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Date: Tuesday, 29 Jul 2014 00:44

Look who just got cast for the Frozen arc on Once Upon A Time!

Tyler Jacob Moore, who stars on Shameless as Tony Markovich, will head to Storybrooke on the ABC show as Prince Hans and will make his first appearance in the third episode of the upcoming season, EOnline reports.

Also joining the Frozen family is John Rhys-Davies as the best troll ever, Pabbie!

“We’re thrilled to welcome John Rhys-Davies to the #OnceUponATime family as the voice of everyone’s favorite rock troll — Pabbie! #ThisFall!” executive producer Adam Horowitz announced the news on Twitter.

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Date: Monday, 28 Jul 2014 23:02

Sarah Palin has launched her own online news channel.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate has set up the subscription-based website to speak "directly" to the public, without having to "please the powers that be".

The Sarah Palin Channel launched on Sunday (June* 27) and already features videos on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as a quote of the day.

She has also included a running tally of the national debt and a countdown timer of the days left for Barack Obama's administration.

In addition to her political life, Palin has appeared as a Fox News Channel contributor.

Full access to the Sarah Palin Channel costs $9.95 (£5.86) a month or $99.95 (£58.84) a year.

source (*it's July, Digital Spy)

ONTD, will you be tuning in?
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Date: Monday, 28 Jul 2014 23:02
He says that Oliver and Felicity have been dancing around each other for a while and that Oliver came really close to admitting there was a connection there in episode 6 of season 2.

Q: Will we see Oliver have a challenge in being truthful and honest with [Felicity], or is that part of their attraction, that he can’t be honest and truthful with her?
A: What’s fun about the season premiere is you do get to see him be honest and truthful with her. For both good and bad. I think he’s finally revealing some secrets that she didn’t know. And her reaction to those secrets is interesting.
I think they’re in love with each other, and when you’re in love with someone it’s very hard for that person you love to tell you something that’s going to make you fall out of love with them instantaneously. But that emotional intimacy deepens their relationship, their connection.

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Date: Monday, 28 Jul 2014 23:02
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Veep star Reid Scott will appear on the Fox comedy for its upcoming fourth season,
playing a wedding guest and the object of Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) affection at a wedding.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
News of Scott's addition goes hand-in-hand with Jessica Biel's gig on the Sept. 16 season premiere. He'll play Ted, the charming man who inspires some not-so-friendly competition between Jess and Kat (Biel), "the hottest scientist in the world."

In addition to his role as Dan Egan on Veep, Reid has several films on deck — including Nancy Meyers' The Intern, which recently started filming in New York.

He and Biel will tape their New Girl appearances during the first week of August, when the 20th Century Fox TV series starts production.

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Date: Monday, 28 Jul 2014 22:04

Taylor Swift doesn't sweat.
I discovered this little bit of science when I worked out last week. She is a wizard, an alien, or is missing the gene that causes us to perspire. That's the only explanation.
After seeing all the photos of the singer visiting the gym recently—sporting heels, girly dresses, red lips, and perfect hair in the Taylor swiftest of ways—and looking impeccable entering and exiting, I felt inspired to exercise, Taylor Swift-style.
I began my morning with a shower—something I would never do before visiting the gym. I blow dried my hair, straightened it, and carefully applied makeup. I arrived 15 minutes late because I took extra time working on the cowlick at the back of my head. But I knew, like Taylor, I would be photographed, and thus, it would be time well spent. I don't put that much effort into getting ready for work.

