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Date: Tuesday, 07 Oct 2014 03:07
Not too long ago I shared some adorable, knitted candy corn potholders and today, I’m sharing knitted candy corn garland. This is super duper easy but looks just festive and fun for Fall! HA!
Knitted Candy Corn Garland
As I previously told you, there is something about yarn that is comforting to me.   I hope y’all are enjoying these types of posts as much as I like bringing them to you. I’m no pro knitter like Amy from MomAdvice.com but I’ve got potential!    Besides, this is a great way to enjoy candy corn without actually eating it and Lord knows I could stand to cut some sweets out before the holidays.
Happy Fall Y’all!


Materials Needed:
Size US 8 5.0mm Double Pointed Knitting Needles (just 2 are needed)
Size US 8 5.0mm Knitting Needles
1 Size US F Crochet Hook
1 Tapestry Needle
Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (White)
Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (Sunny Day)
Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (Pumpkin)
CO = Cast On
BO = Bind Off
STS =Stitches
K = Knit
SS = Slip Slip
PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over
K2GO = Knit 2 Together
photo 1
With double pointed needles, CO 3 STS using Pumpkin Color.
We’re going to create something called an iCord.
If you don’t know how to make an iCord, no worries! It’s super easy.
Here’s a video tutorial to teach you how to make one:
You’re going to knit your iCord until it measures 30″
Now, off to make our Candy Corns!
photo 2
With Sunday Day Color, CO 12 STS onto your regular knitting needles (Not the double pointed ones)
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Change to Pumpkin Color
Row 4: K
Row 5: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 6: K
Row 7: K
Row 8: K
Row 9: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 10: K
Row 11: K
Change to White
Row 12: K
Row 13: K
Row 14: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 15: K
Row 16: K
Row 17: K
photo 3
Cut White yarn with a 3″ tail. Loop through Tapestry needle, and Pick up remaining 4 STS off of knitting needle. Pull through tightly. Make 4 quick whip stitches with tapestry needle and cut thread. We’re just wanting to secure white thread into top of pattern.
photo 4
With Crochet hook, leave a 2″ tail, and then single chain 10 STS. Cut yarn with a 2″ tail (on both ends).
With Tapestry needle, pull yarn through until single chain STS are flush with top of candy corn top pattern, and then tie ends together.
photo 5
Snip off any loose yarn, and you’re all done!
You’ll want to make at least 9 of these candy corns for your garland!
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Date: Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014 14:14

Being the host at your party can sometimes be a daunting task.  You’ve got food to prepare, a house to clean, invitations to send out, hosting, and then cleanup.   But even with all that, some of my best ‘friend & family’ moments have occurred when the party is over.  All it takes is that one conversation piece and at my house, when it’s time to cleanup our HappiMess, my Delta touch faucet quickly becomes the center of attention.   Before you know it, everyone is volunteering to wash dishes and constantly touching my faucet.  teehee…..  Anyways, I start telling them how my husband uses his bald head to turn on the faucet when his hands are dirty, and how we all touch other faucets in our home and in other homes, forgetting that they don’t have the touch technology.  It makes for giggles and then once the giggles start, they just don’t stop.

Delta Touch Faucet

Food prep plays a big role when hosting a party.  I try to do as much as I can, including washing all the fruits & vegetables and making appetizers.  This means my sink is full before the party has even started.  Luckily my 8 year old thinks our touch faucet is so cool, that he volunteers to do dishes.  He’s pretty great at it too so I happily let him help!  They love to feel included and useful at this age so hey, if he wants to wash, more power to him!

Party Food

For this party, we had football fans over.  I served up lots of appetizer type food because when you’re watching football, there’s no sitting at the table for a meal.  You need finger foods that can be served in front of the TV!  Here are a few I made…all of which can be found at my food blog.  We tend to make the same things all the time…we enjoy living in our box.

Delta Touch Fauncet Closeup

There are always good times when you get together with people you love. And as I mentioned earlier, cleaning up is a breeze when you have volunteers wanting to use your touch faucet.  Who am I to deny them that?  Besides, the touch faucet is way handy.  Even my mom said she didn’t think she could get so giddy over it but after having sticky hands and using her forearm to turn it on, she quickly realized how easy it was to avoid getting the faucet all sticky.   You don’t realize how useful something can become until you’ve put it into good use.  Needless to say, everyone is wanting one!

delta touch faucet cleanup

Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow. Next time you create your own HappiMess, make sure you have the tools for cleanup ’cause then even your laziest friends will want to wash dishes! For reals y’all!

Delta_AP_LogoDisclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.

Author: "A Cowboy's Wife" Tags: "Home & Garden"
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Date: Friday, 26 Sep 2014 16:34

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, then y’all know that this year has been a long one for me.  It’s been 13 months since my dad’s passing and it has tested me in all sorts of ways.  And while I could dwell on the on the sadness of that day, I choose not too.  Instead, I focus on days like this one, with my mom.  Together we made, Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, Topped with Chopped Pecans.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Pecans

Y’all know Texas is big so moving my mom from Houston to our small town, was a bit of a feat.  In the last month though, we have finalized everything on that end, even getting the house sold.  This alone takes a huge weight off our shoulders so that we can now focus on other things, fun things.

I was only home until the age of 16, before running off to chase some cowboy, so me and my mom didn’t get a whole lotta years together.  Many of them she spent working hard as a single mother.  So I leave, get married and really don’t see my mom as much as I’d like for the next 20 years.  Sadly, it took my dad’s passing to bring us together.  It’s such a very bitter sweet moment really, as I’d give anything to have him back here, but at the same time, my mom is here now and I can see her every single day….best of all, we can create moments like this one.

