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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 05:31

Know Your Samsung Gear CompatibilityFitness fans, here is news for you. Samsung Electronics has decided to make an announcement concerning the compatibility of their Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit devices. As of today, the Samsung Gear 2 Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit are said to play nice with a whopping 20 Galaxy devices, where among them would include the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy TabPRO. This latest list would mean there are a dozen Galaxy smartphones and 8 tablets which will work with Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit without running into any compatibility issues.

Basically, the Samsung smartphones that will play nice with the Gear devices would be the recently sold Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy Mega 6.3, Galaxy Mega 5.8, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3.

As for the tablet range, do expect it to work with the Galaxy Tab 4. 10.1, Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.1, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

We do know that the Gear Fit would be compatible with non-Samsng devices as well, where among them include the HTC One M8 and the Nexus 5, among others. [Press Release]

Know Your Samsung Gear Compatibility , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gadgets, gear, Samsung,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gadgets, gear, Samsung"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 05:20

Google Glass Android 4.4 KitKat Update ArrivesIt was recently that we brought you word on how Google announced that they would be introducing the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system update to Google Glass sometime this week, but who would have thought that it would be so soon as today? Also known as the XE16 update for Google Glass, this KitKat adventure offers some sweet features and functions for your wearable piece of technology, allowing the Google Glass to play nice with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connectivity for the very first time.

Of course, testing and benchmarks are required to see just how much (or little) of an impact this will be for the Google Glass, but it ought to result in a better battery life for Glass users. After all, one of the major thorns in the use of Google Glass had always been its battery life so hopefully the XE16 update will be able to do its bit and help prolong the device’s battery life.

Those who are about the update the Google Glass might want to prepare themselves beforehand for a rather lengthy process. One will first get updated to XE12.1, which is actually laying the foundation for the big update, and once the KitKat installation process kicks off, you need to wait for approximately 30 minutes or less for the entire thing to be done. Do expect to enjoy a new boot animation in Glass, too, once the update is complete.

Google Glass Android 4.4 KitKat Update Arrives , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gadgets, Android, glass, Google,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gadgets, Android, glass, Google"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 05:11

Cheaper Chevrolet Volt Could Arrive SoonElectric vehicles have not really gone mainstream just yet, although you can say that it has certainly picked up steam in the past few years, as more and more people look at electric cars in a different light. The Chevrolet Volt could prove to be a “mainstream” electric vehicle, so to speak, but demand has not been as strong as what its executives anticipated ever since the Volt entered production at the beginning of this decade. General Motors has been touted to be working on a more affordable bank account friendly version of its Chevrolet Volt, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It seems that GM has sold a mere 58,158 Chevrolet Volts to date, which is far behind the likes of the Nissan Leaf that has already achieved over 80,000 in total sales, and the number is set to continue in an upward trend. The 2016 Chevrolet Volt will arrive in an entry-level version that has been priced “from just over $30,000,” which is cheaper than the existing model’s $35,000 price tag. If this rumor proves to be true, then we are looking at a looking price war which might end up good for the industry if adoption rates of the Chevy Volt increases. Are you looking to purchase an electric vehicle anytime soon?

Cheaper Chevrolet Volt Could Arrive Soon , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Green, Transportation, chevrolet,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Green, Transportation, chevrolet"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 05:05

There is plenty that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is, where it is capable of being water resistant, laughs at the colony of dust bunnies in your home, being full well capable of shooting some very high quality video along the way, but one thing it is not – bulletproof. Sure, we have seen the Galaxy S5 go through some rather abusive tests in the past, including falling under the drop of a hammer, but Rick Ryan, the “tech assassin,” has decided to send the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the firing range and see how it stacks up against a .50-caliber Barrett.

Of course, the entire appeal of Ryan’s effort has nothing to do with the real time destruction of the Galaxy S5, but rather, the slow motion video capture (it would be really ironic if it were to be another Galaxy S5 that recorded everything that happened in 4K glory, but I digress) that will let you see what happens when a bullet rips through this technological marvel.

