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Date: Friday, 02 Dec 2011 09:13

Facebook Timelines

Facebook Timeline, the latest feature released by Facebook which able to turn your Facebook profile into an interactive story with biography style time lapse in the chronological order.

Now, Facebook Timeline is not limited to Facebook app developers nor on computer. If you would like to spice up your Facebook viewing experience on iPad, install Timelines for Facebook app to enable Facebook Timeline on iPad on the fly.

Facebook Timelines

Timelines for Facebook app is a free iPad app which brings you a stunning Facebook viewing experience with flipping through the story of your life & view albums in a new social experience.

It supports swipe-based navigation and common quick links like News Feed, Friends, Notifications and more. You can either flip through Profiles and Timelines in alphabetical OR random order.

Note: Timelines only accesses user data when the application is running. In order to offer some of the features without relogging in, users need to allow offline permission. Your information is not being collected or saved.

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Date: Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011 12:00

10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

Tower defence is an addictive genre of strategy games. It’s a perfect time waster to kill your times silently and effectively.

When tower defence games merge with iPad, you have to play it to believe it. 9.7 inches of high-resolution screen with 0.34 inch thin and weighs as little as 1.33 pounds make tower defence games on iPad so different from what we used to.

This week we’re going to showcase 10 highly addictive iPad tower defence games that will make you glue to iPad for very long. Most of the games fall within the $2.99 to $9.99 range, but you can find titles that are free.

1. Plants vs. Zombies ($6.99)

Get ready to soil your plants in this high-definition, Multi-Touch adaptation of the PopCap hit!

Plants vs. Zombies - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

2. Anomaly Warzone Earth ($3.99)

Take control of the attacking force, pitting your heavily armored squad against the destructive towers of an alien horde.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

3. iBomber Defense ($2.99)

iBomber Defense combines classic tower defense gameplay with the intense action and strategy of the original iBomber games.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

4. TapDefense (Free)

Nominated one of the top free apps and top free games on the bestappever 2008 awards.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

5. Sentinel 3: Homeworld ($2.99)

Take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry!

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

6. TowerMadness ($2.99)

Protect the flock using only quick thinking and the arsenal of upgradeable weaponry at your disposal.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

7. Vector TD (Free)

The Vectoids are on the move, and only you can stop them! Eliminate each wave of Vectoids before they reach the end of the path by constructing towers.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

8. Fieldrunners ($7.99)

Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defence master?

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

9. Guns’n'Glory ($0.99)

Become the most fearsome and richest leader of all bandits in the Wild West!

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

10. Tower Defense: Lost Earth ($0.99)

Take command of towers and special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of enemies on the hostile alien planet.

 - 10 Highly Addictive iPad Tower Defence Games

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Date: Tuesday, 29 Nov 2011 12:00

iPhone 4/4S Custom Stickers

Need a custom skin to spice up your iPhone 4(S)? How about this?

Today we have an amazing giveaway and we thought this is something iPhone 4/4S users might be interested. Winners of today’s giveaway will be received a free customized iPhone 4/4S skin.

iPhone 4/4S Customized SKin

If you’re a fan of Steve Jobs, this customized iPhone 4/4S skin is made for you. It contains a new Apple logo with Steve Jobs face in shadow to commemorate the founder of Apple Inc.

This iPhone 4/4S skin uses a premium reposition-able adhesive that’s easy to apply and to remove so it won’t damage your device.

Moreover, this skin will protect from minor scratches because it made from a durable vinyl with an extra thick paper backing to protect against damage, but its main purpose is to add style and help your iPhone stand out.

How To Win

We have 25 copies to giveaway to our readers and fan in Facebook fan page. You can

Either way counts, doing both adds more weight.

We’ll randomly pick 25 winners. Contest starts today, ends on 25th December 2011. Good luck!

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Date: Monday, 28 Nov 2011 06:13

Fake Siri Conversation Screenshot

Siri is fun. Especially when the conversations turn into something funny and interesting. Perhaps you have seen many people sharing around the entertaining screenshots of Siri conversations and would like to create your own but don’t own an iPhone 4S.

Don’t worry, there’s a fun tool called ifakesiri that can generate fake screenshot of Siri conversation without using any image editing software.

How to Use iFakeSiri

Using ifakesiri is very simple. It has a very simple and direct user interface which allows you to choose a carrier and enter a conversation.

iFakeSiri Options

Once complete, click on “Create Your Siri Conversation” button to view the fake screenshot.

Siri Conversation Output

In the output window, you can:

  • Save the fake Siri conversation by right clicking the thumbnail, then select "Save Image As…"
  • Share your image to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, email and more.
  • Copy the link of the output page, link of the image, HTML for image and link.
  • Add a Facebook comment on the output page.
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Date: Friday, 25 Nov 2011 14:27


You just come back from a long vacation and have hundred or maybe thousand of photos in your camera. Now, when viewing those photos in computer screen, you realize the quality is not up to your expectation and you’re struggling whether want to upload and share them in your Facebook album.

