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Date: Sunday, 23 Oct 2005 19:44
On the verge of moving house so my next post (part 2 of this one) could be some time coming so please bear with me!

As ever I am indebted to the amazing Copy, Right? blog and the amazing covers produced there on such a regular basis. As suh I have rummaged through my CD collection and found some of the more obscure covers that may have been missed the first time round. Enough natter, you want tracks and here they are :-

Bennet - Rock & Roll All Nite (Kiss cover) - Yes, the one hit wonders who did 'Mum Has Gone To Iceland' but to many more of us they produced much MUCH more than that and this is just one of those examples.

Symposium - Hard Days Night (Live Beatles cover) - One of the most under rated bands of the poorly dubbed 'sugar metal' era. Awesome live show and here is the guys bring to an end another amazing set with this live cover.

Sublime - Rivers of Babylon (live Boney M cover) - One of the more surreal covers I have. Yeah the boys loved the bong but just how stoned were they when they came up with THIS idea?

The Candyskins - She Don't Use Jelly (live Flaming Lips cover) - Where to start on this. The Candyskins are the kind of band you expect to find on the Shine compilations on the second CD but they did produce some class tunes and this is an interesting cover if nothing else so kudos for that.

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Date: Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005 12:34
Say Hi To Your Mom

Two posts in as many days? I must be ill or something. Anyways, todays wee bit of exposure is for Brooklyn boys Say Hi To Your Mom who are currently touring the states with Nada Surf... nice! The guys have been touring around the steates for the last 2-3 years and have their own record label called Euphobia. Described elsewhere as the 21st century mixture of Grandaddy & Jimmy Eat World. I say ignore that and just listen for yourself because they really are superb (especially 'Super' which reminds me a little of the good stuff Bright Eyes produce way to sporadicly) :-

Download Super - Say Hi To Your Mom (MP3)

Download Dimensions & Verticals - Say Hi To Your Mom (MP3)

Download The Fritz - Say Hi To Your Mom (MP3)

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Date: Tuesday, 18 Oct 2005 18:06
The Sad Song Co.

After a wee break for my own gigs and living a social life and adoring new bands (my next post will cover one of them) I have returned and what a way to do it in my opinion. The Sad Song Co. is the solo project of Dive Dive drummer Nigel Powell. Now Nigel is no ordinary drummer you know. He is also a producer, multi-instrumentalist & hunk (or so he says) as well as member of the now defunct cult indie band The Unbelievable Truth. Musically TSSC is unashamedly poppy but not in a stereotypically way. Think of the bands who were doing things slightly different in the eighties such as They Might Be Giants or Aztec Camera. They gave their own slant to a genre while being comercially viable... this is how I hear TSSC. Nigel is currently out on the road with Reuben I believe working as their sound tech which just about says it all for this mans seemingly endless talents...

Download The Sad Song Co. - In To The Hills (MP3: 3.4MB)

Download The Sad Song Co. - Beginning To Wonder (MP3: 3.4MB)

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Date: Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005 17:30
Long time, no speak but a lot has been going on including me arranging some gigs up at Essex Uni! Look out for Mercury Tilt Switch & TEAM! in October! So, yeah, yeat again I apologise for using Rapidshare but I have no webspace so deal with it! Now, with no further ado, the covers you all long for!

EXCLUSIVE! Firstly is the cult all girl act The ABC Teens and their cover of New Kids On The Block 'classic' 'Hanging Tough'. The chipmunks with punk attitude and a sense of humour! And they made this song just for me. Awww!

Next up is the almighty Bluetones. There were several choices here but I picked the one they lifted from Steve Martin/Chevy Chase/Martin Short comedy The Threee Amigos as a b-side back in the day.

Lastly for this outing is Manchester pop upstarts Lisa Brown. I adore their Buzzcocks cover as it is simply stunning and so different from the orginal.

Download ABC Teens - Hanging Tough

Download The Bluetones - Blue Shadows

Download Lisa Brown - Have You Ever Fallen In Love...

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Date: Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005 19:15
DiS/TMF Acoustic Stage

As some of you may/may not know I am running the acoustic stage at this years TMF Festival in Thurrock. As a special little treat I have made a download only album available of 10 of the 15 acts playing on the day!

DiS/TMF Download Album

If you can make it, it is in Thurrock, Essex with details on the website linked above. Tickets are only a tenner with Raging Speedhorn, The Others, Art Brut, Queen Adreena, Engerica and well over 100 acts playing in the one day event!

Hope to see some of you there!

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Date: Saturday, 02 Jul 2005 13:30
First off, an apology for using Rapidshare but I have no webspace so... erm, yeah! Anyways, it has been a while before I decided to unleash these beasts on you but here it is... the dreaded cover versions!

First up is UK indie band Ambulance and their cover of the So Solid Crew 'classic' '21 Seconds'. Pretty minimalist but has a good bass line & drum beat.

Next one is a bit of a cheat but it is in theory a cover. Here we have Ben Kweller doing a live solo version of 'Little Pink Stars', a song from his old band Radish. Fact is, a good song is a good song and that is why it is here!

Next up is a band who I will probably be mentioning again in the future as an under rated entity and they are Crackout. This is a b-side to their cracking 'I Am The One' single and who else could of done this Kelis song as much justice as the 'C' boys?

Now a strange one in that I don't like the original song, don't like the person covering it but yet I adore this track. Strangeness! Here we have Eamon covering Coldplay song 'The Scientist' and I think it is spot on but you decide yourself.

Last up is the London based indie-glam rockers who are big(ish) in Japan, Glitterbug. Here is their up-tempo tarty Camden friendly Madonna cover in it's full glory.

