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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 11:49
"Wanted to wish Emily a Happy Birthday... But first..."


Check, please!
Has an episode synopsis ever generated so much fandom freakout than the description of Arrow's season three premiere, which is ominously titled "The Calm" and reveals that Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) were going to go on a date?
After the huge "I love you" fake-out in the season two finale, this was a major win for the "Olicity" fans.
But come on, there's no way a date between the fan favorite pairing can end well, right?!
"There's actually a line in the script where after you see what happens on the date, she even says, 'That was still not my worst date!'" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg shared with us at the CW's 2014 Summer TCA Party.
So silver lining: Felicity's had worse?

Felicity and Oliver's premiere date disaster will play directly into the main theme of the CW hit's third season, Kreisberg previewed.
"So much of this season as a whole is about Oliver trying to figure out if he can be both Oliver Queen and the Arrow and finding out if there's a life for himself beyond the hood," he spilled. "He's taking his first tentative steps towards that in the premiere. That's really going to be a struggle for him for the whole season."
Kreisberg continued that a bad date with Felicity will be the least of Oliver's worries this season. "He's going to be facing challenges as Oliver that he's never had to face before and he's going to be coming up against an adversary as dangerous and diabolical as any he's faced before," he teased. "As tough as things have been for Oliver Queen, he's about to face his toughest challenge yet."

CBR News: How's it been on your side, getting everything off the ground for "The Flash" and still keeping one hand on the wheel for "Arrow?"

Andrew Kreisberg: It's been a whole new experience. It's been great, though. I mean, I was up in Vancouver yesterday, and I walked from one stage where Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer were having a scene and went to another stage where Barry Allen was having a scene. So this is, as hard work as it is, it's literally a childhood dream come true. It's just fantastic.

Let's start with "Arrow." What do you want to say about where the season is going to start?

When Season Three starts, everything's sort of coming up Oliver. He defeated Slade, the police have stopped hunting the vigilante, and crime is down. He's feeling pretty good about himself, and so much of the season is about him wrestling with what sort of a life he can have beyond the hood. That's writ large in the premiere, but it's sort of the theme of the season.

Oliver's love life has always been interesting. Where are his romantic relationships going this season?

I think they're going to get deeper and richer this season. We're not known for treading water on our show, so things will escalate, probably faster than people expect, as always. With whom is always the question. But we feel really good about what's happening this year. When it's the right time to do something, we do it, and we feel like, not just with Oliver, but with all the characters, we're really starting them off in the right place.

Have we seen all the fish in the sea for now, or are there new faces you might strike something up with as well?

Well, don't forget Oliver exists in two timelines. There's the present and the past. So there's new people. There could be potential new people in both areas.

What do you have planned for Ray Palmer -- or, perhaps, The Atom?

We're bringing in Ray as a potential bidder for Queen Consolidated. But I think, in the grand tradition of shows in Season Three bringing in a new character as a game changer, whether it was "Buffy" bringing on Faith, or "Everwood" bringing on Scott Wolf. Brandon and Ray are coming on to really shake up the whole world. Obviously, he's such a different energy, Brandon, from Stephen Amell. Just even the first scenes, it's created a whole new dynamic for the show.

Is there a clear eye on a spinoff, or will you cross that bridge when you come to it?

We will detonate that bridge when we get there. Right now, we are focused on "Arrow" and "Flash."

Was this an easy call, even though he's been a superhero before -- the superhero, in fact -- to cast him?

We felt like what the show had been lacking was more humor. What's funny about Felicity and Oliver is, he's really the straight man and she's sort of the one with all the funny lines. Brandon is such an amazing comedian -- he's so verbally adept, and he has this amazing Jimmy Stewart aspect to him that we knew we weren't bringing on an Oliver clone, because we already have one of those.

It's the same thing we have with "The Flash" when we cast Grant. Like we already have a Stephen Amell. We don't need another one. So we have a Grant Gustin. And in a way, Brandon kind of combines the charm and the funniness that Grant has with square-jawed superhero that Stephen has. As always, we're never looking to repeat ourselves, and now we've brought on somebody who can really play verbal tennis with Felicity. It creates a whole different dynamic and a whole different energy for the show.

With "The Flash," there's so many comics and eras to cherry-pick from for the series. What's the show going to be, in your eyes?

It's a more hopeful show than "Arrow." It's a lighter show. It's funnier. Obviously, there's the amazing effects, but Oliver is a very tortured soul, and we tend to put characters on that show through the wringer. On "Flash," just with him as the lead, you just have a much more accessible hero. When "Arrow" started, Oliver was as much a superhero as he ever was going to be. He was a fully-formed warrior, a killing machine. It's his morality that's evolved. With Barry, this is all new to him. It's day one. He's not even Flash 1.0 -- he's 0.0. It's really about watching him evolve and come to accept these powers that he has, watching him learn them and learn what he can do and learning what he can't do. Barry wears his heart on his sleeve. While Oliver can be very stoic with his losses, Barry, dealing with his inability to save everyone is something that's fresh and new in the superhero genre.

Will Season One largely focus on just establishing your Flash universe rather than reaching too far outside other DC properties that you could touch on?

I think we've done very well on "Arrow" sort of reaching out into the greater mythology, and "Flash" itself is an outcropping of "Arrow" reaching out into the mythology. So there's no reason to think we won't be doing more of that.

What can you just not wait to get to in "The Flash?"

Huh! Well, there's a couple of Easter eggs in the pilot that I wouldn't mind seeing. It's so funny -- usually, the kind of storytelling that we do, when we started "Arrow," there was a lot of, ‘Well, we'll do that later. We'll do that at the end of the season. We'll do that in Season Two.' And Greg Berlanti has really taught us, "If you're excited about it now, why wait?" So there's a lot of what I think people will think is accelerated storytelling in those first five episodes of "The Flash." There's nothing I'm sitting there going, "Man, I can't wait until we get to that," because I'm really loving what we're doing now.

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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 09:30

... supermodel shares her 'simple' routine

Did it really take you just 15 minutes to look that good? Miranda Kerr, who always looks immaculate
when she steps out of her house, has shared her quick and simple morning beauty regime

She's the world's second richest model, runs her own company and cares for a toddler but you'll never catch Miranda Kerr with so much as a hair out of place when she leaves the house in the morning (and returns after a long day at work).

But the glossy supermodel, who has shared her morning beauty regime, maintains that it takes no longer than 15 minutes to look as good as she does when she walks out of the front door.