The last time my mom made cinnamon rolls, was with my dad.  And as we were baking away in the kitchen, she would mention some of those moments and I loved that.  I hope we can always talk about him openly and not get so sad.  She was telling me how he loved to ice the cinnamon rolls and wouldn’t you know, I even had that picture of him (or at least his hand) pouring the icing on those cinnamon rolls….


As much as she remembers those moments, I hope she remembers our day of making them too.  Sometimes she thinks my heart is on the colder side but she couldn’t be more wrong.  It is these very moments that I’ll always have to remember with her.   The Fall season is funny like that ain’t it?  It brings family & friends together for football games, church events, and baking.  It’s only appropriate that I include my hand, and even my mama’s…




I guess I sorta rambled a bit and you’re probably ready for the recipe huh?  Well, as y’all may recall, I’ve been working with Fisher Nuts and they recently renewed my contract so I get to share more goodness with y’all!  I could have chosen lots of other recipes to make but I thought y’all would appreciate the more personal side of me….I hope I was right.  With that, here is recipe.  If you want a prettied up printed version, you can find that on my food blog.   Fisher Nuts is also having a super cool recipe contest, My Fresh Twist, right now where you can win all sorts of great prizes, including a trip to meet Chef Alex Guarnaschelli!  Here’s the scoop:

Recipes must be submitted by 10/21 and…

  • Recipes must include pecans, walnuts or almonds and will be judged on their originality, integration of nuts, taste, and visual appeal.
  • Each submission will be featured on www.myfreshtwist.com where Fisher Fans and their friends and families will be able to vote to select the top fifteen finalists.
  • Voting will take place 10/22 through 11/4. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and a panel of judges will choose the grand prize winner from the finalists.

Hope y’all enter!  And enjoy the recipe.

Homemade Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Topped with Pecans
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 4 Tbsp. Melted butter
  • 4 Tbsp. water
  • ½ box instant vanilla pudding (3.4 oz box)
  • 4 cups Bread flour
  • 1 Tbsp. Sugar
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • 2 ½ tsp. Bread machine yeast
  • ½ cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp. cinnamon
  • Fisher Nuts chopped pecans (optional, but recommend)
  • 4 oz. Cream cheese, room temp.
  • ¼ cup butter, softened
  • 1 ½ cup powdered sugar
  • ⅓ cup pumpkin puree
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • ½ tsp. nutmeg
  • Milk as needed for consistency
  • Fisher Nuts Chopped Pecans (they are preservative free y’all)
  1. Place all dough ingredients in your machine in order recommended by your machine’s manufacturer. Place the pan in your machine. Select the dough cycle and press start.
  2. When cycle is finished, remove the dough, knead enough to punch down and roll to 17×10.
  3. Combine first 3 filling ingredients and mix well. Heat in microwave 10 seconds to make spreadable.
  4. Spread over rolled out dough with rubber spatula. Get as close to the edges as possible.
  5. Starting with widest end, roll the dough into a tight log.
  6. Cut into ½ to 1” slices. Place in a lightly greased baking dish with sides.
  7. Place in a warm draft free place and allow them to rise until double. (I turn my oven on warm and place them inside. When the temp light goes off, turn off the oven. Let them rise 20-30 minutes this way. Take out to heat oven to baking temp)
  8. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. When the rolls are done top with frosting. I let mine cool for about 5 minutes before frosting.
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Date: Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 10:00

This spooky drinkware is a great idea for the kids if you’re hosting a Halloween party this year!  The best part is the kids can help you paint and draw their faces, giving you both some bonding time.  I know that Halloween is not everyone’s cup of tea but we love the holiday around here.   We definitely try not to get too scary so even with these cute glasses, you can draw happy ghost faces to keep things light.

If you’re letting your kiddos help, anticipate a mess, and embrace it.  If you are wanting a more refined look, I’d recommend you use spray paint.  We opted for regular craft paint though since Truett wanted to use paint brushes.  He had a blast!  And you can always spray a sealant to keep things clean.

Spooky Drinkware

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple process.


  • Mason Jars – We used the small jelly size but you could use whichever you’ll prefer to serve your drinks in.
  • White Paint – Regular craft paint or spray paint
  • Brushes if using craft paint
  • Black Sharpie or paint – I figured Truett would be able to draw easier with a sharpie vs the paint brushes.
  • Wilton Straws in black & white
  • Spray Sealant
  • Drill or screwdriver and hammer (for hole in lid)


  1. Using a drill or screwdriver and hammer, poke a straw size hole through lid.
  2. Paint your jar and lid in white and let dry.  It may take 2-3 coats.  I did not paint the top of jar where it screws on, only just a tick above the lip.
  3. Use a black sharpie or paint to draw circles in for the face. If painting, let dry.
  4. Spray with a sealant.  I recommend several coats.  Let completely dry before using.

That’s it. It actually goes pretty fast and it’s best to do them all the same time so you don’t have to bother with different drying times.    What are some of your favorite Halloween party ideas?

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Date: Monday, 22 Sep 2014 10:00

The colder days are just around the corner and that means it’s time to knit and crochet and do things that make us feel warm and fuzzy.   It’s something that has always comforted me and I just love anything handmade.   These knitted candy corn potholders are such a sweet gift idea y’all.  They’re super easy to make and just flat our adorable.  Perfect for this season!

Knitted Candy Corn Potholder

I have crocheted for the longest time but have had a much harder time picking up knitting.  Side-note: If you love knitting, you’ve got to check out my friend Amy’s blog, MomAdvice.com.  She does the neatest projects and they are almost always specifically for gift giving.   Anyways, I have all these needles, yarn, and patterns but was clueless for the longest time.  Knitting takes patience, something I don’t have but there’s is something about it (and crocheting), that calms me.  What are some of your favorite knitting projects?  Do you knit things specifically for events, holidays, etc?