Entering the gym in heels and red lipstick at 10 a.m., I felt like an asshole. Maybe if I was coming from work I wouldn't have minded, but knowing full well I'd dressed up to go work out, I felt incredibly self conscious as I made my way to the locker room. I quickly changed into my athletic gear and wiped off the lipstick as best I could. Then I faced my first real problem: how do I keep my silk dress wrinkle-free? Perhaps Tay has her own locker that's tall enough to hang an outfit or her bag-toting bodyguard holds it like a human coat hanger, but with neither of things in front of me, I employed my best artful draping technique and stuffed it into my little cubby.
Then I worked out. In a particularly endorphin-y moment, I downloaded Taylor Swift's latest album, "Red"—I was feeling good, glow-y, 22, etc. Then, two songs in, I started to sweat. A few minutes later I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and cringed—I resembled the angry, tomato-faced emoji I'm normally so fond of. What would Taylor do? I thought to myself, and mid-"I Knew You Were Trouble," I cut my workout short at 45 minutes.
Returning to the locker room, I readied myself to tackle the problem at hand. Before embarking on this journey, I'd anticipated a few sticky (literally) hurdles, one being how to salvage my now sweaty blowout. Before Swiftifying myself, I'd reached out to Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar to get her expert opinion: "It’s a healthy challenge to preserve your blowout through a workout class, but it can be done if you’re okay with coming out with a little Mai Tai aka a beachy hair look," she wrote in an e-mail. "Simply use a little dry shampoo at your roots by sectioning your hair, lifting, and spraying about four to five inches from your scalp. You can also re-blow out the front (bangs/fringe) which is a great way to get another day or two out of your blowout."

But one thing I didn't contend with was the sweat...all the sweat. I'm not even a sweaty person, but there was no way I was going to merely towel off and put my dress back on—and I bet Taylor doesn't either. So I made my way to the showers, and in doing so, I did something Taylor Swift definitely doesn't do: I walked on the bathroom floor of a gym in bare feet. Gag.
Making the water as cold as I could stand, I carefully rinsed off, focusing on my upper neck and the top of my forehead, doing my best to shield my hair. All in all, it was a pretty high-stress shower experience. Deciding that it was as good as it was going to get, I returned to the locker room to begin the challenge of re-assembling myself.
First I blow dried my hair for the second time that day, then spritzed some dry shampoo up in there for good measure. As I was applying my makeup again, brushing on powder galore in an attempt to mask my skin's beet-red hue, I noticed that I was emitting heat. My under-eye concealer basically melted into my face—in more of a gross gelatinous way than a Gisele, glowing effect—and my hair was starting to poof. I was a sauna and it wasn't pretty. This became even more evident when I attempted to slip back into my dress: there was no slipping, just sticking. It was in this moment that I realized Taylor Swift can't actually sweat..Or the US Weekly reports are true and she spends an hour getting ready post-workout—45 minutes of which must consist of her just sitting, de-furnacing.

Redressed and feeling decidedly more rumpled, I met my body guard at the door, handed him my "gym bag," and got ready to face the paparazzi (cough, ELLE.com photographer, Katie Friedman, cough). I exited with confidence and returned to my waiting SUV.


rest at the source
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 23:40

Hot on the trail of their lowest season premiere episode ever, ratings continue to plummet as the ladies brought in their lowest viewership ever, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Season 6 — featuring fan favorites Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Dina Manzo and newbies Teresa Aprea, Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese — debuted to 2.1 million viewers in the key 18-49 demographic, and slipped a whopping 500,000 viewers the next week.

The low ratings come just one day after Radar exclusively reported that Bravo nixed Giudice, 42, from Watch What Happens Live and replaced her with Kathy and Rosie. “Teresa was notified on Friday her appearance was canceled,” a Bravo insider told Radar. “The network upset with Teresa for not doing many promotional appearances.”

Giudice reportedly on chopping block, with network execs questioning whether she’s worth her $700,000 salary. In fact, she’s being largely blamed for show’s failed ratings. “Bravo bosses are starting to think Teresa isn't worth keeping if her diva behavior continues. The network is very sensitive to the fact that she is facing a looming prison sentence, and has tried to work with her,” an insider told Radar.

“Teresa should start treating the producers and network executives with dignity and respect. They don’t have the time nor patience to deal with her temper tantrums. Teresa should recognize her only source of income is from the show.”

Melissa & Joe Take Out The Trash!

When you see a title like that for a new Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, you would probably assume that it has something to do with an enormous fight where people call each other garbage. However, that’s not actually what it means in this case!