Writing on her Kora Organics blog, she said: 'I usually have very little time in the mornings, especially with a toddler, so with these simple skin and beauty steps I can get out the door in 15 minutes.'

  • Supermodel, 31, says she doesn't have much time to get ready

  • Starts day with lemon and hot water, dry body brushing and green juice

  • Uses lots of her own organic skincare products

Get the glow: Miranda says she starts the day with a glass of hot water and lemon, which is really
alkalizing for the body, and she follows it with a green juice, which she says gives her bright eyes

After she's had her lemon water and before she slips into the shower, Miranda swears by dry body brushing, which she describes as an 'integral part' of her daily regime.

'It’s a great way to get the circulation going, remove dead skin cells, aid lymphatic drainage, detoxify your system and keep your skin smooth all over. I start with my feet and legs and work my way up in quick gentle strokes…it needn’t be too time consuming and just takes a few minutes before jumping into the shower,' she promises.

Luckily for Miranda, she washes her hair in the evening so it can dry naturally overnight. 'All I have to do in the morning is style it,' she says.

'At the moment I prefer a low braid or a high topknot, as they both require little time and effort but still look feminine and polished.

Sharing her advice: Miranda writes on her blog about her morning regime and explains that before she slips
into the shower, she swears by dry body brushing, which she describes as an 'integral part' of her daily regime

'I also use a hairbrush with a natural bristle as it promotes shine and is gentle on the scalp.'

The businesswoman, who has her own organic beauty range also, obviously, incorporates her products into her morning regime.

The brunette beauty says she multitasks in the shower and cleanses both her face and body with her very own Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser and Essential Body Wash - 'it’s the perfect uplifting sensory start to the day' - she says.

Miranda cites her top tip for maintaining the skin’s hydration throughout the day as keeping a mist in your handbag and gently spritzing on your face throughout the day when required to freshen up.

After slathering her favourite organic products over her body, Miranda applies her make-up, which always looks professional and flawless.

That's not fair! Miranda, 31, always looks glossy and stylish when she leaves
the house - even in her gym kit, right, and it only takes her fifteen minutes

'I apply tinted day cream as a healthy alternative to foundation,' she says. 'It’s quick and easy to apply and has the perfect amount of coverage… it leaves my complexion radiant with an even tone.

'Use your fingers to apply, as the warmth will help the formulation melt into your skin for a flawless finish,' she advises.

Miranda says she likes to define her lashes and groom her eyebrows because the eyes 'really frame the face'.

She said: 'I apply two to three coats of mascara. To finish off my look I apply lip balm if I want a more natural look, or a tint or lipstick in a shade of red if I want to make more of a statement – the red also brightens my complexion instantly. If I need a little more coverage I sparingly use RMS concealer where required.'

Once she's applied her warpaint it's time to whiz up her beloved green juice.

'Green cold pressed juices are packed with live, whole ingredients so it’s an instant health hit to the blood stream,' she said. 'The chlorophyll contained in cold pressed green juices can help keep your blood healthy and are very oxygenating. Green juices are high in vitamins and minerals making them great contributors to clear skin and bright eyes.'

Clearly the green juices are working their magic - Miranda positively glowed as she stepped out to run errands on Tuesday and thanks to her quick fix morning tips, perhaps we can look just like her too.

hmm. really though???

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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 05:41


lol Hoechlin is having none of that fanfiction 
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 05:10
Health is the new wealth: Just ask Blake, Gwyneth, Jessica and Ellen


Somewhere in Greenwich Village, it’s reported that Leonardo Di Caprio’s apartment lighting is synching up with his circadian rhythms. At least that’s one of the features his health-centric building advertises. On a recent visit to the Delos Living loft-style apartments in New York City, which are designed with posture-supportive flooring and ultraviolet lights to sterilize airborne microbes, I got a sneak peak into the lifestyles of the rich and health conscious. As the elevator doors opened, Deepak Chopra, prominent alternative medicine practitioner, stepped out in a t-shirt. He too, lives in the building currently offering a penthouse for $50 million.

If you’re willing to pay the price, you can not only afford a luxury apartment with cleaner air, but a yoga teacher who makes house calls, a fitness concierge who makes sure you get to workouts on time, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. Is the good life still getting you down? If you can foot a $1818 bill, you can escape to Sri Lanka for a two-week wellness vacation.

Gone are the days of flaunting lavish apartments and cars for the MTV “Cribs” camera crews, instead, we see Instagram posts of up to $235 rejuvenating skin care products and celebrity trainers. Exit opulent mansions, enter evidence of impeccable physical health.

Wellness is the new wealth. And we all want some of that glow. Steady growth of 7.2% per year for the health and wellness market is expected to continue, with global sales hitting a record high of $1 trillion by 2017. Wellness tourism—travel that promotes health through physical and spiritual activities from meditation retreats to weight loss spas–is a $439 billion industry worldwide.

And who better to pander to our desires for the latest and greatest in self improvement than today’s batch of celebrities who no longer simply sell us a new vodka, perfume, or eye shadow, but instead offer how-to guides using their own lives displayed via perfectly curated lifestyle blogs.

The queen of selling us the good life is of course, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, whose personal blog, Goop, provides recipes for her white pear kimchi, or the chai gingerbread shake in her winter cleanse. She’s even pushing the trendy new way to end a marriage.


Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently announced that she will be launching, E.D., her new lifestyle brand in late October/early November. Though she remained tight lipped about the details to WWD, she will reportedly offer everything from home décor to fashion. Jessica Alba even has her own brand of organic baby products. And this week, actress Blake Lively joined the crowd with the launch of her lifestyle brand, Preserve. The site, which highlights trends in food, style and wellness, sells everything from curry ketchup to earrings. In her editor’s letter Lively writes: “I’m no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear. Eat.” And yet…


This new wave of celebrities are no longer just actresses and performers, they’re brands, and they’re selling us a blueprint for the most intimate aspects of life. Martha Stewart built her empire by showing women how to create cute crafts and put together the perfect 4th of July spread, but she never provided a detailed outline of her own day-to-day activities, like what products she uses and her latest workout. Oprah got a lot closer, with her former TV show and O magazine, flagging inspiring stories and offering recommendations on what women should read how to get their to do lists done.

And in 2014, it’s clear that wellness is becoming something worth lusting over as much as the perfect table setting, and in many cases, it’s a luxury item. Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder has sold about 1.6 million copies promoting the idea that true success means paying heed to well being, taking meditation breaks at work and getting more sleep.

