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Date: Tuesday, 21 Apr 2009 14:14

Over the last 8 months I have lost around 30 pounds by simply changing my diet and eating habits.  No one, my self included, considered me obese or even fat really but I was obviously fat enough to drop 30 pounds, and am now working on losing another 10.  My goal weight is 175 lbs…this is how I have gotten there so far, and how I am planning on finishing.


Things You Need To Do

Losing weight is really as simple as a little self discipline.  If you are not willing to discipline yourself then you may as well stop reading right now and go eat some Doritos (no offense against you or Doritos, heck I actually LOVE Doritos!).  If anyone is going to be successful in their goal to shed a few pounds, self discipline needs to become their best friend.

Making the following disciplined changes in my life has allowed me the fortune of dropping this weight and should be passed on to help others.

  • Stop Gorging Yourself – The best piece of advice I can give you is simply to stop overeating.  You know the feeling, you walk away from a meal barely being able to breathe…yeah I’m talking to you fatty!  ;-)   This was the first step I took & was really how I gathered a lot of motivation to keep pressing forward.
  • Understand The Concept of “Diet” - People…you HAVE to stop thinking of a diet as a 2 – 3 week period where you simply eat less!  That will never work for anyone.  Grasp the concept that the word diet should refer to your daily intake of food.  You do not “go on a diet”, you “change your diet”.  If you want to be healthier & lose weight, then you eat a healthier diet with less caloric intake.  This also does not mean eat everything “fat free”…more on that thought later.
  • Stop Eating Fast Food Altogether - I have not eaten fast food in over 9 months…& neither should you.  It is actually really easy, it saves you a lot of money, and will help you retrain your mind to eat healthier food at home.
  • Eat A Balanced Diet - Not all fats are villains; in fact, we need fat for good health.  A simple fact that I live by is to stay away from processed foods or foods with too many ingredients I cannot pronounce.  Fat free foods are a no no.  white sugar and white flour are a no no.  Prepackaged food is a no no.  Eat more nuts, eat more vegetables, eat more beans.  Get high amounts of proteins, whole grains, fiber, & good fats every day.  It’s easier than it sounds really, just don’t buy stuff that men make…eat things that God created.
  • Eat A Large Healthy Breakfast - Every morning I start the day with a g00d sized, healthy delicious breakfast.  Is this new news?  No, but are you doing it?  No?  Then shut up & keep reading!  Your breakfast should include a protein, fat (that’s right…fat, it helps your body break down the protein), whole grains, & fruit.  The link I included a few words back gives you the recipe for what I eat every morning.
  • Eat A Large Healthy Lunch - Beat into your brain the fact that most of your eating should be done in the first half of the day.  You should eat the largest amounts early and trail the amounts off over the course of the day.
  • Eat A Smaller Dinner & Limit Snacks Before Bed – Again, this is not necessarily new information…but it is all essential for you to adopt if you want to start living healthier.  Cut your dinner portions in half.  Stop eating before bed.  If you do have cravings, have ONE handful of nuts; the fat in the nuts will make you feel full faster.  Do not eat a ton of them, just one handful then drink some water & wait 5 minutes, you will find your cravings disappear.
  • Allow Yourself A Cheat Day - This is the concept of “taking a day off”.  I’m a big proponent of this concept because it allows us to be human, and when properly employed will help us stay faithful and curb failure.  A lot of people say to do this once a week, I just do it whenever I am feeling heavy cravings which is usually once a week or once every two weeks.

Things You Do NOT Need To Do

Just as there are a bunch of things you SHOULD be doing, there are also a bunch of things you SHOULD NOT be doing.  I like to keep a general point of view that if I saw it in a commercial it is probably either bad for me or a waste of time.  Whether you like it or not marketing has brainwashed our society into thinking in certain ways.  Break free from that sad truth and start thinking for yourself.