One of the solution is enhance the photo quality by editing them with some image editors. But editing one photo by another one is not something really fun or worse, your image editor is not your favourite tool in list. To solve the problem, you can actually edit your photos in batch by using Photoscape.

Photoscape Image Editor

In short, Photoscape is a free image editing software which fix and enhance photos in batch. It comes with a comprehensive features like resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text, drawing pictures, ropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming, clone stamp and more.

Photoscape Batch Editor

Photoscape Batch Editor

Photoscape Batch Editor supports Frames, Resize, Filters and Objects. To edit photos in batch,click on "Batch Editor" button on top. Then add your photos by clicking "Add" button or drag and drop your photos into workplace. After that you’re allowed to change the options on the right.

You can even preview the change on every photo by clicking the photos’ labels on top. Click "Convert All" to convert your photos in batch.

To learn more about Photoscape Batch Editor, watch below video:

Other Features of Photoscape

Photoscape has actually more features and capabilities in editing images. Besides image editor and batch editor features, it also supports:

  • Viewer : Slideshow, Fullscreen, Wallpaper, Lossless Rotation, Exif
  • Page : Make one photo by merging multiple photos at the page frame
  • Combine : Make one photo by attaching multiple photos vertically or horizontally
  • Animated GIF
  • Print
  • Screen Capture
  • Color Picker
  • Raw Converter : Convert RAW to JPG
  • Rename
  • Paper Print : Print lined, graph, music, calendar papers




Download Photoscape

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Date: Monday, 21 Nov 2011 09:43

Share Photos in Batch to Facebook or Twitter from iPhone [How-To]

Sharing photos in batch to Facebook or Twitter from iPhone could be a painful and tedious job because it requires you to copy pictures from iPhone to your computer, and then upload them to Facebook or Twitter.

We love iPhone, especially the newest released iPhone 4S which comes with 8-megapixel resolution and a custom lens with a larger f/2.4 aperture. Not to mention an improved backside illumination sensor, excellent auto white balance, advanced color accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur.

These amazing features should make photographs taking and sharing more fun even bulk upload. While iOS 5 is not supporting photos sharing in batch, you may try this app – Batch, which claims itself the simplest way to share an album, or batch of photos directly from your phone to Facebook or Twitter.


With Batch, you’re allowed to share a batch, and relive that night out partying with friends, dinner with family, or the concert where you tweeted your batch for anyone to see in seconds. Just create a batch, tag friends, and choose how you want to share.


Batch requires a Facebook account because it uses Facebook Connect. Once you install Batch and launch it, Batch prompts you to upload existing pictures from your iPhone to Facebook.

Photos editing is allowed before you publish your photos in batch to Facebook. There’re 2 sharing options – private sharing or visible to friends. You can also post a link to your batch on Facebook or Twitter account.

Original Post: Share Photos in Batch to Facebook or Twitter from iPhone [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011 15:31

Send SMS from Computer with0ut Jailbreak Your iPhone [How-To]

Looking for a solution to write text messages on your PC or Mac and send them via your iPhone? There’re plenty of apps allow you to send SMS by using computer keyboard but most of them require a jailbroken iPhone.

If you don’t intend to jailbreak your iPhone, here’s an amazing free iPhone app – OneSMS, which allows you type text messages right on your browser and send them through your iPhone without costing you a single penny.

How to use OneSMS [Step-by-Step Guide]

Since the official website of OneSMS doesn’t provide a complete to guide to integrate OneSMS app with PC or Mac, we decide to write a step-by-step guide for it.

To start using OneSMS, you need:

  • Internet connection on iPhone and computer
  • Internet browser – IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Chrome
  • Email account
  • iOS 4.0 or later

First of all, click this link to download and install OneSMS in iTunes. Or you can search "OneSMS" right on your iPhone App Store.


Upon installation, click on OneSMS icon on you iPhone to launch it.

OneSMS iPhone App

Here, you will be given a Pairing ID. If Pairing ID is not given when you first launch OneSMS app, push your iPhone’s Home button and re-launch the program. Now wait, the Pairing ID should appear

Once you have the Pairing ID, click "E-Mail" button at below.

E-Mail - OneSMS

Click on the E-Mail icon to open the iPhone email app which contains the necessary link for the OneSMS writer.


Check your email and click the link to access OneSMS Writer in your Internet browser.

OneSMS Writer

Key in the same Pairing ID on your iPhone in OneSMS Writer page. Then type in the recipient and the text message in a web browser screen.

The message gets routed to a server somewhere and then gets sent to your iPhone as a data message withint 5 – 10 seconds.

The message pops up in your iPhone as a notification and goes straight to the TEXT message entry function. If the name is correct, all you need to do is press "Send" on your iphone and off the message goes.

