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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 05:44

As a legal battle ramps up pitting director Bryan Singer against a man accusing him of sexual abuse, 20th Century Fox finds itself caught in the crossfire as it attempts to launch a new project from the filmmaker. An appearance Singer was to have made at a comics convention this weekend on behalf of his new film X-Men: Days of Furture Past has already been canceled, and Singer also has dropped out of an MPAA-sponsored conference in Washington, D.C., on May 2 at which Vice President Joe Biden will be the featured speaker.

The accusations aimed at the director are likely to complicate Fox's marketing efforts on its upcoming $205 million movie. Fox is scheduled to release X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest installment in its X-Men series, in the U.S. on May 23. Singer, who directed the first two X-Men movies, returns to the franchise as director and producer of the new film, which will have its world premiere in New York City on May 10.

In the wake of a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Michael F. Egan, accusing Singer of sexually abusing him during his teenage years, Fox issued a statement, saying, "These are serious allegations, and they will be resolved in the appropriate forum. This is a personal matter, which Bryan Singer and his representatives are addressing separately." Marty Singer, Bryan Singer's attorney, has called the allegations in the lawsuit "absurd and defamatory."

Fox has no plans to postpone the opening of the X-Men movie, which begins a worldwide rollout on May 20. But it will probably have to revamp some of its marketing plans. Although no final decisions have been made amid ongoing discussions, it is expected that Singer will step back and assume a low profile and may avoid the movie's scheduled premiere screenings and junkets altogether. (Buzzfeed reports that he has dropped out completely).

Instead, the studio will rely on the large cast -- headed by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence -- to promote the movie and had already developed plans to divide up the stars to send them to the various events surrounding its openings around the world. While all that star power could easily compensate for Singer's absence, even if the director doesn't take part, the legal case could become a major distraction if the press insists on asking the actors about his situation.

The first two trailers for X-Men: Days of Future Past carried two cards that read "From Bryan Singer, the Director of The Usual Suspects and X-Men." But the final trailer, which was released April 15, just as news of Egan's lawsuit filed in federal court in Hawaii broke, carries just one card that reads "From Director Bryan Singer." Instead of selling the movie based on the director's name, the main focus of the new trailer and the surrounding key art is the large cast of mutant characters and the movie's time-travel plot.

Singer established the template for the X-Men movies and their Wolverine spinoffs when he directed the first two films in the franchise -- 2000's X-Men and 2003's X-Men 2 -- and his return could have been used by the studio as a selling point. However, a revolving group of directors handled the two subsequent X-Men movies (2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011's X-Men: First Class) and the Wolverine movies (2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2013's The Wolverine). So Singer's name is not as closely associated with the series as, say, Steven Spielberg's is with the Indiana Jones franchise.

Singer is a recognized director among the film geeks who gather at events like Comic-Con, but he has not always received the fanboy praise lavished on filmmakers like James Cameron or Peter Jackson. His 2006 Superman Returns, for example, came in for its share of fanboy criticism. In terms of its marketing power, his name alone doesn't necessarily attract the wider general public to his movies.

Nevertheless, Singer had been scheduled to be part of a presentation of Fox's upcoming slate at WonderCon, the comics convention taking place this weekend in Anaheim, Calif. But that appearance has been canceled, and Simon Kinberg, who wrote the screenplay and also served as one of the producers on Days of Future Past, will be on hand instead to represent the film.

Singer had been on the guest list at the Creativity Conference at which Biden is to speak on May 2 in Washington, D.C.
The conference is sponsored by the MPAA, Microsoft and ABC News.A source told THR that Singer no longer plans to attend. Reps for the MPAA and for Singer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 05:07
Rapper Andre Johnson reportedly was under influence of drugs before he allegedly attempted to commit suicide earlier this week. According to E! News, a source said that Johnson a.k.a. Christ Bearer used PCP, which is also known as Phencyclidine or Angel Dust, before he jumped from a balcony on the second floor of a North Hollywood apartment building on Wednesday, April 16.

The source also shared more story in regards to the situation, saying that Johnson was already on the balcony when the police arrived and told him to get down and talk to them. The rapper reportedly said "OK" before he took the dive.

The source additionally said that Johnson used a serrated steak knife to mutilated himself before jumping off the building. At first he cut off the tip of his penis and continued severing the testicles and the remaining part. Police recovered the severed parts upstairs.

Johnson suffered from critical injuries following the jump and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is still being treated at the hospital and reportedly was in stable condition on Thursday. Doctors, however, apparently were unable to reattach his penis.

Johnson is a part of a group called Northstar. Two other members of the group who live in the same building previously told TMZ that Johnson did not consume "any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing."


well. i fucking knew it
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 04:33

Scott had alleged that the network tried to censor his appearance when he was hosting red carpet coverage for their 2013 BET Awards last June. “It’s not just about the fact that BET forced me to pull my hair back, asked me to take off my makeup, made me change my clothes and prevented me from wearing a heel,” Scott wrote on his website the day after the show.

“It’s more so that from the mentality and environment created by BET made me feel less than and that something was wrong with who I am as a person.” Scott’s campaign against the channel has galvanized supporters of transgender rights and only raised his profile more.

Scott launched a high-profile lawsuit against the network and brought some much-needed attention to discrimination against the LGBT community in the process. However, the courts did not see his case as valid. The judge found that BET was within in its 1st Amendment rights to require Scott to change his clothing to more traditional men’s dress.

Scott told the gossip site TMZ, “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression.”

It’s unfortunate that Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos presiding over today’s motion failed to consider the facts in their entirety, especially pertaining to a case as unique as this one.
It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression – and that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment.

As my attorney and I seek to appeal the judges decision on the motion to strike in the California Court of Appeal, we’re continuing to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and to remind the world that it’s ok to be who you are.

Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward.

Although I’m saddened by what today’s verdict means for myself and other members of the LGBTQ community, the struggle is not over. I will pursue progress and human rights for our community through the Appellate Court where I hope that my unique set of circumstances and BET/Viacom’s treatment of me will collectively yield active legislation to prevent anyone else from having to suffer as I have – without networks being able to disguise their unlawful discriminatory practices with vague, umbrella terms like ‘creative privilege’.

I’m committed to change, progress, human rights and equality for all, and by no means do I feel defeated.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 04:33

Boston Pizza is a Canada-based chain that makes third-rate pies but first-rate hybrids of pizza and politics. As part of their “Pizza Game Changer” promotion you can vote right now for a hypothetical weird food innovation you want to see at a parlor near you. If you have strong feelings about Pizza Cake (as you should) then make your voice heard!

The Pizza Cake is exactly what it sounds like, and actually one of the more normal “game changers” Boston Pizza has submitted to the voting public. In reality, a multi-layered cake pizza hybrid would obviously be a sign of the coming apocalypse and probably a horcrux, but as far as the field of nominees goes, it’s pretty reasonable. Although I’m sure if you try and slice it (possibly with the gasoline-engine pizza cutter that is also up for votes) you’ll still open a portal to Hell.

Alarmingly for anyone who doesn’t want the world to be destroyed by Pizza Cake dark matter, the other nominees are even sillier. There are Pizza Mints available in 27 flavors of pizza to keep the party “going all night long”, and Pizza Cheese Clippers, so “a monster cheese pull will never get the better of you again”!

I’m pretty uncomfortable with the phrase “cheese pull.” If we could delete that from our collective consciousness I’d be deeply grateful.

There’s also a pizza pocket, which is not, as the name might suggest, some kind of calzone-Hot Pocket hybrid but actually a cotton shirt with a special front pocket in which to put your pizza and seal in freshness. You know, fashion.

Feel a little vulnerable leaving your ‘za out in the open like that? No worries, my dude! There’s also a Pizza Protector in which to lock a single slice away from thieves.

