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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 03:13
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 03:13

Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Maria Hill are confirmed for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. Is Captain Marvel the fourth character?

Joss Whedon took a break from shooting the highly-anticipated Marvel Phase Two sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron to make an appearance at the London premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy. During an interview with Hey U Guys, the filmmaker revealed that his Marvel Phase Two sequel features four primary female characters.

"There are four prominent female roles in the center of the movie, and, I think, a more balanced presence throughout the movie. The guys are all there. There are more of them too. Hopefully it will satisfy everybody. I'm not trying to fulfill an agenda, but I am interested in men and women. I'm interested in grown-ups who act like children and dress like clowns and punch each other."

We know that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) are returning for the sequel, along with new cast member Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), but who is this mysterious fourth female character? The site asked if Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel will be seen on screen anytime soon, asking the director to make some sort of facial expression that hints at her involvement. After making a ridiculous face for the camera, here's what Joss Whedon had to say.

"I don't have the facial reaction you're looking for. I like her too. That's all I can say."

Producer Kevin Feige revealed back in March that Captain Marvel was being discussed internally as getting her own stand alone movie, possibly before Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. Do you think Captain Marvel may show up in Avengers: Age of Ultron before this potential stand alone movie? Who do you think this mysterious fourth female character may be in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Chime in with your thoughts below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to theaters May 1st, 2015 and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner. The film is directed by Joss Whedon.

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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 02:52

@eli_miz: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation #MyTeamBall
@dsquared2: 🐬🐳🐋Saving the wild #leonardodicapriofoundation#sttropez#dsquared
@salvo_nicosia: 🙈🙉🙊DOUBLE TROUBLE with @caradelevingne @selenagomez
@cash_and_rocket: @jbrangstrup with the stunning @selenagomez last night at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Charity Gala in St Tropez 💃🌴
@selenagomez: Thank goodness my dress was comfortable. But annoyingly long. I tripped… A lot.
@dsquared2: THE GIRLS!!!!! @caradelevingne @selenagomez wild night!!!!
@eli_miz: Thank You @fannybourdettedonon & @Dior for all the goodies!!

Sources: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

One year ago yesterday, Selena released her #1 album Stars Dance featuring the top 6, VMA winning, 3x Platinum smash Come & Get It and the Platinum hit Slow Down! Time sure flies!
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 02:52

Did the Fifty Shades of Grey movie ruin Jamie Dornan's hotness?

The highly anticipated flick's new trailer features the super-sexy 32-year-old Irish actor portraying the titular character, who's known for being clean-cut, well dressed and in control at all times. The clean-shaven, formally suited-up style of Grey is certainly a different look than Dornan's naturally scruffy and rugged appearance.

While Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) certainly prefers Grey's look, we couldn't help but wonder: is Jamie Dornan hotter au naturale or as his Christian Grey alter ago? Let's examine the evidence.

LEFT: On set filming Fifty Shades without any facial hair.

RIGHT: Dornan looking like a sexy boss while walking around London.

LEFT: Completely manscaped, zero chest hair in the film's trailer.

RIGHT: If the underwear bulge didn't catch your attention, just look at that happy trail!

LEFT: Posing intensely in the movie.

RIGHT: Posing seductively during a photo shoot, thanks to that beard.

LEFT: Dornan lamenting the loss of his sexy scruff in the rain.

RIGHT: Striking the "I'm sexy and I know it" pose in a tux.

They failed to remember his appearance in Marie Antoinette, so here it is.


I want to believe both he and Marcia Gay Harden are only doing this series for the $$$$
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 02:52

Taylor Swift and her security team have been causing even more trouble, trouble, trouble for her Rhode Island neighbors.

Onlookers exclusively tell RadarOnline.com that bodyguards for the singer, who owns a $17 million beachside mansion in Watch Hill, were harassing diners as Swift ate breakfast with two friends at Westerly eatery The Cooked Goose on Saturday morning.

“Taylor and her two friends took a table toward the back of the restaurant,” the onlooker says. “But her two security guards took a seat at the bar, eyeing the other diners like a hawk.”

As the seemingly oblivious 24-year-old noshed on eggs covered in hot sauce with a young blond woman and a dark-haired man, her guards ran around the restaurant yelling at guests who touched their cell phones.

PHOTOS: Taylor Swift Shines At The Brit Awards

“My friend took her phone out of her purse, and one of the men screamed ‘NO PICTURES!’” the diner says. “She was just checking the time!”

“There were no overzealous fans approaching her,” the source continues. “Some people didn’t notice she was there until the bodyguards created a scene.”

Before leaving, the star, dressed in a blue-checkered dress and long cream sweater with a red bow in her hair, let the help cover the bill.

PHOTOS: Taylor Swift’s $17 Million Rhode Island Home

Later in the day, the insider claims, Swift’s security blocked off a portion of Watch Hill beach so the singer could sun privately.

“They were turning people away,” fumes the source. “It’s a public beach!”

