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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 04:15

It would look A LOT like this.

This gem was created by Nacho Punch, the brains behind the Star Wars Anime. The Patronus Charm is really pretty great. Well done.

Source #1, Source #2
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 04:15

Bryan Singer accuser names three others in Hollywood 'paedophile ring'

The 31-year-old man who last week sensationally named Hollywood heavyweight producer Bryan Singer in a child sex lawsuit has filed three more civil lawsuits against powerful Hollywood figures.

The three named today are former 20th Century Fox television boss Garth Ancier, former Disney television boss David Neuman and Broadway producer and Universal and Six Flags theme park designer Gary Goddard.

"Somebody has to stand up to these people," the alleged victim, Michael Egan, told a packed press conference in Los Angeles. "You can't change the stigma that exists in this world against childhood sexual abuse unless someone talks about it."

Egan spoke out last week, accusing Singer, a prominent Hollywood producer, of a series of sexual assaults that occurred when Egan was aged 15 through to 17.

Egan's lawyer Jeff Herman said the assaults took place at a private LA estate which played host to parties attended by high-profile Hollywood figures and "underaged boys, including Mike [Egan]".

At those parties the young men were "given drugs, they were given alcohol, sometimes they were threatened, sometimes they were given gifts and promised roles in movies; what we call being groomed," Herman said on Monday, US time.

Herman said the subjects of the four lawsuits are part of a "ring" of powerful Hollywood figures who were "participants" in the parties, and had sexually assaulted Egan.

Herman said there were allegations which touched on a number of other figures, but the four names so far were the only four connected to parties in Hawaii as well as Los Angeles. The connection to Hawaii is significant, as it is the jurisdiction in which the lawsuits have been filed.

No criminal charges have been laid against any of the four named.

Egan's mother, Bonnie Mound, attended the press conference to support her son and delivered an explosive and emotional criticism of the difficulties she faced for the past 14 years in trying to make people, including law enforcement agencies, act on her son's claim.

She told the press conference that she had first discovered her son was a victim of sexual abuse when he was 17 years old, but that her subsequent pleas for help — to the LAPD, FBI and various media outlets including 60 Minutes and the Oprah Winfrey Show — were ignored.

Despite interviews with the police and federal agencies, nothing was done, she said. A single journalist attempted to write a story for a magazine, she said, but the story was abandoned after pressure from the Hollywood establishment.

"There is talk that Mike is here for his 15 minutes of fame; do you call this fame?" Mound said, breaking down in tears. "This isn't fame. What part of this is fame?

"Sitting here ... do you think we like it? It's not about money, it's about disarming these paedophiles who use their wealth and power to escape justice," she said.

Herman said the lawsuit was simply about "grown men sexually abusing children".

Asked by a reporter why she had not noticed her son was being sexually abused over a period of two years, Egan's mother responded with a mixture of rage and raw emotion.

"Do you have any teenagers? Do they tell you everything?" she pressed the reporter.

"Do they tell you when these paedophiles have knives at their throats, stick guns in their mouths, have a bodyguard stand above their head and say they're going to snap heir neck, put them underwater till they about drown, lock them in a [gun] safe till they can't breathe?

"Then tell me, would your teenager tell you or would they be petrified? Would they be scared out of their mind when they have threatened death to them and our family? Then you think about it. I hope you never have to go through what we've gone through. I hope not."

Singer's lawyer, Martin Singer — no relation — responded to his client's lawsuit last week with a statement in which he said the claims were "completely fabricated".

He also said he would bring a claim of malicious prosecution against Egan and Herman.

On Monday, Herman accused Singer's camp of intimidation.

"I am not going to be bullied. I am not intimidated by those kinds of statements," Herman told the press conference. "And I will continue to file cases on behalf of victims of sex abuse.

"To all the victims who hear these threats and feel its not safe for them [to come forward], I want them to know it's safe for them, it's safe to come forward," Herman said.

Herman said the four lawsuits were filed after more than six months of investigation.

Herman is one of the most respected advocates for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in the US, notably representing hundreds of victims of clergy sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church.