  • Eat Fat Free Products – Like I said above, if man has found a way to replace natural fat with some sick combination of chemicals…stay away.  Stay far away!  My wife & I eat real butter, real eggs, real nuts; all of which have real fat.  Just because it has fat does not mean it is bad, actually I’ll say it again…fat is good.
  • Buy Diet Pills - This is another farce the marketing machine has shoved down the throats of Americans and is terrible advice and most times results in health problems & sometimes even death!
  • Follow The Latest Diet Trend - Like I told you above, do not “go on a diet”.  Simply change the way you eat and the way you think about food.  Following the latest trends is just a waste of money & will not get you anywhere.
  • Spend Hundreds or Thousands On Equipment - You do not need to go buy the latest & greatest health of fitness equipment.  Just eat healthy, run, bike, do push-ups & sit-ups.  These things are all free and will benefit you more & will not cost you anything more than you are already paying.

How I Plan To Lose 10 More Pounds

Sure I’m down 30 pounds, but I have a goal to get down to 175.  Why 175?  No really specific reason other than I believe that to be an ideal weight for my size & body type.  Also, 175 pounds is how much I weighed all through high school & early college.  Here are some of the things I am doing to lose the last 10 pounds:

  • Fix Up & Ride My Old Bike - To stick with my staunch views of frugality I prefer to reuse before I buy anew.  About 7 years ago my brother sold me a nice mountain bike for $100.  That mountain bike is still in really good shape (probably why I was 40 pounds over weight!) so instead of buy a new racing road bike for $2,500 I just converted my mountain bike into a road bike.  I bought some new road tires to replace my trail tires, bought a new & more comfortable seat, and bought a new handlebar neck to raise up my bars & make for a more comfortable riding experience.  All said & done I spent $90 to get my trail heavy mountain bike ready for road riding, and it worked out quite well.  I am planning to ride my bike to work & back when it is nice out.  Work is 9.5 miles one way, so that will be a good 1.5 hour ride a few times a week.
  • Enter A Triathlon - My brother is a bit of a triathlon freak so I’m going to take a page out of his book this year by entering at least one triathlon.  The race I am participating in is run in the end of May and involves a 16k bike ride, a 5k run, and a 400meter swim.  I will use this race as a reason to get into shape.  Getting more exercise is really the last step in my journey to healthier living.  Although I do have a healthy diet now, I still do not exercise enough, so I’m planning to change that this year.
  • Continue To Eat Healthy - I will continue to eat healthy food in healthy portion sizes.  Coupling this with my new exercise regiment will help me lose the last 10 pounds of my goal!

Do you have a plan to lose weight and get healthier this year?  Share it with us in the comments…come on…what are you waiting for??

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Date: Thursday, 16 Apr 2009 19:15

Chances are you have stumbled across the great technology website Shankrila.com at some point, but if not now is the time to go visit!

K of Shankrila is giving away 30 licenses of Comodo Internet Security licenses with LivePCSupport – about $1200 value!

From his site:

Comodo Internet Security PRO

A great anti-virus and firewall package that is available for FREE as well as a PRO version. So, what do you get with the PRO version that you don’t get in FREE?

You get Comodo Internet Security with LivePCSupport services for an entire year! A $99 value just by itself.

How To Enter

Visit Shankrila to see his blog entry about the Comodo Internet Security giveaway and enter to win!


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Date: Monday, 13 Apr 2009 04:53

The Annoying Problem…

Have you ever been in the middle of writing a post in Wordpress…attempt to either save or preview your post…but accidentally press the “Publish” button instead?  Although you can edit the posts published status shortly thereafter, unfortunately your RSS readers will still see your uncompleted work.  This can cause you early gray hair and is something I’m sure every Wordpress blogger has done at one time or another!

The Simple Solution…

Enter the “Are You Sure” plugin for Wordpress…

This plugin is quite simple, but quite awesome and should put a quick end to accidental publishing of Wordpress posts.  Once installed…when the Publish button is clicked the plugin confirms that you do indeed wish to publish your current content by presenting you with a simple Javascript box to confirm your desire to publish.  You can either cancel the publish if accidental, or proceed if you are indeed ready for the world to see your awesome material.

Features per the author:

  • Extremely small file size, less than 1.7 KB total
  • Simple to use, just activate and your done
  • Saves you from accidental posting
  • Works on any ‘Publish’ button, including pages, posts, and quickpress
  • Tested and Compatible with Wordpress 2.7+

Download the Plugin:




This plugin has already saved me from a few incomplete publishing snafu’s, so I wanted to pass it along to all of you…ENJOY!

