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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 05:59

Mercedes-AMG have announced the first details of their next AMG car – the new C 63 AMG based on the W205 C-Class. According to AMG, the car will raise the bar in terms of performance and fuel consumption, and will be launched “shortly”.

As expected, the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 from the Mercedes-AMG GT will go into the new W205 AMG’s engine bay in even more powerful than what’s found in the GT – 510 hp and 700 Nm of torque. As a comparison, the engine in the GT starts off with 456 hp and 600 Nm and tops out at 503 hp and 650 Nm for the GT S.

The quoted figures are higher than its rivals – the M3/M4’s 431 hp and 550 Nm, and the Lexus RC F’s 470 hp and 530 Nm. Of course, the W204 C 63 AMG’s normally aspirated 6.2 litre V8 already beat those two cars in terms of power and torque (487 hp, 600 Nm) but the new W205 AMG increases the power gap and promises better fuel efficiency.


Fuel economy is expected to be 8.2 litres per 100 km on the NEDC combined cycle, which beats the M3’s 8.3 litre NEDC rating by 0.1 litres. It’s a giant improvement from the outgoing normally aspirated engine’s 12 litres per 100 km rating. From a Malaysian perspective, a significantly lower displacement at 4.0 litres also promises lower road tax costs.

“It goes without saying that the successor to the current C 63 AMG will again be powered by an eight-cylinder engine. We owe that to our loyal fans, plain and simple. The AMG V8 Biturbo engine mesmerises not only with maximum power and torque, but also with the absolute best fuel economy in the comparative segment,“ says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Both sedan and wagon versions of the C 63 AMG will debut together. The W205 C-Class currently tops out as a 333 horsepower C 400, but we’ve also seen a C 450 AMG Sport on test.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 04:31

Renault Megane RS265 FL 1

TC Euro Cars has officially introduced the facelifted Renault Megane RS 265 Sport in Malaysia. The facelift first appeared last month in a RS 265 Cup version, showcased at the launch of the Malaysia Super GT race series. As the suffix suggests, this is the Sport variant, not the one that sits on the Cup chassis – word is that the RS 265 Cup version will arrive at a later point.

The new look, which premiered in Frankfurt last year, sees the Megane now wearing the brand’s family face, in line with models such as the new Clio RS and facelifted Koleos.

The front gets a more prominent Renault diamond logo placed on a gloss black background, set on to a new grille. The bumper is new too, as are the projector headlights, which feature gloss black “eyelids.” Also on, a F1 blade fitted on the bumper, in a nod to the company’s F1 heritage and success. Only a single exterior colour is listed for the Sport variant – Glacier White.

The Megane RS 265 Sport comes dressed with a Red Pack, which provides accents in the said shade. Outside, the front lip, side mouldings and rear spoiler go the route, while inside, certain trim bits go the red route, as do the seat belts and stitching.

Renault Megane RS265 FL 19 Renault Megane RS265 FL 10 Renault Megane RS265 FL 9

No mechanical changes – the new car has the same running gear as seen in the pre-facelift, in this case a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo offering 265 hp and 360 Nm, paired with a six-speed manual. Performance figures include a 0-100 km/h time of 6.0 seconds and a 250 km/h top speed.

Standard equipment includes Carbon Grey RS fabric front sports seats, Brembo four-pot front brake calipers, R.S. Monitor 1.0, auto headlights/wipers, auto air-conditioning and multi-mode drive select (Normal/Sport/ESP Off).

The RS 265 Sport sits on 18-inch Tibor dark anthracite wheels and Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 2245/40 profile tyres (same size as the pre-FL Cup, but an inch smaller than that equipping the Trophy).

It’s also a cheaper proposition than its Cup sibling – the Megane RS 265 Sport is priced at RM199,999, on-the-road without insurance, making it nearly RM36k cheaper than the pre-FL RS 265 Cup that was launched here in January last year.

Renault Megane RS265 FL 1 Renault Megane RS265 FL 2 Renault Megane RS265 FL 3 Renault Megane RS265 FL 4 Renault Megane RS265 FL 5 Renault Megane RS265 FL 6 Renault Megane RS265 FL 8 Renault Megane RS265 FL 9 Renault Megane RS265 FL 10 Renault Megane RS265 FL 11 Renault Megane RS265 FL 12 Renault Megane RS265 FL 13 Renault Megane RS265 FL 14 Renault Megane RS265 FL 15 Renault Megane RS265 FL 16 Renault Megane RS265 FL 17 Renault Megane RS265 FL 18 Renault Megane RS265 FL 19 Renault Megane RS265 FL 20 Renault Megane RS265 FL 21

The post Renault Megane RS 265 Sport: facelift debuts, RM200k appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 03:45

Honda HR-V IIMS- 14

Here’s the star of Honda’s 2014 Indonesian International Motor Show stand, the Honda HR-V. Making its regional debut in Jakarta, the B-segment SUV is now open for bookings, with local production in Indonesia starting in January 2015.