Needless to say, no smartphone has managed to come out unscathed after being hit directly with a bullet, although we have heard an instance of the iPhone possibly saving a soldier’s life while he was on duty in Afghanistan.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs .50 Caliber Rifle: Fight! , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, galaxy s5,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Cellphones, galaxy s5"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 04:46

I am quite sure that by now, most of us would know that the Samsung Galaxy S5, a flagship device from the South Korean manufacturer, has made its mark in many different markets throughout the world. I would not recommend putting it through the nasty “hammer” test however, but you can surely place it under a running tap just to test out its IP67 certified credentials. Having said that, there are many different features found on the Samsung Galaxy S5 that are worth talking about, but its ability to shoot 4K, or Ultra High Definition (UHD) video is definitely worth checking out, as you can see for yourself in the video above.

After viewing the Galaxy S5’s ability to record memories for good in 4K resolution, would it make you run out and place an order for this flagship device? Sure, there are some flaws associated with the Samsung Galaxy S5 since there is no such thing as a perfect smartphone to date, but at the end of the day, it really boils down to what you would like to do with the smartphone, and how it is going to fit into your existing lifestyle. Do take note that its fingerprint scanning ability can be spoofed.

Samsung Galaxy S5 4K UHD Footage Recorded , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, galaxy s5, Samsung,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Cellphones, galaxy s5, Samsung"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:51
Lady Talks Her Way To Free Boob Job Via Website

Gemini Smith before her surgery on the left, sporting a confident look on the right post-surgery.

The internet has truly made the world grow a whole lot smaller. Take 23 year old Gemini Smith for instance, where she managed to raise the £4,450 required in order to enlarge her breasts to a size that she desired simply by chatting to men online. Gemini, a trainee undertaker, touts that her 34A breasts made her look like “a 12-year-old boy”, and after the operation, she has raised the stakes to 34DD, after giving her herself a chance with American website MyFreeImplants.com. MyFreeImplants.com is a place where strangers can chat up with the ladies registered there while making a donation towards their cosmetic surgery dream.

Of course, it is not all sugar coated, since there are some women who signed up to the site, only to be on the receiving end of requests for lewd photos and pornographic videos. There are also others who managed to achieve their goal the clean way, all without having to do anything that is sexually explicit.

Gemini took less than three months to raise the money that she required, where every message that is sent to her, she would receive $1. She shared, “The website MyFreeImplants.com looked really genuine with the possibility to do what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it. When I raised the amount I was absolutely over the moon.It’s more like a social network site because on the nature of what you are wanting done people expect you, or want you, to show something or do something. Personally I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to for money, I just said if you are going to help me and talk to me then it is because you like me for me, not for what I can do. I made quite a few genuine friends on there who I can talk to about anything and everything.”

Others are not that blessed as Gemini to raise funds that quickly, as 34 year old mum-of-two Angelina Barton has spent anywhere from four to eight hours daily, chatting with men to raise money for her breast surgery dream, having used the site for four years already. I can imagine spending that amount of time working at a different job might be able to raise the £4,174 faster than via Internet chat, but to each his or her own.

Lady Talks Her Way To Free Boob Job Via Website , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Computers, internet,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Computers, internet"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:46

Halo: Spartan Assault Kicks Off Universal Windows Games Microsoft has just started to accept universal applications for its combined Windows and Windows Phone Store, and what better way to introduce universal apps than in the form of a game – Halo: Spartan Assault? The one time purchase of this game will be able to be used on either platform, where it has been listed as a universal app in both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

In a nutshell, anyone who actually picks up the game via either store will be able to obtain a license to play the game on both Windows and Windows Phone platforms. Halo: Spartan Assault costs $4.99 a pop, thanks to a recent price cut for the app.

There is also a new disclaimer on the Windows Phone Store that takes note on how the universal nature of the app, touting that this particular title was developed “for Windows Phones and Windows PCs.” Apart from that, there is also another icon in the store’s listing that shows off the game’s dual-platform status. The game itself has not changed, of course, and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will take the step to extend its universal app store to the Xbox One or Xbox 360. Are you going to give Halo: Spartan Assault a go anytime soon? You can pick up Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 at 691 MB and for Windows 8 and RT at 843 MB here and here, respectively.

