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Date: Monday, 25 Aug 2014 11:35

This might be my most motley mash-up of photos in a "scenes" post since I started this blog seven (!!) years ago, but, I suppose that's what happens when a major slacker (a.k.a. me) is writing said blog. I just can't seem to catch my breath between vacation re-entry, studio business, and the whole back-to-school craziness. (The girlies go back today, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm ready for a little structure again.)

So here's an attempt to describe what's going down in those snaps above...

A DIY-heavy kiddo room install. / Wine, dogs, babies, and clients at the studio (a typical meeting.) / A week-end trip to (the seriously) amazing Ouachita National Forest with Christine, Steven and fam. / Shopping for books, pretty accessories, and the like. / Planning sessions at The Joule. / Amazing custom art by Sam for another client install (two in one week, oy vey).

Order of descriptions does not correspond with order of snaps. I'll let you guys try and figure it out. Happy Monday. ;-)
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Date: Friday, 22 Aug 2014 01:03
Duane Michals portrait of Peretti at her worktable, in Halston, 1974. From the Condé Nast archive via Vanity Fair .

I didn't just listen to the TED Radio Hour during our epic roadtrip to Florida. I also read. A lot. Vanity Fair, Vogue, Porter, back issues of The Gentlewoman, Bon Appétit, The New Yorker, The World of Interiors... You name it; I read it.

And from those hundreds of pages consumed during read-fest 2014, I think my favorite image was the above one of Elsa Peretti from this (excellent) Vanity Fair piece.

Umm.. Giant cactus, terra-cotta pot, sleek wood desk, sculptural accessories and vessels, chic cream silk blouse? Yes, please.

The shot was taken in 1974, yet it could be your coolest artist friend at home today. Totally timeless. Totally perfect. I am smitten.

And speaking of Madame Peretti, these three pretties conjured up by the brilliant designer have been on my wish list for eons...

Thumbprint dish

Black bone cuff

Round pendant

Oh Elsa...
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Date: Thursday, 14 Aug 2014 12:32

That we arrived home on Sunday and I'm just now getting scenes from our beach adventure posted pretty much says exactly how long my vacation afterglow lasted...

After a week of swimming in the waves; plowing threw a massive stack of reading material; sea kayaking; walking along shore lines teaming with shells; seeing dolphins, geckos, turtles, a bald eagle, and a baby octopus; cooking and eating and gazing at sunsets and double rainbows with dear friends; and just generally staring out at the ocean on a remote, sparsely-populated south Florida island, we came home to busy town USA.

I jumped into a kid's room install, Bryan jumped into heads down writing for work, the girlies jumped into back to school prep, and we all tried to make sense of how to get everything done that we didn't manage to finish before we left. By Monday afternoon I was even missing the 44 hours of driving (there and back) that we endured to enjoy said vacation. (I listened to so much TED Radio Hour that Guy Raz's voice is permanently burned into my brain.)

But there is a post-vacation silver lining here friends. While that general blissed-out, mellow, sort of dreamy feeling that materializes when you have the opportunity to get away from it all vanished immediately upon re-entry, our familial interaction seems to have fundamentally changed. The four of us feel like a true team -- as only people who have endured joy and hardship (see: 44 hours in a car) can. We have each other's backs. We're kinder, gentler, more forgiving. It's as if we know that life and all its attendant commitments goes on, but the stress/frustration/blame/general pissiness doesn't (always) have to. We are riding the roller coaster together, hugging each other tighter when we scream.

And, maybe it's just me, but that's the best kind of afterglow. 
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Date: Friday, 01 Aug 2014 03:19

Outtakes via my Instagram from a styling project I did for D Home this week...

This week was a wee bit nutty with a few big projects all coming to a head over the past few days (holy schlepping and hauling Batman), but the result was getting to collaborate with amazing friends and colleagues to create several pretty images and spaces. All in all, (way) more than worth the effort.