Download Ambulance - 21 Seconds (MP3: 4.70MB)

Download Ben Kweller - Little Pink Stars (Live) (MP3: 3.48MB)

Download Crackout - Caught Out There (MP3: 4.62MB)

Download Eamon - The Scientist (In Session) (RealMedia: 1.42MB)

Download Glitterbug - Like A Prayer (MP3: 4.31MB)

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Date: Friday, 01 Jul 2005 20:45
Morris Minor & The Majors

This is inspired one of my fave blogs, Jamie's Runout Groove and his latest choice of MP3, the Karel Fialka classic 'Hey Matthew'. Well, it is indeed a great one hit wonder (and good tune to boot) but there is one even better than that and it is this musical outing! Some of you may have heard of Tony Hawks (the British comedian, not the American skateboard king!) or read his great books ('Playing The Moldovans At Tennis' is my favourite) but not many people know that this is indeed him along with his friends. A worthy addition to anyones collection especially which even now stands up lyrically as being very funny!

Download Morris Minor & The Majors - Stutter Rap (MP3: 4.30MB)

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Date: Monday, 20 Jun 2005 22:38
Vapor Lounge

Back in the day there was a band from Ireland I adored called CO.UK. They were a kick ass little pop punk rock outfit from Belfast who put on a great live show. Anyways, they changed their name to CO_Dot (and they weren't as good IMHO) then split up. Then nothing. None of the band members were mentioned for ages. Then singer Joe Brush re-ammerged from nowhere in 2003 with members of Claearshot and F.U.E.L. to form Vapor Lounge. They played several gigs and released a demo CD. It kinda carried on from where CO_DOT had left off and was a nice enough reflection of where Joe was now heading (review of the demo can be found here) but then, as suddenyl as the band had emerged they vanished again leaving just the 4 track demo that the gifted few were sent. Below it is in it's full glory and I hope it pleases those fans who appreciated bands such as CO.UK!

Download Vapor Lounge - The Lake (MP3: 4.59MB)

Download Vapor Lounge - The Great Sci-Fi Revival (MP3: 5.07MB)

Download Vapor Lounge - Until Today (MP3: 5.65MB)

Download Vapor Lounge - Why Try? (MP3: 4.88MB)

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Date: Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005 17:55
Stony Sleep

One of the most criminally under rated bands the UK ever produced. Containing two teenage North London brothers, Ben & Christian, Stony Sleep were the next big underground thing with their 1996 debut album 'Music For Chameleons' (when signed to indie label Big Cat on a five album deal despite rumours that they would sign to Columbia) gaining plaudits left right and centre from the music journos and those 'in the know' comparing the band to the likes of Nirvana and The Pixies.

A minor line-up change saw the band take their full form with the introduction of Lee Citron, a troubled genius but what appeared to be the missing part of the bands jigsaw. This line up lead to the release of the amazing 'A Slack Romance', the bands second album and one of THE best albums of all time in my honest opinion. A darker, slightly more brooding album than their debut but still classes ahead of most other bands around that time.

Sadly, come 1999 and it was all over with the band going their seperate ways. Ben started his new band Serafin. His brother Christian was in some random band in London called Razorlight... I wonder whatever happened to them? *grin* He hen left them and is now back with his brother in Serafin. As for Lee, he sadly died in a car crash with 2 of his other band members in his last project, Kicks Joy Darkness.

They really are one of the best bands that this country never heard with 2 albums of near flawless excellence so please, download this MP3 for just a taste of what the band were capable of and get their albums. They really were too good to be ignored.

Download Stony Sleep - Khartoum (MP3: 3.48MB)

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Date: Tuesday, 14 Jun 2005 19:39
Jetplane Landing

For those of you who are uninitiated, Jetplane Landing are one of the most independent bands in the UK. Starting up their own label (Smalltown America) they release their own CD's as well as stunning compilations of the best up and coming acts around the country.

The thing is, that with all this aside, JPL are a cracking band in their own right and will do almost anything for their fans (an example is they messed around with their setlist at a festival just to play a song I wanted specially!) Catch them live, listen to them on CD or download these MP3's from the bands 2003 album 'Once Like A Spark' and convert to one of the UK's best kept rock secrets.

Download Jetplane Landing - I Opt Out (MP3: 4.50 MB)

Download Jetplane Landing - Brave Gravity (MP3: 4.37 MB)

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Date: Tuesday, 14 Jun 2005 19:36
After appreciating some amazing blogs over the past few months, I felt it was time I gave something back. So, what is my effort gonna be like? Well, a combination of the cracking Copy, Right? and the equally ace Jamie's Runout Groove so that should hopefully give you an idea. So, how do I start? Well that is simple... with one of the bands who I adore. Think I am shooting my bolt early? You just keep watching *grin*

Dustball/Dive Dive

In my opinion the best band to ever come out of Oxford (yes, better to my ears than Radiohead!) and one of the best live bands ever! The 4 piece have a great intensity and genuine passion that you can't help but adore as well as some cracking tunes to boot. Lead by Jamie Stuart the band have been at it in one form or another for almost a decade but things are starting to look brighter now and it could be their time to shine.

Below are 2 MP3's. One is of the band when they were called Dustball and is still the song used to close their live sets. The other is arguably their best song and the first single under the name of Dive Dive.

Download Dustball - The Croc (MP3: 2.63 MB)

Download Dive Dive - Good Show (WMA: 3.15 MB)

My next post will either be later today or tomorrow so keep an eye out and all feedback is welcome!
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