The case has triggered a mixed reaction in Hollywood, generating coverage from many media outlets but cautious coverage from others, particular media outlets which have either have connections to or depend on the Hollywood studio infrastructure to operate.

Herman said the case was "a watershed moment for Hollywood".

"We're going to look back on these cases and see this opened up a number of victims feeling safe about coming forward," he said.

Herman said he had been contacted by dozens of victims who have alleged abuse by different perpetrators, including studio executives, managers, directors and producers.

"This is something I anticipate will expand. I will continue, as appropriate, to file cases and expose the predators."

Hollywood 'paedophile ring': Garth Ancier denies sex abuse claims

A former Fox television executive says he has proof that he couldn't have sexually abused a teenager, who as a man has now gone public with claims of a Hollywood sex ring.

A former Fox television executive has denied allegations that he sexually abused a teen through a sex ring involving underage children.

Louise Ann Fernandez, a lawyer for Garth Ancier, said all the allegations made by Michael Egan III in a federal lawsuit filed in Hawaii are untrue. Fernandez said Ancier has never visited the estate in Hawaii where Egan claims he was molested.

"We are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented," Fernandez said.
Egan made similar allegations last week when he sued X-Men director Bryan Singer.

Ancier and two other executives were sued Monday. The lawsuits say Egan was forced into sex during parties in California and Hawaii when he was 15 to 17 years old. Egan is now 31.

Ancier was a founding programmer at Fox who later created programming for The WB and was a top executive at NBC Entertainment. Egan also sued theatre producer Gary Wayne Goddard and David A Neuman, a former television executive with Current TV and Disney.

Alan Grodin, an lawyer for Goddard, said the lawsuit has no merit.

Neuman could not be reached for comment. Phone numbers associated with him have been disconnected, and he did not immediately respond to a message sent through the social networking site LinkedIn.

The lawsuits were filed in Hawaii under a law that temporarily suspends the statute of limitations in civil sex abuse cases. None of the men has been criminally charged, and the statute of limitations for any such charges has passed.

Singer's lawyer, Marty Singer, has denied the director abused Egan and called the allegations defamatory.

Egan claims he was lured into a sex ring run by a former digital entertainment company executive with promises of auditions for acting, modelling and commercial jobs. He was put on the company's payroll as an actor and forced to have sex with adult men at parties within Hollywood's entertainment industry, the lawsuit said.

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 04:02

There was a period of time a while back when it felt as though movies based on video games were being announced every second day, to the point where I simply stopped caring and openly wondered whether a single one would actually make it to cinemas. As an experiment, Kotaku Australia publisher Danny Allen decided to collate a list of all the 'video game movies' currently in production. It is insane. Brace yourself. This is a long list.

But first, a disclaimer. Danny informs me that this list was produced based on an exhaustive search of every movie related rumour he could possibly find. Some could be legit, some could be based on complete hearsay. Some are super early in production, some are close to release.

Me, I just find some of the games on this list hilarious. A Gran Turismo movie? Really?

Here it is, in no particular order!

Metal Gear Solid Movie (Sony / Colombia)

Care Factor? Yeah, I could get behind this, although story is probably the weakest part of the MGS series.
Chances Of Getting Made? This has been rumored forever. I don't think it'll ever see the light of day.

Dead Island [Lions Gate]

Care Factor? Only if it delivers on that trailer that turned out to be empty fluff.
Chances Of Getting Made? Nope. No chance.

RollerCoaster Tycoon (Sony Pictures)

Care Factor? Hahahahahahahaha! Oh man, this list is crazy.
Chances Of Getting Made? No way. Just no way.

Devil May Cry (Sony Screen Gems)

Care Factor? If they go all out and make this camp as hell — count me in.
Chances Of Getting Made? Don't think it'll ever get made.

complete list at the source
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 04:02

Our view of the coming Star Wars cast is getting better: instead of a big dark blur, we see a big bright blur.