I love the colors of Fall and what’s Fall without candy corn?!  These would fun teacher gifts or just to decorate your home.  Here are instructions for knitting these super cute candy corn potholders.  And I’d LOVE for y’all to ‘pin’ on Pinterest.  I’m acowboyswife on Pinterest and would love a follow if you’re up to it!

Enjoy y’all and happy knitting!

Materials Needed:
  • US Size 8 5.0mm Knitting Needles
  • Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (White)
  • Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (Sunny Day)
  • Loops & Threads Worsted Yarn (Pumpkin)
K = Knit
P = Purl
K2GO = Knit Together
SS = Slip Slip
PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over
CO = Cast On
BO = Bind Off
STS = Stitches
Candy Corn Potholder2
With Sunny Day Color, CO 35 STS
Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 3: K
Row 4: P
Row 5: SS PSSO, K until last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 6: P
Row 7: K
Row 8: P
Row 9: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 10: P
Row 11: K
Row 12: P
Row 13: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 14: P
Change to Pumpkin Color
Candy Corn Potholder3
Row 15: K
Row 16: P
Row 17: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 18: P
Row 19: K
Row 20: P
Row 21: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 22: P
Row 23: K
Row 24: P
Row 25: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 26: P
Row 27: K
Row 28: P
Row 29: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 30: P
Row 31: K
Row 32: P
Row 33: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 34: P
Row 35: K
Row 36: P
Row 37: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 38: P
Change color to White
Row 39: K
Row 40: P
Row 41: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 42: P
Row 43: K
Row 44: P
Row 45: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 46: P
Row 47: K
Row 48: P
Row 49: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 50: P
Row 51: K
Row 52: P
Row 53: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 54: P
Row 55: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K2GO
Row 56: P
Row 57: SS PSSO, K to last 2 STS, K 2GO
Row 58: BO Purl Wise. Be sure to BO loosely. You don’t want your BO STS too tight.
Candy Corn Potholder4
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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 06:00

Hey y’all! Some of you may recall that I attended a Cricut event awhile back and had the chance to do some crafting with their amazing Cricut Explore that just launched this year. Crafters everywhere are high-fiving, feeling newly creative because of this awesome machine. And guess what y’all? I’m super duper thrilled to be able to give one away to one lucky reader!

Cricut Explore giveaway

If you are not yet familiar with all the neat things the Cricut Explore can do, you have got to watch the videos and check it out. It’s crazy what it can cut and how intricate it can get with details.

I’ve been working with a team of talented bloggers over the last few months as part of a competition Cricut is hosting called Design Space Star. We have an amazing group and each month we pick a theme for our projects for the competition. Unfortunately, my participation has been minimal because of the year I’ve had but I have to say, I’m feeling excited now that things are slowing down a bit on the home-front. I can’t wait to share some fun projects with you, using the Cricut Explore. Together, with all the other fabulous ladies, we are giving away this awesome machine to one lucky reader!

Be sure to visit all of these talented bloggers of our team:

Design Space Star - team 7

You’re already here visiting me! WOOHOO!
Lindi with Love The Day
Michelle with 4 Men 1 Lady
Kami with NoBiggie
Amy with Pink Parlor Designs
Rebecca with The Crafted Sparrow
Kim with Today’s Creative Blog
Crystal with A Pumpkin and A Princess

Use the widget below to enter! Good Luck to you all!

Cricut Explore Giveaway

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 04:38

Who has football fever y’all?! Many thanks to Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s story and getting me ready for tailgating! WOOHOO!  This is a bittersweet season for me to be honest with ya.  Both of my oldest boys have graduated high school so I no longer have them to watch on Friday nights.  I’m excited for football season but sad I won’t be seeing either of them play out on that field anymore.  I still have Truett to look forward to later on but for now, I’m just gonna have to focus on college and the pros.


I’m getting my Sam’s Club Tailgating on and loading the basket with all the essentials needed to tailgate at the game and at home!  When you’re feeding these big guys on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday during football games, you gotta shop at Sam’s Club for just about everything, even your tailgating essentials! If you don’t have a membership,  get one.  It’s worthy every cent, especially on the weekends when you can eat samples! HA!!

As all of America knows, football is HUGE in Texas and if you’re living in my neck of the woods, then you’re rootin’ for the ol’ Texas Longhorns.

Tailgating in Texas

You really don’t need much to tailgate in Texas but here are a few must-haves!

  • Portable Grill – Throw on the burgers, sausage, and buffalo wings and chow down on some good ol’ grub! Don’t forget the Kingsford Charcoal!
  • Paper Plates - Well this is a big ol’ duh!
  • Canopy – Tailgating is an all day thing so protecting yourself from the sun is always a good idea!
  • Ranch dressing and KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce – OH YEAH!!!  We put these on everything ’round here!

Everyone else is gonna bring the meat and coolers of drinks so you just make sure and have these, and you’ll surely when player of the party.

Tailgating at Home

Sometimes we just prefer to ‘tailgate’ in the comfort of our homes so don’t worry now, I’ve got you covered too!   Here are more Sam’s Club Tailgating must-haves if you’re staying at home:

  • Slow Cooker – Because we want to watch the game, not be cooking all day.
  • Velveeta – Really y’all?  A football game without Velveeta Cheese dip is like playing football without a football.
  • Cooler – Fill that thing up and sit it by your sofa!
  • TV and Surround Sound - If you’re a die hard football fan, you just gotta have the goods to watch it on.

So I’m curious, what are your Sam’s Club tailgating essentials?  And do you prefer at home or do you tailgate like a pro?