Hotels like the W and Westin are catering to the growing interest among guests to be healthy. Westin hotel rooms are part hotel room, part mini-gym with a treadmill or stationary bike, dumbbells, fitness DVDs, resistance bands and stability balls built into individual rooms. In May, the W launched a fitness program with in-room exercise videos. Renowned hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, even has a clinic that specifically treats big-name business executives (Oprah is a patient).


But how easy is it to adopt the lifestyles of the rich and extremely well? Just ask Rachel Bertsche, author of the new book, “Jennifer, Gwyneth, & Me.” She spent eight months trying to imitate the lives of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow following their eating, exercise and marriage philosophies for a month each. “There is absolutely a rush when you’re feeling like you’re living that glamorous lifestyle,” she says. “I think Gwyneth Paltrow has made a business of saying ‘here is my fabulous life’ and suggesting things that are attainable. But stars are not just like us, and we are not just like them.” By the end of Bertsche’s chapter on Gwyneth she sounds like she’s close to tears and starvation.


Meanwhile, one third of the general populace is still obese, and the majority of us are not getting adequate exercise nor do enough of us have regular access to fresh food, raw, macrobiotic or otherwise. Americans work long hours—among the longest in the industrailized world—and we’re stressed out. Forty-three percent of U,S. adults report stress has kept them awake at night. But often times it’s easier to simply click through Gwyneth’s recipes for appetizers like beet-cured gravlax than take that time and money to make ourselves better based on her recommendations. It’s sort of like window shopping high-luxury stores. The reality is that look and admire is all many of us can do.

Making health and wellness a luxury that only a select few can afford isn’t helpful, especially since there are so many simple ways to achieve better health by opting for healthier food (even in the frozen aisle) and being more physically active (even just a walk can help). If a juice cleanse is really part of a simple healthy lifestyle (which I will argue until I am blue in the face that it’s not) then why does a one-day package cost $65? Making health “trendy” has its benefits, surely we’ve seen enough of celebrities touting late night boozing and drug use. But when a market emerges that transforms wellness into something only attainable for the 1%, health disparities become ever more visible, and we lose sight of what it means to really be “well.”

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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 05:10

For women seeking cosmetic surgery, Kim’s butt is the most requested celebrity feature, according to RealSelf.com, a community where users discuss plastic surgery procedures. RealSelf scanned its content pages to see names users are mentioning the most. This data is more anecdotal than scientific, says Alicia Nakamoto, vice president of community at RealSelf.

To get a derrière like Kim’s, most women opt for Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that takes fat from one part of the body and transfers to the buttocks. The average cost is $6,725. After Kim:

Beyoncé – butt
Madonna – face and hands (anti-aging)
Angelina Jolie – cheeks, lips
Rihanna – skin lightening
Jennifer Lawrence – nose
Jennifer Lopez – butt
Kate Middleton – nose, smile
Julia Roberts – lips, smile

When Maleficent hit theaters, women began inquiring about Angelina’s cheekbones. When Snooki was popular (remember those days?) and got some work done to her teeth, people began asking about getting theirs as white as hers. And when Krista from The Bachelorette underwent a post-natal “mommy makover,” women began expressing interest as well.

But for the most part, the majority of people discussing plastic surgery on RealSelf don’t reference specific famous people at all. “Ninety-nine percent of the people do not want to look like a celebrity,” Nakamoto says. “They just want to fix something very personal and go on with their lives feeling more confident with themselves.”

source: TIME
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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 05:10

Grace and grit make a winning combination. Early this week, pixie person and former D-I collegiate gymnast Kacy Catanzaro proved it when she became the first woman to finish the obstacle course and qualify for the Vegas finals on NBC's hit show American Ninja Warrior.

She even made it look easy. If you haven't watched the clip yet, you must—there is a reason the hashtag #mightykacy was trending worldwide on Twitter after the show aired.

We wanted to know how she trains. And because her boyfriend-slash-coach-slash-trainer-slash fellow Ninja athlete, Brent Steffensen, had a hand in her physical preparation, we asked him some questions, too. They share future predictions, training secrets, fitness philosophy, favorite obstacles and what it's like to compete on ANW.

Oh, and it turns out reports of Catanzaro weighing 100 pounds are inaccurate—that's sopping wet, maybe. She says she's closer to 95. This seems noteworthy. (ed: as a fellow 95-100 lb person, it's not.)

Men's Health: I want your prediction on something. Do you think this is going to be akin to when Roger Bannister ran a sub-4-minute mile for the first time? Meaning, once people knew that it was possible, then all of a sudden other people could do it, too. Do you think that you've just opened the dam for more women to get through the American Ninja Warrior course?

Kacy Catanzaro: Oh, definitely. I think that the reason that a woman hasn't completed the course in the past six seasons isn't because there weren't talented-enough women competing. It's just because there was always that doubt in the back of their minds, that no girl's ever done it, or that some people might say no girl can do it, or girls aren't as fast, girls aren't as strong—all of these things that women are used to hearing.

There will always be people who say negative things, but instead of taking that and running with it, I hope that they can think of this moment and say, 'You know what? That isn't true. I know that I can do it, too. Doesn't matter if I'm a woman or if I'm short or tall or how much I weigh or what I do. I know that I can work hard and get there, too.'

Even during qualifiers, after I had completed the course, Michelle Warnky [the other woman who completed the first part of the course], sent me a text message and said 'Wow, now that you've done it, I know I can do it, and I'm really gonna push hard to meet you up there.'

And then she did. I think this really will open the floodgates.

Men's Health: Which was the most nerve-racking obstacle, and which was the most fun?

Kacy Catanzaro: The Ring Toss [a grueling row of pegs you have to traverse holding hoops] was a really tough one. American Ninja Warrior hasn't had that obstacle before, and none of us were prepared for it.

You had to skip a rung in order to get your next hand to follow you, so for me—I'm 5 feet tall—the reach was a little big. You can see I missed with the ring a couple of times, where I was like, 'Oh my gosh, just hold on for your life.' That was pretty nerve-racking.

The most exciting was the Warped Wall because before, when people would talk about women competing on ANW, they wouldn't say, 'No one has completed the course.' They would say, 'No one has made it up the Warped Wall.' So in my head, that was the biggest obstacle to overcome.

In one of the videos, after my hands touched the top of the wall and I'm muscling to get up there, you can see I'm already screaming. I knew that I was up there, and it was the icing on the cake.

Men's Health: How would you recommend training for American Ninja Warrior? And what does your training regimen look like?

Kacy Catanzaro: Brent and I do a lot of bodyweight circuit training. For obstacle racing, you wanna be as light, lean, and fast as possible. So, if I lift a lot of weights, I'm gonna be a little bit heavier, which will make it harder for me to hold myself up.