There are also some actual edible options on the docket (The Pizza Cake, I am assuming, is not edible since once it is manifested in reality there will be no one left alive to eat it). Of the variety of weird fusion foods Boston Pizza is suggesting in an apparent attempt to out-gross other high publicity yuck-o menu options, I will probably cast my vote for the Sriracha Chicken Pizza. I know from experience that if you get a pizza and put some sriracha on it, you’ve got a good thing going.

Boston Pizza’s website runs excruciatingly slowly, probably from all the Canadian kids trying to get their vote oot, but I suggest heading over there if you want your voice to have an impact on the future of mediocre chain pizzerias.

If you wanna see more, go here: http://www.pizzagamechangers.com/
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 03:37
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:25

In what is surely the most significant event of our time, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ran into each other at the dermatologist in LA while a normal looked on and acted as scribe. It was an icy encounter.

According to the eyewitness, Kim "seemed so excited to see Beyoncé and was really eagerly going over to her." However, "Beyoncé wanted nothing to do with Kim and was really trying to stay away from her." She reportedly asked some desultory questions about Baby North but did not care. (Other potential topics of conversation they could have had: "How was your Vogue cover? Good? Same."; "Tom Ford, am I right?"; "Hey, have you heard of that new band, 5 Seconds of Summer? Do you think they all hate Mikey, secretly?")

According to ANOTHER source, Kim Kardashian then "made sure that she had the exact same procedures that Beyoncé had," i.e., fillers and Botox. I don't know if that's really copying her, per se, because those are very standard procedures. That's like saying, "Kim Kardashian ran into Beyoncé at a Chipotle and TRIED TO BECOME HER by ordering a burrito bowl with extra guacamole." Anyway. Such intrigue. [Radar]

RADAR ONLINE- When Kardashian, 33, ran into Knowles, 32, at Dr. Harold Lancer‘s Beverly Hills office on April 11, “Kim wanted to make sure that she had the exact same procedures that Beyoncé had,” a source told Radar. “She requested Botox and fillers, which were the same treatments Beyoncé got.”

But rather than bonding over Botox, Jay Z’s wife and Kanye West’s fiancée had a seriously awkward run-in, as Radar has reported — even though Kardashian didn’t seem to notice!

Kardashian “seemed so excited to see Beyoncé and was really eagerly going over to her,” a source told Radar. “But Beyoncé looked like she wanted nothing to do with Kim and was really trying to stay away from her. Kim was basically fawning all over her … and Beyoncé looked like she could have cared less!”

Kardashian’s copycat behavior was especially striking since she’s practically a plastic surgery expert, having undergone such extreme procedures as a “vampire blood facial” and laser scar removal on episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Has Kim gone too far with her worship of Beyoncé? Tell us in comments.


Source: http://jezebel.com/beyonce-really-really-does-not-want-to-be-friends-with-1564606572
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:25

This is your face on Botox—and it's ridiculous.

Fillers and Botox might lend a resting face a youthful appearance, but it hijacks an emotional face into a crazy appearance. After eight years and six series, the Real Housewives franchise has become a sort of catalog of Botulinum toxin gone wrong. Here, we collect the best of the worst cries from Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, DC, Miami and Beverly Hills.


Source: http://jezebel.com/a-disturbing-montage-of-real-housewives-crying-through-1564238471
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:24

If you’ve ever been caught singing the wrong lyrics to a famous tune, you're not alone.

A new survey has revealed an alarming number of popular song lyrics misunderstood by the British public.

Almost a quarter of people think lyrics to Abba’s Dancing Queen “See that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the dancing queen” are actually “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen.”

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was the second most commonly misheard lyric, with 18 per cent of respondents hearing “Kicking your cat all over the place” in place of “Kicking your can all over the place”.

Ozzy Osbourne and Lady Gaga topped the Blinkbox poll of artists with the hardest lyrics to understand.

Many Brits believed the line in Gaga’s “Poker Face” was “Polk Her Face”, while Ozzy’s lyric “Off the rails on a crazy train” was misheard as “Off the rails on a gravy train.”

The top ten most commonly misheard music lyrics

1. ABBA – Dancing Queen

“See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen"

2. Queen – We Will Rock You

“Kicking your cat all over the place”

3. Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer

“It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”

4. Madonna – Like a Virgin

“Like a virgin, touched for the thirty-first time”

5. The Monkees – I’m A Believer

“Then I saw her face, now I’m gonna leave her”

6. Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now

“I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone”

7. Rihanna – We Found Love

“What it takes to form a line"

8. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

“Excuse me while I kiss this guy”

9. Spice Girls – Wannabe

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get rid of my friends”

10. Starship – We Built This City

“We built this city on logs and coal”

Reminds me of this:
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:17

Drake Bell wants to make something clear—Justin Bieber "tried" to crash his album release party.

The 27-year-old star spoke out about what happened at his event at Mixology at The Grove last night during an interview with Fox 11 News. "I don't think there is anything going on between us," Bell told the news anchor when asked what's going on between him and the Biebs.

"I think I've joined with most celebrities and have said a couple of opinions on there [Twitter]. I don't think the Beliebers have liked it very much," he added.

He also mentioned that Bieber never actually crashed the album release party, but Bell said he tried, though added that the event was 21 and over.

still funny. also, witness aaron carter backpedaling for his life:

aaron's twitter
e news

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:16

A new coach is reportedly coming to The Voice, and she ain’t no Hollaback Girl. Gwen Stefani is currently in talks to temporarily take over Christina Aguilera‘s swivel chair, according to The Wrap.

Per the report, Stefani will take Aguilera’s spot in Season 7, while Aguilera — who is said to be taking time off due to her current pregnancy — is expected to return for Season 8. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, neither of whom have missed a single season yet, are also expected to continue.

Stefani’s addition to The Voice would be the latest in a series of major announcements, following news of Pharrell Williams taking over for Cee Lo Green.


Author: "--" Tags: "the voice (nbc), television - nbc, gwen ..."
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 02:15


More rescheduled dates!! :)

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 01:53

Days Of Our Lives Star Guy Wilson Views Will & Sonny's Storyline As An Example Of True Love!

The soap opera made daytime television history earlier this month with the nuptials of Horton and Sonny Kriakis (played by Freddie Smith), broadcasting the genre's first gay male wedding.

“When we filmed that episode and the days leading up to that, each day it became increasingly powerful for us,” Wilson told Gay Star News. “The actual day of filming it, there was no acting. It was simultaneously one of the most powerful moments I've had as a performer or otherwise and also one of the most fluid moments I've had as an actor.”

“We were trying to demonstrate for our viewership the fact that it's okay to be fearless, to express who you are and what you believe in and it's okay to love whoever you want to love. I view the Will and Sonny storyline as an example of true love, pure love,” he added.

Wilson joined the show just as Sonny was to propose marriage. He replaced the popular and acclaimed actor Chandler Massey who had won two Emmys for the role and inhabited Will as he came to terms with being gay, came out publicly and fell in love with Sonny.

Now that the wedding has taken place, Wilson feels more at home than ever as Will.

'As far as the Will and Sonny storyline, the marriage is a new chapter,' he said. 'As far as my tenure as an actor on the show, I do feel on an internal level that it is the beginning of a new chapter. I feel like I'm Will now. I feel like I've achieved something for the storyline, I've achieved something that I can own.'

Cady McClain on Her New Young and the Restless Role and Shocking Memoir!

Cady McClain has joined The Young and the Restless as grieving mom/town pariah Kelly Andrews, just as she's published her brutally frank memoir, Murdering My Youth. The two-time Emmy winner tells TV Guide all about it.

TV Guide: How does it feel to land on a healthy, high-rated soap after your last two died such dismal deaths? In fact, AMC died twice!

McClain: It's the most amazing thing. Y&R; had its 41st anniversary a couple of weeks ago with the big press party and the cake-cutting and a lot of celebration — something I never thought I would experience again. [Laughs] I thought the party was over for me!