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Date: Tuesday, 09 Sep 2014 17:15

Denver Broncos Fan Gear

It’s Fall. It’s football season. This year is all about the Denver Broncos, for me at least.  While I do still love & support our Texas based teams, the Cowboys and Texans, I’m rooting one of my other favorite teams on this year, the Denver Broncos. Wearing orange and blue is not just a fashion statement, but absolute must every Sunday. It kills my husband to bring a little bit of Broncos Country to our home but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  W enjoy some football food and for this team, some jello shooters, while we sip a little sweet tea as we watch them play great football week after week. This year’s Superbowl is going to have the Broncos in it – just watch and see! I’m excited to pick up some new fan gear this year to show my Denver Broncos pride!


Denver Broncos Fan Gear

NFL Denver Broncos Stop Sign $4.83

NFL Denver Broncos Auto Emblem $9.83

100 Things Broncos Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things…Fans Should Know) $8.69

Denver Broncos NFL Zippered Bottle Cover $5.95

Limited Edition NFL Ladies Denver Broncos Tailgate Tee $29.99

Denver Broncos Orange Sport Utility Gloves $4.25

Official NFL Denver Broncos 6 Quart Crock-pot $97.99

NFL Denver Broncos Deluxe 68-inch Grill Cover $39.56

Denver Broncos Corner Blitz Long Sleeve Shirt $29.95

NFL Denver Broncos Snack Helmet $55.65

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Date: Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014 10:00

Technology and super cool gadgets consume our world today. We can use this technology to access a tons of knowledge and entertainment with a simple swipe of our finger.  LOVE this! Don’t y’all??!!!

Apple’s iPad is such a versatile device that can be used for endless things; cooking in the kitchen with today’s cool recipe apps, college kids, reading, drawing, and the list goes on. The iPad mini just makes it all even more awesome because of its compact size! My son chose the iPad Mini and doesn’t have a single regret. He likes having a size that is compact and easy to carry. Thanks to all the cool accessories out there, he even turned it into a laptop.

As the Apple site states: iPad mini with Retina display lets you do more than you ever imagined. Feature for feature, it’s identical to iPad Air in every way. Except for its super-portable, hold-it-in-one-hand, still-just-right mini size.

There are also TONS of apps that you can download for countless purposes–from business to fun to everything in between. The iPad mini is truly a fantastic product!


We are giving one away!!!

The 411 on the 32 GB iPad mini Giveaway


You, of course!

Note: giveaway is open to the Continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska. Ages 18+.


ONE – 32 GB iPad mini


Giveaway will be open from September 2, 2014 – September 30, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random on or about October 6, 2014. If winner does not respond within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen. Please read more about giveaway terms here.


To have a chance to win the 32 GB iPad mini – all you are required to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use the ipad mini for if you won!! The rest is up to fate! ;)

All other tasks are optional to increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway is sponsored by:

Moms of Faith
A Cowboy’s Wife
This Roller Coaster Called Life
Tech Savvy Mama
That Bald Chick
The Bright Side of Reality
Run to Radiance
Mom Foodie

Disclaimer: Apple is not affiliated with this ipad mini giveaway or its sponsors. Prize is being provided by sponsors mentioned above.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2014 00:17

I’m excited to have recently partnered up with Delta Faucet to share my HappiMess, and hopefully you’ll share your #HappiMess too!  If you do, you can enter to win an amazing Delta Kitchen & Bath prize package valued at over $2400!  Oh, now you’re listening huh!

Sometimes a mess just happens.  It might be intentional or accidental but there are actually some good things that can come from them, aka, a HappiMess!  You might know Delta because of there sophisticated, innovative kitchen & bathroom hardware but this initiative they are pushing, shows a different side.  There are so many times we make memories in the kitchen but tend to worry about the mess we’re making.  Delta Faucet wants to change that!  They are challenging you to embrace the HappiMess and share it with others.  Messy moments united y’all! HOORAH!

One of my most recent examples of a #HappiMess, is when me and my friend Shelby spent an entire day preparing 30 days worth of meals!


Oh my goodness, if you could have seen the mess we had going on!  It was worth it though because we had over 40 meals and a freezer full of easy cooking.


So tell me folks, are you ready to share your HappiMess with Delta and enter for a chance to win a prize package of over $2400?  OH YEAH!!!!!  If you guys are into social media, be sure and use the #HappiMess hashtag too so I can watch for your story!  Until the next HappiMess………

“Why do people treat mess like it’s a bad thing? It’s actually the evidence of a life well lived. When you’re out there making, creating, doing and playing, embrace your #HappiMess and let Delta kitchen and bath innovations help clean up so you can do it all again tomorrow.”

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.”


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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 18:04

In Texas, you go big or you go home!  As the football season rolls in, so do new fashion trends.  Well, actually, here in Texas, we kinda just create our own trends.  There was a time though, when women only wore cowgirl boots on the ranch, to rodeos (with jeans), or long dresses.  Today, everyone has their own style and the ladies ain’t afraid to wear boots with jeans, skirts, shorts, and well, just about anything y’all!

Country Outfitter Cowgirl Cross Boots for Women

Country Outfitter‘s tagline is “We Know Country” and while they have a large variety to suit all sorts of styles, they definitely know southern women!

Wearing athletic shoes to football games are long gone my friends.  Now, we get all gussied up to show our team pride and whether that’s with your team’s colors, your favorite player’s football number, or adding a little yeehaw in your step, it makes no difference! We love to support our players with cheers and hopefully a whole lot of stompin’!

Here are three ways for you to show your football team just how much you love them!

1. Gameday Boots with Team Logo

Gameday Dallas Cowboys Boots at Country OutfitterGameday Texas Longhorns Boots at Country Outfitter


Who cares how Dallas is playing, as long as you can wear these boots!  And these Texas Longhorn Gameday Boots are chic!  Gameday boots are quite popular and that’s because there’s just something awesome about showing your team pride when you walk into those stands.   Now if only I could find Abilene Christian University, where my son attends!  GO WILDCATS!

