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Date: Monday, 22 Sep 2014 13:47

girl-coffeeIs your coffee just something you grab as a take-out from the faceless coffee shop on your way to the office? Or is it worse, some grey watery liquid dispensed from a machine. Could you be getting more from your coffee and indeed life? 1. Pause just a moment and do it well. If you’ve ever been to Paris, amid the rush and packed metros, you may have seen that the French have a great way to enjoy coffee. They don’t do the take-out but they don’t sit down either. It’s au comptoir and it saves a few cents as well. A big advantage of standing at the bar is that the coffee is drunk from a nice little china cup – it’ll be an […]

The post 5 Ways To Add Spark to Your Cup of Coffee (and Life) appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Peter Ewin Hall" Tags: "Happiness, Health, How To, Success"
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Date: Friday, 19 Sep 2014 12:34

o-HAPPY-WOMAN-facebookThe idea of hard work leading to success has been a universal and sacred tenet for centuries. But is it true? Does hard work truly lead to success? Is every hard working person that you know a success? Or is their life full of disappointments and anguish? As is always the case, this advice is a reactionary response to laziness. Those who lack drive and motivation are told that they need to work hard in order to become a success. However, the idea of hard work has led to just as much frustration as has the failure to reach one’s goals. And there are good reasons for this. Since childhood, whatever activity we have been involved in, we have been told to do it HARD. […]

The post Success Comes To Those Who Have No Need For It appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Kapil Gupta" Tags: "Happiness, Lifehacks, Success"
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Date: Thursday, 18 Sep 2014 12:12

people-_30You can’t enter a battlefield armed with only an arsenal of interrogative statements. However, acquiring a database of questions can definitely tame a few pesky weeds. For example, I might worry intensely every day. But maybe I can search inside myself to transfigure at least a good chunk of those worrisome thoughts into a mindset focused on recovery. Questions are a great medium to begin identifying and treating anxiety-related thoughts. Even then, your mind might still feel like a ship with holes in its rudder, and when water floods inside, you’re overwhelmed with nerves. I myself knew that I was too stuck on small matters, so I remedied sessions and readings to help me. I’ve learned from those experiences that some questions are worth asking […]

The post 25 Guiding Questions to Identify and Manage Anxiety While Recovering appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Tiana Clark" Tags: "Happiness, Health"
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Date: Wednesday, 17 Sep 2014 12:32

TEDStageWhen it comes to acquiring knowledge, there is only one place on the Internet nowadays, every successful person would suggest without hesitation – TED talks. TED talks are the epitome of knowledge. Their motto – ideas worth spreading – signifies the purpose of this movement and justifies its amazing ability to effectively spread high-quality ideas in today’s internet’s chaotic environment. Despite the amazing value TED talks have to offer, there is a small problem about them. There are more than 1600 TED talks out there and you could spend hours trying to identify the ones that are more beneficial to you and your reality. For that reason, I decided to draft this article. I thought that instead of spending hours listening to people talk about […]

The post These Are Τhe 10 Amazing TED Talks You Need Τo Watch appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Andrian" Tags: "Goals, Happiness, Lifehacks, Success"
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Date: Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014 12:09

iouy“It’s not that they can’t see the solution. They can’t see the problem.” – G.K Chesterton, Writer and philosopher We need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. If you think you have the problem figured out and are convinced that you do, think again. Whether it’s a technical, relationship, or philosophical problem, asking better questions is a key to successful problem solving and to winning any battle. Actress and political activist Vanessa Redgrave was quoted saying, “Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.” Now, how does one learn to ask better questions? Key 1: Do Not Limit. We so often say to ourselves things like: Why can’t I afford it? Why can’t I ever lose weight? […]

The post Finding the Right Solutions by Asking the Right Questions appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Todd Polke" Tags: "Goals, Lifehacks, Productivity, Success"
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Date: Monday, 15 Sep 2014 12:06

tapiture-the-best-sun  Recently I was in a bit of a slump. Things just weren’t going my way. Nowadays I am absolutely great again. I feel wonderful and life is on the up and up again. However sooner or later I will probably get into a slump again. It’s inevitable. How did I get out of it..? #1 First of all: stop stressing about everything that isn’t going well. You will be fine. You are fine right now. You are just having a little down period in your life. Life always comes in waves. There will be a positive wave after a negative wave. But this will only happen if you don’t quit. Accept that things just aren’t going your way at the moment. I know it’s […]

The post Get Off That Lazy Couch: 8 Ways to Get Out of a Slump appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Martijn Nanne" Tags: "Happiness, How To, Lifehacks"
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Date: Friday, 12 Sep 2014 12:57

shutterstock_48106810Identity theft is one of those things that no one sees coming. You always hear about it happening to someone else, so you never consider taking preventative steps to prevent it from happening to you. When identity theft strikes close to home, however, you quickly realize that the impact can be far reaching, and the relatively small amount of effort you could have exerted would have been well worth the energy. I’ll give you an example. Several years ago, my wife had a backpack containing her credit cards and license stolen from her car. At first, the whole thing seemed like it would be easily resolved by cancelling the cards and replacing the ID, but larger issues arose when she discovered the thieves had used […]