TV Guide: Are you still stinging from the failure of Prospect Park's reboot of AMC?

McClain: When you watch a beloved show come to an end and see the toll it takes on everyone with the production and the fans who have loved and supported it, it's like the death of an entire family. The experience with Prospect Park was nightmarish and heartbreaking. I was a big supporter of the show and what they tried to do with it online, but the powers that be who held the purse strings did not have their plan in place. It was all rather sad. [Laughs] Now there is nothing to bitch about! I'm, like, "You people at Y&R; don't even know how bad it can get!" Every time I drive on the lot at CBS, I say a big prayer of thanks and gratitude. I hate to say it — and I would never wish those soaps to have been cancelled ever — but the gift of that loss is that it put a hot fire under everybody's ass. The surviving shows got their s--t together and everybody — actors, writers, producers — stopped taking their jobs for granted and worked a lot harder to make the most of the opportunity. It also made the networks realize how much these shows mean to the public.

TV Guide: You're replacing Cynthia Watros, who left Y&R; to do an MTV series. She was last seen April 14 and you hit the air two days later. How are you dealing with that crazy-fast switch?

McClain: There's much more pressure being an instant replacement. Boom! Usually when this happens on a soap there's a break of a few months or at least weeks. And Cynthia was mind-bogglingly good and really made her mark with some award-worthy work. So I'm like, "Oh, s—t!" But I'm bringing my A game and hoping the fans will accept me.

TV Guide: Kelly easily could have been written out when Watros left, but the decision was made to keep the character because Peter Bergman needed a love interest. Do you feel used in a way? This seems so much less about Kelly and more about Jack.

McClain: Peter is an amazing actor and this is a soap opera, which is about love and romance. He needed somebody to play with and I'm thrilled to be the one. In a way, it's very special. When you're dancing in a couple, there's a leader and a follower, and there's an art to being a follower. You have to be present and open and pay attention to the cues you're given, and I love that. That's a big part of why I worked so well with Michael Knight on AMC — we were great dancing partners. I think the same thing is happening with Peter. He's very responsive, as well. He catches what I throw. But it's fine with me to let him be the lead. I have no problem with this!

TV Guide: Murdering My Youth, your shocking survival story, is a fantastic but tough read, marked by years of family madness, alcoholism, abandonment and domestic violence. You were also sexually abused by your father. Was it hard to get it all down on paper?

McClain: For years I could not return to L.A. and spend more than two days there without freaking out and needing to leave quickly, because that's the town where I was put on sale. I know my story is bigger than life — not everyone was a kid in showbiz — but I wrote the book for anyone who was forced to grow up in chaos and violence. A child's innocence should never be for sale. I really wanted and needed to understand what had happened to me. It didn't really sink in until 2012 when I fully realized that my parents had spent all of the money I had made as a child actor — and it was a lot! It wasn't until I started writing the book that I thought, "What the f--k did happen to all that money?" And so I dug into my old boxes of crap and found the original incorporation papers and found out that I had been paying the mortgage on our house and that my parents were taking salaries. Finding out the truth — 100 percent of the truth — was essential to me. That's how I know who I am. That's how I keep myself from going nuts or turning into a drug addict.

TV Guide: You don't write about your early years at AMC with much happiness.

McClain: It was tough. It was brutally hard. Michael Knight always made me laugh, God bless him, but you're right. I wasn't a happy person then. I was going through a lot of s--t and there was a lot of fallout. Maybe it was a happy time for other people there but I didn't have a lot of joy in my heart back then.

TV Guide: The book concludes when you are 25. Will there be a sequel?

McClain: I wanted to end the book when my mom died, which was the most dramatic and profound thing that ever happened to me. The years after that? [Laughs] Oh, dude, I got into a lot of trouble! I decided after a life of so much pain and childhood crap that I was going to have fun and, oh boy, did I! That is a different book and, if I ever write it, it would have to be called something like Days of Being Wild. I turned into a wild child who set out to have fun but instead I got really hurt and really screwed up and made some really stupid choices. That was part of the reason I starting writing Murdering My Youth so many years ago. It was my attempt to say, "Whoa! Slow yourself down, girl!"

Seattle Seahawks Fullback Michael Robinson To Return To THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!

Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson is heading back to tape at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS on April 16 for scenes that will air on May 19. He will cross paths with Eric Braeden (Victor) and Sean Carrigan (Stitch).

The fullback first appeared on March 13 as a businessman.

“It was an amazing experience! I’ve been a fan for years, and it was great to meet the personalities on the show,” Robinson said of his first on set. “I’ve always thought Y&R; was the best show on daytime television because their storylines are always entertaining and intriguing. They welcomed me with open arms, and I felt like a part of the Y&R; family.”

Robert Scott Wilson Joins DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Replaces Justin Gaston as Ben!

Former ALL MY CHILDREN actor and THE PRICE IS RIGHT model Robert Scott Wilson has joined the cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, according to Soap Opera Digest. He will replace Justin Gaston in the role of Ben, Jordan's brother.

DAYS has not said why Gaston, who first aired on February 27, was being replaced by Wilson.

Wilson will first air next month. He played Pete Cortlandt on The OnLine Network's web version of ALL MY CHILDREN in 2013. His final appearance on THE PRICE IS RIGHT is scheduled for April 15.

Gaston was a contestant during Season 6 of NASHVILLE STAR. He is married to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS actress Melissa Ordway (Abby).

Party With The Stars!

If you don't yet have plans for Memorial Day weekend, we present you with this: The 15th Annual SoapFest Charity Weekend on Marco Island, FL! More than a dozen daytime actors are scheduled to attend the festival, taking place Saturday, May 24, through Monday, May 26. Stars scheduled to appear include GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kristen Alderson (Kiki), Chad Duell (Michael), Bryan Craig (Morgan) and Kelly Thiebaud (Britt); and ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Melissa Archer (Natalie).

SoapFest events include the intimate A Night Of Stars dinner; Cruizin' Boozin' & Schmoozin' With The Stars on the Marco Island Princess yacht; Celebrity Karaoke Bar Bash and VIP Brunch With The Boys Of Daytime.

Tickets are now on sale for the annual SoapFest weekend, which will raise funds for Camp Able (a program for local special needs children), the Island Theater Company Kids Program and other local organizations. For a complete schedule and description of events, ticket packages, and additional updates, visit www.SoapFest.com.

Sabrina Being Recast?

General Hospital" fans love the way things are right now and hate the idea of actresses changing around on this soap opera. On Tuesday, Soaps in Depth shared some news about one of the actresses on the show. It looks like the actress that plays Sabrina might be leaving the show. This would mean Teresa Castillo would be leaving.

The show is looking for a new actress. They want someone who looks like they originally came from Mexico and is pursuing a career in medicine. In May, Teresa will be going on maternity leave from the show. They are wanting the new actress to come in about the exact same time. That could easily mean that they are replacing her. It is perfect timing and has fans wondering what is going on.

A source spoke out saying that it is a new character, but that doesn't mean that is true. You never know with these soap operas and they also will be trying to keep it a secret if they are planning to have Sabrina be recast. They do change actresses all the time. Teresa has been on Twitter talking about the baby and things but hasn't mentioned if she is leaving or not.

Teresa Castillo confirmed to fans that she is due on May 24. That means she won't be filming for very much longer and will be taking off for her maternity leave pretty soon.

Have Tea With The Stars In Calgary!!

Canadian fans will have an opportunity to mingle with Kate Linder (Esther) and other cast members of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS while donating to a worthy cause on Sunday, April 27. The actress will be hosting 'OpportuniTeas' For Independence, a high tea in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that will benefit the March of Dimes Canada.

