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Date: Friday, 23 Mar 2012 18:59

I think about the perfect summery mix.  Possilby something to rollerskate to near a beach or something equally picturesque?  Or maybe to loaf in a field of ladybug filled flowers?  Or skipping through a cemetary, for all of you dour types perhaps?

I'm thinkin' such a mix might look a little like this:

Beach Fossils - Plastic Flowers

A wake cover.  Those jangly guitars & girl & boy vocals -- oh man, it just kills me every time.  And here's another track I'm enjoying, which is a bit newer: 



Lotus Plaza - Strangers

This is Lockett Pundt (you know, the dreamy guitarist) from Deerhunter's solo project.  "Strangers" is the first single off of the forthcoming "Spooky Action from a Distance" album. It's beautiful & man, is he easy on the eyes -- everyone wins!  So here he is performing the song -- LIVE: 


 After watching I say this to the heavens above:  please send me this guitar angel man.

Violens - Der Microarc

This song is NEW & so lovely. I'm excited to hear the full-length which is out on May 15th.  Here's the video for the song:



 Only three songs you say? Oh I have more that will go on this summer mix.  Like an episode of CHiPs, this is a To Be Continued....

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Date: Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012 20:24

You may not know this about me, but beneath this tuff exterior lies a sappy, mushy interior. Ah yes, I am a secret romantic.  I hide it well, I try to anyway.  Nothing makes me swoon more than a chanteuse/chanson bluurbling about whatever it is they are singing about (sadly I don't speak French -- Quelle tragédie!)

It goes without saying that I loved the movie "Midnight in Paris" & "Amelie."  Mon Dieu, I am a cliche. Here French songs that I am particularly enjoying right now:

Pink Martini -- Je N'est Veux pas Travaille

Rufus Wainwright -- Complainte De La Butte

Earth Kitt -- Je Cherche Un Homme

Charles Trenet -- La Mer

Je T'aime.






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Date: Saturday, 14 Jan 2012 01:10

First off, what you are witnessing is the resurrection of SUGARTOWN.  Yes, this is happening!  After about two years of inactivity, I am back.  Let's hope I don't become bored with myself too soon.  Encouraging messages welcome.

It seems fitting that the first thing I should get to gush about is the HOLY SHIT AM I DREAMING EVENT happening in April: Chickfactor is having a 20th Birthday Party!  They're putting on two sets of shows. One will be at The Bell House in Brooklyn on April 10, 11 & 12 & the other will be on April 6 & 7 Artisphere in D.C. (Arlington)!!  I got my tickets to the Brooklyn shows & now I just have to wait 3 WHOLE MONTHS for it....

So who am I most excited about seeing?

Black Tambourine


06 Throw Aggi Off The Bridge

Small Factory


Sadly, I don't have any Small Factory anymore.  I love the album "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got"  & the songs "I'm Not Giving Up" & "Valentine" are just...so so good.



01 Davey  Oh this one is a gem! 

Aislers Set


01 Friends Of The Heroes  Just lovely.



05 Basements

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group


10 Stormtrooper

So pretty much all of the first two nights!  I can't make the third night so I'm not even going to entertain the thought of who I'm missing (it will be good too...dammit).  This is a do-not-miss, once-in-a-lifetime event so get your tickets before it sells out!  Who knows when these people will be lured out to play for us again?

For further reading, here's a handy Guide to the Chickfactor Party Line Up in Brooklyn.  Maybe I'll see you there!  I'll be the girl with the glasses weeping tears of joy off to the side, nerdishly singing all the words along with everyone else.

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Date: Friday, 26 Mar 2010 17:02


I'm obsessed with Sophie Blackall's gorgeous illustrations of Missed Connections.  They're so whimsical & beautiful I sort of can't stand it.

On her blog, she describes the missed connections she depicts as: "Messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand; the modern equivalents are the funny, sad, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless, poetic posts on Missed Connections websites. Every day hundreds of strangers reach out to other strangers on the strength of a glance, a smile or a blue hat. Their messages have the lifespan of a butterfly. I'm trying to pin a few of them down."

