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Date: Friday, 18 Apr 2014 11:59
Everything that Dimore Studio touches. Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran can really do no wrong.

Maybe the chicest girl of all time captured at Colette Paris by The Sartorialist. The silky top and black pants, the fur, the headphones (!!!). Just wow.

The ladies from The Line on Jean Stories. I can't get enough of The Line. It is goodness in every way (thus the three photos above...I couldn't settle on just one.)

Caitlin's Heath Ceramics studio tour. Loved getting a glimpse inside one of my all time favorite companies. (Also loving the fact that Caitlin is coming for a little visit next weekend. Fun is going to be had, friends. Full stop.)

image via NH-ID

image via Remodelista

Dosa's beautiful founder Christina Kim and her "philosophy of encouraging people to consume less but cherish more". Hear, Hear Christina. Hear. Hear.
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 11:53

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely and talented friend Hilary popped by the studio to shoot our work space and record an interview for her fantastic blog Our Style Stories. It was such a great experience from start to finish. That Hilary is a pretty rad gal -- a total class act. Full stop.

Herewith a few more snaps from Hilary's visit. And if you're so inclined you can listen to our interview here.





All photos by Hilary Walker
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Date: Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014 01:02

Last week was a mash up of office organizing (my sample closet is a thing of beauty friends), a little fun with fabric paint, rock shopping, final preparations for Thrift Studio, a very, very early morning news appearance that had Sam and me waking at the altogether ungodly hour of 3:15 a.m., and a big DIY-heavy install at the Galleria Dallas (which happened to occur right after the very, very early morning news appearance.) Let's just say I was not my most bright and shiny and leave it at that, ok?

Post said appearance + install, I hopped in the car with the fam and made the trek down to Austin for Audrey's Destination Imagination team (a very cool nationwide program) to compete at state. In between the mixers and the challenges and the general pint-sized creative goodness, we managed to nosh some tacos, hit Spartan and JM Dry Goods, and squeeze in some bonding time with my college bff and her hubby and girlies. Alas Audrey's team didn't make it to Nationals (the top five teams go and they placed sixth...heart-breaking), but the experience was invaluable. Once she made it past the anger and sadness, we were ripe for some "why losing is sometimes a (really) good thing" action, followed by some (equally essential) Amy's ice cream action.

She seemed to emerge from the whole enterprise happy and generally unscathed. I'd like to think it was my wise words, but it was probably the ice cream...

Shit, who am I kidding. It was definitely the ice cream.
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Date: Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014 02:17
A little reminder of where it all started (i.e. our inspiration board).

Not long after I joined Swoon, our mutual friends Kim Turner and Lisa Robison, the lovely, passionate, and immensely inspiring duo behind Dwell With Dignity, asked Sam and I if we'd like to design a vignette for their spring Thrift Studio event. It took us, oh, about 2.5 seconds to respond with a resounding Yes.

For the uninitiated, Dwell With Dignity is an amazing non-profit organization made up of interior designers and volunteers "dedicated to creating soothing, inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty." The organization designs, provides, and installs home interiors (think: furnishings, art, bedding, kitchen supplies, food in the pantry -- the whole enchilada) with the belief that changing a person's surroundings can help change their outlook on life. Clearly, a mission I wholeheartedly support.

The velvet curtains going up...we're getting there.

Twice a year the organization hosts their Thrift Studio fundraiser, a 30 day pop-up shop selling furniture, housewares, accessories and high end designer finds to the public. The event kicks off with a preview party featuring room vignettes created by six local designers using items from the Dwell With Dignity warehouse as well as donated items. Everything in the vignettes is for sale with all proceeds benefiting Dwell with Dignity.

I'm not gonna lie friends, creating the vignette is an undertaking. It's not unlike (I can only imagine, of course) one of those whirlwind TV design shows. There's the mad dash through the warehouse alongside your fellow designers to nab your picks. There's the procurement of other lovely goods to take things to the next level (Global Views and Duralee came through for us, big time.) And then there's the design and install using all manner of grit, ingenuity, and, maybe (but I'm not saying for sure), a little bubble gum, band aids, and a handful of swear words.

But it is, without a doubt, worth it. From our initial mood board (photo one) to the finished space (snippets below), we were inspired and excited by the organization, the cause, our fellow designers. We'd do it again in a heart beat.