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Date: Wednesday, 08 Apr 2009 21:34

How many times have you had that GREAT idea for a blog topic, only to get home to your laptop & have completely forgotten it?  That use to happen to me all the time before I started employing a few simple concepts.

Use any or all of the following as a crutch to help your aging mind remember all those great ideas swimming through your head:

  • Use DropBox – Do you have a document that you use to keep all your ideas in?  Use DropBox to sync the files between all your computers so you always have your data where you need it
  • Use a USB flash drive – same concept as above, but this way it is stored on a little chip that you always carry on your person
  • Use Google Docs – this way your documents are stored on Google’s servers making them accessible anywhere, especially now that they have made Google Docs available offline
  • Use the Memo Recording Feature on your Mobile Phone – that’s right, stop reading for a minute or two & play with your phone.  Found it yet?  Now start using that to record all your great ideas.
  • Carry a journal on you AT ALL TIMES – This is still my favorite, a real oldie but goodie!  There’s just something about carrying & using my Moleskine Small Plain Notebook that just makes me feel more creative
  • Start carrying a purse or a “Man Purse”Carrying a “Man Sack” has enabled me to have all these tools on me at all times.  With it, at any given moment I have several options at my finger tips to help buffer my lack of brain power!

Do you use any of these ideas?  What are some others that you use?

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Date: Monday, 06 Apr 2009 17:10

Recently I had to upgrade one of my blogs (Debt Free Adventure) to a VPS.  Now that I’m operating on a VPS, I have to install, configure, & manage the server by myself.  After moving DFA to its new home server, I had a few issues but the main problem was my inability to upload media to a post.  Every time I tried to upload media I would get the following error:

The uploaded file could not be moved to /your/www/root/yourdomain/wp-content/uploads/year/month/

After much trial & error, mental toil, and countless Google searches here is the fix that I ended up trying on my own accord that solved my problem:

  • Add your user account to the “apache” group on your server (you can do this via webmin or with the this command)
    • useradd -G groupname username
  • change the owner & group on the uploads & all child folders to apache by issuing the following command:
    • chown -R apache:apache uploads/

Using this solutions keeps you from having to chmod your uploads dir to 777, which I was not crazy about doing.

Here are a few solutions I found on the web that I tried as well…so give them a shot if the above fix does not work:

  1. In Settings > Miscellaneous – verify that the default folder for uploading is set to wp-content/uploads
  2. Changing file permission – changing rights on /wp-content/uploads to 777
  3. Upgrade your Flash player to the most recent version – past versions cause problems & may cause this error.
  4. Delete and recreate the wp-content/uploads folder – be sure to back up the contents before doing so.  Then make sure to set the newly created dir perms to 777.
  5. In Settings > Miscellaneous - un-check the box that read, “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders“.  I didn’t try this because I didn’t want to mess with the folder structure, but this DID work for several people around the web.

Thanks to Yan at ThouShallBlog for some of these solutions.

Soon eJabs.com will be residing on the same VPS www.Linode.com server as DebtFreeAdventure.com and I’m sure I’ll have to return to this post to re-read this solution!

Good luck & Godspeed.

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Date: Thursday, 26 Mar 2009 05:17

Enable the Administrator Account

  1. Open the command prompt with Administrative privileges by opening the Start Menu, and typing cmd in the search box, and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter or click the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  2. Type the following in the command prompt and press Enter after:net user administrator /active:yes
  3. Restart your computer and logon as Administrator.

Note: You might want to set a password for the administrator’s account for at least a little protection.

Disable the Administrative Account

To disable the Administrative account run the Net User command demonstrated above while logged on an account with administrative privileges but not as the Administrator account and replace yes with no.

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Date: Tuesday, 24 Mar 2009 15:21

Have you recently installed IE8 only to discover it displays all website forms, input boxes, buttons, etc, so small and/or tiny that they are unreadable & unusable?  If this sounds like your problem…read on.

In my last post I included a screenshot of how IE8 was rendering Google.com. After further exploration I found IE8 was rendering every webpage in this errant way.

Please note that I did not install a beta or an RC version of IE8, but the actual first release.  I am not sure if this was an issue w/previous RC versions but have heard rumors of it existing since the release of IE8 RC1.