Although pretty much every breathing actor or actress in Hollywood has been rumored for a role in the new trilogy of Star Wars films, Disney studio boss Alan Horn says they are finally getting close to revealing who will be populating that far, far away galaxy.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the chairman of the Walt Disney Studios teased and tantalized without saying a whole lot: Casting, he said, is “almost complete. We’re not prepared to announce it yet, but we will be very shortly announcing what we’re doing.”

Girls star Adam Driver is among those who is definitely in the movie, sources close to the films tell EW, although the studio and Lucasfilm is waiting for closer to the start of principal photography before confirming the slate of stars. Expect to see some totally new actors joining the line-up, as well as familiar stars from the original trilogy — although that is hardly surprising. Director J.J. Abrams has expressed a desire to blend this new series with the original one.

Horn also acknowledged that some filming is underway already, although it seems to be more visual string-gathering by secondary photography crews: “We haven’t commenced the main part of principle photography yet,” Horn said. “We did some second unit work in Abu Dhabi and other places because we have all these locations we have to film, and we have to give it that Star Wars-ian look – if I can use that as an adjective. So we need to go to different places that give us the right look and feel.”

Star Wars: Episode VII is set to open on Dec. 18, 2015, although every previous Star Wars film has premiered in the spring. Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman asked if the following movies would stick to that winter spot. “We’re not sure yet,” Horn said. “The other Star Wars dates have been May, and we may revert to that at some point. But it depends on the readiness of the screenplays and where we are.”

The studio also has announced plans to do at least two spin-off films that are separate from the new trilogy, and will release them in the years between trilogy installments. After Disney CEO Robert Iger confirmed those projects, sources close to them told EW they will be a young Han Solo film, set before the events of 1977′s Star Wars: A New Hope, and a saga about Boba Fett and his rival bounty hunters, set either right before or after The Empire Strikes Back.

There is so much space junk floating around regarding rumors of the new Star Wars films that the trick now is filtering out the truth from the falsehoods. Those who believe too much, too soon should heed the words of The Emperor:

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 03:47

If you're a fan of "Fargo," you will love "Fargo." And if you never saw the film, you will still love "Fargo." The wickedly good television adaptation of the Coen brothers' cult classic film returns to FX tonight, after drawing rave reviews from critics and fans in its debut last week.

So why should you reserve valuable Tuesday TV time for this "homespun murder story"? Here's just a few reasons:

Billy Bob's big baddie
Unlike the recent spate of TV anti-heroes — "Breaking Bad's" Walter White, "Mad Men's" Don Draper, etc. — there is nothing remotely sympathetic about Billy Bob Thornton's Lorne Malvo. He is bad to the bone, a killer without mercy or even a real identity. But it's hard not to root for him, because he also delivers a lot of vigilante justice. He doesn't much value human life, but unlike Dexter, he doesn't relish killing per se. What he clearly does enjoy is making mischief, whether it's convincing a disgruntled minimum-wager to urinate in his boss's gas tank or persuading Lester Nygaard to kill his wife.

Introducing Allison Tolman
"Fargo" will launch the career of Tolman, whose smart, scrappy police deputy Molly Solverson is the TV series' version of Marge Gunderson — without the baby bump or the promotion she deserves. Frances McDormand won an Oscar for her role as the very pregnant Brainerd police chief, and we can expect great things from Solverson after "Fargo's" 10-episode first season. (If the series is renewed, it will probably be reinvented with a new cast, characters and setting, like HBO's "True Detective" anthology.) With Molly on the case, Lester Nygaard doesn't stand a chance.

Hat tips to the Coen brothers
"Fargo" isn't a retelling or even really an adaptation of the original, but it is very much a love letter to the Coen brothers' 1996 movie. Embracing the filmmakers' black humor and the collision of violent criminals and ordinary folks, the show features numerous nods to the original film: Malvo is a unique creation but echoes Peter Stormare's laconic killer Gaear; the title card disclaimer "This is a true story" is a lie, just as it was in the film; and while the leading lady isn't pregnant, the sheriff's wife is. (We'll never see eggshell paint cans again without sniffling.) In addition, Lester's missing car, a prostitute who serviced a criminal turns into a key witness and a windshield ice scraper that marks the spot (in a wonderfully-altered way) of a buried suitcase of cash are among many other tributes to the best picture nominee.

