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Date: Friday, 26 Jun 2009 12:41
You Didn't Deserve to Go Like This. Rest in Peace

Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Michael Jackson"
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Date: Tuesday, 04 Nov 2008 21:49
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)"
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Date: Tuesday, 04 Nov 2008 06:09

If you don't go today and VOTE FOR OBAMA, tomorrow this could be your president if McCain suffers a heart attack. And she's ignorant, stupid, and uses big words to say nothing. Sarah Palin doesn't know the name of the Canadian prime minister or the fact that Johnny Holiday could not be Sarkozy's American adviser. The United States don't need metaphors and idiocy, they need facts and willingness. They need OBAMA. The world needs OBAMA.

Vote for McCain = Vote for Palin = Vote for disaster
Support for Obama, but not going to vote = Vote for McCain = Vote for Palin = Vote for disaster

Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "the United States, politics"
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Date: Tuesday, 04 Nov 2008 05:45
Obama Lost because of Mirela

This is the best idea I've seen in a long time. GO VOTE FOR OBAMA! You wouldn't want the weight of such a loss on your shoulders.

, you've made my day!

Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "the United States, politics"
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Date: Saturday, 25 Oct 2008 12:48
Vote for Obama 2 - Sarah Silverman

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "rights, the United States, politics"
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Date: Monday, 06 Oct 2008 12:20
Privind în cruciş

1. Cum n-aveam internet acasă, într-o marţi seara m-am uitat şi eu la "Gran Hermano" în Spania, să mai pierd ceva timp pe la 10.00 noaptea. Am rămas stupefiată când am auzit deodată pe fundal o melodie românească ce suna tare mult a manea. Şocul a fost amplificat de un anunţ apărut ulterior în josul paginii, care mă invita să formez nu ştiu ce număr pentru a descărca miunata melodie habar n-am care a lui Florin Salam. Se pare că şi televiziunea spaniolă s-a adaptat cerinţelor spectatorilor săi români şi-a zis că, dacă tot trebuie să-i suporte, măcar să scoată un profit de pe urma lor.

2. În Spania există imensa obsesie a repartizării salariului până la sfârşitul lunii. Cand m-am dus pe 23 septembrie cu o hârtie de 50 să cumpăr o pâine, vanzătoarea mi-a spus printre z-mbete că sunt tare norocoasă sşi că ar trebui să fiu dată drept exemplu. N-am mai stat să-i explic că pentru mine era un fel de început de lună, că nu aveam mai mult de 9 zile de stat acolo. După câteva zile, mergând să-mi deschid un cont la bancă, descopăr o broşură care îmi promitea să mă ajute să ajung la final de lună cu bani în buzunar. Încă n-am intrat în panică... poate pentru că n-a trecut o lună de stat acolo.

3. Tot din cauza lipsei de internet, până să încep cursurile mă duceam şi eu la internet cafe să îl mai informez pe soţul meu în legătură cu vieţişoara mea de pe-acolo. A se lua în seamă faptul că locuiesc în Cerdanyola del Vallés, un orăşel aflat la jumătate de oră de Barcelona, deci nu chiar în buricul târgului. M-am trezit înconjurată de o mare de români care comunică numai prin enumerarea diferitelor denumiri ale anumitor organe. Am ajuns să mă bucur atunci că pot fi cnfundată cu o rusoaică sau poloneză, pentru că nu insitam neapărat să ajung să fac parte forţat din grupul lor.

