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Date: Sunday, 19 Nov 2006 01:28

A few days ago, my friend Rodrigo just launched Vpod.tv. Congrats Rodrigo

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Wednesday, 15 Nov 2006 23:44

As more and more documents become fater and fater, it find increasingly difficult to sent email attachments over 7 to 8 MB. This is becoming very annoying and I have to rely more and more on services such as yousendit.com. The funny thing is that most people think that this limit is normal. Is this 1999 or what ? Am i the only one to think this wall of 10 mb attachment is stupid ?

Let's do the math, increasing from 10MB to 20MB for a 200 people company will increase storage capacity by 2GB !! Cost for the company: $4. Let's assume this company uses raid 5 disks and keeps all email on the server for one month, the cost is still a mere $600...

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006 16:10

I thought that this initiative from Om Malik and his must read blog worth to be spread...


Just Say No To UMG
If you are a music device owner, it is time to tell UMG to shut up. I am getting sick and tired of these music mafiosos calling legit music buyers, aka the customers, criminals.

The biggest culprit is Universal Music Group, and it is time to teach them a lesson. Last week it was David “I will buy LA Times” Geffen who said, “Each of these devices is used to store unpaid-for material.” Now UMG CEO Doug Morris tells Billboard.com that “These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it.”

All right folks lets teach these guys a lesson. Just don’t buy any of their music for one week. Just one week say no to UMG. He will realize that people actually buy music, not steal it. If anyone wants to put up a wiki with all the UMG artists/labels to help this digital disobedience movement, let me know. No point reasoning with these guys. Also, someone please design a badge we can put on our blogs - I just have no design skills.

Elias has submitted this badge. You can link to it, and since it is on Google Pages, one can be pretty certain they won’t run out of bandwidth. Thanks Elias!




Author: "Romain" Tags: "Digital lifestyle"
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Podcast   New window
Date: Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006 14:55

Here is the link (sorry only in French) of the podcast I have done with my friend Loic Lemeur. You can also download the full movie (about 40 minutes) here.

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Monday, 13 Nov 2006 16:44

Amazon is trying top reinvent itself by pushing more web services to corporations. One of those is S3, it is basically an easy, cheap and commoditized access to bandwidth. Read the fascinating story behind all this on business week. Can't wait and try S3 !

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Friday, 10 Nov 2006 17:21

Mat just gave me an access to his blog, so I will post news sometimes here, straight from NYC, pure industry focused, ain't it cool?

Author: "Romain"
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Date: Wednesday, 08 Nov 2006 18:15

i am a speaker today at the LA Game conference. Stop by if you are in LA.

Author: "Mathieu"
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Le Web 3   New window
Date: Monday, 06 Nov 2006 22:44

I will be a speaker at the Le Web 3 conference organized by my friend Loic Lemeur. My panel is "Life 2.0: are digital worlds creating a virtual life better than our real life ?" and is taking place on tuesday the 12th at 11:30am

if you have any interesting ideas on what I should say, let know.

See you there !


Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Monday, 30 Oct 2006 20:54

I am running a little survey, who do you think is the multiplayer game platform in the world ?

Hint: it is not who you think...

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Wednesday, 25 Oct 2006 21:44

Yesterday my company, Boonty, announced that we acquired a Chinese company based in Beijing, Gamehub.

Most people think we went to China to access cheap labor. Nothing is further from the truth. We went there to get access to tons of innovation. In the casual game space, China is a front runner when it comes to new ways of playing, new business models and new features (think mixing casual games and social networks). Sadly, the US and Europe are lagging behind when it comes to casual games.

Author: "Mathieu" Tags: "Games"
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Date: Thursday, 19 Oct 2006 14:52

I am very honored and pleased to have been voted the "Young Leader of the Year 2006" yesterday in Paris. This event is organized every year by Ivy Search and the jury is composed of many high profile CEOs and top level executives. As many of you know, being a CEO is very difficult and most of the time the job is tough. We have very little moments of happiness and rewards, and it was one of those moments.

I know it is a bit cliché but I really would like to thank all the team members at Boonty, I am just the face of the company but there are over 150 talented and amazing people working all over the world with me and building this great company. Our company is growing fast, we have lots of challenges and opportunities ahead and it's all about teamwork and interactions.

Author: "Mathieu"
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In NYC   New window
Date: Friday, 13 Oct 2006 15:24

I have finally moved to New York but i'll be back to Paris very often. I'll be there on the 17th of October as I've been nominated for the Prix du Jeune Dirigeant.

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Monday, 11 Sep 2006 09:51

This morning, Free (one of the leading ADSL operator in France with close to 2 millions subscribers) has announced that they will launch FTTH in the first half of 2007. About 10 millions people will be eligible to upgrade to this new offer. Press release is here (in French only)

Here is what you will get :

- 50 Mbit/s *symmetrical* bandwidth (they will upgrade this speed for sure over the next few years, my guess is that they will reach 100 Mbit/s before the end of '08)
- Unlimited free phone calls to land lines in more than 20 countries
- High Def TV channels with PVR functionalities built in the "Freebox" terminal
- Wifi (with the innovative Mimo technology) broadcast all over the house

Al this for just € 29,99 per month !