"Fargo" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. The pilot can be found on iTunes or Amazon Prime.


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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 03:37

A Lea Michele Post, Table of Contents:
With hunky hipster co-star for the music video and glorious nip slip (censored, ya pervs)
Stepping out
Singing faces + sneak preview

Sources: 1, 2, 3
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 03:15

Marc Cherry says he learned a thing or two from his eight seasons running Desperate Housewives, the first being, “Know what your second season is before you write your first season.”

“I very much plotted everything with an eye to what I was going to do in the second season,” Cherry said of Devious during the TCA Winter Press Tour. “When I did Desperate, I was just trying to get through that first season. And, boy, when I started Season 2, I didn’t know what was going on. What’s been lovely about this show is I learned a lot of tough lessons the hard way in the eight years that we were doing ‘Desperate.’”

One thing Cherry did not have to deal was accusations of perpetuating stereotypes. While some supporters in the Hispanic community have applauded the cultural breakthrough of Devious Maids – including its Latina executive producer Eva Longoria and predominantly Latina cast – there’s been a ton of backlash over whether a show about Hispanic maids is really a step forward.

“A couple people wrote editorials, very suspicious and distrustful, of the show. And, Eva and I had had many talks and worked very long and hard hours trying to make sure that what we were doing was not fostering stereotypes,” Cherry said. “It was really breaking them down. And I think once people started seeing the show, the reason the backlash ended is people saw how much love and affection we have for these characters.”

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 03:04

New photoshoot with Diane Kruger for the brazilian jewelry brand H.Stern, photos by Carter Smith.

What do you love most about the world of cinema?
I love movies. I love watching films that inspire, or that I learn something from, or just movies that transport you to another world and in which you live in someone else’s imagination for a while. That is the gift of moviemaking, and I love being a part of that.

What inspires you in fashion?
The possibility to be a different woman each day, and the idea of being able to express my mood on the outside.

What is your beauty secret?
The great outdoors. I love biking, hiking, walking, and dancing to my Nintendo Wii games.

Diane Kruger is known around the world for her breathtaking beauty, daring sense of fashion, and impeccable acting skills. For the past six years, she has been the brand ambassador for luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre. We spoke to the beautiful actress about her favorite timepieces from the renowned brand, her fashion tips, beauty secrets, and how she spends her free time outside of the world of film.

Six years with Jaeger-LeCoultre. Tell us about it?
I know the brand well as my mother gave me a ‘Reverso’ watch for my 18th birthday. I still wear it; it’s very special to me. Then in 2007, I had a movie at the Venice Film Festival and I needed a special piece of jewelry to go with my dress. I saw the Jaeger-LeCoultre diamond ‘101’ watch and just absolutely fell in love with it. So my relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre has been very organic. I truly love their watches, as they are timeless and elegant. I also like how much Jaeger-LeCoultre is a ‘family’ – I admire the pride and love everybody has for the brand. The watches are just truly stunning, and it’s a privilege to be able to wear them.

How would you describe Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ladies collection?
I like that they are understated and classy. They are just beautiful objects. I don't wear much jewelry and I prefer wearing one of their watches over any bracelet. Right now, I wear my rose-gold ‘Rendez-Vous’ for day and my diamond ‘101’ for night.

The latest Jaeger-LeCoultre film you star in is based on the concept of reinvention. Building a parallel to your personal life, what would you say were the biggest moments when you reinvented yourself? What do you think drives you to this?
I still believe that everything is possible in life and that, if I put my heart and soul into something, I can achieve anything. I like the idea that our lives are constantly evolving and changing and nothing is ever set in stone. I dare to dream and thrive to reach the stars.