Luckily, you can purchase some of this beauty for yourself at her Etsy shop.  I bought two the other day but darn it if I haven't found more that I want already!  I just might have to dedicate an entire wall of my apartment to her work at this rate & I see absolutely nothing wrong with this.


Everyone's talking about Broken Bells - the collaboration between Danger Mouse & James Mercer from The Shins - with good reason, it's pretty awesome from what I've heard so far.  Here's a track that I especially like, which is the title track of their release:  Broken Bells -- The High Road

The next band - called Cults - have no musical past but seem to have a future together if they decide to continue.  They're getting a buzz since Pitchfork posted them as their weekly Best New Music pick a few weeks ago but seem to be a couple who posted their songs for their friends to listen to -- this must be irritating on so many levels to all of those bands hustling to have their music heard out there. 

In any event, they have a Bandcamp site where you can download their three songs for FREE, including this little number, which I find quite lovely:  Cults -- Most Wanted

Okay so The Radio Dept have a full-length coming out in mid-April & I really couldn't be more excited about it.  It's called "Clinging to a Scheme" -- you can pre-order it from Labrador & listen to a track called "The Video Dept" from the album via YouTube.


Oh & like I'll be spinning more new stuff I've been hearing tomorrow on my weekly internet radio show Sandy Acres Sound Lab on East Village Radio so listen live from 10 am to noon EST if you can or check it out later.  Listen in won't you?

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Date: Thursday, 17 Dec 2009 02:40

I'm going to be spinning at the Madewell store in SoHo (on Broadway at Broome) again on Wednesday, 12/23 from 4 to 8 pm.  Come by, get those last minute presents & say hi!


Kate-Bush-Running-Up-That-H-18241 Okay now that I've covered the bidness du jour, today's post will be focusing on those fine fine ladies of the eighties.

Kate Bush -- Running Up That Hill 

Back in the day if you'd have said you were a Kate Bush fan, I would've just written you off as a nerdy theatre major or something.  I just didn't really get her whole deconstructed literary ballerina thing & I was also sort of a dick.

Since then, I've grown up (a bit) &  gone back & listened to her & found lots of great songs -- like this one!  Someone needs to remix this mother with a really good beat so it's easier to dance to though.


Kirsty MacColl -- They Don't Know  

Sure we all remember Tracey Ullman's version, but did you know that Kirsty MacColl wrote it & sang it first?  

I like 'em both but this one is less brassy & silly.  It's got heart & sweetness.  It doesn't try to be cute.

Here's a photo montage someone put together -- I don't think this song ever had a video.



Eurythmics -- Who's That Girl 

Seriously how cool is she, is he?  I was admittedly pretty confused by Annie when I first saw the "Sweet Dreams" video.  Why would a woman dress like that?

"Dumb hearts get broken just like china cups"  And this video -- I love the video to this song!  She's both the guy & the girl!  It totally twisted my brainz. Did you catch some of those new wave cameos?

Blondie -- Dreaming

I've got to end it here with possibly THE sexiest lady of the 80s -- Miss Debbie Harry.  I love that this song is just so shamelessly girl group stylee.  

You know, listening to Blondie as a young, impressionable kid probably made me want to move to NYC in the first place.  Because I always considered myself somewhat of a badass, this line has always stuck with me:  "when I met you in a restaurant you could tell I was no debutante." 

Here's Blondie performing on some TV show  & Debbie is hella sweaty.


And this?  Well this is totally unrelated to this post & awesome.

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Date: Sunday, 13 Dec 2009 04:48

 Oh man, remember these jams??  Pure dance floor butter.  I've thrown in some straight up bangers as well as guaranteed "panty peelers" as my friend Midge calls 'em.  Whut-whut (inthebutt).

Blackstreet Blackstreet feat Dr. Dre -- No Diggity -- Seriously, could this song be more awesome?  I will answer that for you: NO. Play on, playa  & pick up some sweet fashion tips for wearing those overalls, whydontcha.

Kriss Kross -- Jump -- Whoever the joker was who had those poor kids wearing their clothes backwards...well, they should be beaten with a pair of Cross Colours jeans.