I did figure out how to fix the issue so IE8 now displays all forms in all websites correctly.  Here’s how I did it:

  • In IE8 click “Tools” | “Internet Options” | and choose the “Advanced” tab.
  • Scroll down one full scrolls worth and uncheck the “Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in webpages
  • Click “OK” – it will take a few seconds, then your browser should display correctly.  You should not have to close/reopen the browser for the change to take effect.

Here is a screenshot:

IE8 Tiny Button Fix

Thank you for visiting, and happy improved IE8 surfing!

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Date: Friday, 20 Mar 2009 17:25

Yesterday I installed IE8 and much to my lack of amazement, was “advised” to reboot.  I ignored the annoying Windows XP restart nag screen and went about my business.

This morning I obliged Windows and restarted so I could test out this new highly touted (by whom I’m not sure) version of IE.  I have my home page set to Google.com, which is a pretty simple & easy page to render correctly…right?  Well, not for IE8!

Here is what I saw (click to enlarge):


The search window is so small you I cannot even see what I’m typing when I search!

This is hilarious…& an unforgettable first experience with IE8.  Be sure to spread this one around!

Check out the 1st experience M$ MVP Keith Elder had.

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Date: Monday, 16 Mar 2009 02:01

Powered by Twitter Tools.

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This is a post from eJabs! If this content was helpful to you, come on over & leave us a comment.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

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Date: Monday, 09 Mar 2009 17:03

Thanks to @KinTheHouse I started using Twitter a little over a month ago and have been enjoying it quite a bit!  I love being able to keep up on what everyone is doing & see huge personal marketing potential in this new (to me) social networking tool.

Once you start using Twitter it will not be long before you start using some type of Twitter client/app.  Darren Rouse of Problogger has recently compiled an excellent list of tools on his new Twitter Blog, Twitip.com.  Also, here is a list of the 21 most popular Twitter Apps from TechCrunch/Compete.

How I Spend My “Tweet Time”…

On My PC…

I actually started using Twhirl & Tweetdeck on my PC about a week before Darren posted his article listing my two favorites as his two favorites (you go Darren!).  After using both for about a week, I seem to spend most of my “tweet time” in Twhirl, although I still use some of the tools in Tweetdeck that Twhirl does not offer; such as a long list of tweets by followers & followees, and different columns you can use to separate your direct messages, search terms and the latest news.  Overall I prefer Twhirl because of its user friendly interface making it a snap to perform all my every day twitter tasks.  Before I was using these two clients, I used Digsby & Twitter.com, which I still use occassionally today.

**UPDATE – 3/12/2009** – I just started using DestroyTwitter and seem to like it quite well so far.

On My Phone…

When on my Samsung Omnia Windows 6.1 mobile phone I use an awesome tool called PockeTwit.  I am really impressed with this client and already use it quite often though I just installed it 2 days ago!  Download it and read all about the benefits & main features of PocketTwit here.

For Photos…

To tweet photos I use Twitpic, but do not have to leave Twhirl to do so since it is built right into the app.

How do you tweet from your PC or MAC?

How do you tweet from your Mobile Phone?

How do you tweet photos?

Let us know by commenting below…

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Date: Thursday, 05 Mar 2009 20:10

I have no qualms about making public knowledge of how much I love Wordpress!   Most people use Wordpress as a blogging tool, at which it excels fantastically.  However, I’m here to challenge you to use Wordpress as a complete web development CMS utility! More & more I find myself leaving Drupal and choosing Wordpress as the platform I build company websites on.

I could make a huge list of reasons why, but I have recently stumbled upon a very well designed website, built on Wordpress I might add, that has already done just that.  So as not to “re-invent the wheel”, in summary here are 13 points highlighting why a business (or individual) would want to use Wordpress to develop their web presence.


13 Reasons Why Wordpress Rocks!

  • It’s free
  • There is plenty of support availabile
  • Availability of plugins
  • It’s easy to install
  • It maintains itself
  • It has an easy-to-use web interface
  • Anyone can learn to use it
  • It allows multiple users to update content
  • You can write in it from anywhere
  • You can better integrate content across your website
  • There are minimal files to work with
  • It puts an emphasis on usability
  • It’s as advanced as you want it to be

The original article gives depth on each point given above.  This list can be a very useful tool in selling your web services to a potential client!

Please visit AddicottWeb.com for the full & original article.