"It's exciting because we're going to a different part of Canada," Linder tells Soaps In Depth. "This will be different because while I'm sure some fans who have been to past teas will come to this one we'll also have some new faces, too. It's always nice to meet people who support the show!"

Joining Linder at the get-together will be co-stars Jess Walton (Jill) and Tristan Rogers (Colin). "Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) is coming, too, and I'm very excited about that because this might be one of her last events for a while," says Linder sadly, of her soon-to-be-exiting on-screen daughter.

The tea will run from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., followed by an autograph session. The afternoon of fun and festivities will include a raffle, live auction and gift bag giveaway. Plus, Y&R; make-up artist Patti Denney and hair stylist George Guzman will auction off an on-the-spot makeover for a lucky winner!

Greg Vaughan and Wife Separate After 9 Years Together!

Greg Vaughan announced his divorce from wife Touriya Haoud via social media on Monday, April 14.

The couple had been for married eight years before the split, and they share three children together; Jathan James, 6, Cavan Thomas, 4, and Landan Reid, 2. Consequently, Vaughan's Twitter announcement clarified that the split was harmonious.

"As we open our hearts full of love & sadness, 9 years together & 3 beautiful children, we have decided to amicably separate," the announcement to both Twitter and Instagram read. Vaughan's post also included a photo of himself with Haoud.

"With dear love for each other and our family, as parents first and foremost, we kindly ask our space and privacy to be respected at this difficult time," the 40-year-old actor added. "With our sincere love, Greg & Touriya."

Vaughan stars as the adult version of Eric Brady on Days, but the actor is best known for his role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital from 2003 to 2009. While his fame continues to grow, Days is now one of the longest-running scripted television series in the world. Over its nearly 50 years on the air, the soap opera has accumulated a strong fan following that continues to grow today, with many tuning in to the show which airs almost every week day.

Emmerdale's Jeff Hordley: We're lucky to get Danny Miller back!

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley has spoken to Digital Spy about Danny Miller's upcoming return to the soap.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Miller has agreed to reprise his role as Aaron Livesy and will be back on screen in the summer.

Hit play below to see Hordley reveal his reaction to the news in an exclusive video interview with Digital Spy:

Maite Perroni Talks Filming La Gata, Working in Mexico City's Largest Dump!

Maite Perroni has been filming La Gata for two months, and she opened up about her experiences shooting the upcoming telenovela.

"I'm very happy," she said to El Mañana. "I think La Gata is a project that allows me to develop in the areas I most like, music and acting. With this novela, I'm super happy that it's a story that moves me very much and each episode that I see makes me excited, and it has a good rhythm. We are telling a very real story."

As for the music, the song, which is a bachata, won't be released until the premiere of the series on May 5. It will be released on the show and later it will be on the radio.

She has been working on the border of Xochiaca, which is the largest dump in Mexico City. They started filming on Feb. 10, and this location is where her character comes from.

"It's a special place," she said. "We have met incredible people. We've been able to share with the people that are there that either live or work there. It's been a beautiful thing. We laugh, eat together and they support the show, and you realize that this is the kind of life someone leads. You have to respect that."

She was drawn to the role in La Gata because she would be able to learn about someone else's life. It didn't take her long to feel moved by the place, she said. She even said that this role is one of the most important she has played to date.

Alison Sweeney Special Message On Upcoming 4/21 DAYS!

As Alison Sweeney is set to depart the NBC soap opera this year after more than two decades as Sami Brady, the fan favorite posted a special message on her facebook page which relates to the current story, where it looks as if Sami may discover that the man she is about to marry, EJ DiMera (James Scott) has been having an affair with Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi)!

From this week’s promo of DAYS: A mysterious envelope shows up at the DiMera mansion that Sami gets her hands on which has incriminating evidence of EJ and Abby in the throes of passion. So is it what happens next that will be one of the best episodes for Sweeney of all-time? Well, according to this post below, it surely is!

Alison: “I am so proud of the episode airing on Monday, April 21st. We worked so hard on it, and everyone gave their all. I hope you watch. Thinking back on all the pivotal episodes I’ve been blessed to be a part of at Days of our Lives, this without question stands out at the top. And believe me, as we were shooting it everyone was thinking about YOUR reactions. So … I can’t wait to read your thoughts after!! XOXO”

In addition, if you picked up the latest Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Sweeney also mentioned the episode and elaborated a little more saying: “In fact, we were in the fan event last November right when we shot those scenes, like giddy, practically from the excitement and the buildup it created in that particular episode. We did a read-through with the director and I am going to say that we dedicated probably at least nine hours or more of rehearsal time toward them.”

Telemundo Unveils Digital Series Based On El Señor de los Cielos!

Following the success of the first season of El Señor de los Cielos (Lord of the Skies), that averaged 2.3 million viewers nightly and generated more than 35 million page views on Telemundo.com, Telemundo announces the premiere of The Secret Episode (El Capitulo Secreto), an unprecedented seven-part mid-season web-series that will bridge the first season cliffhanger with the upcoming second season. Starting April 22nd, fans that sought long-awaited answers regarding the fate of Aurelio Casillas will enjoy two new action-packed digital chapters per week leading up to the complete full-length episode that will be available on May 9th across all Telemundo Digital and Social platforms including Online, Mobile and the novelas application.

“Following the climatic cliffhanger of the first season, we wanted to produce original content in order to continue the story of El Señor de Los Cielos, prior to the on-air second season premiere” said Joshua Mintz, EVP Scripted Programming & GM Telemundo Studios. “Digital platforms allowed us to create our first-ever mid-season series.”

The popular action series will defy expectations with the launch of the second season in May which promises to deliver cutting-edge special effects, explosions and thrilling action sequences. Produced by Telemundo Studios and filmed by Argos Television, El Señor de los Cielos is inspired by actual facts and recreated in the late 1990s on location in Mexico.

“Our goal is to continue delivering the highest quality content and go beyond traditional on-air programming, taking the viewer’s experience further” said Borja Perez, SVP Digital & Social Media. “The vision is to continue this initiative with other series in the future by combining programming strategy with digital and social innovations.”

Rafael Amaya reprises the role of Aurelio Casillas along side lead actors Ximena Herrera, Carmen Villalobos, Raúl Méndez, Fernanda Castillo, Manuela González, Robinson Díaz and Mauricio Ochmann. For the first time, renowned actress Marlene Favela will join the cast for the second season.

Danna Paola Banned From Televisa After Rejecting Starring In Hasta El Fin Del Mundo!

Danna Paola is experiencing one of her best career moments as a star of the Mexican version of the Broadway musical, Wicked, that has received positive reviews. The 18-year-old actress also scored the starring role of Saving Sara Cruz, a remake of The Bodyguard that Selena Gomez also auditioned for. Paola was also cast as one of the three female leads of Televisa's new primetime telenovela Hasta El Fin Del Mundo from the Amores Verdaderos and Soy Tu Dueña producers.

Due to her very busy agenda, she ultimately had to bow out of the project as scheduling issues wouldn't allow her to film her first movie in Hollywood and tape the Mexican series.

Now the production headed by Nicandro Diaz had to re-audition young girls to replace Danna and caused a delay in the project. Televisa is upset at the Atrevete a Soñar star for leaving the series and has subsequently banned her.

Alex Kaffie who hosts gossip show Pasillo TV mentioned on the radio show that the network issued a memo where they prohibit their shows from mentioning Danna Paola. None of the Televisa produced shows is able to talk about the singer and actress, effectively ignoring all of her projects and giving her any press.

This policy is common practice for the No. 1 Mexican network that operates four over-the-air television stations and multiple cable channels. Danna has bigger aspirations and if she takes off in Hollywood, she won't need to worry about Televisa's practices.

Pedro Fernández to Make Telenovela Return With Hasta El Fin Del Mundo!

Singer Pedro Fernández is once again ready for his closeup.