If you're in Dallas you can still buy tickets to this Thursday's Preview Party where the spaces will be officially unveiled in their entirety. I'd love to see you there!

Snippets from our finished space. I'll share the entire room after this Thursday's Preview Party.
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Date: Tuesday, 08 Apr 2014 01:23
Image of me, Sam, and Wil hard at work taken by the lovely Hilary Walker

Last summer, when my friend and now partner-in-crime Sam approached me about joining her at Swoon, one of the topics that came up was surviving/thriving as a working mama. At the time, Sam was pregnant with her first child, in her final trimester, about to enter an entirely new phase of her life while at the helm of a growing business. Suffice to say, she was at a major crossroads.

Being a dear friend, she also knew that I was pretty darn close to complete and total burn out. I loved my job at D, loved being an editor, but the whole writing three blogs/producing a quarterly magazine with only one other person/serving as market editor for another bimonthly publication was starting to take its toll. I was tired, mildly irritable, and definitely stressed. But most distressing was the fact that I was starting to feel like, well, not exactly the world's #1 mom. Oh and the best part? My current job was overseeing a magazine focused on how to be a more balanced/happy/inspired mother.

Oy vey.

Sam and I knew that there wasn't a magic bullet, no working mother panacea, and, as sad as it is to admit, more than likely no such thing as work/life balance. But we also had a hunch that there was a better way... I mean there had to be, right?

I've been at the studio for nearly eight (!) months now... Our crew includes seven employees, three dogs, and, occasionally, two girlies (mine) and a dreamy, dimpled baby boy (Sam's). (And apparently we're not alone). Our days consist of strategizing, dreaming, designing, making, schlepping, hauling, and sometimes a little drinking and dancing. In between, we dash out for parent reader and pediatrician appointments and school performances, and we try our darndest to stay sane while doing it (see the drinking and dancing).

Some days we pull it off. Some days, well, not so much. But we at least know we're taking a stab at that better way. It's a start. And that's enough for me.
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Date: Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014 21:51
A snippet from our Thrift Studio vignette... more to come soon. Stay tuned.

Millie and Wil hanging out sans mamas

Last week we were all about installing our vignette space for Dwell With Dignity's fantastic Thrift Studio event (so excited to be a part of this amazing organization), which, I'm not gonna lie, was a bit of an epic undertaking. So, by Friday, I was in serious need of a little downtime. Truth be told, I've been in need of a little mama downtime for a while... It's easily been two years since I've gone away on any sort of girlfriend trip -- you know, the kind where you can chat it up with your homies, imbibe a bit, and (essential to the whole operation) not be needed by anyone.

So a two-day excursion with Sam and our friend Sarah to Round Top for the annual spring bacchanal-o-antiques really couldn't have come at a better time. And we were prepared friends -- stacks of magazines, fully charged phones primed for pinning, ample car snacks, tunes -- primed and ready for all the treasures awaiting us in the dusty fields. Watch out.

The trip did not disappoint, as we came home toting some serious collective goodness. The high points of which included: a big stack of Turkish towels (all); brass urns, ink drawings, pottery, and a kilim rug (me); more art, a killer marble sink, and an insanely beautiful slab of petrified wood (Sam); even more art and a snowy white cowhide rug (Sarah).

Never mind that the adventure also included getting trapped inside a small town Wal Mart during a monster hail storm (we made the best of it by giving ourselves manicures at the customer service desk), two massive steak dinners, a stolen piece of art (never fear, it was an accident and we promptly went back and paid for it), and an iPhone being hurled out the car window as we sped down the highway (don't ask).

Worth it? You bet.
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Date: Tuesday, 01 Apr 2014 22:34
And I have some (very late) weekend snaps for ya...but in the meantime how about just a photo of the big ole lucite cube hanging out in the studio waiting for some crazy faux flower action.

Have I mentioned that I love my job?
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Date: Friday, 28 Mar 2014 03:05

No. 24, My personal fave...

I rarely devote a loving post to a single person, place, or thing, but this week I'm making an exception for the insanely lovely artwork created by NG Collective.

All masterful plains of color and sinuous curves, the abstract paintings are the product of a long-distance creative collaboration between sisters Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi. I've been Internet friends with Laura since I first started blogging 7 (!) years ago, so I love seeing how she's evolved as an artist. But I really love the idea of sisters creating beautiful things together (ahem, Audrey and Millie...hint, hint). Love, love, love that action.