Instead, what we are actually going to see here is a story that revolves around Melissa Gorga trying out a new business venture that could revolutionize the garbage industry … though we have a feeling that it probably still smells. Take a look at the full synopsis below:

“Joe and Melissa are hoping to rake in the money with their new business — a state of the art trash truck. Meanwhile, Teresa focuses on her dessert line, Fabilicious, and invites friends and family over to try out her new recipes. The taste-test turns sour when Teresa breaks down under the stress of her family’s trouble with the law. While Amber feels badly, the Giudices’ legal situation has her mortgage-broker husband, Jim, keeping his distance. And when the twins hear that someone has started a rumor about Nicole, it becomes clear that things are about to get messy.”

Personally, we’re hoping that things actually stay fun for most of the episode, even if the twin drama creates some issues later on. Given the sadness in Teresa’s life right now, it feels like the presence of some of the newcomers is there to balance it out. It wouldn’t be this series without the fighting and rumor-spreading, and there is less of that on the Teresa end right now.

Is Kim Zolciak Pregnant Again?

This week on a new episode Kim Zolciak made it look like she could be pregnant again. The preview for next week shows her getting an ultrasound. She is afraid that they didn't wait long enough after they had the twins. On Friday, Kim shared on Instagram a picture and she is not looking pregnant at all. She actually looks pretty skinny. If you check further back on her page, there are several photos of her without a baby bump.

Wet Paint shared not long ago that Kim said that their family is complete. She doesn't have any plans to have another baby. Kim shared that they are done without a doubt. Fans should not expect more babies from the Biermann clan anytime soon even though Kim and Kroy can't keep their hands off each other. They are even looking into a permanent solution for not getting pregnant again.

Kim looks amazing and has revealed that she has already lost 50 pounds since having the twins. She used a homemade girdle for part of the weight loss. It was shown that she doesn't really watch what she eats very much though. Kim had to change her mind about that and start being more careful with her diet to lose that much weight. They do have a gym in their home, but you have to wonder how she had time to use it with all of the kids at home.

As you watch Don't Be Tardy this season, they will tease about the fact that Kim Zolciak could be pregnant again. Don't expect to hear that she has a bun in the oven though.

Go Below Deck For Season 2!

Another summer brings another charter season full of surf, sand and high class demands. Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Kat Held and Eddie Lucas return from last season, along with new crew members Kate Chastain, brother and sister duo Kelley and Amy Johnson, Jennice Ontiveros, and Andrew Sturby to make life aboard the "Ohana," a 10 million dollar private, luxury yacht, an unforgettable experience.

The crew quickly learns that providing unparalleled service to their wealthy and uncompromising charter guests is not all fun in the sun and they are only as strong as the weakest link.

While each charter presents a new group of guests and new sets of unimaginable challenges for the crew to face, for these young, attractive and adventurous "yachties," the "work hard, play harder" nature of their job gives them access to a glamorous lifestyle and exotic perks few people will ever experience.

The Game of Crowns Ear-Biting Scandal!

While at dinner after the incident, Leha explains that she "Comes from a very old-school family who is extremely protective," she continues, "for my husband to react like that he must have felt in some way that I was..." -- at that point, she was interrupted by Shelley Carbone who said, "What I just told you was the exact thing that happened." She explained that Leha's husband, "started screaming, you fucking happy, you happy, screaming."

As Leha's husband blows up her phone, Vanassa Sebastian adds, that she could honestly say that Leha's husband "was out of line." saying "I understand the protective part of it, but I don't think that excuses his behavior."

The other ladies explained that Leha's husband was violently loud, and did not know what they were laughing about, but thought they were picking on his wife for not winning the crown. The ladies claim that Nick yelled that he was "going to kill her," referencing one of the ladies that sat in the crowd making the silly bet.

Shelley claims that "she did not hear Nick threaten Lynne's life." Vanassa claims that the death threats are a "lie, a bunch of bull-shit."

But is Vanassa thinking twice about that now, after Nick almost left her husband with one ear?


sources: Mstarz, CarterMatt, ShowbizSpy, Examiner, BroadwayWorld
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 23:40

THE Pussycat Dolls were by far the naughtiest girl group of the early noughties and everybody wished their girlfriends were hot like them – or a freak, you know depending on personal preference.

After a huge hint from lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, it looks as though the musical burlesque troupe may be having another shot at the charts – we're expecting a huge rise in the sales of fishnet tights FYI.

