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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 22:32

Image via Instagram/@stephkornblum

SOHO—All weekend long, Lucky magazine is taking over the neighborhood with Shop Out NYC. Shop at participating retailers like Melissa Joy Manning (where there will be free Prosecco) and Cosabella (which will have nail designs from CityMANI and free jello shots both afternoons) to receive Lucky Points, redeemable for exclusive fashion and beauty items from the mobile closet, which will be parked on Crosby Street between Grand and Howard Streets. Head here for the full list of participating retailers.

SOHO, FLATIRON—Take a break from your computer on Saturday to shop your favorite e-commerce brands—Bonobos, Birchbox, and Rent the Runway—in person. In partnership with American Express, they'll be introducing three more online brands (GLAMSQUAD, Mantry, and Ringly) in their stores while holding special events, like gift bags with purchase, manicures and cupcakes at Rent the Runway, food and beverage tastings at Bonobos, and more.

WEST VILLAGE, UES, NOLITA—Do good with Diptyque this weekend: All weekend long, 10% of proceeds from sales at these three neighborhood boutiques will benefit the the Food Bank of New York City. And to kick off their charitable deed, the West Village boutique will fete customers with champagne and light bites starting at 6:30pm tonight.

WILLIAMSBURG—Head over to Species by the Thousands on Saturday evening—not just to enjoy their Fall Equinox sale, with 25% off bunches of merchandise—but also for complimentary seasonal cocktails between 6pm and 9pm.

NOLITA—The Pop-Up Outlet is holding its summer clearance sale at 201 Mulberry Street, with 90% off their entire stock of brands like Steven Alan, Suno, Wren, Obesity and Speed, and more. Stop by between Saturday and Wednesday—they'll be open from 12pm to 7pm daily.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 22:11

Inside the Scoop NYC warehouse sale

Here are the weekend's sample sales, laid out in handy map form. We'll see the end of Scoop NYC's warehouse sale (which added more markdowns today) and the Gant sample sale, as well as the finale of the two-week Paragon Sports warehouse sale. Meanwhile, Movado and other watch brands just started a sample sale at Soffier Haskin today.

Check out the full list of sales after the jump, and head over to our September sample sales calendar to see what's on deck for next week.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 21:57


On the entire square block surrounding the Apple store in Soho, no one is smiling. The line—which, as of 4:30pm today, is longer than it was last night, at roughly 400 people—wraps all the way around Prince Street, up Greene Street, around West Houston Street, and past Mercer Street.

"This line is moving slower than any line I've seen in my life," says one Apple Store employee.

What's worse, most of the people in line slept here last night, and there's no end in sight: "It was so cold," says one man. "All I had was this jacket. I only slept for one hour."

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The people waiting in line have been sectioned off into three separate lines: To the left, it's all the people who have been waiting in line for, in many cases, an entire day; there's a much shorter line of about a dozen for those who pre-ordered. And shockingly, to the right, there's a line of at least 40 strong for people who are just looking to browse—You guys seriously can't wait one day to fiddle around with an iPad?

Like the Fifth Avenue flagship, there were tons of cops, as well as what appeared to be a rugby-esque scrum near the entrance.

An Apple employee also told us that while usually, the Apple store will close once the final person in line goes home with an iPhone, this time is different: "We may have to cut the line off," he said.

Update: A tipster reports that the line for pre-orders is over 100 people as of 5:45pm. Sheesh.
· iPhone 6 Line at Apple Fifth Avenue Stretches to 77th Street [Racked NY]
· iPhone Lines at Three NYC Apple Stores Are Already 300+ Deep [Racked NY]
· How a Professional Line Sitter Preps for the iPhone 6 Launch [Racked NY]

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 21:13

Image via Apple

New York City was clearly in the throes of iPhone 6 madness this morning, but now that the folks who didn't claim their spots in the city's Apple store lines early this morning (or last night) are leaving work, are there any phones left for them to buy? We called up Apple outposts to find out.

Meatpacking: Yes, they have the iPhone 6, although the rep we spoke to couldn't tell us if they'd sell out by the end of the night. As of 4:30, the wait time was about an hour.

Fifth Avenue: Only "a handful" of iPhone 6's are left at the cube, and the Upper East Side store is all sold out of the iPhone 6 Plus. The rep couldn't give us a wait time estimate because it's been "jumping" all day, but it sounds like if you're not in line already you're out of luck.

Grand Central: Grand Central has the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, but there's a four hour wait time...and they close at 8:30.

Upper West Side: The Broadway shop also has the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and while the rep couldn't give us a wait time, she did say the line was "not super long" as of 5pm.

