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Date: Friday, 14 Sep 2012 16:42
Dear Friends! Long time didn't speak! Please enjoy the psychedelic garage revivalists from Ekaterinburg, Russia. Yeah!

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "psych, garage revival, russia"
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Date: Friday, 14 Sep 2012 16:08

If you're into the no fuss raw-garage psychedelic side of the American sixties in the spirit of Syd Barrett and Rocky Erickson you'll be overblown by this gem. "Tales From Prison" is their first release consisting of 7 tracks and including a magical rework of Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd) and White Rabbit (Great Society / Jefferson Airplane) blended into a single track. Expect to be blown away by this prodigiously talented band! Listen to this great album! Guys kindly shared it at their blog.

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "greece, neo psych, psych"
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Date: Saturday, 24 Mar 2012 12:53
Great reissues HERE! Hi Friends! I'd like to introduce you the great label - Golden Pavillion Records

"Golden Pavilion Records reissues rare and often overlooked late 60's and 70's psychedelic, progressive, acid-folk & art-rock music. Our goal is to make this music available to the discerning listener, as close as possible to its original format. We release mostly records on high quality vinyl & in limited editions. We also work with contemporary artists such as Vespero and Mark Fry."

Here you can download some of the sold out Golden Pavillion Records Reissues:

DRAGON- Kalahen- (BELGIUM- 1977) GP1009LP- Recorded in 1977, Dragon's second album is in fact a DEMO the band recorded at home with a more atmospheric proggy sound with lots of vibrant Pink Floyd'esque moves, Mellotron, Saxes, flutes, trumpets...including an Epic 18 minutes psychedelic jam on B-Side. Comes in colourful gatefold cover with gorgeous outer and inner artwork. Strictly limited to 500 copies! All copies in black vinyl only! SOLD OUT

MARIO GARCIA- Sr Cisne- (BRAZIL 1982) GP1006LP- Mesmerizing album that is unbelievably still unknown to most collectors! A Latin-rock venture that explores African rooted music of Uruguay with dense percussion, complex time signatures, driving electric guitar solos, and an assertive groove that lies somewhere between wicked funk and psych-prog leanings with long instrumental parts relying on strong bass lines, killer percussion and an ever-present Santana-like electric guitar. Originally released in a tiny run of just a few hundred copies.

PANTA REI- Same- (SWEDEN 1973) GP1004LP- Panta Rei is attributed to Heraticlus thoughts about change. Πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rei) meaning everything flows in ancient Greek. And this is exactly what you get in this album. Originally issued on the Harvest label in 1973, this is a wonderful stream of trippy Heavy Swedish prog with an intensely groovy jazz-rock & fuzz oriented approach that comes close to Frank Zappa circa “Hot rats”, with some spacey-freaked-out atmospheres and an underlying Canterbury feel. The guitar work is predominant and menacing, whereas the all English lyrics and the rich musical texture that feeds on layers of flutes, maracas, timbales, harmonica and impressive percussion, make for a truly majestic album.

GINO PERTOT- Jew nails- (AUSTRIA 1976) GP1001LP- Finally this lost gem of Austrian psych folk is reissued after being lost for over 34 years! This is probably the RAREST Austrian LP, and one of the most elusive records ever. The music is honest and spontaneous, crossing paths between fragile folk and psychedelic dark undertones with a touch of glam, expressive lyrics and fleeting guitar lines. The 200 copies privately pressed in 1976 (two runs of 100 copies each) were mostly given to friends and sporadically sold at concerts.

YVES RAKOTOMALALA- Ce matin encore- (FRANCE- 1981) GP1008LP- Yves Rakotomalala from the acclaimed “Yves, Serge & Victor” album “Cagibi” recorded this elusive album a few years after he left the group. Musically we are in the same vein as “Cagibi”: A delicate fragile westcoast-tinged psych-folk with acoustic/ electric backing & amazing vocals, very close in sound and style to Neil Young in his “After the gold rush” period. Every track is excellent with one side sung in English and the other in French

ART BOYS COLLECTION- Stoned Wall- (AUSTRIA- 1972) GP1007LP- Truly rare Austrian psych-rock with a unique flavor that crosses folk, prog and freak beat sounds with even a Beatle’esque sound, great vocal harmonies and a heavy dose of psychedelic vibes.