After SMS is Sent

If you realize your Pairing ID has been changed after a SMS is sent, ignore it and you can still send SMS in OneSMS Writer page with your previous Pairing ID.

Next time if you re-open OneSMS Writer page, cookies in your browser remember your Pairing ID so you don’t need to keep re-entering it. You also don’t need to launch OneSMS app on your iPhone in order to use OneSMS Writer page in future.

No account or registration is required to use OneSMS and it’s totally free of charge.

Note: 1000 Global Quota of Push messages are available to all users on daily basis. As long as the "Global Quota" has not reached 0, you’re allowed to send messages to your iPhone. But those who prefer its own limits may buy it using In App Purchase.

Unlimited Push Messages


OneSMS Writer - Message


Following options are available to fill in the TO field:

  1. It can be left blank and you add it later on the iPhone.
  2. One or more phone numbers separated by commas (eg +41 79 123 45 67, +41 79 111 22 33).
  3. One or more names separated by commas.

For more examples on text messages recipient field, please refer to OneSMS examples page.

Original Post: Send SMS from Computer without Jailbreaking Your iPhone [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Monday, 14 Nov 2011 12:00

Free Studio

Without a doubt, dealing with video, audio and image files is not a simple task for layman. Whether you’re messing around with YouTube videos, inserting music into your Apple devices, burning DVD or transferring movies in between your gadgets, you will mostly encounter the problem of incompatible file formats.

In situations like this, you’ll probably need an excellent set of video, audio and image multimedia applications and converters that able to solve conversion problems. If you’re searching for all-in-one free multimedia applications and converters, Free Studio can help you out.

Free Studio contains 8 sections of more than 40 free multimedia applications into a single interface which have been developed by DVDVideoSoft. The sections are: YouTube Video, MP3 & Audio, CD-DVD-BD, DVD & Video, Photo & Images, Mobiles, Apple Devices, and 3D.

According to DVDVideoSoft,

With this free software you can convert video and audio files between different formats and to iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and all popular mobile phones and devices; burn and rip DVDs and audio CDs; upload and download YouTube videos and music to your computer, iPod, PSP, iPhone and BlackBerry; perform basic editing of audio and video files as well as record videos and make snapshots.

One Installation for 44 Multimedia Utilities

Free Studio contains 8 sections, which are:



  • download all types of YouTube video to your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone or BlackBerry
  • extract audio from your favourite YouTube videos
  • burn YouTube videos to a DVD discs
  • upload your videos on YouTube
  • upload your videos and photos on Facebook

MP3 & Audio


  • convert audio files between different formats
  • add Flash MP3 audio player to your website or blog
  • extract audio from video files
  • edit audio files
  • rip and burn CD discs



  • burn any files and folders to any discs
  • create DVDs to play on all home DVD players
  • convert DVDs to video files on your computer
  • burn CDs to play in any music system
  • copy CDs into digital music files

DVD & Video


  • convert video between different formats
  • convert your video to FLASH to publish on your website or blog
  • flip or rotate videos
  • cut videos

Photo & Images


  • convert and resize images
  • extract JPG frames from videos
  • record screen activities
  • make screenshots



  • Convert video to playback on your device (BlackBerry, HTC, Sony, LG phones, Sony phones, Nintendo, Xbox, Motorola phones, etc.)

Apple Devices


Convert videos to playback on iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV



Make 3D pictures and videos with one click!

Why is Free Studio Free?

DVDVideoSoft is doing advertising on the website and getting rewards from installing Optional Toolbar. Moreover, they are accepting donation from our followers. With this money they can afford ourselves to offer free software as well as maintain a small team of employees developing software and providing technical support.

Free Studio contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

Download Free Studio Version 5.2.1 (55.87 MB)

Original Post: All-in-One Free Multimedia Applications and Converters – Free Studio by K-Director.com.

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Date: Friday, 11 Nov 2011 03:15

Create Retro Effect to Your Photo with SimpleRetro

Like to turn your photos into outdated or aged style? You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create eye-catching retro effect to your photo. Try SimpleRetro, a fast, simple and easy web application which allows you to create old fashioned style to your photos.

In short, SimpleRetro offers an online service (free) which enables you to create awesome retro-look photo in seconds and share with your friend on facebook or twitter instantly.

You can just upload a photo from your hard drive, snap a new one from webcam or provide a photo URL. It supports many filters and effects to make your photo become awesome retro picture.

How to Create Retro Effect to Your Photo with SimpleRetro

First of all, you need to register an account with SimpleRetro or you may login via Facebook or Twitter.

SimpleRetro - Sign Up Page

Upon registration, you may sign in the account and will be redirected to a page to pick or drop your photo.

