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arrowIt is also the first aggregator that shares revenues with publishers.

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A news reader


FeedShow is a fast and easy to use RSS feed reader that provides all the features that will let you browse news or blogs in a very efficient manner :

  • Import/Export feed lists (OPML),
  • Folder categories,
  • Save items locally,
  • Convert to PDF format, print format,
  • ... and many more,

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Bloggers, Publishers, Monetize your RSS feeds


FeedShow is the first online aggregator to remunerate publishers.

  • Based on revenue sharing, FeedShow gives a new reason to syndicate your contents.
  • It's a new model for content syndication and publishers that provide RSS feeds.
  • In a few minutes, it is possible to monetise RSS feeds coming from a blog or a standard website : more infos.
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