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Date: Friday, 07 Oct 2005 19:24
Stop Being Sheep
Best of Speak Up, in print form.
Milk vs. Wood Screws
The online shopping experience sucks? So does the real-life experience.
Blue Flavor
Odd name, great team. Congrats.
Vector Safari
For all your high-res comping needs. (Probably better suited to those who mockup with vectors in the first place. Me? I like my pixels.)
New PDF web dev mag, picking up where Design in Flight left off.
IE/Win Expanding Box
New Position is Everything content! A detailed look at a common problem. overflow: hidden is the one I use on this site, works great.
Cameron Moll's new service. Want work? Need work done? Make the connection.
Eolas again.
Wake me up when it's over.
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Date: Friday, 23 Sep 2005 18:44
Get Creative with your Phonecam
Some great suggestions for actually making it useful. Here's another: write/type travel directions in large letters with short line widths, and take a photo or two.
Ethical SEO
Categorizing the ethics of boosting your traffic.
Burton's Corpse Bride shot entirely with Canon DSLRs
"“Basically, everything looked great until the film-originated version came up, then everyone yelled at the projectionist, 'Focus!'"
Chameleon and twotone
A pair of icon sets with a common theme: mix and match your own background colours.
A brand new design company from our boys in Brighton.
Slashdot goes CSS
"From the welcome-to-2002 dept." Nicely done.
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Date: Tuesday, 20 Sep 2005 22:34
I'm speaking at ActiveState on Wed., Sept 28th
Open to the general public, I believe, as it's a Vancouver XML group meeting. It will be a pretty simple talk on the basics of CSS layout though, so you can safely skip it if you've figured out floats and positioning.
The Multiple Self
A bit long, but too good not to link: the unconscious mind as an OS kernel, and how to hack it.
Logoworks.com Rip-offs
Cheap design comes at a price...(via)
Logo Originality
...but there's a flip-side to that.
The Design Encyclopedia
Like Wikipedia, for design and designers.
Neat little in-browser font preview utility.
BBEdit CSS Syntax Checker
John Gruber's handy extension for BBEdit users.
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Date: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2005 00:17
Grid Systems
Good solid how-to advice.
Mac OS Through the Years
For those of us who switched relatively recently (and those yet to).
CSS Table Gallery
One table, multiple styles.
MySQL & SCO sign partnership
Either you know exactly why this is unbelievable, or you don't need to.
The Rising Tide
Maxine Sherrin explains a neat effect you can see in action on the WestCiv site. (And if you haven't seen it yet, do take a look at their Style Master while you're there)
Email Injection
Got a PHP-driven contact form? Getting loads of incoming junk? This is why. (via)
Reserved ID Values
IE/Win's DOM support is acting up.
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Date: Monday, 29 Aug 2005 23:04
Photo Gallery Templates available
Doug's amazing photo gallery templates now up for grabs. What a guy.
Engadget 1985
Have we really come this far?
DOMScripting: the Book
With a foreword by yours truly, for some reason.
HTML Stamps
Markup stamps for Illustrator. Hot.
Coffee? Health benefits?! Could this day get any better?
Designing a CD Cover
Mike Pick's fabulous Zen Garden submission "What Lies Beneath" inspired a local band's latest release. Hot.
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Date: Tuesday, 23 Aug 2005 17:25
A List Apart 4.0
What a pleasant surprise. Fresh and new and nicely done, Mssrs. Meyer, Zeldman, Santa Maria et. al.
External Drives and Scratch Disks
Taking a cue from the music industry, why not work off of a USB2/Firewire drive? Interesting idea.
Thierry Image Placement
A somewhat similar concept to the method Radu Darvas worked out a few years ago, bringing back the good ol' single-pixel transparent GIF. Looks to solve most existing image replacement problems, and adds new options like printable and scalable image-based text.
Safari and multiple background images
Old news, but the demo is worth it. Don't forget to view source.
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox
Like the title says. I have a feeling this would make a good companion article to Bulletproof Web Design
Selenium, a testing tool.
Tired of clicking the same 20 buttons over and over again? Have this Javascript app do the manual work for you.
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Date: Friday, 29 Jul 2005 21:34
New Shelf Life
Sluggish sales? Time for a redesign. (The images referenced in the article are available on the R. Bird web site) (via)
UFO v1.0
Unobtrusive Flash Objects, a new Flash Satay method. (via)
Running With Sprites
Extra goodness on top of last year's Sprites article, including :active styling.
Carson Workshops
Upcoming one day workshops in London and Chicago with various industry leaders.
Inside Bulletproof Web Design
The first web design book I've ever seen that I could describe as 'lickable'. Yum yum.
I {?} Unicode
Timely. Also see the Windows version. (via)
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Date: Tuesday, 26 Jul 2005 20:16
The Inbox Makeover
Streamline your mail. (Note to self: check this out as a way to deal with that growing pile of unread mail.)
Quark's Postcards from the Edge
Talk about backfires. (via)
Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly in Two Minutes
Mobile styling with CSS media types? Maybe next year. Here's what you can do today.
Firewheel Sparkplug
The icon masters relaunch.
Speaking of Firewheel, their new billing service launches today.
Architecting CSS
Saner CSS authoring.
Das Zen des CSS-Design
How did I find out about this? A comment on my site. Yes, really. (Nice cover though, I wonder who did it?)
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Date: Tuesday, 19 Jul 2005 05:48
WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force
A must-read for those interested in the next big thing on the web.
Illustrator Charts
Don't settle for Excel.
Just in case you missed 'em, the IDEA design awards at BusinessWeek.
Web Design Patterns
Obsessively tracking common patterns. (via)
Access Matters: How do CSS layout variations affect assistive technology?
And some answers. Summary: display: none; hides content, HTML source order is critical.
Accessible Data Tables
When you need to use 'em, use 'em well.
Styled Form Controls
Great potential, great method, but non-standard form controls are still a usability problem. (Think Flash scrollbars, for a gratuitous example.) Use with extreme care.
Seems familiar...
Don't forget to view source on this one. WOW. Update: Link removed, the site has since been changed.
Optimus Keyboard
Per-app configurable OLED displays on each key. I'll take three, please.
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Date: Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005 22:31