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Date: Sunday, 22 Feb 2009 18:36

What do Me, Chewbacca, My Wife and a Nightstand Have In Common?

We can all sound like Chewie!  For some reason, I cannot pinpoint why anymore, but my wife & I love to sit and imitate Chewbacca and see who can do it the best!  Sounds silly, but it’s true.  Check out this guys nightstand that likes to do the same thing.  Hilarious!

PS…I love you baby, but you know I can do it better.  ;-)

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 15:31

A lot of PC techs may be upset that I am delivering this information to “end-users” because it will undoubtedly cut into their workload.  However I believe in saving a buck where you can and wanted to give non-techies a quick, easy, & free way to clean their own PC’s, and not only clean them but also maintain them.  Who knows, this could even be the start of a new career for you!!  :-)

First let it be said that using Firefox as your Internet browser may be your single best defense against becoming infected.  However  if your PC is already infected, use the arsenal of free tools below to play computer technician for a day and clean your own Windows PC.  I suggest Firefox not only because I believe it superior to Internet Explorer (IE), but also because the majority of spyware, malware, & viruses constructed today are developed to exploit security holes in IE.  Therefore, using Firefox is a good way to prevent infection completely which ultimately, is your greatest defense.

Here is a brief description of the 5 free products you will need as well as a link to each:

  • Firefox is a free Internet browser that has been overtaking market share from IE for years now.  The majority of Information Technology Professionals use Firefox as their default browser, and they couldn’t all be wrong!  Click here for a great source for superior Firefox Add-ons.
  • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is a spyware/malware removal program that is free and is also the most effective tool on the market for removing malicious software.
  • Clamwin delivers excellent virus protection at no cost.  The program is open-source and very effective.
  • Ccleaner is both temp file & a registry clean up tool that has been an invaluable tool in my IT apps arsenal.
  • Defraggler is a the tool you will want to use last to help speed up your PC.  Made by the same company as Ccleaner, Defraggler is a free tool used to defragment your hard drive.  I use it because I believe it superior to the built-in Windows defrag utility.  I suggest setting up a monthly automatic defrag for best results.

Now that you have cleaned your PC make sure you start using Firefox as your default browser!

[poll id="3"]

If this post did help you clean up your PC, be kind and pass it along to friends, family, & coworkers…you computer technician you.  Happy cleaning!

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Date: Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 14:53

***UPDATE 2/12/2009 – The MalwareBytes site appears to be back up & operational***

Currently, to get rid of spyware there is no better tool out there than MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.

The program is free and in my experience has a 100% success rate in removing spyware (along with most viruses) from Windows PC’s.  I use the program in tandem with Clamwin free antivirus and Ccleaner.

Currently the MalwareBytes website is experiencing issues, so you may not be able to download it.  Also if you are trying to update the definition files you will be out of luck until their site comes back up.

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Date: Monday, 09 Feb 2009 13:15

When is this coming?  It seems like such a simple request, however I have not noticed this feature in any web-based email solution.  Outlook and maybe some other email clients give you this feature, but I have never noticed it in any web email.

Why is that?  Is it hard to code?  Is this a feature not many people desire?  What do you think, would you like to see this feature added to the already awesome arsenal of Google’s Gmail?  I know I would.

Here are a few of the Google Labs Gmail features I have recently enabled that I used a lot:

  • Offline Gmail
  • Superstars
  • Signature tweaks
  • Old Snakey - I love this game!
  • Right-side chat
  • Right-side labels
  • Navbar drag and drop
  • Forgotten attachment detector
  • Vacation time!
  • Custom label colors
  • Multiple inboxes
  • Create a document (using Google Docs)
  • Text messaging (SMS) in chat
  • Google Calendar gadget
  • Google Docs gadget
  • Add any gadget by URL

I’m going to start using Gmail Tasks very soon.  Currently I’m using Remember The Milk for tasks, but want to switch to the newly released Google Tasks.  The tasks are something that also sounds relatively simple to implement but took forever for Google to add to Gmail.

So why hasn’t Google added a Delay Send Feature to Gmail?

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Date: Thursday, 05 Feb 2009 18:51

As I attempted logging into my Mint.com account today, though it accessed my account without any problems, I noticed that none of my accounts ever refreshed the new balances.