SimpleRetro - Upload a Photo

After that, you may preview your photo and select a retro filter for it. Filters provided are Sunny, Beautifarm, Cinematic, Daydream, FirstPhoto, Indiglow, Instant Snapshot, Malibu, Maya, San Carmen and Old News.

SimpleRetro - Preview and Select Filter

You can also add description and tag for your photo. Options like sharing on public, post to Twitter and Facebook are customizable.

Once you decided a particular filter, click “Upload” to proceed.

SimpeRetro - Output

Here you will be given an URL and director URL for your photo output. You can also share this link on your Facebook or Twitter. People can leave comments, like, tweet, +1 and share this photo. As an owner, you can also delete the photo.

Original Input:

Original Input

SimpleRetro Output:

SimpleRetro Output

Visit SimpleRetro.

Original Post: Create Retro Effect to Your Photo with SimpleRetro by K-Director.com.

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Date: Wednesday, 09 Nov 2011 12:00

Convert Facebook Personal Profile into a Business Page [How-To]

Your business is growing, and you want to make sure that your digital marketing keeps pace. Without a doubt, one of the most effective way to get into digital marketing for a business promotion is through social network giant like Facebook.

Millions of businesses rush into Facebook to grab a marketplace and start their Web 2.0 marketing. Generally speaking, Facebook offers personal profile for individual and business page for business, place, company, organization, institution, brand, product, artist, band, public figure, entertainment, cause and community.

Differences Between a Personal Profile and Business Page in Facebook

Basically business accounts are used by people who want to promote their business or run ad campaigns on Facebook. Therefore, business accounts have different features and limited access to information on Facebook.

Contents of business accounts can’t be found in a search and of course, there’s no “friends” involved in this category.

According to Facebook official policy,

Facebook profiles are meant to represent a single individual. Organizations of any type are not permitted to maintain an account under the name of their organization. Facebook has created pages to allow organizations to have a presence on facebook. These pages are distinct presences, separate from user profiles & optimized for an organization’s needs to communicate, distribute information/content, engage their fans & capture new audiences virally through their fan’s recommendations to their friends. Facebook pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence for any artist, business or brand.

Using personal site features for professional promotion, or creating unauthorized Pages, may result in your account being warned or disabled.

Some other features on business page like status updating (which will be shared with your fans), photos & video sharing, wall posts, and application are similar to personal profile.

If you’re using a personal profile for your business purpose, we strongly recommend you to consider a conversion seriously as a business which built on a profile page is a violation of TOS. If you don’t convert your individual profile to a business page, you risk permanently losing access to the profile and all of your content (including all photos and information of your products)

Furthermore, business page provides more features for organizations, businesses, brands, and public figures.

How to Convert Facebook Profile into a Page

Converting Facebook personal profile into a business page is simple. Just access https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate and select the best option which suits your business nature best.

Facebook Business Page Options

Facebook will transfer your profile pictures and turn all of your friends and subscribers into fans who like your page. But your other content like photo albums, profile information, and etc will not be moved.

Before conversion, we’d suggest you to download your Facebook personal profile information to keep them in a safe place..

Original Post: Convert Facebook Personal Profile into a Business Page [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Tuesday, 08 Nov 2011 08:11

Create a Page on Google+

Google+ has finally released Google+ Pages for local business or place, product or brand, company, institution or organisation, arts, entertainment or sports and other which allows you to build closer relationships with the customers, fans and followers who love you.

Now Google+ users can hang out live with the local cake shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line, or follow a band on tour.

Google Plus Page

Generally speaking, user interface of Google+ Pages look like Google+ profile page but Google+ Pages can’t +1 other pages and not supporting notifications. Owner of Google+ Pages is not allowed to add people to circles until the page is added first.

New built-in circle named “Following” is introduced, which will be used for Google+ users to add pages or search followed pages.

Direct Connect from Google Search

Google+ Pages will be appeared in search results. People who are searching for businesses or brands on Google can now directly connect to Google+ Pages. It simply transforms a query into meaningful connection.

Another feature called Direct Connect. Say if you’re looking for a brand’s Google+ Page, just go to Google and search for +, followed by the page you’re looking for (e.g. +Honda, +Angry Birds, +Pepsi)

K-Director.com Google+ Page

Creating a Google+ Page is very simple. Just visit https://plus.google.com/pages/create and you can start to create one for your own business.

Once you completed the process, you may visit your Google+ Pages via the given link where will be placed under your name in Google+ profile page.

Login Google+ Pages

You’re welcomed to visit our K-Director Google+ Page and add us into your circles.

K-Director Page on Google+

Original Post: Create a Page on Google+ by K-Director.com.

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Date: Monday, 07 Nov 2011 04:59

iSpring Free - PowerPoint to Flash Converter

Want to convert PowerPoint file(.PPT, .PPTX, .PPS, .PPSX) to Flash (.SWF) for an online presentation? Try iSpring Free 6.0.