You are a fashion icon. How would you describe your style? What are your biggest and most marked characteristics? How do they relate to Jaeger-LeCoultre?
I think the word ‘icon’ is overused. I don't follow trends, but I think fashion is a wonderful art form. For me, everything is in the details and craftsmanship, and that's where Jaeger-LeCoultre and I see eye to eye. I appreciate their understatement and commitment to quality.

What are you top style tips?
Always be yourself. Don’t follow ‘fashion’, but dress to your mood and personality. Don’t be scared!

What is the one fashion item that you absolutely cannot live without?
A good pair of jeans and a comfy pair of flats.

What does every woman need to have in her closet?
Same as above, plus a great pair of black heels and a dress that can go from day to night.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given in life?
Live every day as if it’s your last.

When not working on a movie, describe a typical day.
I go to the market to buy fresh products, then hang out with my cat while cooking dinner for friends. Then I spend the night talking about making the world a better place.

What role does time play in your life?
As for most people, time is important to me. Sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day or year. The older you get, the faster time seems to pass, but sometimes I forget to wind up my Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and I blissfully enjoy and live that very minute as long as I want.

Vogue Brazil | Flair
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 03:03

The Grand Seduction is directed by Canadian actor-filmmaker Don McKellar (of Childstar, Last Night) from a script by Michael Dowse and Ken Scott, based on the film Seducing Doctor Lewis. When unlikely candidate and big city doctor Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) lands in their lap for a trial residence, the townsfolk of a small fishing village rally together to charm him into staying in order to help them secure a lucrative business contract. As the doctor’s time in the village winds to a close, acting mayor Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) has no choice but to pull out all the stops and begin The Grand Seduction. The film premiered at Toronto & Torino Film Festivals and now eOne Films releases it in limited theaters May 30th.


Here for Taylor!
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:50

The ninth installment in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe has Captain America unraveling conspiracies, Robert Redford and mucho trouble brewing at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. After a mildly entertaining first film, Cap was saddled as the wet blanket of the Avengers team. Thankfully, a great sense of humor and a few character tweaks have given Chris Evans the chance to finally make the real American hero sympathetic, cunning and as stated earlier, pretty darn funny. Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson also do their best work to date in their Black Widow and Nick Fury roles. Anthony Mackie and Cobie Smulders also star.

Suit up for the most thrilling, action-packed stand-alone Marvel movie so far—Joss Whedon's Avengers is still tops.
But who or what is keeping Cap so busy with multiple freeway chases, building demolitions and tossing that shield of his? The Winter Solider, that's who! Here are seven perks for being the seasonally named robot-armed baddie:

1. Name in Title: Sebastian Stan was barely in one of the other films. Now he's the Cold War's deadliest assassin brought out of deep freeze. Initially, he's got his sights on Nick Fury, but he pops up everywhere Cap and his team do. He's the star attraction. Comic fans will tell you that the Winter Soldier tale is one of the most beloved of Captain America comic book runs.

2. Cold War Cool: Double-crosses, a plot that spans decades, and the ever handy term "need to know" are all on board as Cap tries to uncover who the Winter Soldier is.

3. Handling Nick Fury: A deadly car chase (one of many) is centered on a Fury on a casual drive in downtown D.C. Jackson finally gets to show just how badass the cameo sporting character truly is. He dispatches an army, literally until meeting his match with the masked Soldier.

4. That Cool Metal Arm: Cap's shield and Wolverine's skeleton made of the strongest metal in the Marvel world: Adamantium, technically, Cap's shield is "proto-adamantium." Turns out the most challenging counter against a flying shield is a really stable bionic arm.

5. Memory Wipes Makes (Trying to) Kill Cap Way Easier: Like Echo (Eliza Dushku) from Joss Whedon's short-lived Dollhouse series, erasing the old brain drive is a must. Especially if your former self might not as have been all that Wintery.

the rest at the source

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:50

"Gossip Girl" no more. Leighton Meester is having another moment.

With a lead role in the contemporary comedy "Life Partners" (alongside her husband of two months, Adam Brody) premiering tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, and her current Broadway debut opposite James Franco and Chris O'Dowd in "Of Mice and Men," these are heady times for the former Blair Waldorf.