I started to click on other tabs, then I noticed the “Accounts” tab was gone, and was replaced by a little link in the upper right corner of the Mint.com screen.  I clicked on the link and saw an entirely different screen!  Here is a screenshot of what I saw:


I haven’t heard any announcement of this, so I was pretty surprised to see it.

I noticed that they have added the functionality to add assets for “Auto” and “Real Estate”.  It looks like Mint.com continues to be a leader in the Free Online Personal Finance Software market!

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Date: Wednesday, 04 Feb 2009 13:35

Some of you may have been trying to leave comments lately & were unable to.  I apologize for that.

I have the reCAPTCHA plugin for Wordpress installed but didn’t have my “keys” entered in for it.  I knew I didn’t have them in, but I didn’t realize it was breaking comments.  I thought the reCAPTCHA simply wasn’t prompting you guys.  The reason I took them out was because I had a couple complaints from commentators who were having a hard time seeing the CAPTCHA text, and therefore difficulty adding their comment.

I disabled the plugin to do some research and see if I could make the text easier to read.  After digging around…Google style, it’s apparent you cannot.  However, I did learn some good stuff.  Namely, you don’t need to enter both CAPTCHA words to have your comment posted, one will suffice. I believe this is a little known fact within the blogging community; well…at least it was with me.  Something most peoople do know is that you can refresh the CAPTCHA words if you are having a hard time reading them by clicking on the refresh icon.

After deliberation with…myself…I have decided to reenable the plugin for use on eJabs.  What do you think?  Does it bother you that much, or are you used to CAPTCHA?  Let us know by commenting and participating in this poll.

[poll id="2"]

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Date: Wednesday, 04 Feb 2009 00:03

Locking Tabs

I received an email forward today that showed me a pretty cool trick so I figured I’d share it with you.

You know how when you try to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap or wax paper and the roll falls out of the box when you pull on the sheet?  Well NO LONGER my friend!

Much to my surprise, and probably yours too, the box company’s put in a solution that seems to be a little known fact.  I’m sure after reading this you will get up, go to your kitchen & check for yourself…as I did.  Each roll contains a perforated triangular shaped locking tab that reads “Push here to lock end” on each end of the box.  Simply depress the locking tab with your thumb (or finger) and once depressed these ingenious little inventions hold your roll in place when you pull out and tear off a sheet!

Ah…sometimes it’s the small things in life that are cool.

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Date: Tuesday, 03 Feb 2009 04:47

On January 25th, 2009 I posted an article called “My Goals for 2009“. The following post is part of a series of weekly updates I’m writing to serve as my accountability for staying focused and faithful regarding these goals.

First I will list the original goals I set, then respond with my weekly progress toward them.

Original Goals from January 25th, 2009:

  1. Tithe to the Lord faithfully
  2. Read my bible & pray every morning and night
  3. Attend church services every time the doors are open
  4. Be 15 minutes early for everything
  5. Work out every morning for at least 5 minutes (jump rope, punching bag, sit ups, push ups and/or other calisthenics)
  6. Pay off $8,000 in debt (to help accomplish this I have created a new blog called “DebtFreeAdventure“, please visit often)
  7. Form Jabs, LLC to include:
  • vJabs – a company that offers remote/virtual Office and IT Administration
  • eJabs – a company that includes all of my website endeavors

    And now, here is my progress over this past week:

