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Sheets   New window
Date: Wednesday, 18 May 2011 20:28
Sheets has been updated to use .NET Framework 2.0 visual styles, this means it should look more like a Windows 7 application rather than an old outdated Windows 2000 application.

A major change to how the period slots are chosen has been made, instead of ticking boxes the period slots are loaded from the database and can be chosen from a drop down list.

To reflect both changes Sheets has now had it's version number changed to start at 5.0

Possible errors you will get while running Sheets and the fixes for them can be found below.

  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB1
    Database Server value is incorrect. You need to replace what is there with the current value which is eisdata\data2005. Just click in the box and type the value in as can be seen below.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB2
    Module Code value is incorrect.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB3
    That Year has returned no data.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB4
    That Semester or Term has returned no data.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB5
    That Occurence has returned no data.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB6
    That Route has returned no data.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/FL1
    Output File value is incorrect.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/PR1
    Printer not installed.
  • EIS/SHEETS/xxx/PS1
    Period Slot drop down has no values. You need to click the drop down box just to the right of the Period Slot label, this should fill the box with values. Now choose a value. If the drop down box does not fill with values to choose from then refer to EIS/SHEETS/xxx/DB1, correct the server address and try again.
  • Unhandled Exception
    Unhandled Exception.
Author: "Adrian (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "sheet, database"
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Date: Wednesday, 23 May 2007 15:52
SITs Vision should now be residing on entirely new servers. This is sort of exciting for us (yeah - we are that sad and geek) for several reasons:
  • We can retire some of the older, not-so-good servers and get them to stop generating heat and noise. This means the server room is a more pleasant place to be.
  • The new servers are a lot faster/more powerful so things should run faster.
  • The new servers have been put together from scratch for quite tightly targetted purposes so should be less work to maintain.
On the flip side there's still more work to do. EVision has yet to be moved to its new home and there will be a degree of mop-up work to do to get the smaller applications out there to point at the new servers. As you can see in the last post we're onto that one and each of us has been doing work recently to make the transferral as smooth as possible. Hopefully it won't cause anyone too much aggravation :)
Author: "Gareth (noreply@blogger.com)"
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Welcome   New window
Date: Monday, 14 May 2007 18:33
Welcome to the new EIS blog. The plan, so far, is to keep this page up-to-date with things that we're working on and little bits and bobs that might be handy either as stand-alone gizmos or as springboards for your imagination regarding what EIS might be able to help you realise.

So - for a quick one-two of little snippets that we're working on at the moment:
  • GoogleMaps API: Gareth has been investigating this and has put together a small example of what it could be used for. A fairly simple map with a few location markers: http://www.yorksj.ac.uk/gmaps/simple.html
  • Online Tutorial Booker: A web-based application where tutors can advertise the availability of tutorials and students can sign up for them. It's under development at the moment and we're working closely with Nikki Swift from Linguistics to get a full release out for testing: http://intranet.yorksj.ac.uk/TutorialBooker/
  • Online Event Booking: A web-based application where customers can sign up for places on events you may be running.
  • Second Life: You may have read articles online or on one of the other York St John techie blogs. I have been investigating and exploring SL for a while now. If you're interested in a bit of a tour then let me know :)
There's lots of other things we're working on but these three allow you to take a bit of a sneak-peek at things you may see in production soon.
Author: "Gareth (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "maps, event, booking, tutorial, google, ..."
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