Maybe you want to show spirit with just colors and no logos?  Not a problem y’all.

2. Gameday Boots that are Team Colors

Gameday Texas Tech Boots at Country Gameday Texas Longhorns Boots at Country

Just get red cowgirl boots to show your love for Texas Tech or maybe the Arizona Cardinals, and orange and brown for Washington Redskins or again, the Longhorns.  Buying a boot without logos will allow for more versatile use.

3. Pick Your Pair and Just Wear It

If gameday boots aren’t your thing, just a pick a pair you love and throw on a football shirt, then you’re good to go.  A huge thanks to Kelsi for being such a beautiful model for my own favorite pair of boots!

Country Outfitter Boots

Sometimes it’s just about good ol’ Texas fun and just putting on whatever makes you happy…..happy at a game, happy at church, or happy out dancing the night away.

Country Outfitter Boots and Football Fun

Don’t let boots intimidate you.  Boots are a fashion trend that has always been and will always be.  If you can’t go big, then you need to go home ’cause today’s boots are big, especially here in Texas, and are made to be shown off.


Disclosure: Compensation and product was provided for my time & efforts to create this post. All opinions are my own, always. 


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Date: Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 10:00

There is something about electronics that make me squeal with nerd noises!  Some gals love jewelry, some love clothes, but I love technology.  This Epson LW-600P LabelWorks label maker is dreamy and all tech’d up with innovative features!  And, it’s mobile y’all! **nerd rockets of excitement shooting off everywhere**

Epson LW-600P

So first off, you’ll see that the size is definitely quite mobile.  It’s light, fits in my hand easily, and can run off AA batteries.

Epson LW-600P size

You’ll need to open up and put them tape in, which is seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever ‘installed’.  You’ll also need to download the Epson iLabel app as well.  Use either the AC adapter or batteries and turn it on.  When turned on, you’ll need to go to your mobile device’s settings and turn on bluetooth to connect to the Epson iLabel app.  The bluetooth light will blink on the unit until it has paired. When paired, it will stay solid blue.

Epson LW-600P tape

Once you’re all linked up, you’re ready to make a label.  As you can see below, you have a choice on what you want to make.  I chose original label but did play with the QR code later.  When you click on original label, you’ll see the bottom left picture setup.  You can choose your font, size, alignment, etc.  You’ll be able to add frames, clipart, photos, or even your own handwriting.  It can do soooo much y’all!  I kept it simple for review purposes.  I picked the little icon and put FALCON since we are the only ones at the school with that name.  I wanted to put this on his backpack so that teachers or students would know exactly who it belongs to.   It literally took a couple of minutes to make the label, and that’s with it being my first time!  Easy peasy y’all!

Epson LW-600P App Pics

When you’re happy with your design, you simply click the green print button at the bottom center.  It prints FAST! It has an automatic cutter too.

Epson LW-600P Label

I peeled the back off the label, laid it down on the backpack, placed a washcloth over the label and heated it up with my iron for a few seconds.  It worked perfectly and looks great!   And don’t panic, there are all sorts of tape available to suit your needs!

Epson LabelWorks Tape


Epson LW-600P on backpack

I haven’t had a chance to play with the QR code much but plan too.  Here is so more info that might intrigue you!

  • Wireless
  • Handwriting mode
  • Prints up to a 1 inch label
  • Compatible with a variety of tapes, including iron-on, glow in the dark, metallic reflective, and ribbons.
  • Speech-to-text voice transcription and printing (neato!)
  • In-app storage of created label for future use
  • import of crustom graphics such as symbols, logos, and photographs to copy & paste onto labels for a more professional look or just to personalize.
  • Creation of QR code labels for content sharing or barcode labels for inventory management, which can be scanned by third-part QR/barcode apps!  Two I recommend checking out are ScanLife and Stkr.it.

You can download the Epson iLabel app on IOS and Android.  The " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Epson LW-600P LabelWorks Label Maker will run at about $100 bucks, and in my opinion, is worth the money.

Disclosure: Epson provided me with a review sample so that I could give you guys my honest opinion on the product.  Opinions are my own, always. 


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Date: Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014 10:00

Sleep – who needs it? Well, actually, we all do. Everyone here in my house knows that if I haven’t slept good through the night, you do NOT want to talk to me in the mornings. Really though, sleep is vital to our health so I’m gonna share MY tips for a great night’s sleep and how to enter to win a heavenly mattress set from Havertys during their HUGE Labor Day sale!

  1. BED - One of the most important pieces of a good sleep is your mattress. My dad always said to spend good money on your shoes and your mattress because you spend much of your life in either/or. You can enter to win a mattress at Havertys until September 1st. (more on that below)
  2. SHEETS – A good sheet set can really make a difference. When purchasing, keep a couple of things in mind; feel and temperature. You don’t want sheets that pill or ones that make you hot.
  3. PILLOW - Finding a great pillow can be a challenge so be patient. And I have found, that the higher end pillows aren’t always the best. Keep your receipts, remembering the terms on when you can return, and try your pillow out for a bit. When you think you have found a good one, I highly suggest stocking up!
  4. ENVIRONMENT - Are you one of those that keep the rest of the house clean but your room is a mess? Uh huh…me too. I have found that going to bed in a clean room can make a world of difference. There is something about walking into a clean room with a bed that is made with fresh, clean sheets! Seriously, try it and see what I’m talking about!
  5. NIGHTLY ROUTINE – A good night’s sleep doesn’t start when your head hits the pillow y’all. Everything that leads up to that, totally affects how well you sleep. I try not to eat (or drink too much) after a certain time and I do something that allows my mind to decompress from the day; reading, a bath, or just sitting outside enjoying the stars.

