybe, just maybe, he did….).

An hour later after my new very best friend forever, Chris, and I had some strategy talk —he did the strategy, and I did the talking—- and I was free free, I was free at last, just minus the suspension, shocks, and a tank of gas. Small price!

BFF Chris personally escorted me to The Valley where I was meeting some new friends (met right here from the ole blog). He knew the Valley. He knew my road, Burnt Beach. (Burnt Beach is a four-wheelin’ trail with cliffs and mudslides, which are mildly 78.2% different than in, say, Florida. One is t-ball and the other is MLB All Stars.) And he wasn’t taken no more chances today with them city slickers. And then he apologized for getting my ve-hi-cle all muddy.

That, my friends, is service. Group hug!

When we pulled in my final destination, triple A, who never found me, wanted to know if I was “happy with my experience today using triple A.” Now that, friends, is what I call reading from the script. Long live common sense….for all of us.

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Date: Friday, 03 Jul 2009 07:00
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Date: Thursday, 02 Jul 2009 16:59

One of letters I got this week was particularly important to me. Catherine seems to be saying that she understands now. Here it is with her permission:

I just wanted to say that your posts have blessed me. Particularly the one I re-read today about QF [Amy: contraception and what conservative Christians refer to as the concept of being "quiverfull"]. I commented on it over a year ago when it ran and I read my comments which looked *very* lame to me today. A lot has happened in the past year. [snip]

I have a baby now and my house looks like a bomb went off in it most days. I am frequently overwhelmed and think women with 2 or 6 or 10 kids must be from another planet than me. Maybe I’m just a “wuss”. This is to say, your post and it’s compassion towards overwhelmed mothers has new meaning for me today and is appreciated. I feel embarrassed about being overwhelmed because I only have one child but it is what it is.

This means a lot to me because there is one more woman in the world who gets it. Catherine, I talk a lot about doing hard things because that’s what life requires. On the other hand, now I understand I could’ve avoided a lot of pain early on in life if I analyzed the situation as it was and not as I wanted it to be. This is harder to do when you are busy convincing everyone, including yourself, that you are doing great. Kuddos to you for your honest assessment.

On the heels of that this morning, I read a post about — OK, of all things — pitch correction by our friend, Rick Saenz. Of course, it’s not my usual fare of the doomed economy. I read the post because I enjoy reading well written pieces, even if I don’t care much about the subject matter. (By the way, you will not subscribe to a better written blog.) I figure the discipline of reading good writing will rub off. If split infinitives are any standard, then we all know that my reason is a bold-faced lie. It’s not rubbing off.

Still, I read it, and my patience was rewarded with this gem. I put it here for your consideration (with my bolded emphasis), with the understanding that it was written in light of tradeoffs in performing and recording music but is applicable to many of the Mommy Wars.

Wisdom does not choose a particular approach and champion it over the alternatives. Instead, wisdom works to understand the pros and cons of each individual choice. It looks to understand how particular choices interact to produce results, sometimes unexpected ones. It considers how wishful thinking can lead us to make poor choices, hoping that things will somehow turn out for the best. It distinguishes between practical matters and pragmatism. It recognizes that when no perfect path is available and knowledge is incomplete, it is often helpful to reserve judgment on what appear to be poor choices that others have made. Most important, it does not refuse to participate in projects that are less than ideal, but applies itself to bring whatever improvements it can to whatever circumstances present themselves.

I think the last sentence is the answer on how to end up at a great church wherever you live.

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Date: Wednesday, 01 Jul 2009 07:00
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Date: Monday, 29 Jun 2009 19:43

Is anyone old enough or heretical enough to remember 88 reasons Why The Rapture Will Be in 1988? I sat by the mini blinds in the living room, repenting and waiting. It never happened, and I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. It just was.

Like then, I sat by and waited for my blog to implode, and it never happened. My blog is still here, and I don’t know why. I only wanted to tell you before there was a permanent error message.

There is no secret reason about why I fake-quit my blog. I really just didn’t want to fiddle with c-panel stuff, and I didn’t want to transfer archives to blogspot. It’s as simple as that.