4. Din motive destul de serioase, a trebuit să mai pompez nişte adrenalină şi să mă întorc pentru 1-2 săptămâni în Montreal. Problema prezintă două aspecte pozitive, dintre care unul este faptul că-mi revăd soţul. Al doilea aspect pozitiv TREBUIE să se facă simţit mâine. Partea proastă este că pierd o grămadă de cursuri dintr-un an de Masterat, ceea ce sigur se va resimţi mai târziu. Asta ca să nu mai pomenesc banii daţi pe avion, dar ce contează, că doar soţul e izvor nesecat. Ştiam că la un moment dat va trebui să fac această deplasare, dar parcă nu mă aşteptam să sosească atât de repede scadenţa.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Canada, madness, Spain"
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Date: Wednesday, 03 Sep 2008 07:02
Simple Makes Nice

When accepting and delivering translations to the company I work for, I usually end my messages by writing "have a nice day", "enjoy your weekend", or any other such appropriate wish. Sometimes I also use "best regards", but I find that somewhat cold, so I just insert it, for variety, when I know I will soon be sending another message to the same person. I don't like the "sincerely yours" ending, for instance, although I do insert it when writing a pretty official message; after all, do I need to add "sincerely" to prove that I'm truthful :-)? Furthermore, does that mean I belong to every person I write to?
Anyway, after having sent my translations today, I received two messages from the person that handled them. The first one thanked me for the work, but the second one, which had been sent after one minute, thanked me and wished me a nice day as well.
Sometimes I think that people are too busy to care about such details, and that they might even think I'm sort of childish, but I keep adding these simple wishes because, after all, who doesn't need a nice day? Or at least a wish for it? Well, today's messages prove that sometimes people take notice. So I'll keep on doing it.

Image source: ThinkUKnow.co.uk
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "feelings, soul, translation"
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Date: Saturday, 30 Aug 2008 12:43
Daily Conversations

First phone call
My mom: "Mirela, there's been some sort of bacteria they found in Canada, in Toronto, I think, and some people have died because of it. It's found in meat, so pleeeeaaaase be careful not to eat too much meat and look at the package carefully."
Me: "Don't worry, mom, we don't east that much meat during the summer, and I always look at the expiration date when I buy it." (at that time, I had no idea there even existed such a warning, and it didn't impress me too much; I had bigger fish to fry and worry about. The only thing I knew I had to do was to assure my mom we'd be fine).

Second phone call:
Hypermarket (machine): "We'd like o inform you that there's been a warning issued regarding the product XXX that you bought from us. Although it is not on the list of potentially contaminated meats, we have been asked to withdraw it from circulation and to ask all customers to bring back the product so that they're reimbursed."
My husband: "Oooo Kkkk..."

- Ten days had passed since we had bought the product. It was for my husband's work, and, since it was very tasty and light, I had also eaten a considerable part of it. We had 3 slices left.-

First reading

Me: "It's not on the list, but it did come from that plant. I've just read some info and it says the number of the plant, which is identical with the one on the package. It says between three weeks and 70 days could pass before any signs appear, after which it is already too late . I'll go get my analisis done tomorrow, and depending on my result, you'll either take a day off now, or you'll have them done before I leave, during your vacation."
My husband: "Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing serious. They're just being extra cautious. Go have your analysis done, so that you can leave with a light heart, but you'll see it's nothing. If you got listeriosis, it's from that mouthwash you use, Listerine. (trying to make a joke which didn't really work on me at that time)"

First visit to the clinic
Me: "I wouldn't want to seem crazy, I'm not a hypochondriac or paranoid, but I've just received this call and I would like to get some analysis done to make sure I don't have listeriosis."
Receptionist (smiling ironically and speaking loudly): "Miss, there's been no recorded cases in Quebec, so we don't have the required analysis. We wouldn't want to cause panic among people. If you want, you can call this number."

Second reading
Me: "It's on the new list! Obviously. At first there were 3, but now 15 people have died."