The former X Factor judge, who was recently replaced by Newcastle-born newlywed Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, told The Daily Star: "Nobody could ever replace the Pussycat Dolls.

"It was a unique time and nothing else had ever come out like that before."

Sherzy, whose on-off beau is Brit Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton, broke away from the band in 2010.

She has since enjoyed solo chart success, a spot on one of the largest UK television shows and even has her own fashion line with online fashion retailer Missguided.

But it looks as though Nic is missing her female friends.

The When I Grow Up songbird added: "The Dolls hold a special place in my heart. Nobody can touch us. Hopefully we'll get back together."

Earlier this year Ms Scherzinger's bandmate Ashley Roberts also revealed she was keen for a get-together.

When quizzed about a reunion at her perfume launch, the Dancing On Ice panellist confessed: "Definitely someday. It will happen when it's supposed to."

That's already two of the seductive hitmakers on board...

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 23:38

One Direction's Liam Payne Instagram'd a naked selfie earlier today only to post the unblurred image a few hours later.

Source = Liam's Instagram

The reactions, hashtags and "unblurred" fan edits were the best part of my afternoon tbh.
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 23:37


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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 23:11

video @ source

A bunch of morons dressed as zombies attacked a car outside Comic Con last night -- smashing the windshield and scaring the family inside -- with the driver ultimately RUNNING OVER a woman as he tried to drive away.

San Diego PD says ... the insane scene unfolded during the annual "Zombie Walk" -- where people dress up as the undead and stumble down the street.

But during the "walk" ... the zombies approached a car stopped at an intersection and began ATTACKING the vehicle ... despite the fact there was a family inside ... including two small children.

Cops say the zombies began beating on the car -- with someone even jumping on the hood and smashing the windshield. Turns out ... every family member in the car is deaf -- and cops say they began to get scared. The driver tried to punch it out of there and drive away and struck a 64-year-old woman in the process.

The woman -- who was NOT in the zombie march -- was hospitalized with a possible broken arm. Police say no arrests have been made so far -- but they're investigating.

Zombies -- no frickin' brains.

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 22:00

UK producer DJ Fresh — the man responsible for UK #1′s “Hot Right Now” with Rita Ora and “Louder” with Sian Evans among many Top 10 hits over the past few years — supplied the punchy drum and bass track “Flashlight” for Ellie’s Halcyon Days re-release back in summer of 2013. (Feels like ages ago!)

Now, the DJ’s gone and dusted off the track with a slight polish for a proper single release in 2014, due to dominate dance floors across the pond on September 28. (Feels like decades from now!)

The re-rub stays pretty true to the original, supplying some added punch to the already energetic production as Ellie’s voice gets swept up in a turbulent explosion of beats and thumping drums. “Get out of my way — I’m coming through!” she warns throughout. Make room on the dance floor: Ellie’s coming! Listen to DJ Fresh’s “Flashlight” with Ellie Goulding after the jump.

Ellie Goulding has shared a very sweet new photograph of her and boyfriend Dougie Poynter on her Instagram.

And, if the look Dougie's giving her is anything to go by, it seems like this pair are very much in love!

Dougie is gazing deep in to Ellie's eyes during this intimate moment, as the adorable pair sit around a table filled with pals.

Guys! Get a room!

McBusted star Dougie and his singer girlfriend have been quietly dating since earlier this year, confirming their romance in May when they pottered around Manchester holding hands.

Since then Ellie, 27, has referred to her hunk of a man as: "A very lovely human being." How sweet!

As with a lot of celebrity couples, Ellie and Dougie have to deal with being away from each other for long amounts of time.

And, though it must be tough on the lovebirds, they make sure they spend as much time together as possible.

Last week, Ellie flew back to London for just one day and spent a few hours with 26-year-old Dougie.

The blonde star has spent more time on stage recently than she has off it, and now we finally understand how she keeps managing to find these revealing tops!

We have seen more of Ellie Goulding and her incredible collection of sports bras and crop tops than we have hot dinners recently.

The blonde bombshell has become a "touring machine" recently (her words), and the latest stage smasher was at Stadtpark, Hamburg.

Cue another sports bra outfit. YES.