The 44-year-old will be making his return to telenovelas in Nicandro Díaz's Hasta El Fin Del Mundo, according to TV Notas. In a press release, Díaz confirmed that Fernández would be working with him again. The two previously teamed up for 2009's Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe, which was highly successful. The singer starred opposite Itatí Cantoral.

In an industry where actors can get very worn out by the amount of work that goes into a telenovela, Pedro Fernández has made sure this isn't his fate, too. As part of his contract, he will only work Mondays through Thursdays. He would like to take Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off so that he can continue performing those days.

Claudia Álvarez, Marjorie de Sousa, Mariana Seoane, Julián Gil, Aleida Núñez, César évora, María Rojo, Alejandro Camacho, Jaime Moreno and Diego Olivera have also been confirmed.

Hasta El Fin Del Mundo is based off of Dulce Amor, an Argentine telenovela from 2012. The story will revolve around sisters who own a candy factory, and they are facing tough economic times. The oldest sister is chiefly in charge, along with her boyfriend. But she doesn't know that her boyfriend is actually trying to sabotage her business. The show will start shooting in April, and is slated to released in August.

DAYS Bryan Dattilo Dad-To-Be One More Time!

DAYS's Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas) and his wife Elizabeth are expecting their first child together, due this summer. "I'm having another little rugrat!" confirms the actor.

A baby shower for the duo, who wed on July 12, 2011, is being held this weekend. Dattilo, already a father to Gabe, 14, is looking forward to having a new baby in the house. "I miss my son as a baby so much," he shares.

"I love him as a young man now, but when he was a baby it was insane." This time around, Dattilo notes, "I'm more prepared in the sense that I know what's coming: the hard work, responsibility and lack of sleep. It's a long road. But I'm very content and happy."

The Week In The Year 2013!

As Steffy and Liam planned their nuptials, Hope became painfully aware that her advice to Liam about marrying Steffy quickly would mean that Hope would lose him forever. Liam told Hope that he'd always wonder what would have been. On the wedding day, Steffy rode up the aisle on her motorcycle, and Hope demanded that Rick take her to the ceremony. Katie awakened at the hospital and asked for her wedding rings. Katie had realized that she'd been wrong about Bill and Brooke, and Katie wanted to continue with her marriage. Bill told Brooke that he loved Katie, but he couldn't forget what he and Brooke had shared. Brooke loved Bill; however, she loved her sister, too, and Brooke insisted that what she and Bill had shared was just a memory.

Daniel tricked Jennifer into returning home and told her that he knew that Chloe had blackmailed her so that he would not lose custody of Parker. Chloe, sincere and regretful of her actions, told Daniel and Jennifer that she planned to leave Salem to get her life back on track. Chloe asked Daniel to take care of Parker until she returned. Chloe said goodbye to Nicole and Anne, who was still determined to take down Jennifer. E.J. was ecstatic that Sami agreed to marry him. Victor, Brady, and Kristen's meeting was interrupted just before they opened the envelope to reveal the incriminating picture of Sy and Kristen together. Stefano decided to take care of Sy but told Kristen that the photograph was still missing. Kristen was frantic to find the missing photograph, unaware that Ciara had found it on the floor at the coffee shop. Hope told an excited Ciara that Bo would soon be returning home. Gabi learned that Rafe and Kate were together, even though he tried to convince her that they were over. Rafe apologized to Kate, and they agreed to try the couple thing again. Vargas continued to pressure Nick to honor their deal. John gave Kristen a gift that was reminiscent of a special time in their past. The gift was part of John's master plan to expose Kristen's true agenda. Maggie told a shocked Brady the significance of the baseball shirt that John had given to Kristen. Sonny, Will, and friends shared some happy times together.

Bobbie bumped into Noah at the airport on her way back to Seattle and was surprised when Noah revealed that he had taken a job at Seattle General, where Bobbie worked. Patrick assured Sabrina that Britt's pregnancy hadn't changed his desire to pursue a relationship with Sabrina. Britt told Patrick that she had decided to have an abortion because she didn't want to raise a baby alone or have her child feel the pain of not being wanted by its father. Connie's integration was a success, so she decided to use the name that she had been given at birth. Sonny was devastated when Connie explained that she couldn't risk having a relationship with him because it might trigger her alter personalities to return. Michael confessed to Sonny that he had slept with Brenda. Carly demanded that Sonny kill Brenda, but Sonny pointed out that harming Brenda wouldn't help Michael. Carly warned Sonny that Brenda would continue to pursue Michael to get a reaction out of Sonny, so Sonny had to do something to stop Brenda. Michael was surprised when Brenda admitted that she had a confession to make. A.J. and Nikolas had a tense conversation about Elizabeth. Dante, Luke, and Laura were concerned when they realized that Stavros had manipulated Lulu's memories to erase her life and brainwash her into believing that she was Stavros' wife. Lulu's loved ones convinced her to return to Port Charles with them because it was too dangerous to remain on Cassadine Island. Sam was granted guardianship of Rafe.

Chloe was upset when Kevin continued to steal, but he thought the thrill was the only thing holding their marriage together. Lily tried to downplay her kiss with Tyler, but she was clearly jealous to learn that he was dating Lola. Gus and Leslie had problems adjusting to living together. Gus suffered an apparent heart attack. Despite Cane's pleas, Katherine refused to tell her family about her brain tumor. The Newmans celebrated Nikki's birthday. Victoria returned to Newman Enterprises over Billy's objections. Adam goaded Billy into a poker game, and Billy won On the Boulevard from Barry. Victoria was furious when Billy told her that he'd "bought" the restaurant. Phyllis accepted Jack's invitation to move in with him. Michael and Lauren drifted further apart, and Fen blamed himself for their estrangement. Lauren resisted Carmine's advances, and Carmine extended his friendship to Fen. Avery and Dylan discussed the baby they'd lost, and he realized that she hadn't told Nick everything about her past. Dylan asked Avery to marry him, but she remained with Nick. Dylan sold Avery's ring to repay the bail money, and he planned to leave town. Faith reacted badly to Avery's attempt to bond. Chloe discovered that Dylan had been Chelsea's one-night stand, and she attempted to push Chelsea and Dylan together. Adam unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Chelsea. Sharon had a romantic fantasy about Adam. Sharon discovered that Chelsea was pregnant, and she told Adam. Adam confronted Chelsea about her pregnancy in front of Dylan.


Monday, April 21
A photo of E.J. (James Scott) and Abigail (Kate Mansi) causes chaos at the DiMera mansion; Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) discuss the DiMeras.

Tuesday, April 22
Nicole (Arianne Zucker) discovers startling information about Liam (Mark Collier); Daniel (Shawn Christian) faces a disciplinary hearing; Jennifer finds incriminating evidence in Daniel's apartment; Nick (Blake Berris) makes Gabi (Kate Mansi) believe Sami (Alison Sweeney) is plotting to take the baby away.

Wednesday, April 23
Jennifer looks into the evidence she found; Nicole meets Liam's ex-wife; E.J. confronts Kate (Lauren Koslow); J.J. (Casey Moss) receives troubling news about Paige (True O'Brien).

Thursday, April 24
Nicole starts to realize Liam is dangerous; Theresa (Jen Lilley) worries the Liam situation is getting out of hand; Gabi, Nick and Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) meet to draw up a custody agreement; J.J. and Paige fight about the future.

Friday, April 25
Nicole turns to Rafe (Galen Gering) for help; Liam tracks down Jennifer; Daniel pushes Theresa to confess; Nick threatens Sami.

Monday, 4/21
Michael turns to Sonny for comfort; Spencer comes face to face with Luke; Nik and Elizabeth share an emotional moment before Ric interrupts.

Tuesday, 4/22
(Up to No Good)
Franco tries to bond with Carlos in jail; Sonny walks in on Luke and Spencer.