Swift has a history of creating chaos in her summer home community. Last May, Radar exclusively revealed that local residents were fuming when the star’s security turned away beachgoers from a path near her property that connected to the public beach.

PHOTOS: Stars Who’ve been Stalked

“Doesn’t Taylor Swift have a tour to be on instead of invading my town and taking away my beach?” one Watch Hill dweller tweeted.

The following month, the singer’s bodyguards were accused of harassing volunteers who were simply picking up garbage on the beach near her home.

And in December, neighbors were up in arms when Swift reportedly began building a sea wall on her property without a permit, ripping up the public beach in the process.

She spent the day out and about with a Rolling Stone reporter.

Showing him her new songs lbr.


her old rolling stone cover

radar +dm

last time she was interviewed by rolling stone she talked about the kennedys, new music and etc.  what do you think she'll talk about this time? Karlie?
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:09

In case you’re not up on your TV and movie tropes, or Happy Days trivia, the term “Jump the Shark” refers to a show or movie that was really good until a specific incident, or moment, at which point the show/movie sharply declines and just turns rotten. Specifically, the term refers to the outrageous Happy Days episode where Fonzie literally jump skis over a shark.

It’s so disappointing when you start watching a movie, things seem to be going great, the characters are good, the direction is well done, the plot is intriguing…and then it suddenly happens – Fonzie jumps that shark and you’re left wondering what the crap happened. Here are five movies that were promising at the start, and even better in the middle, but then just tanked at the end. I've tried to be relatively vague about the specifics of the crappy endings, but I’ll also throw down the obvious spoiler alert.

5. The Village

M. Night Shamalamadingdong is famous for his so-called surprise twist endings. There’s no doubt that he does a great job of building up a creepy and eerie atmosphere. This movie looks really cool and the actors are great in their roles. This is also the first movie to really showcase Bryce Dallas Howard’s acting prowess. There’s a group of villagers living in the late 19th century who live in perpetual fear of monsters who inhabit the woods surrounding the village.

The villagers have a long-standing truce with the creatures: as long as the villagers don’t venture out into the woods, the creatures won’t attack the village. Of course, there’s a twist regarding this treaty which is okay, I guess, but the movie really becomes obnoxious and pretty much pointless when the big daddy ending twist is revealed. It leaves you sitting there, just muttering, “seriously?”

3. Grease

Okay, I know I’ll probably get a bit of hate for including this one. Grease begins with so much gusto, catchy songs, awesome actors, and fun retro costumes and sets. It’s all really cool. Opposites attract as good-hearted, straight-laced Sandy Olsson connects with bad boy greaser Danny Zuko. Friction arises between the two after their blissful summer lovin’ when they’re separated by their friends and socially ascribed stereotypes, yet their attraction for one another doesn’t dissipate despite these barriers. You know they’ll find their way to one another again somehow. But then it all crashes down when the two star-crossed lovers completely sell-out and try to be what they think the other one wants (and we won’t even go into Rizzo’s preggers scare or her subsequent reunion with the deadbeat almost-baby-daddy). Despite a toe-tapping finale song, it’s a disappointing end to such a fun story.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

This lackluster ending to such an awesome trilogy was a huge disappointment. Christian Bale as Batman is always amazing, and Christopher Nolan built a deliciously dark and gritty Gotham. Finally, we had a well acted, well directed, and expertly executed Batman series that enabled audiences able to experience the helplessness of such a corrupt city. (Please, Batman Returns >>>>)
Sure, there were some plot holes in the first Batman Begins, and Bale’s throaty caper voice is a bit silly (but oh so fun to mimic), but the movie still proves to be an effective and creepy introduction to this reboot of the Dark Knight. Then, everyone was blown away with the powerhouse exchanges between Bale’s multi-faceted Batman and Ledger’s brilliant Joker. So it was disappointing when the final installment to the trilogy took Bane, who began as a compelling villain, and turned him into the silly lap dog of a boring late-reveal-twist-villain. Alfred’s sudden abandonment of Bruce is also very irksome.


I will add Full Metal Jacket's second half. What other movies you think have awful endings?
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:08

Welcome back to another installment of Hilary Duff’s Comeback Week!
One day and a handful of hours stand between us and Hilary Duff‘s comeback single “Chasing The Sun.” It’s already showing up quite well on iTunes (you can preorder it now) and is set to officially drop next Tues., July 29. As we inch closer to the pop explosion, we here at Popdust have been celebrating with a look back at Duff’s remarkable history-making career by digging into her catalog of albums and music videos.
Well, today, that continues as we plunge even further and handpick the Top 10 Songs That Should Have Been Singles.

10. “Anywhere But Here,” Metamorphosis (YouTube Source)
So much wasted potential with this searing mid-tempo track, one that has been burning up our dreams for years. We even have a treatment ready, if she ever wants to revisit this song.

9. “Shine,” Hilary Duff (YouTube Source)
Her voice has a way of making us want to fly. As one of her finest vocals to-date, this jam could have become a Hot 100 smash.