In short, iSpring Free 6.0 allows you to get a great opportunity to start converting PowerPoint to Flash with no expense. It helps you create slideshows, richmedia business presentations and even e-learning presentations compatible with Moodle LMS.

There are no time limitations and iSpring Free comes as a freeware which can be used for all personal, educational and commercial purposes.

iSpring Free

iSpring Free 6.0 is a powerful tool which is able to preserve every aspect of your original PowerPont slides. The freeware is powered by the unique AccuPoint™ technology with the best in class PowerPoint to Flash conversion accuracy.

With iSpring Free 6.0, you can

  • Insert Flash movies & YouTube videos into your presentation.
  • Keep PowerPoint styles, animations, trigger animations, audio and video in Flash.
  • Create SWF file with all resources embedded.
  • Create SCORM compliant Flash courses.
  • Reduce size of PowerPoint files up to 97%.

Sample eLearning Course

Sample Presentation

To use iSpring Free for commercial, educational or non-profit purposes you must get iSpring Free license, it’s free.


Original Post: Convert PowerPoint to Flash with iSpring Free 6.0 by K-Director.com.

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Date: Thursday, 03 Nov 2011 14:36

Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter

Unlike GIF format, SWF requires Flash player plug-in installed in browser. Therefore you might lose your potential readers or customers if they’re from iOS platform where doesn’t support Flash.

Or perhaps you have a Flash SWF that contains a short animation and would like to post it to websites or Google+ but these platforms do not support SWF.

To solve these problems, you can actually convert the SWF file to an animated GIF, which can be displayed on your site instead of hard Flash with Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter.

Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter allows you to convert a SWF format into animated GIF image with some simple steps. It is an amazing tool for web developers to create GIF animation from SWF. And don’t forget: it is completely free.

How to Use Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter

First of all, you need to download Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter and install it onto your computer. Upon installation, you may launch the program by clicking the shortcut in desktop.

Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter

  1. To get started, click on “Open SWF” to import a SWF file. A preview will be displayed.
  2. After that, you may adjust the frame rate, color depth, GIF width & height and background color of the imported Flash SWF.
  3. You also can adjust the conversion mode either in frame by frame or real time playing.
  4. Once you’re OK with the settings, click “Convert” to convert the SWF to animated GIF.

Free SWF to Animated GIF Converter

An html page will be displayed with animated GIF output. Click "Save As..." button on the program window and choose where to save GIF.

Source: Flash SWF

Output: Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Original Post: Convert SWF to Animated GIF with Free SWF to GIF Converter [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Wednesday, 02 Nov 2011 14:40


iPad, the thin and light Apple tablet with advanced design, hits 9.25 million sales in Q3 2011. Generally speaking, iPad has became a new platform for digital audio-visual media including books, magazines, movies, music, games, and web content.

Survey says that iPad is shaping up to be more popular than the iPhone. So if you don’t own an iPad and wish to feel the capability of an iPad, we have something similar to introduce for your Windows PC – iPadian


In short, iPadian is an iPad simulator for Windows. It is a software emulator for the Apple iPad with multi built-in apps such as Safari browser, Angry Birds, Facebook, Google+ and more.

iPadian comes in zip with 35MB file size and no installation is required to run the program. It is a portable app which runs on Adobe Air. Full screen preview is supported and you can just control it like controlling an iPad, but using mouse.


iPadian offers custom App Store where you can add and download new app from categories like network, music, games, news, videos, productivity, lifestyle, magazine, design and travel.

Best of all, it supports social networks integration, which means you can read Facebook/Google+ notifications & messages right on iPadian.

You’re allowed to customize your own ID and Password so no one can access and use the application. Have some funs with this handy app. Even though it is not 100% like an iPad, it will definitely surprise you.



[Download iPadian]

Original Post: iPad Simulator for Windows [Portable App] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Monday, 31 Oct 2011 15:55

PDF Online Editors

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the common used file format for digital document if the sender doesn’t want anyone to edit the read-only document.

But if you lost the original source file or want to edit a particular PDF urgently without purchasing or installing new softwares, here’ are 3 best tools (latest hand-picked by our editors) to edit PDF online and save if back to your hard drive.


PDFescape offers free online PDF reader, editor, form killer and form designer. There’s no installation, no download, no gotchas. Everything can be easily done just right on your web browser. You can even use this application without registration.

You can open PDF documents natively in your web browser, add text, shapes, whiteout, move, dele, create links, change tag, encrypt PDF contents, add images, sign PDF documents and more at PDFescape!


Fill Any PDF

FillAnyPDF.com lets you fill your PDF with variable font sizes and colors, sign and send forms without any software needed. You’re allowed to share your forms with anyone by inviting them to edit the form.

Your PDF documents at FillAnyPDF.com is safe as it supports data security and the website is encrypted with 256-bit SSL security.