I have to say I'm somewhat scared. And the irony is that the way authorities and medical staff handles the issue is what made me so. I understant there's no analysis available yet here, but don't laugh in my face and tell me you don't want to panica people. I was the one who got the phone call, so I didn't just start inventing symptoms out of some sort of hypochondriac issue. There's been no recorded deaths in Quebec yet? OK, so we need a few casualties before we can start protecting and informing people. I try very hard not to exagerate, but it's kind of hard when you know you're leaving in two weeks to a country that most certainly does not have the means to detect or treat such a disease, while leaving your husband alone, who's known for not being the first to go see a doctor. Although you realize the odds are in your favour, knowing that there is a remote possibility to feel sick only after more than two months can cause you anxiety.
I just hope no one else gets sick and dies. Maybe it could be contained. You know it's unlikely to get sick, but it's a grim feeling, nevertheless.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Canada, health, food"
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Date: Sunday, 24 Aug 2008 20:01
Elefantelul in magazinul cu borcane :-)

In ultimele luni m-am straduit sa-i gatesc sotului felurile sale preferate, avand in vedere ca in curand voi pleca si el nu este pasionat de invartitul tigailor sau de aburitul oalelor. Am ales sa fac pui in stil Honolulu, dar am uitat sa cumpar ardei copti, unul din ingredientele esentiale. Cum acesta se adauga la urma, am pregatit mancarica si, pe mla ora la care stiam ca va sosi de la munca, i-am dat un apel, cerandu-mi scuze ca-l rog sa faca efortul de-a culege de la magazin un borcan de ardei copti.
Este important de stiut ca ardeii copti se gasesc pe toate rafturile, in timp ce gogosarii murati nu prea exista in magazine. De fiecare data cand am avut nevoie, a trebuit sa merg pe la magazinele romanesti ca sa am cu ce pregati salata de boeuf, de exemplu.
Revenind la istoria initiala, ma trezesc cu sotiorul acasa, obosit mort, cu apele curgand pe el dupa atata munca, dar mandru ca mi-a adus doua borcane de ardei copti. Sau de gogosari murati.
Cum as fi putut sa-l cert ca mi-a venit acasa cu asa ceva, cand era amarat ca vai de el si bucuros, in acelasi timp, ca mi-a adus ce i-am cerut? N-am putut insa sa nu rad cu drag de el si sa nu-l intreb cum a facut de-a reusit sa descopere gogosarii murati pe care-i caut de ani de zile, si nu a vazut sirurile de borcane cu ardei copti. Pai s-a dus la raftul de alimente biologice, pe la care eu nu dau nici sa ma pici cu ceara.
Eh, macar acum am cu ce sa-i fac salata de boeuf, chiar daca nu planuisem.
Stiu ca femeile isi au locul la cratita (da, da!) si ca barbatii au spirit de vanatori, dar oare barbatii sunt programati genetic sa nu faca deosebirea intre borcane? Sau intre orice feluri de alimente? (cica si tatal lui ii aducea mamei patrunjel in loc de leustean). Bine ca de Pasti fac eu cumparaturile, ca altfel m-as putea trezi ca fac ciorba de cal in loc de miel.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "family, questions"
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Date: Thursday, 21 Aug 2008 00:42
Montreal Rules Monopoly

While reading about the new Monopoly version, I was extremely curious to find out which cities would replace Boardwalk and Park Place, the two spots I would be able to kill for while playing the game. My husband knows the drill and even when he ends up with both of them, we still work out some sort of a deal and they become mine.
Big was my surprise (and disappointment) to find out that MONTREAL ( say what?) would be taking Boardwalk's place, while Riga would come in second, on the Park Place spot. Montreal, you say? How about Rome, Madrid, London, Barcelona? Why Montreal? And why are there three Canadian cities on the board? The answer is simple: Canadians are a very proud people, I have to give them that, and are French Canadians are even worse. They knew about the proposal, they voted, and they got it.
I know that from now on I'll be fighting for the light blue, red and orange properties, all for sentimental reasons.
The winning cities are:

Dark Blue: Montreal, Riga
Green: Cape Town, Belgrade, Paris
Yellow: Jerusalem, Hong Kong, Beijing
Red: London, New York, Sydney
Orange: Vancouver, Shanghai, Rome
Magenta: Toronto, Kyiv, Istanbul
Light Blue: Athens, Barcelona, Tokyo
Brown: Taipei, Gdynia

By the way, Toronto is so much more beautiful than Montreal. And Quebec is absolutely gorgeous. And I'm kind of sad that Bucharest (or Constanta :-D ) are not there, but what could I expect?