Halo: Spartan Assault Kicks Off Universal Windows Games , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, Gaming, halo, Windows, Windows Phone,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Cellphones, Gaming, halo, Windows, Windo..."
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:41

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction Redirects Visitors To New WebsiteIs Duke Nukem, the anti-hero of sorts, going to make another comeback in due time? That remains a question that is worth mulling over, but for now, we will have to make do with what little information that we already have. The Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction website, known as AllOutOfGum.com, has redirected the user to NoGumNeeded.com, where on that particular website, it shows off an image of a lit bomb that is ready to explode in 29 days’ time.

They say that 24 hours can be a long time in politics, and we can tell you that 29 days is not too long to wait when it comes to games. After all, didn’t Duke Nukem Forever take just about forever to be released, only to bomb when it rolled out to the masses? Sometimes, there are things in the past that should not be visited in the here and now, as we consign pleasant memories of yore to where they belong – in the memory bank.

So far, we do know that all hints concerning Duke Nukem have been removed, which could very well have something to do with the existing lawsuit. In March this year, 3D Realms did respond to Gearbox Software’s claim that it, Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software were not authorized to make use of the Duke Nukem trademark.

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction Redirects Visitors To New Website , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gaming, duke nukem,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gaming, duke nukem"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:30

Off White Google Glass Sold Out QuicklyIt seems that Google Glass has dominated the news headlines today, where it went on sale to the public, not to mention having word of Android 4.4 KitKat arriving for the Google Glass, too. It took just hours to sell out its off-white Google Glass models, where at one point in time earlier today, Google did mull over the possibility of extending the sale of its wearable computers, but decided otherwise after that to end sales.

Google remained mum on the total number of Google Glass units that they sold today, but you can be sure that they do not lack an iota of enthusiasm, where it was mentioned on their Google+ account, “Wow, what a morning! We’re happy to see so many new faces (and frames) in the Explorer community. Just a quick update that — ack — we just sold out of Cotton, (a color of Google Glass) so things are moving really fast.”

It has been said that until Tuesday, approximately 10,000 units of Google Glass have ended up in the hands of those who were previously selected by Google, known as Explorers. Were you one of those people out there who actually forked out $1,500 so that you too, can be a Google Glass Explorer?

Off-White Google Glass Sold Out Quickly , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gadgets, glass, Google,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gadgets, glass, Google"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:07

Microsoft To Open 11 More Specialty Retail Stores In The USMicrosoft has made an official announcement today that they will be opening up the doors to 11 more specialty retail stores in the U.S. when May rolls around, at least according to what was posted on the Microsoft Store Facebook page. Over there, a list of the store locations and opening dates were posted, and as you can check out from the map above, these happen to be spread out throughout the vast country.

Such kiosk-like stores will happen to sell a limited number of Microsoft related products including Surface tablets and Xbox One consoles among others. Should a location become popular, that particular specialty store could be upgraded to end up as a full retail location. Needless to say, one can look forward to some kind of opening day sales, giveaways and promotions as each store opens, although no specific details were revealed.

The new stores will be located at North Point Mall, Alpharetta, GA (May 3); The Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA, Park Place, Tucson, AZ, Jordan Creek Town Center, Des Moines, IA, (May 13); FlatIron Crossing, Broomfield, CO, North Star Mall, San Antonio, TX, Westroads Mall, Omaha, NE (May 15); The Mall in Columbia, Columbia, MD, The Maine Mall, S Portland, ME, Mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA, and Boise Towne Square, Boise, ID (May 17).

Microsoft To Open 11 More Specialty Retail Stores In The US , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Computers, Microsoft,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Computers, Microsoft"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:05

Google I/O Ticket Registration Kicks Off, Lottery System ImplementedAre you feeling lucky? Google has already begun taking registrations for tickets to its Google I/O 2014 developer conference, and for this year’s edition, the tech giant will try something different, using a lottery system in order to dispense with the actual tickets. Those who intend to try their luck can do so anytime until April 18th at 2 pm Pacific Time (5 pm Eastern time) in order to sign up for the lottery. Of course, the odds should be in your favor compared to holding the winning Powerball ticket.