If you’re looking for a new mattress but maybe can’t buy one just yet, you can always enter to win a mattress y’all! Havertys is giving a TEMPUR-pedic Mattress Queen Cloud Supreme Mattress Set away that retails at $2,699!! HOLY COW, ain’t that a sweet sleep deal! It’s as simple as an online entry form to enter. Just in case you’ve been slacking in your social media skillzzzz, here’s a list of all the places you can find Havertys online! This will be useful because you earn additional entries by using their contest hashtag #HavertysYawn Also, using that same hashtag, you can join in on the fun twitter party they’ll be having on August 27th at 1pm EST!!

​​Let me know what tips you guys have too and let me know if you enter! I’d love to see one of my readers win such a great prize! Good luck y’all!

Visit http://www.havertys.com/ to enter the TEMPUR-pedic conetst for your chance to win a TEMPUR-pedic Mattress!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Date: Friday, 15 Aug 2014 10:30

I don’t know about all colleges but Toby’s college, Abilene Christian University, requires an iPad for classes.  Toby already had an iPad Mini but since it was something that would be consistently used for class, he wanted a keyboard.  There are tons of keyboard cases out there but nothing as sleek & dependable as the Clamcase Pro Keyboard Case.

Clamcase Keyboard Case4

It looks just like a laptop doesn’t it?!  The Clamcase Pro can adjust to 3 positions thanks to the 360′ hinge; the standard laptop position like above, the touchscreen position, and the tablet position.

Clamcase Keyboard Case7

Clamcase Keyboard Case8

The case is tough too!  It has an aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate shell that make it mega durable…perfect for a college student!  It has a full QWERTY Keyboard that is slightly elevated, which makes it very comfortable.  Clamcase Keyboard Case3

You’ll find that the lithium-ion battery will allow for months of use on just ONE charge. Now that’s awesome!  The Clamcase Pro has Auto wake and sleep and bluetooth connectivity.  There’s even feet on the bottom of the case so that it’s not sliding around everywhere.  If we had to find a flaw, it would be the weight.  It does make your iPad heavier but for us, it’s worth it for the added protection.

Clamcase Keyboard Case2

Clamcase Keyboard Case5

Toby is pretty impressed, expressing how sharp it is.  Me and Toby both agree that the Clamcase Pro Keyboard Case is worth the $129 price tag.  He may end up using this way more than his laptop! If that happens, I may steal his laptop ’cause I’m due for one!

Clamcase Keyboard Case



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Date: Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 10:00

Have you guys heard of CoSchedule?  OMYCOW! This social media editorial calendar is the most useful tool I’ve ever had as a blogger.  I was using another editorial calendar but man, it does NOT even compare to what this puppy can do.  Thank you Trisha for sharing this bit of awesomeness that will help simplify my job!


First off, you can use this in your blog dashboard, or stand alone at the CoSchedule website.  HELLLOOOO!! Already coolness y’all.   It’s so easy to use.  You’ll first need to connect all your social media networks.  It takes not time to do.  With Pinterest, you’ll have to connect each board you think you’ll be scheduling too. Again, that takes all of 30 seconds.  Then you’ll add your blog and viola, everything is connected.  You’ll be able to use it there or head to your blog dashboard and use it from there, if you prefer.  Once inside, you’ll be able to schedule posts quickly and in a visual manner, which I love!  I want to know how it’s gonna look before it’s posted so that was important to me.  Within a blog post, you’ll find a drop down menu like this:

CoSchedule Drop Down Menu

You’ll click on ‘Create Your First Message’ and there will be a list of social networks you are connected to, to the left.  You click which one you want and then you’ll visually see your social media post begin to form.

CoSchedule Social Media Posts

What’s super cool, is you can pick ANY day, ANY time you want it to post.  You’ll be able to do this for any of them so you literally could schedule social media posts a month ahead if you wanted!  SWEEEET!   Another cool factor is that you can literally drag and drop so if a client needs you to change the date of a social media post and you already had it scheduled, you simply drag it to that day.  teehee.  {{in love}}  And guess what bloggers???!!!!  You can additional blogs!  OH YEAH!  You’ll be able to use color coding to distinguish what’s what on the calendar and you’ll be able to navigate the blog you want on the left hand side.  Holy cow….I want to squeeeee.  Seriously y’all.

Sometimes pictures just can’t do justice so I encourage you watch the video.

If that’s not enough, CoSchedule has a pretty amazing referral program that I just love.  Once you see how awesome it is, it’s totally gonna help you save some money by spreading the word.  You’ll get to try it free and then after that, it’s $10 a month or if you pay annually, you’ll save $20.   For each referral that signs up using your link, you’ll receive a discount of 10%. As long as they keep their subscription, you’ll get your discount.  And guess what? There’s more.  If you find that you love it, and I promise you will, you can write a review like I’m doing now and receive 50% off your subscription for the entire year.  WOOHOO!!

So, what ya waiting for?  You know you’re curious!  Check out CoSchedule, the most awesome social media editorial calendar, ever!

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Date: Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 03:39

The last time we took a Carnival Cruise, it happen to be our 20th anniversary.  This go ’round, it was time for a family trip.  After losing my dad, getting my mom moved and situated, enrolling one kid in college, another contemplating his dream of cowboying, and one ready for 2nd grade, we were due some rest and relaxation time.  I can’t thank Carnival Cruise enough for sponsoring such a tremendous opportunity for me and my family.

Carnival Magic

For now, I’m gonna give you a quick overview of our trip, but stay tuned for more detailed posts regarding things for kids to do, things for adults to do, and off the ship excursions. I may even throw in a few tips that you might not know about!