If you’re wondering about the ‘prototype’ in the name, the white and blue cars seen here are Indonesian-made prototypes, with exteriors that are pretty much confirmed, we were told. Interior trim and spec are not finalised yet, which is why no interior pics were allowed.

Still, we have some information on what could be the “ASEAN-spec HR-V”, should markets like Malaysia and Thailand mirror the Indonesian car, which is likely.

Honda HR-V IIMS- 9

Two engines will be offered in the Republic, a 120 PS/145 Nm 1.5 litre from the City and Jazz, and a 1.8 litre pushing 139 PS and 169 Nm. Both four-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC units are paired to a CVT automatic gearbox, but the smaller engine can be had with a five-speed manual as well. Honda normally reserves CVTs for smaller engines, so it’s interesting to see a 1.8 CVT here. New trend?

The HR-V, or Vezel in Japan, sits on the platform that underpins the B-segment City/Jazz duo, but its wheelbase is the longest in the family at 2,610 mm, 10 mm longer than the sedan and 80 mm longer than the hatch. Being an SUV, it’s the tallest too – all versions ride on 17-inch alloys with 215/55 tyres.

Speaking of versions, four grades will be available in Indonesia – 1.5 A, 1.5 S, 1.5 E and 1.8 Prestige. The base A is manual only, the S is available with MT or CVT, while the other two are CVT-only. The white car here is a 1.5, which comes with halogen headlamps and black plastic underlining the body. The blue 1.8’s entire body is in the same colour, and it comes with LED headlamps with DRLs.

Honda HR-V IIMS- 16 Honda HR-V IIMS- 7

Equipment wise, all HR-Vs get an electric parking brake, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, dual airbags and Vehicle Stability Assist. The Jazz’s useful Ultra Seats also make an appearance here. The highest spec 1.5, the E, adds on auto air con, keyless entry with push start, cruise control, shift paddles and leather seats.

Besides the abovementioned exterior differences, the 1.8 Prestige is set apart inside via a panoramic roof and a leather lined interior, as opposed to just leather seats. Safety wise, it adds on side and curtain airbags to make it six in total, plus a reverse camera.

Indonesian estimated pricing starts from 240 juta rupiah (RM64,907) for the base 1.5, rising to 350 juta rupiah (RM94,555) for the 1.8 Prestige.

Honda HR-V IIMS- 10 Honda HR-V IIMS- 9 Honda HR-V IIMS- 1 Honda HR-V IIMS- 3 Honda HR-V IIMS- 5 Honda HR-V IIMS- 7 Honda HR-V IIMS- 8 Honda HR-V IIMS- 11 Honda HR-V IIMS- 12 Honda HR-V IIMS- 13 Honda HR-V IIMS- 14 Honda HR-V IIMS- 15 Honda HR-V IIMS- 16 Honda HR-V IIMS- 17 Honda HR-V IIMS- 19
JDM Honda Vezel at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

honda-vezel-tms 004 honda-vezel-tms 005 honda-vezel-tms 007 honda-vezel-tms 008 honda-vezel-tms 010 honda-vezel-tms 011 honda-vezel-tms 012 honda-vezel-tms 013 honda-vezel-tms 015 honda-vezel-interior-tms 001 honda-vezel-interior-tms 002 honda-vezel-interior-tms 003 honda-vezel-interior-tms 004 honda-vezel-interior-tms 005 honda-vezel-interior-tms 006 honda-vezel-interior-tms 007 honda-vezel-interior-tms 008 honda-vezel-interior-tms 009 honda-vezel-interior-tms 010 honda-vezel-interior-tms 011 honda-vezel-interior-tms 012 honda-vezel-interior-tms 013 honda-vezel-interior-tms 014 honda-vezel-interior-tms 015 Honda-Vezel-2014-0001 Honda-Vezel-2014-0002 Honda-Vezel-2014-0003 Honda-Vezel-2014-0004 Honda-Vezel-2014-0005 Honda-Vezel-2014-0006 Honda-Vezel-2014-0007 Honda-Vezel-2014-0009 Honda-Vezel-2014-0011 Honda-Vezel-2014-0012 Honda-Vezel-2014-0013

The post IIMS 2014: Honda HR-V makes ASEAN debut, 1.5 and 1.8 CVT spec revealed, from Rp 240 juta or RM65k appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 03:01

Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 12

Plenty of sequels at PT Astra Daihatsu’s vast IIMS 2014 stand – you saw part three of UFC earlier today, now here’s the second episode of the CUV story. The Daihatsu CUV-2 Concept is a development of the CUV Concept from last year’s IIMS. CUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle.

Nothing much was revealed, although the original CUV was touted as a “new Terios”. The Daihatsu Terios was of course the donor car for our popular Perodua Kembara and short-lived Perodua Nautica, with a stretched version of the latter branded as Toyota Rush.