The post Don’t Get Your Identity Stolen – Here’s How appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Daniel Wesley" Tags: "How To, Lifehacks"
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Date: Thursday, 11 Sep 2014 12:55

o-WHY-YOURE-ANGRY-DEALING-WITH-ANGER-facebookAh, the little things. Your husband loses his keys for the 37th time. A driver cuts you off. A nasty neighbor complains about your disruptive children. A restaurant serves you the wrong entree. And it’s cold. Things happen. Things that make us angry, upset and annoyed. Things we wish we could shake but can’t because it’s our nature to hang onto them. So we stew on them. We argue, complain, mope or yell. Some of us toss and turn in our beds at night because, in spite of our efforts, we cannot let them go. Our reactions to the things that happen to us are programmed, from the way we snap at our spouse when we are running late to a party, to the way […]

The post How to Let Go of Little Things appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Rosanna Casper" Tags: "Happiness, How To"
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Date: Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014 12:51

Cute young thoughtful business woman looking awayOne of the most important factors in deciding whether or not something’s right for you is authenticity. Authenticity is defined as “the genuineness or truth of something”. It is a preservative force and is necessary for sustained success in whatever you’re trying to do. Just because a business idea or particular life change worked for your best friend doesn’t necessarily mean it is something that it’s right for you. So before venturing into a project or goal of any kind, vet it for authenticity, in other words, ask yourself of this “thing” the following series of questions to help determine, “Is this right for me?” 1. Why do I want to do this thing in the first place? – If the answer is a selfish […]

The post How to Know If Something’s Right For You appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Robin Oxford-Davis" Tags: "Happiness, How To"
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Date: Tuesday, 09 Sep 2014 12:48

sleeping womanHave you had yet another night of staring up at the ceiling, eyes held open by the anxiety of tomorrow’s trials and tribulations? Is every morning complemented by the struggle of dragging yourself out of bed to the rhythmic wailing of the alarm clock, wishing you’d had more hours of sleep and that you were not a self-diagnosed victim of insomnia? You’ve tried everything, from exercising late at night to staying in your bedroom hours beforehand to prepare your mind and body for sleep, but you still find exhaustion looming over you throughout the day. Relax…here are 5 tips to help you sleep naturally and get you well on your way to a life of good regular kip. Exercise It is a common misconception that […]

The post 5 Natural Ways to Stop Your Sleepless Nights appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Danny Solomou" Tags: "Health, How To"
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Date: Monday, 08 Sep 2014 12:43

cold_showerIt’s ok to be a night owl. There’s nothing wrong with that. But at some point in your life, you might want to change your habits. It might be that you’re starting a new job where you have to wake up earlier than you’re used to. Or maybe you’re starting your own business. To see if your idea can take off, you want to get a couple of hours of work done early in the morning before you go to your day job. Many successful people attribute their success to some extent to having productive mornings. And even if it doesn’t seem like it now, you can maximize your output during the first two or three hours of your day with just a few tweaks. […]

The post 7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Morning Productivity appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Alina Vrabie" Tags: "Happiness, Health, How To"
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Date: Friday, 05 Sep 2014 12:15

shutterstock_132012515Life moves forward, whether you’re on board with the direction or not. If you’re like me, your 20’s was predicated by a lot of fun, a lot of procrastinated growing up and living paycheck to paycheck. When I was 28, I opted for the “lighting round” and met and married my wife within 6 months (which was all well and good), but then had a kid on the way 6 months after that. And let’s not forget I was also starting a business. If you focus solely on the present, your future will suck, hard. And when you’re a parent, it starts to weigh on you that you’ll be the asshole that sent future generations ghost-riding off a proverbial cliff. But, if you focus only […]

The post How to Keep Long-term Focus When You’re Putting Out Fires appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Kevin Sterling" Tags: "Happiness, How To, Lifehacks, Productivi..."
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Date: Thursday, 04 Sep 2014 12:06

1368648507309Children laugh around 300 times a day whereas adults laugh less than 20. That’s quite a difference! Of course, with growing up comes responsibilities and challenges and not all of these make us want to roll about laughing. However there are still many things that we can learn from our little ones that when implemented into our own lives, can be a real game changer. 1) Play! Taking time out to do something fun – just for the sake of it, is actually amazing for stimulating your brain and creative juices. It takes you out of your everyday mindset and has a wonderful way of reigniting your perception and outlook. Also, why is it so weird to think as adults we can’t randomly go and […]

The post 5 Awesome Things We Can Learn from Children appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Laura Yates" Tags: "Happiness, Health, Lifehacks"
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Date: Wednesday, 03 Sep 2014 15:24

cdn-write.demandstudios.com-upload--image-BB-B5-2F8BFBAD-DE7E-46DE-8FB6-789B64C7B5BBLooking to lose weight but don’t want to go on a full blown diet? If so, you aren’t alone. Few people actually like going on a formal diet plan and feeling – at least to some degree – rather restricted. In many cases then, it’s simply best to look for little changes you can make to your current nutrition plan to cut calories and prompt fat burning. It can be easier than you think. Here are 12 smart ways to instantly lower your calorie intake and boost your rate of fat burning. 1. Swap a bagel for an English muffin That bagel you eat first thing in the morning is a carb landmine, so lighten up with an English muffin instead. It’s far lower in […]