Apart from that, Google dropped a hint on what will Google I/O 2014 discuss about, with their focus being on three key themes – namely design, develop and distribute, in order to assist developers to build and prove their app right from the start all the way to the finish. Not only that, developers will be able to spend more time to chat with Google employees and partners this year, while experiencing demo apps in the “Sandbox” segment of the conference.

In addition, there will also be a “streamlined” conference schedule which will be revealed to the masses later this May. If you do register for Google I/O 2014 but were not picked for the live session, you will still be able to live stream it for remote viewing. [Press Release]

Google I/O Ticket Registration Kicks Off, Lottery System Implemented , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Computers, Google,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Computers, Google"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:04

For those of you out there who cannot get enough of Plants vs Zombies action, here is a little something that you might want to check out – Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has its most recent expansion revealed for both the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One, where this expansion will be known as Zomboss Down. PopCap Games announced the availability of Zomboss Down for both platforms earlier today.

It is nice to know that Zomboss Down happens to be the second expansion for Garden Warfare, and it will be free, of course, which would not add any more financial burden to fans of the game who want to continue their zombie defending adventure. It is also a month since the Garden Variety add-on was introduced, so you ought to find more longevity where this title is involved. Zomboss Down is a western-themed DLC that will feature up to eight more new characters, where among them include the Law Pea and Sun Pharaoh, in addition to a spanking new multiplayer map for the Gardens and Graveyards mode which is known as Cactus Canyon. Apart from that, the expansion will also increase the level cap from 20 to 30, so do expect to unlock more stuff along the way. Have you given the Zomboss Down add-on a go already?

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Zomboss Down Expansion Now Available , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gaming, plants vs. zombies,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gaming, plants vs. zombies"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 03:03

Upsilon Circuit Game Can Be Played Only OnceWhen it comes to the world of video games, there is always a second chance. Sure, your save file might be wiped out after you have invested hundreds of hours into a particular game, but there remains the option to begin all over again, right from the very beginning. In a sense, “death” within a game never remains as final. Having said that, this has led to a game known as Upsilon Circuit, where it toys with the concept of perma-permadeath.

Alix Stolzer and Calvin Goble shared, “We’ve been thinking a lot about permadeath and permanence. And consequence. Legend of Dungeon has a ton of that. You’ve got one life, you go down in the dungeon. When you die that’s it, you start over. But that’s not enough for us. We’ve been thinking about real consequence. Like, real consequence. Big time, meaningful game experience. Putting the permanence in permadeath,.”

Upsilon Circuit is a single-server, online action role-playing game that sees you involved in a world full of puzzles and monsters, with only a single instance on its lone server. There are only 8 people who can log in at any one time, and out of the 8, only one will play. Each player will get one turn at the dungeon, where they play and make as much impact as possible, before they die. Upon death, Upsilon Circuit will pick a member of the audience to continue, and the water becomes the player. This makes it just about mathematically “impossible” to play the game twice. Do you think that there is potential for a title such as this?

Upsilon Circuit Game Can Be Played Only Once , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gaming, game,
Author: "Edwin Kee" Tags: "Gaming, game"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 01:45

US Military To Work On Stealth Dirt BikeWe’ve heard of stealth planes before, but what about stealth bikes? Well according to a report from DefenseTech, it seems that US military leaders have recently approved funding in which it would see the development of a stealth motorcycle that would allow soldiers to drive for long periods of time on rough terrain without emitting engine noise.

This is thanks to the fact that the stealth motorcycle will use a hybrid-electric engine, which unlike a typical car engine, is relatively silent (if you drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle, you know what we’re talking about). The bike will be built by Logos Technologies and according to the company, will be the first hybrid-electric dirt bike to ever be built.

According to Wade Pulliam, the manager of advanced concepts at Logos Technologies, “Quieted, all-wheel-drive capability at extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle could support the successful operations of U.S. expeditionary and special forces in extreme terrain conditions and contested environments.”

He later adds, “With a growing need to operate small units far from logistical support, the military may increasingly rely on adaptable, efficient technologies like this hybrid-electric motorcycle.” No word on when the development of the stealth bike will be complete or where it will be deployed.