Mase -- Feel So Good  -- I wish I could find the video to this song.  It's a great example of the ridiculous excesses of 90's hip hop.  In any event, this song is dance floor G*O*L*D.


Lauryn Hill -- Doo Wop (That Thing) --       I love her, wish she didn't go all wacko.  You can watch the video right here.

LL Cool J -- Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)  -- Aww yeh...this is how a real man tells you what he wants! Now pour that chocolate sauce on my legs, LL you dirty dirty dog.


As if that's not enough, feel free to browse amongst my video links:

Salt N Pepa -- Shoop  -- Yes, the video quality is THE WORST but the lyrics alone make it worth it.  I think you should try some of 'em out next time you go out... let me know how that goes.  Oh & what the hell, I've got to include this one too, right?: Salt N Pepa feat En Vogue -- Whatta Man 

Q-Tip -- Vivrant Thing  -- I bet Q-Tip never wanted that video shoot to end. Super sexy no?

Janet Jackson feat Q-Tip -- Got Til it's Gone  -- Not only do I like this song, but the video is just beautiful.  Janet's hair is pretty badass too.


Sigh.  Goodbye 90's.  I don't miss you at all, especially not your unfortunate fashion choices...


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Date: Thursday, 19 Nov 2009 21:47

Djwoman50s So if you're in NYC tonight, you should stop into HUGS (on N.7th between Berry & Wythe)!  It's a night called SHAKE IT UP! from 10 pm - 2 am. 

I'll be spinning the ridiculously obvious to the hopelessly obscure. Bring some friends & let's turn this into a dance party! If you're to the challenge, I am too...

::: TONIGHT 11/19 --


106 N 6th St
(between Wythe Ave & Berry St)

10 PM - 2 AM (or later!)

Now it's time to post some good stuff so you won't think I'm just a shameless self-promoter:

Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs -- I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya

I'm a big fan of Holly Golightly.  She's going to be Mercury Lounge on December 10th too & I bet it'll be a helluva show.  I really should get tickets one of these days..

The Halo Benders -- Don't Touch My Bikini

Oh Calvin, whatcha doing these days?  Well according to Wikipedia, he was in a movie called The Lollipop Generation in 2008.  And I'm happy to report he's in a new band called The Hive Dwellers!  I'm glad to see he's out there still doing his thing.

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Date: Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009 19:25


If you're looking for something to do tonight...


I'm spinning tonight at Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand Street -- at Lorimer)from 10 pm to 2 am -- come by! I'll be spinning new wave, classic soul, indie, twee, pop & whatever else seems fitting.  

& this is going to be super fun on Halloween...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Saturday October 31st

Miss Modular * Kevington * Dr MazN180879381094_933
Spin Eerie Indie, Bloody Brit, Peculiar Pop, Really Scary Rock & Retro (Plus anything from Shocking Shoegazer to Terrifying Twee)

That's right, after years in the making, MONDOWEEN returns! For one night only, we're hopping over to Brooklyn for a scarily fun evening of the best indie tunes and costumed dance floor antics! So get your outfit together and join us!

Huckleberry Bar
588 Grand Street (at Lorimer)
NO COVER!!  21 and over  10pm to 4am
By Subway:  L,G to Lorimer St.


This is the story of my life <-- The blog is called Can You Play that One Song.  Please take a moment & scroll through the entries.  I think I've experienced almost every entry in some way or another. I swure.


TWO songs that are rocking my world right now:

Thao2 Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down -- When We Swam  WHOO what a song -- what a voice!  It took me forever to give them a listen but hot damn am I glad that I did.  And are they from Virginia??  Even better.

Now someone tell me how to pronounce her name so I don't sound *quite* so dopey. Kthx.  MySpace page here.Datarock

Datarock -- True Stories (Album Version)  To tell you the truth, I didn't think I'd like 'em cause I  can be so snobby when it comes to uber hipster bands.  I mean look at the red jumpsuit, sunglasses & bmx action.  but this song is catchy as hell & I really really dig it.  So there.  Don't be as judgmental as me, go check out their MySpace page or something.


"May I Make Love to You" image taken from Epiclectic's Flickr 
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Date: Friday, 16 Oct 2009 16:39

Aww shizz...Could it be?  Another post -- so soon, so quick?!  It is like a beautiful dream come true.

