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FeedShow default behaviour is : no "ads" next to the content displayed by the online RSS reader users. No commercial use of content is made without the prior authorization of the content producer. FeedShow wants to comply with what is generally considered as "fair use".

However FeedShow has a proposal for editors who want to get more revenues out of their RSS feeds. FeedShow offers a Revenue Sharing Program : any publisher can get 50% of the revenues generated by the targeted ads that can possibly be displayed next the feed content.



The Google "Adsense" program has been chosen by FeedShow to monetize your feeds. It is simple and fast to implement, so that a large number of publishers will be able to participate to the FeedShow program.

Targeted "ads" will be displayed in the FeedShow online RSS reader at the top of the feed content in the 2 panels mode and at the bottom of the selected item in the 3 panels mode.
See the screen captures below (ads have been highlighted in red).


Revenues are generated by clicks on the displayed ads. FeedShow gives the publishers 50% of the revenues. This way publishers, if they agree (remember that by default no ads are displayed), can take advantage of the FeedShow readers traffic and monetize their feeds .

How does FeedShow give you the money back : when displaying ads, both your adsense codes and Feedshow codes are used so that the number of ads displayed for the publishers account and the FeedShow account are the same. Google and the Adsense program will then pay the editors directly without any interaction with FeedShow.


Apply to revenue sharing program: easy method (for bloggers).

This is a 3 simple steps subscription:

  • If you don't have a Google "Adsense" account, apply for an account with Google (link below):

  • Next you will have to insert the following lines in a post (or article), using your own Adsense codes.
    Set 'uid' to your ' google_ad_client' value, 'option is optionnal and can be set to ' google_ad_channel' (do not modifiy provider=[Google]).
    --[Subscribe FEEDSHOW Revenue sharing program]
    --[Subscribe FEEDSHOW Revenue sharing program]
    Once your post is published, your RSS feed will contain the necessary data so that FeedShow is able to detect your whish to participate in the Revenue Sharing Program.
  • The last step is: ask FeedShow to look at your post (and check your Adsense codes).
    Go to this page and follow instructions (your RSS feed Url will be required).

This method is very simple, fast and makes it possible for any publisher/blogger to participate in the FeedShow program. No technical knowledge is required, but you'll have to publish a specific post with your adsense data (note that you can include these in any post). The more advanced users that have access to their RSS feed structure will surely prefer the standard method.


Apply to revenue sharing program: standard method (withf RSS extension: RemoteAds)

FeedShow has setup a new RSS extension module ("RemoteAds") that makes it possible to include your adsense data directly in your RSS feed. No specific post is required with this method.

Apply to the revenue sharing program in 2 steps:

  • If you don't have a Google "Adsense" account, apply for an account with Google (link below):

  • Modify your RSS feed to include the "remoteads" module :
    <rss version="2.0"
       <description>Lecteur de flux RSS en ligne</description>
    Use your Adsense account data:
        uid = google_ad_client
        option = google_ad_channel

The next time the FeedShow crawler will read your feed, your adsense data will be detected and they will be used in the RSS reader with the ones of FeedShow so that you'll get your share (50%) of the revenues.


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