7. Happy,” Dignity (YouTube Source)
This is as pop-electronic as they come, especially in 2007.

5. “Outside Of You,” Dignity (YouTube Source)
Dude. She proved that she could handle more rock-fused melodies. The arrangement here is killer, and Hilary certainly keeps up, soaring on every note.

1. “The Getaway,” Hilary Duff (YouTube Source)
Sigh. We made so many getaways in our car (with the windows down, speakers blaring) to this song.

Source 1 2 3

Make sure you pre-order Chasing The Sun right now on iTunes!

ONTD, what are your favorite Hilary album tracks?
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:08

@jorgeastarriaga: It was great to meet Josh Hutcherson at Promenade st. Peeta Mellark in Hunger Games [x]

@wendyvallejos: Hiking with our homie

@jayobossluv: Ran into @joshhutcherson at Ralph’s , he’s one of the two stars from the “Hunger Games” ….homie was all Tha way 💯 and kool as Fuvk str8 up! Be on Tha look out for the new movie fall of this year! #joshhutcherson #hungergames #califonication

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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:07

He's indulged in his fair share of fights on the big screen over the years. So it's no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio has picked up a thing or two about martial arts. After boarding his luxury yacht on the French Riviera on Tuesday, the actor was spotted showing off his moves to his entourage as they moored off the coast of Nice.

The Oscar-nominated star was spotted kicking the air and flexing his muscles as she larked around at sea.

Leo's trip to France comes after he spent the weekend partying in Miami with a host of models. However, as he arrived on the French Riviera for his summer holiday, it looked like it was strictly boys' only.

After flying into Nice, the Great Gatsby star, 39, headed straight to the port to board a speedboat to his luxury yacht. Accompanied by some male pals and assistants, Leonardo greeted the crew as he carried on his luggage. The posse appeared to be predominantly male, with the only females on board being crewmembers. Notably absent was the actor's German model girlfriend Toni Garrn, who he was last pictured with two weeks ago.

On Friday night, the actor was spotted partying with 25 models, as well as actor pals Kevin Connolly and Lucas Haas at the Adore nightspot on South Beach. Then on Saturday, the actor and his 'harem' were spotted at the Wall five year anniversary at the W South Beach.

A source told the New York Daily News: 'It’s Swim Week, so bikini models from all over are in town. It’s just crawling with them. Leo and his guys came down specially. None of them were filming or in production; there really aren’t too many good reasons to be in Miami in July. They just came to follow the models.'

During his Miami boys' weekend he was also spotted enjoying the beach, but had noticeably filled out compared to his previously trimmer shape earlier this year.

Leo has been enjoying most of 2014 off filming after a gruelling promotional and awards circuit for The Wolf Of Wall Street.

His next role is The Revenant, based on the novel of same name by Michael Punke, which also stars Tom Hardy and Will Poulter. It's due to start filming in September.


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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:07

It came as no surprise Wednesday that Sony announced it is moving into comic book superteam territory with The Sinister Six, the Spider-Man studio's answer to Disney's Avengers, Fox's X-Men and Warner Bros.' Justice League. All are franchises that spin off "universes" of multiple movies. What came as a shock was the fact that in the process of dating Sinister Six, Sony bumped its next Amazing Spider-Man installment back by two years, from 2016 to 2018.

The unexpected move puts an unwelcome spotlight on Sony's web-slinger, once considered the most robust comic book property in Hollywood. But after this summer's disappointing Amazing Spider-Man 2 showed signs of franchise fatigue
, the Marvel superhero has moved from the fast track to the back burner. ASM3 has been shifted from June 10, 2016, to an indeterminate date in 2018 (Uncharted, based on the hit PlayStation video game, will take its place). ASM4, which was scheduled to open May 4, 2018, is off the schedule altogether, with Disney quickly scooping up the prime date for an untitled Marvel movie, likely Avengers 3.

There's no shame in $705 million at the box office. But when the film in question is part of the Spider-Man franchise — the fifth-highest-grossing film series and the most successful comic book franchise of all time — that's cause for concern on the Sony lot and for Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal, who has masterminded the franchise since it began with Spider-Man in 2002.

Spidey has been on a downward trajectory ever since the five-film franchise reached its apex in 2007, when Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 earned $891 million worldwide. Rebooted and rebranded The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, the property was put in the hands of newbie director Marc Webb, with the studio shaving nearly $30 million off the budget from Raimi's third outing. But the belt-tightening has come at a price. Amazing Spider-Man earned $758 million, while May's follow-up has topped out at a disappointing $201 million domestically, earning a far more heartening $504 million internationally (including $94.4 million in China).