You definitely want to be as strong as you can while staying light and lean, so we do a lot of pullups and pushups, different kinds of squats and lunges, dips and a bunch of different jumping drills.

Circuits also help build our cardio up because we're doing each exercise so fast and intense, all in a row without stopping.

We spend a lot of time training on obstacles themselves, too, whether they're specific Ninja Warrior obstacles or whether we're at the playground on the monkey bars and rings.

Teaching your body to learn and adjust during challenges is really helpful.

Brent Steffensen: Strength training is by far one of the most important aspects of our training program. The term that I find best describes our workout regimen is "functional bodyweight circuit training."

Pushing your body to full exertion with each exercise and resting as little as possible between them mimics what you'll be doing on the course. You'll be using different parts of your body to the max on each obstacle, and you'll need to recover as quickly as possible between them.

We train year-round, but, about three months before ANW, we really start to increase the number of reps and cut down the amount of time between sets. We'll also step up the obstacle training at that time and start linking as many together as possible during training.

One very specific aspect of our training that we amp up in the lead-up to an event is our fingertip-strength training. That includes rock climbing and ledge traversing, among other things.

Men's Health: How long do your circuit workouts normally last, and how many times a week do you train?

Kacy Catanzaro: If you counted the time it took to stretch before and after, it would probably take an hour and a half total. But for the circuits themselves, we often do four mini-circuits, with each of them including three or four exercises. Each mini-circuit is about 12 or 13 minutes long, and we'll do about four rounds of each.

When you're pushing yourself, 12 minutes is a lot! And then you have your second, third and fourth circuits, all of which include different exercises.

The intensity is high, but you're not out there for three hours. It's an awesome way to work out.

We do this anywhere from four to six times a week. If it's right before a competition, and we're in go mode, it's definitely six days a week. If we've just finished a competition and we have some time, we let our bodies recover a little bit and train about four days, following a two-days-on, one-day-off schedule.

Men's Health: How does your training differ now than from your gymnastics days?

Kacy Catanzaro: It's nice how much carried over. In gymnastics we obviously did lots of bodyweight exercises, plus bar and ring work, so those things I was familiar with. But now, instead of going out on the balance beam, I run obstacles.

The only new things for me were learning the technique for specific obstacles, plus building my endurance up. Training on the obstacles, making little runs for myself, building that stamina, and taking the time on each obstacle to learn what technique works for me has really paid a big part in my success.

So much has to do with how you prepare your body for training by eating right and sleeping well, too.

Men's Health: Where do you two do your training?

Kacy Catanzaro: Brent and I work for a company called Alpha Warrior in San Antonio, Texas, and it's got a private gym. We have tons of obstacles in there, and we can go in and train whenever we want, which is a dream.

Men's Health: Brent, are you accepting other ninja coaching clients currently, online or otherwise, and if so, how can people apply?

Brent Steffensen: I'd love for anyone who wants to train with me to get ahold of me. They can send me a message at my website www.brentsteffensen.com.

Men's Health: There's something special about the kind of bond that forms when you live together, work together, compete together, isn't there? But it can also be challenging. What's tough about it and what's awesome about it?

Kacy Catanzaro: It takes a special type of relationship to wake up and work out together and then go to work together and then work out together again and then have your night together. It takes a special type of relationship to make that happen and be happy about it.

I think it's important to do things that you love to do on your own, too. For example, Brent does trampoline shows. So, a couple times a month, he goes away for a couple days and does these trampoline shows out of town, and then he comes back.

It gives us a chance to miss each other. He does his own thing, and I hang out with my girls here, and then I'm excited when he comes back.

That said, sharing so much with somebody is amazing. We might have a busy day, so in order to work out, we have to get up really early. And when the alarm goes off, instead of just turning it off and not thinking twice about it, there are two of us.

So if I wake up and I say, "I'm too tired," there's Brent saying, "Nope, we have to work out." Or if it's getting late and he's like, "Maybe we should skip it," then I'm like, "Nope, we need to work out." Always having that other person there to push you is really, really helpful.

Brent Steffensen: I think it's a huge plus for us to be able to train and compete together. It is nice to have your partner holding you to the workout when you don't quite feel like it. It's also awesome being able to be there to cheer on and support each other through the course.

Plus, we do what we do 'cause we have a blast doing it. Who better to share those amazing experiences with than each other?

Men's Health: Kacy, it has to be a little tricky that Brent didn't make it through qualifiers this year. Are there moments of wishing you were doing this together?

Kacy Catanzaro: Oh, yeah. I would say more so from me than from him, though—he is so levelheaded and mature.

He competed after me at qualifiers, and he didn't get to do his normal preparation because he was so excited for me, and everyone was pulling him in different directions for interviews about me. Then it was his turn, so he gave me another kiss and then ran back to compete.

He didn't really get to do his set-up or visualization, and I feel kind of responsible for that, and it makes me feel bad.

After he didn't make it, I told him I wasn't as happy for me anymore because I was so sad that he wasn't going to compete, and he snapped me out of it. He said, "Don't even do that. I could not be happier for you—nothing will take away from this."

If the roles were switched, you know, I might be like, "I'm bummed I'm not with you," you know? Not once has he ever said that. All he ever says is how happy he is for me.

Men's Health: How long until the finals air on NBC?

Kacy Catanzaro: I was told the first episode of the finals Vegas will air on August 18. I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna be on the first episode or if they will save me for the second one, which will be September 1.

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Date: Friday, 25 Jul 2014 04:48

The Boss, on holiday in Spain, is pictured emerging from the sea in great shape, setting a new standard for the hot male body at 64. How does he maintain it?

The Beatles didn’t foresee the age of 64 in, as we would say today, aspirational terms. “When I get older losing my hair/Many years from now/Will you still be sending me a valentine/Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?”

Turning 64 in their song “When I’m Sixty Four” was a staging post to benign decrepitude: “Will you still need me, will you still feed me…?”

Bruce Springsteen didn’t get the memo. The ever-helpful Mail Online, which likes any celebrity never to feel alone on holiday, took photographs of The Boss on holiday in Spain, wearing a pair of gray swim trunks and looking fantastic, or as the Mail put it in its lightly perspiring copy, “recreat(ing) his own James Bond moment as he flashes his impressive physique while emerging from the sea in Spain… Slicking his gray-specked locks away from his face with the saltwater, the father-of-three emerged from the water looking refined and athletic.” In our language: The Boss is sporting great pecs, great arms, and a toned stomach. Ever obliging, Springsteen then flexed all the right things on a paddle board.