This one however was either identical or uncannily similar to her T in the Park get-up - which just show how much she loved it.

The stunner did her usual hair flicking, twerking and crazy dancing on stage in a tiny black crop top and high-waisted shorts.

And her toned tum just gets more toned by the day.

This time the singer added a little cardigan into the mix, but it covered precisely nothing.

It seems we'll be seeing a lot more of these daring outfits too, because Ellie tweeted recently: "Properly stoked that sports bras are on trend. I've got about 100 so I will be NAILING IT."

It comes after a VERY busy few weeks for Ellie, who has smashed endless festivals and concerts from Wireless to T in the Park.

She's certainly noticed it all too, and posted a selfie mid-flight the other (top of the post), adding: "Just on the 1034th flight of the week."

That followed a tired tweet a few days before when she wrote: "Literally just a touring machine now. Lost any kind of femininity. One of the lads."

You don't look like one of the lads Ellie, you've managed that at least - brilliantly.

Source one, with a touch of source two, and spiced up by source three.

I definitely wouldn't mind another serving reminiscent of Bright Lights, or something in the middle of that and Halcyon. Let's dream big and get an Acoustic album somewhere in between.

ONTD, how did you like Halcyon Days?
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:59
My darlingz, I've pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu

Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe tells a story of a magical boy learning to use his superpowers for good. Turns out, Nicki Minaj will star in a future episode to show the dangers of a power trip.

The “Pills N Potions” rapstress plays Sugilite, the menacing creature that emerges when two of Steven Universe’s guardians, Amethyst (Micheala Dietz) and Garnet (Estelle, as in the singer) decide to join forces. “I forgot how great it is to be me,” Sugilite says once the transformation is complete. Surprisingly, Minaj doesn’t transform her voice as she used to in songs, for her alter egos like the prissy Harajuku Barbie, the ever-panicked Roman Zolanski or his stern mother Martha — but she does sound ready to raise hell.

The episode, titled “Coach Steven,” airs August 21 at 6:30 p.m. EST. Preview Nicki Minaj’s cameo at TV Guide.

Source 2

Azealia releasing early, Nicki pushing back a major track... what is happening in the world???
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:58

Chris Evans spoke with us at San Diego Comic-Con about his new film Snowpiercer, and how it has influenced his directorial aspirations.

There is more to Chris Evans than Captain America, and the Marvel star is eager for you to know it. Evans can currently be seen in Snowpiercer, a dystopian action thriller set in the confines of a speeding train.

Evans portrays Curtis, the leader of a rebellion against the upper class who occupy the front carriages on the Snowpiercer – a train that travels around the world, carrying the last remnants of humanity.

Unfortunately, the film has been plagued by distribution troubles. It was released on August 1, 2013 in South Korea to rave reviews, and was acquired for American distribution by the Weinstein Company. However, the company wanted the film to be recut, making it shorter and losing certain sequences.

Fans showed their frustration at the delays through the creation of the “Free Snowpiercer” campaign, and it seemed to work – the film is now in wide release in the United States.

We asked Evans if he was surprised by the passion of the fan response. “I’ve been surprised about everything about this movie. Every movie you make, you hope people will enjoy it, but this movie has surpassed all of my expectations across the board,” he said.

He diplomatically refused to give his opinion on the distribution delays, saying “I am a little green. I don’t know if I have an opinion in terms of how it could or should have been released.”

Evans has spoken in the past of his aspiration to transition from acting into directing; he recently directed his first film, 1:30 Train. We asked how working with visionary director Bong Joon-ho has influenced him in his capacity as a director.

“My capacity as a director,” he mused, before describing the atypical approach used by Joon-ho. “Bong will shoot the edit in his mind. There is no footage of me saying certain dialogue. He shoots the movie according to what he sees in his brain. It’s the most bold, terrifying thing I’ve ever seen any director do, but obviously it worked out.”

So is that an approach he plans to adopt? Evans laughs, “I would never be that confident, but it worked out. It’s one of those amazing things that you can do when you’re that powerful of a filmmakers.”

Sources :  1 2 3 4 5

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:58
With their new jazz duets album Cheek to Cheek due this fall, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will appear on the Today show for a little promo on Tuesday, July 29, according to NBC.