A perk to our sponsored family trip, was being VIP. You could get some of the same perks as we did buy grabbing the Faster to the Fun pass!  We were swept aside to another room where they gave us our cards immediately, and we were able to sit in a nice room with complimentary beverages.  We were traveling with 5 other families so we stepped out of the room occasionally to wave hi. lol  Within a few minutes, we were then taken aboard the ship, into the main lobby where we received complimentary drinks.  I had a Miami Vice, Truett & Toby had smoothies, and my husband enjoyed a beer.  Vacation had truly begun!  We immediately started experiencing random happiness all around the ship.


When we got to our rooms, we made sure to set some ground rules, particularly for Truett.  We explained how the Sail & Sign card worked, where maps of the ship were, and what to do if he couldn’t ever find his way to wherever he was going.    With that, we let loose and enjoyed the ride.

Sea-esta on the Carnival magic

Having two sea days before our first port, allowed us to explore and enjoy many of the onboard fun & services immediately.  Truett’s favorites were the WaterWorks and Putt-Putt course but he also had plenty of other things that made him happy…..like the ice cream machine.  Need I say more? Seriously, even adults were eating ice cream for breakfast and at midnight. It’s vacation after all so who cares, right?!

I have to say, this is THE most photos me and my husband have ever taken together and I LOVED it.  That’s what a Carnival Cruise will do for you.  It just liberates you and lets you be carefree, fun, and a go-with-the-flow type of person.


The first day we really did decompress from our 8hr drive and from “reality”  as we know it.   It was nice to just to soak up the sun on the decks, enjoy the music, and watch Truett be in awe of everything.  And really, to see Toby embrace something so new, was awesome. Our kids have lived very sheltered lives living on those ranches, far from anything.  This was such a nice change of environment for them.  To make things even lovelier, we traveled with 5 other families so we had friends to hang out with too!  This sweet gal, even made our matching shirts for the cruise!

meand shelby


There’s sooooo much to tell you guys about but that comes next week so STAY TUNED Y’ALL!! I have cool stuff to share and if my Toby can cruise, you can too!!!!  He thought he would hate it but he loved it.  Until then……



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Date: Saturday, 09 Aug 2014 03:38

My son Toby leaves for Abilene Christian University very soon, while Truett will be entering the second grade.  It hasn’t been until the last couple of weeks that it has really start to hit me that I will only have one boy at home.  It’s not just that either, it’s the fact that Toby and Truett are soooooo close.  Toby has always, since Truett was very little, been a very overprotective, awesome big brother.  I don’t think either have any idea how much they’ll miss each other and it makes my heart heavy.


As we’ve slowly gathered items for Toby’s dorm room, he sorta raised an eyebrow when I mentioned that he needed Kleenex tissues.  I explained that because they had a community bathroom and not their own private one, that he wouldn’t be able to just quickly grab tissue for a runny nose and that having some Kleenex at his bedside will be a nice convenience.   I had to give a logical reason because, in truth, Toby could care less about the style of dorm room.  He plans to study and sleep there, not host anyone.  Of course, I wanted to spruce his dorm up just a bit so I bought some of these super cool Kleenex Oval Expression tissues in colorful chevron patterns.  Who would have thought that you could have such Kleenex style with facial tissue?   I bought several and put them all over the house but Toby’s preference was blue to do with his denim comforter.  He said it was less girly that way.  I totally get that.

Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue

As we count down the days until he leaves home for college, I have used my fair share of tissues.  Since not much can cheer me up during this time, I can at least have a cute Kleenex design tissue box by my side to brighten the moment, right?  Hey, whatever works you know?

dorm room essentials

Anyways, in honor of Toby heading to college, I wanted to share with you what Toby’s Dorm essentials are.

  1. Of course, Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue boxes are especially handy when you don’t have your own bathroom to grab some TP.  Plus, these super cute designs help spruce up a dull guy’s dorm room.  And really, they are just soft and nice to have for blowing the nose. Yep.
  2. Having a desk lamp that can stretch out is pretty handy for when lazy bones doesn’t want to sit at the desk, but instead lay in bed.
  3. Fridge with dry erase board  is fantastic for remembering birthdays and to-do’s.
  4. Towels!  And if you’re lucky enough to have a special lady in your life to embroider their initials on them, that’s even better. Then you don’t have to worry about who’s taking your towels!
  5. Toby likes a clean environment so he definitely recommends a cordless vacuum for hard floors and area rugs.
  6. Coffee maker is a must.  It can be used for coffee but also hot teas and may become a necessity during test time.
  7. Hangers y’all.  There won’t be much drawer space for things so make you send hangers so they can hang up as much as possible.
  8. Gotta protect those electronics with a good surge protector.  We recommend one with USB ports so that portable electronics can be charged without taking another plug.
  9. Bed throw pillows.  There also won’t be much room for chairs so having these types of pillows will allow a friend to sit back against it on the bed.   Kinda handy!
  10. And finally, not shown in the picture but totally an awesome essential to have….bonus tip for the GUYS……an umbrella!!!  Thanks to Toby’s great Aunt Kathy, Toby has learned that an umbrella is absolutely necessary for two reasons.  1) obviously it will protect you from the rain and 2) it will protect you and the ladies from the rain. Yep, have an umbrella and that girl that doesn’t want to get her hair all wet will be running to get under that thing!  Chick magnet yo!


So as I sit and watch my son sort through college emails and finalize everything, I remember when he was born and those tiny little fingers.  I remember when he was 2 and so dramatic when he’d fall down, telling me he was bleeding.  I remember when he was 13, running around the rain with his little bitty brother.  I remember high school graduation and his chest boasting with pride.  So even when away at college, I’ll always remember his beautiful smile…….and that my friends, is why I also need Kleenex Oval Expression Tissues.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided for my time & efforts courtesy of Kleenex + Walmart. All opinions and stories are my own, always heartfelt, and the truth. That’s just how I roll.