The latest pictures confirm the latest evolution of Springsteen as pin-up. He always has been the camera’s friend. There are wonderful black-and-white shots of him in the ‘70s, skinnier, before he discovered the free weights, his trousers unbuttoned to the border of his pubes—a particular favorite of the writer Caitlin Moran. Track his looks through the years via Google Image, and you’ll see muscle growing, alongside a winning, energetic handsomeness that gets more muscular, but not bulkily so, as the years advance. The Boss always looks the business.

When David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, interviewed Springsteen for the magazine in 2012, he noted of Springsteen’s physical appearance: “His hairline is receding, and, if one had to guess, he has, over the years, in the face of high-def scrutiny and the fight against time, enjoined the expensive attentions of cosmetic and dental practitioners. He remains dispiritingly handsome, preposterously fit.”

with roy bittan in australia in february <3

“He has practically the same waist size as when I met him, when we were 15,” his E Street Band-mate Steven Van Zandt told Remnick. Springsteen was “the only guy I know—I think the only guy I know at all—who never did drugs.”

Remnick said Springsteen had followed “more or less the same exercise regimen for 30 years: He runs on a treadmill and, with a trainer, works out with weights. It has paid off. His muscle tone approximates a fresh tennis ball.”

Michael Steinbrick, a personal trainer with New York Sports Clubs and certified weight-loss specialist, said: “There is this myth that when we get older we cannot lose the fat. Now, sure, our metabolism slows as we grow older, but you can keep the weight off by eating right. That’s the key. Exercise is important, but you have to eat properly, and carefully, to maintain the kind of body Bruce Springsteen has. He looks fantastic.”

at beach bar in asbury park last september

So, to answer The Beatles, yes, we’ll still “feed” you when you’re 64—just carefully: chicken, fish, vegetables, and no “bad carbs” (white rice, white flour, and the like).

In days of yore, Steinbrick recommended clients keep a food journal, “which was a hassle, who has the time? Today I tell my clients to get a calorie counter. They’re invaluable, and they really do act as an impetus to watch what you are eating.”

Resistance training using weights is good for balance stabilization and the core, Steinbrick adds.

So, if sleek supermodels and muscled sportsmen make mere mortals feel the pressure to attain the perfect body, will Springsteen do the same for the sixty-something male? “I don’t think so,” says Steinbrick. “For my older clients, they’ve lived life. I think they’d look at those pictures and celebrate him. I think Springsteen is inspiring in the best way. They’ll look at him and say, ‘Good for him, and y’know, it might be possible for me.’”

at the beach in rio three days before his 64th birthday last year

source a

source b
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Whoa, so good. Stanning for Claire right now.

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Two summers ago, the Hannibal pannel was just one half of a Bryan Fuller-focused panel (which also focused on his attempt to reboot "The Munsters" as "Mockingbird Lane") in a very small room. Last summer, it moved to a slightly bigger room to accommodate Fuller and Hugh Dancy. This year, even without Dancy or Mads Mikkelsen or Laurence Fishburne, "Hannibal" has graduated to the big time, taking over the Convention Center's mammoth Ballroom 20 for a panel subtitled "Embrace the Madness," featuring Fuller, director David Slade, writer/producer Steven Lightfoot, longtime Hannibal Lecter producer Martha DeLaurentiis, and supporting players Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams, and moderated by Jonathan Ross.

4:44 p.m.: The clip reel starts a minute early, with highlights of season 3, including some very audible audience reactions to Beverly Katz's displayed corpse, Mason Verger feeding his dogs, and some of season 2's other graphic imagery. It is a very thorough breakdown of all of the season's twists and turns. (Given that it's Comic-Con, Gillian Anderson's Dr. DuMaurier gets perhaps the loudest response of any character appearing in the clips.) Now if anyone needs me, I will again be having nightmares about the last 20 minutes of the season finale.

4:50: "'Allo, 'Hannibal' fans!" Ross says as he takes the stage and introduces the whole panel en masse. Fuller gets the loudest ovation, followed by Dhavernas. Fuller is wearing a very bright red suit.

4:53 p.m.: Mads Mikkelsen has recorded a video message for the "Fannibals" from Denmark. He thanks all of them for making the show a great success, "and hopefully next year I'll see you for a quick lunch." A mustachioed Dancy is in Australia, but recalls the great time he had last year, and hopes the fans can "squeeze some information from Mr. Fuller about season 3." He jokes that Thompson's Jimmy Price will become Jack Crawford's personal butler in the new season. "If Bryan is not yet wearing a flower crown," he concludes, "would somebody give him one?"

4:54 p.m.: Fuller notes that someone is here "Even though they shouldn't be here, because they were shot in the face," And welcomes Mr. Raul Esparza onto the stage, saying he's "going to be a big part of season 3." The crowd goes nuts for the very much not-dead Dr. Chilton.

4:56 p.m.: Ross notes that Chilton took a bullet to the face. "I can't believe how much people fell in love with Chilton this season," Esparza says. "I love playing the part because he's a total douchebag." He loves delivering the various "Fuller-isms" in the dialogue. "I was as surprised as everybody to find out I was going to get shot in the face." Ross asks if anyone ever dies on "Hannibal" if you don't get eaten. Esparza wants to have an eyepatch, a hump and a parrot for season 3.

4:57 p.m.: Will Eddie Izzard be coming back? Fuller says they're writing a flashback for Dr. Gideon, who got eaten by Dr. Lecter (and himself).

4:58 p.m.: What does NBC say is okay and not okay for them to show? "No sex, but lots of violence," says Lightfoot. Fuller is reading lots of slash fiction about Price and Zeller (or, "Preller").

4:59 p.m.: Will we see Will and Hannibal together much this season, given their strong relationship? Fuller says "When you separate C3PO and R2D2, they don't become less interesting." He's looking forward to introducing more characters from the novels (including some who never appeared in the films). Francis Dolarhyde (aka The Tooth Fairy) will first appear in episode 8.

5:00 p.m.: Ross asks about Clarice Starling. DeLaurentiis says the end of season 2 evokes the end of "Hannibal" the movie, and they'll mine both "Hannibal Rising" and "Hannibal" the book, mashing up those stories with the world of the show. With Dolarhyde, they'll have to tell the "Red Dragon" story (she doesn't commit to how long that will take) before doing "Silence of the Lambs," noting again that MGM owns the rights to that property. She's still hoping to get MGM to partner with them on a "Silence" season, but if not, "We'll do our own mash-up" with some kind of Clarice stand-in.