Soho: "Our store is experiencing extremely high call volume at this time, and will not be able to assist you over the phone." :(
· iPhone 6 Lines at Three NYC Apple Stores Are Already 300+ Deep [Racked NY]
· iPhone 6 Line at Apple Fifth Avenue Stretches to 77th Street [Racked NY]

Author: "Caitlin Petreycik" Tags: "Apple, Apple Store, iPhone 6, iPhrenzy"
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 19:39

brunch1.jpgIn what was probably the least necessary study of all time, we now have scientific proof that New Yorkers are obsessed with brunch. Researchers from the University of Arizona took on the daunting task of compiling millions of tweets and found that more than any other city, people in New York tweeted the most about brunch-related topics, with popular hashtags including #BottomlessMimosas, #eggs and #Sarabeths. Great work, everyone. Keep those crucial #eggs tweets coming. [NYP]

Author: "Rebecca Jennings" Tags: "Quicklink, Brunch"
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 18:51

SO many boxes, just waiting to be filled.

Birchbox loves you. No, really. They love you so much that they're going to let you build your own box full of goodies for free (normally $15) today, as part of their first-ever customer appreciation day. Head over to the West Broadway store to snag yours before supplies run out.
· Tour Birchbox's First-Ever Brick and Mortar Shop [Racked NY]

Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Soho, Birchbox, Build Your Own Birchbox,..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 18:29

Photo by Driely S. for Racked

Want more piping hot retail news, sample sale reports, and shopping guides in your life? Fortunately, there are six ways to make that happen: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and sign up for our newsletter below, which will be delivered straight to your inbox during your mid-afternoon workday slump. Promise.

Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Facebook, Instagram, Let's Be Friends, N..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 17:30
Photo by Driely S. for Racked

Supporting a local business and getting a great deal isn't always easy, but that's exactly what the Joy Gryson sample sale has in store for us next week. Bags from the Tribeca designer's spring and summer collection will start at just $50, and will include styles from all three of her lines. Get a taste of what'll be in stock at 106 Franklin Street starting on Tuesday morning in the gallery above.

· Dealfeed: Joy Gryson [Racked NY]
· September Sample Sales: From McQueen to Paragon Sports [Racked NY]
· Handbags Are Hung Like Art at Joy Gryson Boerum Hill [Racked NY]

Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Tribeca, By Joy Gryson, Gryson, Gryson S..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 17:00

CheapMondayPopUp_2014_9.jpgIf you want a free pair of Cheap Monday jeans, then you've got (very minimal) work to do. The Swedish denim brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away 10,000 pairs of jeans on October 10th within ten minutes in ten cities—and those cities will be chosen by fan votes. So do your part to bring jean joy to NYC! [Racked]

Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Quicklink, Cheap Monday, Flash Sales, Fr..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:49

Coat with fur lapels and patch pockets, $169 at Zara

Haven't meandered out of your apartment yet today? Don't bother—it's freezing. In fact, don't bother doing anything today besides perhaps catching up on a bit of embroidery or sipping lavender Earl Grey, both of which seem like activities well-suited for this ridiculously prim Zara coat, a garment we could easily imagine on a real-life incarnation of Samantha—no, not the blonde PR maven on HBO, but Samantha Parkington, the American Girl doll. "Monster fur," this is not, and yet it feels just as modern.
· All Editor's Picks [Racked NY]

Author: "Rebecca Jennings" Tags: "american girl doll, coat, coats, Editor'..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:33

Photo by Driely S. for Racked

Hey, Racked readers: Verameat, the label behind the "Hip-Shark" necklace—that's a cross between a hippo and a shark, obviously—is offering you 40% off all designs, both in-stores and online using the code "RACKED".

We spoke with model-turned-jewelry designer Vera Balyura earlier this summer, where she discussed her "power animal" and how she dreams up designs like her dinosaur-eating-fried-chicken ring. Get to know a bit more about the collection and then make your picks before Sunday evening, when this offer expires.
· Verameat [Official website]
· Verameat's Vera Balyura on the Importance of Spirit Animals [Racked NY]
· Verameat Expands Into 'Creepy-Cool' Dresses, Pillows, and More [Racked NY]

Author: "Caitlin Petreycik" Tags: "East Village, Discounts, Jewelry, Top, V..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:16

Images via Instagram/natalieoffduty; Instagram/kcolby123

Vera Bradley (or, rather, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard—the label is named after her mother) doesn't just make quilted floral weekenders, she really lives that aggressively patterned life. Last night, the designer threw a party for her new leather goods line at her Central Park apartment, where guests like Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi (pictured above) snapped photos of the décor in all of its mixed-print, monogrammed glory. Vera Bradley bags always look a bit out of context on New York City streets, where the bedspread patterns pop against a sea of blacks and grays. But here—here they're at home.
· All Bag News [Racked NY]