"If I could sum up in one thought the reason [for the slide], it's competition," a Sony source says. "Captain America being out a month before us domestically might have, to some extent, satisfied the pent-up demand for a superhero movie. And there was a lot of competition after we opened as well." But reviews for Amazing Spider-Man 2 were lukewarm (just 53 percent fresh on Rottentomatoes), and some fans have complained that the "reimagined" Spider-Man movies are too similar to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films they rebooted. Webb has taken his share of blame, as have go-to tentpole writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who ended their longtime partnership days before Amazing Spider-Man 2's release. Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone remain largely unscathed, though Stone won't be back for a third outing (those who saw the movie know why). Jamie Foxx, whose Electro appears to die in AS2, likely won't return either for AS3 — but he might for The Sinister Six, which is set for a Nov. 11, 2016, release.

If competition proved to be Peter Parker's biggest obstacle in 2014, he was poised to face an even more daunting 2016. Within four weeks of ASM3's original June 10 release date, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America 3 and X-Men: Apocalypse all are slated to hit theaters. With that lineup of foes, Sony decided it needed more time to help the superhero reclaim his mojo. (Garfield will be at least 34 years old before his next scheduled appearance in a Spider-Man movie.)

"They are trying to build a global brand, and the property is still quite strong in a lot of the key overseas markets," says Phil Contrino, vp/chief analyst for BoxOffice.com, noting India, the U.K. and China as bright spots. "When it comes to rebooting a franchise, you're never more than one movie away from really breaking out. The potential is still there for this version of Spider-Man." Privately, Sony admits it is seeking to freshen the brand but has no major overhaul plans, with Webb expected to return to complete the trilogy (as Raimi did with the first three films).

But if ever there was a year that Sony needed a Spider-Man on the upswing, it's 2014, following last year's dismal summer, which included box-office duds After Earth and White House Down -- and immediate calls for cost-cutting. In May, Sony Corp. CEO Kaz Hirai made clear that the climate of austerity would continue and promised that Sony Pictures would slash $300 million by the end of the fiscal year that runs through March 2016. Days later, Sony Corp. made the unusual move of promoting Nicole Seligman to the role of entertainment president. She will report to Sony Entertainment chairman and CEO Michael Lynton but not to Pascal. Longtime marketing-distribution head Jeff Blake will exit Aug. 1.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 crossing the $500 million mark overseas meant it was on par with Spider-Man 3's foreign performance. It also outperformed Man of Steel's $668 million in 2013. Still, the domestic haul is troubling and must be considered a factor in the delay.
"I would have liked Amazing Spider-Man 2 to make a lot more money for us than it did, but it made a lot of money for us anyway," Pascal said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter A source said the film's final tally fell $100 million below internal predictions. It opened to a solid $91 million but dropped a staggering 61 percent in its second frame (the second-week drop has been seen across the board with the exception of Planet of the Apes). "It's part of how brutal the summer can be," Contrino says. "You open to whatever you open to, and then you just get gutted. Spider-Man opened, and then the following week Neighbors took a chunk out of it. Then Godzilla. Then X-Men. Before you know it, you've run out of gas really quickly."


What do you think about waiting 4 years for the next Spidey installment?
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:06

Time for a brand new series from Marvel for a character who has probably deserved her own comic for quite a while now… Storm!

X-Men and to a lesser extent, Black Panther haven’t been my most read titles; however, this is a brand new series and I’m hoping it’ll tell me all I need to know about her. Plus, it’s got Greg Pak writing and Victor Ibanez drawing and that’s always a good thing! Is it though? Is it good?

Meet Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm. She is a mutant, a princess, headmistress for some school for the gifted you might have heard about, and was once a queen at some point in time (which people don’t seem to like talking about).

Now, she is out and about stopping a gigantic tsunami from wiping out a village and then dealing with international politics. She then gets to deal with some school politics revolving around a student codenamed Flourish/Creep. She lives an interesting life, doesn’t she?

Storm #1 does what a good first issue should do: it presents a main character, who’s fleshed out and likeable, and gives you a reason to care about them. Storm is fantastic and well presented in the book; she’s very likeable, wise, caring, has strong values and beliefs, but isn’t without her character flaws. Flaws are important, since they help us connect more with the character and makes them feel more human to us. (And also steers them away from Mary Sue status.) As such, Storm herself is great here because writer Greg Pak really gets her, so fans of the character should be able to love this book. Plus, new people not as familiar should come away liking her as well.

Story-wise, I would compare this to Black Widow or She-Hulk’s first issue. It’s a simple done-in-one that’s more about establishing the main character to the audience and getting them to like the lead rather than starting an epic tale or pushing boundaries that main character happens to be a part of. This whole issue is about getting to the heart of who Storm is and how she views or deals with situations. For what it does, it does very well and it leaves me interested in seeing more adventures with her. Hopefully, we get some bigger stories as time goes on, but for right now, this was a good start.

Greg Pak’s writing is good overall. The pacing is good, the story structure is well constructed, and the dialogue and narration feature some good lines. I did like the touch of humor now and then in some scenes. The ending was also done well and left off on a good note (hopefully, that character will appear again in the future). All in all, it was a well put-together book.

