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Lookk.com   New window
Date: Monday, 19 Sep 2011 08:32

Lookk.com is bringing a totally new approach to how the fashion world thinks about emerging designers. The concept is simple. Lookk.com is offering a new platform directly to young designers to showcase their collections. The website is a powerful tool where emerging talent can appear on a global scale instead of a local one. The carefully curated section Scout is an outlet unlike anything we have seen before. But, Shop is most definitely our favorite feature! There is some real talent to be discovered here.

pre-order this Hemk Skirt pre-order Sarah Claire's chiffon maxi dress
Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "men's clothing, women's clothing"
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haerfest   New window
Date: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 12:20

We love the newest collection by Haerfest. Haerfest is bringing an elegent durablity to their newest pieces. We especially love the soft round edges of their collection B1, it reminds us of a pebble whose edges have been worn down over time. Tim, a former employee of Patrik Ervell and Dan, an engineer seem to be a harmonious coupling of brotherly team work.

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "bags, men's accessories"
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Telfar   New window
Date: Monday, 05 Sep 2011 21:04

On Thursday, September 8 2011, Telfar presents his 14th ready-to-wear collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Entitled #GETACTIVE, SS12 is a unisex collection of water-resistant, multifunctional activewear for the modern individual on the go. To present his collection, the designer has again collaborated with artist Lizzie Fitch to create a mobile shop which adapts to the fast paced and ever-changing climate …that is New York City, inviting consumers to shop on the go and to access TELFAR SS12 items in various locations during New York Fashion Week . TELFAR and Lizzie Fitch’s collaboration ‘SHOP-MOBILE’ will open at Ramiken Crucible in the Lower East Side on Thursday September 8th, between the hours of 6 and 9PM. The presentation will be on public view through September 10th, between the hours of noon and 6PM each day. for more information on ‘SHOP-MOBILE ’ pop-ups during New York Fashion Week, be sure to follow Telfar on Twitter.

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "men's clothes"
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pending   New window
Date: Saturday, 06 Aug 2011 20:39


Seven New York is carrying amazing legging and arm warmers from Bernhard Willhelm. Black "Skeleton" Legging $225.00 Black "Skeleton" Arm Warmers $225.00
Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "women's accessories, women's clothing"
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Date: Friday, 22 Jul 2011 12:48
Excellent interview with Raf Simons regarding his mini-festival Transmission 1 in Berlin July 15-17th.
Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "events"
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Date: Monday, 11 Jul 2011 23:34
Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "women's clothing"
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IF Dubai   New window
Date: Friday, 24 Jun 2011 13:47

Sara Naim reports from Dubai and interviews Maya Shehadeh's of IF.

JAR) Why did IF Boutique migrate from New York City to Dubai?

IF) IF Boutique is a family business. When I moved to Dubai over 7 years ago I noticed that avant-garde and hip designers had no home in Dubai. Since we have been stocking those edgy designers since the seventies, I thought it was an opportunity to introduce them to the Dubai market.

JAR) Have you catered your clothing/jewelry selection for Dubai's buyers?

IF) Actually, we introduced the collections to the Dubai buyers. At the time we opened IF five years ago people were starting to get fed up with the same old thing everywhere and were ready for a change. Eventually you cater indirectly to the needs and life style of your clients without losing the integrity of the IF concept. We still carry designers that we believe in and try and influence our clients in that direction. We were very lucky to have had such a great response from our Dubai buyers.

JAR) Do you find that clients are less interested or inclined to buy merchandise because the designers are less known in the region- for example many are unaware of Martin Margiela, Marc Le Bihan, Gray Graham.

IF)The clients are actually more interested to buy such brands, as they are looking for individuality, comfort and trying to look different than everyone else. Our clients come to us to buy IF brands and most of the time they do not even care about the label. Our clients tell us how they wear their clothes over and over again without ever getting tired of them; as they are timeless pieces.

JAR) Does this influence what designers you bring to the shop?

IF) No it doesn't, however I am always looking for new brands that fit the concept and the look of the shop. We only work on exclusivity with our designers and that's what people are looking for its exactly why the come back to us.