So I've been doing a bit of apartment cleaning & de-cluttering, digging through my bins 'n bins of music.   I've believe I've come up with a few lil Renodakotaditties that you might find to your liking.

Yo La Tengo --Griselda  From the album Fakebook  -- their collection of cover songs released way back in 1990. ::Sigh::  Now this song is just adorable, isn't it?  It's a traditional folk song but who made it famous? I cannot tell you.  If you do know, leave a comment!  Read more about YLT at AllMusic.com.

Swell -- Smile My Friend  I'm very excited to have this one back in my repertoire.  I remember loving the hell out of this song back in the day.  Swell is so under-appreciated, no one I know seems to remember them!  I'm here to change all that.  And hey -- looks like they're still making beautiful music together according to their MySpace page.  Here, listen to another track --> so.good.:  Swell -- Here It Is

 Magnetic Fields -- Reno Dakota  Just thought I'd throw this one in cause it's so dang cute.  I was obsessed with this song -- enough to name my friend-only CD club Pantone 292!  OMG -- check out this cartoon blog called How Fucking Romantic -- it's completely devoted to artists illustrating the songs on 69 Love Songs!! 

SF Seals -- Still?  You may recognize the  vocals of the beloved Barbara Manning (of the World of Pooh & her own solo career).  If so, you are correct.  Ultimately, the SF Seals were a brief flash in the musical spectrum but the album Nowhere (that this track is from; also featured on the excellent What's Up Matador compilation) is a lovely pop gem.  This song in particular will give you a serious case of the sads.  Good to put on with you've got the blues real bad. (Make sure to listen til the very very end for the funny lil surprise!)

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Date: Monday, 12 Oct 2009 16:39


Just popping in to show you how amazingly clevah Morrissey is in case you'd forgotten.  Check this out:

 Elvis Presley -- Marie's The Name, His Latest Flame


Then check out the beginning of this live version of The Smiths

"Rusholme Ruffians" (from the album Rank):

The Smiths -- Rusholme Ruffians (live)

Sure changes the meaning when Moz sings it, no?

With all the bands reuniting & touring these days, I really *REALLY* wish these guys would bury their hatchets & do it.  But even pretty insane monetary offers aren't changing Moz's mind.

You can watch the version above in action in the video clip below:

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Date: Wednesday, 07 Oct 2009 03:10

"I've thought about us for a long long time, maybe I think too much but something's wrong...maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine..."  Todd Rundgren --Hello It's Me*

Bette_davis_and_joan_crawford_in_whatever_happened_to_baby_jane_trailer I know I've been gone for awhile but BUT YA'ARE MINE -- YA'ARE!!  (Please watch this for reference as to my delivery.)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I've missed you & I'm sorry I disappeared for awhile but I was feeling like I had nothing cool to share with you gentle reader.  But now, I think I've got the fever again. 

Now let me attempt to prove that to you.



I just finished reading the awesome Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain.  Highly recommended -- definitely VERY NYC-oriented (but then again, so am I).  Here's a great interview with Legs from October 2005 over at Gothamist that you might enjoy.

Next up:  Rip it Up & Start Again: Postpunk 1978 - 1984 by Simon Reynolds.  I'll be sure to letcha know how that goes.

*Todd Rundgren's also in Please Kill Me!  Just thought I should tie that in there since there was really no rhyme or reason for me posting his song other than to use in my apology.  But look -- I tied it in!


In other news, I'm really getting into the garage rockin' stuff lately & an excellent example of this genre is The Sonics of course.

The Sonics -- Money (That's What I Want)

The Sonics -- Have Love Will Travel

I like this bit from their Wikipedia page: "The Sonics are often-cited contenders for the title of "the first punk band" due to their wild and unconventional style. The band also have a clearly marked influence on American punk bands such as The Dead Boys in their brash, masculine style and posturing..."  Lookie -- they have a MySpace page even though they are 200 years old!

Kingkhan Ooh & you've been hearing a lot about King Khan & the Shrines, right?