All downloads are under Creative Commons license from freemusicarchive.org
Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "psych prog, folk, austria, sweden, brazi..."
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Date: Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 04:15
Hi Friends! I'd like to share with you two albums by great Italian neo psych band Magic Potion. "Fans of Plasticland or The Tyrnaround will find a gold mine of melodic psychedelia after consuming some Magic Potion" The Knights Of Fuzz

Magic Potion - Four Wizards in Your Tea (1988)

Magic Potion - Misplaced in your perfect world (1990)

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "neo psych, italy, garage revival"
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Date: Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 03:35
Led by pianist Sante Palumbo, Sway is an excellent album heavily influenced by early 70s Miles Davis, even without the presence of trumpet. Throughout, the album features wah wah guitar rhythms and tribal drumming. The first side is a bit looser, with some shrieky sax, drum solos and some piano noise bits. But Side 2 contains 'Mad' which is absolutely sublime. The sax is traded in for flute, there's an actual melody line carried throughout, and the guitar fuzzes out some wonderful solos. CPT (Cipiti) is the same label that released the rare debut by Le Groupe X.Taken from here

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "prog, fusion, jazz, cd reissue wishlist,..."
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Date: Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 23:28
Werup-Sjostrom group was a theater / cabaret jazz-rock group similar to the Solar Plexus. The group includes Jacques Werup who later formed the remarkable progressive group Storm who released three LPs. The music is political prog rock. Jacques Werup from Ystad, Malmö and started as a jazz musician, but is now best known as a writer and poet. He made his debut as a writer in 1971 and today has released 35 books.

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "psych prog, sweden"
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Date: Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 22:35
Swedish privately released prog album.

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "prog, sweden"
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Date: Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 04:53
When listening to this album, I had every intention of listing it as a group from Canada. It has that particular sound that reminds me of a 1970s Quebecois release, as found on the Disques Le Tamanoir label for example. Groups such as L'Engoulevent and Breche come to mind here. As well, I hear traces of Harmonium's debut and even some Connivence. Overall I'd categorize it mainly as French folk music with a pop rock edge. So not exactly the usual CDRWL fare, but the primary reason for inclusion is the keyboard work - plenty of Moog solos that are a wonderful contrast to the otherwise serene pop music. I suppose you could also call out Yes here, when they're in their most simplistic happy sappy mood. Also, I quite liked the melodies. While not a priority release (there are a couple of trips to the barn you'll have to endure), I still think many of you would probably like to track this one down for a few listens. Taken from here

Ripped & shared by KC!


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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "psych prog, pop, cd reissue wishlist, fr..."
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Date: Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 04:24
Horn rock heaven. Not long ago we featured a 1970 Swedish group called Opus III & Friends, and I stated that they reminded me of a horn rock band, except that they didn't have horns. And here we have another band like that, except they do feature them... horns that is. And much more, fully utilizing the 8 piece band here (trumpet, trombone, organ, flute, sax, guitar, bass, drums). This is a very fine example of the style, with good melodies and female vocals sung in Swedish. I believe all are originals, except one cover of Chicago's "Make Me Smile" (and an excellent rendition it is). For Swedish horn rock, I found this to be much more preferable than Splash's "Ut På Vischan". Taken from here

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "prog, sweden, cd reissue wishlist"
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Date: Thursday, 08 Mar 2012 03:56
Floyd Hunchback Group is a tough album to describe. You can tell they're jazzers, and the typical late 70's fusion elements are all out in force (Rhodes, sax, funky bass). But they have this mean streak too, and some of the gymnastic rhythms, coupled with Moog and guitar solos, point to a love for complex instrumental progressive rock. The drumming is quite exceptional. Strangely I'm hearing more of a mid 70's Eastern European sound here, as found in bands like Fermata or SBB. Taken from here


Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "swiss, prog, fusion, cd reissue wishlist"
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Date: Saturday, 21 Jan 2012 09:47
Very rare dutch folk/psych

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "folk, psych, dutch"
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Date: Saturday, 21 Jan 2012 08:45
For 1976 this was certainly an odd album - in fact I wouldn't be surprised to see it date back to 1971 or earlier. The band consists of maestro Bill Horton on guitar and a couple of his friends handling bass and drums. Being a private release (and quite a legendary album among psych collectors), "Dancehall For Midgets" has that familiar raw and unpolished sound, which is so characteristic of low-budget hard-rock obscurities - however, unlike most albums of the genre, Horton isn't too keen on simplistic three-chord riffs and 4/4 rhythms. Instead, their brand heavy rock is stuffed with weird Beefheart-ian psychedelicacy - and since the band obviously had a knack for free-form jamming, the album often sounds almost like an outsider's take on "Trout Mask Replica”. Rambling, unstructured guitar improvs is what it's all about - add a healthy dose of expressive vocals (Mr. Horton obviously wasn't afraid of singing out of tune), and you'll probably get the full picture. Sure, the 1976 album couldn't be all like this, so be prepared for a couple of fairly conventional heavy-blues-rock numbers as well - good thing is that they are very few and far between, hence they don't spoil the impression. Overall this is quite a unique and unparalleled document of America's 1970s rock underground. Was it successful or not - please decide for yourself. By Lev Gankine Gnosis2000