A step closer to reality means that the original CUV’s rear-hinged suicide doors make way for conventional rear doors, while round edges have been sharpened. More jewellery on the face too, while the prominent arch on the tailgate is no more. The C pillars have been blacked out.

Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 3 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 2

It’s likely that the CUV-2 is a design study on the path of the B-segment crossover. Started by the Nissan Juke, this class includes cars like the Ford EcoSport, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur, all raised hatchbacks based on B-segment superminis (Fiesta, 208 and Clio respectively).

Hyundai is also jumping on the bandwagon with the ix25, while Suzuki has revived the Vitara name for its contender. One that’s coming soon to Malaysia is the Honda HR-V, a crossover that sits on the City/Jazz platform.

It’s a hot segment, and there’s no reason why Daihatsu, which is very strong in Indonesia and Malaysia (via Perodua) shouldn’t venture into it. A modern Kembara anyone?

Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 1 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 2 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 3 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 4 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 6 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 7 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 8 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 9 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 10 Daihatsu CUV-2 IIMS- 12

The post IIMS 2014: Daihatsu CUV-2 Concept, B-segment SUV appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 01:40

Thanks to our comprehensive launch report, test drive report and old car versus new car gallery, the bases have all been pretty much covered with regards to the 2014 Honda Jazz. But since words and static pictures can only tell you so much, we don’t stop there.

The third-gen B-segment hatch may have just missed the train bound for Driven Web Series station this time, but not to be outdone, we capture it in another walk-around video.

Here, we dissect the range-topping Grade V, showing and demonstrating the stand-out features – including the Ultra Seats and MirrorLink HDMI – which make it a contender that’s hard to ignore. Is it truly “everybody’s kind of car”?

Enjoy watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos!

Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 1 Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 2 Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 5 Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 3 Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 4 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 24 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 17 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 19 honda-jazz-2014-launched-malaysia 097 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 18 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 16 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 14 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 12 Honda Jazz Malaysia Blue- 6 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 13 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 11 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 10 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 9 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 8 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 7 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 6 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 5 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 4 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 2 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 1 honda-jazz-2014-launched-malaysia 096 honda-jazz-2014-launched-malaysia 095 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 28 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 27 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 26 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 25 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 23 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 22 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 21 Honda Jazz Malaysia Launch- 20 2014 Honda Jazz studio 1 2014 Honda Jazz studio 2 2014 Honda Jazz studio 3 2014 Honda Jazz studio 4 2014 Honda Jazz studio 5 2014 Honda Jazz studio 6 2014 Honda Jazz studio 7 2014 Honda Jazz studio 8 2014 Honda Jazz studio 9 2014 Honda Jazz studio 10 2014 Honda Jazz studio 11 2014 Honda Jazz studio 12 2014 Honda Jazz studio 13 2014 Honda Jazz studio 14 2014 Honda Jazz studio 15

The post VIDEO: 2014 Honda Jazz 1.5 V walk-around tour appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 12:33

Isuzu D-Max Artic 5

Just three months after adding on V-Cross models – and the 3.0 litre VGS turbodiesel – to its second-gen D-Max pick-up range, Isuzu Malaysia has introduced the D-Max Artic, a limited edition run of 510 units.

The Artic (yes, without the c, hence not quite named after the polar region) edition is finished in a Silky White Pearl exterior shade, which extends to the body mouldings on the lower flanks of the doors and on the rear cargo spoiler.

Chrome and silver further add to the flair – the D-Max Artic features chrome accents, silver anodised aluminium side steps andHyper-Silver multi-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels.

The edition also gets a V-Lid lockable cover finished in silver, though you can also go for the conventional roll-bar look. Also featured, daytime running lights, a first among pick-up trucks, the company says.

Isuzu D-Max Artic 18 Isuzu D-Max Artic 14

Inside, you’ll find chrome scuff plates as well as seats and armrests dressed in mocha brown genuine Italian leather. The interior is further accented with wood trim on the door handles, central console and fascia, and the carpet mats in this one come complete with brown piping. The Artic also features a two-DIN 6.2-inch multimedia player from Blaupunkt, complete with a reverse camera.

Unlike the V-Cross, which is only available as a 3.0 litre model, or the special X-Series that made its debut at KLIMS last year, the D-Max Artic is available in both 2.5 litre and 3.0 litre double-cab 4×4 forms.

No mechanical changes to the mills – the 4JK1-TCX 2.5 litre VGS turbodiesel continues on with its output of 136 PS at 3,600 rpm and 320 Nm of torque from 1,800 to 2,800 rpm, and the 4JJ1-TCX 3.0 litre VGS turbodiesel is good for 177 PS at 3,600 rpm and 380 Nm of torque between 1,800 and 2,800 rpm. Both are paired with a five-speed auto transmission for the Artic version.