5:03 p.m.: How free is the show to make changes to characters from the books? Lightfoot says they're always trying to find stories. With Mason Verger, for instance, they tried to give him more of a backstory than he had in "Hannibal" the book. And when they saw what Michael Pitt was doing with the role, they began writing to him. "That's the joy of series television," Lightfoot says. "We get to see these guys grow."

5:04 p.m.: After Ross tries to press the Clarice Starling issue some more, he pivots into discussing Alana going to bed with Hannibal. Dhavernas says Alana knew him before she knew anyone else in the show, "So the confidence and the trust is very strong. Everyone around her is behaving so weirdly to her, and he's her rock. That's why she can't see it. Will Graham is a roller-coaster, Jack Crawford is behaving off. Hannibal becomes very solid to her and gains her trust."

5:06 p.m.: Ross asks Abrams and Thompson about playing for laughs in a very dark show. Thompson says it's a lot easier to be funny on the set of a drama than on a comedy, calling his time on "Kids in the Hall" "a nightmare." Abrams says, "I didn't know I was hilarious. I thought I was being very dramatic."

5:08 p.m.: Was there a period where Esparza thought he had been written off the show?"Bryan's always been very kind to me about what happens to Chilton," he says. "He comes to me and says, 'We're gonna gut you! But it'll be okay.'" Esparza assumed he was going to survive just because he's read all the books, where Chilton survives well past this point. "It is the most creative experience to walk onto the set," he adds, because he has no idea what crazy idea Fuller will try next.

5:10 p.m.: Ross asks Slade about the show's distinctive, gorgeous visual style. Slade credits his director of photography James Hawkinson, and discusses how excited the two of them were to set up a template where so much of the show takes place in darkness, yet looks so rich.

5:13 p.m.: What is everyone's favorite prepared murder scene of the series? Esparza liked the flesh angels, "Because it was the first time I realized they were f---ing doing this on network television." Abrams likes "lady horse baby uterus person." (Fuller says, "In the writers room, we called it 'the turducken.'") Thompson liked the mushroom killer because "not enough people stick it to the diabetics. It's about time!" Dhavernas liked the tree man; "He looked so proud and generous, yet he was missing everything." Lightfoot liked the totem pole killer, which was the first one he wrote. DeLaurentiis liked the eye of God tableau from the start of season 2. Fuller loved the human cello, "and I'm a particular fan of Michael Pitt cutting off his face and feeding it to the dogs."

5:15 p.m.: Did Hannibal and Will Graham fall in love? "I think they have love for each other," says Fuller. It's not a sexual love, "But they have a pure, genuine love for each other." He is also well aware of all the fan-art of Will and Hannibal as a couple. Bryan Fuller is a man who spends a lot of time on the internet. "In essence, the whole show is fan-fiction," he acknowledges.

5:17 p.m.: Audience questions begin with a "Wonderfalls" fan psyched to be in the room with Dhavernas, and asks who might play Barney. Fuller says that Barney is one of the characters MGM still owns, but he's excited to introduce Murasaki in season 3.

5:19 p.m.: Is it by design that the "Hannibal" storytelling style sometimes resembles anime? "Anime is a huge influence in all sorts of ways," Fuller acknowledges. "There's a lot of cinematic influences from David Lynch to David Cronenberg to David Slade, who brought his own bag of tricks to the show... We just want the show to be gorgeous, and as refined aesthetically as possible."

5:20 p.m.: What do Abrams and Thompson want to see for their characters next season? "We have a spin-off in development where we move to a small fishing town and we open up a bait shop together, but we just can't stay out of trouble!" says Abrams, who has dubbed the spin-off "Catch of the Day."

5:21 p.m.: A woman in a Hannibal Lecter suit asks what the cuisine will be next season. "Italian," says Fuller, who calls it a clue to where Hannibal will be.

5:22 p.m.: Now a woman dressed as Will Graham (complete with facial scruff) asks about the names of Will's other dogs. Fuller invites fans to tweet him dog name suggestions.

5:23 p.m.: Would Fuller be interested in a Hannibal musical? Fuller notes that Esparza can carry a tune. Abrams tries improvising a song about a horse uterus, while Esparza has lost his voice and the other panelists duck the invitation. "I would love to do a surreal musical number in Hannibal's mind palace," says Fuller. "I imagine him dancing like Christopher Walken in 'Weapon of Choice.'" Esparza has personally witnessed Mikkelsen dance during downtime in filming: "The man can dance."

5:25 p.m.: Does it take longer to work in English as a second language? Dhavernas (who spoke French first, as French-Canadian) says that it can be harder, particularly late at night, but she thinks it helps her focus. Esparza (who spoke Spanish first but doesn't remember learning English) says that if he's really focusing on something, he'll do so in Spanish, but in most cases, both languages feed off of each other for him.

5:27 p.m.: "If you were gonna be eaten — and I'm not saying it's gonna happen — what dish would you prefer to be served in?" Fuller wants to be on an Hermes platter. Lightfoot wants to be raw. Thompson wants "to be eaten with your fingers." Dhavernas would like to be some kind of dessert. "Aaron's obviously a tiramisu," Thompson adds. "I've thought a lot about how I would eat Zeller." Esparza would want to be roasted in the ground like a pig at a luau.

5:28 p.m.: Is it a coincidence that Will and Margot wound up with the same scar on their abdomens? Fuller said there was symmetry between the Verger siblings and between Will and Hannibal, and "they're both left with scars from their oppressors" and jokes that "they each got smiley-faces on their tummies."

5:29 p.m.: A man in a Hannibal straitjacket and bite mask notes that the first season started out as a procedural crime show and then diverged, and the second season followed a similar pattern, so how much of season 3 will deal with cases? "The entire first half of the season is relatively FBI-light," says Fuller. "You only see the FBI once in the first seven, because it's all about the pursuit of Hannibal."

5:32 p.m.: A woman wearing an Esparza mask appears, and we get some dissolve humor on the Jumbotron, as whomever is running the screens superimposes her face over Esparza's. Is it true season 3 starts a year after season 2? "It's true," says Fuller, "because we want to be very vague with who survived that bloody, bloody night, and because we wanted to land the characters in a place where they were active. It was very intentional that we wanted to take a space, land Hannibal and Bedelia, because the first episode is very much a pilot for a new series starring Gillian Anderson and Mads Mikkelsen. It was important for us to have a passage of time so we could come into their story at the most dramatic point, and episode 4 will detail what happened between the season 2 finale and the events of season 3. We're telling the story emotionally as opposed to temporally."