It was the rocket scientist who had a tantrum (complete with tears and stomping) and threatened to invoke his first ever Patriarchal “Submit, woman,” forcing me back to bloggerdom. It really happened just as I described.

I’ve never threatened to quit (or pseudo-quit and come back) in four and a half years of blogging. After Challies, that’s gotta be some sort of record. Of course, this isn’t proof of my emotional stability, just proof that I know how to hide my bad behavior – usually. Greg wishes I was this good with my behavior at public events.

[Edit: People with blog commitment issues are not emotionally unstable. That's not what I meant. Just roll with me here. I have writing issues, as well as arts-n-crafts issues.]

I wasn’t trying to be a drama queen. Thank you for your comments and emails. Now how do I tell the 2,000 people who have already unsubscribed?

My blog might blink-blink around here for awhile, but Greg says he’ll fix it up. I love having my own personal rocket scientist. I guess I should’ve mentioned it to him before I started my drama. The truth is, I just thought, “Hm. I don’t want to move it, so that’s that.”

This is fine by me. I didn’t mean to be noncommittal in my last post, but when I say that I don’t take myself too seriously, I include my blog in that too. I don’t have an identity love affair with it, which is why it’s easy to see it in perspective and also to take my smackdowns when they deservedly come.

The bottom line is that Greg wants to fix it. It might go down for awhile. (It might not. Who knows. This is so complicated.) Then I’ll be back to lazy blogging right here.

You can resubscribe to my blog here.

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Date: Monday, 29 Jun 2009 07:00
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Goodbye!   New window
Date: Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 22:00

Due to some problem I don’t understand (or should I say, can’t put the energy into understanding), my web hosting account is being suspended. I have no idea why it’s working now. It’s a “strain on servers due to a mysterious database issue.” Maybe the host company hates that Glenn Beck is my honey. Or maybe it’s computer code for “beats me … try rebooting.”

That leaves me with two options: I can move or I can quit.

After moving ourselves out-of-state nine months ago, I said, “I’m never moving again. Ever.” I think I was referring to unpacking china teacups and cranky children, but really, I have [pinching fingers] this much desire to move anything, ever, anywhere. I can only take so much.

Cocoa the Million Dollar mutt is acting almost dead and Greg is on his third trip in three weeks. Never mind the weeds and the laundry and the fake noises in the night. It’s just not on my radar if that makes sense.

The other option is quitting. Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe it’s time. Or maybe I’ll go to blogspot and start an anonymous blog saying all the stuff I can’t possible say under my own name. I’ll talk about my secret weapon stash; the evils of unit studies; how much I hate arts and crafts and my children live for arts and crafts and there are six of them—God bless me; my past life as a happy homeschooler, day trader, landlord, and public school teacher; and I’ll teach you how to always win at Rook and the Rainbow Resource table.

I’ll call it “Stuff Homeschoolers Like” because you know how unseriously homeschoolers take themselves.

Pause for the gaffaw.

I only jest, of course, on ever making fun of anyone other than myself. The blog disappearing very soon, however, is very real. See ya later or maybe not.

After four and a half years of blogging, I always thought my goodbye post would have some thought and effort put into it, but here it is, all five minutes it took me to write it.

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Date: Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 21:59

This would normally go in the sideblog, but I wanted to put it out there a bit quicker. I’ll explain why in my next post.

On a related subject, this couldn’t happen without American apathy. Here’s an Obama voter who is intellectually honest (profanity at the link).

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Date: Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 07:00
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Date: Saturday, 27 Jun 2009 15:26

I hereby apologize for saying anything about Michael Jackson.

The largest tax increase in American history passed the House last night, and America was eating popcorn at the movies. I gave up from my phone calling, emailing, and letter writing from TARP days. I am a mother of six with only so many nerves left. Besides, I need to save my time and money for buying gold (that Obama will confiscate like FDR), treasuries from somewhere like Antarctica, and rolled oats that won’t get pantry moths.

Watch the video. Please. It’s worth your time.

Vote them all out.

We wanted someone to read the bill. If they cared, or wanted that pretense for the American people, there would’ve been a copy of the bill in the room.