The album was first scheduled to be released back in January, but was then delayed to March. However, the two are just now nearing the completion of the recording process and are expected to premiere the lead single soon.

On Thursday, Mother Monster shared photos on Instagram from inside of a recording studio with the captions “Studio Rattin’ with the Bennett Boys” and “It’s a Standard night #CheekToCheek.”

She also wrote “Dance with me, I want my arm about you” in another photo caption, which we guess may be lyrics to a song on the album.

While her last album ARTPOP did not completely do it for me, I’m looking forward to Cheek to Cheek because Gaga’s a great jazz singer.

Be sure to tune in to Today this Tuesday between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. EST.

Source 2 3
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:57


Do you take care of your skin and wear sunscreen everyday ontd?
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 21:56

George R.R. Martin has made it clear that he won’t hear any more about his health in relation to completing his book series, or the “Game of Thrones” spinoff for HBO.  Though lots of  buzz is currently going on as fans are getting eager to know the possible premiere date of George R.R. Martin’s “Winds of Winter.”
Meanwhile, many fans believe that the occasion will also be used to make an announcement about “The World of Ice and Fire.” The book, which will narrate the never-before-seen history of the Westeros and the lands beyond, is expected to be released this October. Pre-order is also available already.
On other news, George R.R. Martin is not quite ecstatic about people’s concern that he may die before he finishes the book series. According to International Digital Times, Martin is apparently angered by the people’s comment and reaction on his health, age, and writing space.
“I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health. So f*** you to those people,” Martin expressed.
However, he said that he is trying not to pay attention to the negativity. He knows, according to the site, that no book pleases everybody and he cannot please everyone with his timetable. On a positive note, he said that the impatient reactions are good because these mean that people are looking forward to reading the book.
Ironically, he has also acknowledged that he needs to write faster to get the “Winds of Winter” release date out in time for the premiere of Season 5 of the “Game of Thrones.” The television series is based on Martin’s “The Song of Fire and Ice” book series. “Winds of Winter” is the sixth novel.
As of the moment, the release date for the book remains unclear.

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 20:09

Telltale Games really knows how to twist the knife.

The countless slings and arrows the developer has hurled at players throughout season two of "The Walking Dead" pale in comparison to what lies in store in episode four, "Amid the Ruins." This season's penultimate entry is a grim and desperate tale that lays bare the stark realities of self-preservation.

After scattering amid the chaos of the previous chapter's escape from a rival faction, Clementine's group must now battle starvation, freezing temperatures and, of course, the ever-present zombie threat. With her companions rapidly fraying under the agony of loss, rage and hopelessness, Clementine is torn between loyalty and the harsh truth that some friends can't be saved.

Other survivors pose a threat to Clementine’s group.
Other survivors pose a threat to Clementine's group. (TELLTALE GAMES)
With winter's chill just over the horizon and a baby on the way, it's clear from the outset that not everyone will make it through episode four alive.

One of the brilliant ways Telltale sells Clementine's story is by forcing players to make difficult choices with uncertain outcomes. Rather than simply being rewarded for doing the right thing, players learn time and again that even actions driven by good intentions can have fatal consequences.

It's one thing for Clementine to urge a friend onward with nothing at stake, but when softheartedness dulls her decision-making in a moment of truth, one false move will put everyone's lives at risk.

For the most part, Telltale avoids scavenging segments that break up the story by forcing Clementine to search for supplies. Doing so keeps the tension from ever truly breaking, as the focus is kept firmly on the rapidly splintering survivors.

The impending birth of Rebecca's child puts the entire group in grave danger. But even as the crucial moment is about to arrive, Clementine struggles to keep her friends from spiraling into emotional destruction.

The scars of loss manifest in many different ways -- through blinding anger and steadfast denial -- but every case could spell disaster. All the while, Clementine is reminded that there may come a moment when her survival hinges on abandoning her friends.

Episode four represents a crucial turning point in Clementine's development. We've seen her transform over the years from a helpless child to a savvy manipulator, able to talk her way through any situation.