The artwork by Victor Ibanez is pretty good overall. The artist really captures the grace and sophistication of Storm, along with her powers and emotions, without over sexualizing her. The rest of the cast looks good as well, though they become less detailed the farther they are in the back.

Storm’s powers and actions look splendid and well done, the coloring looked good, and the layouts were easy to follow (one page looked a bit off though). Ibanez at one time drew a few issues of Swamp Thing and you can definitely see some of the skill with how he drew plant life and plant-like powers being transferred here to the elemental nature of Storm. Good to know he hasn’t lost his touch.

Is It Good?

Storm #1 is a great start for this new series and perfect for fans of the character, since the writer really understands and captures Storm’s character very well. The writing is solid and the artwork overall looks fantastic. If you love the character or have a passing interest in her, definitely give the comic a shot. This is just what you are looking for.


To those who read it: what did y'all think? I enjoyed it but there was one scene that seemed ooc to me. Also what did you guys pick up today? I picked up Saga, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Velvet, Afterlife with Archie, Batman, and of course, Storm. My shop also handed out the free Batman comic and the special edition bags.
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:05

Ask yourself this question. Is there any more room on television for another reality-TV show featuring black people? Well according to Lifetime there is. This show isn’t aiming to be the stereotypical reality show featuring hip-hop love triangles and sex tapes. Nor will it feature NBA groupies turned baby mommas, turned housewives, turned whatever else TV is known to throw at you. What will it feature?
Supposedly Lifetime rounded up a group of friends who call themselves “BAPs,” and documented their sophisticated lifestyles. Not to mention horrible weaves. As much as the hype is about how educated and sophisticated these people are, the trailer also eluded to fights and arguments, so it doesn’t exactly remove itself from the likes of all the other reality-TV shows out there. If I were giving it stars or thumbs up, it’ll definitely get one star and two thumbs down. The last thing TV needs is yet another reality-TV show.

BAPs premieres tonight on the Lifetime network at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


who watched?? i loved it. personally i think it epitomized the city of St Louis. just a bunch of messy people bragging about their "elite" high school education and fighting about who drives a nicer leased car.
Author: "--" Tags: "reality show, race / racism"
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:39
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mayim Bialik, star of The Big Bang Theory, whose rather innocuous Tweets expressing concern and affection for her loved ones Israel with a mere “Shabbat Shalom” drew fire in the current sensitive environment leading her to observe bitterly in a Tweet that “apparently wishing a happy sabbath to my family and friends and people in Israel constitutes being a baby killer....”

She added a point in a Sunday post on her Facebook page: “If you hate me for being Jewish or a supporter of the right of Israel to exist, kindly post on pages that support your opinions rather than trying to bully me and other people who are Jewish. I'm sorry there is so much hatred and miseducation but we won't fix it by name calling Jewish celebrities, I promise. God bless America for letting us have our own opinions and God bless Israel for allowing Jews to have a home. I pray for a peaceful state for Palestinians who also seek peace and want to pursue it. Not sure there is more to say.

1 & 2 & 3
Author: "--" Tags: "the big bang theory (cbs), politics"
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:39

Rock of real ambition and history can never just be about nostalgia. For Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden, the push forward continues decades after each band emerged from disparate underground rock scenes. And now the pair have teamed for their first co-headlining tour, which opened last night in Las Vegas, at the AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Borrowing the venue's big stage for a night from Britney Spears' ongoing residency at the 4,600-capacity room, NIN and Soundgarden took fans backward and into the new and unknown well beyond the radio hits.

NIN's set began with Trent Reznor suddenly marching alone to a bare, starkly lit stage with no fanfare or introduction. Standing beside a light stand with a single burning bulb, the band leader leaned hard into a sequencer, looking like he was back to playing industrial warehouse parties. But the song was "Copy of A," an urgent new track from last year's Hesitation Marks album.

One by one, the rest of the band joined him, pounding at their instruments, their shadows looming large and ominous against the white curtain behind them. It was just the opening scene from a night of increasingly intense and complex stagecraft.

To relentless, clattering electro beats and a bass line played by Ilan Rubin, Reznor railed of obsession on 1989's "Sanctified": "I am justified, I am purified, I am sanctified, inside you..." On the latest album's "Came Back Haunted," Reznor nearly doubled over in desperation as he grabbed the mic with both hands, shouting of compulsion and its consequences. (For much of the night, Rubin switched to drums, pounding like Dave Grohl at full throttle.)

As he sang 1994's wounded and defiant "Piggy" at the foot of the stage, a crew member held a light close to Reznor's face during a gospel-like hum on synths. "Nothing can stop me now," sang Reznor, who then played a piano melody in the playfully broken style of essential Bowie (and NIN) sideman Mike Garson. On 1989's "Terrible Lie," Reznor sang nearly a cappella before erupting with a storm of guitar and electronics.

"As you may have noticed, some things are fucking up up here," Reznor said during a pause in the tour's opening night set, but so much was going right, it was hard to tell what exactly was so wrong. He also noted that this would be Nine Inch Nails' last tour "for a long time."