In all, four versions of the D-Max Artic limited edition are available, and these are:

  • D-Max Artic 2.5L 4×4 (with roll-bar) – RM103,698
  • D-Max Artic 2.5L 4×4 (with V-Lid) – RM106,120
  • D-Max V-Cross Artic 3.0L 4×4 (with roll-bar) – RM110,312
  • D-Max V-Cross Artic 3.0L 4×4 (with V-Lid) – RM112,760

All prices are on-the-road, without insurance. The D-Max Artic comes with a three-year or 100,000 km warranty, as well as a 24-hour Doctor Mobile assistance service.

Isuzu D-Max Artic 1 Isuzu D-Max Artic 2 Isuzu D-Max Artic 3 Isuzu D-Max Artic 4 Isuzu D-Max Artic 5 Isuzu D-Max Artic 30 isuzu d-max artic price Isuzu D-Max Artic 6 Isuzu D-Max Artic 7 Isuzu D-Max Artic 8 Isuzu D-Max Artic 9 Isuzu D-Max Artic 10 Isuzu D-Max Artic 11 Isuzu D-Max Artic 12 Isuzu D-Max Artic 13 Isuzu D-Max Artic 14 Isuzu D-Max Artic 15 Isuzu D-Max Artic 16 Isuzu D-Max Artic 17 Isuzu D-Max Artic 18 Isuzu D-Max Artic 19 Isuzu D-Max Artic 20 Isuzu D-Max Artic 21 Isuzu D-Max Artic 29 Isuzu D-Max Artic 22 Isuzu D-Max Artic 23 Isuzu D-Max Artic 24 Isuzu D-Max Artic 25 Isuzu D-Max Artic 26 Isuzu D-Max Artic 28

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 10:06

V-Klasse 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz will premiere its new V-class with 4Matic all-wheel drive system for the first time at the upcoming Paris motor show. Initially, only the V 250 BlueTEC variant will be available with the system – plans to offer it on other V-class models will materialise in the near future according to the company.

The V 250 BlueTEC 4Matic variant will be powered by a 2.1 litre four-cylinder engine capable of producing 190 hp and 440 Nm of torque, mated to a seven-speed 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission.

Performance figures were not disclosed except for the fuel consumption numbers, which is rated at 6.7 litres/100 km or 14.9 km/litre.


Mercedes-Benzs’ 4Matic system, in a nutshell, is based on the 4ETS Electronic Traction System which works together with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Should one or more wheels lose traction, 4ETS automatically distributes power to the wheels with the most grip. The system allows Mercedes-Benz to do without conventional mechanical differential locks.

Order books for the Mercedes-Benz V 250 BlueTEC 4Matic will open in December, two months after its official global debut.

The post Mercedes-Benz V 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC set for Paris debut; first V-Class to feature 4MATIC system appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 08:30


According to a report by Bloomberg earlier in the week, incoming Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne has plans to increase production capacity to keep up with the growing number of wealthy customers around the world. Among the current models in production at Ferrari, Marchionne is eyeing the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta as a growth model.

Marchionne’s game plan heavily contrasts with Luca di Montezemolo‘s principle as the latter was always pushing to safeguard Ferrari’s exclusivity by limiting production – a move which saw Ferrari’s profits soar as a result of increased demand from limited availability. Come next month however, things are due for a change as Marchionne will push for 10,000 units annually as opposed to di Montezemolo’s limited run of 7,000 units.

Fears of oversaturating the market were countered by Fiat-Chrysler Automotive Group (FCA), which believes that entry into new markets will decrease the risk. To further prove his point, Marchionne has also stated that limiting production will lead to potential customers being put off by the long waiting periods between orders and delivery.

For those who need a refresher course on what has happened at Ferrari recently, it is believed that di Montezemolo and Marchionne have clashed over the direction on the company’s future – with most insiders claiming that it ultimately led to di Montezemolo stepping down. Whether or not the move to increase numbers will prove fruitful for the brand, only time will tell.

The post Ferrari to increase annual production to 10,000 cars appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 07:09

Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 18

Greetings from Jakarta, where the press day of the 2014 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) kicked off earlier today. The annual show in this sprawling capital is as vibrant as the Indonesian car market itself, which is set to overtake Thailand as the largest in ASEAN. It’s still held at the JI Expo in Kemayoran, but the show is fast outgrowing the venue.

Daihatsu, a big player in Indonesia, has one of the biggest stands in JI Expo, and the small car expert is showing a couple of concept cars here, some of which are pretty large in size. We start off with the Daihatsu UFC-3 Concept, mid-size three-row MPV around the size of a Perodua Alza.

If the name sounds familiar, the UFC-3 is a development of the UFC-2 Concept that was on show at last year’s IIMS. The original UFC made its debut here in 2012. Compared to the UFC-2, the third concept looks immediately more feasible and less experimental. There’s still plenty of showcar bling, but it’s now possible to envisage a production version of the UFC. By the way, UFC stands for Ultra Function Compact.

Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 9

The showcar was locked but we managed to snap some pics of the cabin, which like the exterior, has showcar gloss over a production-looking basic design. The gear knob is located on the centre console, Perodua-style, while the head unit has the “floating” effect that’s in vogue now.

The local word is that the UFC-3 previews an upcoming “adik Xenia”. The Xenia is a Daihatsu badged Toyota Avanza, the leader in the Low MPV segment that also counts the Suzuki Ertiga, Chevrolet Spin and latest Honda Mobilio as members.

If Daihatsu is indeed planning a cheaper MPV below the Xenia, the UFC could be a Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) budget-MPV rival to the Datsun GO+ Panca, launched earlier this year with prices starting from 85 million Rupiah (RM23,885). Could it also form the basis of the next Perodua Alza? Like what you see?

Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 18 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 24 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 22 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 21 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 19 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 17 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 16 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 14 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 9 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 12 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 20 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 11 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 10 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 8 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 7 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 6 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 3 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 2 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 23 Daihatsu UFC-3 IIMS- 1

The post IIMS 2014: Daihatsu UFC-3 Concept – a junior Avanza? appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 06:33


Bentley has massaged the 6.75 litre twin-turbo V8 in its flagship Mulsanne to produce 537 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque – the result is this, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, a car that weighs 2,685 kg, yet can hit the 100 km/h mark from standstill in 4.9 seconds. It will premiere at Paris 2014.

The V8 has had plenty redesigned – combustion chamber, inlet ports, fuel injectors, spark plugs, compression ratio, revised variable valve timing, optimised turbocharger control, the works, basically. The peak torque of 1,100 Nm is reached at a low 1,750 rpm, channeled through a recalibrated ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox. The car’s top speed is rated at 305 km/h.


As part of efforts to not burning through an entire tank of fuel from Sri Hartamas to Bangsar, the V8 has the ability to turn into a V4 engine by shutting down half the cylinders on light loads. The normal Mulsanne V8 can of course do this, but for the Speed, Bentley says it has retuned the system for smoother transitions. Even then, the car is rated to consume 14.6 litres per 100 km on the EU NEDC combined cycle.

The Mulsanne Speed’s air suspension has also had its Sport mode tuned to be more driver-focused. The other two modes are Bentley and Comfort, and the driver can also choose his own Custom mode to individually match steering, chassis and engine tunes.


To differentiate the Speed from a regular Mulsanne, Bentley has applied a dark tint finish to the headlamps, tail lamps, radiator grille, lower bumper grilles and wing vents on this one.

The 21-inch alloy wheel design is for the first time on a Bentley directional, which means there are separate designs for the left and right side of the car. Finally, there are twin-rifled exhaust pipes and polished stainless steel Speed badging on the front fender and door tread plate areas.

JL8_7983 JL8_7977_2 JL8_7960 JL8_7906 JL8_7676_2 JL4_5841 JL4_5320 JL4_5376 JL4_4368_2 JL4_4293

The post Bentley introduces Mulsanne Speed, with 1,100 Nm! appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 05:29

alami proton 1

National car manufacturer Proton Holdings Berhad is organising an open day called Alami Proton this September 27-28, at its Centre of Excellence in Shah Alam.

Aside from test drives of Proton vehicles, R3 and Lotus cars, the event will offer visitors the rare opportunity to view Proton’s manufacturing methods as well as get a closer look at the company’s latest technological developments. On the cards are tours of the Research and Development (R&D) facilities and Medium Volume Factory (MVF) at the automaker’s Shah Alam manufacturing plant.

Proton_PCC_Iriz_undisguised_015 Proton_PCC_Iriz_undisguised_014 Proton_PCC_Iriz_Undisguised_024 Proton_PCC_Iriz_Undisguised_044 Proton_Compact_Car_PCC_Iriz_dashboard-cropped

Other exhibits will include a display of products and services from Proton vendors such as Robert Bosch, TRW, Delloyd Industries and KYB-UMW Malaysia. Visitors will be able to get up close with the various technologies used to develop a Proton car, from performance and styling to the safety aspects.

To keep families entertained, plenty of activities are planned, and these include wall-climbing, kart racing, laser tag and face painting. Proton’s upcoming Proton Compact Car (PCC) will also be featured at the event, with the highlight being a lucky draw for visitors to win the PCC. Other lucky draw prizes include various bicycles and motorcycles.

The post Proton opens its gates with Alami Proton open day; stand a chance to win a new Proton Compact Car appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 05:09

AS 2

The Opel/Vauxhall Adam S was previewed in “near production” form at the Geneva 2014 show earlier this year, and will now make a world premiere in production form at Paris 2014.

The Adam is a city car built on a shortened version of the B-segment Corsa platform, competing with cars such as the Fiat 500, smart fortwo, Renault Twingo, Volkswagen up! and Toyota iQ.