"Life Partners" follows two best friends, Sasha (Meester) and Paige (Gillian Jacobs of TV's "Community") -- one straight and one gay -- at a crossroads in their relationship. When Paige falls in love with Tim (Brody), Sasha gets left behind and their girl crush gets, well, crushed.

Meester relates to her character, regardless of her sexual orientation: "The best part of my character is that she's based in reality," Meester told Yahoo Movies. "I had fun with it, being free to be open. And I loved the fact that my character is gay and it's not made into a big plot point."

She continued, "Sasha has multiple love interests in the film and it's never really about her being gay but about the dynamic between her and the other person. Either the woman is too young for her, or this other girl is artistic and cute and funny but a big talker that doesn't have her life together."

For Meester, the challenge was getting it right, entering into gay culture without italicizing it. "I needed to learn an aspect of having a different sexual orientation, to understand, 'Is this correct? Can we say this?' I had the desire to get it right."

(It's ironic that her current husband plays the love interest for Paige, not Sasha. But Brody was actually attached to the project first. Meester came on later after Kristen Bell became pregnant and dropped out of the role.)

Meester told us her the experience of making "Life Partners" provided very few mortifying moments, even though one scene in the movie involves swordplay with a big purple sex toy. "We weren't embarrassed," Meester said. "We were into having fun. I don't exactly have an embarrassment gene in me. I'm not easily embarrassed. I don't know if that's a good thing."

That's an interesting admission in light of this week's New York Times review of "Of Mice and Men," which sparked an angry response from James Franco. The actor, who plays George opposite O'Dowd's Lennie in John Steinbeck's drama about two migrant workers in Depression-era California, went on an Instagram tear yesterday, calling critic Ben Brantley an "idiot" and then some after the reviewer panned the show overall, and wrote that Franco "sports a Yosemite Sam accent."

The powerful critic had faint parenthetical praise for Meester, calling "the glamorous, pencil-thin" Meester "not embarrassing."

"We're just proud of what we're doing and I'm happy to be part of this," gushed the actress. "I had a sense that on stage I'd have to find my voice louder than in a close-up in a movie. There certainly are different techniques but it's not as different in terms of the emotional life of a character. We have the best director, Anna Shapiro, who has been so good showing how little changes can make things better."

One difference between stage and screen is that, according to Meester, "You are always in frame when you are on stage. Everyone can see you. You aren't waiting for your close-ups."

Meester shouldn't be waiting for reviews, either. She doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about.

More from LOULOU -- love this shoot!

Jenny McCarthy surprised me because she seems to be the only one who knows how to interview people...? lol

Sources: I bought the magazine + yahoo + The View
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:49
Jimmy Fallon invited one of his favorite guests back to "The Tonight Show" on Monday -- "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams.

True to form, Williams was the subject of another "Rapper's Delight" video, which featured the familiar formula of clips of him reporting the news spliced together to make it seem like he's rapping.

The latest creation, titled "Gin and Juice," featured classic lines from Snoop Dogg's hit, such as, "I've got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too.... Sipping on gin and juice, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind."

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel pitched a superfan against her idol, Katy Perry, in a game of "Who Knows Katy?" The singer lost out to her devoted follower, who won a pillow for answering questions like "Why was Katy thrown out of school? Watch below.


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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:38

Jon Bon Jovi is showing some brotherly love to the less fortunate in Philadelphia.

On Tuesday, he attended the grand opening of a low-income housing development that bears his initials. The 55-unit JBJ Soul Homes will be occupied by low-income tenants and the formerly homeless.

Bon Jovi's Soul Foundation and the Middleton Partnership provided the lead gift for the $16.6 million complex in the Francisville neighborhood. The project also received public funds.

Residents will have access to social services provided by Project HOME, a group dedicated to ending homelessness. The four-story building includes retail and office space.

Bon Jovi is a longtime advocate for affordable housing in Philadelphia, Newark, N.J., and many other cities. The New Jersey native once co-owned the Philadelphia Soul arena football team.