Well played ladies.
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Date: Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014 00:03


The incomparably lovely Shayna Fontana (she also happens to have a wicked cool name, yes?) shot our house for the March issue of Paper City. I thought I'd share a few her of snaps from the piece.
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Date: Monday, 24 Mar 2014 12:04

Whattya say we do the past few days in numbers? Here goes...

  • 2 days of beautifying at incredibly chic buddy (and former Tiny Dallas cohort) Sunny's house.
  • 17 pieces of pottery now gracing Sunny's new travertine coffee table.
  • 1 massive, insanely pretty orchid plant scored at the grocery store.
  • 2 cocktails on a Friday afternoon to ring in the weekend.
  • 5 tamales at Sam's "house cooling" party on Saturday.
  • 3 sneaky fairies leaving treasures on my front porch.
  • 3 final episodes of House of Cards consumed like it was my job.
  • 4 rested (relatively speaking) ready for the week ahead.

Hope your weekend was splendid friends.
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Date: Thursday, 20 Mar 2014 22:54
This groovy corner of Jenna Lyons' office via Fast Company...

Mazama's gorgeous pottery... Want. All of it.

Textile designer Rachel Craven's studio via Heather...

This entire spread in Kinfolk. California Dreaming indeed.

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Date: Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014 01:23

The past week was filled with preparations for a brass/gilded candy/tassel-tastic baby shower we installed on Saturday, exciting progress on several fun projects( i.e. that fetching wallpaper Audrey is lingering in front of above), and getting all the various bits of goodness pulled together for the Dwell With Dignity Thrift Studio vignette we're creating next week. So, yet again, the weekend was all about the recharge.

And as recharges go, it was a pretty good one. We eeked out a date night with our friends Sara and Todd on Friday wherein we partook in tacos and some Wes Anderson cinematic genius, made a family taco feast on Saturday night, and had our dear buddies Van and Tracy over for Sunday brunch where we served, wait for it...breakfast tacos.

Brass, tassels, wallpaper, Wes Anderson, gold-tinged chocolate, and tacos... I'm not complaining friends. Not one bit.
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Date: Saturday, 15 Mar 2014 12:57

This homage to Jenna Lyon's commitment to the "coat over shoulders"on Style Carrot (spotted via Kelly's pinterest) made me smile this morning. You just gotta respect someone who is staunchly embraces a look -- like, say, a black every. single. day. Hypothetically, of course.
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Date: Wednesday, 12 Mar 2014 23:12
Hilda Hellstrom's gorgeous pottery...

Stripes courtesy of Apiece Apart. If I were a pattern (or color) gal, I would most definitely be working these bad boys into my sartorial rotation.

The words "B&B" and "design marvel" typically don't end up hanging out together in the same sentence, but Bea Mombaers has managed to create one that is indeed a design marvel (not to mention, well, pretty much perfect in every way). She also has an online shop filled with all the things that make said B&B so freakin' pretty.

Kicks, bag, Gwyneth, and Luke assembled by Preston of Keep it Chic. Oh Margot. You will always be my fave. As a side note Bryan and I are going to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" this weekend. V. excited.

Wood walls and Robert Motherwell (and everything else about this house) via Architectural Digest...

The crazy adorable Jujubunnyshop...
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Date: Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014 02:27

I've been out seemingly non-stop over the past week sourcing pieces for a cache of projects and just, well, checking out the goods. And friends, the goods are rather stellar of late... Especially the gorgeous handmade weavings and dream catchers at TENOVERSIX and the killer pottery and art and just general vintage goodness at Vieux.

In between combing the city for rockin' finds, we managed to have buddies over for dinner two nights in a row (a major accomplishment given our sad entertaining/social life in general track record of late), and I finally plowed through the daunting stack of magazine that had taken up residence in the corner of my room. (Hey it's rough, but somebody had to do it.)

Goodness all around.

Hope your weekend was splendid.
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Date: Saturday, 08 Mar 2014 00:33
We're working on a fun project at the studio inspired by that action above, causing me to be knee deep in burl wood and brass and groovy art and ceramics and layered rugs and velvet and big fat succulents and whatnot.

Suffice to say, I'm loving every minute of it.