Author: "Caitlin Petreycik" Tags: "Mindblowing, Vera Bradley, Zanna Roberts..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 16:05
Author: "Jessica Carei" Tags: "Sponsored Post"
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 15:52

Image via SoulCycle

While SoulCycle–gate (also known as the Tribeca studio's temporary closure for a three-week renovation that regulars are just not okay with) rages on, a glimmer of silver lining: A second studio on the Upper West Side is slated to open in early 2015. DNAinfo reports that the outpost will open at 2465 Broadway between West 91st and 92nd streets, not far from the existing studio on Amsterdam Avenue and 77th Street.

The 3,500-square foot space doesn't sound especially different from other SoulCycle locations, and will include one 63-bike studio as well as men's and women's locker rooms. Since it'll be right next to an Equinox gym, the West Nineties could become your mom's new favorite fitness destination.

But up first? The Financial District studio, which should open by the end of the yearthat's what Tribeca rockstars really need right now.
· SoulCycle Opening New Upper West Side Location [DNAinfo]
· SoulCycle Tribeca Closes for Renovations—Nobody Panic! [Racked NY]
· SoulCycle Opening Its Tenth Location in the Financial District [Racked NY]

Author: "Rebecca Jennings" Tags: "Upper West Side, Broadway, feel the burn..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 15:00
Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Email Scan"
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 14:53

The second person to buy an iPhone 6 at the Apple Fifth Avenue store

While yesterday's visit to the iPhone 6 line at Apple Fifth Avenue was relatively calm (albeit crowded), this morning's scene was anything but. We arrived shortly after the store began selling the newest phones at 8am, and couldn't find the end of the line—and that's because it runs up Madison Avenue to 77th Street, an Apple employee outside Crate & Barrel told us (meaning they're standing outside that rumored Upper East Side location).

Unfortunately for those standing in line, the staff has zero idea how long it'll take customers to get into the store—which is otherwise closed for non-iPhone related business—from any given point (this is not Disney World, after all). And there's no scientific way that people are being let into the store—just "in chunks," we were told.

Related: How a Professional Line Sitter Preps for the iPhone 6 Launch

There's a separate line forming on the plaza for pre-orders, but it's not clear if they're being let in before others on the regular line. What is clear is that there's about two dozen blue-shirted employees whose current task appears to be cheering for those who come out of the store with their brand new purchases. And just across the street from them, a media holding pen has been set up for interviewing those customers.

Related: McDonald's Gives Apple Pies to the iPhone 6 Queue


"It's crazy out here," a guy in line on 59th Street said to no one in particular as we walked by. "It's crazy out here!" he then repeated to us. Crazy, indeed—if there isn't a group smoking from a hookah in one spot, then there's McDonalds giving away free hats to another. Stay tuned for another update later this afternoon.
· iPhone 6 Lines at Three NYC Apple Stores Are Already 300+ Deep [Racked NY]

Author: "Laura Gurfein" Tags: "Midtown, Apple, Apple Store, Apple Store..."
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 14:51

This morning at 8am, Apple will unleash its newest phone, the iPhone 6, upon the city and the world.

From left to right: the Upper East Side, Soho, and Meatpacking District Apple stores

Update: Here's what went down just after the 8am launch at Apple Fifth Avenue.

If you think you can just saunter up to an Apple store at 7am, coffee in hand, wait a few hours, and leave with an iPhone 6 at, like, 9:30—guess again. When we visited Apple's Upper East Side, Meatpacking, and Soho stores last night, all three boasted multiple-block-spanning lines 300+ people deep. Click through for breakdowns of the wait scenes, and check back for more updates on the madness as it unfolds.

Lines to Crate and Barrel on the UES


By 2014, waiting in line for an Apple launch at the brand's Fifth Avenue flagship is something of a badge of honor in certain circles. No matter that the phone's been available for preorder for days, or that you could take a train to a Westchester or Long Island mall today and walk out with a phone fairly easily—once you've waited outside the glass cube, you're in the club. And as of last night, there were several hundred members who had just joined.

Related: How a Professional Line Sitter Preps for the iPhone 6 Launch

The first hundred or so iPhone 6 devotees were patiently seated behind metal gates, in a line that snaked along the plaza outside of the Apple store. Many had camping chairs; most had blankets; the smartest ones had portable chargers. A blue-shirted employee told us that the first person arrived for the line "a few weeks ago," well before the model was even launched. But the going hasn't been that rough—Apple's been handing out water bottles, and Magnolia supplied cupcakes. Friends brought Starbucks, and Seamless delivered.