Wednesday, 4/23
(Paying Respects)
Port Charles gathers to pay their respects to AJ; Monica is upset when Sonny shows up to the funeral service.

Thursday, 4/24
Anna and Nathan assess the aftermath of a dire situation; Spencer tells Sonny about Luke's plans; Morgan defends Kiki.

Friday, 4/25
(Ultimate Betrayal)
Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from his father; Sabrina and Patrick find out that their baby might be at risk.

Monday, April 21
A mother intervenes in her son's romantic life; Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) and Oliver (Zack Conroy) start their romance at the Forrester estate pool.

Tuesday, April 22
Liam (Scott Clifton) makes a future-altering proposition to Hope (Kim Matula); Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tells Rick (Jacob Young) about her plans to help Bill (Don Diamont).

Wednesday, April 23
Hope tells Wyatt (Darin Brooks) about Liam's ultimatum; Aly and Oliver's flirtations go unnoticed at a board meeting.

Thursday, April 24
Maya (Karla Mosley) confronts Oliver about Aly; Wyatt gets Quinn (Rena Sofer) to let him fight his own battles.

Friday, April 25
Hope reveals her decision about Liam's ultimatum; two mysterious people take advantage of a romantic setting.

Monday, April 21
Nick (Joshua Morrow) confronts the Cassie (Camryn Grimes) imposter; tensions increase between Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Stitch (Sean Carrigan).

Tuesday, April 22
Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and Leslie butt heads; Sharon (Sharon Case) talks toe Jack (Peter Bergman) about her memories; Victor (Eric Braeden) has the rug pulled out from under him.

Wednesday, April 23
Nick and Sharon face change; Noah (Robert Adamson) and Courtney (Kelli Goss) get intimate; Christine (Lauralee Bell) and Paul (Doug Davidson) consider the future.

Thursday, April 24
Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) sees Billy (David Tom) differently; Victoria and Stitch's date takes an unexpected turn; Colin (Tristan Rogers) tries to make peace with Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil).

Friday, April 25
Cane encourages Devon (Bryton James) to pursue Hilary; Jack and Kelly's (Cady McClain) relationship disturbs Summer (Haley King); Jill hits a speed bump in her path to happiness.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 01:52
Everyone looking fresh and beautiful at the Tribeca Film Festival!




+ Abby Elliot and director Susanna Foegel


Reception for the film seems to be positive!
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Everyone wants a spin-off. That’s the talk du jour. It’s not enough to just have a franchise, you need solo films to keep that franchise going and going. It’s the new black: release a movie every other year while the main mothership has its flagship super-movie every two or three years, right? Fox hopes to do the same with the “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” series and Mystique (a mooted spin-off while the super-hero team carries on every other few years). And Marvel obviously already has this plan in place: an “Avengers” movie ever few years and in between them they have their solo character movies, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Ant-Man,” “Thor: The Dark World” etc.

This will be the plan for the next few years up until 2017 when “Avengers 3” comes out (it hasn’t been dated yet, but that’s a good bet). Remember, Kevin Feige recently said Marvel has a loose roadmap that leads to 2028. How do they get there? Well, by introducing new characters in each “Avengers” movie for one. After all, folks like Captain America (Chris Evans) are going to retire soon and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is presumably too expensive to re-up another contract with.

This means introducing new characters into “The Avengers” team, making them integral members for the next installments and then eventually giving them solo movies. So “Avengers: The Age Of Ultron” will already introduce three new super heroes: Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), The Scarlett Witch (Elisabeth Olsen), Vision (Paul Bettany) and rumors of two more — Black Panther and Ms. Marvel (frankly, three seems like more than enough, and Feige was smart enough to not include Hawkeye in ‘Winter Soldier’ because they already knew it was overstuffed). Will these characters get solo movies? Well, according to Business Week, Disney Chiefs recently met with Marvel to discuss how to keep the gravy train going essentially.

"Iger and Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, recently met with the Marvel team to talk about new heroes who will be introduced in Age of Ultron and could be spun off in their own films as well. Iger declines to name them. 'The possibilities are endless,' he says."

And of course, when a strategy works, not only does every studio copy it (see How The 'Avengers'-Izing Of Blockbusters Is Killing Movies), but the studio that came up with it just wants to keep rolling it out over and over again (until it fails of course). So this means members of “The Guardians Of The Galaxy” could potentially have their own solo films if that movie takes off (confirming earlier reports).

"Iger would like to replicate the success of The Avengers with other Marvel teams. He says Marvel could potentially spin off members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which include Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon, in their own features."

Note, some are speculating that this means a Ms. Marvel movie is coming, but Iger nor Business Week suggest that at all. Furthermore, while the Ms. Marvel character is rumored to be in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” one would think if she was going to get a solo movie, we’d likely know who the actor playing her would be by now. And certainly characters like The Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver are bigger. What’s more, Marvel is fairly conservative with these decisions, thankfully. For example, fans would love to see a Black Widow movie (Scarlett Johansson), but Marvel understands she’s a better utility player that works alongside Captain America and a movie based entirely on that supporting character may not work. Same goes for Hulk, who they haven't been in any hurry to go solo with.

Finally, the latest rumor going around today: “42” star Chadwick Boseman will appear in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” as Black Panther. I’d say take it with a grain of salt for now.

what already introduced Marvel characters would you want to see star in a spin-off solo movie?

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 01:35

Why did the New York Knicks sign Lamar Odom with one day left in the season? It's all about the value his contract represents in the trade market.

I this, the final week of the NBA regular season, the New York Knicks signed Lamar Odom to a contract running through the 2015 season.

An optimist's view would say that this is the first move of new team president Phil Jackson, who inevitably and understandably wants to stick with what he knows best and have his new team play the triangle offense. A point forward like Odom is integral to this ideology, and suitably difficult to come by to merit taking on Odom himself as a reclamation project.

Perhaps there is a bit of that involved here. Perhaps the Knicks really do see a chance for redemption with Odom, a possible contributor down the road in spite of the complete waste of his last three seasons (and, based on his brief Spanish stint, additional injury concerns). Odom really was good when he was good, and if there is a spark in the fire, the Knicks want to be the ones to throw a log on it. Yet realistically, the timing of the move is most representative of what is in play here.

Get ready for the playoffs

Odom was signed right at the very end of this season, to a contract running through next season. If he was supposed to help this season, he would have signed earlier. If he was supposed to help next season, he would have signed later, unless the Knicks felt they had to secure him early so as to not be outbid on him, which seems unlikely.

Instead, then, Odom was signed at a time he could be of no use, so that he was ready to deploy at a time when he could be at his most useful -- the July free agency period.

By signing Odom to a contract running through the 2015 season, the Knicks are able to trade Odom from the end of the July moratorium. When they do so, they will be trading an unguaranteed $1,448,490 contract, a contract which can be used in salary matching deals and waived without reprisal by the recipient team.

This is a fairly common science, recently also employed by the New Orleans Pelicans in their signing of Melvin Ely, and recently not employed by the Cavaliers in their signing of Scotty Hopson. It creates a small but useful asset from a roster spot and a minimum salary, just as they had done previously with Shannon Brown (who has an unguaranteed deal for $1.31 million next year via the same mechanism).

The Knicks have benefited from this process before when they waived Bill (now Henry) Walker to sign Dan Gadzuric down the stretch of the 2011/12 season, a player who never got the opportunity to contribute significantly on the court but whose $1.352 million contract became a valuable centerpiece to that summer's Raymond Felton trade. The Felton trade was unsuccessful, of course, yet the point remains that it could not likely have been done without Gadzuric's contract. His contract gave the Knicks an asset going into that summer, as will Odom's $1.44 million unguaranteed minimum salary deal. It is not a huge asset, but it is an asset nonetheless, something of which the Knicks will have scant few.