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "usa, psych"
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Date: Saturday, 21 Jan 2012 08:32
Interesting, and very obscure, Italian band with 2 albums. Frrrrrigidaire is unique in the annals of the vast Italian progressive rock scene. Instrumental, jazzy and at times even a lounge sound pervades. The album is a fun listen and I can imagine being a minor hit with the those that engage in the Retro-club lounge scene or those that seek out albums that would make a great soundtrack to 70's films. Hardly an essential item but still worth a spin and can be considered a good nightcap type of album. By ashratom

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "prog, jazz, italy"
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Date: Saturday, 14 Jan 2012 04:29
Originally released 1969 in the US on London. Great pop psych

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "usa, pop, psych"
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Date: Saturday, 14 Jan 2012 03:55
Beautiful Cano/Troisieme Rive like private release.
Sylvie Granger / vocals
Daniel Lepage / piano, vocals
Pierre Moisan / Bass
Jean-Luc Etheier / recorder
Jean-Jacques Bourdeau / guitars
Denis Toupin / / drums

A1 Arc-en-ciel 3:00
A2 Just'en passant 0:40
A3 Voler en rond 3:10
A4 Réveil 4:00
A5 Levez les yeux 4:50
B1 Le temps est venu 4:30
B2 Galarneau 3:10
B3 Inconnue 2:50
B4 Apprendre à prendre 6:00
B5 Des choses à dire 2:00

review at ProgQuebec

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "canada, folk, prog"
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Date: Saturday, 14 Jan 2012 03:43
Here, at Ezhevika Fields, I'm providing information & listening preview samples of lost albums from the past. My only aim is to promote real art & music for some reasons currently unavailable according to my sources. If you are the artist or label & would like the link to be removed just contact me & it will be done.

If you wish to participate - feel free to send links in comments. If music is great & out of print/poorly distributed I'll publish it.

Check my wishlist here

I'd like to thank all original uploaders; collectors sharing music giving us the unique possibility to explore the culture. Thank you!

Take care,
Lisa Sinder
Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)"
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Date: Friday, 26 Aug 2011 12:04
"Siluetler was probably the biggest rock'n roll attraction in Turkey in the 1960's after Gökçen Kaynatan's band (whom they were actually an offshout of). Led by the talented young guitarist Mesut Aytunca, the band took Turkish Rock'n'roll out of the identity crisis, producing the first real examples of Turkish Rock music blending traditional music with rock. Tragically Aytunca was strangled to death (in extremely sordid circumstances) in 1976." Gökhan Aya, Jay Dobis

-Many of the songs remind very much at The Shadows.- Various of the songs are even too ? much in this English Shadows style without much Turkish crossover influence left .

I wondered if Siluetler meant Shadows..so I asked about it, and did recieve this answer :

"Siluetler is Turkish for 'silhouette'. Gölgeler would be shadows. But the name is clearly derived from The Shadows. When I first heard Kak Oyunu oddly referred to as Kak Havas on your site I smiled at the name reference, since the lead guitar could have been being played by Hank Marvin himself. It's a great recording."
PS. "The Shadows were known as The Drifters until the original American Drifters threatened legal action. I believe it was meant to mean that they were Cliff Richard's shadows.)" Can Altinbay

"Well, we can call them "Turkish SHADOWS", mostly instrumental composes, with beautiful guitars. The band's guitarist Mesut Aytunca was playing "Hank Marvin" style.
Siluetler means "Silhouettes" Really beautiful guitars, for the 60's period of Turkey. Face A of this single is the final song of 1965 Altin Mikrofon Song Contest.

About most known single :
"Kasik Havasi" is a well known Turkish music, performed by guitars playing beat & rock sound. One of the early samples of Turkish traditional music in west sound.
"Sis" (The Fog) is a Siluetler adaptation, seems like "The Shadows"' slow composes. " Guner

Taken from here

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Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "beat, turkey, rock"
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Date: Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011 13:35
Obscure and underrated jazz rock from Germany, private press issued in 1979.

Many thanks to KC! Rare Prog Blog publications

Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "rock, jazz, germany"
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Date: Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011 13:35
Lasse Hoflund (vocals, guitar), Stenne Moberg (guitar), Ulf Wallander (saxophone), Cary Wihma (bass), Tjomple Johansson (drums)

This progressive band from Uppsala recorded one highly sought after album of self-penned instrumental tracks. There are also four covers sung in English, including a version of "My Friend" by Jimi Hendrix. The album was released on California label, home to fellow Uppsala band San Michael's. Cary Wihma went on to join Panta Rei, while Ulf Wallander was later in
Ramlösa Kvällar and Arbete & Fritid. Taken from Tobias Petterson's & Ulf Henningsson's "The Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979" (c) 2007 Premium Publishing More details about the book here (sold out)

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Alt Link
Author: "Lisa Sinder (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "psych prog, sweden"
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