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:38
PS is animating interviews of famous persons on various topics. Here is a selection of them below:

Yoko Ono & John Lennon:

Barry White


Jerry Garcia

Grace Kelly

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain

John Updike

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:37

Twentieth Century Fox has closed a deal to pick up the screen rights to the pulp comic strip hero in a package that has John Davis producing and J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, the up-and-coming scribes who just worked on Star Trek 3, on board to write the script.
The deal is a long time coming for Davis, who spent more than a year nailing down the rights from the Hearst Corporation. The veteran producer, whose credits include Chronicle and the upcoming Man from U.N.C.L.E. among dozens of others, used his discretionary fund to get the rights. He also hired George Nolfi, who wrote Bourne Ultimatum, to pen a treatment and brought in Payne and McKay.

Gordon is the hero first created in 1934 by iconic artist Alex Raymond who, along with the lovely Dale Arden and mad scientist Hans Zasrkov, ends up on the planet Mongo fighting its tyrannical ruler, Ming the Merciless.
The popular strip spawned three Buster Crabbe serials and in 1980 came the cheesy, colorful Flash Gordon movie, which had a soundtrack by Queen and cast that included Timothy Dalton, Max von Sydow and Chaim Topol. (Sam Jones played Gordon, who original backstory of being a polo player was modernized to be a football player.)
Hollywood has been trying make a new movie and possible a franchise for ages, with Gordon’s rights set up at Universal, Mandalay and, more recently, Sony where Neal Moritz tried to launch the rocket to Mongo.

Fox exec Matt Reilly identified the project early and brought it into the studio; he will now oversee the project. (Reilly is a former Warner Bros. exec who worked on the Lego Movie at its inception.)

Before nabbing Star Trek 3, Payne and McKay previously wrote the script adapting Boilerplate, the graphic novel by husband-and-wife comics team Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, for J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company. They also wrote Mirconauts, a feature based on the 1970s toyline that Abrams is producing.

The duo are repped by UTA and Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment.

I'm picturing a flop of John Carter proportions if this ever gets made

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:37
Producer Chauncey Mahan requested $100,000 "storage fee" for master tapes and subsequently questioned by police

Police recently took producer Chauncey Mahan into custody for allegedly attempting to extort $100,000 from Jay Z in exchange for master recordings containing some of the rapper's biggest hits. Mahan has been holding onto the tapes – which were made between 1998 and 2002 and provided the foundations for the 1999 album Vol. 3 . . . The Life and Times of S. Carter and its 2000 follow up, The Dynasty: Roc La Familia – since 2002. TMZ, which reported the news, values the recordings, which include hits like "Big Pimpin'" and "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)," at between $15 and $20 million. Mahan contacted Live Nation, which partnered with Jay Z to create Roc Nation in 2008, last week asking for $100,000 as a "storage fee" and eventually settled for $75,000. Police showed up to Mahan's storage space that same day and brought him in for questioning.

Mahan let police take custody of the tapes as he waits for a judge to determine who owns them. He was released the same day without arrest. TMZ's sources claim that Beverly Hills police, where Live Nation is headquartered, are also looking into the matter. In addition, Jay Z's representatives allegedly filed a grand larceny complaint with New York police.

The producer, in a separate post, told TMZ that Jay Z should be thanking him for holding onto the tapes. Had he not taken possession of them, he claims, they could have been lost or destroyed because, as TMZ reports, "Jay Z was an irresponsible pothead back in the day."

Mahan has credits on records by Terror Squad, Beanie Sigel, Funkmaster Flex, 112, LL Cool J and more. He also has a programming credit on Whitney Houston's cover of "I'm Every Woman" from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

The producer said that Jay Z's label Def Jam asked him to look after the tapes in 2002, as no one else was doing so. The rapper, he said, was reckless with his intellectual property. Over the past decade, Mahan said he notified Jay Z's people to tell them he had the masters, but that they shrugged him off. It wasn't until he asked for money, as he could no longer cover the storage costs himself, that they responded. Mahan alleged that perhaps the reason why Jay Z was up in arms about his request was because some of the masters sounded terrible.