A well-documented penchant for giving away draft picks, particularly first round ones, is an easily cited and entirely correct reason for why the Knicks are short of assets. However, there is more to it than that. Mid-range contracts, just like first round picks, are fundamental to being able to complete trades, and the Knicks have almost none of them. They know the value of these well as they used a package of those things to land Carmelo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani, and now they have left themselves with barely any horses left in the stable. The only mid-range contracts they have belong to Felton and J.R. Smith - both run through 2016 and are attached to hard work players (not to be confused with hard working players). These are not desirable assets, and with a lack of first round picks to placate them, trade assets are few.

What they do have now, however, is a few outside chances of rustling up money. In addition to the combined $2.85 million unguaranteed of Odom and Brown, Kenyon Martin now has early Bird Rights with the team. This means he can potentially be used Keith Bogans-style in a sign-and-trade deal to a contract starting at 104.5 percent of the average salary in the previous season, or about $5.5 million. Assuming he is not signed before then, Kenyon will surely be complicit in that.

A big drawback here, though, is that any such sign-and-trade must see the Knicks finish below the so-called 'apron'. And with their payroll being as high as it is, this will be hard to do. Furthermore, if they team did do a sign and trade, the apron (expected to be about $77 million or so) would then be a hard cap for the remainder of the season, a non-negotiable limit on payroll expenditure of any kind. New York are so far above the apron that it is almost impossible to imagine them getting under it without losing Carmelo Anthony in free agency. Even if they did get under it, it would not by enough to enjoy the full benefits of doing so, as both usage of the sign-and-trade and non-taxpayer mid-level exceptions would create this hard cap.

The new CBA deliberately and effectively has restricted the ability to spend of those it deemed have already spent enough. The Knicks will likely have no cap room, no Bi-Annual Exception, no ability to sign a smaller mid-level exception starting at $3.278 million for only up to three years, and the requirement that incoming salary in trades is limited to a maximum of 125 percent plus $100,000 of the outgoing, and not the more liberal limits enjoyed by non-taxpayers. With over $92 million committed to 12 players already, luxury tax seems like a certainty, and thus so do these restrictions. And those restrictions grossly inhibit the team's ability to improve.

One of the few bright spots, Toure Murry, needs re-signing. And after signing him to only a one-year minimum salary contract last summer, New York have put themselves in another Chris Copeland-like situation whereby they have no Bird Rights and will find it difficult to re-sign him. Moreover, the roster needs more than just retaining. The decent enough 34-32 finish to the season does not offset the huge problems within it, the embarrassments along the way, and the sheer dearth of talent available. The Knicks need a lot of help without the means to acquire a lot of help.

The summer, of course, hinges on the future of Carmelo Anthony. If he leaves, it's over, and a rebuild (if such a thing is possible for a team with so few of its own picks) begins in earnest. If he stays, the Knicks will be paying $30 million to a 34 year old, which itself is not optimal but is surely better than the alternative. Tim Hardaway Jr. and whatever is left of Iman Shumpert's falling star represent the sum total of the 'future', unless Murry and Jeremy Tyler can establish themselves as regular rotation talents. And that is about it. The contracts of Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler expire after next season, which provides much more flexibility next offseason and/or potentially gives them some trade value as expirings (which famously do not have the trade value they once did, but nevertheless still have some), yet this does not solve the many immediate problems.

New York, as ever, will no doubt spend as much as they can. But they cannot spend very much. Odom helps a little bit, but only a little bit. It seems likely they haven't enough assets to pull off another Bargnani-like deal. This, perhaps, is a blessing.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 01:06

Vogue editor Anna Wintour may be regretting her decision to finally put Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of the fashion bible: Her company is now being sued over the April photo shoot.

A forgotten boy-band crooner from the 1970s who sued West last year, claiming the rapper swiped one of his songs for a track on his album “Yeezus,” is now going after Vogue for using the tune in a behind-the-scenes video, The Post reports.

The “exclusive video,” posted on Vogue’s website, “takes you on set with the happy family,” with images of a canoodling Kimye posing with baby North for celebrity photographer Annie Leibowtiz.

Rickey Spicer — who sang lead vocals as a 12-year-old Michael Jackson wannabe for the one-hit-wonder group “The Ponderosa Twins Plus One” — was shocked when he heard his voice in the West title “Bound 2.”

His Manhattan civil suit against Vogue publisher Condé Nast says “Mr. Spicer’s voice is used substantially throughout the video, comprising approximately 44 percent of the lyrics.”

A rep for Vogue did not immediately respond to The Post's request for comment.



Here's the original song:

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/04/18/vogue-sued-for-kim-kardashiankanye-west-photo-shoot-video/

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2529021/Kanye-West-sued-former-child-soul-singer-allegedly-taking-samples-Bound-2-1970s-song.html
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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 00:54

X-Men director Bryan Singer strenuously denies that he drugged and raped a 17-year-old in 1998, and claims he has evidence to prove that he wasn't even in Hawaii at the time the assault is said to have been taken place there. But the accusation has opened the floodgates of stories, memories, rumors and gossip—much of which landed in our inboxes over the last two days. Welcome to the Bryan Singer sex party mailbag.

If there was one sentiment that was consistent across the emails we received about Bryan Singer, it was that "everyone" in Hollywood knew exactly what boys Singer hung out with (young, skinny, and white), what he did with them (gave them cocaine, molly and other drugs at raucous house parties), and why (sex).

Our inboxes, certainly, have been filled with—unverified, to be sure!—stories of Singer's raucous parties. If you're not "everyone," here's a window into what all of Los Angeles is talking about:

I went to many of Bryan Singer's parties in 2005 [...] It was common for [Singer] to get me (or anyone else under 21 at the time) alone in Bryan's bedroom, where he'd offer MOUNTAINS of coke. If you didn't take it (I never did) he'd just take of his shirt and try some tacky "I want to get more comfortable" pick-up lines. He used the same lines almost every time. When I turned down an all-expense paid trip (where I'd be sharing a room with producers) to Australia to be on set to watch Superman production, I wasn't invited back.

Bryan has had pair(s) of twins living in his house, is a total bottom unless his partner is drugged up (coke and meth were favorites, though weed was everywhere).

According the tips we've received, Singer's reputation for surrounding himself with just-legal boys dates back to at least the early 2000s, a short time after he directed X Men.

I did security at Chateau Marmont in 2001 - 2002. Every time I saw Singer he had really young looking guys with him but none of them seemed to be with him under duress. The only times I saw him / them was in common areas so nothing too crazy was happening. The most salacious thing I remember is Singer, Kevin Spacey and some other guy holding court over a bunch of young guys in the corner of the big room downstairs. Lots of flirting and booze (and presumably drugs) but no ones clothes came off. Barely legal is good descriptor for the guys he had with him ... it was like a haram of twinks. There were some guys who looked to be in their early 20's but mostly it guys who were 'late-teens' looking.

Singer was also a regular at USC:

He was a regular fixture on the USC film floor in the early 2000s. He would come by and hang out in the dorms (exclusively with Freshman boys) and always behind locked doors.

And was known for his well-attended Halloween parties:

I went to Bryan's two times. Halloween 2004: his house had either just been remodeled or he had recently moved in. By the end of the night the place looked like a wreck - there were at least 200 guests (mostly young men in their 20s). I saw Bryan wandering around his home a few times that evening, but didn't notice anything suspicious about him; my lasting impression: he seemed rather lost or misplaced at his own party and didn't behave like much of a "host" at all. He stuck out of the crowd mainly for being older and less attractive than the attendees.

My second visit was on a rather cold Sunday in 2010 and a bit more interesting. Bryan was at the Abbey, kissing and grabbing a kid that he had met that afternoon. I can only guess the boy's age, but he may very well have been under 18. This kid may have initially wanted to take advantage of Bryan, but by the time Bryan was ready to move proceedings to his house, this boy was so wasted, that me and a friend were exchanging looks and comments about how creepy Bryan's behavior had become. Once we arrived at the house, Bryan and the boy disappeared into the bedroom, never to be heard from again that night.