While the Adam tops out with a normally-aspirated 1.4 litre engine, under the hood of this ‘hot’ Adam S version is a 1.4 litre Turbo ECOTEC engine, which produces 150 PS and 220 Nm. The cast iron engine has a plastic intake manifold, dual continuously variable valve timing and a manifold-integrated turbocharger. The 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 8.5 seconds.

The Adam S features large VXR S brakes and standard 17-inch alloys with an optional 18-inch upgrade. On the interior, the driver and front passenger can choose between four different seat arrangements, including Recaro Performance seats in Morrocana or Nappa leather.

The post Opel/Vauxhall Adam S – production car debuts in Paris appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 04:20


Chinese-Israeli auto manufacturer, Qoros, has a mystery new SUV in the works. Spotted testing in Europe, the prototype gives almost nothing away as it is heavily camouflaged, but what we can possibly gather is that the new SUV is probably based on the Qoros 3’s modular platform and would likely share the same drivetrain options as well.

Judging from the photos, the overall styling of the car seems to be in line with the current Qoros design language. The front of the car appear to feature head lights similar in style to the ones on the Qoros 3, even sharing the wide honeycomb front grille. The prototype also appears to feature a metal skid plate on its lower front end.

At the rear, the car features LED tail lights that are obviously inspired by the 3, albeit with a more bulbous look. Twin exhaust pipes at each end of the car remain, again taking another styling cue from the Qoros 3. The company currently employs ex-MINI designer Gert Hildebrand, who has been serving as Head of Design since 2011.

Qoros, a relatively new name in the auto industry, stunned everyone when the 3 received not only a five-star Euro NCAP rating but also held the highest score in that year. Since then, the new brand has expanded on its 3 lineup with the Qoros 3 Hatch – a car which was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Qoros-suv-4 Qoros-suv-5 Qoros-suv-3 Qoros-suv-2 Qoros-suv-1

Qoros 3
649724_Qoros-3-Sedan---front-qtr-wheels-turned 649723_Qoros-3-Sedan---front-qtr-wheels-turned---high 649722_Qoros-3-Sedan---front-qtr-wheels-turned-lights-on 649732_Qoros-3-Sedan---rear-qtr-wheels-turned-lights-on 649731_Qoros-3-Sedan---rear-qtr-lights-on 649729_Qoros-3-Sedan---overhead 649721_Qoros-3-Sedan---engine-bay 649728_Qoros-3-Sedan---interior---driver's-side 649727_Qoros-3-Sedan---interior---side-view-cutaway 649725_Qoros-3-Sedan---interior---centre-console-and-infotainment

The post SPYSHOTS: Qoros SUV prototype spotted testing appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 04:00


Your ultimate driving experience is even closer than you think – imagine being on the legendary Nurburgring circuit, also known as the Green Hell, for a full motoring experience where you can spectate a race, get driven around in a BMW M5 and drive a sports car like a Nissan GT-R around the 20 kilometre-long circuit. This can be a reality thanks to BHPetrol’s Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest, which is running exclusively on the paultan.org network!

A full expense-paid, three-day trip to the circuit in Germany with a friend is up for grabs, but there are also other very attractive prizes to be won. There are monthly prizes awating 30 lucky winners, worth RM40,000 in total. The BHPetrol Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest offers the chance to win prizes equivalent to a year’s usage of fuel on a monthly basis for a total of three months, and of course put you in the running to bag that ultimate Nurburgring experience.

Nurburgring Experience Grand Prize:

  • Spectate an actual race weekend
  • Take part in the BMW Ring-Taxi experience with Sabine Schmitz
  • Score some laps around the legendary Nurburgring circuit in a sports car such as a Nissan GT-R and more!

Monthly Prizes worth RM40,000:

  • 1 x First Prize: RM4,800
  • 1 x Second Prize: RM3,600
  • 1 x Third Prize: RM1,500
  • 7 x Consolation Prize: RM500


To take part, all you need to do is head to your nearest BHPetrol fuel station (nationwide) that’s equipped with a BHPetromart store, purchase any item worth at least RM20 in a single receipt and then head to Paul Tan’s Automotive News Facebook page and hit the contest tab. Once you’re there, simply answer the questions and slogan and you’re good to go. To help you with the questions, check out our contest launch report and watch the video above. Furthermore, you can take part as many times as you like to help increase your chances of winning!

We are currently halfway through Round 1 / Month 1 which ends on September 28 before Round 2 / Month 2 begins on September 30. The BHPetrol Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest is exclusively brought to you by paultan.org and the BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced 2x premium, giving you more mileage, more savings and more power from its 800ppm double dose of German additives.

Click here to head to the contest tab on the Paul Tan’s Automotive News official Facebook page.

The post Take part in BHPetrol’s Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest and win an all-expense trip to the Nurburgring – also to be won, RM40,000 worth of prizes! appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 03:05

Honda Mobilio Thai Official-03

The Honda Mobilio has made its market debut in Thailand, joining the imported Odyssey, Stepwgn Spada and Freed MPVs in the Kingdom. The budget MPV, which shares a platform with the Brio, was first seen in ‘prototype’ form at last year’s Indonesia International Motor Show before officially debuting in the republic early this year, where it challenges the Toyota Avanza/Daihatsu Xenia. The three-row MPV was launched in India in July.