Stay tuned...
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Date: Thursday, 06 Mar 2014 22:35
The incredibly chic spring fashion shoot in the March issue of FD Luxe. My crazy talented buddies Steven, Bradley, and Christina just hit it out of the park with this one. (Bradley, I want to wear every. single. one. of those looks.) Well played friends... well played.

The American Trade hotel -- Commune's latest brilliant collaboration with The Ace Hotel group. Described by Commune's Roman Alonso as “a hybrid of old Havana and New Orleans,” it's all iconic Bertoia chairs, lush plants, patterned tile, and kick ass custom-made pieces... Umm, yes, please. (Image via Atelier Journal.)

There there's the pretty French girl in the fuzzy jacket...

Oh and Jessica de Ruiter and Jed Lind's perfect-in-every-way L.A. home. I'm dying over that marble waterfall island. Dying. (Photos by Matthew Williams for Martha Stewart Living.)

The stunning Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Turkey via This is Glamorous. (Photo by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Vogue Turkey. Make up by Lisa Eldridge.)

And last but not least, Zara sandals that I'm anticipating will become my go-to footwear for spring/summer. Look at that chunky heel -- so practical for installs, don't you think?  I kid, I kid;-)
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Date: Monday, 03 Mar 2014 22:07

I spent the bulk of last week on a particularly DIY-tastic (i.e. lots of heavy lifting), Marfa-inspired install with one of my SWOON partners-in-crime, the talented and dashing Lance, and friends, I felt it this weekend... I was all up in the Biofreeze and Advil. Yep, it's official; I'm old.

But aches and pains be damned, as there's nothing quite holding up massive slabs of reclaimed wood as your cohort drills them to the wall to make you feel like a total badass. And feeling like a badass almost always negates a bum back, yes? (At least that's what I'm going with.)

Capping my "week-o-fun with power tools" was sweet Millie getting struck with that wicked stomach flu that's sweeping the nation, followed by another wholly unexpected and bazaar (not to mention unseasonal) ice storm here in Dallas. So the past two days have been all about hunkering down, baking, Mad Men binging, G&T swilling and other mild debauchery aimed at getting my mojo back.

Happy Monday!
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Maria...   New window
Date: Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 13:40

Images from top: T MagazineWSJ Magazine / Paper  /  style.com / T Magazine / ZERO + Maria Cornejo tumblr / Original Slope

I am in the midst of what can only be described as a full-blown girl crush extraordinaire on Maria Cornejo. The gorgeous and crazy sexy 51-year old designer, mother, wife, all around cool lady credits her husband photographer Mark Borthwick for teaching her to “find beauty in the unexpected;” is committed to "disconnecting after office hours," noting that when she's not working her "favorite thing to do is to lie in bed and read, or to have breakfast in bed with my husband and then go for a bike ride;" and counts chocolate, vitamins, and a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge among her essentials.

What's not to love?

Then there's the matter of her sculptural ready-to-wear collection, Zero + Maria Cornejo... Minimal yet quietly lavish, they are the clothes of my dreams.

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Date: Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014 12:49

I didn't make any formal goals or resolutions for 2014. After my overly-ambitious year leading up to the big milestone birthday, I thought, perhaps, I needed to give myself a little bit of a break. So there's no big agenda, no grand attempts at whole-self betterment. Instead, I'm focused on (focused on mind you, not resolved to) just, well, trying to get thorough the day with grace and integrity, proud of what I've accomplished, ready to jump back in for another round.

We are in the weeds friends -- (you know the drill; we're all there, right?) young children, a litany of school/sport/other seemingly important enrichment activities filling the calendar, demanding (albeit highly satisfying) jobs, and all the other sundry bits (car repairs, laundry, groceries, meals, finances, leaky roofs, dirty pools...good times.) All first world problems, I admit, but the aforementioned list is my motivation for aiming low. For not going above and beyond on the resolution (or going there at all) front.

What the heck does any of this have to do with the seven photos above, you ask? Well a key component in the grace, integrity, pride, survival thing is the ever-elusive "being in the moment." In another words, our weekends have changed of late. Fantastic outings that I'm carefully documenting with my camera have made way for regrouping, largely camera-free. And the subsequent Apples to Apples marathons and Olympic figure skating binging and merry band of neighborhood kids running through my house herding are not typically the most blog photo-worthy. But they are the essential, the necessary... They are the most worthy --  with a capital 'W.'

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