Fill Any PDF


PDFVue is an online PDF reader and editor which enables you to upload your PDF document and edit it online. If the uploaded file is not PDF format, it will be automatically converted into PDF format. The saved file will have a DocQ branded watermark unless you subscribe its plan. Cheapest plan at $25/year.


Original Post: Edit PDF Online and Save It [Tools] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Friday, 28 Oct 2011 15:03

Falco Auto Image

Want to edit photos like pro but don’t know how to use Photoshop or GIMP? If you don’t intend to be a full-time graphic designer nor spending times on image editors just to learn how to adjust the brightness & contrast of your image, Falco Auto Image might be the right tool for you.

In short, Falco Auto Image is an image editing tool which allows you to edit an image with its comprehensive features. Besides being FREE, it is very simple to use without bells and whistles.

Falco Auto Image

As you can see the above screenshot, Falco Auto Image is a “brainless” image editor. All the functions can viewed in a glance and the best part is – it provides a live version of preview to compare with the original image.

Falco Auto Image’s user interface looked simple but it supports a lot of features add text, rotations, flip vertical or horizontal and more to make you a better image.

It also has image effects like Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur, Grayscale, HSB Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Crop, Lighting, Resize and more to enhance your master piece.

Try to play around with Falco Auto Image, you will find it very easy and capable at the same time.

Original Post: Edit Photo Easily with Falco Auto Image by K-Director.com.

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Date: Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011 15:46

iPhone 4S - Siri Voice Assistant

Can’t wait to try Siri on your just received iPhone 4S? Siri, the humble voice assistant can easily execute your voice commands to perform an action in iPhone 4S in hand-free and eyes-free mode.

Communicate with Siri isn’t a tough task. To get Siri started, first of all you need to understand and learn the right voice commands. Here’s the complete list of amazing Siri voice commands. Full list after jump!

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Check Siri Voice Commands

  • What can you do?

Phone Calls

  • Call my wife
  • Call Johnny Woo mobile
  • Call 012 777 7777
  • Call office
  • FaceTime my son

Text Messaging (SMS)

Sending SMS

  • Tell my wife I am going to take dinner with my colleagues
  • Tell Lawrence I’ll be right there
  • Send a message to Lim saying how about 2pm
  • Tell Lisa the party was great
  • Send a message to Lisa on her mobile saying I’ll be late
  • Send a message to 012 777 7777
  • Text Lawrence and Susan where are you?

Reading SMS

  • Read my new messages
  • Read it again

Replying SMS

  • Reply I feel so sorry to hear that
  • Tell him I’m not joining the dinner
  • Call him


Sending Emails

  • Email my wife about the dinner
  • Email Jessica about the change in location
  • New email to Edward
  • Mail Mum about the medicine
  • Email Mr Lee and say I got the agreement, thanks
  • Mail Steve and Gates about the dinner and say I had a great time

Checking Emails

  • Check email
  • Any new email from Steve today?
  • Show new mail about the agreement A
  • Show the email from Mr Lee yesterday

Replying to Emails

  • Reply Dear Jessica sorry about the change in location

Maps & Directions

Get Directions

  • How do I get home?
  • Directions to my wife ’s work

Find a Place

  • Find ice-cream house near me
  • Where is Coffee Bean?
  • Find a restaurant within walking distance
  • Good Thai restaurants around here


Querying Contacts

  • What’s Michelle’s address?
  • What is John Woo’s phone number?
  • When is my mother’s birthday?
  • Who is Albert Koh?

Finding Contacts

  • Show James’s home email address
  • Show James Bond
  • Find people named Albert


  • My dad is Kevin Tan
  • Albert Koh is my brother
  • Call my brother at home


Setting Alarms

  • Wake me up tomorrow at 6:30 AM
  • Set an alarm for 7:30am
  • Wake me up in 2 hours
  • Change my 7:30 alarm to 777:45
  • Turn off my 7:30 alarm
  • Delete my 6:30 alarm

Checking the Clock

  • What’s the date this Saturday?
  • What time is it?
  • What time is it in Sina?
  • What is today’s date?

Using a Timer

  • Set the timer for 2 minutes
  • Show the timer
  • Pause the timer
  • Resume
  • Reset the timer
  • Stop it

Manage Calendar

Adding Events

  • Set up a meeting on Monday at 8am with Jacky to discuss the proposal
  • Meet with Jacky at morning
  • Set up appointment with my lawyer tomorrow at 9am
  • Create new appointment with Samuel on Monday at 10:30am
  • Schedule a meeting with Samuel to discuss the agreement
  • Create appointment for 9:30am with Max team

Changing events

  • Add Kiky to my calendar for 9:15am
  • Reschedule meeting with Jacky to next Friday at 2:30pm to discuss the proposal
  • Add Ken to my meeting with Jacky
  • Cancel the proposal meeting with Jacky
  • Change meeting with Jacky
  • Move my 10:30am meeting to 1:30pm
  • Change meeting location with Jacky
  • Reschedule meeting with Jacky

Asking about events

  • What does the rest of my day look like?
  • What’s on my calendar for Monday?
  • When is my next meeting?
  • When am I meeting with Jacky?