Fans shouted along as loudly to non-radio hits, but the set-closing "Hurt" cut especially deep, as Reznor sang his words of self-loathing and broken humanity accompanied by images of dangerous animals mingled with footage of nuclear explosions, executions and concentration camps. It was a fittingly bleak and timeless message for a terrible week around the globe.

Earlier, Soundgarden began their set with the slash and grind of 1991's "Searching With My Good Eye Closed," with Kim Thayil riffing deep into the grunge as Ben Shepherd wandered the aisles with his bass, and red storm clouds roiled across the big screen. It was molten rock with a postpunk sensibility, a sound that two decades before had epitomized a new voice and generation.

"When we started as a band almost 30 years ago, and we started writing songs that were a little bit moody and depressing to a lot of people — that somehow caught on and there was a whole generation of people that understood how we felt," singer Chris Cornell told the crowd. "Right now, dance music is really popular and people like to have fun when they listen to music and have a positive outlook. That's great, but it doesn't seem like the world is better. We all have our own way of dealing with it."

The intervening years were nowhere in his voice or presence, still rock god trim in long hair and goatee, his wail on a tense "Spoonman" sharp and muscular. To his right was Thayil, in a Mastodon T-shirt and a cap pulled over his ponytail, leaning into his amps for blasts of melody and feedback. Thunderous beats were delivered by Matt Chamberlain, filling in for Matt Cameron, currently on the road for his other job, Pearl Jam.

Not surprisingly, the heart of Soundgarden's set were songs from Superunknown, the band's multi-platinum breakthrough album in 1994, which they've performed in full (and in order) at least twice this year in celebration of its 20th anniversary reissue. But on Saturday, the band was more alive and better paced with a mixed, wider-ranging set stretching from its late-Eighties grunge birth to their 2012 reunion album, King Animal.

"Fell on Black Days" shimmered with a darkness appropriate to real world events now and forever, closing with a blast of staccato guitar from Thayil. Also from Superunknown came the Sabbath grime of "Let Me Drown," a sweeping atmospheric "Like Suicide" and a "My Wave" as heavy as it was melodic, equally ready for the arena and pop radio.

"Black Hole Sun" unfurled with Cornell in silhouette plucking the grim opening melody on his guitar, his voice rising as the big screen depicted open fields of nature slowly overtaken by gray industrial blight. There were hints of Spanish guitar within the speedy flurry of notes in Thayil's ascending patterns on "A Thousand Days Before" (from King Animal), as Cornell led a wail and response with the crowd, swaying to the music, carrying the mic stand with him.

Soon after, Soundgarden closed with 1988's "Beyond the Wheel," as Shepherd dug deeper into the groove, crouching with his bass and clawing at the strings. When a crew member ran to him, Shepherd shoved him back, then kicked over one of his own monitors, before pushing over his wall of amps and exiting. Thayil ignited an undulating storm of feedback and waved goodbye as the noise continued, still roaring decades after it began.

Roll call! Who's going??

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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:39

If Bravo producers are looking to add more drama to the prime time, quasi-reality show soap opera that is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Just a week after PEOPLE learned that Days of Our Lives alum Lisa Rinna will appear in the Bravo series, a source says that Eileen Davidson is now set to join her soap opera star pal next season on the reality show.

Davidson will join a Season 5 group that also includes the recently added Lisa Rinna, who like Davidson also logged considerable time on NBC soap opera and holdovers Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster.

The new additions will take the place of former housewives Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud.

While Davidson, 55, and Rinna, 51, might be newbies when it comes to the Housewives franchise, this won't be the first time they've appeared together on television.

Davidson first got her start on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives in 1993 when she starred as the villainous Kristen DiMera alongside Lisa Rinna, who played Billie Reed from 1992 to 1995. Both actresses later returned to reprise their roles on the NBC series.

Bravo has yet to officially confirm whether Davidson is joining the cast.

It's not clear how Rinna and Davidson would mesh with the remaining cast, but something tells us they know a thing or two about scripted soaps.

Tamra & Lizzie Fight At RHOC Reunion!

The Real Housewives of Orange County taped their reunion last week and RumorFix has the inside scoop.

A source close to the show told our Real Mr. Housewife, “Tamra Judge puts Lizzie Rovsek in her place for lying and trying to turn the whole cast against her.”

Fans of RHOC may be wondering what went wrong? Well this is where the SPOILER ALERT comes in play. If you don’t want to know what happens in upcoming episodes — don’t read the rest of this article.

If you don’t mind, here we go:

In an upcoming episode, viewers will see the drama began when Tamra didn’t attend Lizzie’s birthday party. Our source says, “Lizzie got pissed at Tamra for not attending. Tamra’s daughter was sick that evening, so she missed the party. But, Lizzie spent the rest of the season trying to get Tamra back by making her look bad. She even went as far as to yell at Tamra ‘You’re just jealous because Eddie wants to fuck me’ in front of the cast. She did this off-camera, but then later denied it when Tamra brought it up on camera.”