For the first time, however, she is becoming wholly capable of fending for herself, both through strategy and combat. The question we have yet to answer is: How much has her horrific past eroded her sense of empathy? Will she become a hardened loner, determined to survive no matter what sacrifice is required? Will she remain loyal to the people who helped raise her, even as the tables turn and they become a burden in need of protection?

Find food, secure shelter, fight zombies. We've been here many times before throughout our journey in "The Walking Dead." But this time it's clear that Clementine is the group's unquestioned leader. Her decisions will dictate who lives or dies.

Another excellent mechanic of Telltale's storytelling is the ability to sell a false ending. Players see the story play out to what feels like a natural stopping point. But just as they begin to breathe a little easier, there's one final, unexpected moment of truth that irreparably shatters the uneasy peace.

Clementine spends the entirety of episode four running from one impending calamity to another, juggling too many balls and trying to hold off disaster for as long as she can. When it all finally comes crashing down, there isn't even time to think.

One split-second decision will change the group forever, leaving players desperate to see how the final chapter plays out.

Final score: 9 out of 10

kenny tho


Telltale is making a season 3 for The Walking Dead
While we wait for the last episode in season two of The Walking Dead adventure game, Telltale president Kevin Bruner and Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman have gone ahead and confirmed at Comic-Con (and on Twitter) that there will be a third season.
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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 20:09

Ben McKenzie protects pal Nina Dobrev from the paparazzi outside of Entertainment Weekly’s 2014 Comic-Con Celebration held during 2014 Comic-Con at Float at Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday evening (July 26) in San Diego, Calif.

The 25-year-old Vampire Diaries beauty and 35-year-old Gotham star then hopped into the same taxi together.

Earlier in the night, Nina was seen arriving at the bash with her co-star Kat Graham, while Ben opted to skip the carpet.

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 19:59

The ongoing war continued between the Republicans and HBO's “True Blood” during its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday when star Kristen Bauer van Straten commented on comments made by Palin about the show.

It all revolves around last week's episode in which the supernatural drama shot up an event in honor of Sen. Ted Cruz, which included referring to the guests as “assholes” and reformed Buddhist Sarah Newlin begging her mother to "ask Laura Bush to help her." It also gave Pam a high-haired and sequin dress makeover that had her exclaiming, “Oh my God, I'm a Republicunt.”

Ted Cruz weighed in, calling the episode “misogynist and profanity-ridden.” Palin then came forward and said that HBO had asked her to do a cameo. According to a channel spokesperson, they did extend the invitation to Palin via a representative but didn't hear back.

Palin said that she show aimed to insult a conservative woman in person rather than just all conservative women.

What did van Straten have to say about that? “She'll weigh in on anything,” the actress said during the panel.

The animal rights activist remembers Palin for her pro-hunting stance and referred to her as the “wolf-killer lady.”

She continued, “It's sweet many many years later that I've made her angry, I had fun doing it.”

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Date: Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 19:48

... the departing ‘View’ co-host talked about her ‘rule follower’
son on her Sirius radio show ‘Dirty Sexy Funny.’

Jenny McCarthy hosts ‘Dirty, Sexy, Funny’ on SiriusXM radio.

Jenny McCarthy’s son Evan almost got her in trouble with the cops — but she doesn’t seem to mind.

The departing “View” co-host shared the story about her 12-year-old son, whom she called a “rule follower,” on her Sirius radio show “Dirty Sexy Funny,” according to ABC News.

“We're driving in the car and of course I text and drive," she said on the radio program. "He called the police on me and said, 'My mom is texting and driving right now.' True story."

The radio host said she responded by throwing his phone out the car window. But that wasn’t the only time Evan called the police about his famous mom. When she once sneaked out of the house to smoke a cigarette, he became anxious when couldn’t find her, and so called for help.

Jenny McCarthy, left, and her son Evan at a Feb. 2014 Ringling Bros. event.

"He called 911 and said, 'I am alone in the house. My mom abandoned me,'" McCarthy said. "I go back in the house and it's 911 and they're like, 'Your child just called. Is there an emergency?' I'm like, 'What? No! Everything is fine.'"

This isn’t the first time the 41-year-old has shared stories about her son with an audience. She recently talked about her son getting bullied at summer camp on “The View.”

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