  • Will it be raining tomorrow?
  • What’s the weather for today?
  • What’s the weather for tomorrow?
  • Will it rain in Beijing this week?
  • Check next week’s forecast for Paris
  • What’s the forecast for this evening?
  • How’s the weather in Thailand right now?
  • How hot will it be in Malaysia this weekend?
  • What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?
  • What’s the temperature outside?
  • How windy is it out there?
  • When is sunrise in Maldives?


  • Note that I spent $10 on dinner
  • Note: check out that new Jay Chou album
  • Find my restaurant note
  • Create a reading list note
  • Add Jack to my reading list note


  • Remind me to call my wife when I leave the office
  • Remember to take my documents
  • Remind me take my medicine at 7pm
  • Remind me to take my umbrella when I leave here
  • Remind me to finish the budget by 3

Find my Friends

  • Where’s Andy?
  • Where is my brother?
  • Is my son at home?
  • Where are all my friends?
  • Who is here?
  • Who is near me?


  • Play If We Hold on Together
  • Play It’s My Life shuffled
  • Play Michael Jackson
  • Play some jazz
  • Play my party mix
  • Shuffle my jogging playlist
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip


  • What’s Google ’s stock price?
  • What is Google ’s PE ratio?
  • What did RenRen close at today?
  • How is the Apple doing?
  • How are the markets doing?
  • What is the Dow at?


Searching information

  • Search the web for K-Director.com
  • Search for Tiramisu recipes
  • Search the web for best Maxis plans
  • Google the war of 1911 in China
  • Search Wikipedia for World War 2
  • Search for news about Steve Jobs
  • Bing Steve Jobs

Using Wolfram Alpha

  • What’s 1000 divided by ten?
  • How many calories in a bagel?
  • What is an 15% tip on $90.55 for five people?
  • How long do cats live?
  • What’s the square root of 128?
  • How many dollars is €55?
  • What was the Best Picture of 1981?
  • How many days until Christmas?
  • How far away is the Sun?
  • When is the next solar eclipse?
  • Show me the Orion constellation
  • What’s the population of India?
  • How high is Mt. Everest?
  • How deep is the Atlantic ocean?
  • What’s the price of gasoline in Brunei?

Dictation Commands

  • New line
  • New paragraph
  • Cap
  • Caps on … caps off
  • All caps
  • All caps on … all caps off
  • No caps
  • No caps on … no caps off
  • Space bar
  • No space
  • No space on … no space off
  • “Period” or “full stop”
  • Dot
  • Point
  • “Ellipsis” or “dot dot dot”
  • Comma
  • Double comma
  • “Quote” or “quotation mark”
  • “Quote … end quote” or “quote … close quote”
  • Apostrophe
  • Exclamation point
  • Inverted exclamation point
  • Question mark
  • Inverted question mark
  • Ampersand
  • Asterisk
  • open parenthesis
  • Close parenthesis
  • Open bracket
  • Close bracket
  • Open brace
  • Close brace
  • Dash
  • Hyphen
  • Em dash
  • Underscore
  • Percent sign
  • Copyright sign
  • Registered sign
  • Section sign
  • Dollar sign
  • Cent sign
  • Euro sign
  • Yen sign
  • Degree sign
  • Caret
  • At sign
  • Pound sterling sign
  • Pound sign
  • Greater than sign
  • Less than sign
  • Forward slash
  • Back slash
  • Vertical bar
  • “Smiley” or “smiley face” or “smile face”
  • “Frowny” or “frowny face” or “frown face”
  • “Winky” or “winky face” or “wink face”
  • e.g. (pronounced as “e g”)
  • i.e. (pronounced as “i e”)

(Source: TUAW and CrushApps.com)

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3 Handy Mouse Gestures Tools for Windows [Freewares]

Getting tired of your keyboards shortcuts? Or you think you can perform better if you’re only using mouse for works? Try mouse gestures program to increase your productivity.

Mouse gestures is becoming popular as it allows the user gesture a shape while holding a mouse button. If the particular shape is being customized, an appropriate action/command will be executed.

Here we’ve hand-picked the best 3 mouse gestures tools for Windows to turn your mouse to a better one.

gMote for Windows

gMote for Windows

gMote lets you control everything on your computer with mouse gestures. It provides a dual-pane configuration interface for you to customize mouse gestures for 30 over plus commands.

If you’re new, there’s a tutorial on Help menu to guide you how to setup gMote. Users are required to choose a key combination to hold when a mouse gesture command is given so it won’t interfere normal mouse movements.

gMote: Temporary Line

gMote creates a temporary line on the screen so users can create a correct movement. This program will appeal to novices and experienced users looking to add mouse gestures to speed computer use.