Those who were "less dedicated" lined up along FAO Schwarz down 58th Street. That line ran north along Madison Avenue past a Chase branch and Bally, then hopped back across 59th Street and back west toward Fifth Avenue—as of 6:15pm, the line ended just short of the Crate and Barrel entrance. A group of tourists by FAO told us they showed up earlier this afternoon, so their wait has been less strenuous. Regardless, they've got the help of T-Mobile, who's enlisted pink-shirted temps to hold places in line for up to 15 minutes for bathroom breaks—provided the line-waiters post a photo on social media with the hashtag #iPhone6Launch.

OVER IT Apple Fans in Soho


At 6:30pm, the massive line at the Soho Apple store had already stretched all the way around Prince Street, up Greene, and down Houston, though about half of the 272 people (we overheard a store employee relay the official count to another staff member) had only arrived that afternoon and still seemed to be in good spirits. We couldn't tell you when the first person in line got there—when asked, he only shook his head and crossed his arms—an understandable reaction from someone who was being mobbed with questions (many Soho shoppers stopped by to talk to the first few people in line, most of whom gave them the same response). One passerby even shouted, "Guys, go home!"

Related: McDonald's Gives Apple Pies to the iPhone 6 Queue

Towards the front of the line, there were milk crates and even an office rolling chair, but by the end, the dearth of seating, and, more importantly, places to lie down, suggested that few people would be sleeping. As for food, people took turns getting pizza or Halal. Moral of the story: iPhone launches are a serious business.

A Sleepy Group Hang in Meatpacking


If you've ever questioned the sanity of people who camp out for Apple products, know this: when the apocalypse comes, we'll all be scrambling around, looking for food and shelter, while they'll be like, "Oh, want to come hang in this condo I constructed out of cardboard boxes? I ordered Seamless. Also, need to use my Mophie?"

The level of preparedness we witnessed outside of the Meatpacking District Apple store was unreal. Nearly all of the 300 or so folks in the line—which almost reached the river—had a folding chair, a fleece blanket, and an iPad loaded with movies. People stretched out on stacks of flat-packed cardboard boxes and yoga mats, sat in circles playing cards, ordered pizza, and, in a few cases, brazenly fished line beers out of ice-packed coolers. Friends of the line-sitters periodically pulled up to the curb to hand them things like pillows, sweatshirts, and soup dumplings. It felt like the sleepy tail end of a party, when everyone just really wants to go home.
· How a Professional Line Sitter Preps for the iPhone 6 Launch [Racked NY]
· All iPhrenzy Posts [Racked NY]

Author: "Caitlin Petreycik" Tags: "Apple, Apple Store, iPhone 6, iPhrenzy, ..."
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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 21:30

Photo by Brian Harkin

TRIBECA—Clean out your closet for fall with Steven Alan . The retailer has partnered with high-end fashion trade-in service Material Wrld to host a closet trade-in, where you bring your old designer clothes and bags to the flagship at 103 Franklin St in exchange for Steven Alan gift certificates. Stop by anytime between Friday and Sunday to turn your past-season pieces into present-day happiness.

FLATIRON—Celebrate C. Wonder's newest Manhattan outpost on 155 Fifth Avenue all weekend long! Running from Friday through Sunday, the first 100 customers each day will receive a scratch-off card with special discounts, and those who make a purchase of $50 or more will get a limited edition C. Wonder tote bag. Other perks include spinning the Wheel of Wonder to win products and VIP perks, complimentary sweet treats, and an appearance from Priv Beauty Station on Saturday from 12-5pm.

MEATPACKING DISTRICT—This month saw the launch of The Silhouette Shoppe, an experiential pop-up to fête the launch of designer Christian Siriano's first fragrance, at 402 West 13th Street. Siriano will be signing Silhouette boxes for those who purchase them tomorrow from 6pm—8pm, with 10% of the the evenings proceeds going to the ASPCA. Can't make it to the pop-up? Siriano will be sending signed sketches to those who purchase the 100mL fragrance online.

UPPER EAST SIDE—Women's retailer OGONYC is holding its annual end of season sale on Saturday, with savings of 50—80% off all items. Stop by the Dejavu boutique at 223 East 60th Street between 1pm and 8pm for the savings.

Author: "Racked Staff" Tags: "RackedWire, ASPCA, C. Wonder, Christian ..."
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