An insider says Lizzie brought the drama because she was warned her storyline was boring and she might not be invited back next season.

Bravo doesn’t comment on spoilers. And, Tamra and Lizzie won’t comment about the show’s storyline.

Don't Be Tardy to Change Time Slots!

Don’t be tardy for Don’t be Tardy’s new time!

The Bravo hit is switching up its timeslot, but don’t worry — it’s not going far.
The show, which usually airs on Thursday nights, is getting a new weekend timeslot, and we’re sure plenty of fans will want to show up for this party!

“Let's celebrate!!!! Don't be Tardy second episode airs THIS Thursday 9/8c and episode 3 airs Sunday after RHONJ! 9/8c,” the show’s star, Kim Zolciak, announced via Instagram.

While it’s not moving too far away from its original slot, the show, which currently airs after new hit Married to Medicine, is getting some good company, with the Real Housewives of New Jersey serving as a dramatic lead-in to Kim and Kroy’s family hijinks.

Based on what we’ve seen of the show so far, it looks as though it’s going to be one epic season, with the couple kicking things off by drinking placenta-laced smoothies

The couple, who welcomed twins Kane and Kaia at the beginning of the show’s most recent season, may have plenty of tricks up their sleeve, but adding to their family isn’t among them.

“My priority is my kids. They just consume my life. I want to focus on getting them off and into school,” Kim tells People. “It’s chaotic.”

Sonja Promoted To Casting Director Of RHONY!

Just call Sonja Morgan Bravo’s newest casting director! Now that the show famous for the plastic surgeries of its leading ladies is getting a major facelift of it own next season in the Big Apple, Morgan is personally on the hunt for new co-stars, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

“Sonja is a favorite of the network right now,” a source told Radar, “so executives have been talking about developing a new cast around her. And she’s actively looking and bringing friends in right now.”

As Radar previously reported, the Real Housewives of New York City will be getting a makeover in Season Seven, and it looks like the feisty blonde cougar could be the only one being spared the axe.

Even Ramona Singer’s marriage meltdown may not be able to save her, the insider said.

“Ramona is the one most likely on chopping block. There’s not much more they can do to her,” added the source. “Her storyline is creating a show that reminds the fans of what it is not.”

Two years ago, the hit franchise had the biggest cast shakeup in its TV history with four of its stars fired, including Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop. Now, next season could be the real game-changer.

“The New York Housewives franchise has lost its feel,” continued the source. “They wanted to keep some nostalgia to the show, which is why they kept Sonja and Ramona. But even with the new cast it’s not fresh and it’s a problem. It’s not working.”

Besides Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman, and part-timer LuAnn de Lesseps possibly getting the boot for not enough drama, Radar has learned Aviva Drescher could be on her way out for being too dramatic.

“The network is not happy with Aviva. She is a super diva!” added the source, even though Drescher has vowed she’ll be back. “She makes all kinds of demands and doesn’t do all things they require her to do. She thinks she’s Jennifer Lopez.”

“They are 100 percent revamping it because it’s not performing and the new characters aren’t translating,” the source said. “So they’re looking at everyone and all options.”

sources: WetPaint, RadarOnline, People, RumorFix
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:39
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:16
Mark Salling, 31, is dating Disney star Denyse Tontz, 19

Move aside Naya, there's another gleeful love update!

Mark Salling has a new girlfriend in his life. The Glee actor, 31, is dating 19-year-old Disney star and singer Denyse Tontz, the actor confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. According to an insider, the relationship is very new and "they are hitting it off."

"Denyse is talented and beautiful on the inside and out," Salling tells Us exclusively. "I look forward to getting to know her more and making magic."

The new couple was first introduced by Tontz's producer, the source adds. They bonded through each other's music and are even considering a possible collaboration.

Earlier this month, Salling posted a snapshot of the twosome sitting beachside with a male pal. "Musical beach shenanigans with @sincerelydenyse and The Mill," the actor-singer captioned the photo on July 9. The pair sat close in the adorable picture, as Salling held onto his wooden guitar.

Tontz is best-known for her work in Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush from 2009 to 2013. She's also appeared in All My Children, Disney's Dog With a Blog, Workaholics, Dallas, and Melissa & Joey.

Salling was briefly linked to his Glee costar Naya Rivera back in 2010. The relationship fizzled when the actress keyed his Lexus in a jealous rage after finding out he was seeing other girls. "It's hard to call it infidelity when they weren't officially together!" one pal told Us. (As previously reported, Rivera secretly tied the knot with actor Ryan Dorsey in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on July 19. The date was her original wedding date to rapper and ex-fiance Big Sean.)

Last January, Salling's ex-girlfriend Roxanne Gorzela filed a lawsuit alleging that the FOX star committed sexual battery. Salling said at the time that there was no truth to the claim.