Just Gestures

Just Gestures

Just Gestures is a powerful utility to enhance your mouse usability to the max. It helps you to fully-utilize your mouse and minimize the use of keyboard.

This tool allows you to create mouse gestures (combined with a click) commands for Windows actions. Just Gestures will keep your gestures settings and act accordingly.

Just Gestures

A command is given when users hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse along curve or line. A specific command and action are executed when the right button is released.

Just Gestures supports Classic Curve Gesture, Double Button Combination and Wheel Button Combination mouse gestures.



Gest is a lightweight Windows tool which creates mouse gesture to control and manage Windows without using keyboard. It lets you to perform simple action by holding the right mouse button and draw a command line.

Gest lets you fully customize the mouse gestures in its settings option. Once you first setup and run it, Gest will start up silently from the system tray and won’t disturb your normal operation until you call it with a keyboard shortcut.

Original Post: 3 Handy Mouse Gestures Tools for Windows [Freewares] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 21:00

Update Facebook via Siri without Any Cost [How-To]

By default, iPhone 4S users can’t integrate Facebook with Siri because Siri doesn’t provide any voice command for Facebook (and Twitter). But this limitation doesn’t stop iPhone 4S users from trying.

One of the most recent – and most popular – solution is:

  1. Activate a text message on the Facebook mobile page.
  2. Save the provided number in your contacts as “Facebook”.
  3. Launch Siri.
  4. Send a text message to “Facebook”. For example: "“Send Facebook a message”, "This status is updated by Siri.

Update Facebook via Siri

This is a brilliant solution to update Facebook via Siri.

If you’re using this solution, Facebook will not charge you any cost. However, you’ll still be charged by your mobile carrier for the SMS.

Guess what? We have an alternative solution that will cost you nothing.

How to Update Facebook via Siri without Paying the Mobile Carrier

Here we will apply the similar tactics as the solution above. But we will use the email option in Siri to update the Facebook status instead of the text option. By asking Siri to write and send an email to Facebook, your Facebook status will be updated accordingly too.


  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/mobile/.
  2. Get your personalized upload email address at the “Upload via Email” option. (Note: This email address is very personal. Do not share it with anyone.)
  3. Save the given personalized email address to your iPhone 4S contacts, name it as “Facebook”.
  4. Now, send a voice command to Siri to send an email to “Facebook” in your contact list. For example: “Email Facebook: I love my iPhone 4S”. OR, “Mail Facebook about I love my iPhone 4S”.
  5. Check your Facebook updated status which has been sent by Siri.

Now you can update your Facebook status via Siri without paying a single penny!

Original Post: Update Facebook via Siri without Any Cost [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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Date: Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 15:38

Improve Video Quality While Watching It [How-To]

Having video quality problem with your after-2-hours downloaded video? Don’t get upset yet if your video picture quality is burry and the colour is dull. We have some solutions for it.

Without any video format conversion, we can still improve the video quality to make it looked better, sharper and more colourful.

In fact, most of the video players supports video enhancement and quality improvement filters which allow users to adjust the contrast & brightness and/or colour saturation to improve the video quality dramatically while a video is being played.

Today we’re going to show you how to improve video quality while watching it with three most used players by us.

1. Improve Video Quality with Media Player Classic

We love Media Player Classic. It’s been the most used player by us simply because it’s light and supports most of the video formats (mpeg, rmvb, avi and more).


MPC: Before Enhancement


MPC: After Enhancement

To apply “Shaders” on Media Player Classic,

  1. Go to “Play – Shaders – Combine…” on the top navigation.
  2. Apply the settings as below image.

MPC: Shader Combiner

2. Improve Video Quality with Real Media Player

Real Media Player is popular because most of the downloaded videos are in RMBV format. If Real Media Player is your default video player, we have quick tips for you to improve the colours and brightness on the fly.


Real Media Player: Before Enhancement


Real Media Player: After Enhancement

To improve the video quality in Real Media Player, simply go to “Tools – Video Controls”. An option will be given to adjust the colour level and sharpness. Drag both buttons to the top to enhance the picture quality.

Real Media Player: Color Level & Sharpness

3. Improve Video Quality with Xunlei KanKan Player

Xunlei KanKan Player is a video player provided by Xunlei torrent downloader. If you’re using Xunlei KanKan player to watch downloaded video, here’s a feature you shouldn’t miss it – Picture Quality Enhancement.

Xunlei Kankan Player

Just move your mouse to the top navigation bar, an extra video option bar will appear. Click on the fifth button and Xunlei KanKan player will do the rest for you.

Xunlei Kankan Player - Picture Quality Enhancement

What do you do to improve video quality while watching it? Leave us a comment.

Original Post: Improve Video Quality While Watching It [How-To] by K-Director.com.

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