US Military To Work On Stealth Dirt Bike , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Military,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Military"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 01:33

Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phones before, especially brand new ones where your heart actually feels like it skipped a beat at the idea of your brand new, and possibly very expensive smartphone goes crashing to the floor. For the most part our phones are relatively durable and can withstand a drop or two, perhaps with some chipping in the paint and some slight scratches as the result of it.

However which phone amongst the flagship phones is the most durable? Now we’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 go up against the Galaxy S4 in a drop test in which it did surprisingly well, but how does it fare against thee HTC One M8, the iPhone 5s, and the Nexus 5? Well the folks at gadget warranty outlet, SquareTrade, decided to find that out in a test of their own.

The results? Once again the Samsung Galaxy S5 has proven that it is more than capable of holding its own. The device managed to fare better than the rest at both the drop test and the dunk test, although to be fair the Galaxy S5 is water-resistant, so that might explain how it was able to hold up under water. Interestingly enough the iPhone 5s was surprisingly durable as well.

iPhones are notorious for not working when it has been immersed in water but surprisingly not only did it survive the dunk test, but its speakers continued to function after, unlike the HTC One M8 and the Nexus 5, where both their speakers failed after being dunked underwater. In any case these are hardly the most scientific ways of testing a device’s durability but it’s still worth taking note of anyway, especially if you’re the sort with butter fingers.

Galaxy S5 Versus HTC One M8, iPhone 5s, Nexus 5 In Torture Test , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, HTC, iPhone 5S, nexus 5, Samsung,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Cellphones, HTC, iPhone 5S, nexus 5, Sam..."
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 01:32

Sense 6 Gets Ported Onto Nexus 5If there is one perk to owning a Nexus handset is that updates are typically pushed to your device first. That and the fact that you’re running the stock version of Android means that there is no unnecessary lag from overly fancy user interfaces that OEMs like to install on their phones. That being said, if you’re getting bored of the default Android UI and want to shake things up a bit, you might be interested to learn that the Sense 6 UI from HTC has been ported onto the Nexus 5.

For those who have the Nexus 5 and don’t mind taking the HTC Sense 6 UI for a spin, you can head on over to the XDA forums to find out more and to download the ROM. However we should note that the Sense 6 ROM for the Nexus 5 is currently in its alpha stages meaning that there not all of its functions are working.

At the moment according to the developer who ported it, GalaxyUser, the functions that are working at the moment includes the touchscreen, SIM card detection, SMS and phone calls, WiFi, SD card, vibration, Bluetooth, and light, orientation, and proximity sensors. Of course given its alpha nature there are also bound to be plenty of bugs that needs fixing, so if you wanted to use it as your daily driver, it’s probably not the best idea.

In the meantime it seems that while the Nexus 5 could potentially be enjoying the HTC Sense 6 UI, HTC’s own products like the HTC One from 2013 have yet to receive the update which is currently scheduled for a late-May release.

Sense 6 Gets Ported Onto Nexus 5 , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, HTC, nexus 5,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Cellphones, HTC, nexus 5"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 01:32

God Of War Collection Arriving For The PS VitaThe God of War franchise has been pretty much a staple when it comes to games exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platform, a franchise which we’re sure made many gamers take out their wallets and purses to purchase a PlayStation console or a PS Vita handheld console just for the game specifically (much like how Titanfall helped boost Xbox One sales).

That being said, the good news for PS Vita gamers is that Sony has recently announced that the God of War Collection will be making its way onto the PS Vita in the coming weeks and will be available for purchase starting on the 6th of May. For those unfamiliar with the God of War Collection, this bundle will include the original God of War and God of War II.

The God of War Collection will also be priced at $29.99 which is also the same price as the bundle meant for the PlayStation 3. If you have completed either game but would like to relive some of the more classic moments on the game on your PS Vita, then this is a title you’ll want to keep an eye out for, so mark your calendars for the 6th of May if you want to get your hands on it!

