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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 14:23
Hi, will guide my trading journal where I will describe my opening and closing position.
Author: "Pavlitto" Tags: "Trading Journals"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 12:24
Just my opinion, but I would not want to be short the S&P at this time. I have bought some at the money (2000)call options that expire end of september contract.

I personally believe we are going to get a strong up move to at least 2060 and possibly to 2370 area! I am not going to give my reasoning but thought i would share it anyway.

I am expecting the up move to start today....or tomorrow. (1st or 2nd sep)

Ive just baked my humble pie...but will I have to eat it!

Happy trading.
Author: "count12" Tags: "Indices"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 11:34
When I first started trading me own account I found getting into a trade took a lot of effort and getting out even more. Getting to a point where it was an equal amount of effort for both was a milestone for me. I must have a pre-set stress level for this sort of stuff. It wasn’t doin me health much good so I decided to relax a bit and slow down. Instead a takin half a dozen trades on the same instrument with the same intent over the course of a day or two, I took just the one after waiting for a little more clarity and I stayed with it for longer, until there was equal clarity about the lack of conviction to do so for any longer. It was natural enough, after I slowed down me entry, me exits took their cue and adopted the same relaxed attitude keeping me in until I was satisfied I shouldn’t be any more. Now what I’m telling ya is that this works for me just fine and I’m sure there are chapos out there hitting the spread ten to a dozen every day and scalping till their toes fall off and making good money in the process and good on em I say. But that’s not for me. The additional benefits are that I found myself paying less in commissions, taking a bigger slice of the move than all those little ones added up together, fewer stress points, greater confidence and a significantly improved performance. And then came the next milestone. Me SO and mates told me I was fun to be with again. I hadn’t realised I hadn’t been and I gave them grief for being lavish with the praise and stingy with the lesson, but they said I was in such a dire place and none of them knew what to do so there was no helping me, and they’re right so as I think back on it now. And the milestone, sorry, off on one again, the milestone was realising trading was just a part of me life, not the be all and end all. Other stuff now gets the attention and enjoyment is needs and deserves, all the bits and pieces that make a life a life. If you’re cursed with a passion and a bent to trade then get it under control real quick, the quicker the better. So you can get on with it as a healthy part of your life and not your entire raison d’etre. Serious, I used to hate the weekends with no markets and all. How sad was that?

After all that I forgot what it was I wanted to say. But now I remember. The thing is, I don’t know which one of those factors led to all the others. So when I hear people saying you must to this or you must do that to achieve this or that, I think to meself, they might be right, and they might not. I’m not sure what order it all came about in or if it all occurred around the same time. I’ve got no idea if we’re all so terrible different or not. So I’m not one to give any advice worth taking I don’t think, but it’s up to you for what it’s worth. I do know that realisation of having found a milestone, whatever it was, was significant enough to crystallise everything else that went towards getting me where I’m at right now. And it was a real rapid process in the scheme of things once it got started. As to what that initial catalyst was I can only guess, and it is a guess, but me gut tells me it’s close if not spot on, and that was me making that conscious decision to take a step back, slow down and look at the bigger picture, the broad brushstrokes. I stopped looking for the perfect entry and the perfect exit, they only show themselves at the end of the day anyway when you’re looking back at the charts, they hide during the day when your charts are running. I stopped ripping meself to shreds on every twitch in the price. And while you’re wondering if there’s anything of any use at all in any of this, I’d say probably not really, but for the sake of a bit more blather the method I used to slow meself down was to imagine what the chap trading in a longer timeframe than me was doing. Here am I sweating on say the H1 chart wondering if this bar is the start of a reversal or just a pullback. He’s not fussed at all as my bar is just one of 4 he’s going to be looking at on his 4H chart. I’m twitching on every tick and he’s sitting back having a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, reading the paper, watching the news. Now I have a physiological comfort fit with the H1 so I’m not about to be changing that, but, if I pretended I was trading the H4, each of the H1 bars didn’t matter quite so much to me. Instead of ploughing in on the close of the bar which may, or may not, have been a reversal or a resumption of trend, I’d wait for another bar or two, just be way of confirmation. It’s only what the bloke upstairs was doing after all. Sure I’d miss a couple of bars action if the move had started on that first bar, but, I also missed all those false starts and moves that peter out a bar or two after entry and cut you to pieces with loads of small, but majorly emotionally irritating, losses. I did the same thing for the exit. Instead of jumping out on the first bar to suggest all was not well, I’d wait for another bar or two, and d’ya know what, it more often than not (i.e. >50%) sorts itself out and takes off again. So by pretending to be trading a longer period than the chart I’m on, and just letting the bars tell me their story in their own time, I sorted me trading out alright and that sorted a lot of other stuff out too.
Author: "Pat Riley" Tags: "Discretionary Trading"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 09:50
International gold price last trading day dropt slightly, temporarily raised to 1290 from 1285. Price corrected itself at the end of U.S. trading time. In today’s Asian trading time, gold based sideway. Gold price currently closed at about 1286USD/oz.
U.S. July core PCE price index released last Friday matched the expectation, plus the strong Manufacturing and consumer confidence, U.S. dollar index keeps strong. These strong data pressed gold to drop from a high point. Currently gold daily chart price correcting and basing sideway, MACD green bar converged to neutral axis, and market fluctuation is increasing, trading around 1280-1290 would be a good choice.:cheesy:
Author: "goldhj" Tags: "Commodities & Money Markets"
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Date: Monday, 01 Sep 2014 00:38
hi guys