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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 03:05

Unrequited love may just be the forte of country crooner Taylor Swift. In fact, the 24-year old shared advice on this type of love on her Instagram account. Swift claims "unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind."
Most of Taylor Swift's love songs aren't always about break ups and heartache. Most of them talk about the unrequited type of love. Obviously, all these stem from Swift's experiences on love which not only make her one heck of a songwriter but a future love advice-giver.

In fact, Swift has already started giving out advice on love. A "Swiftie" named Hannah reached out to Taylor on Instagram where she talked about the current love of her life whom ironically has a girlfriend.

"a guy who's sweet and charming and makes me laugh. A guy who said sorry for eating in front of me after finding out I had to skip breakfast...A guy who was my first best friend," writes Hannah with the Instagram username, SherbetSwift.

"@taylorswift can you give me some advice maybe. I love you," continued Hannah.

Leave it to Taylor to share her wisdom on "unrequited love."

"True love isn't the kind that lasts forever or is fully realized," shared Swift, adding, "I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It's just as crushing and just as thrilling. No matter what happens in this situation, I want you to remember that what you are doing is selfless and beautiful and kind."

Taylor then adds that one day Hannah would find someone who would love her in an equal, selfless way. Apart from inspiring her fans with her songs, Swift has once again inspired and enlightened her "Swifties" on true and unrequited love.

As for Swift, hopefully the same kind of selfless, equal love may also be given to her one day. For one, the country crooner has had a number of messy relationships with the latest being One Direction's Harry Styles. Harry and Taylor dated for a swift period with the latter ending up in heartbreak.


here's a bop remix i found to keep us satiated til new music in august<3
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Date: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 02:46

It’s no secret that the numbers surrounding women in cinema are dismal. Melissa Silverstein’s Women and Hollywood recently reported that only 74 of the 271 people invited to join the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences this year were women. We also know that for every 15 or so male directors, there is just one female director. At the same time, filmmakers of all genders continue to explore new representations of women in cinema. We thought it was time to revisit some essential feminist films (a few classics and several, perhaps, unexpected picks) that deconstruct gender identity, explore issues pertinent to women and their history, and challenge the patriarchy. These films, directed by women and men, have broadened the scope of female representation in cinema.

40. Ai zai bie xiang de ji jie (Farewell China), Clara Law
Hong Kong award winner Farewell to China, scripted by frequent collaborator/partner Eddie Fong and starring the great Maggie Cheung, explores Asian displacement in America. Director Clara Law spoke about the dark origins of the film in a 2010 interview:

"I did a lot of research on how Chinese families live in New York. I heard about lots of success stories, but I also heard lots of stories about women having psychological or mental problems. It’s probably because they don’t have to work. They stay home and they become very lonely. As their children grow up and start speaking English to them, they feel very rejected and abandoned, and lots of them developed mental problems. A lot of women committed suicide. There are lots of stories that we’ve heard about. I didn't make a connection with these women in our films until now."

31. Morvern Callar, Lynne Ramsay
“Morvern Callar is ultimately about the grieving process, though some viewers are understandably frustrated by a central character who gives off so little emotion and invites so little sympathy. Why should we care?” Scott Tobias of A.V. Club asked, before suggesting: “Well, maybe because Morvern is right to feel burned by the bloody mess her boyfriend has left behind. And maybe because characters don’t have to be sympathetic to be compelling.” Especially women.

21. Orlando, Sally Potter
Our own Judy Berman recently highlighted Tilda Swinton’s performance in Potter’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s satirical text that explores gender and artistic subjectivity, a project that was ambitious in both form and content:

"Although it’s far more straightforward a narrative than most of her work, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando still presents one major challenge for the big screen: its protagonist is a nobleman in Elizabethan England who lives a life that spans centuries, and is suddenly transformed into a woman midway through it. Tilda Swinton may be the only (allegedly) human actor equipped to play the role of such a regal, mysterious androgyne, and her performance in this adaptation — also a breakthrough for director Sally Potter — became her signature."

6. Daughters of the Dust, Julie Dash
Julie Dash directed the first feature film by an African-American woman distributed theatrically in the United States in 1991 — a stunningly captured look at three generations of Gullah women off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia in 1902.

1. Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, Chantal Akerman
The New York Times described Chantal Akerman’s imposing, languid opus and feminist breakthrough — about a widowed housewife and mother who prostitutes herself to survive — as the “first masterpiece of the feminine in the history of the cinema.” Ivone Margulies’ Criterion essay elaborates on the movie’s feminist framework:

"In its structural delineation of a link between two prescribed female roles — domestic and sexual, the mother and the whore — the film engages broadly with a feminist problematic, one that takes into account also a woman’s alienation, her labor, and her dormant violence. . . . Many in the avant-garde felt vindicated that this narrative topically addressing women’s issues was so plainly indebted to pure experiments with duration and series. Akerman’s representation of a concrete, defamiliarized everyday was a defining feat."

the rest listed at the source
(definitely worth reading through, NOT A SLIDESHOW!)
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