King Khan & the Shrines -- Le Fils Du Jaques Dutronc

King Khan & the Shrines -- I Wanna Be A Girl

Check out their MySpace page.  Shit is wicked sexy, no?  Just look at that lead singer AND they sing about Jacques Dutronc who (as you know, smarty pants you) is the king of wicked sexy!

More soon...promise!

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Date: Thursday, 11 Jun 2009 22:34

A long long time ago, in the glimmery city of Chicagoland I had a radio show with my BFF Midge  called NERDALERT!

It was on Wednesday mornings from 6 to 9 am (now that's dedication!) on a now-dead radio station called WLUW.  It only lasted for a few months then the station manager axed it (she sort of sucked in my opinion) but then would occasionally let us team up for fund-raisers & special shows because we became really popular!

Author: "Sugartown"
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Date: Wednesday, 08 Apr 2009 05:15

20050504_vintagead Oof.  My head hurtz.  I was trying to find a funny old tyme-y ad to illustrate my headache but stumbled across this fucked up thing.

<---- Please explain wtf they are talking about -- do her ladyparts stink or something?? 

Anyway, it has been awhile.  I've been ramping up for what will be an INSANE summer for my little DJ company, popshop! djs.  Apparently people continue to get hitched even in the midst of an economic meltdown -- even in New York City (thank GAWD) & we're all getting a ton of work.  It's great!

Absolutely nothing to complain about -- except this headache.  Poo.

Some major (not really) updates:

- I finally broke down &  joined Twitter.  I know, I know - it is mostly THE WORST.  But I'm really using it only for music/DJ purposes, so like if you live in NYC & want to know where I'll be spinning next, you might want to sign up.  Or if you want to know if I've updated this blog, then you might want to too.  I don't get all philosophical or think-y on there or anything (unless Exceedrinyou count my occasional outbursts like about ELO & how Jeff Lynne is a golden god, but those are pretty rare).

So my Twitter handle is: ladycrumbcake -- There.  Go nutz!

- I know many of you are closet DJs so here's a fun way to be a "DJ" without getting yer phat ass off of the couch:  blip.fm!  And because I am a joiner now & join everything, I went & got myself a "station".  It's not enough for me to have a radio show on East Village Radio (Sandy Acres Sound Lab) -- no, I must have a presence EVERYWHERE.  

MUSIK DU JOUR:   "Songs that won't make your headache worse"

Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton -- Our Hell -- I love everything this woman touches & the lyrics to this song just break yer heart.  Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton MySpace HERE.

Mirah -- Words Cannot Describe  -- Ah the lightheartedness delirium of crushing hard on someone.  Mirah's MySpace HERE.

Cass Elliott -- Dream a Little Dream of Me (Introduction)  -- just heavenly!  You can learn a little bit more about Cass HERE.

Does anyone out there have that Medicine song "Time Baby 3" -- I've been looking for an MP3 everywhere on the internets & can't find it.  The slow, Cocteau Twins-ish version. Help a sister out.

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 17:35

  Many of you already know of my love for Blossom Dearie so you can imagine how sad I am to hear about her death on Saturday.  She was 82.

Dearie_blos_blossomde_103bI was fortunate enough to get to see her perform live a few years ago at Danny's Skylight Room here in NYC when my parents came up for a visit.  She was a teeny little lady, utterly adorable, with a shiny, short, white-blonde bob with bangs.

She played a charming set -- her voice still sweet & light, no signs of age seemed to mar it.  Little witty comments were sprinkled between the songs --  it was a little on the short side but darn near perfect.  Seeing that performance is still remembered as one of their favorite things we did in NYC.

After the show, she sat in the front of the bar, signed autographs & chatted with fans.  

Side note:  Before I move to NYC, I'd come here a lot for work & Blossom's light breezy voice always seemed to be in my head while I roamed the streets, specifically the Little Italy area.:  "tell me what street compares with Mott street in July?  Sweep pushcarts gliding by..."  Here's that version -- it's sublime:  Blossom Dearie -- Manhattan

When it was my turn to talk to her, I was a bit nervous. I told her that her version of "Manhattan" was the one that I love the most & gave me a rush of NYC pride whenever I heard it.  I also told her that play her music on my radio show frequently.  She asked me to write down theBlossomolder information about my radio show so she could listen to it -- so nice!  (Then my Mom tried to take a picture of us but didn't know how to use her camera so she couldn't get the flash to work, which was disappointing -- she doesn't like to read directions.  Damn you Mummy!)