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Date: Saturday, 28 Jun 2014 06:05

Sin seems to be on my mind pretty regularly these days.   Obviously we all sin and even acknowledge our sin most times, but what’s interesting, is how we all justify it.   When we justify sin, in my opinion, it’s a blatant disregard for God.  We are pretty much saying, we don’t need Him and that Jesus dying on that cross for our sins, was for nothing.  When we justify sin, we do it because we want what WE want, and not what God wants.  You know, being selfish, as usual.

My heart holds much conviction about certain things;  things that affect me, my family, and my friends.  And because of this, I struggle with how to deal with my own sin…….and the sin of others.  Maybe you can’t relate, but maybe you can?   I’m really bad about comparing sin.  You know, like, I drink way too much soda (when I know it’s not good for my body), but it’s not as bad as, say, alcohol…..right?  Justifying sin.

So why is it so hard to be good?  God did make each of us unique, but we are also to be of the fruit of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 “But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.”

God asks us to change and put off sin, not make excuses for it.   When WE control our flesh, Satan boldly and creatively slithers his way in and justifies our sins.  But when we allow the Lord to work through us, we can choose to change how we sin, and how we deal with sin.   We need to constantly ‘inspect’ the fruit so that it doesn’t get rotten.

I pray that God will continue to lay conviction on my heart on things He wants changed.   I pray that the conviction is so heavy and undeniable, that my only choice will be to change into what He wants me to be.

Ephesians 4:20-25 “But that isn’t what you were taught when you learned about Christ. Since you have heard all about him and have learned the truth that is in Jesus, throw off your old evil nature and your former way of life, which is rotten through and through, full of lust and deception. Instead, there must be a spiritual renewal of your thoughts and attitudes. You must display a new nature because you are a new person, created in God’s likeness — righteous, holy, and true. So put away all falsehood and “tell your neighbor the truth” because we belong to each other.”


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Date: Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014 15:20

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Rust-Oleum® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Rust-Oleum®.
If you haven’t heard of Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ Moisture Repelling Treatment, don’t worry, neither had I.  Thanks to my son Toby, I got a winded explanation of what it is.  Apparently, it’s awesomeness in a can.
Rust-Oleum Moisture Repelling Treatment

Basically, Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ repels water.  You spray it on in a 2 step process and magic happens.  Since I hadn’t heard of it before, Toby was quick to show me exactly how cool it was.  He took a white tshirt and did the neverwet process on it.  Once it was dry, he put it on.  Next thing I knew, he was grabbing condiments out of my fridge, specifically mustard and this is what happened….

Pretty stinkin’ cool huh!  We did this for fun just but I wanted to share with you so that you could get the whole idea of how it works.   While I could think of 100 things on what to spray the Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ on, I simply wanted to make my bird feeder a little tougher against the Texas wind, heat, and rain.

Bird feeders can get expensive but I bought this little one for $3.97. I used Rust-Oleum red spray paint to give it a quick makeover.  Once dry, I started the NeverWet process.

rust-oleum neverwet

rust-oleum neverwet2

rust-oleum neverwet3

You start with Step 1, the base coat. You spray a coat of Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ and let dry 30 minutes.

rust-oleum neverwet5

Once the base coat is dry, you go to step 2 and spray a coat of the top coat.  You’ll let this dry as well and then repeat.

rust-oleum neverwet6

The Frosty Clear Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ does discolor slightly to a flat frost finish.  You can see in the final photo that it wasn’t that noticeable on this particular project but you should always test. When we tested it by pouring water on it, you could see the water beads roll right off the bird feeder.  SUCCESS!

Rust-Oleum NeverWet™  can be used on metal, wood, aluminum, galvanized metal, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt, vinyl siding, fiberglass, canvas, most plastics and more.  It is NOT recommended for clothing or electronics.  As I said above, the white shirt demo that my son did, was just to show you how it works.

bird seed

I could think of tons of other uses too but I wanna know what you would use it on?  I think my next project is to repaint my metal wagon wheels and then apply the NeverWet to minimize rust!
Rust-Oleum NeverWet LogoRust-Oleum®’s NeverWet® contains breakthrough technology that protects virtually any surfaces with a superhydrophic treatment that dramatically repels water, mud, ice and other liquids.

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Date: Thursday, 05 Jun 2014 12:39

What better way to kick of the summer than with a $100 Kohl’s gift card giveaway!? With all the hustle and bustle of the summer months, and the kids in need of activities and more of our time; a $100 trip to Kohl’s –just for mom– may be just what the doctor ordered!

The 411 on the $100 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway


You, of course!

Note: giveaway is open to the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. However, if winner chosen is in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, they will receive an e-gift card instead of one via snail mail.


$100 Kohl’s Gift Card.


Giveaway will be open from June 5, 2014 – June 27, 2014. Winner will be chosen at random on or about June 30, 2014 and their name will be displayed in the Rafflecopter widget below. If winner does not respond within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be chosen.


Just leave a comment below telling us what you would do with the $100 Kohl’s gift card if you won, and leave the rest to fate! ;)

All other tasks are optional to increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway is sponsored by:

Moms of Faith
Director Jewels
The Neighborhood Moms
Blog By Donna
Inspired Moms Club
A Cowboy’s Wife
This Mama Cooks! On a Diet
This Roller Coaster Called Life
Living Smart Girl
Mrs. Wright Writes

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:Kohl’s is not affiliated with this giveaway or its sponsors. Prize is being provided by sponsors mentioned above.

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