Source: CTV
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Canada, Italy, games, Romania, Spain"
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Date: Friday, 15 Aug 2008 23:17
Saint Joseph's Oratory Moments

I had no idea there were pilgrims who would climb the stairs to an Oratory on their knees. Do they feel like they get closer to God by doing this? If He wanted us to go through such pain, why did He send Jesus to us? On the other hand, if you still want to show your humility and remorse, I'd better see you on a cross, with blood gushing from your hands and feet.
When did it become fashionable to have your picture taken while you light candles for the ones you love? I know the votive chapel was mesmerizing, I did take some pictures myself, but I didn't feel the need to appear in them! While you're at it, why not take pictures of you hi-fiving Jesus's statue or french kissing Virgin Mary's icons?
Among other things that impressed me (the whole Oratory is breathtaking), there were two places where you could get guidebooks with information about the Oratory's history and attractions, to say so. The amazing thing is that they weren't sold by anyone. You could take them freely, but you were kindly asked by a few written signs to put 2 dollars in the box next to the case. I saw some people taking a leaflet and leaving one toonie, and I saw many more grabbing the book and continuing their way without becoming 2 dollars poorer. Maybe they missed the signs. Or maybe they didn't.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Canada, religion"
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Date: Friday, 08 Aug 2008 10:03
Cum ne-ar denumi extratereştrii dac-ar vorbi română?

În timp ce mă ocupam eu frumuşel de traducerea filmului "Meet Dave", dau la un moment dat de cuvântul "alien", pe care, evident, trebuia să-l înlocuiesc cu echivalentul din română. Instantaneu antenuţele îmi transmit termenul "extraterestru", aşa că dau să-mi continuu liniştită treaba. Dar stai aşa, că nu-i aşa! Extraterestru, dacă nu mă înşel eu, se referă la cineva sau ceva care nu este de pe... Terra, logic. Perfect, minunat, numai că în filmuleţul respectiv cuvântul "alien" este folosit chiar de nişte... aliens, exact. Deci noi eram extratereştrii în contextul ăsta. Numai că noi nu suntem extratereştri. Are sens ce bolmojesc eu aici? Mă rog, după ce am stat să mă gândesc puţin şi după ce-am răsfoit câteva dicţionare, fără însă a găsi un sinonim aproape perfect al cuvântului, m-am oprit la "pământean".
Asta m-a trimis cu gândul la modul în care Columb şi Cortez i-au descris pe amerindieni când au ajuns în Noile Indii. Amerindienii ăştia erau nişte sălbatici cu înfăţişare ciudată, cu obiceiuri ciudate, cu limbaj ciudat, cu mod de viaţă ciudat... ce mai, totul era ciudat. Atât de ciudat, de fapt, încât în descrierile lor, C&C au fost nevoiţi să recurgă la comparaţii cu lucruri deja cunoscute de ei, dar care aparţineau unor neamuri străine şi inferioare, desigur, cum erau evreii şi musulmanii de pe teritoriul Spaniei. Aşa aflăm, de exemplu, că amerindienii aveau moschei. Nu era deja evident ?
Toată abrambureala asta vrea să ducă la o idee relativ simplă: percepţia este subiectivă. Da, ştiu, am descoperit America! Pe lângă asta, în general se ia în calcul versiunea celui care se află într-o poziţie avantajată (pe diferite planuri). I-a întrebat cineva pe amerindieni ce cred ei despre minunaţii cuceritori ? Dacă li se par ciudaţi sau nu ? Dar maurilor şi evreilor, le-a cerut cineva părerea cu privire la nivelul de evoluţie al creştinilor ? Aşa şi noi, românii (în cazul ăsta), ne limităm la cuvântul "extraterestru" (înlocuit uneori cu "marţian", pentru variaţie), deoarece nu vedem de ce am avea nevoie de alţi termeni pentru a exprima noţiunea de entitate externă. Doar extratereştrii ăştia nu există, deci cum ar ajunge ei să vorbească despre noi ? Da, dar cică nici amerindienii "nu existau" înainte de 1492.