Forget about the lost jobs, the fact that Obama is taped saying that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket”, the fact that it didn’t work anywhere else and gave Spain 18.1% unemployment as a result. Even the Australians are getting rid of their program. Forget about all that for a minute. Just read the stupid bill before you sign the biggest tax hike (according to the New York Times) in history.

The inconvenient thing, of course, is that the EPA (yes, our EPA, that EPA) said that jobs will go overseas as a direct result of cap and trade (because it’s cheaper to produce in a country without, um, cap and trade) and it will actually increase greenhouse gas emissions as a result. Brilliant. But let’s not talk about pesky details.

We just want some common sense.

A lot of people –AIG, Goldman Sachs, GE, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi ($50,000 - $100,000 invested in Clean Energy Fuels), etc– stand to make a ton of money from trading on this. Politicians will get rich, the government will get more control, and businesses will pass on costs to us. We are the losers.

I’m just so ashamed that these people represent us, the American people. I’m so ashamed that this is the best we can do. We owe our service men and women better than this. If I was the mother of a soldier this week, I’d be livid at the mockery our elected representatives are making of the Constitution that our soldiers risk their lives to protect.

Common people are decent and honest. They pay their taxes. They want to raise their children in a safe community. I know because I live near them. Our community is like that. America is not California and the Fourth Congressional district of Massachusetts (where they keep electing Barney Frank). In turn, we just want some common sense and decency. We just want them to stop lying to us. It’s not rocket science.

I’ve got a real crisis for the politicians in Washington, as opposed to a fake one. How about the economy and cutting the budget? How about Iran and North Korea? How about convincing the world not to dump the dollar?

I just want to go on record for railing against this too, just in case you missed my sideblog and didn’t know I was against all the bailouts and for common sense. ;)

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Date: Saturday, 27 Jun 2009 15:25

DSC 0519

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Date: Saturday, 27 Jun 2009 07:00
  • Air Force Jets Honor Slain Officer
    What a great Paul Harvey-type story. You've got honor, humility, and a smackdown all in one exchange.
  • Stagnant?
    Thankful for blogs and alternative news sources: "The first is that the numbers are still rising at high speed, that there is neither an end in sight, nor anything that can stop these numbers from rising. The second problem is that the government, and in its wake the media, continues to downplay, embellish and, if you take an objective view, downright lie about the gravity of the situation."
  • Invent Now
    I highly recommend this program if there is a well-run one near you. “Camp Invention” was this week and wonderful. I do speak of the program itself and not the peace and quiet from 6:10 when the bus came and 3:30 when it returned.
  • Living off grid at Eclectic Culture Farm: big news!
    A blogger I've read for awhile now is converting to the Amish. I've enjoyed talking to many of my neighbors who left the Amish church, but I've never met anyone who joined the church so late in life after many years living modernly. I secretly wanted to do this when I was a teenager.
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Date: Friday, 26 Jun 2009 07:00
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Date: Thursday, 25 Jun 2009 23:40

The king of pop died today (in case you’re unplugged). I saw Michael Jackson’s 1984 “Victory Tour” in Jacksonville when I was a kid. That was back before his solo career when they were still the Jacksons, yet still after they were the Jackson 5. I thought it was so funny to see the Jacksons in Jacksonville, FL.

It was my first concert. After that, I was hooked on 80’s pop music and sitcoms, my youth spent in front of MTV jumping off the couch with a tennis racket as my guitar. My first record (got it for Christmas) was Thriller. My first cassette tape was Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual. My first memorized piece of “poetry” was the entire album of Prince’s Purple Rain. That might explain a lot.

I asked my kids at dinner tonight, “Do you know who Michael Jackson is?”


“Do you know that song that goes, ‘Just beat it, beat it, ooo!’” (I sang it passably.)


I did the moonwalk.


“Do you know what a record is?”

“Yes, it’s the thing Daddy shoots with the .22!”

There’s going to be a ton of media coverage on Michael Jackson, so I thought rank his best songs just so you will know.

Best Michael Jackson Songs Pre-Man in the Mirror

Tied for 3rd: ABC & P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
2. Beat It
1. Billie Jean

Did I rank them right? I think so. Lemme know if I missed Bad, but I don’t think so.

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