5:33 p.m.: Fuller promises that we will see Kacey Rohl (who plays Abigail) again in season three, though he also says it would be fun to see a flashback episode where we learn what she was up to in season two. So that's not a confirmation of... anything. Curse you, Fuller!

5:35 p.m.: "The visual narrative of the show is hinging so wonderfully on what David Slade did for us in the pilot, in setting up the whole cinematic vocabulary," says Fuller, noting how rare it is to have a pilot director like Slade to stick around and be so active on the regular series. Slade spends hours and hours working on the sound mix for each episode. "I've never worked with a director where, here we go into season 3, and David is coming back to direct more episodes."

5:36 p.m.: Another dog question: what other breeds might Will rescue? Fuller calls Will "a mutt collector" and encourages the audience to take in rescue dogs.

5:36 p.m.: "We needed it," says Fuller of making many male characters from the novels into women. "Most of the female characters on this show can see so much clearer Hannibal than the male characters." (Except for Alana, it would seem.) Fuller also seems to suggest Dhavernas will be in season three, though it's possible he just was listing all of the great female characters he's liked writing for.

5:38 p.m.: Following up on that, is the industry moving towards a place where featuring diverse female characters is more commonplace? Dhavernas notes all the strong female characters on TV right now, and thanks Fuller for making several of the men into women on the show. "It would have been very sad for the only female characters to have been victims."

5:41 p.m.: What was Dhavernas' initial reaction to learning Alana would sleep with Hannibal? "I think it was kind of a natural progression," Dhavernas insists. Alana knew she always got stuck in situations where she tried to fix men, "and now she wanted a grown-up relationship... And also, Hannibal is so wise that he didn't even have to do anything. I went to him. And also, it just makes Will's story so much more painful and interesting." Fuller says he told Dhavernas before the series began that she would sleep with Hannibal at some point, "And you were over the moon!" Dhavernas admits she loved Mikkelsen's Danish films and was excited about the thought of playing romantic scenes with him.

5:43 p.m.: How would Hannibal serve the Emmy judging panel? Fuller says they would be spit-roasted. Then he announces a behind-the-scenes book on how the show is made. It's all about the art of Hannibal. The season two DVD comes out Sept. 16. So go watch that, America. The soundtrack of original music from the show will be out on Aug. 5 (season one) and Sept. 2 (season two). Promotional material!

5:45 p.m.: That's it for audience questions, so no real clarity at all on who survived the finale, though we did get a lot of other details about season 3. Fuller also announces plans to introduce four volumes of "Hannibal" music — two for each season — with the first one coming out August 15. To take us out, Fuller closes things as he did last year's panel, with a sneak preview of the season 2 DVD blooper reel.

About Silence of the Lambs and Francis Dolarhyde:

The third season of Hannibal will introduce Inspector Pazzi (from 1999’s Hannibal) who enters in Episode 2; Lady Murasaki (Lecter’s Japanese aunt, with whom he develops a quasi-romantic relationship) from 2006’s Hannibal Rising is introduced in Episode 3; and Francis Dolarhyde, the killer in Red Dragon, takes center stage in Episode 8, kicking off a major new storyline for the NBC drama that will draw heavily from the 1981 book.

The Dolarhyde arc would carry through to the end of Season 3. Then — if NBC opts to pick up another season — Silence of the Lambs would provide the basis for Season 4, paving the way for the NBC drama to introduce Clarice Starling! Or, at least, that’s Fuller’s hope.

Too lazy to read, not even the bold parts? SPOILERS OF SEASON 3:

- Season 3 is going to take place one year after the Season 2 finale.

- Dollarhyde is coming in Episode 8.
- Lady Murasaki is confirmed for episode 3.
- Alana will be back "in some way or another".
- Likewise Abigail.
- Episode 4 will fill in what happened right after the finale.
- Gideon will be back in a flashback.
- Gina Torres is back.
- Raúl Esparza will be back.

- The food of Season 3 will be Italian.

I can't embed the gag reel, so check this link.
Sources: #1, #2, #3.


COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2014 — “Hannibal” Press Room — Pictured: (l-r) Raul Esparza, Steven Lightfoot, Caroline Dhavernas, Bryan Fuller, Scott Thompson, Martha DeLaurentiis, Aaron Abrams, David Slade — (Photo by: Jason Kempin/NBC) Thursday, July 24, 2014 from the San Diego Convention Center

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Mods, this has not been posted at all, I search the tag before I posted it, thank you!
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"Nearly 10 years since he dropped his debut solo LP Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney is back with In Technicolor. Undoubtedly, a lot has changed in the last decade, so when we asked the singer to break down his latest project, we thought it would be appropriate to incorporate a trend that screams 2014: Emojis."


In Technicolor: iTunes | Amazon | Spotify | Rhapsody | Target

Click here for tour dates!

(...cont...MTV Interview)


“I do use Emojis,” Jesse replied when asked if he dabbles in the text message icons. He then rattled off a list of the smiley face inspired characters including the one wearing sunglasses (check out the vid to see his other picks).

Spoiler alert: he did not mention the paint palette, which we thought would have been an obvious choice based on the name of the title track. Instead he used his words to describe the song:

“‘In Technicolor,’ I had a theory, and I still have this theory that we’re all on planet Earth for a very short amount of time, as everyone knows, and basically we’re here and we’re searching for that one person that validates you or see you for what you’re worth. And until you find that person, your life is black and white, and that person puts the color in your world,” he said. “So, ‘In Technicolor’ is a song that was written in two parts for this album and basically says that a lot more eloquently and in a cool way on the album and just kind of has that retro sound to it so I think it matched the record musically as well.”

Besides the subject of love, Jesse pulled inspiration from the music he grew up listening to when making the rest of the record.

“If anyone had, like I had, a daily diet of [Michael Jackson] or Prince or any of the music from the late ’70s, early ’80s, this album was sort of the tip of the hat for that time in music,” he explained. “I think in terms of pop music that was some of the best music ever made, or pop music ever made was during that time and so I kind of wanted to do something that was a reflection of what I grew up listening to as a kid and so I made In Technicolor."

"Superbad" Acoustic at Z100 New York

Zach Sang and the Gang Interview - Chats new single, album tour and more.

Sirius XM Interview - Talks album, favorite Summer songs, first job

Teen Vogue Interview

Acoustic Session of "Superbad" w/ Teen Vogue

Fox 46 Interview


Teen Magazine Interview

Sirius XM Studios/Z100 New York/Empire State Building Stop (Pics - not HQ)

Jesse McCartney visits SiriusXM Studios on July 22, 2014 in New York City.