Image source: wpclipart.com
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "ignorance, Romanian, translation, Englis..."
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Date: Wednesday, 30 Jul 2008 22:45
Americans, Stop the Hypocrysy and Start Acting!

I'm so sick of all this American drama and hypocrisy!!! Take the tv show called "America's Got Talent", add in a soldier who's just returned from Iraq, spice it up with regular singing skills and what do you get? A whole new level of screaming in awe, appreciation and national pride. I'm pretty sure this guy wouldn't have gone through to the next level had he not been wearing that military uniform. The judges were in tears, and they even called his wife to join him on stage, while the audience were waving their hands as if they were attending a friggin' Michael Jackson concert or something. Not to mention the hero's exit ("hero" being one of the few terms I don't use lightly here), covered by Mariah Carey's song... ta-da-da!!! Hero, obviously.
My dearest Americans (although I should say "United Staters", since "Americans" refers to the people living all over the three American continents), if you appreciate your troops that much, why do you keep on voting for that amazing President of yours, Bush, who cares about nothing else than money and oil? If you cherish your army men so much, why do you support the war in Iraq and swallow all the bs that the Government is feeding you? Or are you in such a need for heroes that you'd rather send young people to war zones and get them wounded, or even dead, instead of letting them stay home and enjoy life together with their families, just like the rest of you? I guess the U.S. of A. are nothing without all that fake appreciation and crocodile tears. Maybe you don't feel like you have enough to be proud of, so you need to create your own plastic reasons by sending people to die for utopic rights and liberties. No matter what your reasons are, at least stop pretending to care after the harm has been done and learn to accept your guilt.

Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "ignorance, violence, the United States, ..."
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Date: Monday, 28 Jul 2008 09:04


some of the 6-letter words that make up our 6 years of marriage. I'm happy we've got to where we are.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "family, future, 2008"
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 18:54
Is the 3rd Time Really a Charm?

These last few weeks, my stomach has behaved like one of those super duper Whirlpool washing machines, 'cause what would my life be without these self provoked adrenaline rushes? So I got accepted at the UAB, and after reconsidering all my options, I pretty much decided to stick with it and give up on Granada, because by the time I would get an answer from them I should already be in Barcelona, and I'm not THAT big of a risk taker. Although you never know what I could cook up at the last minute.

Next step, buying a plane ticket, of course. After long hours of browsing the Internet and calling travel agencies, I've finally found a 520$ ticket to Barcelona for September 25 (Air Transat kind of rocks, btw! For now, at least...). It looked good to me, since I knew that I had to show up for registration on September 29 & 30, so after harassing my husband with messages and phone calls for about an hour (it's a miracle he didn't get fired!), I decided to buy it. After having sung "Kumbaya" and danced around the fire for joy, the next day I get a welcome message from the UAB and a handbook, which also mentioned that the first semester starts on September 15. Madonna, what do I do now?!!! Miss two weeks out of a one-year Master's programme? No way I could do that. First thing was to send my best wishes to those who offer all this "clear" information, after which I spent another day or so (until half an hour ago, to be more exact) looking for a similar plane ticket before September 15. After many calls, e-mails and an additional 150$, it looks like I'll be leaving September 13... well, almost September 14, since the departure time is 10.05 pm, so I shouldn't have too much bad luck. The plane will probably spend two extra hours on the runway anyway, so I'm safe.

While freaking out over the ticket issue, I was also looking for housing. Can't really afford to stay in Barcelona, and I don't se the point in living too far from the university, so I set my eyes on the university campus in Bellaterra. I would like to live alone at first, until I know whom I'm moving in with, so I decided to rent an individual room for about 270 euros. Same thing, write to them, wait for an answer... "We're sorry, these appartments are only for Bachellor's level students, but we'll be happy to offer you an individual room in our new appartments for students at the Graduate level for only 745 euros a month. Or you could share a room for half of this amount." Don't you say so! I'll get back to you once I speak with my manager. So now I'm still looking for a room and waiting for some answers. Plus other things, 'cause I just like it that way.