in my last month i was making alot of money by scalpin i was shoosing good -
movement us stocks and strated to scalpe it was terrific:thumbsup: tell this week
:( started to get treated differently. it reached a point where orders were taking almost a minute to get processed and orders were being refused based on price movements within that time. i know that SB providers don't like scalpers but this how i work big stakes + 1-2 min in and out

all i'm asking is this treatment only from my broker or not (City index)

P.s : i was trading equities with Colmex in the same way but never got troubles i changed to SB because i lost 20 000$ in Sport betting:cry:
Author: "XxRamboPLxX" Tags: "Spread Betting & CFDs"
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Date: Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 16:54
I've been working on a new strategy for equities, and want to know where I can find the tightest spreads for spreadbetting on the S&P500/Dow30 constituents. Currently with CityIndex, but have only really used it for Indices and UK350 stocks, and the odd US stock.
Author: "Stargunner" Tags: "Spread Betting & CFDs"
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Date: Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 15:15
We've just published a new T2W article called "Member Profile: robster970" by Robster970.

Quick Summary: T2W member robster970 gives his trading background and experience in our latest member profile interview

PS. Don't forget to rate the article after you've read it and share your comments on this thread.
Author: "T2W Bot" Tags: "Educational Resources"
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usd jpy   New window
Date: Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 06:52
usd jpy

On the H1 TF, the price is on 0.886 fibo level. If a hidden negative divergence happened, we are expecting a drop to take place.

Click the image to open in full size.
Author: "robert11" Tags: "Forex"
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Hod/lod   New window
Date: Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 05:00
HOD and LOD are important levels, but most technical literature I've read and traders I've spoken with appear to utilise it on a previous day basis. Which kinda makes sense as you don't know what the HOD/LOD is in any definitive sense until after the day is done and dusted. All well and good I say.

But...regardless of the time slice you're trading you have local highs and lows. Now just how local you want to consider local is going to be a personal preference, but in my experience, each has its own 'memory' if you'll allow my rude anthropomorphismising and it comes down to a specific number which for no particular reason I don't find surprising.

Whatever bar you use as your trigger (I use Murphys on Richmond Street) if its high/low exceeds the most recent local high/low, then I consider I have a situation for which if I get any other entry setup signals, I'll give it some proper attention.

In visual terms, go back from any point on a chart to an obvious high or low. It sticks out like a sore thumb doesn't it now? Roll forward from that point until you find a bar which has a high/low outside the extreme of that prior high/low. That's what I'm talking about.

Now it's not for me to tell ya how many beans make five, but I'm going to suggest you might do well to follow the late, great JC in planning on having around a bakers dozen or so on your top table.
Author: "Pat Riley" Tags: "Trading Systems"
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Date: Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 01:22
Hello everyone,

My question to you is: can a private investor i.e. joe bloggs earn a decent living from investing in the stock market?

Background: I'm a complete novice to the financial markets. I am currently working in a professional role in the community which pays reasonably well. However, I have become disillusioned with my choice of career and I want to change. I'm ready to change. This decision has been made after considerable thought. I have always been interested in the stock market. In the past I have made a small number of trades in my SS ISA but nothing major. Is it viable that someone, after research and study, can become a successful private investor? Enough to make a career out of it?

I'm 27 and not getting any younger :whistling

I value your thoughts and opinions on this topic and any help you can provide is very much appreciated.


Author: "jimmydean" Tags: "First Steps"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2014 17:49
Somewhat new to Binary Options trading, but not new to trading I really struggled to find a reliable, low-risk and honest Binary Options signal service to deal with. My struggle has been trying to REBUILD financially ~ following a series of poor investments with the real estate bubble burst.... back a few years.

Fast-forward to now, I'm sustaining financially by keeping afloat doing a bit of freelance editing work. Thinking of how to leverage MORE $$$ in a shorter time frame, trading currencies/commodities/stocks could hold potential. But who to trust??? As a divorced woman nearing "retirement age" and extensive research later... I realized I need to potentially (with LOW RISK) be able to earn at least $5K to $8K a month by trading ~ to eventually re-invest that to $15K to $20K monthly.