I realize that's a completely boring non-story but I thought I'd share it anyway.  I just loved her music & feel lucky to have caught a performance.

NPR has re-posted a great interview with Blossom on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz show from 2001 -- click here to hear it

And here's her interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross (it aired in 1998) -- click here.

Here are a few of my favorite Blossom Dearie songs -- hope you enjoy:

-- Bet you didn't know she sang a couple of the most memorable songs the SchoolHouse Rock series:

Blossom Dearie -- Figure Eight

Blossom Dearie -- Unpack Your Adjectives

-- Here's a small sampling of  the songs in her repertoire -- just gorgeous:

Blossom Dearie --  You Fascinate Me So

Blossom Dearie -- Give Him The Ooh-La-La

Blossom Dearie -- Peel Me a Grape

R.I.P. Blossom -- thank you for giving us the gift of you.

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Date: Sunday, 11 Jan 2009 02:30

KathwinslowHappy New Year!

Boy am I glad 2008 is over cause LOOK at how much things have changed.  Okay, okay all bitchiness aside, I love the promise of a new year, don't you?



Are you like me?  Do you LOOVE cute shit?? 

Well, she's got some super cute stuff up there -- wouldn't a delightful handmade neckwarmer with a cute felted flowah be JUST THE THING to get for your friend - sister - girlfriend - wife - boss - lawyer - dog walker - etc?? 

& the flowers are removable & you can wear them on ANY scarf you own as well as this  ::kathrynwinslow:: you purchase!  She's also making them for dogs! 

And she's making headbands & other stuff too...



So I've got a couple of gigs coming up --

- Saturday, January 17th at FONTANA'S
I will rock & I will roll from 11 pm to 4 am!  Won't you rock with me?
105 Eldridge St (between Grand & Broome Sts)

Near the F,6,J,M Trains
Lower East Side

- Tuesday, January 20th at HUCKLEBERRY BAR  -- It's Inauguration Night! 
Finally, Barack will be in the House -- should be one heck of a party! 
I'll be spinning all sorts of stuff: new wave, indie, hip hop, electro , etc

from 10 to 2 amHopesandoval_2
588 Grand St (near Lorimer St)
Near the J,M,G,L Trains


Each Song is a Scene in My Own Sexy Video

My life is just that glamorous that I am often pretending to be in a feature film or a music video of the sexy kind (not the ADULT kind, however) in my head.  What can I say, it helps the day pass faster.

Portishead So now, onto some sexy musiks -- please to enjoy:

Jesus & Mary Chain featuring Hope Sandoval -- Perfume
Remember when Hope & Jim Reid were hot 'n heavy?  Not only were they both easy on the eyes, but together they made some sexy music.  Well this one makes me want to go question a suspect in a goth club.  A very sexy goth club. (Hope Sandoval & the Warm Intention's MySpace & Jesus & Mary Chain's MySpace)


Portishead -- The_Rip
This one makes me want to take a long drive somewhere as I make sexy, distant, forlorn faces at an unseen camera...Where am I going?  Why am I so interesting? yes, I know it's pretty ghey, but you know you totally do it too. (Portishead's MySpace)

Little Joy_-- Next Time Around
It's Fabrizio Moretti's new band & I'm lovin' it.  Now this one makes me want to lie on a sunny beach with sand between my toes. I am most likely sipping a fruity drink provocatively.  Just sublime. (Little Joy's MySpace)

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Date: Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008 02:34



I'll be spinning upstairs & The Mugs will be spinning downstairs!  I guarantee it will be awesome -- old skool hip hop, new wave, electro, disco, funk, hair metal -- whatever makes you dance like a fool!

& IT'S ONLY $15!