    • Besty & I were blessed with the faith to successfully tithe for both the months of January and February 2009. I’m very excited about this because it is something that has been burdening my heart for years.  From 2000 to 2003 I was semi-faithful in my tithe, but in the last 5 or 6 years have not been tithing at all.  I’m happy to report that the Lord has given me the grace to do so again.  I’m also happy to report that I seem to have more money now than I did before I was tithing…a lot more!  The money doesn’t appear out of thin air of course, opportunities simply arise more often now.  Thanks be to the Lord for the success per this goal and I trust He will be faithful in allowing me to tithe faithfully for the rest of my life.
    • In my bible reading I have been decently successful in reaching my goal. I have read my bible every morning this past week.  My night reading was not 100% but I did read 3 out of 6 nights.  The nights I didn’t read was because I was up to late either watching T.V. or working on my blogs.
    • I’m happy to report that I have been 100% faithful in my church attendance this week! Let me add that it has been a tremendous blessing to me and my wife.  We have found a new church in Grand Ledge, MI and are working on getting my membership transferred.  I’m very excited about this.
    • My tardiness has been something that has challenged me all my life.  The good news is, my mindset is changing. I no longer think that it is okay to leave on a 20 minute trip and only give yourself 15 – 20 minutes to get there.  You may laugh, but that is exactly what I’ve done most of my life.  Although this goal is not as easy to track, I would say that I have been relatively successful this week.
    • I only worked out one day last week, and it was not in the morning! It was at night…though not my exact goal, some working out is better than none.  I believe this goal will be the biggest challenge for me to overcome.  Nonetheless, I intend to do just that.  I want to live long and have a healthy, active life.
    • For the month of January I paid $400 toward my 3 credit cards and a little extra on the principle of my auto loan, student loans, and mortgage. Starting with my February payments I intend to pay at least $200 every month to each card until they are paid off, which should take 9 months.  I’m paying $33 extra toward the principle of my auto loan, $100 toward my 1st mortgage, and $50 toward my 2nd mortgage.  Tithing, DebtFreeAdventure.com, and Mint.com are an immense help in striving toward this goal!  Tithing is the most helpful because the Lord is helping me be a better steward of what He gives me, making me more frugal and responsible in all areas of my finances, which allows me more money to put toward emergency savings and bills each month!
    • I have actually made some good progress on vJabs this past week.  I created vJabs.com, check it out if you’d like.  It is just a shell currently, but you can get the gist of the business by checking it out.  I have a lot to do, and still am not sure if this is what the Lord has for me.  I will continue to work on it.

    Overall it was a decent week.  I didn’t exactly “come charging out of the gates” but that is just as well, I don’t want to start off fast only to get burned out.  I want to maintain a steady progression toward a change of habits, and I think I’m well on my way!

    How are your 2009 goals coming along?  Let us know by leaving a comment!

    To help me accomplish these goals I’m using a web-based software called “Don’t Break The Chain

    To write these weekly update posts, I installed an AWESOME Wordpress plugin called Post Templates which allows you to create and save Post & Page Templates in Wordpress 2.7 so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you wish to create a recurring post of similar structure.

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    Author: "Matt Jabs" Tags: "Debt Free Finances, Thank You Jesus!, To..."
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    Date: Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009 15:16

    Like I do, many of you probably subscribe to the popular technology blog TechCrunch.  With regard to the company, this morning I was very surprised, disappointed, and saddened to read their latest article via my feedreader.

    In the article Michael Arrington was definitely on a mission to “clear the air” when he wrote this post.  I feel compassion for the him, his family, and for the TechCrunch employees, although not surprised by the actions of humanity in regard to Michael’s concerns.  Human nature, though some would like to believe contrary, is not prone to love nor the fruit of the spirit.  Quite the opposite, according to the bible, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  Jeremiah 17:9.

    I will be in prayer for Michael and his family and I wonder…Michael…do you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

    What about you dear reader…are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?  To Nicodemus, a Jewish leader during the time of Christ, Jesus said, “…Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  John 3:3.

    Here is an excerpt of Michael’s article followed by a link to the full Monty:

    “Yesterday as I was leaving the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany someone walked up to me and quite deliberately spat in my face. Before I even understood what was happening, he veered off into the crowd, just another dark head in a dark suit. People around me stared, then looked away and continued their conversation.

    Generally at events people come up to me to talk about their startups. My reaction varies depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten and how many times I’ve been pitched in the previous hour. Sometimes I sit down and watch a demo. Sometimes I give them my card and ask them to contact me. Yesterday I was battling the flu, jetlag and little sleep, and had been battered for three days straight with product pitches from entrepreneurs desperate for press. The event was over and I was on my way back to my hotel. The last thing I wanted was another product pitch as I hurried to the car that would drive me to Davos for the next event. So when I saw this person approach me out of the corner of my eye, I turned away slightly and avoided eye contact. Sometimes that works. But in this case all it did was make me vulnerable to the last thing I expected.

    In the past I’ve been grabbed, pulled, shoved and otherwise abused at events, but never spat on. I think this is where I’m going to draw a line….”

    Read the full article here.

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