No doubt that France will remain the front runner in Europe for broadband. All this will benefits the consumers and content owners. Congrats again to Free.

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Monday, 04 Sep 2006 09:53

I have been traveling all over the world lately (spending more than half of my time away from home). Since we are still a cost conscious start up, I travel coach most of the time, even for very long flights (Boonty shareholders, take note !).

I am flying Air France most of the time and I have noticed that I am upgraded to business about half the time. At one point I thought I knew how to be upgraded : book a 777 or a 330/340 since I have noticed that about half of those planes are business seats. On the other hand a 747 has very little room for business so upgrades are more difficult. I was also recently upgraded when I strained my ankle and I called my amex insurance, they took care of everything.

So how do they upgrade you ? is it just based on your frequent flying card ? Do you need to be nice to the desk person in charge of check-in ? Do they even upgrade you from time to time so that you are hooked to it (like drug dealers giving away free stuff) ? Do you need to be late at the check in (it happened to me once) ?

if you travel a lot, be sure to check this site : Seatguru.com, lots of useful information for frequent travelers.

Author: "Mathieu"
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E61 help   New window
Date: Thursday, 31 Aug 2006 08:50

I just bought a new Nokia E61 and it rocks !

There are some UI shortcomings though. Until today, I could not find where to configure the standby screen, but thanks to this page, I can finally customize it.

As to why so many bright engineers from the mobile industry can't figure how to make a great HCI interface still puzzles me... Hopefully it is only a matter of months before Apple launch a new mobile phone.

Author: "Mathieu" Tags: "Digital lifestyle"
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Date: Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006 00:30

A fascinating story I read on GigaOM, talking about the hidden secrets of WoW (from a DFC report). Now people will believe me when I say that WoW is a very good business but a very bad market.

I also often say that MMOG are niche market when it comes to online gaming. With 7 millions people playing WoW on a regular basis, hundreds of millions of dollars of revenues per year, it is easy to dismiss this claim. if it is a niche, then what is mass market online gaming ?
Let's do the math together:

  • There is a whopping 1 billion internet users througout the world today
  • WoW has 7 millions regular users
  • WoW is about 50% of the total ww market for mmog, that means about 14 millions people play MMOG today
  • Growth of this market according to the DFC report will reach its peak in 2008 then will slowly decline. Let's say it reaches 25 millions users in '08
  • There will be maybe about 1.3 to 1.5 billion internet users at the time

To me, the "reach" of this market will be no more than 2-5%

So what will be mass market then ? Easy answer : casual gaming. My company has been selling casual games since 2001 and the one thing we learned is that everyone is a gamer. Indeed, the "reach" is closer to 90%.

THERE ARE 10X MORE people interested in playing casual games than online mmog ! I can guarantee that the online casual game market will be many many times bigger than the more traditional online game market targeting hard core gamers...

Author: "Mathieu" Tags: "Games"
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Date: Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006 23:45

Apple just announced that Eric Schmidt has been appointed on its board of directors. One question that always puzzled me is how much is Apple getting from Google by bundling a Search box in Safari ?

According to the latest surveys, Safari is about 3% of all browsers. Let's assume that Safari users tend to use Google more than average windows users, and it is not unrealistic to expect that 4 to 5% of all Google searches are done through Safari (and it is growing month after month)... Can anyone tell me what the safari/google deal was like ? Did it have a termination date ? A business model ?

I don't know if it has anything to do with the announcement, but Google should better treat well a customer bringing in maybe $200-300M worth of revenues every year...

Author: "Mathieu" Tags: "Mac"
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Date: Friday, 13 Jan 2006 15:24

J'attendais avec impatience la sortie des nouveaux portables d'Apple...He bien je dois dire que j'ai été déçu par Apple pour la première fois depuis longtemps !

Les nouveaux MacBook n'apportent pas grand chose par rapport aux anciens Powerbook si ce n'est une vitesse accrue. Le poids est identique, la taille aussi alors que j'attendais un mac plus petit, plus fin, sans lecteur de CD (mais qui peut bien encore avoir besoin de lecteur de CD/DVD ??). Surtout Windows ne semble pas tourner (Windows Vista oui). Le design est quant à lui le même, 3 ans après avoir été lancé. 3 ans c'est vieux pour le design...

Bon il parait que Steve Jobs a encore dans son sac quelques belles annonces dans les prochaines semaines, on va attendre un peu...

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005 10:09

Je viens de commander le livre d'un ami, Laurent Maréchaux. Je ne l'ai pas encore lu, mais je vous le conseille déjà, on y découvre la vie (romançée ?) d'un vrai aventurier.

Les Sept Peurs

Author: "Mathieu"
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Date: Thursday, 07 Jul 2005 15:09

Ma société vient de lever 10 millions de dollars aujourd'hui. Voici le communiqué de presse.

Merci à Pascal Mercier de chez Aelios Finance, le meilleur leveur de fonds de la place parisienne, et aux VCs qui ont investit, la SPEF, Rothchild, OTC et Entrepreneurs Ventures.

Author: "Mathieu"
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