Truth is sometimes I get tired. I'm getting close to needing some kind of stability. It's true that I'm married, so I do have a family, but I would like to be able to call a place "home", to have a decent job, and make babies. On the other hand, my adventurous spirit and my eternal search for that Spanish experience won't let me rest until I've done my best to achieve my goals. People have always said to me "It's your age that gives you the guts to do it." I was told that when I left Romania, at 19. Two years later, my cousin gave me this line when I left for Canada, under a bit of an adverse omen. She was 30 at the time. Well, now I'm in between 27 and 28 years of age, and I still get that "It's your age..." phrase when talking about Spain. I don't think that's true. I wouldn't have the same guts if I were 70, obviously, but up to some point I think my main drive is my relentless ambition. It may also be stupid ambition, but it's mine and I have to pursue it. I get scared sometimes, I worry a lot, but I need to go on. I know my decisions affect other people, but I'm really doing my best to find a ballance here. I'm trying not to be too selfish, but I also have to follow one of my biggest dreams. I wouldn't want to resent anyone for the rest of my life for not having been able to take this chance. And I honestly do appreciate all the support I've been getting.
So here I am, shooting for the unknown for the third time. Hopefully, it will be the last time. But it might as well not be. We'll see.

Photo source: mind-mapping.co.uk
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Canada, Romania, the United States, Spai..."
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2008 00:17
Luaţi un SEXAPIL şi o aspirină de două ori pe zi

Acum un an râdeam pe ascuns de spanioli, care au luat anumite cuvinte din engleză şi le-au tradus literal în limba lor. Astfel, "hot dog" a devenit "perrito caliente" ("căţeluş cald") şi "heavy metal" este "metal pesado" ("metal greu").
Ei bine, acum, în timp ce verificam un cuvânt în DEX, am rămas stupefiată la descoperirea cuvântului "sexapil". Am zis c-o fi vreun medicament descoperit de curând, aşa că m-am apucat să-i citesc definiţia; la câte boli mă apasă pe mine, sigur mi-ar fi fost util într-un fel. Din păcate (sau din fericire), se pare că singurul lucru pe care îl poate vindeca este lipsa de... companie, desigur. A nu se confunda cu Viagra. Rezultă faptul că ne-am săturat să folosim versiunile româneşti precum "nuri" sau "farmec", şi-am apelat la limba engleză. Eu chiar n-am nicio problemă cu asta, având în vedere propriul mod de exprimare, dar parcă era mai bine să lăsăm cuvântul scris ca în engleză, decât să-l stâlcim în halul ăsta.
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "Romania, English"
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Date: Monday, 21 Jul 2008 00:34
Sauteed Spiders, Anyone?

My mouth is watering, my eyes are wide open, and my papillae are experiencing what you might call "a culinary orgasm". All of these because I'm watching a documentary on Animal Planet about insect eating in Thailand. Yummm!!!
When I arrived in New York, in 2000, my cousin's husband used to work in an upscale Chinese restaurant. Without knowing that fancy new yorkers wouldn't think of eating such things as ants or snakes, the first thing I asked him was whether he could bring me any kind of insect to try. Of course he answered "No", but he still offered to bring me some orange pork or Chinese noodles. Imagine the disappointment!
And now I'm watching this show and seeing all those people enjoy the wonderful larvae, spiders and crickets... My husband says I'm a freak. He might be right, but I still hope (and will do my best) to one day be able to enjoy those delicacies. Mmmmm!!!
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "New York, obsession, food"
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Date: Tuesday, 15 Jul 2008 17:44
Not Such a "MERRY"-go-round!