IF) Does IF currently have a specific designer that makes 'women go wild'?

Not really, as I mentioned our clients believe in our choice and direction. So they are not influenced by what the stars are wearing. However, they are always eager to see the next Comme Des Garcons Collection, Junya Watnabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackerman, Ann Demeulemeester...

JAR) Are you considering opening an IF boutique anywhere else in the region?

IF) Not for the moment, as I mentioned it is a family business and the presence of a family member is crucial in that respect.

All Photographs of IF by Sara Naim
Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "women's accessories, women's clothing"
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Date: Wednesday, 25 May 2011 17:13


Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "events"
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Date: Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011 16:38

New at Oak Back By Ann-Sofie Back. We love her new Poncho Shirt. Its functional and elegant much like Ann-Sofie.

Author: "Staff" Tags: "women's clothing"
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Date: Thursday, 21 Apr 2011 18:34
Stephen Thompson sits down with Jargol to talk about his new project ALBION.

JAR: Tell us about your new Project Name, Title, Concept.

ST: My new project is my second record, a solo endeavor entitled,"ALBION" which is also my artist name. The concept that it is an independent piece of work on its own, it's not a collection of songs I scrapped together to make an album. I certainly take my time when it comes to putting out an album. My first record, "LU...RREALS TRACK TEAM" took a while to get out, but with whomever I'm working with on a project, we get it right first and then we share it with the world.

JAR: Did anyone influence your music at an early age?

ST: Quite a few young people around me in high school, where I grew up in downtown Brooklyn were into making music. We were messing around with four-track recorders, early MPC's and silly synthesizers. When I got in to it I started out on my Pearl drum kit, with my friend and big influence Yash Pal Soffer on electric guitar. We would trade back and forth on Rhodes Piano, guitar and drums-soon after I got into writing and performing lyrics- my influences then were Richie Rreals, Various, Hades (Kast One) and ElanEF.

JAR: What were your immediate influences for the "Albion" project?

ST: Since I've been rapping and playing music for over a decade, playing in clubs as well as colleges like Bard and Princeton I have a lot to say on this record. I think the biggest influence on this record is my continued hunger to be a storyteller. This album encapsulates what I was going through in these last few years of my life.

JAR: Are you interested in collaborating with other musicians in the future?

ST: Yes, but you know I’m content working with the best musician in the land Yash Pal Soffer..we were in a rock n roll band in the late nineties together, then 9 years later we started working on this record. The amount of trust, and shared passion for this project is key and we've got that. When we listen to the Albion record now we can’t wait to share it with the world! It’s scheduled for a release on Independent's Day.

JAR: Besides this project what else are you up to ?

ST: I've been courted to be in a high budget independent film that as I've been told starts shooting this Summer.. I'll keep you posted.

[ [/p] Click here to view Albion in Frozen
Author: "Staff"
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Date: Monday, 11 Apr 2011 10:06
Author: "Staff" Tags: "men's clothes, women's clothes"
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Date: Monday, 04 Apr 2011 17:03

Jargol is adding Belgian new comers Capara to our designer index, we caught up with twin sisters Vera and Olivera in Antwerp.

JAR: How did participating in the Hyeres Award and having your first show in Paris change the way you thought about your label?

CAP: We participated at Hyeres 2002 which we didn't win, but enjoyed the experience and the positive feedback from the jury.

JAR: How did you consider the new use of spectacle and performance that comes with a presentation?

CAP: We did these two video presentations and two gallery shows where we tried to put the energy, feeling and message of the collection into our presentation. In our presentation different worlds meet to create our own universe like music, movement, light, and architecture.

JAR: Are there any visual artists working today that inspire your practice as a designer ?   

CAP:There are always artists which inspire our work like last season Katharina Fritsch, Tomory Dodge or Rebecca Ward.

JAR: Where do you have your garments produced and why? 

CAP: We mainly produce in Belgium where we have been lucky to find interesting collaborations which allow us to be very close to our product. Some pieces are also produced in Italy through earlier contacts.

JAR: How did developing Martin Margiela's Artisanal Line effect your thoughts about how clothing should be produced?