The Thai-market Mobilio rolls out from Honda’s plant in Ayutthaya province. It is available in three trims – a basic S, regular V and the sporty RS. Only the lowest trim is available with a five-speed manual gearbox option; the rest are auto-only.

All are powered by a 1.5 litre i-VTEC unit with 120 PS at 6,600 rpm and 145 Nm of torque at 4,600 rpm. The SOHC motor is paired to either a stick shift or an Earth Dreams CVT transmission, as found in the City/Jazz.

To accomodate three rows, the Brio platform has been stretched to make a 4,386 mm long body (4,398 mm for bodykitted RS) with a 2,652 mm wheelbase.

Honda Mobilio Thai Official-08

Interestingly, the Thai Mobilio is also available in two-row form – the base S is a five-seater with a huge boot while the V and RS are seven-seaters. Second row seats split fold 60:40 and tumble with a “One Motion” mechanism. The middle row bench slides fore and aft, too. Speed-adjustable rear AC blower is standard.

Check out the pics below (thanks to Thai-based reader Ziwen for the showroom snaps) to see the available equipment, such as a touchscreen head unit with reverse camera, Bluetooth and HDMI link. This one has some physical buttons on it, unlike the unit on the City and Jazz.

Prices start from 597,000 baht (RM59,378) for the S M/T and 642,000 baht (RM63,843) for the S A/T, rising to 682,000 baht (RM67,823) for the auto-only V. The bells and whistles RS will set one back 739,000 baht (RM73,500). There’s also a Modulo accessories package for the MPV – see the brochure scan below to see what’s offered.

Will the Mobilio work in Malaysia? If yes, at what price?

Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-01 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-02 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-03 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-04 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-05 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-06 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-07 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-08 Honda Mobilio Thai Showroom-09 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-01 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-02 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-03 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-04 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-05 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-06 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-07 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-08 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-09 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-10 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-11 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-12 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-13 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-14 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-15 Honda Mobilio Thai Official-16

Honda Mobilio RS launched in Indonesia

honda-mobilio-rs-6 honda-mobilio-rs-7 honda-mobilio-rs-8 honda-mobilio-rs-9 honda-mobilio-rs-10 honda-mobilio-rs-11 honda-mobilio-rs-12 honda-mobilio-rs-13 honda-mobilio-rs-14 honda-mobilio-rs-1 honda-mobilio-rs-2 honda-mobilio-rs-3 honda-mobilio-rs-4 honda-mobilio-rs-5

The post Honda Mobilio MPV launched in Thailand, from RM60k appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 02:02

sirion sport 01

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor marketing director Amelia Tjandra has told detikOto that next year could see the arrival of the facelifted Daihatsu Sirion in the country.

“(Translated) At present, there hasn’t been any update, but there will be. Next year we will have an update (facelift),” she said to the Indonesian motoring portal. Tjandra added that the update will involve the exterior as well as the interior, but remained coy on other details, like whether the car would be launched early-, mid- or late-2015.

Indonesia’s Sirion is of course a rebadged Perodua Myvi, exported from the Sungai Choh plant in Rawang. As a result, we’ve always gotten the latest Myvi/Sirion before our neighbours did.

So might we expect the Perodua Myvi to get a facelift soon – maybe before the year ends, or is that too much to hope for? After all, something needs to fend off the upcoming Proton Compact Car

The post Daihatsu Sirion facelift to arrive in Indonesia next year – report, will our Perodua Myvi facelift come sooner? appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 01:31


These are the first photos of the Volkswagen Polo GTI Mk5 facelift, released quite a few months after the vanilla Polo facelift was revealed in January this year.

As suggested by earlier reports, power is up on the facelift, but what’s most interesting is that the motor has been changed under the hood – the 1.4 TSI engine that employs both a supercharger and turbocharger has been swapped out for a new 1.8 TSI. With the B-segment hot hatch playing-field normally running 1.6 litre turbo engines, that’s a relatively big displacement.


As a result, the Polo GTI now has 190 PS and 320 Nm – up from 180 PS and 250 Nm in the current model. A small bump in horsepower, but a massive increase in torque! The 0-100 km/h sprint improves to 6.7 seconds.

The new 1.8 litre engine can now had with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DSG dual clutch automatic, as reports indicated – the pre-facelift was DSG-only.

Other features include LED headlamps, adaptive sports suspension. Hopefully, more details will be revealed at Paris 2014, where the car is making its debut.

volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0002 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0003 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0004 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0005 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0006 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0007 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0008 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0009 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0010 volkswagen-polo-gti-facelift-0011 Der neue Volkswagen Polo GTI DB2014AU01117_large.JPG. Der neue Volkswagen Polo GTI Der neue Volkswagen Polo GTI DB2014AU01119_large.JPG.