As I was looking over some of the photos we took in Spain last year, I discovered one taken at the amusement park in Logroño. It's the picture of what could look at first like a regular merry-go-round, but after a second it turns out to be a "live" merry-go-round. Indeed, those ponies are real, and I can still remember the shock we had when discovering that people had thought of using ponies in such way. Where were the Human Rights activists, what were the police doing? The only ones "protesting" against this kind of abuse were the park's patrons themselves, who simply refused to ride or to let their kids use such a carousel.
They even had name tags! And this happened in Spain, a modern, Western European country, in the year 2007!
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "ignorance, violence, Spain, politics"
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Date: Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 14:27
Am intrat la Masterat! ¡Me aceptaron en Barcelona!

Da... deci M-AU ACCEPTAT! Nu m-aşteptam să-mi răspundă imediat şi să-mi scrie că în curând voi primi un mesaj oficial înştiinţându-mă că am fost acceptată în programul de Master al Universităţii Autonome din Barcelona... dar aşa s-a-ntâmplat! Plânsete, eliberare de stres, telefoane, fericire... acum am mai multă forţă să continuu, să aplic la încă o universitate sau două ca să-mi fac eu damblaua. Ideea e că m-a acceptat a doua universitate de pe lista mea, şi prima la care am aplicat. Astăzi mă simt cam bine :-))). Oţi fi voi vai de capul vostru când vine vorba de procedura academică, dar tot sunt topită după voi şi vreau să vă cotropesc ţara!

¡¡¡¡Sííííííííí!!!! ¡Me aceptaron en España, a la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona! ¡Feliz, emocionada, asombrada, llena de esperanza... y muy, muy feliz, claro :-)))!
Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)" Tags: "school, Spain"
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Date: Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 04:44
Da' tărâţe de borş ai?

Nici nu ştiu dacă să fierb de nervi sau să mă bucur că îi interesează persoana mea. Eh, deocamdată aleg prima variantă.... vorba vine, că reacţia a sosit în mod involuntar. Deci aplic eu frumuşel la o universitate din Spania, gândindu-mă că nu mă vor accepta deoarece nu pot trimite traducerea oficială a foii matricole până la data limită a înscrierilor (chestii birocratice, nu contează), ca să nu mai vorbesc de problemele apărute cu formularul electronic de înscriere, ca să primesc din partea lor un e-mail cerându-mi lămuriri în legătură cu nivelul meu de limbă spaniolă!!! Nu tu vorbă de foaie matricolă, nu tu "pâs" de problemuţele respective, ci dovedeşte-ne că ştii limba spaniolă! Băi deştepţilor (mi-oţi fi voi dragi, da' când vine vorba de administraţie...), la ce naiba serveşte diploma pe care v-am trimis-o şi care spune clar că m-am licenţiat cu distincţie în Specializare spaniolă, secţia expresie şi cultură? Da' diploma aia care spune că am terminat un curs avansat de limbă spaniolă chiar la voi acasă, cu media 9,50 (care era 9,75, dar nu vă plac decât rotunjirile în defavoarea studentului)? Da' descrierea tuturor cursurilor luate şi notişoarele alea de A, cam ce vă spun ele? Da' când scrieţi pe site că e nevoie fie de un certificat, fie de cursuri de limba spaniolă, voi ce vreţi de fapt? Deci acum vă trimit frumuşel diploma mea de bacalaureat, chiar dacă nu era nevoie, să vedeţi că şi pe aia am un 10 la spaniolă, vă trimit şi recomandările profesorilor (că nu mi le-aţi cerut prima oară, şi-am zis să nu vă-ncarc cu hârţogăraie), din care veţi afla şi c-am lucrat ca asistent de profesor, şi-o să vă spun şi că fac spaniolă din clasa a IV-a... poate vreţi şi foaia matricolă. Să vedem, oare e suficient? Sau o să mă băgaţi şi pe mine pe lista respinşilor, ca pe toţi nefericiţii din etapa anterioară, spunând că n-am putut dovedi nivelul meu de spaniolă? Deci să-mi bag piciorul!

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Author: "Mirela (noreply@blogger.com)"
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