But I'm not gonna lie friends, I'm wiped out. Fried with a capital F. We're headed to the beach tomorrow, and the trip couldn't come at a better time. I don't even mind that we're driving 18 (!) hours to get there. (Remember when I said I was jonesin' for a good long road trip? Oy vey). Ok, maybe I mind just a smidge, but not unlike my past week at work, I'm thinking the journey will only make the spoils sweeter.

At least that's what I'm going with.
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Date: Saturday, 26 Jul 2014 14:56
The perfect non-kitchen kitchen via The NY Times.

My crazy talented friend Christine's brilliant new online shop, Vee Caravan. (More on her new endeavor to come...stay tuned.)

Ceiling gorgeousness courtesy of designer Glenn Gissler's (via Brian Paquette's Pinterest). The Porter Teleo wallpaper, the rock crystal chandelier, the tailored curtains. All of it.

Karen Mordechai's new Sunday Suppers book. I had the pleasure of spending time with Karen on a shoot in New York several years ago, and can safely say that she is one of the most delightful people I've ever met. Can't wait to get my hands on her new tome. (Both images above via Sunday Suppers.)

Hilda Hellström's perfect side table spotted on Shayna's (awesome) Pinterest.
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "loving"
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Date: Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 03:02

In keeping with the whole "what is luxury" conversation, whattya say I recap the past few days by sharing all the luxurious little chunks, starting with...

  1. The fact that it was 75 degrees last Friday. 75 degrees, friends! In July! In Texas!!! If I hadn't been so deliriously happy about whole enterprise, I probably would have been worried that the blissful weather was some sort of signal that the end was near. Alas, it was 100 today, so it appears we're safe.
  2. A long (wine and coffee-fueled) lunch with three of my favorite ladies.
  3. A late patio dinner with family friends, and sweaters(!).
  4. An inspiring Saturday spent styling a look book for my amazing, soulful friend Paula's genius non-profit, GAIA. Throw in the insanely talented (and immensely lovely) photographer Shayna Fontana (who also has the best. name. ever.), Paula's sweet assistant Lauren, my sweet assistant (a.k.a. Millie), and some sushi, and you have the ingredients for a perfect day.
  5. A second outside dinner (eating outside in July is not exactly the norm in Texas, for the record) involving, wait for it, a bonfire.
  6. Sunday brunch with Janet followed by a lazy day of margaritas and conversation by the pool day with Christine and her girlies.

It was a luxury overload. Luxury-o-rama. Luxe town USA. Luxury central. And I couldn't be happier about the whole situation.
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "scenes from the weekend"
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Date: Sunday, 20 Jul 2014 03:13
Quietly luxurious trays by ceramicist Richard Carter via Nickey Kehoe. Carter is currently collaborating with Kostow on a new line of dinnerware Carter|Kostow.

At the studio (and in my everyday life), I spend an awful lot of time thinking about how to make things feel special, memorable, luxurious even. It almost feels like old news to call this out, but with the world around us feeling increasingly mass produced, encountering something unique somehow feels like the ultimate luxury, yes?

The fact that a "luxury" item doesn't have to be expensive or emblazoned with an expensive label to be luxurious is also a given, but I'm still astounded by how many people I encounter who still believe otherwise.

So I love coming across someone who seems to have the concept of a subtle understated luxury down to a science, like, say, Christopher Kostow, the wunderkind, totally badass, Napa Valley chef profiled by writer Chris Ying in the June Bon Appetit.

To wit:

"... throughout the menu, Kostow downplays his use of luxury ingredients, like how when you're a real baller you don't need to tell anyone how much you spent on your watch. The caviar is hidden under tiny succulent leaves, seasoning rather than gilding the lobster."

"There needs to be a perception of value, but I think our diners are extremely sophisticated, he says." I want them to experience luxury, but it's more our definition of luxury." Kostow describes it as "concern and care. I don't think anyone leaves feeling like they weren't incredibly cared for."