CAP: Developing Martin Margiela's Artisanal Line especially effected our thinking in terms of creating new shapes, patterns, concepts and details. We began to realise the openness of possibilities for our label.

JAR: Are you planning on selling in New York? And if so which stores fit best with your brands concept ? 

CAP: We would love to sell in New York at Seven or Jeffrey.

Capara AW12

Read more about Capara at our Designer Index.

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "interviews, women's clothing"
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Date: Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011 19:31

A Taxonomy of Office Chairs chronicles over 130 of the most innovative office chairs designed and built from the 1840s to the present, with a colour photograph, information about the designer and manufacturer, and a short text accompanying each chair. A Taxonomy is an authoritative four-year research project which will appeal to product designers, furniture manufacturers, design enthusiasts and students, furniture collectors and anyone needing to buy an office chair. Edited By Jonathan Olivares Art Direction By Nathan Antolik

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos"
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Date: Saturday, 26 Mar 2011 19:40

Austria’s leading contemporary boutique of avant-garde fashion has contributed to Vienna’s enduring sense of individuality since 2004. If you do not have the luxury of visiting the store itself don’t fret, the formidable selection is available online. Simple to navigate and exquisitely presented we can safely say this web store is a walk in the park.

Mondscheingasse 20
1070 Vienna
Neighborhood: Neubau
Metro Area: Vienna

Website: http://www.park.co.at

Click here for our complete profile of Park.

Author: "Simon Chung" Tags: "new to guide"
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Date: Thursday, 03 Mar 2011 20:46

A restored and reconstructed art gallery that had been transformed into an architectural playground, Ra has acquired a variety of collections from across the globe. Boasting an impressive thatched roof hut in the center of the store, designed by Mathieu Lehammer as well as an urban rooftop garden, visiting Ra space is an exciting spacial experience. Supporting mainly young and up and coming designers, Romain Brau and Anna Kushnerova have found the recipe for success.

Kloosterstraat 13
Neighborhood: Kloosterstraat
Metro Area: Antwerp

Website: http://ra13.be

Click here for our complete profile of Ra.

Author: "Simon Chung" Tags: "new to guide"
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Date: Saturday, 19 Feb 2011 13:52

Rachel Beach's first solo show at Blackston comprises one large-scale grid-like sculpture constructed of reclaimed wooden beams and painted plywood, in addition to smaller sculptural works of geometric columns constructed of wood, aluminum and a variety of painted surfaces. Beach employs sculptural form and rigorous engineering with painted representation of form to create a destabilizing perceptive experience suspended between sculptural space and painted space. Many of the works appear to defy the natural balance of an object, and seem to rely on empty space for support. The exhibition alludes to the cultural and historical pecking and plundering that characterizes an artist's practice, as well as to the viewer's response in assimilating meaning through physicality and visual cues.

Rachel Beach Gather-er

Opens 02/20/11 6-8pm Blackston Gallery 29C Ludlow Street New York, New York 10002

Author: "Staff" Tags: "events"
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Date: Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011 22:21

Author: "Staff" Tags: "women's accessories"
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Date: Saturday, 12 Feb 2011 10:54

We love the new ThreeAsFour Ready to Wear Collection for Fall 2011 .

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "women's clothing"
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Date: Wednesday, 02 Feb 2011 17:34

Ann-Sofie Back's use of washed lavenders, grey’s and denim feel as if they have been drudged from the bottom of a foamy ocean. Waves of tulle spray off the models, while exposed flesh and wet slicked back hair keep the looks grounded in pop culture. Denim skirts and pants are matched with tops of frayed tulle hiding embellished six-packs. The designer is clearly interested in an edgy simplicity with exquisite tailoring and not shying away from technical materials.

Author: "Staff" Tags: "women's clothing"
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Date: Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011 15:31

Raf Simmons Rise of the Craftsman's collection incorporates royal purples, blacks, whites and gray. Simmons is bringing it way back with 15th Century Art Historical inspiration. We love his apron styled coveralls.

Author: "Lyndsy Welgos" Tags: "men's clothing"
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