Rapper and Jay Z collaborator Just Blaze, however, has offered up an alternative theory as to why the tapes sound bad, pointing his finger at Mahan in a series of tweets. "This guy ruined every tape transfer for the Dynasty album," he wrote (via AllHipHop.com). "The Dynasty intro sample flanges the entire time. . . Guess why!? Chauncey. We had to re-record 'Streets Is Talking' [vocals]. Why? [Because] Chauncey. If u listen to 'Get Your Mind Right' from Dynasty, you'll notice all the choruses after the first one fall in the wrong places. [Because] Chauncey."

Mahan has not worked with Jay Z often since The Dynasty – he has a credit on Jay Z's Linkin Park collaboration Collision Course – and Just Blaze said the reason for the separation was "we eventually got tired of it."

In December, Jay Z ranked his entire discography on his Life and Times website, giving his 1996 debut LP Reasonable Doubt the top spot, but not ranking Vol. 3 and Dynasty highly. (Out of 12 records, they came in at Numbers 10 and 11, respectively.) His 2006 comeback Kingdom Come was Number 12.

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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:36
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:26

We're speechless.

The only thing more offensive than this video of Joan Rivers cracking Lindsay Lohan miscarriage jokes ... is the fact that it's only a minute-and-a-half long.

The look on Melissa Rivers' face says it all.

When Joan is on ... ain't no one better.

Play video @ source
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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:10

Well, you knew this just had to be coming, right? Go ahead, join hands with your brothers and sisters around the globe and sing along …

Though the mountains are wide and the oceans divide, Hollywood, evidently, will unite just the right team players in search of the next great profit windfall. And word is that Disney is now planning a theatrical movie release based on … the It’s A Small World attraction.

Hey, just because it's a small world doesn't mean Hollywood isn't going to take a piece of it if it can. You saw the "Haunted Mansion" movie, right? Yea, case rested.

According to several published reports, Jon Turtletaub, the producer and director behind the “National Treasure” film franchise, will helm the project.

Writer Jared Stern, who has been associated with projects such as “Bolt,” “Wreck-It Ralph” and “The Lego Movie 2” reportedly will be working up the script and helping Turtletaub produce.

Thre was no word late Tuesday on who would be involved in working with the film's musical score that would play atop the Sherman brothers' famous earworm of a tune.

The iconic ride, of course, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year after debuting at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Disney park guests can find the attraction at five Disney parks.

Here in Orlando, the ride opened in the Magic Kingdom in October 1971.

The initial report about the film plans can be read at Deadline.com's website here.


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Date: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 02:09

A federal judge has tossed out Quentin Tarantino’s copyright infringement suit against Gawker for linking to a copy of his unproduced screenplay, “The Hateful Eight.”

But U.S. District Court Judge John F. Walter has also allowed Tarantino to refile the case by May 1.

Tuesday’s ruling found that attorneys for Tarantino had failed to adequately plead facts “establishing direct infringement by a third party” or facts that would demonstrate that Gawker had either caused, induced or materially contributed to the alleged direct infringement.

“Nowhere in these paragraphs or anywhere else in the Complaint does Plaintiff allege a single act of direct infringement committed by any member of the general public that would support Plaintiff’s claim for contributory infringement,” Walter said. “Instead, Plaintiff merely speculates that some direct infringement must have taken place.”

The incident in question arose in January after Tarantino complained to Deadline Hollywood that someone had leaked the screenplay for his latest project when Gawker posted a story on its Defamer site titled “Here Is the Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script” with a link to a third party website hosting the 146-page script.

Gawker said in a March 10 filing that Tarantino’s suit should be dismissed because he had not alleged any actual copyright infringement, but only “contributory” copyright infringement.

Tarantino asserted that the market value of the script had been harmed while Gawker attorneys contended it had posted the link as part of reporting on the news that Tarantino had become upset about the script leaking and had vowed to scrap the film.

Tarantino told audiences at a reading of the script last Saturday that he was still working on “The Hateful Eight.”


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