Seasoning rather than gilding. Concern and care. So key, yet so often completely overlooked. Luxury as a touch --  a whisper rather than a shout; putting down your device to look someone in the eye and really listen; abundant generosity -- of your time, your resources; taking deep care, when you make something -- a meal, a gift. Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Well played Ying and Kostow. Well played.
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "just lovely, keep it simple, make someth..."
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Date: Thursday, 17 Jul 2014 23:03
I spotted this bag made of macrame string when I was checking out the pillows at Calypso today and was instantly smitten. It's a roomy, functional, groovy little work of wearable art.

The perfect foil to all my sensible black leather totes. Hmm...
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "getting dressed, loving"
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Date: Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 04:01
The best. popsicles. ever.

Sam's envy-inducing new rug...

My string set up...

Millie hanging at the studio with her cookie doppelgänger...

We're in the midst of a string of installs at the studio that have had me racing around town, blowing through my days, wishing for a couple of extra hours (or even a clutch of extra minutes) to cross a few more things off the "to do" list. It's a bit of a frenetic scene friends.

Clearly some macramé is in order.

I mean really, what's more meditative than four hours of heads-down knotting? So, I channeled my Summer of Self Improvement days, and spent the better part of Saturday macraméing my way toward inner peace (or at least so focused on not creating a tangled mess that I, well, didn't think about anything else).

The not thinking about anything else... definitely a good thing. Full stop.
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Date: Wednesday, 09 Jul 2014 12:26
L'ATELIER d'exercices beautiful hand-held feather mobile.

Karina in her studio...

Kendall Conrad's gorgeous, minimal brass jewelry and leather bags... Perfection.

Also seriously digging her instagram.

Joanna's genius Kneeland Research Library (via Heather).

Beautiful glass vessels and serious rug goodness via Anthro.
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Date: Tuesday, 08 Jul 2014 02:48

 Millie less than impressed with her sister's dance moves

 Cafe Du Monde crack...

And the aftereffects

We hightailed it out of town for the long holiday weekend and paid a visit to my folks at their new casa in Louisiana. It was a much needed trip friends, as after "broken-gate," we were in need of some serious R&R.

Turns out four days involving live street music, board games, slip and slides, sparklers, beignets, alligator sightings, copious amounts of fried seafood, and porch sitting was just the balm we needed to sooth our frazzled selves. Also turns out that listening to 16 hours of the TED Radio Hour while driving through verdant, pine-dotted landscapes to and from your destination also does the trick. (Damn, I love that TED Radio Hour.)

It was a good scene. Full stop.
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "family, scenes from the weekend, travel"
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Date: Wednesday, 02 Jul 2014 12:02
I wish I could say that I start and finish each day with some thoughtful meditation ritual or journaling or whatnot, but the reality is I wake up and prep for snooze town by perusing Pinterest. Perhaps not so enlightened, but incredibly relaxing (not to mention inspiring). What can I say, I'm a addict. 

Herewith a loving list devoted to six of the prettiest/loveliest/most wicked cool things I've spotted on Pinterest of late.

The above (crazy gorgeous) Milan living space designed by Pietro Russo via Jamie Laubhan-Oliver.  (Photo by Filippo Bambhergi, from The Chamber of Curiosity, Copyright Gestalten 2014.)

MSGM's rad pineapple skirt via Arlene Matthews.

The incomparable Bryan Ferry at home, Holland Park, London, 1976 via Lauren Santo Domingo. (Photo by Mick Rock.)

Moroccan rug goodness via Rena Tom.

The stunning Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy via Sugarpie Project.

The immensely lovely St. Vincent via Natalie Holbrook
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "scenes from the weekend"
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Date: Tuesday, 01 Jul 2014 03:19

It appears that my weekend of chakra cleansing and hiking and sun salutationing (not a word, I realize) was perfectly timed, as in the week following my big recharge, the (for lack of a more eloquent phrase) shit hit the fan.

Said fan hitting matter included a broken car AC, a broken refrigerator, a broken (giant, in-wall) salt water aquarium, a sick kiddo, two days of work travel for the hubs, and the passing of our beloved 14-year old cat, Django. Oy vey, friends. It was a bad scene.

And, yet, I did not wig out. Not even once. (Well, maybe once, but it was a teeny, tiny wig out, barely noticeable even). Instead, I counted to ten. I took lots of really, really deep breaths, I prayed, I swore (but in a decidedly cheerful manner), and I made stuff with my girlies.