21+ / Doors open at 9
702 Union Street @ 5th Ave.
Near the R, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5 & F Trains
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a really fun & SAFE New Year's Eve!  We have a lot to look forward to in 2009 -- the incoming administration being first & foremost -- & I hope we all get through these trying times without getting too banged up.Friendly_fires



OOH & you should go check out the most recent SANDY ACRES SOUND LAB SHOW!  Not only is it FOUR HOURS LONG (Gawd help you all) but I also sprinkled all of my favorite hits from 2008 throughout the show.   I doubt my picks will surprise you, but there sure was a LOT of great stuff released this year!


Let me share with you the songs that are charming the socks off of me right now:

Friendly Fires feat. Au Revoir Simone -- Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
This one is pure gold.  I know I have recently said that ARS are a bit dull. I could change my mind on that though.  Or could it be that Friendly Fires brought out the best in them?  Maybe, perhaps.

The Kills -- Sour_Cherry
Give this one a listen & do your own version of some sort of sexy ass shake.  From first listen I wanted to pick a fight, smack my own ass & make out with the guy next to me.  This one's off the chain...I'm not kidding!Lily_allen

& now for some excellent covers:

Florence & the Machine -- Postcards_from_Italy
I keep hearing that Florence & the Machine is the indie critic's darling right now.  I'm not quite sure what I think this band yet.  Her voice is powerful & almost too much to bear but it's really amazing.  This is also my favorite Beirut song  -- & it's a surprising & refreshing cover.

Lily Allen -- Womanizer
Ya know, I really like that Lily Allen.  I like her voice, I think she turns a phrase quite well & she's just a silly, cute girl.  I realize she might be sort of a dipshit but I just don't care.  And this cover is, simply put, G-E-N-I-O-U-S.

I hope her record label doesn't get too mad at her for being a little thoughtless & impulsive.  She is a kid after all.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Dec 2008 06:35

Oh, to be a REAL girl & to take a bubble bath in a pink keg! 

Perhaps you're like me with only a stand up shower & a toilet in yer bafroom -- my only sink is in the kitchen.  Yes, you read that right, it's in the kitchen!  I have to brush my teeth over my dirty cereal dishes.  It's not a glamorous life but hey, it's all mine.

My last post, I focused on girlie pop jams.  But I have so many more & want to share them all with you, my peaches. 


-- Fontana's on Sat Dec 20th --

A night of all RAWK all night!  They ask me to fill in I say YES. 

105 Eldridge St between Broome & Grand Sts
Near the F, V, 6, J & M Trains

No cover, 21+
11 to 4 am

-- New Year's Eve at Union Hall --
-- DJs on both floors! --
The Mugs spinning downstairs & DJ Colleen Crumbcake will spin upstairs.  It's gonna be a DANCE REVOLUTION!!

-- Drink specials! --
Free beer from 8-9pm & $3 Absolut & Jameson till midnight.
Free Champagne toast at midnight. 

702 Union St at 5th Ave
Park Slope
Near the R, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5 & F Trains

$15 cover / 21+
8 PM TO 4 AM

So...I give you some more beauties for you to crush on today:

** Wye Oak  **
Wye Oak are just one guy & one girl playing & singing.  I just downloaded  their entire album from eMusic  based entirely upon this song, so that says something AND they were just signed to MERGE which says a lot more.  I have no idea what she's saying but the melody has gotten stuck on repeat in my brain since the first listen:  Wye Oak -- Warning

**  School of Seven Bells aka SVIIB  **
I just saw them perform at the Mercury Lounge on Monday night & ::WOW:: was it stellar.  Pretty sophisticated stuff & they sounded pretty damn perfect.  They played this the other night & it was just gorgeous:  School of Seven Bells -- Chain

**  Blonde Redhead  **
I used to have a really hard time getting into Blonde Redhead.  There.  I said it.  All of my friends have gushed & raved while they just sort of left me cold.  But every now & then, I'll pick something up & give it listen again & it'll just knock me out.  This is one of those songs:  Blonde Redhead -- Silently

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Date: Thursday, 11 Dec 2008 04:39

Last_christmaswham I can't remember if I've posted this one in years past, but darn it if it isn't an annual delight!:

Pas/Cal -- Last_Christmas

Those kids in Pas/Cal sure do play the pop music real nice. They also have some super cute T-shirts!