The post 12 Smart Ways to Instantly Lower Your Calorie Intake appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Shannon Clark" Tags: "Happiness, Health, How To"
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Date: Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014 11:40

benefits-of-meditationI suffered from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for more than 7 years, and the worst part is that I’ve found out about it in the last year. I’ve spent days and weeks of constant worrying and over thinking without realizing that I am “digging my own grave”. I spent my nights reading articles to help me win at anxiety, and I spent my days trying to implement the advice I found. And you probably already know that in almost every article about mental disorders, meditation is a must-do. And it’s true. But in the beginning, it was so damn hard for me to meditate. I tried every possible technique that Google “knows”, but nothing helped. From counting breaths, to mantras and dancing meditation, but none […]

The post How to Meditate When All The Other Techniques Don’t Work appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Nikola Serafimovski" Tags: "Happiness, Health, How To, Lifehacks"
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Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014 12:21

girls-teen-hot-pink-room1-e1357938760389I started decluttering my home about a year ago. Six months in I found out that I was not alone, but there was a whole movement and mindset to it. Today I am calling myself a happy minimalist. My cellar is empty, my drawers are organized and cleaning is easy. My apartment seems bigger, yet cozy and very calm. I wish my mind would look the same. Reducing my stuff did save me a little bit of stress. I no longer worry about what I need and spend very little time searching for things, but those were only minor changes. If my head were a house, neighbors would gossip about the dodgy compulsive hoarder who lives inside and never greets anybody. My brain was full […]

The post 4 Steps to Decluttering Your Mind and Thinking More Clearly appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Marina Popzov" Tags: "Happiness, How To, Lifehacks"
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Date: Thursday, 28 Aug 2014 12:14

sleeping-1-b9f44ea3282e1696ad95fbb59a21053be28cbb56-s6-c30Tired huh? Or more like exhausted? Fact: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 30 percent, or 40.6 million, of American adults are sleeping six hours or less everyday. Chances are you’re in that statistic. In today’s information age sleep deprivation is an epidemic. Screens bombard you all day. Computer screens at work and home, screens in building foyers, bus stands, and of course the one that sits cozily in your pocket. Oh, and that cute little smartphone often accompanies you to bed! You furiously work late into the night, trying to get that extra little bit done. Sometimes, it’s that addictive ping from the smartphone alerting you to yet another email. At other times, it’s a document you’ve got to finish […]

The post 7 Little Known Ways In Which Poor Sleep Is Killing You And Your Career appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Ash Roy" Tags: "Happiness, Money, Success"
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Date: Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 12:08

superman-cartoon-hd-wallpaperThere is a wealth of books and blogs out there these days disclosing the latest findings on the how and why of our thinking. But even in this information-overload era we live in, the stats for those living a life less desired, especially in their work-life, still remain to be absurdly high. One wonders what’s missing. As an answer to this, let me shed some personal insights on the “why” of this conundrum by sharing these “not-so-obvious” reasons behind your inability to revamp yourself, your work, and your life. I’m also convinced the answers to these dilemmas once you have actually thought about them will become self-evident. Semantic Memory Think for a moment how many times you have read an inspiring passage from a blog […]

The post Why We Fail To Pursue A More Purpose-Driven Profession appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Jake Kot" Tags: "Happiness, How To, Money, Success"
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Date: Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014 12:04

nuclear-explosion-near-the-city-digital-art-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-8368“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” ~Nelson Mandela An often used definition of fear is: An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. Although there is a wide spectrum of things people fear – death of a loved one, Heights,Darkness, rejection from the opposite sex, injury from a car crash , embarrassment during a presentation, failure at the job- almost all of our fears are manufactured from these 5 basic fears, with #1 being the most natural one and #5 more of a socially constructed idea! Extinction—the fear dying or “no longer being” arouses an existential anxiety in most healthy humans. Remember that fast heartbeat you get every time you look […]

The post “Feararchy” – The Hierarchy of Fear appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "Marina Zayats" Tags: "Happiness"
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Date: Monday, 25 Aug 2014 11:59

political_dr_seuss-01Ever wish that you could do something amazing in your life? Maybe, you’ve got a ‘big’ dream but you’re worried that it will never be anything more than a fantasy. You’re worried that you’re just not capable enough. To be successful at something requires a great deal of skill, talent and even luck, right? What if I told you that success is in your own hands? And that if you want it bad enough, there’s just one thing you need to do? Well…it’s true and if you let me, I’ll prove it to you. I’d like to share with you how five ordinary people just like you and I literally changed the world. They were certainly not lucky, and even skill and talent are not […]

The post 5 Inspiring People Who Started With Nothing and Changed the World appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Author: "chantalle gerber" Tags: "Happiness, Success"
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