The counting/breathing/praying/swearing action helped a little, but the making stuff was the real game changer. Getting lost in paint and fabric and ribbon and feathers and what have you was just the salve we needed. Meditation through making. Better than drinking.

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Date: Friday, 27 Jun 2014 22:23
 All the killer details Erin included in her fantastic office makeover.

Andy Spade's genius Sleep Jones. The branding, the journal, the actual product..all of it. I think it's safe to say that Andy Spade is a branding savant, yes?

And then there's Spade's instagram... Umm, yes please. (Thank you Michelle.)

Pretty Grecian action... "Weekend," photographed by Daniel Riera for The Gentlewoman S/S 2014 via Miss Moss' tumblr.

An altogether awesome surf exhibit poster. Obsessed.
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Date: Thursday, 26 Jun 2014 01:19

images via The Glow...

Pretty much every thing that Hannah Henderson said in her interview on The Glow was brilliant, but this little nugget of wisdom especially resonated with me:

"I try to pay close attention to the signals in myself and in the kids. If I'm feeling overwhelmed or irritable, it usually means that I need some time for myself. If one of the kids is extra cranky or aloof for no apparent reason, that means they need more mama time. I have to stay tuned in to the cues."

I have been feeling "the overwhelm" of late. And, for that matter, "the irritable" too. The endless guilt that I'm not doing enough with my girlies, the nagging sense that I might be a less than stellar wife (not to mention sister, daughter, and friend), and the just general feeling that I can't seem to stay ahead of the game, has me wanting to curl up in fetal position on a semi-regular basis. But I resist the urge to roll up like a little ball, as I can't help but think that taking a "time out" (even a five minute one) will only exacerbate the aforementioned overwhelm and irritable.

Oy vey.

Turns out a little break -- even, say a two-day one -- actually can help. (All those freakin' self help books/articles/therapists/people way smarter than me were right.) I know this because I took one. This past weekend. To a spa (well actually an "experiential resort") where, along with my equally overwhelmed and irritable mama friend Brandy, I partook in some yoga and hiking and massage/facial action and archery and chakra cleansing (yes, really) and pool lazing and, wait for it, staring out at trees and birds and whatnot and doing nothing.

Damn, it felt good. The time away from the daily routine was exactly what this overwhelmed/irritable lady needed. Never mind that upon returning home Audrey told me I should go away more often so someone wouldn't always be telling her and Millie and Daddy (!!) to clean up all the time. (Oh really??? Based on this text from the hubs, received a mere nine hours after my departure, I'm thinking they'd implode without me around long term.) Never mind that my to do list still contains an obscene amount of items. My chakras are cleansed baby. I'm up for the challenge.  Bring it on.
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Date: Thursday, 19 Jun 2014 22:35

Remember when I was griping and moaning and whatnot about summer and all its various hardships? Well, the past few days are proving me wrong, what with dinners by the pool and swimming with our buds and watermelon and popsicles and sundry grilled meats and yummy citrusy adult libations.

Summer, you might be growing on me... Maybe.

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Date: Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014 19:55
Tony Tasset's Eye

Lindsay Adelman awesomeness in The Joule lobby.

The covetable goods at TENOVERSIX

Serious coffee gear at Weekend...

Ok this one is for my (otherwise lovely and amazing) friends who claim there's nothing fun/interesting/clever to do in our fair city. Ready? In celebration of the New Cities Summit currently going down here in Dallas, The Joule Hotel is hosting several v. cool activities at Tony Tasset's killer 30-foot-tall Eye sculpture.

The normally private event space across the street from the Joule's main entrance that serves at home to sculpture will be open to the public through this Saturday, June 21 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Guests are invited to bring their lunch and hang out in the park-like space while taking in live music, free outdoor yoga, and free gelato samples.  