Am I the only one who had a major crush on Andrew Ridgeley?  Even with a ghey reindeer suit on, he's still...ok, you're right, he looks dumb as hell.

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Date: Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008 00:15

448231020_845c8345a4I know I don't post nearly as often as I should... I'm often shocked when I hear that anyone actually reads this thing other than me & maybe my friends  -- so if you've been anxiously awaiting a new entry...  well this one is worth the wait!

I'm now going to lay upon you some incredibly beautiful songs -- so lovely that I do believe they might make your day...possibly even your week!

You know how I love the pop & the girlie pop gems are my absolute favorites.  (Blame it on Velocity Girl, Heavenly or Juliana Hatfield I guess)

Anyway this post is pretty much a beautiful girl gift to you my darlings so




I am a little bit obsessed with this song these days:   Young Marble Giants - Eating_Noddemix  -- I just love it.

** HOLY CRAP! Young Marble Giants will be reuniting & playing Colossal Youth in its entirety at the May 2009 All Tomorrow's Parties in Somerset, England!  Somebody get me a ticket, please??  **

In case you are (like me) wondering just wtf noddemix is, I happened upon this explanation at a site calledNoddemix_2 Cardiffians: The Young Marble Giants Web Archive:

"According to Stuart Moxham, noddemix is a Swiss cereal bar.  A friend of mine actually found one in Sweden; ... However, after finally figuring out to do a proper Google search for the term (the secret is in the letter "ø"), it now appears that "nøddemix" is actually a generic term for 'mixed nuts.'"

After Young Marble Giants, Alison Statton formed a wonderful band called Weekend -- here's a lovely song to sample by them:

Weekend - Summer_Days
I have my pal Ion to thank for turning me onto Weekend -- just gorge!   Here's a video clip of them performing this song LIVE! Stuart Moxham from YMG went on to form

a band called The Gist, but I don't think I have anything by them to post here unfortunately.



As you know I spin at a lot of NYC-area weddings & a great couple gave me this Os Mutantes song to play during their cocktail hour. What a gem!:
Os Mutantes - Baby

Sometimes I get to meet & work with the coolest people & they were definitely an example of that.

Anywhoosie, click here for a trailer for the documentary about Os Mutantes that was released like two years ago.

**  SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS  **Schoolofsevenbells

Q: What's better than gorgeous music?

A: Why gorgeous music sung by beautiful people of course!

That brings me to a SHINY NEW BAND from right here in Brooklyn -- School of Seven Bells! (This is what I would've hoped bands like Au Revoire Simone would sound like, but just do not.  Sorry it had to be said.)
School of Seven Bells - Connjur

For those of us in NYC, they're playing at Mercury Lounge on Monday, Dec 15th & I (for one) will definitely be there!


Oh & if you're looking for something fun to do on New Year's Eve,  I'm spinning an awesome dance set at UNION HALL in Brooklyn!! 


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Date: Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 00:31

VintagethanksgivinggirlToday, let's be thankful for good pop music with these lil' treasures...

Aluminum Group -- Sugar & Promises

-- Aluminum Group's MySpace

Ivy -- I Hate_December

-- Ivy's MySpace

Air Miami -- Airplane_Rider

-- Air Miami via Wikipedia

Aislers set -- Friends_of_the_Heroes

-- Aisler's Set's MySpace

Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenny -- Carolina

-- Ben Gibbard & Andrew Kenny's PopMatters review

Blossom Dearie -- Peel_Me_a_Grape

-- Blossom Dearie's Wikipedia entry

Le Mans -- Un_Rayo_De_Sol

-- Le Mans feature on Idotalor

Lullaby Baxter Trio -- Knucklehead

-- Lullaby Baxter's MySpace

Air -- Remember

-- Air's MySpace

Anne Savoy & her Sleepless Knights -- Ces_Petites_Choses

-- Anne Savoy's MySpace

Much love from me to you on this day of eating til our distended bellies explode the buttons off of our skinny jeans!  You might also want to check out my radio show this weekend -- it has a fun travel theme for the holiday!

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