Yes indeed, this site got a mention in the current issue of Wired. Page 30, or see the scan above. Thanks for all the emails. View the article in question.

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Date: Thursday, 23 Jun 2005 18:55
Photoshop CS2 Review
A big and comprehensive look at all the features that don't seem like they're worth the upgrade price this time. (via)
Validity and Accessibility
WCAG2 adds a get out of jail free card. Don't miss Matt May's agreement with the decision.
Fake vs. True Italics
I still remember the uproar Photoshop 5 caused when it started requiring proper italic faces. (And of course the subsequent "faux" settings to smooth the waters.)
The Man Behind the FedEx Logo
An interview with Lindon Leader of Leader Creative.
Design Clichés
Oh come now. Bubbleheads are timeless.
Automated MySQL backups to your inbox. Perfect for smaller DBs. Don't miss the updated version.
WebVisions 2005
Peter Merholtz, Stewart Butterfield, Cameron Moll, Nick Finck, Molly Holzschlag, and many more. Portland, Oregon, July 15th.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Relinquish Control
Still placing your content behind a login? Be afraid.
Canada's answer to ESPN goes standards. Congrats to Brian Garside and team. (not quite validating yet, but so close...)
A great set of re-usable UI scripts. A bit more unobtrusive, and they'd be perfect. (via)
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Date: Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005 20:42
Ajax Mistakes
A very apt list of usability problems that people will likely learn the hard way. Not all of them apply in all situations, of course, but you could do worse than use these as general guidelines.
Review: Microsoft Acrylic
A positive review from an actual designer. I'm leaning toward waiting and seeing on this one, though the thought of Microsoft making design tools is more than a little unnerving.
Desert Island Fonts, Round 1
Myriad, Bembo, and I'm still working on the rest of my list.
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Date: Tuesday, 14 Jun 2005 22:10

Only a single link for today, because it makes me so happy: a useful Dashboard Widget. At last.

Unofficial Google Maps Widget
A mini viewer for Google Maps. Why bother? It's essentially stateless; you pick up exactly where you left off last. Seriously useful. (via)
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Date: Monday, 13 Jun 2005 22:59
Logo Trends 2005
"But remember: With any trend, it is better to realize how you arrived than to know you have arrived."
Universal Child Replacement
Simulate the CSS child selector in IE.
Wordpress UI: Tiger
Holding off on trying Wordpress because of the current administration UI? Here's one less excuse.
Essential Fonts For Designers
300 free Truetype fonts you should have.
10 Good Practices for Writing Javascript in 2005
For those of you who got a taste of DOM Scripting at @media and want more.
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with Javascript, CSS
Previously linked on here, but a nice follow-up to the above link.
shauninman.com v8
Minty fresh.
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Date: Tuesday, 07 Jun 2005 17:24
Microsoft Office goes XML
Office file formats now open? It's a chilly day down below.
Apple & Intel? It's a chilly day down below.
DHTML Utopia
Stuart Langridge's new book is finally out!
Drip: IE Leak Detector
Speaking of Javascript, here's a new memory leak monitor.
YellowLane redesign
With a tasty article on icon creation to kick things off.
Web Essentials CSS Workshops
WE hits the road in Australia this summer. If you have never seen John Allsopp speak, you need to.
10 for Russ Weakley
Timely! A WSG interview between two of the minds behind Web Essentials.
Hilton.com - Web Standards?
Uh... no.
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