God Of War Collection Arriving For The PS Vita , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gaming, god of war, ps vita, Sony,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Gaming, god of war, ps vita, Sony"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 00:46

Games like Battlefield and Call of Duty are typically very fast-paced games, meaning that there is a sense of urgency required when you play it, versus other games like RPGs which can be slightly slower-paced. That being said it’s interesting that the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC has chosen Snoop Dogg (isn’t it Snoop Lion now?) to lend his voice to help announce your kills.

Yes, you read that right, the celebrity rapper will now be able to voice your Call of Duty: Ghosts games if this particular DLC pack is something you might be interested in. We have to admit that it’s a pretty refreshing take on the game and might appeal to those who are huge fans of his music. According to the DLC’s description, “Have Snoop narrate each of your firefights, call in your killstreaks, and alert you to enemy activity.”

The DLC is expected to see a release on the 22nd of April and will be arriving first for Xbox Live, while other platforms are expected to follow shortly after. The DLC will be priced at $2.99 and will be joining a host of other DLCs that players can purchase and download as well, like the Drill Instructor voice pack and a host of other personalization packs that you can check out on the Call of Duty website.

If you’re curious as to what Snoop Dogg’s voice pack for the game might sound like, you can check it out above in the video where he reads out some of the lines.

Snoop Dogg Featured In Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Voice Pack , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Gaming, call of duty,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Gaming, call of duty"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 00:45

ETA For Project Aras Release Set For January 2015So today Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference kicked off and while we’re sure many developers are being treated to the sights of the device and some of the possibilities that it could bring to the table, we’re sure end-users such as ourselves and our readers are probably wondering when will the Ara device be released to the public?

Well the good news is that users won’t have to wait too long because according to Google, they revealed that they are planning to release the first batch of Ara devices in January 2015. We should note that this is only an ETA and given that there is still a lot of time between now until January 2015, things could happen in between that could possibly delay the release, but for now we have a rough date to look forward to.

However there is still quite a bit of work left to be done on the device. For starters Google is planning on finishing up the device’s power bus in May, followed by the second Ara developer conference in July, and it is only in August that the first alpha build of the 3D printer meant to print Ara’s module is expected to be ready.

There is still a lengthy process to go through involving carrier approval, FCC certification, and so on, all of which Google has planned for November. Assuming that all of it is pulled off without a hitch, we can only assume that Google will then be able to meet its ETA of January, otherwise we could be looking at a later date, but better late than never, right?

ETA For Project Ara’s Release Set For January 2015 , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, Google, project ara,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Cellphones, Google, project ara"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 00:44

Mysterious Sony D6603 Spotted In ScreenshotSmartphone OEMs typically release flagship devices once or twice a year at most, and in between they tend to release devices that aren’t as powerful with low-mid ranged specs to appeal to a broader group of customers, which is why a recently leaked screenshot for a certain Sony D6603 has us scratching our heads and wondering what could be Sony’s game plan?

The image was originally spotted on Digi-Wo which revealed the model number D6603. This model number has been sighted before on benchmarks which revealed the handset to pack specifications that are very close to Sony’s latest flagship handset, the Sony Xperia Z2 (D650X).

This means that the D6603 will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.3GHz, an Adreno 330 GPU, a Full HD 1080p display, a 20.7MP rear-facing camera, 16GB of onboard storage, and the interesting part is the only difference would be its RAM, with the D6603 sporting 2GB versus the Xperia Z2’s 3GB. Other than that both devices appear to be identical.

We should note that benchmark results can be faked so there is a chance that the benchmark results might not have been the real deal. Some have also speculated that the D6603 might be a prototype device that might not even make it to the market, while others think that the D6603 might be an Xperia Z2 variant destined for another carrier or other markets. Either way its specs are still relatively high-end meaning that we doubt the phone would be marketed as a low-cost alternative to the Xperia Z2.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but until more evidence surfaces, we’ll just have to speculate. In the meantime we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more info, so do check back with us at a later date to see if there are any additional details that can be had.

Mysterious Sony D6603 Spotted In Screenshot , original content from Ubergizmo, Filed in Cellphones, Sony,
Author: "Tyler Lee" Tags: "Cellphones, Sony"
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