Another tipster confirms the nature of Singer's Halloween parties:

These allegations are consistent with what I witnessed years ago at the annual Halloween party thrown by Singer's former producers for the first xmen movies (Daugherty and Harris). It is well known among young gay men in Hollywood, who are into or trying to make their way into the movie biz, that certain older men have certain tastes for younger, barely legal boys. It is no secret, if you are a gay man with even the most tertiary of connections to the movie industry gays, that Singer likes them young. That, and be is a pretentious douchebag. He would have made a great Catholic priest if he weren't so busy making shitty movies.

I guarantee there are plenty of folks in the Weho and Hollywood area who can shed greater light on this story, because as I said, it is no secret that Brian Singer is a compete pig. My friends and I always joke that we face an ethical dilemma seeing his movies.

As anyone who has been to his parties can confirm, if you're older than 21 years of age, you're only getting in unless you look younger than 21, or, in the alternative, unless you have some hollyowood connections Singer can exploit.

He is really a vile person.

If you grew up gay in L.A., Singer's reputation was well known.

Born and raised in LA I've had my share of Bryan Singer encounters. I was a total twink growing up and he rolled with a group of guys that were obsessed with young boys. I used to date a fifty something lawyer when I was 18 and he would throw parties at his Hancock Park mansion and Bryan was there often picking up boys. [...] Bryan was NOTORIOUS for chewing up and spitting out boys.

Singer, according to one tipster, had people who would funnel boys to him:

I'll tell you that a lot of what what goes on in these circles goes beyond Bryan himself, namely two other men at this current time that hunt for HW/WeHo's fresh meat, plow them with alcohol and promise them the world, before introducing them to Bryan and taking it from there. Both guys are said to be on his "pay roll" with their rent and expenses covered, boats, cars and jets at their disposal.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 00:51
A brief, uber-dramatic recap of Flowers in the Attic? Check. A shot of Heather Graham in a gorgeous ball gown, torching her ancestral home with an ornate candelabra? Brother-boning, ballet, and literal petals on literal wind? Check, check, and mate.

In short: Why are you not already watching the very first trailer for Petals on the Wind, Lifetime’s juicy followup to its smash hit Flowers in the Attic adaptation? The film features returning stars Graham, Ellen Burstyn, and Dylan Bruce, as well as Rose McIver and Wyatt Nash in parts originated by Kiernan Shipka and Mason Dye. (The sequel picks up 10 years after the events of Flowers, meaning it’s really an adaptation of the second half of Petals. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because the second half of Petals is just as insane as the first.)

Check out the deliciously melodramatic teaser below, all set to the haunting strains of Kelly Sweet’s take on “In the Air Tonight” – or risk Withered Old Ellen Burstyn haunting your dreams forevermore.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 00:51

Nick Carter isn't too happy with Joey Fatone.

One day after Fatone blasted the Backstreet Boys' recent tour and said the boy-banders did it just because they needed money, Carter took to Twitter to respond to the 'N Sync star's diss.

"Just disappointed, I really liked joey..." Carter wrote earlier today.

He added, "I'm proud of who we are and love what we stand for. Truthfully its about not letting our fans down. Sorry bro but you have us all wrong."

The recently married star finished his response with, "Now let me go back to enjoying my Honeymoon."

Fatone's diss happened during an interview with Huffington Post this week. "All these other groups and bands said that we will never tour again and you see New Kids On The Block tour and stuff like that," he said.

The interview then brought up the Backstreet Boys' recent tour and Fatone joked, "I feel like they just need the money," before quickly adding, "No offense guys!"

Fatone also shot down the possibility of another 'N Sync reunion. "At this moment in time is anything gonna happen? Absolutely, 100 percent no...at this moment," he said.

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Date: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014 00:48

We knew the titular serial killer was up to no good when he led the FBI straight to Miriam Lass last week on NBC’s Hannibal. Why would he let her go after two years, if not as part of some dastardly plan that he’d concocted? Turns out she was exactly that: he had brainwashed the former FBI trainee into believing that Dr. Chilton — not Hannibal — was responsible for her kidnapping and torture, and was also the infamous Chesapeake Ripper. So when she saw him through an interrogation room mirror, she reacted on instinct, pulled out a gun, and Miriam shot Chilton in the face.

*record scratch*

Wait, what? As anyone familiar with Hannibal mythology knows, Dr. Chilton (played on the show by the superb Raúl Esparza) is quite an important character in the series of books by Thomas Harris. The TV show hasn’t even caught up to the events of Red Dragon yet (the first novel in the series), so how can Chilton already be dead? Is the show starting to drastically depart from its source material? Or is this all a big red herring to throw us off?

Let’s examine the evidence to determine whether or not Chilton really is dead.


That gunshot wound looked pretty fatal. Did you see all that blood? And killing off such a famous character from the franchise would be a very effective way for creator Bryan Fuller to set his show apart from the books and films. Nor would he be the first television writer to depart drastically from his source material; there are plenty of TV shows adapted from books that have made the decision to craft their own stories rather than retell old ones with slavish faithfulness. (HBO’s True Blood, Showtime’s Dexter, and AMC’s The Walking Dead all come to mind.) Does Hannibal really need Dr. Chilton? While a consistent presence in the books and films, he never really does anything other than act sinister and incur Hannibal’s wrath. Perhaps his character serves a bigger purpose by dying than by continuing to live… even though we will miss Esparza’s deliciously conniving presence.


On the other hand, Chilton does have a history of surviving brutal injuries. Last season he had all of his internal organs systematically removed by psychotic patient Abel Gideon. He managed to survive intact, minus one kidney, rendering him unable to consume meat — which in this world is probably an advantage because it means you can’t unknowingly be fed human body parts by a sadistic cannibal.

That bullet went through his cheek, which, while gruesome, is probably more survivable than one through the forehead or straight through the heart. And he wouldn’t even be the first character on the show to be presumed dead before resurfacing. There is of course Miriam, who was found two years after disappearing. And last season, viewers assumed Gideon was dead after being shot by Will Graham, but he popped up very much alive this year. So if Chilton survived his wound, it’s possible that Jack Crawford, who’s been growing more and more suspicious of Hannibal over the course of the season, would keep the doctor’s condition a secret to protect him. So don’t be surprised to see Chilton pop up very much alive (if very scarred) sometime in the future.

After all, consider this exchange between Fuller and an interviewer after the most recent episode:
Chilton, correct me if I’m wrong, is the first character from the literature that you’ve killed who’s still alive in later books. Do you feel that shakes things up, or do you worry about not having that character to play later?
Serpico survived a bullet to the face.
(Fuller is referring to the 1973 Sidney Lumet film starring Al Pacino.)


Perhaps Fuller does intend for Chilton to be dead at the moment, but purposefully wrote his death to be conceivably survivable in case he needs to revive the good doctor at some point in the future. Killing off such an important character is a ballsy move, and if he had done it by, say, decapitation, then if he realized a season or two from now that he needed Chilton back, he would have painted himself into a corner.

Lending credence to the “hedging his bets” theory, here’s what Fuller had to say to TVGuide:
As far as canon goes, I wouldn’t put it past me to have [Chilton] show up looking like Ed Harris in History of Violence in Season 3 or 4. I love Raúl and I love what he brings to the show. […] I would never count out Dr. Chilton.
This makes it seem like Fuller reserves the right to bring back Chilton at some point in the future, but isn’t planning on reviving the doctor anytime soon. Then again, he could just be saying that so we’re surprised when he pops up next week. Either way, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Chilton makes a comeback sooner or later. Esparza has been a terrific addition to the show and we’re sad to see him go.

abandon all hope, ye who enter here
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