Trading commodities/derivatives and currencies I had some success, but needed more reliable guidelines from PROS ~ not ripoff artists ...giving LOSING signals and charging ridiculous fees. Right now I'm barely making enough to survive, but fortunately am on the road to ACHIEVE my goals of $8K monthly within 60 to 90 days... Since my hours are my own, the best Assets and Binary Trading options suited for my needs are to narrowly focus on RELIABLE, HONEST, PROFESSIONAL signals.. Not that I need others to think for me, but even surgeons rely upon a professional TEAM.

Found a great resource!! These guys actually PERSONALLY answer your questions, and not with some auto-responder! Also??? They bounced off excellent trading ideas suited for my personal situation, with their EBOT alerts... I can tell you FIRST-HAND, these signals on my trial basis, WHICH I TRADED in real time! worked beautifully!!! I can PROVE the wins, because I tracked in my record statements from my broker. Trust and believe I have NO time for games, and zero tolerance for so-called "signals" that really are only making their money off affiliate broker nonsense. My time IS money (as a writer/editor in my day job).

So far? Before my eyes had 5 consecutive winners Just to name a couple... won on the USD/JPY bull trade Aug 22, 2014, won on USD/CHF bull trade Aug 26, 2014. What I love about the TAPs EOD-EBOTS program is the customization and guidance to my TIME, and realistically accessible Binary Option assets to trade. OH? And I did not have to wait forever, the signals come in BEAUTIFULLY, with a "heads-up" kind of pre-alert to the REAL ALERT, then? The real alert, and entry point & directions... works great. Okay obviously every trade won't win ~ or everybody would be doing this... So far, 100% wins. Yet even if it evens out to 80% wins, I can and will earn steady profits... so guys (and gals) check them out. I found them while surfing and I am a very good researcher. It's what I do for a living.

Peace, out!
Author: "smokefree" Tags: "Fixed Odds & Binary Betting"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2014 14:39
There was an interesting thread, I'm almost certain it was real enough last night, about spotting indications of big money in a cable chart. Can't remember whose it was other than he as disagreeing with a moderator about some remark or another. I can understand the ff topic stuff being removed, but surely the pertinent posts would be left? But no sign of it at all today. I tried starting this thread in the general trading area tinking that would be the place, but it wont allow me.
Author: "Pat Riley" Tags: "The Foyer"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2014 12:21
Hi All,

just been made redundant and looking to use some of my money to trade. I used to trade at a prop firm years ago, mainly fixed income outrights bund / bobl / Schatz and eurostoxx. Interested in spreading and in particular how you would leg rather than use an autospreader. Looking at bund bobl. Can anyone advise which leg you would look to get on first and of this is common practice now or is an autospreader the way to go?
Author: "clbfjc" Tags: "Futures & Options"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2014 04:55
Hey all,

I'm currently working on a smart economic calendar startup and we're going through a startup incubator at the moment.

I'm desperately trying to get some expert feedback from traders on how they go about economic research. If you happen to have a spare moment if you could help us with this survey it'd be great:


We can't offer payment but we can offer beta testing places and we're hoping it'll make your trading much more successful in the future!

Many Thanks

Team Sequence

p.s. sorry if this breaks any forum rules we're just really struggling with research
Author: "teamsequence" Tags: "Economic & Fundamental Analysis"
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Irony   New window
Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 23:03
George Galloway (Respect Party - unless you're a Jew)

In hospital after attack on London street.

But the irony aspect goes back to 2008 when "The politician needed medical treatment after he was pelted with a rubber stress ball while campaigning in an open-top bus in London.".

Attacked, with a stress ball.
Author: "Pat Riley" Tags: "The Foyer"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 20:54
Hi all,

I'm looking for software to play with point and figure charts for forex. I've had a search in this section of the site but all the results seemed mixed and a few years old now. Does anybody use a good point and figure charting software package on here?

Regards JR
Author: "johnradical" Tags: "Trading Software"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 19:42
Hi guys.

Where can I find information on what time data is released which moves the indicies?

Which events or news do you find move the markets most?

What effect does the Nikkei have upon the European and abeyance indicies?

Thanks gents.
Author: "Micky89" Tags: "Indices"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 19:19
Please check this link where you will find CFD trading strategy is free and in the some page you´ll find more information and more articles on how to invest with no risk: http://detodosobrefinanzas.com/estra...cfd-trading-2/
Author: "fafonet" Tags: "Forex"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 14:57
Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any software where you can create charts for use in documents and books etc.?

I don't mean taking screenshots or saving images from live charts, but to create a chart from scratch by inserting candles where you want and so on.

Would be really grateful for any guidance on this.

Many thanks
Author: "np88" Tags: "Trading Software"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 14:43
I'm trading full time. Mainly indices. Have been doing so for 4 years now. I recently got out the house and am working from a serviced office in Liverpool Street.
Straight forward setup - I have my own PC and clearing.

Would anyone other traders be interested to join forces and work from a shared office?

PM me.

thanks guys
Author: "denilson1" Tags: "Trading Firms"
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