Z100's Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge on July 22, 2014


The Empire State Building on July 21, 2014 in New York City


Promo for ABC Family's Young and Hungry

Today Show Performance, Promo I Roundup

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Here's a Jesse promo-round-up post for your day/night. Don't sleep on his new album, thanks.
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July 24th: Hilary Duff leaving the offices of The Huffington Post in New York City


July 24th: Hilary Duff Shopping at INTERMIX with her friend/assistant, Lauren, and music manager, Andre

Fan Pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Hilary at an event for RCA Records:
1 2 3 4 5 6
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Nicki took to Instagram in response to criticisms over the artwork she revealed for her upcoming single, Anaconda.



"Angelic. Acceptable. Lol"


Sources 1, 2, 3
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New duo Maddie & Tae all but cut purveyors of bro country off at the knees with their debut single "Girl in a Country Song." The tongue-in-cheek hip-shaker transparently references decidedly non-feminist lyrics from artists like Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Billy Currington and Blake Shelton. When Rolling Stone Country talked to Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye recently, the buzzed-about teenagers — Marlow is 19, Dae, 18 — had just seen the first cut of their video for "Girl in a Country Song." The final version, which casts country "bros" in the clichéd roles of video vixens, was released today.

"The video helps us put the point across that it's hard being a girl in a country song, and if the guys had to live up to the expectations that we do, I don't think they could do it either," Marlow tells Rolling Stone Country.

But, girl, er, boy, is it fun to watch the guys try. The clip, shot in the typically sun-kissed filter of country videos, features the blonde duo singing from the back of pickup-truck beds while three bros cavort in outrageous setups. The dudes seductively wash trucks, take come-hither showers and even nibble on strawberries, all while dressed in Daisy Dukes and uncomfortable cowboy boots. The hefty one of the trio, however, really goes for the gold in barely-there overalls.

"The song is so topical and it's what's going on right now. I think that's why it's been moving so fast," Dye says of their single's impressive chart debut and its addition to radio playlists. "Girl in a Country Song" debuted at Number 39 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, and with 51 stations jumping onboard, the track was the most-added song of the week at radio.

"The reaction has been incredible," says Marlow. "And the team we have behind us has just been amazing. They're like, 'I don't think we've seen a project move this fast.'"

Maddie & Tae will make their national television debut on NBC's Today on August 11th.

1, 2
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Sharknado 2: The Second One isn't just a sequel capitalizing on the surprise mainstream success of a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie, it's a warning.

“You know, it actually can happen,” star Tara Reid told GQ. “I mean, the chances of it happening are very rare, but it can happen actually. Which is crazy.”

Reid — most famous for her role in the American Pie franchise — compared the potential natural disaster scenario to a common idiom when pigs fly, which is used primarily to stress that something can't actually happen.

“Not that it — the chances of it are, like, you know, it's probably ‘pigs could fly,'” Reid added. “Like, I don't think pigs could fly, but actually sharks could be stuck in tornados. There could be a sharknado.”

No matter what kind of animal is being twirled around the sky and hurled at your home, co-star Ian Zierling of 90210 fame wants you to be prepared.

“Get yourself the biggest, badass chainsaw you can find and hope for the best,” Zierling said. Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres on Aug. 21 with newcomers Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath and Kari Wuhrer.

source: TheWrap
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Low rez will update with better version later.
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At this point it has become common knowledge that True Blood werewolf Joe Manganiello is dating Modern Family smoking hot Columbian mom, Sofia Vergara, but the reason why is only now being reported. According to the latest tabloid gossip news updates the Machete Kills sexpot has fallen hard for her new Magic Mike stripper boyfriend due to his ways in the bedrooms. It's being reported that Vergara is telling everyone that will listen that Joe is the best sex she's ever had. Whatever led to the split with fiancé Nick Loeb, we know Sofia never put the word out that he was any kind of late night Casanova. Apparently Manganiello knows how to keep his girlfriends happy--if Nick doesn't.

It has been widely reported that Joe Manganieelo and Sofia Vergara have been seen all over the country getting hot and heavy--leading most to presume that the Hollywood hotties are dating.

Word has it that Sofia's ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, is livid over being made to look the cuckold, thanks to Vergara's being linked to someone knew so soon.

An insider reportedly told In Touch that Loeb is furious with how this how thing already looks:

"[Nick] freaked out when he heard--he was frantically calling and texting her.

"He told her that their engagement must have meant nothing since she's moved on so quickly.

"She never responded to Nick's messages...she's done with him."

Well, not quite done, and if Nick hated the first act what until he hears about what is being said about her one-time bride-to-be now.

According to a supposed friend of Sofia's, who spoke to OK! Magazine for their August 4, print edition, Sofia has been telling everyone that all her past lovers [read Nick Loeb] are boys in the bedroom when compared to Joe:

"Sofia tells everyone that he is the best lover she's ever had.

"She says that he rocks her world--and he has a body to die for!

"Sofia has very high demands when it comes to sex, so for her to rave like this is huge.

"It's a real dig at Nick, but she says that Hoe has taken her places she never knew existed."

Like East L.A.?


Best sex you ever had ontd?
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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 by teasertrailer

“This time, the gang travels to the future. ”
Well, the sequel looks even more hilarious than the first film: you can sign me up for Hot Tub Time Machine 2!

The film is starring Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Adam Scott, Chevy Chase, and Gillian Jacobs.

The release date of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is set to December 25, 2014.

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Megan discusses April's character & how her ass kicking scene ended up on the cutting room floor:

It’s all very….goofy. Don’t go in to ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and expect ‘Batman Begins.’ This really is a kids movie and, from what we were shown, it’s playing that up. The adults in the audience might not laugh at the Keyboard Cat jokes but we’re not sure they were ever meant to.
We’ve give the look of the Turtles a lot of grief (and rightfully so based on some of the earlier materials), but that’s not even one of the film’s problems. In the context of the film, the turtles look fine. The mo-cap is done really well and while they don’t look like the classic Turtles of old, they’re not what’s holding the film back. One thing that really did take us out of the moment was the voice of Johnny Knoxville, who, with his Tennessee drawl, just doesn’t have the right sound for Leonardo – the no-nonsense leader of the team.
In the end, this movie seems like it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by way of the new ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movies. Light and fun and goofy, but with very familiar action beats and cartoonish heroes.

There is also an in-depth description of the scenes they showed at source #3
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