The post Volkswagen Polo GTI facelift gets upgraded to 1.8 TSI appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 16:44

BMW 520d Touring

The BMW F10 5 Series 520d variant has been updated with the new B47D20 2.0 litre turbodiesel engine, which brings power up to 190 hp at 4,000 rpm and 400 Nm at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm, an increase of six hp and 20 Nm over the outgoing N47D20 engine.

The B47D20 is already available in Malaysia – it made its debut in the F25 BMW X3 facelift that was launched recently. The engine features an aluminium crankcase with thermally-joined cylinder liners (to reduce internal friction) and integrated balancer shafts, a turbocharger with variable intake geometry as well as an improved 2,000 bar common-rail direct-injection system.

BMW also claims that the starting characteristic of the engine has been improved, which is important for comfort when used with the Auto Start-Stop function. The entry-level 518d diesel also gets the new engine – in the 18d tune, the engine does 150 hp and 360 Nm.

The post F10 BMW 520d updated with new 190 hp B47 engine appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 15:39


This is the Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Concept, which is set to debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Since times are a changing, 2L in this case does not refer to a 2.0 litre engine under the hood, but actually refers to the car’s target of a two litres per 100 km fuel consumption.

Citroen says this has been achieved by an optimised exterior design with a 20% improvement in aerodynamics, including air intakes that have variable openings, wing mirrors that have been replaced by slimmer rearview cameras as well as tall and narrow 155/70R19 tyres with lower rolling resistance. It’s lighter too, with carbon composites, polycarbonates and aluminium parts contributing to a 100 kg decrease in overall vehicle weight.

There’s also the implementation of Hybrid Air technology, which also appears in the Peugeot 208 HYbrid Air 2L. The Hybrid Air powertrain combines a 82 horsepower 1.2 litre petrol engine with a compressed air hydraulic system which is used to assist and even replace the petrol engine to enable maximum efficiency during acceleration and starts.

The system is made up of a compressed-air tank located below the boot, a low-pressure tank near the rear axle acting as an expansion chamber and a hydraulic system consisting of a motor and a pump in the engine bay. Power goes to the wheels via an epicyclic geartrain which offers automatic operation.

For more on how the system works, read our 208 HYbrid Air 2L story.

CL 14.129.003 CL 14.129.004 CL 14.129.001 CL 14.129.002 CL 14.121.001 CL 14.121.002 CL 14.121.003 CL 14.120.003 CL 14.120.004 CL 14.120.001 CL 14.120.002 CL 14.106.019 CL 14.106.017 CL 14.106.018 CL 14.106.016 CL 14.106.015 CL 14.106.014 CL 14.106.012 CL 14.106.013 CL 14.106.010 CL 14.106.011 CL 14.106.008 CL 14.106.009 CL 14.106.007 CL 14.106.006 CL 14.106.004 CL 14.106.005 CL 14.106.002 CL 14.106.003 CL 14.106.001

The post Citroen C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Concept: consumes just 2 litres per 100 km thanks to Hybrid Air technology appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 13:38


With all-new hugely successful generations of the S-Class and C-Class launched and out of the way, it’s time for Mercedes-Benz to focus on the middle child of its sedan range – the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The W212 has been around since 2009, so a replacement should be due sometime in 2016.

This is the first sighting of a next generation E-Class prototype – we’re calling it the W213 for now. We won’t fault you if at first glance, you think this is just some kind of disguised W205 because of how similar the front end on this prototype looks to the new C, but look carefully and you’ll see that this car is wider than a C-Class, and has longer rear overhangs. It also looks more angular than a C-Class.

MercE.s06-3542175397-O-3542330759-O MercE.s04-3542175207-O-3542330712-O

Multiple automotive publications have published rumours that this new E-Class will debut a new family of six-cylinder engines that will go back to the old inline-six format instead of the current V6. This is to enable better component compatibility with future inline-three and inline-four cylinder engines.

It will be built on Mercedes-Benz’s new modular MRA rear-wheel drive platform, which also underpins the C-Class. We’ve already seen what the MRA platform can do for the new C – a quick comparison on CarBase.my shows that the C250 beats all of its rivals in terms of weight, which in turn gives it the best CO2 emissions and rated fuel economy among the cars compared (BMW 328i, Audi A4 2.0T, Infiniti Q50 2.0t, Lexus IS 250).

Mercedes-E-Class-004 Mercedes-E-Class-005 Mercedes-E-Class-002 Mercedes-E-Class-003 Mercedes-E-Class-007 Mercedes-E-Class-001 Mercedes-E-Class-006 MercE.s05-3542175281-O-3542330757-O MercE.s03-3542174956-O-3542330634-O MercE.s01-3542174745-O-3542330642-O

The post SPYSHOTS: W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class testing appeared first on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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