Tasset's enormous realistic three-dimensional recreation of a human eyeball with a blue iris, based on the artist's own eye (it's a little creepy, but in the best possible way), also makes a killer photo op, so The Joule is also helping visitors give back to the creative community with Selfie for a Cause. For every selfie taken at the Eye using the hashtag #EyeAtTheJoule, the hotel will support summer learning by donating $5 to Big Thought

Once you're done taking in the music, noshing gelato and taking selfies, head across the street and doing a little shopping at TENOVERSIX, grab a coffee at Weekend, peruse the books at Taschen, and then let's talk about how awesome Dallas is. Cool?

* Entries accepted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One entry per person, maximum donation of $3,500. Free Gelato Samples provided by Cafe Strada June 18 & 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free Outdoor Yoga hosted by VITAL Fitness Studio June 19 at 5:30 p.m. Big "D" Jazz Band presented by Big Thought June 20 from noon to 1 p.m. 

Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "artful"
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Date: Wednesday, 18 Jun 2014 03:09
Sams' killer bookshelves part one...

Gorgeous sculpture at Sputnik Modern

Orchid-mania at the casa

And the bookshelf hits just keep coming. (Sam, if I didn't love you I'd hate you...I'm not gonna lie.)

More Sputnik goodness...

Now that I spend my days helping other people beautify their homes, it's not altogether uncommon to, well, ignore my own abode completely. Forget zushing and vignette-arranging and freshening of the cuttings and whatnot, for the past six month or so, I've considered the weekend a grand success if I manage to get through a few loads of laundry, catch up on email, and weed through the girls clothes to suss out the things that still fit (almost nothing).

But over the past few weekends the tide has changed a bit. Sam's new house has inspired a spate of furniture and objet d'art -arranging marathons, and a little photo shoot at my house this week set off a full-blown living room switch up -- I moved nearly every. single. piece. of furniture friends... The jury's still out on the final result. Let's just say I'm marinating.

I have to say it's felt good to lavish a little attention on my own casa and to get my design shark on just for fun at Sam's.... Sometimes you gotta practice what you preach, yes?
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "scenes from the weekend"
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Date: Sunday, 15 Jun 2014 00:14

What do you say we shake things up a bit and do a Saturday edition of loving? And how about we kick off said edition with the Rose Marie Auberson's beautiful mixed-media pieces? Lovely, yes?

Then there's the matter of Totokaelo's office tour over on Remodelista. Totokaelo = coolest. retail. situation. ever. Full stop.

And don't even get me started on Celine's brass/leather/knit summer tote goodness. Love.

I've also long loved this photo of Joan Didion by Julian Wasser, but after reading a fascinating article about Wasser in the latest issue of W, I am even more smitten.

And last but not least, can we revel in Nikole Herriott's latest gorgeous offerings... the product, the styling, the photography -- perfection, all of it.
Author: "noreply@blogger.com (Joslyn)" Tags: "loving"
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Date: Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014 02:09

The girlies last day of school was Thursday, and while I wish the start of summer vacation meant lazy book binges, lemonade stands, sleeping in, and sundry shenanigans, such is not the case. No friends, summer is officially, wait for it, my. least. favorite. part. of. the. year. Full stop.

You'd think I would have worked through this summer guilt issue by now, but no such luck. Five days into the whole enterprise, and I'm all up in the guilt. Wallowing in it even. What does that have to do with the weekending, you ask? Well, in between the watching of the dance performance, the partaking in a delicious summer-worthy quinoa with shrimp situation at Janet's, and the collaborative design fun with Sam at her (amazing) new house, Bryan and I worked the summer calendar like Martha Stewart's assistant on speed. We did the who's on first routine for every week of the next three months -- camp schedules, drop offs, hand offs, pick ups. Both in the midst of crazy busy periods at work and faced with the fact that the summer camp juggernaut seems to think that the American work day is 9-4 (umm...summer camp people, it's not), Bryan and I rock/paper/scissored until our hands went numb.

Don't let those joyous photos above fool you friends. While the girlies were frolicking in bubble baths and raiding my closet for dress up frocks, Bryan and I were locked in a heated negotiation. Thankfully we came out relatively unscathed...


Not cool summer. Not cool.
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